Spencer and Jeremy are worried about McCrae “I came to this game to play ruthless .. Los Zetas”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


9:31pm Cam 3-4 Beiber Fever acting bored on the backyard couch
Kaitlin: ‘What’s up guys why do you have a death stare”
Aaryn: “I don’t have a death stare”
Jeremy is showing them Kaitlins ring that he has been wearing all day. ..
Jeremy: “It’s the most gangster ring I’ve ever seen in my life.. it’s gangster as Sh!t and it fits on my pinky”
The ring is of a cherokee chief. Kaitlin points out how big it is and if she punches them in the face it will leave a giant mark.
David thinks that there is a have nots competition tomorrow he says that they are going to kill it.

Jerremy: ‘I feel like I have super powers right now.. I’m ready to wreck shi!t”


9:47cam 2-3 Backyard Fever + Jessie pool table

GIGI tells them she’s never really read entire book “GIGI reading is not my thing.. not my thing”
David says he’s not into reading either

The rest of the house is either sleeping or up in the HOH

They all agree how much the backyard reeks like garbage.. GIGI keeps singing.. “All I want for my birthday is a FAT b**ty H*E”

Kailtin: “I want to go to a bar and get F*** up.. you guys do not understand I was like blackout for 2 weeks

Kaitlin tells them a story about right before she came into the Big Brother House. She was asked to be in a music video where she went out with people and partied very hard. Her shenanigans was recorded and she’s worried that it’s going to be made publicly available.

Kaitlin: “Apparently he was w!ping my a$$ with his credit card and l!ck!ng my p*$$*.. it was the most ratchet I have ever been.. and that isn’t even the worst part.. I won’t say it.. I was taking my clothes off and dancing.””
K: “We killed a bottle of Jameson and snorted adderall”
Kaitlin: “I did ratchet rachet things.. I was on the bar top dancing”
Aaryn wants her to stop “It makes me freaked out for you that is why I don’t want to hear that”

Kailtin: “I didn’t have s$x i’ve only had 2 partners in the past 7 years.. I don’t lend my sh!t out like candy “

10:05pm Backyard couch Kaitlin and Jessie
Kaitlin plans on moving to Vegas after Big Brother 15. Sounds like they’ve had a conversation about meeting up there in the past. Kaitlin: “My brother is the CFO for treasure island.. so he can get us a job.. my dad has been trying to convince me.. to move to vegas”
Candace joins them..


Cam 1-2 10:11pm McCrae and Amanda HOH
They are happy to finally be alone, Andy is the final one to leave. They agree that Candace is the worst person to have in HOH to talk to.
MC: “What kind of story is My boyfriend doesn’t like Zest

MC tells her she needs to dial back the “Homophobic” remarks to Andy. Amanda thinks it’s OK because her and Andy are friends and she’s kidding around. “I’m the biggest gay activist”
Amanda calls McCrae out for making anti jewish remarks.. “Jew you down” (Feeds cut in and out during this conversation)

MCrae tells her he never said that.. They laugh. He’s worried that her remarks are going to damage their game.


10:22pm Hammock Spencer and Jeremy

Spencer: “Who’s Next”
Jer: “I’m putting up Elissa and Amanda but Elissa’s got to go..I’m pissed that she’s here already .. she’s stirring up sh!t.. “

Jer: “She’s not threat to me I just don’t want that B1tch here so if I win HOH I’ll put her a$$ up and I want her gone..”

Spencer: “who would you put up with her”
Jer: “Either Candace, Amanda or Andy”

Jeremy: “I talk to MC last night in the storage room and he really wants to keep Amanda he thinks he controls her.. I told him she’s riding you like a fanny pack.. I understand everyone has a side alliance I have kaitlin, MC has Amanda, Nick has GiGi and you have Howard.
Spencer: “I just hope he’s 100% on board with the MC or with Amanda’s T!tt!es”
Spec: ‘My thing is we’re sending a good dude home.. “ (David)
Jer: “And I’m sending a side alliance home”
Jeremy tells him about the Boat ‘n’ Hoes and explain that he’s with the Moving Company. Jeremy states that David has to go for the MC, “We just got new tires we’re leaving treadmarks”

Jer: “I came to this game to play ruthless so i’m playing ruthless”
Spec: ‘McCrae is sleeping with Amanda up there and nobody is saying anything about it.. all the attention is on you’re showmance“
Spec: “Amanda wants me to play ball with them but she’s won’t show me her cards”
Jer about McCRae : “The moment he starts keeping secrets his a$$ is up.. you know what I’m going to do put Elissa and Amanda up.. send a message”
Spec: “I was up in HOH earlier and Amanda was up his B** H***.. we need to talk.. Amanda is getting sketchy dude”

Jeremy says he has no hesitation taking out a MovComp member if they are not loyal to the group.
Spec: “I’m protecting your game as much as you’re protecting your own game”

Jer: ‘I trust you more than anyone else in the MovComp but I want all the MC to final 5”
Spec: “Sometimes you have to trim that fat”
Jer doesn’t think any of the MovComp will turn but if there is one person it’s McCRae He’s MovComp final 5 but if needed he’ll take out MovComp “we’re cutting heads off right now”

Spencer: “I came here to play.. find a group of guys and do it.. everyone else get’s their f*** head cut off put in a box and loaded on a dump truck”
Jeremey: “Call us Los Zetas”


10:45pm Kitchen they get alcohol but decide to save it for later.. Kailtin is bummed about waiting..


Cam 3-4 10:40pm Nick, McCrae and Spencer

Nick is telling them how difficult it is to hang out with the Boats ‘n’ hoes alliance.

Nick says he has no fun hanging with them
“I have to listen to Aaryn’s dumb a$$ shit”
“GiGi’s garbage pail mouth”

Spencer comes in.. He’s appearing a little Pissed..

McCrae reassures him that Amanda doesn’t know anything..
Spe: “I need to know what she knows so I don’t miss say something on some sh!t that she’s got me strung along on”
Nick is worried they are talking too loud, “Just so you know that door isn’t bullet proof”
Spe: “I like Amanda she’s cool whatever but I want the group to know what is going on because she’s talking to so many groups.. when this f***er goes down everyone needs to say they voted out Elissa to keep the other side guessing”
McCrae: “That is what she’s been saying”
Spec: “She hadn’t said that to me or Howard”
Spencer is pissed that Judd told Elissa because now she’s happy where she should be acting strung out and stressed.
McCrae agrees
Spencer says that Amanda was trying to switch up the votes so somebody votes for Jessie. He tells them he won’t talk to Candace cause they have the votes. He explains that bieber fever will think she voted to evict David and she’ll explode because she didn’t.
Spencer: “we’re trying to cause this rift.. this chaos”
McCrae says they want Elissa and Helen to go up.
Spencer: “Who goes home”
McCrae: “elissa”
Amanda comes in.. Spencer curses. Nick laughs
Animated Gif of What +Nick Uhas Thinks of having to be undercover in Boats ‘n’ hoes google + here


11:28pm Cam 3-4 Hammock Spencer and Nick

Spencer is still nervous about “McCrae is letting Amanda call all his shots”
Spencer thinks once McCrea isn’t HOH he’ll be much more approachable and easy to shake Amanda loose.

Spec: “Dude ..me personally would like to see her go sooner or later” (Amanda)
Nick: “number two “
Spencer: “ 100% “
Nick: “Right now we’re taking out a rook”
Spencer: ‘Ya..”

Spencer keeps saying they need to separate McCrae and Amanda.
Spencer: “Who would you put up”
Nic: “Amanda and a super strong player like Aaryn”
Spencer: “You would put up Aaryn.. huh”
Nic: “Yea, everyone hates Amanda.. ohh no that is stupid.. it will be Amanda and a pawn .. Jessie.. “

Spencer: “I can control Andy and Helen.. he (Andy) sucks.. i’ll cut his F*** head off”
Spencer points out how scared McCrae has been this week he thinks this plan will backfire and he’ll be the target of the house.

Nick: “We need to cut everyone’s fauxmance ASAP”
Spencer agrees remind him that the girls are about ready to bite each others heads off..

Spencer: “The first priority is to get rid of Amanda and refocus McCrea”

Nick again says how much it sucks hanging with the Boats ‘n’ h*es “if I have to to talk about D*** and V**** one more time.. ”


11:48pm Cam 3-4
Jeremy says he knows She’s upset about a few things but he just wants to make sure they are still good, “Cause us four is what I care about most”
Jessie: ‘Me to.. everything I do out there is for (their alliance.. I can’t understand the name of it)
Jer: “As long you are on board we’re on board we’re keeping you to the end and you are going far with us.. just don’t drift off cause I’ll C** your head *ff if you do”
Jessie: “As long as we’re final 2 I don’t care.. it’s hard that the 3 of you are so close”
Jeremy: “Kaitlin is kinda a lingering now”
Jessie: “Baby you can come to me whenever you want and I’ll come to you whenever you want”
Jessie: “I’m a little perturbed that you don’t trust me”
Jer: “I’m not i just see you talking with other people”
Jessie has noticed Aaryn and Kaitlin have become close. Jer: “Aaryn is closest with you in the house”
He heads back into the room. Judd mets him he tells him he drank all the wine but left the beers for judd


12:19am Cam 1-2 Kitchen Jeremy and most of the floaters, MC
Jeremy took the red wine and gave it out to his Beiber fans. Other houseguests started being “Nasty” to them. Jeremy doesn’t like that because it was him who took the wine not the Bieber fans even though they drank it.
Jeremy: “Hey hey guess just so you don;t go off and be rude to someone else I was the one that drank the wine”
Jer: “I’m not going to be considerate if you all are inconsiderate.. you all mugging and talking Sh!t all the time”
Jer: “I’m not trying to be mean and i’m not trying to bully you can’t expect me to be nice if you’re all not going to be nice.. If you have a problem come to me cause none of these other people only me drank that sh!t”
Jer: ‘I drank the sh!t out of it and I feel great.. I don’t give a f88888.. if you have a problem talk to me I’ll talk to you right in the grill”
Jeremy: “Maybe this put a target on my back but I came here to play so lets go”
Jeremy “I’m here to play anyways so if you want to put me up put me up lets go”

(You can hear Elissa laughing in the background and saying “Oh my god that’s so funny” )
When Jeremy leaves to the backyard, Elissa says “He’s such a neadtrall”

Kaitlin cries


1:00Am HOH McCrae, Amanda and Helen Helen is sad from all the drama. She was trying to enjoy being a have.
Jeremy comes up and says he wants to apologize to her for making her cry.. They head downstairs to the lounge to talk it out.
Jeremy: “I’m man enough to admit I did something wrong I just want to clear the air.. Let just start off by saying that was hostile.. please don’t cry.. I wasn’t trying to bully
Helen: “I have not said a bad word about you Jeremy”
(Helen is hysterical.. )
Helen thanks him for the apology.

(a lot went on between 12am to 1am i didn’t catch all the conversations. Pretty much Jeremy is more of a target than before which may be his strategy I dunno he’s “Super smart” after all.. It was a crazy hour of Drama worth a feed subscription 😉 )

FYI you can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use Big Brother Live Feeds HUGE improvement over last year


1:15AM Cam 3-4 Candace, Andy, Kaitlin and Spencer Spencer is saying how JEremy handled the post blow up well. Candace agrees says that Jeremy apologized to her and is in the lounge apologizing to Helen. Kaitlin says that Jeremy is pissed because Elissa is saying Sh1t about him, she doesn’t understand why he doesn’t forget about it.
Jessie joins them and Candace starts talking about the hat thing.. (LOL.. last night there was a big blow up about Candace sitting on Aaryn’s hate)
Andy leaves..
Candace questions Jessie acts like Jessie was the one that told Jeremy they were pissed about the win and Jessie was the one that told Aaryn Candace sat on her hat. Jessie denies both..
Candace leaves..
Jessie says she is worried because she is on the block. Kaitlin: “Don’t worry it’s going to be David”
Jessie leaves says she’s going to make sure Candace isn’t talking Smack about her

1:31AM Bathroom Jessie and Aaryn Jessie brings up that Candace said the story about the hat was made up by Aaryn. Aaryn: ‘Thats not true Spencer wouldn’t lie” (Spencer told her that Candace sat on her hat)

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I’m starting to think Kaitlin is as crazy as Aaryn. She says one thing and does another. She likes some guy in Vegas and plans to hook up with him, yet is doing all this stuff with Jeremy on TV (straddling, initiating kissing, etc). She says she doesn’t take Jeremy seriously and that he’s starting to get on her nerves, then jumps in his lap again. She said she walks around her little niece all stoned. She jokes on camera about having huge dicks in the past, knowing dad is watching.

She just doesn’t seem to have much class so whoever she’s planning to hook up with isn’t getting a prize with her, imo. Too bad because she’s hot and pretty cool otherwise.


Would I be overreacting if I said I have a feeling this is probably going to be one of the worst seasons of Big Brother to date? (disclaimer I have not watched BB1, BB3, BB4, BB5, BB6 and BB9 so I could be wrong) but I’m just getting that gut feeling. Hopefully David’s eviction really jump starts this season, or else it could be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG summer…


WTF is wrong with Jeremy!?! Oh, I will just target Elissa just because I don’t like here and that she is of no threat to me what so ever… god the idiots this season fathom me.


That’s what happens when you bring in propped who’ve only seen a half of a season of BB after they’ve received their key. I want to theKlan (Aaryn,GM,Kaitlyn & Spencer) and Jeremy gone. Rooting for Helen, McCra, Howard, Judd & Andy to go deep in the game.

King Silva

LOL at you calling the racist people ‘The Klan’.

Fitting name.

It is a shame they all would be respected members of the KKK… O_O


So Gigi and David have never, ever read a book? Yeah, and it shows. I’d be bragging about that as much as Kaitlin is putting it out there that she gets drunk and acts the skany whore.

And I’m sure her CFO bro at Treasure Island is looking to hire some girl’s ass to replace one of their ATM machines, just probably thought his sis was a little too close to home for that. In steps Jessie.

Once again, are these people vetted at all for their game play and strategic thinking skills?! I guess they need some throwaways, but come on. Worst cast ever, IMHO.

Biff Tannen

Somebody dig up that Kaitlin video STAT!

I can’t overstate how much I love this cast. It’s to the point where I don’t even care who goes home because the house is just dripping with drama–it’s delicious!


I am so glad that I use this website because with CBS’s editing I thought Aaryn and Kaitlin were nice girls. The way they have talked about Helen, Andy, Howard, and Candace is disgusting. This needs to be shown on television, but hopefully either way they will receive backlash when they leave the house.

La la la

I can not stand Spencer! He is getting on my nerves! Watch him win nothing all season and make it far in the game. Another Adam.


Enzo 2.0

Suzy Sunshyne

Isn’t her video story reminiscent of Rachel’s Vegas story..only thing missing was the money and throw up all over her!


So that makes Jeremy this year’s Brendan…oops, I mean Neanderthal.


If you listen to my songs, Judd sounds like me on my 8 tracks. Nobody can understand either of us when we talk or sing !!


Holy crap this is a stupid cast lol very entertaining though


I got a late start on BB this season and I have to admit from all the posts I just got caught up on, I’m flabbergasted why CBS would cast these racist fools. Why is that garbage even tolerated?!


Def nuttly dumbest cast ever!


Does anyone else think that Ellisa is a sweet gal and and the others are all crazy like Rachael was? Just a thought; Rachael was in a showmance from the beginning and treating others awful when she was in power. Similar to the showmances going on now. Rachael ran around the house calling everyone else names and would not stop completely opposite of her sister. It is like an opposite Rachael in Ellisa and the others are acting crazy, probably a lot more, than Ellisa. Production knew Ellisa was a quiet sweet gal and put her in a house full of unfiltered Rachael’s.


I couldn’t agree more with your comment. I suppose only time will tell if she’s as nice as she seems if she is in a position of power, but, I find the way she’s handled herself being bullied with grace & class a thing of beauty…. I just hope when she’s in a power position that she displays the same attitude..I was never a huge fan of Rachel (though I loved her ability to win comps), but I find myself pulling for this wife & mother !!


The more I read the more disgusted I become with some of these people. If this were big brother UK the racial remarks these people are making would be aired and we would see big brother giving verbal warnings to each individual houseguest in the diary room. And that’s how it should be! 3rd verbal warning and they are immediately evicted from the house and I think it’s so disrespectful and big brother US doesn’t follow the same guidelines. These girls don’t deserve to be in the house and they defiantly don’t deserve the cute little showmance edits they are getting! The fact that producers are giving these girls this edit makes me sick, especially knowing the viewers who only watch the main show and not the feeds have no idea what kind of people these girls are. Not only the racial comments but the horrible things they have said about other houseguest especially Elissa. They need to go. Insecure, ignorant brats. Cool story about Vegas Kaitlin..where she gets off judge anyone else is beyond me! Gross!!!!


What,?? You’ve never gone out, and while making a music video, got blackout drunk, snorted some Adderall, had people use your asscrack as an ATM, licked your “nether regions” (Thank you, Wilfred, for the verbiage 🙂 then worried that, because it was filmed, it might end up on the internet?

And then, while on a live 24/7 reality show, with live feeds, you tell this whole story, you know….because you’re worried it just might get out!?!?!?!? Never happened to you? Wow, you people in the UK just don’t know how to live 😉


DFG: that might of been the best comment in online big brother history. Laughing so hard. And by the way, I’m not even from the UK, just prefer their version over US. Just seems like BB US has gotten SO far away from what it use to be. It use to actually be a real social experiment with real people who knew the game, now it’s just a bunch of recruited models hooking up, along with CBS editing anything out that might hurt their image. BB UK is a refreshing change. Real people and a real social experiment where we actually get to see the real outcomes of 16 strangers living together along with playing a game for money.. Not just what production wants you to see.


I have never watched the UK version, but perhaps should have. The US version is just a joke now, as we can all see. What happened to real people, real gamers, real strategic players and critical thinkers? And every year it gets worse, just more and more inane and Barbie/Ken dollish. This year, so far, is the worst. I’m about ready to quit watching. Bring back the real BB!


agree with all the above observations regarding these tool belts !! but, is it possible that Amanda is the only person that actually understands the dynamics of this game or is my observation a result of the 6 pk of rolling rock I ingested ?? We’ll know more if she becomes a has not, but I think she may be an evil genius. Good Lord, she’s a far better player than Jeremy, Aaryn, David at this point. Time will tell I guess. One thing for sure, there are 3 racist Dbags in this game. GM, Aaryn, & the other. Sad statement on our society that people harbor such thoughts.


Just wanted to say I’m diggin’ your name and I couldn’t agree with you more with a capital F.

King Silva

I also agree.

Most of his tats looks horrible..


Your kind comments melt my heart Miss Piggy. May I say to you “mmbrerr derr der, bork bork bork” !!


Is it me or is Jeremy’s plan just to bang all the hot chicks, hope they don’t talk or are fine with sharing and swoon him to victory?

Personally, I hope him, David, Jessie and Kaitlyn go very soon.

This will be beyond worthless if bieber fever ends up surviving or controlling the game.

Janelle pov queen

Kaitlin thanks for telling everybody on tv about your Vegas story dumb bitch

Janelle pov queen

•About Helen: Dude, shut up, go make some rice (6/30 1:14AM)
•Andy will get MVP because people love the queers (6/29 11:40PM)
•Quick to correct Candice’s pronunciation of “ask” (as opposed to axe) but is fine with GM saying it as axe
•Bragged about making Asian eyes in the DR

•Called Helen Kim Jong Un
•calls Andy Kermit the *** to his face (6/29 ~4:40pm)
•Called women the c-word
•Says “Bitch, get your ass cooking” (6/30 ~1:57pm)

•Said blacks stick together and that they’re “tokens” in the house (6/30 ~4:18AM)
•Candice’s “blackness” is showing now that she’s not on the block (6/30 ~4:20AM)
•They should make Helen’s eyes “straight”
•Said something about weaves being ghetto and then looked at Candice (6/29)
•Helen should kiss their asses and serve them rice (June 29, 2:42pm Cam3)
•Told Nick in the lounge that the way Candice talks is fake because she talks too white (6/29)
•Said that Candice had that black thing going. intimating that she was getting ghetto (1st night of feeds)
•Mocked Candice’s voice in a stereotypical fashion

•Said “nigga” but not in a reference to black people but more like “dude” (6/27 3:28AM C3)
•says Candice came at her acting aggressive and she was thinking Candice’s black side was coming out (6/27 ~5:47AM)
•Said “Gays are untrustworthy in a game like this”

•Re: Kaitlyn’s vagina: wants to see what he’s working with, called it her meat wallet
•Re: Elissa, said he’d cut a bitch

•Calls herself the *** hag queen (6/29 ~5:30PM)


Thank you for the stats. These people need to be called on what they say….game or not. There is no strategy in being a racist, sexist, homophobe.


Seriously, how were these people raised? They are the millennial generation, right? Such stupidity does not bode well for the future of this country.


Right now, I don’t like a single person in that house, but I am hoping for *drama purposes* that Rachel’s sister not only wins comps, and rips them a new one, but also get powers to keep her safe.


Look, I don’t really know why people are attacking the contestants any idea’s??? I haven’t seen the racial video what they were saying but its like you guys don’t get it this is Big Brother its a game don’t you guys understand? The Big Brother house is always going to say nasty things its part of a game with that being said I am protecting the contestants and blaming you guys just because they said something nasty I don’t get it?? I think what brings it on is they are just bored to death they dono what to do they have nothing they just sit around and kiss and hug there showmances. And look at Paula Deen she said some nasty things also and she got fired from almost every TV cooking channels even Walmart for the record I am still a Paula Deen fan but she lost ALOT of fans since she said some nasty things however what the contestants said on Big Brother is NOTHING compared to what Paula Deen said so just get over it I dono what the big deal about it?? If they are raciest its not your choice to tell them to shut up if they are raciest there is nothing you can do just sit around and hear it it just gets annoying when people tell that’s raciest and how gay marriage is wrong I am tired of it yes gay marriage is wrong I agree but if they are gay its there choice to be gay. Its my opinion you don’t have to agree but its my opinion that’s all thanks.


And you, Dear Sir or Madam, are a relic. Big Brother is an international forum. Try educating yourself and exposing yourself to those that you feel an aversion to, then perhaps you will feel it is not such a nice thing to demean them, you know, just because you are bored while on a TV show. Wow. Just because you “feel” gay marriage is wrong, guess what — doesn’t make it so. I am sure that you, in particular “feel” quite a few things that, hopefully, a lot of us do not. As long as we, the people, sit in silence, and let racists, sexist, homophobic and bullying people make comments that we feel are unjust, then we become complicit in that hate mongering. And no, I am not gay, but I have friends and family that are. I also have friends and family of practically all races. I feel offended when you, and others like you, TRY to make them feel “less than” and I will speak out about it because, unlike you, I do think it is a big deal — not something that I “just don’t get….just don’t understand, it’s just a game…” paraphrasing you. Then you know what? Try to get it! Educate yourself. If you feel it is totally acceptable for one of your loved ones to be demeaned based on their race, sex or sexual orientation, and you feel it’s all in good fun, all I can say to that is you suck as a friend and/or loved one.


Well stated sir, very well said indeed..


I am a Lady, kind Sir, but thank you very much 🙂


And just realized I could be wrong too in calling you “Sir” my bad;)


Yeah, you are seriously delusional. If you cannot see that the comments that have been made are so far outside the game of big brother then you clearly do not usderstand the game. And after reading the rest of your comment its pretty easy to see you are just as hateful and ignorant as these disgusting people in the house. You clearly have not read these comments or you’d know that Kaitlin has already used the same words as Paula Deen plus much more. People like you and the select few people in the house this season are what’s wrong with our society.


And you’re contradictory and confusing. Words have meaning. Read yours.


This comment is meant for “Guest” oops!


My bad DFG, I said well said “sir” & you may well be a “mam”, I should not have assumed your identity, either way, my point is your comment is nicely stated


Wow “Guest”…I think that your comment is right up there with some of the other stupid, idiotic and morally reprehensible things that some of these BB houseguests are saying. You can choose to feel anyway you want…hell with the 1st Amendment you can say it too…but guess what? A majority of people out there aren’t going to like what you have to say if it in any way demeans, degrades, or belittles another race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender. If you think bigotry, homophobia, and misogyny are wrong…then IT IS NEVER OKAY TO USE HATE SPEECH!!!! Game or not. It might be fun for some, a joke to a few…but think of the ONE that is getting hurt….or the many more at home having to hear that hateful vitriol.. Ignorance sure never looked so dumb! Since when do people have to forgive hate speech if it’s part of a reality show? That has got to be the dumbest excuse for stupidity that I’ve ever heard!!! Oh, don’t blame him/her…she’s in a reality show…so it doesn’t count……………SAYS NO ONE EVER!!!!!


As a gay man, who has been aware of the fact since I was 7 or 8 years old, at no point do I recall making a “choice” to be so; as you very inaccurately put it. The choice card the religious right has always thrown at us drives me crazy. I was 8 years old in 1967, in very religious family and even at that young age, I knew that who and what I was, was not going to be accepted by my family and most people. Like many other gay men of that time I spent the next 14 years of my life trying to pray away the gay and dated may opposite sex people as I tried unsuccessfully to choose to be straight!! Today I am proud of, and very happy with, my orientation. Happy Pride everyone!!


dude, did you guys catch me naked ?? I did it twice yesterday for everyone !! I only did it cuz I do whatever Aaryn tells me to do…. I’m kinda clueless & have no idea I’m going home Wed. Surf’s up bra !!

Janelle pov queen

Jeremy about Elissa: “That ugly bitch needs a better doctor and to get the **** out of the house. Take a bag, suffocate.

Jeremy- Elissa’s husband, if you’re watching, divorce that trick. Aaryn- I think every female in America just fell in love with you.

Jeremy to cameras: “Hey Elissa’s husband, divorce that ugly bitch.” Now threatening to fight him.


I know Elissa has a terrible surgical work on her face, same with Rachel, but damn that’s just mean.


“Janelle pov queen” July 1, 2013 at 12:40 am about Kaitlin: “dumb bitch”

Not that I don’t appreciate you pasting the racist/misogynistic/homophobic comments made by BB cast, but I wish those commenting on this site, and particularly those who are correctly condemning this behavior, would not indulge in it themselves.


Gonna be a long season. Can’t figure out who is more idiotic. The contestants or the posters on here. Should be a close race.


Hey Ya’ll, I just wanted to invite JM, Aaryn, & Kaitlin to my homophobic, racist hoedown throwdown when you are all evicted. Come on over ya’ll to my racist mansion and we can make jokes about blacks, Asians, & pretty girls !!!!! That’s a party most people would thumb there nose at excepting the above 4 sad indiivduals…… When will we as a country get our act together ?? Here’s hoping sometime soon it happens !!

James Marka

Candice and Aaryn got into an argument around 12:55 that went on and off until 1:03


Um some of the shit that comes out of their mouths is so disgusting, but yet I can’t look away…


Aaryn needs a reality check. If she acts the same outside the big brother house as she does inside, I’d be surprised if she didn’t get her a$$ beat. But maybe that’s just what she needs. She is complaining about people talking behind other people’s backs because they’re not checking with her beforehand. Definitely some major control issues. Can’t wait til she’s gone. She is surely mistaken thinking she’s americas sweetheart.

King Silva

“GIGI tells them she’s never really read entire book “GIGI reading is not my thing.. not my thing”
David says he’s not into reading either.”

How am I NOT surprised..? -_-


Just catching up on everything. I’m totally embarrassed& disgusted by the things these people have said. What a waste of bb spots.
I’ve really come to enjoy bbuk over the last couple years. It really is more a social experiment than a game for money like it is here. I love the bbuk!
I’m usually easy to please& like everybody at first-BUT NOT THIS YEAR! I’m actually rooting for Elissa and Howard at the moment


I’m rooting for Elissa also, and if she wasn’t married, I’d be doing more than rooting.


I just watched GinaMarie console Helen in kitchen (05:30 BB time). There is positive just as well as negative in everything, everyone, everywhere. We are all works in progress. If you are going to compile, memorize, and post lists of comments/jokes that you considered offensive, then make it a point to balance that out with good stuff too. There is plenty of it in everything, everyone, everywhere.

RE: Spencer calling Andy “Kermit the F@G”
I happened to be watching at that time. Spencer didn’t say it behind Andy’s back. He said it to his face with a joking tone and Andy clearly did not take offense to Spencer saying that. Andy was wearing all green and he’s comfortably gay. They laughed because it was a joke. Spencer meant it as a joke and Andy took it as a joke. Andy makes self-depricating jokes all the time. I really like his sense of humor because he can laugh at others and himself. He makes jokes about GinaMarie’s cl!t-piercings, pubes, tells her he hates her, they laugh it off. Andy appears to have connected with almost everyone on that level and I predict he will go far in the game.

So relax people, enjoy the ride, this one only comes around once a year!


I agree. Some of the things they say are not bigoted or racist. Viewers seem to want to cause racial tension. Saying you can’t see a black person in the dark is not racist. I kid my niece that when she spends the night, I check on her and have to turn on a light cuz I can’t see her in the bed. If you are non-white, you can say anything you want about a white person and there is no outrage. Black friends make jokes about pale white people on the beach are blinding them, or white people can’t dance and on and on. Also, my gay friends use the word qu eer and f@g all the time. Just like my black friends use the N word. This is getting ridiculous. If we are not supposed to use the words, then EVERYONE should stop using them. We can’t say well, blacks are allowed to use the N word but no one else can, and gays are allowed to use qu eer and f@g but n one else can. That is really stupid. I disguised the words written here by using spaces or symbols because I don’t know if it will kick the post off. It probably would.


Elissa is so hot. She exudes beauty and grace. And she looks a lot like Rachel who was hot also!

pretty trickster

simon & dawg thanks for posting everything! you really help bring the REAL reality to this show!


Why these houseguests including Aaryn pull the Jeff Schroeder’s racist remark? Come on, that’s not cool and at least to apologize.


Are Amanda and Mc sharing a bed?

Suzy Sunshyne

It seems like this group of house guest have made a new game…How many people can we piss off and judge in a week! I think they are doing a fine job! Right now it’s a toss up between Aaryn and Jeremy, but Jeremy is going down without a fight!