Jeremy comments that Kaitlin fell for it last night, but don’t worry I will kick that b*t*h out!

POV Holder: ? Next POV June 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


9:55am Andy and Judd are awake and moving around the house. They head out into the backyard. Andy talks about how being in the havenot room even if he wakes up and is still tired he can’t get back to sleep. Andy says I can’t wait to have a normal bed again, I hate those seats. Andy asks Judd if he was mad he didn’t get to compete in the POV comp. Judd says no, he didn’t want to win and have the responsibility to have to use it or not this early in the game. Judd says that the numbers could fall either way, we might want to keep her. It would be kind of dumb to get rid of her. Andy agrees and says that he will do what the house wants. I don’t think I am on anyones radar. Judd says if we keep her the target would always be on her. Judd asks if Andy was up there when the fight happened. Andy says no. Judd talks about a fight up in the HOH room a couple days ago where she (Elissa) lied and said her sisters name was Giselle a famous model. Judd says that Jeremy was asking Elissa if she was calling him a liar. Judd says Elissa said she was just jokeing. Andy says if we did decide to keep Elissa I wouldn’t want to piss off people like Jeremy because he could win something. Judd says yeah, we would have the numbers though. Judd says don’t repeat this but .. Andy says I trust you more than anyone I won’t say anything. Judd talks about a 4 way alliance. Andy asks are you talking about a four way alliance between Jeremy, Kailin, David and Aaryn. Judd says yeah I guess ..that’s just an assumption.

10:05am – 10:35am Big Brother switches the Live Feeds to the “We’ll be right back screen” to wake up the house guests. When the live feeds return, the other house guests are up and moving around the house. Andy and Judd are in the kitchen talking about throwing a tantrum if the are havenots again. Helen comes by and says that she totally agrees. Meanwhile in the havenot room, Elissa comments to Howard that she doesn’t think she will ever fly again because the seats are so uncomfortable.. She says she’ll be taking the bus from now on. Howard agrees. Elissa asks Howard if she can read the bible with him. He says yeah of course. Elissa asks how he does it. Howard says that he could read a verse and ask her how she would apply it to her own life. Elissa says okay. Howard starts reading a verse to Elissa. Howard says “For see today I have made you immune to their attacks, like a fortified wall…” They both then discuss their interpretation of the verses.
CBS Interactive Inc.


10:25am Jeremy and Spencer are out in the backyard talking about how they need to get time alone to talk. They talk about how Andy is always around them and Amanda is up McCraes a$$ hole! Spencer agrees. Jeremy comments that Kaitlin fell for it last night. Spencer says yeah I know I heard the lip smacking. Jeremy says but don’t worry I will kick that bit*h out! I am loyal to MC! Jeremy says that he thinks he has David on his side too. Howard joins them. Spencer talks about wanting to get David out this week. He says I don’t think we can control Elissa. David is up there like a sitting duck, it would be a good time to get him out. Jeremy says if you want to get him out I am cool with that, I am friends with him but I am with you guys. Howard agrees and says he is cool with him but now is the time to get him out. Spencer says Elissa is Rachel’s sister and she is probably the MVP because I haven’t seen anything to say otherwise. Jeremy says that yeah I already shot myself in the foot with her though. Spencer says I think David is with us and he isn’t coming after us. Jeremy says yeah David is going after Candice and Amanda next week. Spencer asks what is going on with McCrae? Howard says that she is trying to strike an alliance. Spencer says if she strikes up an alliance with the majority of MC then it is good for us. They talk about the morning being a good time to talk game before the morning wake up. Judd joins them. The conversation turns to talking about random things.

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10:40am Out in the backyard – Jeremy comments to Spencer, Judd and Howard that he went to sleep with some big ol’man-meat. They laugh. Judd and Howard move inside. Spencer and Jeremy talk about Nick. Spencer says that Nick is a schemer. Jeremy agrees. Meanwhile, inside the other house guests chat in the kitchen. Jeremy says that even though they are cool with Jessie – she needs to go home soon. Spencer agrees. David joins them. Jeremy tells David I can’t believe you got third nomination. David says yeah someone’s working against me. Spencer says yeah Elissa is the MVP.

Andy joins them. Jeremy says that he is jealous he didn’t get to compete in the POV yesterday. They discuss the words the others used in the spelling – longest word POV competition. The conversation turns to talking about how Elissa stormed out of the HOH room yesterday telling McCrae “I can’t believe you said that!” Jeremy comments that Rachel is smarter than Elissa. Spencer says that Elissa has no social skills. Jeremy says she is so fu*king ignorant. The talk turns to the tattoos Jeremy wants to still get and how CBS said he couldn’t get any before entering because they wanted him the same as in the interviews.


10:55am In the kitchen – Kaitlin, Aaryn and Candice are making pancakes and talking about how Spencer smells like old spice and farts.


11:10am Spencer, Jeremy and Andy are out in the backyard chatting. Jeremy talks about blowing out farts. The conversation turns to talking about how during the POV competition someone spelled the word “Pot Roasts” even though they were told they couldn’t use words with spaces. Andy says for the rest of the season if someone messes up just say they pulled a pot roast.


11:15am – 11:25am In the bathroom – Aaryn and Elissa talk about random things. Aaryn asks Elissa if she talks a lot with Rachel. Elissa says no.


11:30am Aaryn tells Elissa that she doesn’t want any conflict between them. She says I like you and want you to come talk to me if you hear anything. I won’t lie to you. Elissa says thank you for coming to me. I do a lot of charity and don’t want to be viewed as anything bad. Elissa says that some people are in here to cause issues. Elissa says that she is going to go sit in the hot tub. She doesn’t leave and they continue talking about Aaryns ex who played hockey and travelling to Canada.


11:40am Out in the backyard – David and Jeremy are out by the weights talking about if McCrae will use the veto or not. They think McCrae is with them and that David is fine but say they will just have to wait and see what happens. David says that he is worried about being played by Aaryn. Jeremy agrees. David says that Aaryn gave him sh*t for talking to Elissa and now she is in there talking to her. Jeremy says that the girls are being shady. Daivd says if this is going down I need you to go rampage. Jeremy says that he will go nuts and says that he doesn’t care if he pisses everyone off. He says I didn’t fly out here for nothing. Jeremy tells him that David being nominated by the MVP is what set him off. They need to figure out who’s next. Jeremy starts working out.

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Why Amanda try to suck up to McCrae? That is so wrong?

Chilltown Fan

Judd has some intelligence, smart gameplay to keep a huge target like Elissa in the house. It would be great to see the deadwood, David, get the first boot. Aaryn can get her mind back into the game once he leaves. The only problem is trying to get the votes to evict David over Elissa.


Would love to see surfer “duuude” David get evicted and let Aaryn begin to get back to the game. Would be a shame if she totally ruined her game over a dumb guy when you can clearly tell she is a competitor.

If McCrae takes down Jessie and puts up Elissa, that leaves Candace, Elissa, and David up on the block. All he needs to do at LEAST is get 4 people to vote for each person, or 6 people to vote Elissa and 6 to vote David, and he would be the tie-breaker and David would be evicted. The only downside is that the 6 people that voted Elissa would be upset at McCrae..


Shane, he probably thinking about the beach or something. He has no alliance, the only alliance is a tower and lifeguard can. Come on, he has no sense at all, I’m sure the house will vote off David and Aaryn would be get back in the game.

Chilltown Fan

Agreed, it seems to me that McCrae would love to take out David, but has to appease the house by nominating Elissa as the replacement nominee. If he can get the votes, or have others try to get the votes to evict David, he’ll come out unscathed. If it’s a tie, he will be forced to evict Elissa. You figure he might be able to count on Nick, Judd, and Andy as 3 that would possibly like to evict David at this time. However, at the end the day, it might just be a futile attempt, and all 3 vote with the house consensus.


I know right, she probably screw up every game over Surfer Dude. Come on, he more beach freak than be competitor. David has no clue of how this game works.


The new live Feed interface and flashback are big improvements over last year.


David’s Brain probably thinking about the beach and lifeguard saving. Earth to David, this ain’t no beach. This is big brother house and you need to convince them to stay. What it takes when David’s brain to light up?

production rigged it

Jeremy says even though we’re cool with Jessie we need to get her out soon and Spencer agrees. Yeah guys she’s such a huge threat in the house you really need to get rid of her. Come on how stupid are these guys, like she’s one of the biggest threats in the house. Good thing they have their 5 man alliance to protect themselves because their straight up gameplay sucks. They should change the name of their alliance to the Hoover Co. because they all suck and blow at gameplay and strategy. Well except maybe for Howard as far as personality goes he seems like the nicest one of them all. Their making deals with everyone and McCrae has already won 2 comps which is usally not a good idea this early and Jeremy will have an even bigger target on his back if he tries to win every other hoh. The sooner he leaves the better, he’s such an arrogant a$$!

Chilltown Fan

Nick, Howard, and Spencer don’t seem like complete dumba**es out of the MC alliance. McCrae is at the bottom of the pecking order. Jeremy is clueless, he’s just trying to be machismo with his talk about Kaitlin, he’s clearly into her, but I don’t think it’s the same on her end.

production rigged it

I didn’t say Howard was and you’re right Nick and Spencer aren’t comple dumba$$es. But you have to admit they better be careful about making too many deals because all it takes it for one person to make a mistake and say something to the wrong one. Basically my point was just about them making too many deals and playing too hard too fast and talking about getting out a weaker player like Jessie soon instead of a bigger threat. Totally agree about Jeremy.

production rigged it

complete *stupid typo*


Kaitlin to me looks like kristen stewart. and Jeremy like taylor lockblahblah (wolf guy in twilight)


Yes, good catch. She gives off a similar vibe too.


What the hell is up with their alliance name MC??? Too much Sons of Anarchy. Sam Crow. :-)

production rigged it

Jeremy is saying that Elissa is fu**ing ignorant, has the took a good long look in the mirror lately. If he had then he would realize who the fu**ing ignorant one really is, wait no he wouldn’t either because he’s not that smart.


OK that Ginamarie really needs to cut the language down a lot. Every other word she swears or curses. I don’t like her. She just gave me the wrong impression from day one. She is loud, rude and obnoxious and she really needs to go. Come on BBUS….get them to tone down the swearing


i think howard might make it far, he doesnt seem too bold or aggressive with his social game, but he’s also taking time to get to know everybody on a personal level

kickkin Chicken

Ok, if Elissa is Rachele’s sister because they look alike…how about this…
Jeremy looks like he could be Kurt Russel ‘s grandson,
Aaryn looks like she could be first cousin to Daniel & Evil Dick, (past winner) She has all of Dani’s features to the max!
Ginamaria looks like she could be the niece or sister of Kelly Rippa (from Regis and Kelly)
Nick totally reminds me of ADAM LAVINE(sp).. (The Voice)…could be his cousin, or even his brother.
Andy kinda reminds me of the older guy on 2 & 1/2 Men….They have the same facial features and expressions.

The Pizza guy, looks like he could be related to the dude that “TIPTOED THROUGH THE TULIPS”..lmao

kickkin Chicken

If you were to go look at pictures of Kurt Russell, (Tombstone flick for one)……you will see his grandson all over again….JERAMIE!

Bambie buns

Jeremy is a tool!! So far I feel like this is highschool…aaryn seems a lil physco…she went nuts with David
And now there bffs…..Amanda is digging her own grave…she will be gone very soon as will Jeremy…we have all
Seen how far arrogance gets you in this game…I hope Elissa stays and pulls a Rachel…wins hoh..puts up Jeremy and Amanda
Gets MVP and puts up aaryn…..that will be super fun to watch them all scatter


they are all freaking out way too early. and I don’t like how they all just toss it on elissa and make comments about “at least we have it easy this week”…..ITS WEEK ONE! you can’t possibly be at the point where you need it to be easy…my goodness!

Jon L

they all look like the hunger for the spotlight ….. by “having it easy in week 1” is basically saying that I want more time on camera….. no one is truly having it easy with al of the side alliances , flirtmances, blowmances, and the “hate on” for elissa no one is having it easy at all….. almost everyone is playing “balls to the wall” from day 1 except maybe candice and nick ( him being the main floater)


Is it just me or is the cast full of mean girls and guys who are jerks?