Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Kaitlin and Jeremy late night make out session..

POV Holder: ? Next POV June 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


2am Kaitlin and Jeremy climb into their bed. Kaitlin says that she is going to take her weave out. She goes to take it out and says oh its already halfway out. Jeremy says that’s what she said! Kaitlin laughs and says no she said it’s halfway in! Jeremy says oh okay! They both laugh! They talk about her weave and Jeremy says its probably from India. Kaitlin says that she wants to go to India and play with the little kids to feed them and teach them English. Jeremy says that’s the cutest fu*King thing I’ve ever heard. They talk about how they love kids. She says she loves kids that aren’t hers. He ask her how many kids she has?! Kaitlin says no you know like nephews and stuff. Jeremy and Kaitlin get up and head into the kitchen. Jeremy runs up outside the HOH room to help Jessie who was calling for help to carry down dirty dishes. Kaitlin asks Nick in the kitchen why he just sat there and didn’t help Jessie.

Up in the HOH room Jeremy & Kaitlin join the others. Howard, McCrae, Andy Candice, and Judd. Amanda comes back up with a huge bowl of cereal. They others laugh at how big her bowl is. Howard says his cereal boxes have a 3 bowl maximum his bowls are so big. Spencer starts admiring his mustache. Spencer says that he can’t wait for the Zingbot to come talk to Judd. They laugh that it will zing him with a – that’s what she said because that’s what he always says. They notice Nick is in the kitchen alone. Howards says he is going to go talk galaxies with him he likes that! They start talking about the havenot room and all agree that this year’s room is the worst there has been. They talk about other season’s havenot rooms.


2:40am Kaitlin & Jessie head down to the kitchen. Kaitlin asks Jessie if she is nervous about the vote. Kaitlin tells her that she shouldn’t be and says that she thinks McCrae is going to take her off the block but if he doesn’t she shouldn’t take it personal. They’re both happy that Elissa lost the POV. Jessie says she is worried about what McCrae might do with the POV. Kaitlin says that McCrae wants Elissa gone. They head to bed.
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3:10am Amanda & McCrae alone in the HOH. She tells him that she is glad he won today. Meanwhile Kaitlin and Jeremy are making out in bed.


3:15am – 4:50am Amanda asks McCrae if he thinks she is one of the strongest female players in the house? He says that he thinks so. McCrae says that he knows the deal with Jessie and he isn’t stupid because she seems to go from guy to guy and he’s the last one left. Amanda jokes that he’s taken and say he is her sanity in the house. Amanda tells McCrae that he will be doing what the house wants now if he puts up Elissa. He says he just worries who the next target will be if she goes. He asks if it would be Candice. They agree that they need to talk to the next HOH. McCrae says that the Elissa situation worries him that she may blow their (McCrae/Amanda’s) alliance cover because he told Amanda about being Elissa being MVP. He tells her not to say it to anyone. Amanda says that she only trusts him. Amanda says that No matter what Elissa does she is going home. Amanda says that she doesn’t think Elissa is even going to fight to stay in the house. McCrae says that he is still worried that the house could see getting out David as a better option. Amanda tells McCRae he is playing too hard and says that Elissa has to go, she will fu*k us up. McCrae tells Amanda that he will tell Elissa that she’s the master of her own fate. Amanda says that she is happy she met McCrae. She asks him what he’s thinking. McCrae jokes that he wants Jessie to be his blowmance. Amanda starts talking about the POV and says that she thinks David threw it. McCrae says that pisses him off that he might have thrown it. Amanda asks him why she wants him to go so badly. McCrae says that something about him rubs him the wrong way and he looks at him in an unfriendly way like he’s trying to look into his soul. McCrae says that he will use the POV and put up Elissa. Amanda asks if he still wants her to stay because then I will be at risk of leaving if Elissa stays. She says because I orchestrated all this for Elissa to leave so he better not fu*k it up. McCrae says when people ask how he wants them to vote, he will tell them to vote how they want. Amanda says that she knows so little about McCrae. He says that he wants to be mysterious. Amanda calls him Zorro. Amanda and McCrae continue to talk about random stuff. They talk about past seasons of big brother when Ian jerked off in the shower. McCrae brings up how during Boogies season he had a box in the backyard and climbed into it to jack off. “The Jack shack” The decide to go to sleep.



6:30am All the house guests are still sleeping..
8:45am The house guests are all still fast asleep.
9:50am Still Sleeping..
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Does anyone know if McCrae is really with Nick?


I don’t think McCrae himself knows if he’s with Nick

Chilltown Fan

I think Kaitlin is playing Jeremy a bit, and using him. I don’t think she’s total into the dude.


I laughed when she said she looked like Megan Fox with her hair extensions. Keep dreaming Kaitlin!!!


she said that!!! lol d? I de-lusional. is it just me but is she really ugly. when I first saw her I thought she might be a transvestite, I thought she was the ugliest woman in the house. she is just one of those people I cant look at for too long. but then guys have been saying she’s hot, so I’m thinking my opinion is just my own.


I think Kaitlin the best looking girl in the house along with Rachel. Megan Fox was cute when she first appeared and looks like total crap now after the surgeries.


yeah, that seems to be the opinion of a lot of guys so ok cool, guys thinks she’s hot. she’s just not fit my idea of beauty but I do think aaryn and elissa are the prettiest girls in the house by far with the best bodies. none of the guys are good looking at all except Jeremy is pretty hot. too bad he seems to suck as a person.


i don’t think he’s totally into her either, I mean they only know each other a few days – who would be!! it’s probably mostly strategy, a little bit of boredom, and a little bit actual connection


I think so. She sees a strong guy and is probably just using him for the game. Not a bad idea. I don’t like him one bit, btw.


I think I change my mind after watching some of their in-bed makeup session just now. She either likes him or is one of those girls who likes it with a random guy and doesn’t care about an emotional attachment. I expect an Ollie/April thing from these two in the near future.


I agree I think they she may be using him a little bc no matter what it can help (or hurt, depending) your game or at least she’s telling herself that, but she wouldn’t be so into talking about how she got him over Jessie if she didn’t feel like he was worth something, meaning that she kind of likes him. women get emotionally attached very easily to a good looking guy who is giving them attention, and Jeremy knows this. but I get the feeling she is more into him than he is to her…you just never know people’s motives though bc it’s a game


I cant wait to see DR sessions. These girls are all thinking with their crotches, not their heads!

ashli rae

I hope you’re right chilltown fan because Kaitlin seems like a cool girl but Jeremy is a total tool. It will be interesting to see their diary room sessions on Sunday.


Jeremy is this years Shane, has no idea on how to play-the game. Good luck with winning every comp, buddy. ????


shane was a much nicer person, Jeremy is just awful, I know he’s young but he’s immature


Totally agree with you there. Shane was a really nice guy. Jeremy strikes me as a big jerk.


I m not talking about his personality but his understanding of the game.

John Q

There are too many people in the house for this much game talk to be going on. There are literally no conversations that don’t turn into game talk slightly.


Hey everyone, does Gigi look like Cheri o’teri from SNL. Her laughs is similar to Cheri.


Where’s Candice ?!


I can’t wait to hear the dr sessions mostly because I want to know who McCrae is with or if he even knows who he’s with


I agree Sean…. I keep trying to figure out who McCrae really is aligned with. All in all I think this season has way too much brawn and boobs and not enough brains!! Piss poor casting.

Slash 2

This new group of houseguests is acting like week 1 is the last week. I literally hear Nick tell Howard on after dark “this is the most important week, after this we basically win” and I have been vocal about why McCrae’s gameplay has been poor and this is why. Nick and a few others are telling him keep Elissa, Amanda a big mouth is telling him and everyone elissa is gone. Come Wednesday if David walks out the door McCrae’s has a lot of explaining to do


McCrae is in a bad situation and has made many mistakes this week. Whether Elissa or David goes home he will create some enemies in the house. If I’m correct nick and the other boys r his true alliance. So when David goes home Amanda is gonna b pissed. She seems like a big mouth too


My first impressions is that McCrae and Nick are the two smartest people in the house. Hopefully they get together and start running the show. Everyone else seems to be playing emotionally, on a personal level. Oh, and….Are you kidding me with these chicks!?


I wouldn’t count out Helen, she is playing the game well right now, getting people to like her, not causing drama and not doing anything to stand out. I cant figure out howard thought, I like he is being quite and unobtrusive (so as to fly under the radar a bit) but I can’t tell if he is smart about the game or has no idea what is going on. I haven’t seen too much from him on the feeds though.


Seems odd that Rachel’s sister a) would apply and b) would be selected to compete – now, if this was BB 14 and Frank was in trouble – I’m sure production would magically change the MVP powers in order to keep him in the game. I guess at the moment Elissa is a distraction – while I wouldn’t really want a season of past contestant relatives – it seems that that might have been the way to go – why bring back only one! For some strange reason I’m hoping she stays.


75% of these people have no idea what is going on. To think theyre playing each other…… please these 2 are young and on summer vacation.

pretty trickster

How do they know all about Ian in the shower and this boogie backyard box? how am i missing these details!!!


What’s the story about Ian and the shower?

pretty trickster

Yeah where IS Candace? go Pizza boy!


No video??


Now that Kaitlin knows America thinks Jeremy is a huge ass ugly ape, is she embarrassed?