The Moving Company is winning MVP “Nobody is scheming as much as we are”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


5:07pm Cam 3-4 Helen and Candace

Candace says she is confused about the fight with Amanda and Elissa.
Helen: ‘I don’t know.. I just stay out of it”
Candace: “But then Amanda came and talked to you”
Helen: “Oh that was like 4 days ago”
Candace: “So that happened after”
Helen: “Amanda was trying to get the house to not like Elissa”
Candace: “Oh OK.. gotcha”
H: “I do think at the time she was trying to get me to not like Elissa.. I really want Elissa to stay.. I can’t tell you the plan”
H: “Tomorrow you will know and I know it all sounds very peculiar but don’t question it trust me.. OK
C: “OK”
H: “I can’t tell you it’s not my job.. I’m not the leader of this pack and if I tell i’m out of it and that means you’re out of it to.”

Helen tells her she is not the leader of “This pack”

5:14pm cam 1-2 HOH Andy. Helen and Nick

Random chit chat about Nick and the foods he doesn’t eat.
Andy says that Nick is the type of person he couldn’t date “if you were gay” because I would be so pi$$ed off that you don’t eat candy


5:30 pm cam 3-4 Lounge Spencer, Candace, Howard, McCrae..
Spencer: “All women love to say it’s hard to be a women.. because of all you have to do makeup and stuff”
Candace: “No I think it’s harder to be a man for sure”
Spencer saying that it’s harder to be a man than a women because society places a lot of pressure on men
Spencer: “Being a provider and a leader.. Keeping your family together as a man that is your responsibility keeping things in line.. All that running around sh!t.. Respecting your wife respecting your children… being a good roll model”
Howard: “A man has to suck it up be totally unselfish and still be a man at the end of the day”
Spencer: “During the tough times.. people see that Sh1t”
Howard: “Yup even if you gotta stand by yourself”
Candace leaves

Howard brings up the bible and religion “I’m a strong believer that prayer can get you through it”
Spencer and MC seem to be pretty engaged in the conversation especially Spencer.


5:51pm Cam 1-2 Bathroom Bieber Fever

Talking about Jessie filtering with Nick.
David: “She was breathing so hard on the couch today “
Gina: “Like she was nervous”
David: “Ya”
Aaryn: ‘Have you noticed that every time she rolls over she does “OHHH” (Groans) “
Gina: “ya i’ve noticed that”
Aaryn: ‘I’m like B1tch stop doing that.. we get it we get it she’s in Heat”


6:04 Cam 1-2 McCare and Judd HOH

MC: “we gotta find out where Candace is going to go”
J: ‘I’ve been hanging out with her the most that I can”
MC: ‘Yeah i’ve been really nice to her”
Judd: “Do you think I should .. cause I’ve been hanging out with her so much go up and ask where she’s voting”
Mc: “I don’t know who is closest to her”
Judd: “If he doesn’t go home it will be a travesty to this game.. you know what he said he’ll do with the money.. go surfing man”


6:17pm Cam 3-4 Storage room Howard and Spencer

Howard saying when Aaryn blows up it’s going to blow Kaitlins head and will probably blow Jeremy.

S: “I’ve talked to Helen and she blames Aaryn for instigating the Jeremy thing.. What I think Helen wants to do is strip Jeremy of his alliance and use Jeremy .. I think that is a good idea”
H: “I do to”
Spencer thinks the Moving Company will get the MVP’s because nobody else in scheming as much as they are. (He’s right with the schemeing part)
H: “He got our hands into everything”
They agree that there is no sides in this game it’s MC versus everybody.
S: “If Jeremy wins next time I want him to get Amanda out.. cause I want to refocus McCrae”
H: “Yup there it is.. there it is”
S: “I want to keep Gina in the house next week cause she’ll blow up it Elissa stays”
S: “Helen and Andy want to get Amanda out to because they want to work with McCrae and they can’t with Amanda around.. so regardless of who wins HOH as far as MC goes we need to consider Amanda and Aaryn”
S: Jeremy has given up David this time and I don’t mind giving up Amanda”
H: “Exactly”

Spencer: “Judd’s a good cat but he’s always lingering.. we can never communicate he’s gotta go soon”
H: “It would be good if Jeremy wins HOH and puts up Amanda and Judd”
S: “I don’t care if out side wins HOH or not doesn’t matter to me.. we just gotta control the MVP vote.. “
S: ‘Amanda wants Nick to be the MVP nominee.. “
S: “Judd and Amanda those are the first to cut”
H: “Everybody else is going to tear their hearts out anyways”

S: “If you get offered a drink by Nick that means get ready to talk in the next 15 -20 minutes.. I’m going to go linger ”

CBS Interactive Inc.


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Im watching the show tonight and im so mad! I don’t understand why they are trying to show aaryn as a good person??? Ugh show her true colors!

Chilltown Fan

I didn’t like how Aaryn was portrayed as a victim because David was nominated. Here’s to hoping that Wednesday she gets the witch edit she deserves.


Don’t hold your breath, buddy, not gonna happen!


How’s Topaz – 150 % great?




I don’t know if I’m biased but I think she looked just like the catty girl she is…


Hold a second, there’s a “Reilly Tradition”, whining when you lose a competition. Sadly, that’s the only tradition Elissa has from Rachel, so far.

“Potroasts” is the new “Technotronics” LOL



Candice for sure will make a big move because she barley likes half of the houseguests because they barley like her…and I kno elissa will definitely make a great power move if she is hoh.


Hey Simon have you noticed that when you did them names up there for Kaitlyn you said Jessie it should be named Kaitlyn not Jessie lol


Poor Andy, I think he’s crushing on Nick pretty hard. Really don’t think he’s gay though. I guess it would be asking too much for BB to cast more than one gay guy a season. The last time they even attempted to was six seasons ago-and that was for their stupid winter romance themed twist.


There was the season with the “X” factor. There were 2 gay guys that were exes.


What the hell is McCrae doing in that last picture? lol goofy, and those who watch the feeds, is Candace really that annoying? I don’t hear much of her on the spoiler sites and she seems ok from what I’ve seen on the actual Big Brother episodes.

Chilltown Fan

CBS edits. They are so inaccurate.


At least on tonight’s episode Aaryan looked kinda like the bi### she truly is.

You think Delivery Boy had on enough bandanas tonight?? ????

Kinda felt bad for Dave during the POV .


On twitter, some one said: “David = Dori” lmaooooo Funniest thing I read all day. That boy is really dumb as hell.


Just realized it but has McCrae been wearing that same m shirt for a really long time?

Janelle pov queen

Only thing I care about is Elissa staying and I hate this MVP shit

Eli rules

That’s funny, because if it wasn’t for the MVP vote, Elissa would be going home this week.


Hey Simon did you notice the names of the contestant’s its supposed to be Kaitlyn not Jessie lol

Biff Tannen

Obviously these people are morons for the most part (which I love), with no self-esteem and partially formed personalities (especially GM and Aaryn), but I can’t believe more ppl wouldn’t flock to Elissa. She’s a perfect alliance member. She doesn’t play the game too hard (that cld change), she is easily the strongest female physically and the girl just wants a friend in the house–she’d be loyal! Amanda and the others are in an unbelievably strong position simply because they’ve recruited Elissa.

I still don’t have a favorite, but I’m slowly starting to root for Amanda. She has plenty if flaws, but they’re flaws I can live with.

Chilltown Fan

Jeremy just rubbed his bare ass on Elissa’s UNC hat, he’s disgusting. Aaryn of course still going on about her hat, does she think she have a couture cowboy hat or something.


That guy has some serious mental problems.


Your welcome Simon anytime lol no big deal:)) Sounded like you were doing this and that sounded like yu were very busy lol


cbs is full of hot shit amanda edit tonight makes me sick …. why cant we see these bitches for who they really are ….amanda and Aarayn look like angels tonight and these bitches be hating in a real dick eating way ….. cant wait for the fireworks tomorrow

Chilltown Fan

The only thing CBS did right in their edits was give Candice and Elissa good edits, and portrayed Jeremy as a bully when he was up in the HOH room having a go at Elissa over the MVP, dickhead of the episode.


The edit tonight wasn’t that bad…it made the Aaryn and David showmance look like the joke it is and it showed aaryns bitchiness. Plus, I’m sure if they wanted to portray Aaryn as humble and sweet they wouldn’t have shown her saying “ill win MVP multiple times” just like Jessie calling herself pretty.


Ok… Who is the target???? Also, I thought I would like MC but decided he is a wussy.

Elissa might be my favorite. And the moment of Helen and Elissa touched my heart


Is it just me or is McRae a really squirmy little feller? He certainly can’t control himself under a bit of pressure.


hope jeremy doesnt win hoh that will go to his head his ego already big imagine him hoh nightmare


So, CBS told TMZ that the network does not agree with the nasty comments (oh silly me were they going to agree?). CBS needs to not edit out the mean- spirited remarks – but according to their statement that won’t happen – heck BB 15 is making the real housewives franchise appear real – and that franchise stages all their shows. I say If pandora’s box comes into play bring on Tetesa G – and let her flip a table or two.


Wow this season is crazy full of self centered fools..
Thanks again Simon and Dawg, and everyone here..
This site and the comments make BB even better.

hey now

I’m wondering where y’all think the split in the MC is going to come from and when you think it will be.


This is my first time commenting on this site even tho I’ve been a reader since season 10. But I’m going to do my breakdown of these contestants from my view point. 1. Jessie- annoying needy female tht just wants attention 2. Candice- I dnt dislike her or like her yet too early to tell her true colors 3.Aaryan- total bitch hate her 4. Elissa- like her surprisingly cause I hated rachel 5. Kaitlyn- dnt dislike her dnt like too early for me 6. Helen- I like her she’s a smart one 7.GM- I’m not a fan dnt lke her 8. Amanda- way too controlling over MC talk way too much. 9.MC- very weird but I like him he got to get hiself together tho cause he can be all over the place 10. Howard- I think he’ll go far he seem to have a good game plan 11. Jermey- he needs to go way too arogant nd just plain annoying 12. David- OMFG WHY IS HE SO DUMB I just dnt understand lol 13. Nick- I really like him he really came to play nd I lke that about him. 14. Judd- I dnt like or dis like him he doesn’t really do anything for me he’s so forgettable. 15- Spencer I like him he seem to know what he wants to do long term nd is laying the groundwork now 16. Andy- he just seem like a honest nice person.


Aaryn is a bitch hidden behind the country ,blue-eyed, blond, soft-voiced stereotype if a good person. GO ELISSA. the MC will not last and thoe only reason I think that is because of Spencer. he is gonna flip so hard on them his neck will break. I confuse Kaitlin and Amanda a lot, but Amanda has definitely made an impression on me tonight. she is strong. My Top Three are McCrea, Helen, and Elissa


MC probably win the MVP but Elissa probably win MVP again. She probably hold two powers.


Can she win MVP two times in a row?


I think Aaryn came off looking pretty nasty on the inside, and downright psychotic on the outside during the announcement of David being the MVP’s pick for the block. I have faith, perhaps misplaced, that CBS is slowly building to the shocking reveal to their television-only audience that she is in fact a horrible person in more ways than they could have imagined.

Hate to say it, but makes for great television. Would likely send a spike in their sliding ratings. I just hope she finds her way out the door soon.


Jeremy and aaryn are the perfect examples of what every man and woman shouldn’t be like.Stupid, rude, egotistical douchebags and catty,shady, drama starting bitches.


Nick just needs to come out of the closet


Im surprised myself but after watching the edited version of last nights who I kind of want Elissa to stay and get more of a chance myself now.. Jeremy is just plain disgusting.. Gigi should be ‘allowed’ to go home… Kaitlin seems white trash to me… Poor Judd… I like Amanda but she reminds me EXACTLY of a drag queen that I know…. and I don’t know how anyone doesn’t think that Nick is a closet case…..

I like this season so far!