Janelle to Ashley “I love how you’re ditsy with everyone else but you talk serious with me”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

2:50pm Cam 3-4 Bedroom Britney and Janelle They are talking about possible twists in the game. Both are sure if they get dropped into the game they will be the primary targets. Britney warns Janelle if they get rid of the coaches and if they are dropped into the game they will be in trouble. Britney thinks it’s best if they keep the coaches at least for another week.

Britney explains that Willie craziness that went down on Friday. She brings up how Willie charged Joe and head butted him 4 times. Britney: “Willie brought his fist back like he was going to hit him.. I really thought it was going to happen but he didn’t Willie just laid his shoulder into him.”
Janelle wonders if Willie went to jail. Britney doesn’t think so otherwise Joe would have had to leave to talk to the police. Britney: “the whole ordeal was crazy.. was the wildest first weekend in Big Brother History”
Janelle says he was really nice the first couple days.. she wonders what happened.
Britney: “I know.. someone like that could become your boyfriend.. he’s the type of guy that can get women in tough situations” Janelle thinks Willie would not have a problem hurting a woman. Britney: ‘Did you hear the story about how he got arrested?.. ” Feeds cut.. (I posted about this last week) They both think that Willie is a psychopath and they are glad he’s gone. Britney wishes she had never picked him to be on her team.
Britney: “Who do you think has the stronger team you or Boogie”
Janelle: “Boogie.. he has Frank and Ian.. Ian is a genius”
Britney thinks that Danielle is smarter than they thought.. she can see her playing the game. Britney brings up that Joe thinks that Danielle is a scientist not a kindergarten teacher. Janelle doesn’t know she really hasn’t talked to Danielle enough.

Britney starts to joke about Janelle’s ability to control her tears.. she asks Janelle if she has emotions. Janelle laughs says she does. Britney jokes about Janelle’s eye’s not being able to create water.
Janelle: “I do feel sad.. I feel sad about Animals”
Britney : “How long do you feel sad on average”
Janelle says she doesn’t digress from a “Steady Mood state.. I don’t get too happy or too sad”

Janelle says she never cried at her daughter’s birth or her wedding but she cried at her grandfather’s funeral. Janelle adds that she cried at her cousins funeral when she was 6.

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3:15pm Cam 1-2 HOH Room Boogie and Ian
Boogie: “My dream final 4 are you, Frank, Ashley and Jenn.. ”
Ian: “I would hate to do it but if I win HOH Shane is going up.. if his toe is broken now is the time to take him out”
boogie: “His toe isn’t broken just hurt”
Ian is a bit worried that he’ll get nominated for being liked. Boogie doesn’t see that happening right now, maybe further in the game maybe 2 weeks. Boogie: “If they come after our team Frank is going up.. I truly believe if Shane or Danielle win HOH they will go after Janelle”
Boogie warns Ian that Wil is more dangerous that Joe because Wil’s liked by everyone and he’s also on much better shape than Joe. Ian thinks that Wil will crumble if he’s under stress he can see it happening already. Boogie agrees. Ian is also worried If they go after Wil Janelle will freak out.
Boogie thinks that ian has to keep playing up the weak image it’s working. Ian shows him how he’s been changing how he walks to make him look awkward.

3:28pm cam 1-2 backyard Lock down is over the houseguests have received a Bocce Ball set.

3:37pm Cam 3-4 janelle and AShley Ashley is saying she’s having trouble “Getting in with Frank” Ashley points out that Danielle has been getting upset with her because she’s been spending so much time with Shane and she’s scared Ashley is stealing her man. Ashley: “Ian was upstairs talking to boogie for a long time.. They have some plan ” Janelle: “What if they put one of us up” Ashley: “If that happens i’ll be pissed.. if that happens people will see them in a new light.. ruthless” Janelle doesn’t see that happening this week, she doubts Jenn would be with them.

Ashley asks If Britney was saying anything. Janelle says Britney is pretty upset about Willie. Ashley asks Janelle if she thinks Boogie would turn on them this early in the game. Janelle thinks he would. Ashley: “Now I understand why Wil has been freaking out.. even if they do nominate Wil they need to have Jenn on their side”

Wil joins them, “I’m crazy but I think something is going on” He leaves to the backyard. Ashley says the paranoia is getting a bit much now.. she doesn’t think Frank will put Wil up. Janelle plans on talking to him tonight.

Janelle and Ashley start wondering if Wil is going up. Ashley starts to freak out. Janelle says if they take Wil out they will have Shane, Jojo, Ashley, Joe and Danielle after them.
Ashley: “Plus

Janelle: “I love how you are ditsy with everyone else but you talk serious with me..” (They laugh) Ashley: “They have no idea” (laughter turns to cackling) They are certain that the thought of taking out Wil has crossed their mind but it’s too early for them to do a big move. Janelle: “I doubt they’ll do it but it is boogie after all”. Ashley points out how quiet Joe has been. Janelle explains that Joe is playing it on the Down low this week he built up too much heat last week.

4:00pm Cams 1-2 random conversations

4:10pm Cam 3-4 Suntanning

4:39pm Cams 1-2 Janelle and Ashley making apple pie

4:56pm Backyard scattered conversations about past big brother seasons.. Dan says he was almost cast for Big Brother 9 and is glad it never went through. In the kitchen Frank has joined the girls and they start sucking up to him.

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danielle probably isn’t freaking out ashley is kind of starting to sound like jojo who is a jealous bleep


Sorry, I’m not getting the feeds so not completely in the know. How is Ashley like HoHo in the jealousy department? I’m really hoping that Ashley is smarter than she appears on the surface (as alluded to in her convo with Janelle), she and Dan are the only ones I like so far. I also really like the idea of an “Ashlian” alliance. Did I catch that right? That Ian said he changed his walk to tippy-toes to seem more awkward. If he’s putting this awkward on, he and Ashley really should work closer together. On the Q-T though, have a pretend argument, or pretend creep-out on Ashley’s part, an easy sell, yes?


she said that danielle is being paraniod about stealing her man it just seems like what jojo says about her


Janelle is becoming too wishy-washy


boogie needs to work with dan


janelle is just like rachel but rachel hates floaters and janelle is the altimate coach floater


will one of the coaches (other than dan) pick one side and stay on it be true to one alliance. example:boogie’s team and dan’s team plus shane and wil

Jake K.

I know everyone is not too savvy on letting the coaches into the game, but damn would all hell break loose. Boogie would go after Janelle and Brit. They would be targetted by others. There would be mixed vet and newbie alliances. It’s be wild. Plus there would be possibilities for multiple double eviction weeks which I’m always a fan of. Idk…each option has its pros and cons.


dumbelle to ashee did you know that 1 plus 1 is 11? ashee to dumbelle oh your so clever 🙂
8 oclock show in less than half hr i am gonna grab a 6 pack for this one 🙂


OK Janelle discussing how she never feels really happy or really sad (steady mood) reminded me of symptoms of sociopath!
I looked up what actual symptoms are-

Here is a list of ways to identify a sociopath. This list is from “Profile of a Sociopath.” Is is a pretty good list of sociopathic indicators.

Glibness/superficial charm
Manipulative and cunning
Grandiose sense of self
Pathological lying
Lack of remorse, shame or guilt
*Shallow emotions*
Incapacity for love
Need for stimulation
Callousness/lack of empathy
Poor behavioral controls/impulsive nature
Early behavior problems/juvenile delinquency
Promiscuous sexual behavior/infidelity
Lack of realistic life plan/parasitic lifestyle
Criminal or entrepreneurial versatility
Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them
Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
Conventional appearance
Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)
Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim’s life
Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim’s affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)
Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim
Incapable of real human attachment to another
Unable to feel remorse or guilt
Narcissism, grandiosity (self-importance not based on achievements)
May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

They don’t ALL seem to fit her but it is amazing how many DO, lol. Then again they fit 50 percent of BB HG’s!


Just noticed this bit under the list =O

(Obviously, in order to be a sociopath a person doesn’t have to exhibit anything like all the above. Usually, the lack of a conscience, the manipulation of others, dishonesty and the inability to love and/or have lasting and profound personal relations and cruelty are key symptoms and often much more revealing than having been in trouble with the courts.)

Beyonce fan

Janelle is playing a good game I think if someone on janelle team win hoh they need to take out someone on boggie men team.


no good shomances to stir up drama they have always been the biggestexplode moments : ex. jeff and jordan fight with russel and jess and nasty nat , every moment with brendon and rachel it’s just floating to power be like dan stay true to your alliance


Let’s be honest. The only reason we all liked Janelle in her past seasons was because of Jedi HOWEY.


i e n he will always be the best BB player and couch but i actually never hated boogie in his past seasons but he is really kinda good this season (minus all the sleeping)


Loved her then and love her now (howie or not); much like the rest of America


I loved Janelle those seasons and still love her this year. Though I wished Howie had gotten in as a coach instead of Britney or Boogie. Howie was hilarious.


Janelle is great at strategy and she is always loyal. She did not flip flop, WILLIE was the one who kept going back and forth and Janelle wanted FRANK out the whole entire time. It wasn’t until WILLIE started going crazy that Janelle jumped ship to save her team. Boogie wants to go after Janelle’s team next week just like Janelle wants to go after Boogie’s team. They only had a 2 week deal and both coaches know its game on after that. Janelle doesn’t play personal, she is friends with Boogie outside of house even though he evicted her on all-stars. She just knows how he works and thats why she is nervous. Boogie even said that out of all the coaches Janelle is the most dangerous bc she is loyal, good at comps, and strategizes the best. Britney is paranoid and fueled the fire with Willie’s paranoia. I did not watch Dan’s season, but his ship is a sinking!


Loyal my butt, last week she was all about Brit and her taking out the guys, having an awesome alliance and now that Frank is in power she is sucking up to Booger. I have no respect for a mother who leaves her 7month old child at home while she goes on t.v. to compete for money. The first year of an infant’s life is a major one and she leaves her behind for cash. That should be a indicator of the type of person she is right there


Dan is amazing his ship was pretty much always sinking on the best season ever bb10 and he won the game and america’s favorite


frank looks like dennis quaid with short hair


This has to be the most boring BB ever!! I’ve been a fan for years but OMG, this season is boring. After 14 seasons, I’m sorry, but I guess I have to exit. Cheers everyone.


Danielle in diary room: ‘Shane is totally chasing me and I don’t mind it at all’
Roflmao … She WISHES he was chasing … Maybe she saw him in the mirror running away and was confused as to the direction he was going.
<3 <3 <3 you simon and dawg! You make this crap bearable (and waaay too addictive)


you don’t know wat chasing is do you he is totally chasing he even said she’s his type


when janele picked have nots jo jo said she was just a stone cold bitch loved it go jo jo my girl


Jo keeping it classy… Lol trash


Any pity I had for Willie disappeared 2nite. Not so much cuz of joe but his action toward jani immediately after. I dont agree how he was persecuted but I disagree with his actions even more. I tried to like him.


i feel bad for willie and when he said the house was full of pussies and fat assed joe said the only puusy he saw was willie i dont blame willie for wanting to kick his fat ass id of done the same thing and brit is a piece of shit the way she treated willie


It’s kind of crazy just how much of the feeds is left out of the actual show.
I’m so glad this site is here because if not, my view on the cast would be so different.
People weren’t lying when they said that CBS edits to make people seem a certain way.



Just watched it…Willie didn’t head but Joe. Joe’s a liar!


Willie got a raw deal…they should have kicked Joe out, too. He was just as guilty.


I dsagree . Willie charged Joe so he put his hands up in total defense (as evident by him not swinging). Willie was the aggressor, & I am no fan of joe, but he kePt his head. If this were “real life”, Willie broke the law, b
Not joe


Joe should have kept his mouth shut. If I’m around someone that is clearly fuming, the last thing that I’m going to do is instigate a fight, which is exactly
what Joe did.

They ALL ganged up on Willie based on lies that were being spread about him; he had a right to get angry and confront Frank but by then, the entire house had already eaten up everything Frank & Joe were feeding them.

I understand lying in terms of the game, but Frank & Joe took it to another level by calling him a homophobe & a racist. It then becomes personal and all bets are off, and that’s simply that.

He had a right to get upset then & he had a right to get upset afterwards. Imagine everyone distancing themselves from you when you were initially trying to help them. Then on top of that, lies are being spread, etc.

And there’s nothing he could do about it because at the end of the day, he was the infamous Russell’s brother & Frank was the loved houseguest.
Lmao, Willie didn’t bully any of them but the minute Frank told them that they were being bullied, they ran with it.

Bunch of sheep. I mean, Janelle and Brit even said so.


Thanks hello couldn’t have said it better myself. I am still trying to find proof to the rumor that Joe took Willie’s Nicotine patches, which is a crappy thing for someone to do to someone with a cig addiction.

Jen W

Crazy how dramatic everyone is being & no one is saying anything about Joe’s part in instigating that with Willie. Didn’t look like he actually headbutted Joe. Anyway, I can’t believe they allowed there to be 2 nominations…seems like they could have skipped eviction this week with them kicking Willie out. What have they done in the past?


Thank you. Everyone was crying and acting like Willie stabbed the man.

And the way that everyone was ganging up on Willie was sickening.
I felt extremely bad for him :/

And to think it all started because of lies.


I’ve said this before. Joe needs to go and so does Frank-sooner than later! Joe likes to run his mouth and stir the pot. I can’t wait til his mouth gets him in trouble and out the door. It can’t happen soon enough. As far as the Willie situation-I think something should’ve be done to Joe for acting like he was going to fight Willie but I guess as long as you don’t physically touch a person, anything is game.


@Blondie. I know what you mean.I get that in this game some people lie to one another and aren’t loyal for long,but these people(other than Dan)can’t seem to be loyal for atleast 24hours.Earlier I thought about Boogie working with Dan,but he’s too shady.Then I thought about Janelle working with Dan,but she flip flops way too much.In previous season’s the house guests would make deals,that would last no shorter than 2 weeks.Then later on they would cut that person lose.But for some reason,the coaches,with the exception of Dan,refuse to work with and be loyal to another coach for atleast a day.I don’t get it.I’ve a feeling that production will try and make sure Boogie and Janelle stay in the house as long as possible.I think they like the history that Boogie and Janelle have with one another.I think CBS/Big Brother preferred to have Dr.Will come back,but since he’s not interested in playing the game again.They had to settle for Dr.Will’s sidekick aka Boogie.


Did anyone else notice how they tried to do a Chilltown 2.0 , with Booger and FrankFurter ; with them both in the diary room?

I hope this isnt what the rest of the season is going to be about, because I can see BB going downhill really fast.


I love phone call,I thought it was funny lol. I think chilltown 2.0 could be interesting and maybe awesome to watch because Frank is going to be a big target next week because of how big of a threat he is.


What a horseshit edit! They left out the part where Joe stirred the pot and goaded Willie and then went upstairs to see if he could wind up Frank to downstairs to provoke Willie. His DR where he wishes Willie finds peace is hypocritical. I didn’t see a head butt. A chest butt, yes, but Joe provoked the whole thing and put his fists up. Kevin chest butted Ronnie in S11 and didn’t get expelled. Dick burned Jen and dumped lemonade on her and he didn’t get the boot. I think Willie was trying to take the heat off his team mates but it was a mistake. He should have just laid low. If he had waited until after nominations they probably wouldn’t have let Frank nominate, like what happened when Chima got thrown out. And Janelle comes off as innocent in her edit when on the feeds she has been nasty, selfish and entitled. I also lost all respect for Frank with his “chilltown” DR with Boogie. I know CBS set it up, but he didn’t have to do it. This season is starting to suck. The only three I don’t dislike at this point are Dan and Jenn and maybe Ashley, but I don’t want any of the coaches to win their prize except Dan. Never thought I’d say that.


chloe hi 🙂 just wanted to say I have never disagreed with your comments ever. you are always spot on with your realistic observations. (unlike some of the posts on here who only see what they want to see) I also only like dan shane and ashley (and) jojo (just a little) the rest are just fillers. and after watching tonights episode i cant stand britney acting like she was willies mother telling him to shut up etc… who does that little bitch think she is? all the crap put on willie was started by joe and frank. if those 2 hadnt started all the BS none of the BS willue brought back would have happened. when joe called willie a pussy and willie went after him he knew what he was doing. he knew willie was wound up and all he had to do was tick him off and it worked. also we all saw the actual footage and willie first of all is too short to butt head anyone and second yourr right i remember when evil dick dumped lemonaide on jen (jremember jens t shirts all had her name involved) and when he burned her with a cig. now the ugliest woman on this planet alison godner says violence will not be tolerated? where was this rule all the other seasons? anyhow I enjoy reading your posts as always jace 🙂


Thanks. I also wanted to point out that Joe was hoping to get Willie and Frank in a fight probably thinking they’d both be removed. Just before the feeds went down he purposely went upstairs and tried to get Frank to go downstairs, he even said “if you want to get him out now, he’s about to blow up”. Of course he was. And Joe made sure of that. What a coward shit disturber. Of course most people don’t watch the feeds and they will hate on Willie because all they know is what CBS showed them on tv.


Joe needs to go, honestly.

& Everyone is trash talking Willie not even knowing that it was the house that was in the wrong, not Willie. But then again they’re the ones that only know what CBS shows them so I can’t even get upset.

The CBS edit was simply horrible though

And what they did to Willie was horrible as well.

Chloe, you were spot on with everything.


I am kind of pissed off at the way CBS portrayed Willie and his actions in the house. They did not bother to show the numerous times he tried to go the diary room, before he self-destructed. They made it look like he was a short fused aggressor towards the people in the game. I’ll give you that was acting like a jerk, but I honestly felt sorry for him. EVERYONE turned there back on him, he was all alone and they wouldn’t give him the time of day or piss on him if he was on fire. CBS played that music before Willie went off, like it was from an episode of Dexter. The final straw for me was the rest of the house acting surprised this happened. If you keep poking a bear, he’s going to attack. Shane, Jojo, and Britney in the diary rooms complaining how Willie let them down. SERIOUSLY? After the way they turned there backs on them, I’m kind of surprised he didn’t go off on them. I expected him to get voted out this week if he didn’t win the veto, but after the way Britney’s team acted, I hope they all get voted out in a row!


i couldnt have said it better. 🙂


If u r gonna get thrown out make it cuz u cracked their skull..UGH

Alexander the Great

That was a bitch move to put Ian and Shane as have nots again.


Danielle is delusional….Shane don’t want that. She needs to put down the cookies & ice cream and get her head out of the clouds.


Shane keeps saying he likes danielle do you people read spoilers watch the feeds or BB after dark he is consantly say i like her she’s my type etc. get it right


Willie leaving was entirely Britney’s fault. The way she told him everything was his fault and not letting him even talk to Jojo was ridiculous. If Willie was going to be treated like a nonentity there was no use in him even being there. What he did was, of course wrong, but the ostracism by Britney was too much.


Willie leaving was Willies’s fault. His temper got the best of him, that’s it, and Brit had to do what she had to do, which is distance herself from a person that was now a cancer to their group, she had to protect Jojo, and frankly Jojo herself was done with him. They were all upset (Willie’s team), so there’s no way they were to act all lovey dovey towards a person who they perceived to have ruined their game.


I was actually rooting for Willie. However, tonight makes me wonder why did he come into the BB house; and did he ever watch the game in the past. It is not out of the ordinary for you and your allinace to get put on slop together. Get over it. Suck it up. And keep going to win the game. Being on slop was not the worst thing that could happen to Shane and JoJo…and Willie didn’t act crazy for them…he did it because of his ego.

He has some real deep rooted issues. Almost like a cry baby, but worse than Rachel because he is a grown man. Like Boogie said, Willie still had a chance. He could have fought for the VETO and if he really cared about Shane and JoJo…he could have taken one of them off the block (if he won the VETO)…..or just used it own himself to show he is still trying for the win. But for him to be up in Joe’s face begging Joe to hit him so that Joe would be dismissed from the house was just plain stupid and that is a understatement. Since Joe would not hit him…he actually put’s his hands on Joe. Now he is gone and the 2 people he said he was looking out for may definitely go on the block. As many people that try to get on this show it is irritates me when people are picked to go in the house and then they intentionally mess it up (Willie & Chima). I have never seen anyone as sore a loser as Willie on BB. …and Frank is really getting on my nerves…I hope somebody can get him.


Those of us who have the feeds seen more then the CBS edits. You guys didn’t see the numerous times Willie tried to go in the DR to calm down and production wouldn’t let him in. They wanted the explosion as far as I am concerned. Not to mention him being isolated by everyone in the house. I don’t condone what Willie did but Joe instigated the whole thing and then play acted to make it look worse then what it was. It was more of a chest bump.

If I was a guy and someone called me a pussy he’s still be unconscious. Joe knew he was fuming, he should have shut his mouth and kept walking upstairs.
he is dirt to me.

Janelle is a b**ch and if she is dumb enough to put her eggs in the same basket as booger she deserves to lose again. He is only using her to get to the final 2.

Brit is an idiot who won’t know how to coach if her life depended on it.

The only one right now that is below the radar is Dan.
I was not happy when they bought in coaches and this whole thing reiterated the problem with bringing vets. I am sick of seeing vets. I want the players to be able to play the game. The team thing is getting old and stifles their ability to play the game.

Production needs to stop bringing vets back, coaches were not necessary. They must be running out of ideas.


I can see this turning into the Janelle and Boogie show. Someone needs to fire AG. None of this would have happened if 1) they didn’t put Willie in because of who his brother is and 2) they didn’t have to keep casting veterans that we are all tired of. I want a return to seasons like 2, 3, and 4 when the people were interesting and the show wasn’t so structured. AG has had to remove 2 players in just a few seasons, her “twists” blow up before they start (season 12 and 13) and she tries to create “stars” out of people like Jessie, Brenchel, JJ, Janelle and Boogie by force feeding them to us instead of letting new people we can relate to have a chance. I hope BB Canada turns out to be much better.


Team Shanielle/Ashlian Yo! Frank (Shaun White) Official member of Chilltown! pop. 3


Britney sure wasn’t a good coach to Willie when willie was self-destructing. From what I saw on tonights episode, Britney had not word of encouragement for him. I understand telling your other players to back away from Willie, but she didn’t have anything to help her sinking ship. Perhaps she helped the ship sink faster. Hopw jojo leaves, then Britney loses two players in one week. She deserves it. And I was never ever a Willie fan, but you’d think his coach would at least listen to him and try to make him chill out. Her talk with him in the arcade room was like you fu&$ed the team. Period. You’re done. Good coaching there, Brit.