Big Brother 14 Update – Britney wants to Take out Dan “He’s running around the house brainwashing people”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 13 (Friday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ???
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe

6:45pm Head of Household Janelle and Willie Willie mentions how awesome it was that Shane won the POV Contest. Janelle agrees, they both laugh at the look on Boogie’s face when Frank didn’t win it. Willie: “I don’t think he can manage in here without Dr.Will.. think of it every time he’s been in this game he’s been with Will” Janelle says that Will told him what to do but Boogie is here to win it for himself, “You know he’s a multi millionaire.. he runs all those business”
Willie: “ya ya this is to prove a points”
janelle: “He wants to be the man this year”
Willie: “It’s not going to happen eventually one of his people will wake up”

They have a laugh about Boogie saving Ian with the coaches competition then having Frank be nominated. Willie lays out his plan is to take out Ian next week and Danielle the following week. Janelle warns him that one of those weeks the coaches could win and keep a player save (So there’s a “coaches competition” when the coach wins they get to select one player in their team to be immune from nominations) Janelle is shocked that Danielle sacrificed her game during the POV today by throwing it. Janelle: “So basically whenever Danielle talks to us she’s just getting information.. I think Dan has Danielle so Fucking Brainswashed”. Willie says Janelle’s and Britney’s team teams are so much better than dan and Boogers. He thinks that they are golden. Janelle: “We got the best teams all thanks to Dan’s shitty first picks” .

Willie is thinking that the twist will be played in a couple weeks and it will involve America voting someone back into the house and that person is going to be Ian (LOl willie is acting like Ian is already evicted) Wille thinks Dan and Boogie are really stupid.. Willie goes on and on about how dumb the other team is. He’s very uneasy they’ve been in lockdown for awhile and he’s a smoker. Willie and janelle both have noticed how much Boogie doesn’t like JOJO, Janelle mentions that she doesn’t like Joe or Ian. They think it’s funny that the “other side” is always wanting Joe to be put up. Janelle says if the “otherside” wins HOH Shane and Wil are going up or Shane and Willie. Janelle mentions that Boogie, Wil and Brit have parties this summer with Boogie’s coming in 2days.

7:20pm Backyard is open

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7:30pm Backyard Ashely, Willie, Dan, Kara, Frank Willie telling a story about getting arrested. A couple years ago he was in a relationship with a women that was having an affair. He tracked the guys house down and knocked on the door and asked him to “kindly” come outside. When the guy didn’t he smashed through the door pushing his girlfriend down and attacking the man. Willie explains that he beat the shit out of the guy in his house. The police came and he was arrested for 2 felonies and a misdemeanors. later his felonies got reduced. Willle claims he could of done 5-10 years but he got lucky and the entire ordeal cost him 4-5 thousands.
Willie stresses how stupid it was for him to do that in the end he got charged with 2 misdemeanors because pushed the girlfriend out of the way and for unlawful entry into a dwelling residence, “it was the most stupid thing I have ever done”.

Dan asks him what made him snap, Willie explains that it was because the guy never treated him like a “MAN” it was a respect thing. Kara asks him if he will ever get married again. Willie says No than asks Kara what she’s doing after the show. They all laugh.

7:50pm Frank and Jenn Bedroom Frank asks her what has been wrong today. Jen explains that she’s “bummed” out that Frank didn’t win the POV. Frank tells her that it’s looking like he’s the target this week. Jenn asks him if Shane will us the POV? Frank isn’t sure he’s going to try and talk to Shane later. Jen adds that she’s been playing it cool lately and hasn’t head anything. Jenn says she’s a bit worried that she’ll get backdoored this week. Franks doesn’t think that has been discussed

8:00 HOH Britney and Janelle

The girls are getting ready to work out (yes britney works out now) as they get ready they chat about how PISSED Boogie is. Britney says the advantage of sending Kara home means they Dan is wiped out and she’s thinking that taking out a mentor is the better for them. Janelle agrees, they both can’t see Dan being able to play the game with just Danielle in it. Janelle is really worried that Boogie and Frank will be gunning for her. Both Girls are super scared of Frank they think he’s one of the strongest player in the game. They weigh the pros and cons and cannot decide what is the best route to take. Britney knows they have Wil and Willie on their side and she’s worried if Dan stays in the game he’ll be able to rally more of the player on his side. She doesn’t think the players will rally around Boogie. Janelle laughs says they must continue their smear campaign about Boogie so all the players know how gross he is. Janelle also thinks they have Ashley, they are both unsure about JOJO and Shane. Britney warns them that Dan is a much better player than Boogie, Boogie just walks around the house and is rude to everyone whereas Dan is working the house like crazy.

Janelle now is saying that keeping Frank and Boogie in the game is a good idea because it will mean there is 2 HUGE targets in the game and keeps the heat off the them. Britney wants to take Danielle out next week, “Dan knows that the only shot in this game is Kara”. Janelle doesn’t think that it will be easy for them to get Danielle out next week. Britney disagrees she thinks they have enough influence over the newbies to get them to vote her out.

They start getting out the door, Janelle wants to know how are they going to convince the house that Dan has to go. Brit says they need to tell the house that Dan is the biggest threat for Coaches competitions and that he’s running around the house brainwashing people. Britney also ads that if the players start asking questions about mentors coming back to play a regular game they need to lie and bring up contracts etc. (I think they are suspecting to be regular players)

8:30pm Brit, jani and Dan running the rest of the players chit chating on the couch.

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Janelle and Britney were talking about how the coaches are going to be playing the game… what’s that all about?

Beyonce fan

Cooper I think it might be a twist that the vets get to play the real game.

Beyonce fan

And everybody dan is fuck!!!


I want Dan to take out Britney.


I agree i want Britknee gone! I have only watched 1 ep of BBAD and she dominated the 3 hrs on that and I am sick of her. I did not really care for her on her season and she is wearing me thin on this season.
TEAM DAN and his angels ALL THE WAY!!!
and everyone says why’d Dan pick all women for his team I’d say he didn’t pick his dick did 🙂 (not including the 1 (forgot her name) that no one picked so was shoved onto his team)




“Britknee”…Lol. I can never remember how to spell her name, so if you don’t mind JasonVoorhies, I’d like to spell it that way from now (because that one I can actually remember!) 😉

I’ve only seen one episode of BBAD (last night’s), but you’re right…she does dominate a lot of it. Definitely sick of her too. And, I definitely agree on how Dan picked his team.


@Gabby.You beat me to it.Lol.When I read what Britney and Janelle was saying about Dan.It made me think,how bad I want Dan to put a crack in both of their teams.Especailly Britney’s team.Britney is doing alot of trash talk.Dan isn’t brainwashing his players.They’re listening to Dan because he’s one of the best strategic players,and unlike Britney,Dan won his season.


ya damn right Dan will work the house while Brt and Jani sit up in the hoh all day.
Im rooting for ya Danny Boy


I dont want to see Sycho Frank go home
I think he’ll make BB a better season over the mKara




Of course the vets will play for the $500,000. $100,000 just isn’t worth it yo.


@Beyonce fan. Don’t forget in Big Brother things change every second in the game.Which means you probably shouldn’t count Dan out of the game.


After I’ve read some of these comments,I’ve notice people saying that basically Britney is getting alot of camera time on BBAD.I don’t have showtime,so I didn’t know that they’re keeping the camera on her more than the other players.This makes me think production probably are up to their old tricks again.They might treat Britney the same way they treated Rachel,Brendon,Jeff&Jordan last season.Which was favoring them and interfering with the game for their benefit.I hope I’m wrong,because I want Britney out of this game.I bet Britney can’t stop talking trash about other people for an hour.Even if you paid her,she wouldn’t be able to be nice.


True. Last year I knew the game was rigged and it basically became the Brenchel show. Even Allison Grubby said “Rachel is good TV.” I mean, she got evicted like, what? three times and she still won the bitch!

I wanna a GAME SHOW, not a soap opera with untrained actors. As for Brit, they still have Janelle who is equally “good TV.” So, I think that there could be a toss up if this thing gets too scripted.


Those coaches are making me laugh.. they act as if they’re able to play the game.. and planning their moves ahead bla bla bla…

So Britney shut your mouth about taking Dan out next week, because you have no power !!!! idiot!
and I really doubt it that all 4 of them will get to play, atleast 1…

god I can’t stand her, didn’t like her in season 12, still don’t like her now,


the “coaches” are really the “puppetmasters” which means that their “apprentices” aka “newbies” will do their work for them. so if BritKnee says dans gone next weak oops i mean week then so be it (at least that’s what she wants her team to believe 🙂
a cut above the rest (in pieces)