Big Brother Spoilers – JoJo Talks about her checkered past “I started Cutting while in High school”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

5:15pm Cam 1-2 Frank and Janelle They decide to have a chat tonight. Frank wants to have a slumber party om the HOH.
Frank: “Janelle.. you ever find what happened to your makeup”
Janelle says she hasn’t found it yet but has the feeling that Jojo took it. They were Talking earlier and JoJO told her “maybe the cat burglar took them”
Frank: “Ahh.. and you know how she likes to play jokes”
Wil joins them asks them what they are talking about. Janelle: “I think JoJO did something to my makeup”
Wil: “Oh probably.. my bronzer is missing to”
Janelle says they have 5 people competing in the HOH this coming week against Shane and Danielle or Shane and Jojo. Frank says he’s thinking it’s best if they split Shane and Jojo up.

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5:30pm Cam 1-2 Wil stressing about going up

5:30pm Cam 3-4 Jojo and Ashley Jojo is campaigning saying that the girls are going to go down once she is evicted. JOJO pushes the angle that this season will be shitty if it’s just Janelle’s group and Boogies group picking each other off. Jojo: “you’ve seen what I can do.. I beat Frank and Wil in the competition I busted my ass” AShley says she feels like she needs Jojo in this game. JOJO just wants Ashley to think about her own game not the coaches game she calls Janelle sneaky. Ashley shoots straight says she sees it to. JOJO is happy that Ashley can see through Janelle.

JOJO explains that Frank is going to win this game nobody can stop him. She adds that Shane is a Beast in Competitions but he is loyal. JOJO says they need to grab each girl from the 4 coaches and one guy and they can run this house. Ashley does a lot of “ya ya ya”. Jojo says that Janelle has a vendetta against her and she doesn’t know why. Jojo doesn’t want the other players to vote with their coaches she wants them to vote based on what will help the players game out and JOJO thinks Ashley’s best chance is to keep JOJO in the game because she’s the strongest women competitor. Ashley thinks as it stands now the players will vote based on what their coaches want that is why JOJO needs to Campaign hard.

JOJO about Janelle: “we use to get along so well.. you know cause I’m a party girl and she’s a party girl.. we wanted to go out together and smoke” Ashley points out that Janelle isn’t too genuine but she’s playing the game so her decisions are based on game play.

JOJO explains how much she’s gone through to get where she is, she brings up having substance problems and being in abusive relationships. Jojo stresses that she’s cleaned up her life and is proud of it. Ashley: “You are going to be a roll model to so many people” JOJO: “The word impossible doesn’t exist for me any more” AShley says she’s happy to see how JOJO’s been acting this week it’s been a really tough week for her and jojo keeps her spirits up. Jojo starts really digging into her troubled past. Flashback if you want to hear it all 5:55pm PST Cam 3-4. here is a bit of what was said. Back in high school she started cutting, she did it at school because she couldn’t at home. She had sex when she was 14 with a older guy in school. she had a rough childhood but she picked herself up from that lifestyle and she wants to help other young girls.

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6:16pm Cam 1-2 Have nots Room Shane and AShley
Ashley starts talking about how they have no idea what will happen this week because last week the big 6 was Britney and Janelle’s group and now it’s Boogie and Janelle. Shane: “If it wasn’t for Willie’s blow up it would still be us 6”. AShley: “How do you knwo there will not be another blow up.. sooner or later you need to start planning beyond the 6” Shane explains that right now he knows that both Janelle and Boogie are gunning for him so all he can do is keep wining Competitions until the 6 players start picking each other off.

6:35pm Cam 1-2 Backyard Britney and Danielle Britney talks about the Big Brother fans and how they are creating animated Gifs. She mentions that someone made a animated gif of her boobs bouncing, she thought it was completely disgusting. Britney says she would rather see a pair of boobs staying still and bouncing ones. Danielle thinks people are going to call her fat. Britney says she would get so many creepy messages all the time in her Facebook invites and twitter. Britney compares season 12 with this season she says that during her first season she had a lot more friends Monet, Matt and Ragan. She also thinks that this season has way more game talk. There wasn’t much game talk that went on during Big Brother 12. Talk drifts to kids names.. Britney likes classic names

7:06pm Cam 1-4 Dinner

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JoJo is the type of girl who has a big ego but low self esteem. She compares herself to other girls and puts them down to make herself better.


After watching the show and CBS editing. I didn’t see Willie doing a bunch of head butting or maybe one slight one. Not much more than what happen with Russell or Kazier. But, Brittany is a terrible COACH. Just pitful. JoJo is right about getting the girls together. Janell should be home with her NEWBORN too. Brittany needs to look in a mirrow.


too funny but too true britknee is a bad coach but she would beg to differ and just blame willie also janelle is a bad mother leaving her newborn for several weeks how selfish does it get to do that.


What about Boogie’s baby, its okay for a man to leave his baby?


No it is not actually


As a person who has had to raise her children with an absentee father due to his job, I know it does not (at least in my situation) make as big of a dent as with the mother gone. I am not saying that a father isn’t important in a child’s life, I think both parents are very important, but I do think it is easier in most cases for a father to leave than a mother. Plus a mother has spent the last nine months caring for her baby she is (usually) more attached than the father. My husband can leave for months on end (the longest has been 14 months with a 2 week reunion at month 8) and the longest I can leave my children without talking to them is only a few hours.


Thanks for that, I’ve been biting my tongue on the bad mother comments. Men never receive the same critique in this area and it’s sexism pure and simple. Janelle won, so likely doesn’t need the money, but for all intents and purposes, this is her “job”. I’m not a fan of Janelle or double standards πŸ™‚


I hate to put anyones parenting down but I know I would never be able to leave my kiddos. Especially when they were so little. My husband has been absent for a lot of their lives but that comes with his JOB, not so he can potentially win 100k.

As for the head butting, it looked more like a shoulder check to me. That his head could of made contact, but if he did it intentially don’t you think that Joe’s head would of moved more? IDK, Brit hasn’t been the best coach, but Willie did make it pretty hard for his team, with him being the target and all.

Watching the show tonight, though, it just made me dislike Joe, Janelle, Frank and Boogie more, Still like Frank adn Boogie more than the other team. A normal person who is pushed and pushed, eventually will push back whether or not they are prone to violence. I feel bad for Willie. It is one thing to play the game, and make their life hell that way, it is another thing just to be mean to a person.

I liked Janelle in S6 & S7, but this season, not at all.

Big Brother's Big Brother

Judging by your name, I would say you are completely content moving your children around form place to place and never letting them settle into any sort of normalcy. You are in no position to comment on someone else’s parenting. Self-important much?


If not leaving my children makes me self-important than yeah guess I am. My husband chose a life to protect this country, and I love him so I chose a life to follow him anywhere he wishes to go. As for my children not letting them settle into any sort of normalcy you are completely off based. My children have learned more in being “army brats” than they would of ever learned back home. They have had the opportunity to live places that they would of never been able to live and have friends they would of never normally had. They have had the opportunity to visit the Louvre in Paris, visit ancient castles and swim in the ocean. Have you as an adult had these same opportunities. It does not matter where one lives that dictates a child’s life, what matters is that they are cared for loved. Additonally, in the world we live in, military children are much better behaved than civilian children. When was the last time you heard a sixteen year old talk to their parents with respect. A lot of military children, respect is engraved in them from a young age. They learn the correct way to speak to adults and that their behavors have consequences. Granted I know that there are civilian children with this same mentality, and I also know there are military children that lack it. But my guess is that you are not in the military yourself so how can you pass judgement on my parenting as a military spouse. All that I had said is that I could not leave my child alone at such a young age, being their mother. I don’t believe that mothers should go to work after their baby is born, but I know that sometimes this is the only choice to survive life. Janelle, did not have that problem. As it has been stated and she has said, her family is well off. She did not need to go back onto BB for money, she went because it is something she chose over her child. Like it or not, that is exactly what she did. If she would of chose her child first, she wouldn’t be there.


Big Bro you should be thanking Army Wife for living the life she does. People in service deserve to have as normal a life as possible, including having children and raising them however they will. Her husband is serving our country, someone has to do it.
Not trying to argue with you, and definitely do not want to get political here, just thought your comment was a little thoughtless.
(And also she really didn’t crack down that hard on Janelles parenting anyway).


I just wanted to say thank you. I think this is the first time I have ever been criticized for being a military wife, so I was a bit taken back by it. I do agree tho, it is a hard life to be married to someone in the military and just because of our spouse’s job we shouldn’t have kids. Should truck drivers not be allowed kids since they are constantly on the road, should a person in a wheel chair not be allowed kids because he can’t “run” with his son or play football. But once again, thank you. I do appreciate it.


I just said the same damn thing re: Janelle and leaving her newborn for a CHANCE at money not even a sure thing. That tells me everything I need to know about Janelle. I didn’t see a head butt either. It was more like a minor chest bump. I think Joe made more of it then it really was so Willie would be kicked out. If Joe had not escalated the issue by calling Willie a pussy (no man is letting that slide), he would not have charged at Joe. All Joe had to do was STFU and keep walking, but no he had to open his big trap and get under Willie’s skin. I mean they all knew Willie was upset and he just egged him on. From the look on Joe’s face though he did not expect Willie to come charging at him the way he did. There was no head butt though, small chest bump yes but not a full on head butt. However that being said I do not advocate what Willie did, but I understand where it came from.

Does anyone know for sure if Joe actually took Willie’s Nicotine patches and if he did how come he is not punished for that. Someone being without the patch or cigarettes would lead to an outburst like Willie had.


Hey, I don’t like Janelle this season, but it isn’t fair to judge her for leaving her baby. Nobody is saying Boogie is horrible because he left his baby. Is it ok for a man to be away from his children but not ok for a woman? Why the double standard?


Agreed 100% Chloe, let’s focus on what happens within the game not outside of it.Janelle’s personal life is her personal life It’s funny how people are already judging her when they don’t even know her innermost thoughts and feelings and why she does what she does. The only thing that matters is she’s in the game, she’s playing the game, that’s it. I’m not going to get on a moral high ground and discuss her mothering, nobody knows what kind of mother she is, or wife, or friend, Can’t we all just discuss the game, and only the game. Let our perceptions and judgements be about the game, not what type of mother we think Janelle is, coz nobody has an idea.


So it is okay to leave a 7 month old baby for 3 month for a CHANCE (not a sure thing) at a 100k. You might be able to judge her, but I can’t help it. I also said in another post that it wasn’t right for Boogie to leave his 9 month old either.

These are very formative months in an infants life and ones you will never get back.
Your infants (Jan and Boogie) should be more important then winning money.


I meant to type “you might not be able to judge her but I can’t help it.”


Like I said, I’m not going to judge when I have no freaking clue, what if she gets a good stipend and it’s for a college fund, what if the baby that you’re so worried about is okay with her father no issues at all..what if…what if…what if…The point is I don’t know why and therefore am not to condemn another human being when I simply know maybe 1% about them, the rest is all perception which could be the opposite of what the reality really is. So let’s discuss the game, let’s attack their gameplay, but not their personal lives.

Big Brother's Big Brother

uhhh Queen Bee, why are you bringing logic and reason into a discussion on the OBB boards. Can you not see that they have no place here?


You do realize that Willie called Joe a pussy first and then Joe said that the only pussy he sees here was Willie. Say what you will, but the one that really was pushing Willie’s buttons that day it was Britney.


I would nominate Wil or Joe


I agree I would love to see Joe go but I think it would be better to get Wil out first. Plus Frank has a deal with Joe so I don’t think he would put him up. Well maybe he would.

Carol & Steve

So glad somebody’s onto Joe – I’d love to see him go up & out this week….


I vote for Dawg. It would be an awesome twist if we have a new newbie in game.


Is it me or did the CBS show cast Willie as a victim and he snapped because he couldn’t take it anymore


maybe thats just what happen.


I don’t think he was the victim in the complete sense but I do think CBS made sure that he wasn’t this crazy person trying to beat ppl up. I thought Britney shunning him was absurd. I bet you that if Willie was on Dan or Boogie’s team they would have calmed him down and found a way to rally around him and play the pieces. Britney is too dumb to think outside of the box. Whatever the case, Joe definitely made a meal of the “head-butt” and while I don’t condone violence, it’s definitely disappointing that Willie left in this manner. He was the only exciting thing about this season so far. Love him or hate him, he definitely caused all kinds of craziness in this house. He single handedly made the feeds a must watch and already the house is far more boring without him.


yes and thank you for writing that post so realistically instead of just being 1 sided. very refreshing πŸ™‚ i too couldnt believe brit talking to willie like he was her bratty child i hope she never has kids if this is any indication on her parenting skills and janelle turned out to be a big blonde mess. she turned on brits whole team and seems like she is with booger now who she kept saying she dispised 2 faced hoe she is. and a bad mother to leave her newborn infant for weeks on end.


Britney’s conversation with a grown man like Willie has nothing to do with what kind of parent she’s going to be, she was upset, and Willie’s not a child. Much like you calling Janelle a hoe has nothing to do with your relationship with your kids/ future kids.


I totally agree with you! It was obvious Willie was getting ready to crack and Brittney didn’t care about that. This year is pretty lame and boring! Usually I can’t wait to watch the TV shows, but this year I am not that into them. Common BB……where is the game play? Frank and the coaches??


And countdown to when Ashley tells Janelle about this…


Ashley is playing such a solid social game. Im calling final 3 for sure.


are you kidding ashley game is so good final 3 ? are we watching the same ashley πŸ™‚


yes. we are watching the same game

ashley is in a fantastic spot right now

if I had to predict a F3, I see shane AND frank at 4-6.

jenn, ashley and ian F3—–watch it happen


leaving out the twists that some or all of the coaches might come back then that final 3 would be totally different. lets see janelle fran and booger (booger and frank are the new chiilltown) with booger promising to take janelle then doesnt ( so fucks her over again) takes frank and ta da booger wins πŸ™‚


That’s how Jun won season 4. She was also good at stirring trouble and winding people up to go against each other, and nobody suspected her. They need to get Joe out now.


LOL, I hope not. The already know he likes to stir the pot, hopefully that comes back to bite him.


Does anybody know when Willie headbutted Joe? I didn’t see that in tonight’s show.


he did headbutt him he knocked off Joe’s hat too when he did it.
Not so sure he did it four time though or they edited it to just show
one off the headbutts.


From what I saw it was more like a chest bump. Ian had either left the bathroom or was leaving when the altercation happened from what I could see. Joe made more of it then there was and I think that is why he was so nice in the DR session when he was hoping that Willie found peace. He knew he was the cause . If he didn’t call Willie a pussy, Willie would not have charged him. Willie was venting and Joe should have let him vent and say nothing.

Big Brother's Big Brother

You would make a great lawyer!


Big Brother disappointed tonight. They should have shown more of the Willie blow-up in the house. I mean, the last 15 minutes? Come on, please!


didnt jo jo say she had a tee shirt she always wore when she was 1o and it said on the from i am a virgin and on the back it said this tee shirt is old πŸ™‚


didnt jo jo say she had a tee shirt she always wore when she 10 and on the front it said i am a virgin and on the back it said this shirt is very old πŸ™‚


At first, Justin Kicked out for knife in her throat. Second, Scott got kicked out for throwing chairs or other indicent. Thirdly, Chima got kicked out for refusing to wear a microphone. And now, Willie got kicked out for fighting. Come on guys, its just a game. Relax and stay positive.


I have been watching the way Ian moves around and am beginning to think that he may suffer from some form of, autism a high functioning typle. The first thing that made me wonder is the way that he walks on his tiptoes. Then there is the fact that he is able to remember ,minute details. Then, tonight, I was watching him sitting at the table at dinner and he is doing the rocking thing.


Maybe he has Asperger’s Syndrome


Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger’s syndrome or Asperger disorder, is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. It differs from other autism spectrum disorders by its relative preservation of linguistic and cognitive development. Although not required for diagnosis, physical clumsiness and atypical use of language are frequently reported
sounds like this is what ian has


I think it might very well be Aspergers. He is listed as one of the Directors of the Tulane Chapter of NORML – they are fighting for the legalization of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is reported to be beneficial for people who have Aspergers.


I noticed that also, but thought he either wants to keep it private, or is undia.gnosed


I watch the tv series parenthood and on that show a kid has it and he behaves just like frank and it would explain why he knows so much about BB he said he became fixated on BB since 10 and asspergers syndrome says they become fixated alot.


Weird to me that Shane just told Frank that his boss makes him shave if he has more than stubble but his bio says he is a House Flipper??


maybe he works for a house flipper πŸ™‚


Joe totally looked like a soccer player diving…. brutal!


I just went back and looked at the CBS promo for this season. They promised the most houseguests ever. Episode one had 12 players and 4 coaches for a total of 16 HG. This ties with season 9, I think. I believe that they had 16 players. Perhaps the twist is that someone brand new comes into the game in order to fulfill the promise.


Yeah. C’mon. Bring back Shelly, Adam, Rachel and Lawon. Go, Team Production, yo!


REALLY hoping that Boogie teams up with Brit and Dan to get rid of Wil or Joe. Boogie may think that it’s too early to flip, but it’s really in his best interest. He’ll be the only coach left with 3 players, and the only people that will be after him and his team are the 2 people left on Janelle’s team. It will be difficult for Janelle’s 2 to beat the rest of them in the next HOH.

Eric CA

I do not care about personal lives of players.
This twist of coaches is a bad twist…. If you are going to bring back old players
do an All Star Season… Just all stars. If you going to have newbies… make it just newbies.

I wish the Willie meeting without the coaches had gone differently, the reality is that the faux teams
are not like past seasons that had teams…. If someone wins HoH his team can still be a “Have Not”,
They are not exempt from being nominated or evicted by their team member winning HoH. It truly
has no individual benefit than an implied voting block. More people will get screwed by this.
the only people who are truly tied to their individual teams are the coaches, and that is limited to one player winning, and their coach getting

I think Ian and Jen are the toe headed step children of team Boogie… Daddy has a favorite. They need to make a deal outside their team
perhaps with Wil, Danielle, JoJo (who ever survives this week.) or Ashley.
As soon as Frank is nominated they need to vote him out, screw Boogie make the weasel work for one of them.

JoJo wake up you are on your own girl Shane has moved on and he is mommies favorite . Shane is destined to loose this game,
guys who look like Superman have bad BB luck (Hardy, or Jeff etc… this Lex Luthers game baby.)

Joe is a loud mouth he may just end up winning this if he plays his cards right.

These guys just need to ignore their coaches ,outside of Boogies team ,he has actually been a good coach. I hate to say it the other coaches have drug down, given bad game advise and screwed their players individual games with their own bull poop.
(though team Brittney should have listened better and team Janelle should remember though she rocks competition and is hot
has the worst social game instincts ever. Worse than Brenchal even.

So wake up people time to tell the coaches to kick back and enjoy the ride… leave that nest people.


If, as so many seem to be saying, Willie barely touched Joe, why did Willie, on the interview video, keep saying, “I did something I shouldn’t ‘a done.” His nephew, Brandon, as well as his two brothers, Russell included, kept pushing him to say exactly what he did that got him kicked out of the house. He was understandably cautious about what he wanted to admit. But he implied there was violence. I have not yet seen the show, so I have not formed an opinion.

BTW, Simon and Dawg, thanks for posting that free video.


My Final 3:


unless coaches join game then final 3 could be anyone


Just a thought, please comment on this, Simon too if you would please. Since Frank & Boogie are trying so hard to get Shane on their side, at least for next week since Frank can’t compete for HOH, this kind of puts Shane in a position of power. He is the strongest free agent after all. Wouldn’t i make sense for him to tell Frank & Boogie that he’ll keep Frank safe as long as they keep Jo Jo this week? That way he still has an ally for another week with him. Would think Brit might have looked at this angle as well, would be a very smart move.


Too stupid. Or acting that way he let franken-buggar run all over him when he was in HoH room. They put hi
On the block and he was still offering not one but said two weeks of safety for frank. What a f-ing idiot


WOW! The way CBS did tonight’s edit was a joke.I’m rooting for Dan,but I will defend Willie because the way that everything went down this week was just wrong.After watching the show,you would think that Willie was acting that way for no reason,and everyone else in the house was nice to Willie.And they didn’t provoke him in anyway.Joe is such a punk.Did you guys see how he put his fists up,like he was going to punch Willie?He looked so scared.Who does Britney think she is,to tell Willie to stay away from Jojo and Shane.Why was Jenn treating Britney like she just found out one of her family members died,that was just ridiculous.I’m confused as why It was ok for a grown man(ED,from season8)to terrorize most of the girls in the house,and pour juice and burn Jen with cigarettes.But, Willie hardly head butted a grown man(Joe),and they made him leave the game?I guess on Big Brother it’s ok to say and do horrible and violent things to a girl,like burn her with cigarettes, but when two grown men start to go at it,they say it crossed the line.Did you guys notice how CBS didn’t show how Janelle ask Dan to throw the coaches competition?They made it look as though Janelle is how she was on seasons6&7.Janelle went in the DR and said” the comp queen is back”.Huh?Britney was ahead of everyone,but she drop a stack.Boogie was finish before Janelle,but he took his foot off of the thing they were standing on,before he pressed the buzzer.And Dan threw the competition.The whole Chill Town thing Boogie and Frank did in the DR was just pathetic,not for Frank but for Boogie.He needs to stop living in the past.Frank is not Dr.Will.I said this earlier today,but after watching the show tonight I will say it again.I think the producers are going to make this season about Janelle VS Boogie,because of the history they have with one another.Which I’m sure CBS wanted Dr.Will but he wasn’t interested in playing the game.They decided to settle for Dr.Will’s sidekick(Boogie).I also think production probably hinted to Dan that when a coach loses all of his players they will be allowed to play the game.But they lied to him so he could basically make moves that will have his players evicted,with the hopes of him playing the game.The producers want this season to only be about Boogie and Janelle.Why else would Janelle start to work with a person that she constantly says she hates?It’s not like Janelle isn’t known for playing the game personally.Does Diane from season’5&7 ring any bells?oh,I almost forgot to ask,Is Danielle delusional?I don’t think she’s ugly,and I don’t agree with some of the comments that are basically calling her fat,which is crazy,but explains why a lot of girls have eating disorders.But Shane isn’t chasing after her.Didn’t he say that he had the girls wrapped around his fingers?He’s playing her.After everything I just wrote.The biggest thing that’s bothering me is how I think there is no hope for any of the house guests.Unless they are Janelle and Boogie’s #1 players,that they plan on taking to the end.I can’t say it’s unfair because their motto is “Expect the Unexpected”,but I don’t like the direction that the show is going in.And the direction is called the Janelle and Boogie show.


wow jw tell us how you really feel πŸ™‚


@jasonvoorhies. Lol. I know,it’s just that alot happened on tonights show.That I wasn’t a fan of.


I couldn’t agree more I have been so disappointed this last weeks events. One thing u left out is if production would have let Willie in the dr when he tried to get in a lot of times none of that would have happened. Joe and janelle and frank had been bullying him all week or aggin him on then right after all the grandstanding from everyone after the comp he just needed to cool off. Of course Britney didn’t help by her actions and comments to him either I thought she after all was still his coach. It pissed me off also. I feel bad for Willie he was done really dirty and I hope people with live feeds saw what I saw really happened all week!


@Brandi.Good point.


people like you who write things that are lies makes me ill ! Evil Dick (the jerk that he is ) never burned Jen ! it was she ! that kept grabbing for the cig and is how she got burned ,he did pour the tea over head and that is something to me he should have got kicked out the house for.


@Yilala. You said that I make you ill,because I said ED burn Jen with cigarettes?I thought he did burn her with the cigarettes it’s not true then that means that I made a mistake.But I didn’t make a mistake on saying that a grown man (ED)basically terrorized most of the woman in the house,and he did in fact pour juice on Jen.That alone should make you feel ill about ED not me a person that made a mistake.I thought I remember him burning her with the ciagrettes.Maybe I got it confused,because he was going around the house behaving like a bully to most of the woman.So,if ED didn’t burn Jen with cigarettes,then I take it back.But that still leave us with the fact that he did pour a drink on a woman(Jen).Which still makes the point that he should have been removed from the house.You know,the way they said Willie had to leave the game.


If jojo was really a cutter then where r all her fucking scars . Hell the skank shows all her fuckin skin. So where did she cut her self . Maybe in her own mind and it is just her telling another storie so she won’t get kicked out of the house .


I feel like that’s just something that you don’t lie about. It’s a touchy subject for people who have been through it. There doesn’t always have to be scars – she did say that her cutting days were back in high school. Take it for what it is.


Joe and Wil talking, saying Ashley has to go because she betrayed them by hanging with Brit’s team in HOH. WTF??? She was in HOH a lot, especially early on because she was hurt and drugged, and Janelle and her other team mates didn’t seem to care, while Brit’s team took care of her! And they call Willie out for “bullying” people, when they are the ones with the highschool mentality of telling her who she can hang out with. Earlier Jo Jo and Ashley were talking and Jo Jo said that the 4 girls need to hook up and bring Shane with them. I usually don’t like the girl’s alliance but this would be a great move. Let Dan coach them and turn the game on it’s head, get rid of Joe and Wil soon please. Frank too!


Willie deserves the blame for everything he did not anybody else. Like he said he’s a grown a** man and if he wants to eat his fruit loops he’ll eat his fruit loops. No one made him go after anyone else. It’s his problem that he can’t control his anger. For those people that say Joe had his arms up I don’t blame him one bit someone comes up to you like they are going to hit you I’m gonna want to protect myself so I found that was reasonable for him to do. Everyone that is bringing up about Janelle or Boogie and the fact that they left their children for BB14 don’t know what was going through their heads and you can’t say with certainty that you wouldn’t make the same decision. It’s a chance at winning some money they didn’t give their children away so relax.

production rigged it

i agree with jw they r making this season all about boogie and janelle and it’s becoming nauseating, they might as well call it janelle’s big brother boogie show, if something doesn’t happen soon it’s going to be even more boring than it already is since willie left and anybody that says it’s all willie’s fault obviously didn’t see everything then, because frank blew the whole thing way out of proportion, willie barely raised his arms and repeated what will said it’s not like he jumped up and started prancing aroung the room with limp wrists flapping up and down mocking him and who wouldn’t have wanted to get in that big mouth jackass joe’s face and felt like decking his sorry ass. boogie keeps talking about having 4 against 3 to go against janelle’s team but if kept jojo he could use her and shane to go after janelle which would make it 5 against 3 and that would also give him another player that could win hoh and help keep frank off the block, i mean really does anybody see danielle winning hoh and if i’m not mistaken dan already told her earlier to throw it. i still think people r coming back though because like the commercial said most players ever and season 9 had 16 and that’s how many they have this year including the coaches so it they’re gonna stay true to their word then something has to happen soon.


I’ve seen everything so far and yes it’s Willie’s fault. How did frank blow it out of proportion? He said it exactly how it happened when Willie mocked Wil by raising his voice to sound feminine. All Frank did was tell Wil. If Willie had just taken Wil to the side and told him he didn’t realize he did that and he was sorry it would have diffused the whole situation. Nobody but Willie kept saying it was homophobic. Everybody forgets that it’s a game and you use everything you can against other players. Sorry if you want to defend Willie because he lost it he could have made the decision if he didn’t want to deal with the everyone to push the button and leave. Would you defend the actions of someone if they attacked you? Willie had a choice to make and he went the cowards way out…


what you just wrote is absolute rubbish. willie is to blame for spreading around that he was homophobic because he called frank out for accusing him of mocking a homosexual. really? is this the best you can do? you do realize that your posts are being read by people with intelligence right? no wonder your name is cauliflowerear. maybe it should be cauliflowerbrain πŸ™‚


No you missed my point. I said Frank just said that Willie was mocking Wil and when Willie found out he kept saying he wasn’t a homophobe and that is where that came out. He put that in everyone’s mind. Had he not phrased it that way he could have just apologized for the mocking. In this day and age if something is phrased a certain way you are screwed with whatever you decide to say. Regardless of that my whole point was that he had a choice to either stay in the game or leave had he been smart enough he would have waited until after nominations. If he left after that they would have had to replay the HOH and get 2 new nominations like they did when Chima was booted from the show. I apologize if my thoughts didn’t come out cleare for you and the rest of the people who read this. Btw Cauliflower ear refers to a past player on BB…


this has got to be the dumbest answer I’ve ever been given.
recently at a restaurant I ordered a bowl of chicken noodle soup
when the bloated over weight and over aged waitress huffed and puffed up to my table with the soup i noticed there wasn’t any chicken in the chicken noodle soup
so i asked her why no “chicken” in the chicken noodle soup? and she replies “we don’t want to frighten the children”


@cauliflowerear.I agree with this,” For those people that say Joe had his arms up I don’t blame him one bit someone comes up to you like they are going to hit you I’m gonna want to protect myself so I found that was reasonable for him to do.” The reason why I brought up Joe putting up his fists as though he was going to punch Willie,has to do with while he was doing it,he looked scared.He reminded me of Steve Urkel on the show Family Matters.You know how,Urkel would sometimes put up his fists like he was getting ready to fight,but he had a scared look on his face.But since Joe is a grown man,I wouldn’t have expected him to look so scared.If he was man enough to say what he said to Wille,he should be man enough to be ready for what’s going to happen after you disrespect another man.Willie said it first,but Willie was ready to defend his self without looking like a scared little boy,who was basically waiting for production to step in and save this grown man(Joe)from another grown man(Willie).I see it like this,Joe shouldn’t run his mouth,unless he’s prepared to be ready for what could happen next.Knowing Willie with his temper,being provoked and add the fact that Willie felt he was more than likely going home this week(which might of caused him to have a I don’t care attitude).Joe is lucky all Willie did was chest bump him.When I watched it on the show it looked more like a chest bump.It didn’t look like he head butted him.I want to make it clear,that I’m not saying the other house guests had control over Willie’s behavior.Like he’s some kind of robot that they control.But since they already knew Willie is not the kind of person that you can say and treat any kind of way and think he’s going to go in the corner and cry.Then it probably isn’t a good idea to try and provoke him.Unless their intentions is to get a reaction from him that would cause him to have to leave the house.Or make the other house guests hate on him more than they already do.Those two options don’t sound that far fetched,considering what Frank and Joe did,just a few days earlier to Willie.I’m referring to the whole Willie is
making fun of Wil because he’s a homosexual. And yes,this is the same Wil that called Willie a redneck so many times(but of course not to his face)But for some reason no one cares about that.Willie has to be responsible for his own actions,like I said I know he isn’t a robot.But I just wanted to point out that his reaction didn’t come from no where.He was provoked.It doesn’t really matter anymore,because he’s no longer in the house.I was responding to what I saw on the show tonight.More than likely this topic will go away,as long as the house guests don’t continue bringing it up.