Frank wonders if Joe had protected himself if he would be evicted too.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

12:40pm – 1:25pm Shane comments on how he could have used that Veto last week and saved Frank but that he stayed loyal to Willie and didn’t want to piss off the Head of Household. Dan talks about how he had to turn down a coaching position to come be on Big Brother. He says the great thing about the place he coaches is that there are students who have butlers serve them and students who can’t even rub two pennies together but they all get along. Mike says that he gives away food to the less fortunate from his restaurant on Hollywood Blvd. The conversation changes to asking Ian questions about his school and work. Britney mentions that the lock down should be over around 3pm. Jojo is making a pot of slop. Ian comes over to have some and is surprised how much she made. Jojo says she just thought she would make a lot so that they didn’t need to keep making it and could just heat it up.

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1:30pm Janelle has lost her foundation make-up. She goes up to the HOH room with Frank to see if she left it up there. She can’t find it up there. She wonders if Jojo might have hidden it on her because she is mad. Frank says Ohhh.. I hope not! Janelle then goes back down to the downstairs washroom. She tells Jojo she can’t find it. Janelle then goes to the diary room to ask them if they took it. When she goes into the diary room the guy in there says What up Janelle! Janelle says hey I just wanted to know if you … Big Brother cuts the audio. Mike, Frank and Joe talk about the confrontation with Willie. Frank wonders if Joe had protected himself if he would be evicted too. Mike says yeah it’s probably not a good idea too. They talk about how Willie could have broken his nose or jaw. Frank gets called into the diary room.

1:40pm – 1:50pm In the arcade room, Dan, Mike and Danielle talk about the carnival game. They wonder if its just there for them to play with or if they will use it somehow. Ashley joins them. They talk about Vegas and old school video games.

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2pm Jojo and Shane are in the bathroom talking. Jojo tells Shane that she is the only girl that has proved herself so far this season. She says that this is that guys season so far. They start talking about random things.

2:30pm – 3:10pm Up in the HOH room, Mike and Frank are talking. They are discussing if Dan has been throwing competitions. Frank says that he thinks he has been. Mike says that he doesn’t see the point of that if he did. They talk about what the twist might be this season. Mike says that he purposely talked loud in the arcade room with Danielle so people didn’t think they were talking game. Mike says that he hopes Danielle wins HOH this week and can get her to put up two of Janelle’s people. He says he would pick Kara if he got to bring back someone. He says that it would be huge and that they wouldn’t need Shane. He says that he would want Ian and Jenn to win competitions because they need it. Ian joins them.. Frank asks if Ian wanted to talk privately. Ian says no. Mike tells Ian to spend time with Shane and Danielle. They start guessing about what the coaches competition might be this next week. Ian says that he thinks the next coache’s competition will have different stakes. The conversation turns to talking about random stuff. Ian talks about how he is trying to distance himself from Ashley. Mike says yeah good. Ian says that if she sits next to me and starts rubbing my head, I’m not going to tell her to get lost. Mike says yeah that’s fine. Mike says if they are in the bathroom or out side maybe keep your distance. Ian say yeah, I’am not going to jump on top of her or anything. Mike tells Ian too keep his distance from Joe too ..don’t do any scheming with him at all. Ian says oh yeah I won’t. Mike says that he over plays the game and his too paranoid. Ian think Joe will win Americas prize money. Mike say why would you think that?! Ian thinks because he is a dad and cooks for everyone. I would bet my entire prize money he doesn’t win it. You or Shane will win it. If you last a few more weeks you will be a shoe in for it.

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42 thoughts on “Frank wonders if Joe had protected himself if he would be evicted too.

  1. This shouldn’t be a surprise to me but … Janelle spoke to someone in the DR? Like.. Face to face? and you saw it?

    1. Sometimes they aren’t too quick to cut the audio on a HG’s mic so we hear a little of their conversation. OR, like last week, they mess up and forget to switch the cameras and we get to see the staff in the storage room. That’s how we saw the burglar for the comp. He was in the storage room and the HG’s were on outside lock-down, but the feeds were on the storage room. They are like little treats to those who watch the feeds religiously.

  2. Joe (Roger Clemens) would be stupid enough to punch Willie. He would too be kicked out for fight back.

  3. In the DR is there an actual person sitting down with the houseguests? Or like a speaker? I didn’t know the players could ask the DR questions and the DR could answer!

  4. Do any of you guys know why Boogie was arrested?I remember hearing he was arrested either a year ago or two years ago,but I don’t know the reason for the arrest.

      1. The first one was trespassing on warner bros studio w/false identification & Second from the article, which I agree with you.

  5. Hey simon, can you change characters avatars look alikes:
    Avatar Characters
    Ashley=Porsche 2.0/Kelly Carlson
    Danielle=Jordan 2.0/Kate Ziegler (Swimmer)
    Frank=Shaun White (Snowboarder)
    Ian=Carl (Phineas & Ferb)
    Jodi=Kalia 2.0
    JoJo=Mila Kunis/Jwow/Layla (wrestler)
    Joe=Roger Clemens
    Kara=Allison Pill
    Shane=Tom Cruise/Matthew Fox
    Wil=Fabio/One of Nelson twins (Rock Band)
    Willie=Albert Belle
    Jenn=Rosie Perez

    1. more like
      frank carrot top
      jenn tattoo beared lady
      boogie a troll under a bridge
      janelle any real housewive of oc
      britney a bratz doll
      wil riff raff from rocky horror picture show
      ashey a giant painkiller pill
      shane christian bale (batman)
      ian any nerd picture will do
      jo jo (yep jwow will do)
      joe (who wished he was roger clemmons) a big fat toad

      1. No Jasonvoorhies, Joe is looks like Roger Clemens, Shane is looks like Matthew Fox, Willie is looks like Albert Belle, Wil is looks like Fabio or the nelson twins, Frank is looks like shaun white. Trust me!

          1. I checked my ego and my ego is correct. And I know, I let Simon decide and trust me. Joe looks like roger clemens.

      2. Add to that, jenn looks like Rosie Perez, Ian looks like Carl (Phineas & Ferb),Ashley looks like Kelly Carlson & Porsche 2.0 and Shane looks like Tom Cruise. Anything else!

      3. I have

        Ian as Lewis from revenge of the nerds
        Jenn is Kat Von D
        Joe is Gordon Ramsey or Pugsley from the Adams family
        jojo is simply Jersery Shore
        Danelle is Lindsey Lohan
        Ashley as Jessica Simpson

        I like wil as riff raf
        frank as carrot top

        1. yors are great as well especially the katd for jenn and joe as uncle fester or pudsley is much more acturate than the clemons dude (which no one has ever heard of til now)

          1. Dude, you never heard Roger Clemens aka The Rocket & Pitcher for New York Yankees & Boston Red Sox. Just look it up! Believe me! I speak the truth!

          2. I’ve changed my mind

            Ian should be Paul Pfeiffer fom the wonder years.

            I think anything is better then what some other people are trying to ram down our throats……….

          3. I don’t think he looks like Roger Clemens that much.

            And most people who follow sports even a little know who Roger Clemens is.

  6. I hate to break it to boogie but if he’s depending on danielle to win hoh then he’s dreaming because dan has already told her to throw it because she has nothing to gain, so my theory is since janelle has finally realized they should have got rid of frank last week is that if one of them wins and if the opportunity presents itself then frank is going on the block with shane and then the battle begins between boogie and janelle.

    1. thats what i said. she was on BBAD last night for a whole minute and and all she did was talk to dan about some movies plot. (yawn) maybe thats why shes never seen she has nothing to say :)

  7. Considering what a ‘Big Brother expert’ everyone thinks Ian is, he seems to be pretty off-the-mark on most of his predictions, observations, etc so far

    1. LOL!
      He looks like Carrot Top disguised as Richard Simmons. Oh man those shorts (and the farting and nose picking).
      He just looks like on of those people who would smell. And I thought this BEFORE he starting trying to break the world record for releasing gas on television.

      1. LOL too friggin funny the richard simmons one is spot on and i thought ian broke wind alot too. frank also picks his nose and eats it LOL i wonder if he has head lice and bad bo too. probably shit breath as well. grosssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  8. Jojo says she just thought she would make a lot so that they didn’t need to keep making it and could just heat it up.

    Re-heated Slop… that sounds absolutely horrible.

  9. I wish Willie didn’t quit. Britney needs to shut up cause he didn’t have to play on teams. She didn’t give a damn about him. She just want the money. I can’t stand her.

  10. britney was being a bit of a biotch to willie telling her whole team not to associate with him (wasnt it like 3 days ago she was annoyed with boogie for bossing his team around) the WHOLE house was against willie, calling him names, saying he was crazy, ignoring him, wouldnt associate with him, and that would be hard on anyone, and janelle is becoming a serious b!tch, i used to love her but cant stand her this season

    and JOE with the willie thing, omg he must watch soccer or something because he acted like willie knocked him out cold, he just chested him, hes such an idiot, i cant STAND even listening to him, screw allison grodner, jordan was aloud to chest bump and she won the game, willie does it and hes kicked out???? WHATEVER there was no headbutt from what i saw, joe was just acting like a wimp, again he causes ALL the drama, he acts like a teenage girl rather than “a grown aS$ man” like he claims to be.

  11. Simon

    Just watched the new episode. Crazy stuff behind the scenes. Did it looked like more of a shoulder check or head butt to you?

    As for throwing pork rinds at Janelle, that seemed more of a passing thing maybe to get her to close her mouth.
    I like Wilie, but I do not condone violence so I am not saying what he did was right, but how the majority of the house turned on him and wouldn’t stop beating him down, I can see how he flipped out. You know the old saying, stop beating a dead horse. Maybe the house guests should take note of that. It is okay, to beat someone down with actions in the game (slop, up for nominations, winning HOH) but it is totally different to hound them and instigate a fight. IMO

    1. I actually watched this episode.. You have to take whatever CBS shows you with a grain of salt I’ve seen them heavily edit things before to produce whatever outcome they wanted.

      1. CBS showed the build up to Willie snapping pretty well. I actually felt sorrier for him after watching the CBS show than I did watching the feeds.

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