Janelle tells Dan her three are voting out JoJO “She’s So mean.. that Silk Robe She wore OMG”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

5:05pm Cam 3-4 Janelle and Dan Chessboard Janelle telling him that Danielle is safe this week her three will be voting off JoJO.. Janelle says she’s going to be really nervous of Dan goes because it will be only Brit and Boogie..
Janelle: “The word out on the street is that she’s staying.. for now.. but I think she’s staying.. actually I’m pretty sure she’s staying”
They can hear Jojo talking downstairs. Janelle brings up that they will not have to hear JoJo’s voice after this Thursday.
Janelle: “I hung around her the first week and she’s just So MEAN”
Dan makes a reference about JoJO being a lot like Michelle from his season.

Janelle says that Britney’s picks were really bad.. Jojo is unlikable, Willie was a a$$ and Shane is the ultimate Target. Dan says that Shane is strong but that is about it. He mentions that Shane is a lot like “That dude” from Janelle’s season that they tried and tried but could never get out. Janelle: “Who James.. yes he’s a lot like him” (Boogie and Dan had talked about working this angle with Janelle)
Janelle: “Hey Dan do think we are going into the game”
Dan: “I think it’s either all or none”
Dan explains that it’ll happen early in the game but he’s not sure.. Janelle: “the first thing they will is put me and Boogie up” Dan isn’t sure what is going to happen.

Janelle wonders if they maybe have to compete to get their keys. Dan still thinks it’ll either be we’re dropped in or we’re not Dan doesn’t think there will be a competition. Janelle thinks that Ian will lead the charge against the coaches. Dan can see that happening because is the most versed in the games history. Janelle tells Dan that earlier in the week before Willie left Boogie was wanting to get Dan out this week but she convinced him not to because they needed him if they re entered the game.

Janelle is worried that Boogie and Frank will team up. Dan agrees.. Dan tries to moves the conversation back to what will happen next week if the coaches are not put into the game. He reiterates that Danielle will put Shane up next week if she wins HOH.

Janelle asks him if who I thinks will have a showmance out of whose left. Dan says Shane and Danielle. Janelle brings up that she heard Danielle and Ashley talk about how they were hoping for a showmance this year but doesn’t think it will happen.

Janelle asks him if her and Jessie wold get along. Dan thinks she would of hated him, “Say what you will of Jessie he does make for one great Reality TV Character”
Dan wins..

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5:55pm cam 3-4 HOH Boogie and Frank Frank retells his conversation with Joe. Frank pushed getting rid of floaters and taking out JOJO.
Frank brings up that Joe feels like the number 2 in his team and maybe they can use that to sway them closer to them. Boogie doesn’t know If they’ll need Joe.
Boogie: “With the exception of you and Joe there wasn’t much game talk today” Frank says that joe is planning final 4 and Final 3 scenarios with Frank.
Boogie laughs about Joe and how he’s making plans that include specific people so deep in the game, “He doesn’t know that this game has just begun”
Frank mentions that Joe has said he might throw the HOH next week.
Boogie: “Can you imagine if he dumps the HOH and he goes home”
Frank: “If Wil and Joe are on the block shouldn’t we vote out Wil”
Boogie thinks if they vote out Wil they fire a HUGE shot at Janelle but if they Vote out Joe they keep Janelle happy and they acheive their ultimate goal of having Janelle down one player.
Janelle joins them “OH MY GOD how bad was JOJO’s speech.. Silk ROB C’mon”
Janelle and Frank head to work out.

6:05pm Cam 3-4 Head of Household room Boogie and Dan Dan tells him he talked to Janelle and pushed that Danielle will put up Shane and Frank but he’s worried that Janelle might go back and tell Frank. boogie tells him it’s all cool Frank knows whats up he won’t mind.

6:18pm Quad Some chess some Working out..

6:42pm Cam 3-4 HOH Boogie and Britney Britney wants to know what is going. Boogie says that this week is no lose either way. His big thing is keeping his team safe next week. Boogie says it’s appealing to knock out Dan but it’s also appealing to have both Britney and Dan down to one. Boogie likes to play based on what the rules are right now but just in case the coaches get dropped in he would like all four coaches in the house. He’s really worried that the “noobies” are coming after him.

Britney says that the general mood of the house is the coaches are coming into the game. Britney doesn’t think production will let all 4 of the coaches into the game because the numbers do not make sense. She says the numbers will balance out if they’re is 2 coaches dumped in. Boogie says it sucks because he’s got 3 strong players going into final 8 he doesn’t want to go into the game.. Boogie says he’ll be pissed because it’s an entire new show and he tailored his entire game around being the coach.

Britney asks him if he read the last contract they gave them in sequester. Boogie never read the contracts he had his agent read it. Britney says the contract stated all rules are subject to change.. Boogie: ‘Sure… ya that’s done every year.. look they can and will do whatever they want.. I just don’t think they would screw around the season so much”
boogie points out that they based the entire season around Coaches and it’s a little much for them to change that.
Britney: “After this week it’s 6 vs 2 it’s so bland so boring”
Boogie agrees that it’s so bland, ‘It’s not going to last much longer.. it can’t”
Boogie: “I’ll offer you this if you lose JOJO I wouldn’t pack it in”

7:00pm Cam 3-4 HOH Boogie and Frank They are talking about how set they are. Boogie tells Frank about his conversation with Britney and how she’ll gravitate towards them once JOJO goes. Both are feeling VERY confident that they will control the next HOH and have a good shot at this game. Frank: “I don’t want to sound cocky but non of these players can talk like I can” (They can’t fart like you can either)

(Boogie and Frank have this wrapped up right now)

7:30 Dinner

7:55pm Cam 1-2 bathroom Period talk yo

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56 thoughts on “Janelle tells Dan her three are voting out JoJO “She’s So mean.. that Silk Robe She wore OMG”

  1. JoJo is getting screwed! Willie is out of picture and now JoJo! Shane, if i were you. You better off align with Frank!

  2. haven’t seen jojo’s robe, but isn’t janelles dress a bit scandalous… does she really have room to talk when it comes to peoples clothing?

      1. yeah exactly janelle is talking about jojo’s outfit and there she is showing half of tits, can u say hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. oops meant half of her tits, she is do fake i guess it’s ok for her to show her shit but not anybody else though.

  3. janelle is all class if she werent married Id def take her on a date. i can just here her saying can you supersize my meal please :)

  4. Floaters, floaters, floaters is always being brought up. Come on the people who are talking about them are the ones who have not won anything yet either, so they should not be able to use that word. The competition has just started.

    1. Totally, only Shane and Frank have won anything in this house and the rest of these douchebags are talking about floaters. ridiculous.

      On another not entirely unrelated topic, Janelle’s blue outfit there with the titties all out, very nice.

    2. The term floater isn’t about winning comps. It’s about floating to whoevers in power from week to week. But nonetheless, Janelle’s team is guilty of this.

  5. *facepalm* JoJo gave her speech in that silk robe. Good lord woman, are you not taking the advice from your coach? *sigh* I had high hopes that JoJo could show me something, but she’s just not a likable person. And every time I watch the feeds she’s only really talking to Shane. When is she going to realize that only talking to Shane is not going to get her votes.

    1. JO JO is taking the advice of her coach. she was told to lay low and she is. and so what if she had a robe on I mean whats she supposed to do get all dressed up to give her speech. jeezzzzz its amazing how BB fans nit pick at everything a player does if they dont like em.

      1. Here you go assuming again. Who said I don’t like JoJo? I’ve actually been rooting for her and hoping she stays. I just think she could have been a little more presentable, that’s all. And if I’m not mistaken, Brit’s advice was to lay low and be more sociable with the rest of the group and disassociate herself from Shane a little bit. Which I have not seen happen.

  6. well, as expected, boogie plays janelle again without even really breaking a sweat.

    this time will=dan.

    love it.

      1. I like her. I really do. but I enjoy when someone is able to use someone for WEEKS before they notice, then they get taken out, was classic in all stars with james rhine involved, will be again as long as ashley the wildcard doesnt get info via ian

  7. The floaters thing is killing me… floaters calling out floaters about floating in the game as they are sitting in the same raft floating around.

    Honestly out of the players 1) Shane : 1 group competition, 2 powers of veto 2) Frank 1 HoH… no one else has won anything. 3) JoJo: 1 group
    Now there are two big targets and a woman the other women dislike. Nobody has made any big moves, Janelle’s team will flip on a dime,
    If Shane wins HoH they will act like has always been their friend… If Jenn wins “OMG you are such a strong player.” If Ian won we always liked you, your so smart… float, float and float.

    Wake up Frank, Ian and Jenn… Keep JoJo, make a deal get the numbers… or bye bye Frank, do not let the backdoor hit yah, where the good lord split yah
    If Team Boogie looked at it:
    Danielle evict: Shane,Ian and Jen
    JoJo evict: Wil,Joe and Ashley

    a tie: frank send Danielle home

    Unfortunately, Frank and Boogie are blind.. no one on Janelles Team owe them anything, Where as JOJO and Shane will owe them everything.
    Look at the numbers in the house. I just had a fun idea what if the evicted house guests come back and they shuffle the teams Willie left a big sized whole.
    Or the evicted three come back as a new team with a new coach. Someone like James, Jesse or Hardy (Boogie would Looove to see him.)

    1. The floaters thing is killing me… floaters calling out floaters about floating in the game as they are sitting in the same raft floating around. HAHAHAAH LOVE IT

    2. how are frank and boogie blind? do you miss where they have numbers next week even if they lose HoH?

      and if kara returns, team dan/boogie can go at janelle as soon as 2 weeks from now

      1. They don’t have the numbers if team Janelle puts up 2 team Boogie, Janelle would have 2 votes, Boogie would have one vote, and it would all depend on who convinces Shane and Dan. I think it’s very risky. It would have been much smarter to put up Wil and backdoor him. That would buy Shane and Jo Jo’s support and ensure 3 votes at least, maybe even Danielle’s vote against team Janelle. It all comes down to Boogie being pretty much open about not caring if he loses Jenn or Ian, and they need to wake up and do something while they still have options.

      2. Easy, they are blinded by their own ego’s.
        They really do not have the numbers in the long run.
        Boogie has put all his eggs in a Franks basket (that came out wrong). They seem to feel that they
        can control Ian, Jen and Shane…. untrue.
        They think they have a deal with Janelle’s Team (So did Brittney.), Janelle and her team are not loyal or
        obligated to Frank or Boogie. Frank claims that he owes them for saving him. They did not save him as much as they
        wanted to stick it to Willie. If their goal was to have a final five or six nominating Danielle and evicting JoJo is not their best bet.

        Joe and Wil have stated that they want the floaters out… who are the floaters, oh that is right Ian and Jenn… their solid votes.
        Saving JoJo and working with Shane (who would owe them is better for them than saving Danielle this week, that hangs out with Janelle’s team.

        Numbers my friend… next week Janelle’s team has Ashley, Joe, Wil, Danielle and possibly a float over Shane (Do not hate me, but, Janelle has prettier girls.)
        Boogie will have Ian, Jenn, Frank and possibly Shane if he stays

        Janelle’s teams plan is to nominate what they call the floaters Ian and Jen… POV save puts up Frank or Shane… the Janelle girls believe that
        they can control Shane so bye bye Frank, unless Frank or Shane win POV

        UI do not take sides I am just saying, Frank would have been the best person for Janelle’s team to go home. Now this week Frank missed an opportunity
        to secure two more players, because they believe they can control four other players they can not.

    3. boogie’s lookin strategy here which coach would you prefer to work with brittney who was pulled along by the brigade or dan the best bb player ever.?let me
      know who you pick.

  8. I can’t stand the term floaters. A floater is someone who doesn’t pick a side, votes with the house and tries to stay under the radar by throwing competitions. I would say none of them are floaters because they are openly working with their team. If anyone is floating to where power is at the time, it’s team Janelle. They were all put on teams, and all of them have allegiance to their coach and team. The only ones throwing competitions are team Dan and Wil and Joe say they will throw them. But team Janelle is the one talking about taking out the evil floaters. That strategy didn’t work for Janelle in Allstars. There are different ways to play the game, and laying back the first few weeks and letting the “strong competitors” take each other out is a good strategy if done right. I am really disappointed in Frank. He made the best choice for Boogie’s game, but I think he killed his own game. He will remember what Willie was trying to tell them when he’s sitting with Julie next week, or the one after that.

  9. It’s funny because my three pre-season favourites were Jodi, Kara, and Danielle, so if Danielle goes, how coincidental will that be. AND yes, I liked Jodi… I felt that she would be an interesting player as she was a super fan.

      1. Thanks Simon. I keep seeing people saying that Wil should have been backdoored, but he played for the veto. You can’t be backdoored if you had a chance to win the veto. I think some people forgot their BB terms.

  10. @Simon. Since even the coaches are aware if the game stay as it is,the season will be boring and predictable.Do you think that CBS/Big Brother will put all the coaches into the game,in order to shake things up?I think CBS cares more about ratings than inconveniencing the coaches and newbies,to re-strategize their game play.I haven’t counted if putting all the coaches in the game,would make there be too many players in the game.But just in case it will be to many,can’t they just have two double evictions,instead of their usual one?I’m just putting ideas out there,because the thought of having this season be about Janelle’s team VS Boogie’s team,sounds so dull and point less to watch.If the producers don’t allow the coaches to enter the game.Then Janelle and Boogie’s team will just take out Britney and Dan’s team.Which means that the rest of the season will consist of Janelle’s players and Boogie’s player’s taking turns in being the HOH.I look forward to watching Big Brother every summer,and I don’t want this season to become predictable.In my opinion if they don’t put the coaches in the game,then predictable is the road this season will take.I should also add,if the coaches come in the game.It doesn’t have to mean they will form a alliance with one another.I think what happened with Danielle from last season,is a perfect example of a past house guests deciding not to work with her fellow vets.

    1. It’s going to be stirred up BIG time there’s no way it’ll be janelle vs Boogie all summer. maybe they will mix up the players and throw a HOH to Dan that would breath some life into things.

    1. Danielle needs to stay why to people like jojo she is mean even though janelle can’t say that cause she is to. danielle is loyal like dan who is awsome

      1. @Blondie. I agree.I want Danielle to stay in the house,but that’s because I’m not certain if she leaves,that Dan will be allowed to play the game.Danielle seems loyal to Dan now,but she makes me nervous.When Willie had the meeting with all of the newbies,I think I remember her making a comment about how she doesn’t like how her coach(Dan)tells her who to hang around/talk to.At the time I thought maybe she wants the other newbies to think that she’s down with not listening to her coach.But later on when she was crying ,she was complaining about Dan’s strategy of not campaigning to hard for her to stay in the house.When he apologized for making her feel like he abandoned her.She seemed as though she didn’t believe his apology.I also think the fact that she likes Shane could be a problem for Dan,because unless Shane decides to work with Dan.I think he can get Danielle to turn against him.The only way I can see Danielle’s crush on Shane to not be a problem for Dan,is if Shane makes a alliance with him and is completely loyal(no flip floping).If Shane does or say something to Danielle that makes her dislike him.Or if Shane is evicted from the game next week.I’ve seen what happens to the girls in the house,that likes a guy and the guy knows this.So,he decides to use the girl feelings for him to his advantage in furthering his position in the game.Here are some examples of girls that got played in the house by guys.(Season5)Diane&Drew,(season7,All-Stars)Janelle&Dr.Will,Boogie&Erika,(season9)Natalie&Matt and (season12)Britney didn’t just get played by one guy,she got played by three guys.Lol.Which were Lane,Enzo and Hayden.But the only guy that she obviously had feelings for was Lane.I don’t know if I should count Kristen(season12)amoung the girls that got played by a guy she liked,which was Hayden.But I’ll mention her just in case her situation counts as a girl that got played by a guy she liked.The point that I’m making is if Shane stays in this game next week.I think he can convince Danielle to turn on Dan.All because he’s aware that she likes him(Shane).Therefore he could use this to his advantage.

  11. didn’t frank say earlier in the game that he wanted to play his own game and not listen to boogie and now it’s looks like boogie has went into his evil scientist lab and created the perfect little dr. will clone, frank is like a little lap dog now doing whatever boogie says, their dr session that was showed on sunday night where they were imitating chilltown was just pathetic, janelle better wise up and fire the first shot or boogie will just make her look like a fool yet again.

      1. why am i not surprised, but that’s your opinion and i just disagree i would rather they come up with something original instead of a chilltown rerun.

    1. @production rigged it. You wrote this,”it’s looks like boogie has went into his evil scientist lab and created the perfect little dr. will clone, frank is like a little lap dog now doing whatever boogie says, their dr session that was showed on sunday night where they were imitating chilltown was just pathetic”,You probably shouldn’t insult Dr.Will.Lol.Boogie cloned Frank into Boogie(season7).On All-Stars(season7),Dr.Will was the one that came up with most if not all of their moves in the game.Boogie was Will’s lap dog.He told Boogie what to do and say in the game.Dr.Will was the puppet master and Boogie was his sidekick.This season it seems like Boogie is trying to take on Dr.Will’s role as a leader and Frank is taking on Boogie’s role as a follower.Your right about Frank.Earlier he basically said that he won’t play this game for his coach(Boogie),but now it’s like he’s Boogie’s puppet.I probably wouldn’t have brought it up,if Frank didn’t say he wasn’t going to play this game for his coach.But he basically did say that,and now he is what you said,Boogie’s lab dog.I also agree with you calling the Chill Town thing that Frank and Boogie did as being pathetic.But with that,I don’t think Frank was being pathetic.Boogie was being pathetic,because it seems as though Boogie can’t stop living in the past.Frank nor Boogie is Dr.Will,so why are they in the DR doing what Boogie and Will did.I’m a Dan fan,but I wouldn’t like it if Boogie and Dan worked together and call themselves Chill Town.Or go in the DR and act the way Chill Town did,because Chill Town consits of Dr.Will and Boogie together.Frank and Boogie should come up with something original to say in the DR. If Will came back in the game with Boogie,then I probably would’ve laughed if they did that in the DR.But Boogie doing that with Frank,in my opinion it came off as desperate and pathetic.It’s like this whole Chill Town thing defines Boogie.It’s funny that the majority of people will say Dr.Will is one of the best players to play the game.Yet Dr.Will isn’t the one that seems to want to live in the past and talk about Chill Town.He doesn’t even want to play the game again.I guess he doesn’t need the name Chill Town to define him,unlike his sidekick aka Boogie.Lol.

  12. I am watching BBAD and is ashley janelles little spy? everything everyone says to her she goes to the storage room to tell janelle (word for word too) and WIL does look like a tranny version of jennifer aniston when his hair is a certain way. and whats with the gay ok t shirt janelles wearing really if you have to put it in writing then your probably trying to hard. did dan only bring 2 t shirts? all I ever see him in is the red 1 or blue 1. also why is booger dressed like a 12 year old boy from the 1980’s as usual jenn was on camera for a whole 30 secs til they took the cams off her. janelle and her pet ashley in the tub together (maybe she misses her daughter and ashley reminds her of it) boogie and will (oops I mean the will 2.0 frank) playing balls together. as always 90% of the 2 and a half hr show was the coaches (mostly janelle booger and britknee) on camera. all in all I only wasted 7 minutes of my time watching BBAD because after I fast forwarded all the filler crap that all that was worth watching. I tell you though I wouldnt last a week on the BB show. those people would get on my nerves quick. Id be just as stir crazy as willie got.

  13. Does is seem like each set of HG’s on each team is playing their coaches game? It seems like the consensus is that the players can’t make their own decisions and they do whatever the coaches tell them to do. But what exactly is the coach suppose to do? I feel like each coach gives advice, whether good or bad, and some HG’s listen and others don’t. Doesn’t necessarily mean their playing their coaches game.

  14. It’s good to see Jenn, Jo Jo and Ian instead of just the coaches and HOH on the feeds. Jenn planted the seed with Ian that Janelle’s team sees Ian as a threat. I kind of like Jenn, but I want her to make a big move, like flipping to keep Jo Jo, but she would need one more vote. I really want Jenn, Jo Jo and Ashley to realize the girls are going down unless they do something now and stick together to get some of the men out. I think Shane would roll with them. I would also like to see Ian do something to show he has game and isn’t just there for fun.

    1. Jenn is getting more time on the feeds which is nice… Out of the low flying players I’m liking her more and more. I think Ashley is pretty dug in with Janelle much like Frank is dug in with Boogie.

      1. exactly simon after watching last nights AD i couldnt agree more janelle even took a bath with ashley ( I just thought maybe she misses her daughter and ashley reminds her of her) and frank and boogie playing ball together reminded of the movie dumb and dumber :)

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