Big Brother Spoilers – Ian warns Jenn “This alliance is too big to sustain itself”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

8:01pm cam 1-2 Britney, Shane and Jojo Britney tells them that the players this year have made the hot tub gross, Its full of dirt and grim. She has figured out why it looked so clean today, “The nasty has settled to the bottom.. but if we go in the nasty will billow”. Shane: “I’ve seen a few people in this house do a number 2 and not wash their hands”. Conversation moves right to Willie and not washing his hands.

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8:20pm Cam 1-2 Bathroom Ashley, Danielle, JOJO, Shane and Jenn Ashley is crying says she misses Kara and she thinks she made a mistake voting for Kara to leave. She doesn’t think she will ever be able to beat Frank in any competitions. She feels like the coaches are running the game and it’s not fair to them.

Shane says that people are ranked in their teams the ones at the lower are the expendable. Shane pushes that the Coaches are not going to protect the weak players on their teams they are going to protect the strong ones. Jojo and Jenn start saying how the guys are going to run the game. Shane mentions that everyone is gunning for him.

Ashley knows everyone hates Willie and they talk shit about hin.. but She thinks that when he called that meeting he really was trying to help. Ashley goes on and on about the coaches running the game and forcing players to do what they want. She hints that if she didn’t vote out Kara than she wouldn’t of been given the key from Janelle this week.
Ashley brings up that not even Wil was going to vote for Kara, “Wil is ruthless”
Shane asks Danielle what she thinks. because he knows Dan is playing differently with her than the other coaches. Danielle really doesn’t say much
Ashley says that apparently Frank and Ian have a final 2 and they are going to kill this game.
Shane: “Look it’s obviously 6 Vs 3 but eventually that 6 has to turn on itself”.. the coaches are going to have to get rid of players and they won’t want to lose their top ranks people (He’s looking and Jenn and AShley.. and damn Shane threw some game in there)
Shane: “This is the most stressful game ever… and I thought Monopoly was bad”

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8:50pm Cam 1-2 Ian, Jojo, Jenn They ware talking about the shitty spot JOJO is in because of Willie. Ian tells Jojo whoever out of the 2 nominees stays will go deep into the game. He thinks that the guys will start getting targeted.

9:05pm Cam 3-4 Hot tub Frank, Wil, Jaenlle, Ashley, joe Drinking Dan tells them that Kara was in Playboy. Janelle says that back in the day she would go to the playboy mansion every Sunday to party. Wil says that Playmates of the year get paid 250K and get a car.. they care taken car of.

9:20pm Cam 3-4 Dan asking Janelle questions about her work. Janelle says she use to work in a VIP lounge “Mint Lounge” with Porsche. Dan asks how much a table would cost if a group of them rolled in. Janelle says 4 grand but that gets you a bottle. She says that if you are not trendy or know someone the front door guy will hustle you and it costs a lot to get in.

9:22pm Cam 1-2 Jenn and Ian Jenn wants to tell Ian something sometime important but she first needs to know if she can trust him..
Jenn asks him if he’s got a final 2 deal with Frank. Ian calls that bullshit.
ian: “I wonder what’s goes on out there”
Jenn: “Alcohol is going on out there”
Ian asks her where she heard that, “Shaky side of the house?” Jenn says it wasn’t Jojo or Shane. Ian knows that it was Ashley right away. He explains to her that it was just a remnant of last week there is no way on earth he has a final 2 deal with Frank. Ian says there is no way he can beat Frank in the final 2 why would he make a final 2 deal. He says it’s complete and utter BULL SHIT. Jenn: ‘I’m just saying Ian i’m a good girl to have around”
Jenn believes him says “It still makes you paranoid I’m not some strong dude or some Hercules chick”
Ian: “I feel much more confident with a Shane winning HOH.. ”
Ian: “The alliance is too big to sustain itself.. you look at the memory wall and there isn’t too many faces left”
jenn wonders that Ashley sayign that was a setup.. Ian isn’t sure, Jenn agrees “No offense to her but I don’t think she could think that uo”
jojo joins them.

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Thanks for the pic, Simon. That just might beat Janelle’s floaters. Go, Team Simon, yo!


God dammit, somebody duct tape Joe’s big fucking mouth now! I’m trying to hear some game talk between Shane and Ashley, and that fat bastard is so loud. Damn! Between Joe and Frank, it’s a wonder people haven’t gone deaf!


lmfao i cant bear to watch frank or joe i think they came from the homeless shelters (anyone can audition for this farce (oops i mean show)

Just a random fam
Just a random fam

Is it just me or has janelle’s chest rash gotten worse?

Just a random fam
Just a random fam

Or could it be a bruise from the pork rind? Lol.

production rigged it
production rigged it

maybe it’s a rare form of titty warts


question for the hardcore BB crowd. I happened to look the other day on youtube, and to my absolute shock(since netflix doesnt have it) youtube had EVERY season available to watch. I was lucky enough to watch ALL of season 6 and 7, but now EVERY single one of those videos, which have a 2 year time stamp, were just blocked by CBS for obvious reasons, so my question is, was it like this for the last 2 years and it just took them til now to realize?

regardless, kind of sucks, was about to go through some other older seasons


They must have taken them down recently, because I just rewatched an old season a couple weeks ago. I also watched BB3 last summer and a couple other seasons. It sucks that they took some down, because I really wanted to re-watch some of the seasons. I think some still work though. I just looked up BB10 on youtube and it’s still working.


I think you were watching BBFan76’s channel, from what I know they were up with no problems for a while now. I only found out today that his channel was terminated, sucks since i had begun watching season 4 last week.


Wait, I didn’t know Janelle works with Porsche in VIP Lounge. Oh! Janelle didn’t mention that Rachel did destroy porsche in every Competition & Win Big Brother. Also, Janelle didn’t mention of Rachel is also won 6 HoH comps. Janelle is probably be pissed right now.


Shane (Tom Cruise/Matthew Fox) would not align with Willie because of Hot temper, he could win most of HoH & continue to win PoV. However, the whole house would turn on Shane & JoJo because of associate with Willie. As right now, Shane should be fine and “I feel the need, the need for speed.”


when joe gets in the hottube he be taking fucking baths in there rubbing the water on his body and under his armpits..thats why it is so gross.