Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Power of Veto Players Are Being Picked!

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July 21 (Saturday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie


8am – 9am Mike Boogie is awake and in the kitchen. Soon after Big Brother wakes up the other house guests. When the feeds come back, Mike is reading the bible at the kitchen table. Wil and Mike start talking about religion. Mike says that he isn’t really anything; he believes in a higher power but not really sure what he believes in. He says there’s nothing else to read. Mike says that in his season with Dr. Will he was asked a question by Julie Chen and he said something to the effect of Why don’t you come up with a twist to get me out of here sweetheart. Mike says that Dr. Will was then told in the diary room that they wouldn’t be calling on him for the rest of the season.

9:10am The camera keeps zooming in and out on Joe & Willie’s faces. Meanwhile in the kicks room, Janelle tells him that she was thinking about it and there might not be enough weeks for everyone to come back. It might just be Jodi or Kara. Janelle says maybe Jodi will come back. Wil says that would be fun. Janelle asks really. Wil says no.
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In the bathroom Jojo says that they have about 40 minutes before the it starts. Britney asks Shane if he is nervous. Shane says no. I will be a little nervous when we start playing though. Britney tells him and Jojo that they’ve got this. Out in the kitchen, Wil, Britney, Frank, Ian, Ashley, Shane, Dan, Jenn, and Danielle are all sitting at the table eating breakfast and talking about random stuff.


9:54am Frank comes out of the diary room and Yell’s hey everybody its time to pick players for the veto competition! All the house guests head into the living room. Big Brother switches the feeds to the TRIVIA screen.

10:15am When the live feeds return, Danielle and Dan are talking in the boom, boom room. Danielle says that it’s two against two. Danielle is worried that if Shane wins she will be the replacement nominee. Danielle is worried about being back doored. Dan doesn’t think they will back door her. Dan says that she wants Jojo to win. Danielle says she wants Frank or Wil to win. (Because then they wouldn’t use the veto and the nominations would stay the same.)

The Power of Veto Players are: Frank, Wil, Jojo, Shane, Ian and Ashley.

Host of the Competition is: Joe

Up in the HOH room, Mike, Frank and Jenn are talking. They are discussing Ian making moves and getting way too clingy with Ashley and it’s making her uncomfortable. Mike says that he will tell Ian to keep his eye on the prize, no more duck on the head kind of stuff. Mike says when it gets down to it keeping Ashley is the best plan.

10:30am – 10:40am Joe and Wil are talking. Joe is telling Wil to start working Ian and Jenn because sooner than later we are going to need to get Frank out. Joe asks what do you think the possibility of Shane winning the power of veto today? Wil thinks he might win it and if he does he will take himself off and Danielle will go up on the block. Then we send Danielle and Dan home. Wil says that no doubt if the opportunity presents itself we need to get Frank out. Joe agrees and says he loves Frank to death but that he couldn’t beat him in a competition. They discuss not telling Janelle any more information just in case she comes back into the game. Joe says that she knows all his secrets. Joe thinks it will come down to a coaches competition and one of them will enter the game.

10:40am – 11:10am Britney, Shane, Wil, Jenn and Ian are in the bathroom talking about Willie. They confirm that Joe got head butted 4 times by Willie. They say that the paramedics said he got head butted 4 times. They talk about how they didn’t even really understand what was happening. Britney says that she wishes she had said or done something. Ians says him too but that he was standing there in a towel. Britney says how scary is it that you could meet someone like him at a bar or something and you would have no idea he could be like that. They all say that they are tired of talking about Willie. The conversation turns to talking about past seasons.

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I hope Danielle gets to play and she wins to take Shane off ;3


Continue:Welcome back to big brother 14 highlights! Before we will bring the coverage PoV competition. Let’s take a look a scenario of Jojo or Shane:
Scenario 1 (Physical or Mental)
Jojo vs Shane
Shane wins PoV, Frank will replace Danielle as a nominee
Jojo vs Danielle
Scenario 2 (Puzzle or Mental)
Jojo vs Shane
JoJo win PoV, Frank will replace either Jenn,Danielle,Wil, or Ian
Scenario 3 (Physical/Mental/Puzzle)
Jojo vs Shane
If non-nominee wins PoV, either keep the nomination a same or Frank have to replace a nominee except for Ashley
We will see if it Happens. Stay tuned!


Hey Simon, How long PoV competition last? So, I will start the Big Brother 14 Highlights!


big brother live feeds sucks big balls without willi,its boring as hell


I agree. While I wasn’t a fan of Willie’s gameplay and the fact that he got evicted himself, at least he was creating all kinds of chaos and craziness. Now everyone is just sort of blah. There is no antagonist to stir crap up.


Good Morning and welcome to Big Brother 14 highlights. We will bring you live coverage of PoV competition results. Here is the recap of mentor standings (coaches competition:Have/Havenot Competition HGs)
1.Team Britney/Team Mike Boogie (2-3)
3.Team Janelle (1-4)
4.Team Dan (0-5)
Stay tuned for the results of the stats and mentor standings.


Simon, Who is sixth player of playing PoV? I know five are playing. Who is sixth person playing?


Okay, I just want to know and How long the PoV Competiton Last?


Does anybody know if they are playing for veto today, since they already picked the players?


Just had a random thought while watching last nights AD talk about coaches entering the game and jury, do you think maybe the coaches will end up playing for spots on the jury and to be a vote? Or maybe even when the coaches lose all 3 players, they’d just automatically go into the jury house? Just wanted to see what Simon, Dawg, and other posters on here think of the likely-hood of that happening..


IDK, it would be better if they just go when they lose all their players, but I think 2 things will happen then either they enter the game or be part of jury….. you know production will help the vets in SOME way just like they did most of last season.. Meddling Bastards


Wow.I would’ve thought since Dan only has one player left.Danielle would at least been able to play for the veto.Hopefully,if they back door Danielle.Then Dan will enter the game.


Now I have absolutely no problem seeing Danielle go ( if only Kara would return to the game. ugh wishful thinking :3 ) and I pray to God that Frank is evicted next week that cocky a**hole needs to get out of there. I think coaches entering the game would be the only thing that would save this show since Willie, this season’s emerging villain, was ejected. Best case scenario this week: JoJo or Shane get taken off the block and Danielle gets backdoored. Shane and JoJo are wayyy more entertaining than Danielle.


It would be sucked if Danielle will be backdoored! Is it possible if Danielle will voted it out and Dan will be back in the game? I just want to know.


I sure thought that with willie gone that they would do the h o h again. Not fair that frank takes out two players.

Big Brother's Big Brother

Frank did not take out Willie. Willie took out Willie.


What is possible chance of Shane, Jojo & 4 non-nominee either Save either two,him/herself or keep the nomination a same?


CBS Production didn’t do the great job of having hoh reign come to the end. Instead of having next hoh competition with Frank not playing, he nominate two of britney team and it totally sucked right now. bb11 have them redo the hoh since chima kicked out. If I was AG, i would redo the next hoh competition or have a twist of bringing Kara back or tryout player (who didn’t get the casting call) to play. wtg Ag, you need to find the way to have their ratings up or else.


@captain. What does HTG mean?


@Drew. I guess the producers could do something like that.But I must say,I doubt that’s what Dan has in mind.I think Dan and the rest of the coaches,with the exception of Britney(because she said she doesn’t want to play the game.She just wants to be a coach)actually want to be allowed to play the game.That’s what I want to see happen as well.If they back door Danielle in order to get rid of Dan.I want Julie to announce to them,since they got rid of all of Dan’s players.He is now allowed to play the game.And then after seeing the shocked looks on their faces,Julie should say,”I told you to expect the unexpected”.Lol.I doubt if Dan will be so lucky for it to go down like that.But I’m sure am hoping that’s what happens.


Team brit letsl go!!! hope shane wins, cause i believe they will get rid of dan, that would be the smartest move instead of wasteing another week getting rid of jo jo who is no threat at all.