Big Brother Spoilers – JOJO “I’m kinda wishing Rachel was a coach.. She’s a BEAST”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

3:45pm Cam 3-4 Kitchen Wil and Joe
Joe says that Frank is wanting to start getting rid of the floaters after this week, Joe thinks this is fantastic news. Joe talks about this being the final 4 he wants going into the end with. Wil agrees says he’s down with that four. (Wil, Joe, Ashley and ?)
Joe: “I would totally live with that four.. and be honest with it 100%”
Wil: “Totally Agree.. Ditto… DITS”
Joe: “I think you can beat frank.. You can beat him on votes.. ”

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3:35pm Cam 3-4 Bathroom Janelle, Joe and Wil Joe saying that he talked to Frank this morning by the pool and He’s 100% onboard with getting JOJO out. Janelle: “REALLY!”
Joe: “Yup 100%.. ”
Janelle: “Because if JOJO wins HOH he’s safe”
Joe: “And he told me when we get to 6 the first 2 out have to be Jenn and IAn”
Janelle: “WHAT!!!”
Joe: “He said get rid of floaters”
Janelle: “Umm no no i’m not OK with that.. and you guys shouldn’t be OK with that because you need Jenn and Ian to beat Frank”
Joe: “Uh”
Janelle: “We’ll talk about this later tonight when we have our meeting”

4:00pm Cam 3-4 Suntanning

4:05pm Cam 1-2 Backyard Janelle, Frank, Wil, Boogie Wil is saying that he told JOJO to wear her black silk rob and High heels for the POV Ceremony today and she did. Frank called him a jerk, Wil says he was joking didn’t think she would. Janelle makes a comment about how she can’t believe JOJO wore that.

4:25pm Kitchen Shane and M&M’s Shane mad crazy strategizing with his M&M’s
JOJO comes in.. they start joking about the biggest cast rumor being a Load of shit. Shane: “Week 2 and we’re down 3 players” Jojo: “I’m kinda wishing that Rachel was a coach because I feel that she would understand what JOJO is going through” JOJO explains that Rachel had the house against her because of who she is and the threat she poses to the other players. Jojo says she’s nothing like Rachel in this game, Rachel was a HUGE BEAST. Shane tells her she’s athletic, like rachel. JOJO thinks it’s just because of the other girls in the house, back home JOJO doesn’t do any sports all she plays are board game and video Games. JOJO thinks if Rachel was her coach she would tell JOJO exactly what she has to do. JoJO kind of saying she would rather Rachel over Britney as a coach. Shane says that Britney is a good coach they are just stuck in a bad situation. Shane tell her what has happened to them has never happened to anyone in the history of the game. He adds that there will be something done to the numbers because they’re a bit low right now. Jojo mentions that the way things are looking this is going to be a boring next couple weeks.

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63 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – JOJO “I’m kinda wishing Rachel was a coach.. She’s a BEAST”

    1. maybe she will come back as a host or appear in one of the twists (Like julie says “teams we have new coaches (then have rachel james and maybe shima all hidden in boxes) and the team who wins a comp can trade their coach for another in 1 of the boxes” then brits team decides to trade her and they pick rachs box and BOOM shes back bitches :)

    2. I hate vets in the game but I wouldn’t mind an ALL-Stars with Rachel, Dani Donato, Dan, Janelle (to see who will dominate the comps), Russell, Ronnie, Natalie (yeah people..Jessie’s Natalie), Shelly, Michelle (from Dan’s season), Kalia (just coz I like her even though no one does)…..and Chima, had she not expelled herself. There’s probably others but I can’t think of any right now.

      1. We are definately do for another all-star game as the last one was Season 7 and this is Season 14. I would just love to see the best players from seaons 8-14 compete next year.

        1. agreed no more hass beens from season 1 to 7 (and enough of booger and janelle they need to go to vh1 or some other reality shows)

      2. Chima? Are you SERIOUS??? Worst player EVER. And that INCLUDES Ronnie. Jessie and his puppets almost completely ruined that season. Jeff and Jordan were the best to come out of that season. Russell was almost as much of a nightmare as Jessie. If any hide or hair of Jessie finds its way into this season…

        But seriously… Chima? She was worse than Willie.

        1. Yes I want the nasty people coz they are entertainment. Chima was a villain and villains make the show. Nobody would have fallen in love with Jeff and Jordan if there was no Jessie and gang to be the bad guys. Imagine a game with no serious conflict like the season after Jase left, he took all the drama with him.As much as us viewers complain that we hate this person or that person, they are the very people that make it worth watching for we anticipate their downfall. Just like the movies, it’s the bad guys that make watch. So for my All STARS I pick people that bring the drama. A season of all-nice people would bore me to tears.

      3. Lets review your choices for an All-Stars:

        Rachel – She is too over exposed.
        Dani Donato – Awful player. She only took 2nd place because of her Dad. He carried her and the ungrateful little b****…. She’s awful.
        Janelle – Again a nasty, Nasty person who is no where near as smart as people make her out to be (especially herself). Anyone else remember her “sheeps” remark?
        Russell – More violent than most players have ever been. I have to say though: Best suggestion so far. He was kind of entertaining.
        Ronnie – For a “brain” and “biggest BB fan ever” he played a stupid, stupid game. Nasty but not entertaining
        Natalie – Even though Natalie took 2nd place in her season, I don’t remember her at all and that makes her a bad choice.
        Shelly – Can’t bring myself to look at Skeletor any more, although I was a supporter of hers most of last season.
        Kalia (da’ Hut) – Nasty woman. Can’t play her own game.
        Chima – No one ever kicked out of BB should be allowed to step foot 1 in the BB house ever again. (also see below)

        It seems that you just want an all Nasty peoples BB. I understand the “love to hate them” idea, but I just hate them all and think none of them deserve any money for playing this game.

  1. I’m just voting Dawg at this point..LOL..the game is taking a boring turn..shiza needs to be stirred UP!!!

        1. me too – I think Dawg is being robbed in this poll! Certainly he’d be first choice to come in the game – talk about a twist! LOL!!

          1. LOL That would be the twist for the ages.. some random unknown Canadian guy gets dropped into the Big Brother house with a bucket of gin and a fist full of dollars.

  2. Why would you leave Dan in the game?. Wouldn’t you want a better chance at coaches comps, not to mention, winning the 100k? I like Dan way more than Janelle or Boog, but it makes sense to knock him out and there’s no advantage to keeping him in. It’s all about the coach’s friendships and not about game. This coach twist is lame.

  3. hey Simon is it possible to give us the links to all the BB seasons cause BBfan76 got terminated on youtube, and so did quirckydude he has a new channel, but not all the seasons are posted yet… PLEASE!!!!!

  4. Somebody call production, they are giving Janelle the win. Stop her! The coaches are entering the game and it will be too late for the newbies to take action. They are all a bunch of blabber mouths. The coaches know everything. Brittany sucks as a coach. Where is Danielle and Rachel. They would crush Janelle!

    1. Dani is the only former houseguest I like less than Janelle. Janelle would kick her skinny butt all over the house.

      Rachel vs Janelle would be a toss up.

  5. “JOJO “I’m kinda wishing Rachel was a coach.. She’s a BEAST”

    Yea she a beast in both comps and looks….. her a jojo would hit it off til Rachel got jealous that Jojo looks better than she does, just like last season with cassi….. i don’t think she would be a good coach though..

      1. dick-bb8 jeff-bb11 dr will even though he won’t come back rachel-bb12 drama . on another note how hilarious would it be if renny-bb10 was a coach

      2. Oh Matt from 12 would have been a good one. Even Jeff (without Jordan) or Brendon (without Rachel) or Racel (without Brendon) would have been good. I think Jeff, Brendon and Racel were all good players BY THEIR SELF. When you had them there as couples, not so much.

  6. Whatever you think of her, Rachel would have rocked it as coach. Much better than this poor excuse of a player Britney. Now I think Britney is a cute little girl but she sucked at this game. She was strung along, didn’t win anything and got evicted. Even her snarkiness became plain mean spiritedness. Dan and Boogie would have found a way to control Willie and rally around him instead of shunning him. Britney’s team sucks cos of her. 100% Rachel would have been a better coach.

  7. Simon you mentioned Kara is sequestered .. how do you see the next twist being. Also which coaches seem themost probable to stick together along with what players and coaches are on the best position

    1. I have no idea what the twist will be.. All I know is Production is going to have to put the flip on the game to stir this bunch up.
      Frank and Boogie, Dan and Danielle are going to stick not sure about the other ones. Janelle might be able to retain all her players and I think Britney will have to go it solo

  8. Frank ruined his game by putting Danielle up. It was time to put Wil or Joe up and get rid of one of them. He is going to be sorry if one of Janelle’s team wins HOH and he finds his ass on the block again, most likely next to Shane. If one of them wins POV, the other is going home and Danielle will be the pawn. Frank didn’t think this through. Janelle’s team has no intention of keeping their deal with Boogie’s team. It was only something they did to stay safe, just like they did when Willie was HOH. Next week Frank can’t play for HOH, so his only hope is that Jenn or Ian wins, maybe Shane – I’m not so sure Shane is solid with Frank. Shane should have made the condition that Jo Jo stays before making a deal. Frank isn’t the most exciting HG, but he got a bad deal from the start, and now he is alone. He will still be a target and the only way he stays is by winning competitions. If he wins next week, he will be doing someone else’s dirty work, and as soon as his HOH is over, he will be on the block again with nobody protecting him. I don’t see the reasoning for putting Dan and Brit at the same level, and keeping Janelle and Boogie’s teams 3 strong. It would have been much smarter to backdoor Wil and keep Jo Jo. She is loyal and her and Shane would have had Frank’s back. He could have counted on their votes and probably Danielle’s. If Janelle’s team wins HOH and Brit wins the coaches comp, two of Boogie’s people are going up, and one is going home because they don’t have the votes to stay. Danielle and Shane will decide, and Janelle is already working them. It is all in Janelle’s favor. I thought Frank was smarter than that. I thought Boogie was smarter than that too.

    1. Great point. But all of this is assuming that Shane won’t keep his side of the bargain, JoJo goes home, and Janelle’s players winning HoH this Thursday. This could very well happen though. Expect the unexpected. But honestly, I think Frank would be in trouble no matter who he put on the block unless someone from his team wins HoH. Even then he’d only be safe for a week.

    2. As usual, everything you say makes perfect sense, but you may recall that when discussing the option of replacing Shane with one of Janelle’s team he said that he wouldn’ t feel right doing that since they just saved him. So, I guess he just decided to take his chances that no one on Janelle’s team would win HOH. He didn’t think about it enough but Janelle acted mostly to get rid of Willie and not so much to save him.

    3. your strategy post makes sense but I heard Boogie didn’t want to trash the alliance this soon and told Frank next week it can change when Janelle’s team wins she can make the first move. Last year Dani wanted to make an early move and it bit her in the ass. I think you’re right this is a big gamble on Boogie’s part. Frank actually wanted to sever the alliance during that conversation.

      1. The problem with taking the gamble and maybe letting Janelle make the first move is that there aren’t enough people to recover if Boogie loses a player. Jenn and Ian should pay attention, because clearly he is willing to sacrifice one of them if Janelle puts team Boogie on the block. It may be too early in any other season, but the numbers this season are where they normally are on week 4, which is when people start making bold moves. I’m sure there is a twist, but they can’t count on something that is still unknown.

  9. CBS Production should got Rachel as their coach. That way, Rachel & Janelle will square off in coach competition. Better than britney, who needs to wake up and fight!

  10. Maybe JoJo and Kara will fight it out to come back (a la Lawon & Brendan). Or the coaches will fight it out to come into the game. IDK this ish is lame so far. Hate how everyone is laying low and hiding behind these alliances / teams.

    1. Hadn’t thought of that – I think it would make a great twist to let the next coach’s battle be who comes back into the game. The winner gets to pick the player & keep they join that coach’s team. Then Dan could win it for a change & make it a few more weeks…. hmmmm

  11. I’m hoping Julie Chen says know one gets evicted on Thursday. That would be cool, give JoJo and Shane a chance for HOH. Mix some shit up yo!!

  12. What u guys think about jojo being evicted? U think the house will be boring after this week without her? Or that she needs to go? I feel she is actually fun to watch! And if she’s evicted they should bring her back a week later … Damn this sucks

    1. Compared to everyone else in the cast and the way she’s been talked about by them, I sort of like JoJo! Her smoking weed at Sonic story was pretty funny. I usually root for the unpopular ones though (Kalia, last season). I sort of wonder if I would like the cast more if this coaches thing wasn’t in their way.

  13. they’ll probably let us know what they’ll do on Thursday. even tho its completely unfair and i was hoping they wouldn’t do this but they have to let the coaches into the game. having jodi leave the first night was the dumbest idea ever and now they’ve lost three ppl and only had one eviction . they’re already down to nine ppl thats enough for the jury and its only the second week. i was hoping they wouldn’t let the coaches in becus im afraid it will end up like last season where the newbies had no chance beating ppl who already played the game before.

  14. I hope AG gets evicted this week! This coach twist is the worst.

    Here’s an idea, next season should have 14 NEW players, and NO stupid half assed twists! Bet none of the houseguests will see that not coming.

    1. sounds good to me. s/b all newbies unless you’re doing an all-stars. Somebody on an earlier post suggested a BB cast with all the 1st houseguests out the door or the houseguest that got all the way to the end & didn’t win. I like the ideas & think it another one would be a cast of the America’s Favorites – see if we still like them enough when competing against each other.

  15. I really hope that Julie Chen says , ” jojo even though you were put up for eviction this week, u will NOT be going home !” that’s my best friend I am praying for her to stay she has a lot more up her sleeve he hasn’t been able to show that she can really be trusted because she was dealt the wrong hand with willie, and look at all the other players they are BEIN loyal too, to their team how can they blame her!!! Ugh!!

    1. Jojo was given a shitty deal that’s for sure. If Willie had stayed she would have been safe this week. They might just keep jojo this week and shuffle it all up. Maybe letting boogie have first pick of the players so he can get frank his “quarter horse”.

      Is it me or is frank incredibly boring?

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