Big Brother 14: Britney says Shane and Jojo stayed loyal to a sinking ship.

POV Holder: ? Next POV: July 22nd (Sunday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
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Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots /Slop ?
Coach Competition Winner ?
Next Coaches Competition July 20 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara

9am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the control room to wake up the house guests. When the feeds come back, all the house guests are up and getting ready for the day. Frank talks about how he was told he will be doing a lot more diary room sessions this week. Jojo mentions that she has a twin and they were born 2 minutes apart. They talk about how they have been locked down so much and that it sucks not being able to go outside. Britney brings up how they’ve made the top 10. Frank, Shane and Jojo laugh and comment on how it’s true. Shane says yeah until you coaches come into the game. Frank heads up to the HOH room. Jojo whispers to Shane how they should bring up to Janelle was with them and then dropped us … what makes you think she won’t do the same thing to you.

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10am Britney calls Jojo and Shane into the arcade room to talk. Shane says that we need to separate from Willie. We are in this situation because of him. Britney says that he will lose his temper again. They want one of us to go home. If I save one of you, they are coming after the other. Britney says that Willie offering to go home and to not give him the key … she says but that doesn’t help either of you or me. Jojo wonders if she should bring up how Janelle has been switching sides. Britney says no don’t it will come out in time. Britney says that if she is able to save both of them she will. She says separate yourself from him. Shane says that he will. They talk about how it will probably be Shane and Willie nominated and that if Jojo wins the Power of Veto she can save Shane and then Jojo can’t be nominated. Britney talks about if she won the coaches competition if she exchanged Willie for Danielle then Willie and Dan would go home … but what would I do with Danielle she is useless.

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Britney asks Jojo why she thinks she has a power or something. Jojo says that he was mentioning what if I can’t go home. She says and when he went to blog he took his bag with him. Britney says that last year we didn’t need anything when we blogged. Britney brings up the Diamond Power of Veto. Britney says how bad would that be if we exchanged him and he has a power. They break up the conversation and leave the room.


10:10am Up in the HOH room, Britney, Frank and Mike are talking. Britney says that she only had two votes anyways there was no way I could save you. Frank says that it’s a good judge of character that they wouldn’t leave Willie, its great and all that they were loyal to him but it’s a good judge of how they will play the game in the future. (Meaning that they will always be against Frank.) Mike says that the nominations will be Willie and Shane. Britney says that she understands and says that she tried to tell him and calm him down. Mike and Britney discuss the possibility of knocking Dan out of the competition if Britney wins the coaches comp and trades Willie for Danielle. Frank says that you want to knock out Dan, but I don’t give a sh*t about Dan, I want Willie out of the game after how he came at me. Mike says that he respects the fact that Shane said he was 50/50 on Wednesday night and then yesterday he said straight up that he was sticking with his man Willie. Mike says that he respects that but he was too short sighted. Mike asks Britney if she told her players that maybe its time to abandon ship.
10:45am Britney explains how up until the last minute we were a solid 4 votes. Mike and Frank ask her if Ashley was the fourth. Britney says she won’t say who. Mike asks is there any part of you that says let me keep everyone happy .. and if I win the coaches challenge do you cut Willie and try and save the others. Britney says that she came here to play and wouldn’t feel right about cutting a player and sending him home. Britney says that Willie is a competitor… he may just win the Power of Veto… She says if he wins then he comes off and I just made a lateral move because one of my other players goes. Mike wonders if the first 3 evicted are in sequester and then we win a coaches competition and get to bring one of them back. Britney thinks its a high possibility. Britney wonders if Dan does get knocked out if he can come back later in the game. Mike says yeah maybe. Frank tells Britney if she traded with any other people other than Dan he would still put two of her people up. Mike adds that even if you trade players ..they may still be working with their alliances so they may come to team meetings but be taking information back. Britney says that Shane and Jojo stayed loyal to a sinking ship. They had no choice what team they were put into. Mike says if things all go the way we want them too… then one of them could easily win HOH and you’ll see how the power will gravitate. Britney congratulates Frank on being able to turn things around. Britney says that she felt really bad for Ashley because he was cornering her and wouldn’t leave her alone.

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Does anyone know when the Coaches Comp takes place today


Probably this afternoon or evening


Thanks Simon


Simon do u think if Willie had a power we would have known about it already ie his comments the other day before and right after blow up


I doubt Willie has a power

deathtobrenchel Team Willie YO

Britney is a dumbass.
The fact she was was even asked to be a coach is laughable at best. She was dragged on by the brigade blindfolded, and then cut loose when she no longer served a purpose. How can anyone take advice from her? They should be helping their single player game first and worry about their “team” later. Sine you know….only one person wins $500,000.

This season is frustrating me already,t hat’s pretty sad, lol!

Red Lampshade

In Britney’s defense, she’s been a pretty good coach so far. She’s given nothing but sound advice. The only problem was that Willie didn’t listen to a lot of it. It’ll be interesting to see if she can come out of this week with three players, though. If she can, then she’ll definitely have my early vote for Best Coach.


You are right about Brittany. What a LOSER. I coached for over 20 years and would never just throw my players away. She’s so selfish and it’s sick. She should get her team all fired up and add Danielle and try to get Ashley making it a 5-4 game again. Also, it was HER that said put up Kara and Frank. It was HER that said let’s team up with Janielle. It was HER that started the crap about coaching back into the game. It was HER that told Willie about Frank talking crap knowing full well he would go downstairs to confront Frank. I’m surprised she hadn’t cheated on her husband yet if she thought it make her some money.

Dark Horse

I agree, at first I was excited about Britney, they should have brought back Hayden

BB Fan 4 ever

Willie is going to stay this week I just have a feeling. Also Dan will win the coach competition and get someone off of Britney’s team. I just think it will happen


I don’t think Dan is that stupid to trade Dani for one of Brits players but if he does that he deserves to go home or wants to


If nothing else, Britney has proven to be loyal to a fault in the BB house.

For those of you criticizing Britney for how she talks to Willie, Willie dug himself in deep by not listening to her and not leaving well enough alone when Britney told him to. Britney has two other HGs to concern herself with and for better or worse, right or wrong, Willie’s actions reflect upon her team as well. She has every right to be annoyed with Willie because Willie’s actions affect his alliance members as well and he just didn’t see it.


right but she didnt have to be such a b!tch. When he said his gf wouldnt talk to him the way she(Brittney) was, she did not have to say “you’d beat her”. He was arrested for beating a guy and i don’t know if his gf was shoved during that whole incident but Brittney was just looking to make him feel bad or anger him even more, which then she gets mad at him for being angry. Willies actions were unncessary but Brittney is the one who caused him to call the meeting and confront frank, she knew how he handled things by that point but went on. As a coach she should be better and honestly realize both incidents were her fault, because without the meeting the whole slur situation wouldnt have happened.


Britney’s frustrated and she was a complete bitch. But to say Britney’s at fault for the things Willie did is oversimplifying it. She loaded the gun with her own paranoia and jumping ahead with possibilities but it was still Willie’s decision to pull the trigger.


wrong, the problems started when willie was listening to brit when she mentioned the possibility of coaches joining the game. it all spiraled from there


Last I checked, Britney brought it up because she was concerned about it and Willie is the one who decided to run with the house meeting AGAINST Britney’s wishes. She wanted to distance herself away from that as much as possible.

Britney did not say “hey Willie, call a house meeting because you’re feeling paranoid.”

Britney did not say “hey Willie, go yell at Frank in front of everyone else and turn the house against you.”

From the first night the feeds came on, Britney (and Jannelle before she just got tired of it) would say one thing and Willie would argue for the opposite viewpoint.

Willie is stubborn and he did what Willie wanted to do. He’d get a piece of information and run with it or a possibility and blow it up when there was no reason to.

Blaming Britney is far too easy. I don’t understand why so many people are having difficulty placing blame on Willie.

deathtobrenchel Team Willie YO

You’re right, Willie made bad calls against the advice of Britney, However, it’s the other house guests that have misconstrued Willies intentions. His purpose for the house meeting was to rally the newbs and talk about the coaches coming back into the game and how they need to stick together. Which was a littel early to do I agree, but he had best intentions at heart. Joe was the only one who voiced his disagreement, yet he’s also the one playing one of the hardest games right now.

The outburst at Frank? I would have done the same thing. If someone was down there telling people that I make fun of other for being gay and slandering my name for such a controversial subject, you’re damn right I’m going to get in thier face and confront them. His execution wasn’t the best, but he was defending himself, not attacking.

I for one am not blaming Britney for his actions, I’m blaming britney for being a bitch and berating him like a child. I was team britney untill her little outburst.


I strongly believe that Britney is going to win the Coaches Competition. And I believe that they are going to tailor the POV competition for Britney’s team. And I’m pretty sure Willie has the Diamond POV. So Brit’s team is practically safe this week thanks to the BB production! I can’t wait to see Team Frank self-destruct!! 🙂

Eric CA

People this is Big Brother, there is no sense to it. It is the chaos theory in action.
Common sense for all of those players, except Ian and Jen (they would need Frank, to distract the
others until the dissolving of the coaches. Or be the next Boogie to go.), is to evict Frank.
Unfortunately they allowed emotional manipulation and Willies mouth to make heir choice.

Now considering that Mike Boogie is the coach. I see before nominations Boogie and Brittney making a deal.
Chilltown always makes deals with what they perceived as the desperate and operated on the “So you want to
loose to a “likeable” person?” Mark my words Wil and Danielle will be the nominees… for the back doing of Willie
that will never come. Boogie firmly believes in the cover a good villain

I said this earlier.

It looks like that is what happening. Janelle should not have jumped ship with her team. Doesn’t she remember the last time she got in bed with Chilltown the only thing she got out of it was crabs.


Willie is an idiot. He came in way to hard and fast. Britney tried many times to tell him to shut up. Was he that short sighted to not know that you can from hero to zero in this game in a nano second. Has he never seen an episode of BB???? What I DONT want to see is all the big players get evicted right away because they are a threat. We will just be left with whiny floaters for the rest of the season and that would suck.

If Willie could have just played a better social game, he could have teamed up with the power players and we could of had some good television. His ego could very well be his downfall. I know a lot can change in a week but he has a BIG mountain of s%#t to try to climb out of. Good luck!

Eric CA

Willie can not play a better social game, but fear not. Willie be in that house next week.
People always, always and yet again always… get scared that if the loud mouth, repugnant, offensive
jerk that is a blight on the house leaves, maybe people are going to start looking at me.

Willie is safe for at least two to three weeks, possibly longer if he makes some smart deals. Brittney, if she looses,
is stuck with Willie. The key to Willie is the packaging that would be irresistible to a Mike Boogie. If you make this deal.
You will have three votes to add to yours, plus the added coverage a Willie can offer your team, “Everybody Hates Willie.”,
Ian and Jenn are safe. I also have to offer too hot bodies that are athletic and can offer wins to your team. Loose Frank,
and you are down to Ian and Jen…. neither can beet Janelle in a Swimsuit competition.

Shane works the girls, JoJo the boys… lets do this. I hate your guts bet love the money.



even though i love willie u are so right britnney always told him leave things alone or dont approach anyone but willie is hot temper he doesn’t listen . i understand how he had to stand up for himself but he just keeps diggin and diggin …. ….. i just hope willie wins the veto


Classic, even Willie’s teammates blame all of this on him. His coach blames him. Yet, according to many in here, its Joe and Franks fault. Too funny!!!


What happens is that people pick their player at the start and roll with him or her. I was team Willie first, but I quickly realized what a loose cannon he is and ditched him. I don’t know who I would want to win right now, but everything that happened is on Willie. I understand that Britney may have put a few ideas in his head, but it was Willie’s manipulative ways, paranoia, and explosive nature that made Janelle leave the early alliance and also lead to the big blowout with Frank. For instance, I agree that Willie had to, at least, talk to people and explain that he didn’t mean the Wil remark as homophobic, but there was a better way of doing it.. that is, calmly and without having everyone turn on him. Whatever disagreement he had with Frank that night, should have been dealt with in the background as well.

I don’t necessarily feel that Willie is a bad guy. I think he is just extremely emotional and stubborn at the same time. Production team did a good job picking this guy because he is good for TV, however.


Well said. I was rooting for Willie in the beginning as well. I would say that I started to not root for him around the same time that Jedi Jani started to distance herself from that team. Plus, I despise his “coach” and I use that word loosely in her case. I still don’t know why she was brought back. Other than a few funny DR sessions, which I now suspect are scripted, she really brings nothing to the show. The only thing worse than her gameplay on S12 is her coaching this season. Glad that Jedi Jani has distanced herself from Britney. Easily the best move she’s made so far this season.


Janelle had to leave the alliance for the sake of her team. There was nothing good happening with Willie and she saw it. I give her full credit for understanding the situation and doing the right thing.

I don’t know why anyone on the production team thought Britney would be a good coach either.

Myka 9

Trading Willie for Danielle is a bad move for Britney (I won’t even expand on how bad of an idea it’d be to trade Willie for Wil in terms of Team Britney). Boogie is a smart player, and Frank seems down to do what Boogie wants, and if that’s the case, the target this week will definitely be Shane as keeping Willie will keep a bigger target in the house other than Frank, while keeping Shane would most likely make Frank the new biggest target. If Willie goes over to Dan’s team, it’d make it that much easier for Frank and Boogie to somehow make a one week deal with Willie and get Shane out.

In this sense, Britney should just keep her players as they are. She should stay in constant contact with Dan and see if she can get something out of promising not to trade Willie for Danielle. She should also help fan the flame for Ian’s and Joe’s desire to get Frank out soon, that will help her chances of placement next week. If she wins the coaches challenge, she should save Shane and let Willie and JoJo fight for the POV (I still can’t decide who, if I was Britney, I’d rather pull for if it comes down to Willie and JoJo. Jojo I guess…). At the end of the day though, if Shane and JoJo somehow remain safe, Britney can still make the argument that keeping Willie is smart for Janelle’s players (most likely unsuccessfully though lol).

Obviously, in order for Britney’s week to rise up from “Shit” to “Survivable”, she’ll have to win the coaches challenge as well as POV, but knowing production, this might be easier than she thinks.

Also, it looks like Kara is in sequester, so if you’re Team Britney, it might be best that Shane or Willie go soon so that they can come back (most likely under a different team though).


My best way of Willie’s self-destruct is to keep himself calm and win the PoV to take himself off.That way, he needs to relax than taking his aggression on everyone.

Beyonce fan

Diamond pover of veto? Lol you people killl me lol we would have known about a diamond power of veto.


Willing to bet money, of Shane goes up, he’s going to win POV.


Simon, I will post the comment Big Brother 14 Highlights!
Good Morning and welcome to big brother 14 highlights. Last night, Frank won HoH that gives Team Mike Boogie the second win. Team Britney can turn this around and does not look good for Team Janelle & Team Dan. Both teams are four straight losses and does not look good for either teams. We will have coaches competition and the twist is if one of these coaches win; either save one of their team member or trade to another team. Would it be effect either one of their team or continue to stay as a unit? We will find out later. Plus let’s take a look at the mentor standings:
1.Team Britney/Team Mike Boogie (2-2)
3.Team Janelle/Team Dan (0-4)
Stay tuned the coverage of Big Brother 14 Highlights!


Britany should trade Willie for one of Boogies people, so when Willie is evicted Boogie would be down one person and she would still have three people. But I hope Willie does not get evicted, the rest of the cast seem boring!!!!

Eric CA

Nominees will be Danielle (she is a one girl team, safe bet.) and Wil or Joe.
This will be sold to the house as a way to backdoor Willie. Willie, Shane or JoJo
win POV nominees stay the same.
Wil or Joe, play too heavy to stay and one of them go’s home. For Danielle her bet bet to stay under this
is the exact opposite of a boy’s best advise… go Rachael Riley, bat shit crazy…. that or seduce as many heterosexual men
and become BFF if Wil.
Willie is staying.

Aspiring big brother

Hey Simon n dawg great site first off I’m just wonder do y’all have another job as well or does this pay the bills. Also if u have another job what is it.


This site is something we do on the side. The costs to run this site are FREAKING HUGE the equipment we rent every year is substantial. I work in IT, Dawg dances 😉


People are starting to get on my nerves with this “what if someone comes back later in the game” you cant play the game like that, that is how paranoia starts.. you have to play with what is in front of you. I hope britney trades will for wil i would love that and then willie get pov. Team willie all day!!!

production rigged it

u know it’s funny how alot of people r bashing britney right now, let’s see how all of u would do in that house having to deal with willie everyday and trying to get him to keep his mouth shut, it’s easy to say this or that out here but would u really get in his face and piss him off whlie in there, maybe but probably not because most people r just all talk. also whether u like willie or not u hav to admit he makes for good tv by keeping things interesting which is always a good thing maybe not for him but for us though and also i really don’t care one way or the other but could u imagine the look on janelle’s face if britney won and traded willie for wil which is exactly what boogie and dan were talking about before when boogie said he would rather play the game with janelle with 2 players and him and britney with 3 and dan with instead of britney trading for danielle and dan being out of the game, if that happened there would be more fireworks than the fourth of july , here’s to hoping there’s some kind of shakeup in the house so there will be even more turmoil this week than there already is.


omg i hatttte frank so much what a douche hes a little man.