Janelle and Britney Alliance Breaking, Joe: “Frank is smooth.. He’s damn smooth he’ll have you eating out of the palm of his hand”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe

5:09on Hammock Britney and Willie They are joking around about Willie starting

Britney asks him questions about being a tanker man she’s trying to think of ways to make Willie sexy so he can sell him to Ashley. Willie says he hauls hazardous waste onto barges. Britney laughs she’s trying to figure out how to sell that to Ashley. She asks him about his house, Willie: “my house is alright it’s not the best it’s not the worst” they both laugh hysterically.

Britney: “you do drive a nice care and you know how to wine and dine” Willie tells her she better not tell Ashley anything or he’ll be pissed.

Willie tells her that he knows Frank, Britney gets mad reminds him that Frank and Jenn went behind Franks back and cornered Joe for an alliance.

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5:15pm Arcade room Janelle, Ashley, Wil and Joe Janelle’s team is just going over the pros and cons of taking taking Frank out. Joe does a lot of talking
Joe leaves and the 3 of them start talking about how annoying Joe is. Wil points out that joe wants us all to not talk but he is talking to the entire house. Janelle: “Joe is uper controlling I hate being told what to do”

Ashley wants to know where JoJO head is at. Janelle thinks it’s hard jojo is all over the place. Wil thinks she’s a dangerous player. Janelle and Ashley both agree that joJO talks too much shit about Danielle. Ashley says that it looks like Willie is trying to work a showmance with her she’s not interested. Britney comes in and they ask her if they are goign to have a group meeting. Britney thinks in a couple days.

5:20pm HOH room Willie and Joe They both agree that they are on the same page with where they are going in the game. Joe wants to know 4 reason to keep frank. Willie says he’s got a ton of reason to get rid of Kara. the main reason is he wants to take Dan out because if Dan goes home there is one less person to compete in the Coaches Competition. Another reason why is Kara is a person that can stay in the game and can hurt them with votes. Willie thinks frank is someone that will take out Daniele next week or at the very least be manipulated.
Joe thinks that kara is after him in the game so Willie agrees. Willie: “YOU are A OK I am not coming after you unless we’re final 3 or 4” Joe says same here.

Willie says that everyone in the house thinks he’s keeping Frank in the game becuase of him but he’s keeping frank becuase kara is going to cause division in this family and Frank will not. Willie points out that Frank will leave his coach but Kara will not she’s brainwashed by Dan. Joe: “What makes you so sure that he’s not playing you .. I don’t see how someone can leave their coaches like that” Willie is certain someone would leave their Boogie as a coach, nobody likes boogie. Kara is going to do whatever Dan says but at least with Frank they can sway him, Willie: “That’s a good reason right there to keep Frank”.

Willie asks Joe if Kara wins HOH who does he think is going up. Joe: “Me and you” Willie: “Exactly that is why we have to keep Frank” Joe understands says he hopes Willie is right.

Joe tells him that he’ll campaign for Wilie if Willie goes up on the block.
Joe: “Your sold on Keeping Frank”
Willie: “Ya.. i’m protecting the family”
Joe: “I hope it doesn’t come back and bit you”
Willie: “If it does it’ll bite by first”
Joe: “He’s coming after Shane”
Willie: “Shane’s not going home we have the votes.. don’t want him to be in dangerous problem”
Britney joins them says that Kara is playing a much better game than Frank right, Frank is going all around burning bridges. Willie: “Exactly that’s why from a team move we gotta get rid of Kara” Britney asks Joe if he thinks that Kara and Frank have people in the house. Joe thinks she’s close to Wil and Danielle but Frank isn’t close to anyone. Britney keep reiterating that Frank is a sinking ship he’s clueless in the game. She points out that everyone dislikes Boogie in the house but people like Dan and that’s a big threat.

Britney asks Joe if they take Frank out and JoJo wins HOH next week does he think she will nominate Kara again? Britney doesn’t, she thinks Kara will fall off everyone’s radar but if Frank stays everyone will be gunning for him. Britney: “I don’t know Joe you’re a smart guy if you think Frank running around lying and making fake alliances is a threat than vote him out” Britney thinks Kara is the bigger threat now. Joe: “Frank is smooth.. he’s damn smooth he’ll have you eating out of the palm of his hand”.. Feed cut

Joe Asks Britney if she wants Kara out. Britney: “I think she’s playing the better game and It think she has the potential to upset the group” Ashley and Janelle join them they start talking about chess. Willie: “I can play alright I know how to move the pieces” Joe adds that his biggest concern is that Kara isn’t going to win a HOH but Frank will. Britney just says that Kara is playing a much stronger game and they all know where frank’s head is he’s shown his cards. They stick around for a bit then Joe, Janelle and Ashley leave.

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6:08pm HOH Britney and Willie Willie: “We need to get AShley we need to get JOe and take off it’s over with her it’ll be one week before we’re going after each other” (talkign about janelle) Willie mentions how bad of a mood Janelle is because she’s not getting her way.
Willie: “That is what happens on her seasons she doesn’t get her way and she freaks out”
Britney: “She made a deal with Kara to keep her group safe for next week.. you know what I have to do I have to go downstairs make a deal with Kara then come up here and tell them they made a deal so they can catch Kra in a lie.
Willie: “Jamelle is f*cking up”
britney: “We need Janelle more than than janelle needs us.. nobody wants to work with me everyone wants to work with Janelle”
Willie: “yAll not playing the game F*ck janelle… F*ck Boogie.. they all don’t have a vote.. It doesn’t f**king matter what your coach says”
Britney :” Janelle is trying to tell her players that willie has a deal with frank and that is why Willie wants Frank to stay”
Britney says she heard wil say something earlier today “This will be a 2 week thing maybe 3” (in terms of their 6 person super alliance)
Britney is worried becuase Janelle is going to make an alliance with one of the other coaches. She stresses to Willie that they have to work with her right now we need her.
Britney tells him that she’s the underdog coach in the game janelle and Boogie knwo each other ousdie the house and talk.

(There you have it the super alliance is threw HURRAY!!!!!!! this is a great Big Brother on the feeds)

6:25pm JoJo and Britney joJO says that she watches Big Brother all the time and analyzes each episode (This is how jojo starts all her conversations with Britney). JoJO and Britney both agree that they are starting to lose SHane as someone they can trust. Britney tells her that Janelle wants Kara to stay so that Karra and Wil can make it to the end. Britney tells her that janelle’s goal is to have her team safe next week and the lose of on of their team members.

Britney says that janelle is trying to make Willie look like he’s un-trustworthy. Britney: “is Kara wins HOH who is going on the block… Jojo and Willie”
Britney: “No matter what Janelle does not have the votes to keep frank and she’s pissed.. I think Danielle has a deal with Kara”

They go back and forth about Janelle turning on their team.

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im trying to get these live feeds. im confused though. how do you enter your credit card? like do you put a space between every 4 or do you just type the whole thing out?

i tryed both and its not working…


I think we’re inching closer to mad grenades.


Me too, god if Ian wins HOH this week all hell will break loose. I’m also glad that some players are starting to realize the coaches don’t really matter in terms of they don’t have a vote and are just worried about their players (although Willie seems to know this but wants to get rid of Kara anyway).


So did I, This mentor twist is pushing the newbies to play way too hard. Half of the newbies are thinking the Coaches are entering the game soon.


If Dan loses Kara and Danielle does that trigger when Coaches enter the game? Anyone’s thoughts?


This is crazy, insane awesome – worth buying the feeds for!!! I can’t wait till Janelle hears them scheming against her group! Also that is so dumb to think Janelle wants Wil and Karra in the final two. She would want 2 of her people in the final two because its a guaranteed win for her – Duh!


Had I known that, I would’ve clicked the links on the site.

Safari Pete

All the ads support the site


I was more specifically speaking about the Superpass subscription. I’ll be sure to visit here first next year, then subscribe.


I’m glad their “super alliance” is on the verge of breaking up! I really don’t want Kara to go cause Dan needs her. He’s who I’m rooting for. All I know is that I can’t stand Jojo or joe. Also why does everyone hate Danielle??? People talk so much shit in this house. Well they don’t have anything better to do I guess but talk shit and talk game.


i want dan to go all the way too. janelle was saying that when halftime comes up the coaches will be told they will be then playing along with the newbies fror the 5G so if thats true (makes sense) then dan has a chance at the 5g and if won would be the only person to win BB twice ( i think)

Beyonce fan

I think janelle team is is in a good place mike and dan want shane or willie out the house janelle team can play all teams in the house and willie need to know the onley person on his team that makeing deals is his fat ass.


Willie said that Kara is brainwashed by Dan.Willie is the one that’s brainwashed by Britney and Janelle.He’s repeating the exact same thing,that Janelle and Britney told him about Dan,brain washing the other house guests.


Totally agree. I mean he’s saying things like “Willie says he’s got a ton of reason to get rid of Kara. the main reason is he wants to take Dan out because if Dan goes home there is one less person to compete in the Coaches Competition.” and using that as an argument with Joe. How do these people not just say So, I’m not in the Coaches Competition.


So Willie, Ashley, and JoJo have an aliance now. I wonder if this could be a possible love triangle in the future lol.


Here’s the episode Kara is on of Keeping up with the Kardashians! its so weird seeing her on it



This is great. A few observations:
– I hate how boogie says Brit and janelle are too dumb to see that getting rid of Kara would cripple Dan. His ego needs checked.
– I can’t wait to see more cracks between janelle and Brit. Very entertaining.
– although they need to not follow their coaches every word, it’s still important to keep your coach ‘happy’ so they consider saving you with the coach competitions. Can’t puss them off too much-pacify them.
– where the hell is jenn? Isnt she worried no one is talking game to her?


This season is definitely making me want to get the feeds! I’ve never gotten them before, so if I get the one just for a month, is that the month of July or a full month from when I purchase it?


Can someone explain Joe’s gameplay? Like why does he keep lying so early in the game. Frank didn’t propose a brigade deal with Joe or an aliance at all, and I don’t understand how that benefits him by telling everyone that.


The only thing that makes sense is that he wants to cause problems between/about Willie and Frank. They are the strongest players and if one takes the other out, it benefits Joe and Janelle. If nobody trusts Willie and Frank, it will be easier to get them out. But I think Joe is going to be found out. Willie and Frank are tighter than Joe thinks and if he burns Willie’s trust, he will be in danger. I am not liking Janelle’s gameplay this time around. Joe is totally lying to her to stir the pot and Janelle trusts him completely.


That’s the one thang about jenelle that has always bothered me she is way too trusting of men and what they say it ruined her on all stars. I still love her and thinks she’s the greatest to have never won the game


I can’t believe how much back and forth between Kara and Frank do they realize it’s only week one and Monday . They act like they are agonizing over final 3 or something getting annoying


Has Kara or Dan approached Ian or Jenn to vote off Frank? Although they would lose a strong competitor for their coach, they could show others that Boogie isn’t associated with them (which is what people seem to be thinking and why some people want them off). Also it gives them a 50/50 chance of getting safety if Boogie win’s coach competition (because he would still want them to win after voting off Frank, since he’s still playing for 100G).

First time commenter but constant visitor (For last 2 seasons I never watched an episode but still read your updates!) Great site Simon and Dawg!


No need in putting any nude pics of Kara on here. Just go look up her Playboy pictures.


Do you guys think if Dan work with Boogie,it will help him make it to the final 2?I really want Dan to be the first two time winner.As long as production doesn’t interfere with the game to help Janelle or Britney’s team in anyway.The fact that Dan is a great strategic and social player.And going by his season(season10)he’s not bad at competitions.With this in mind,I think Dan has a good chance at being the winner of Big Brother again.


I think this is the hardest I’ve ever seen the BB house play week one of the game! We got some serious players this year, thank God! lol