Big Brother 14 Spoilers- Willie and Ashley Final 2, Ashley: “I will protect you forever”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe
Next Coaches Competition July 21 or 22

7:00pm Ashley and Willie
Ashley gives him the run down of what is being said with Janelle’s group. Pretty much they are concerned that Willie has a deal with Frank and he’s starting up another Brigade. Willie swears that he has made no such think. Willie only wants to keep Frank around because Frank takes all the heat off Willie and he knows that Janelle and Dan will team up and take him out at the first chance they have. Ashley says that Janelle is made about the idea to split up the votes. Willie get angry says that in the beginning that was all Janelle’s idea.

Willie explains to her that he’s with her til the end, final 2.
Willie tells her that Janelle plans on keep their alliance together for 2 weeks TOP maybe 1 but in the meantime she’s is setting up side alliances with Dan so that Wil and Kara make it to the final 2.

Willie: “your best interest is to keep me in the house because nobody is going to have your back like I do”
Ashley: “Wil is scared shitless because next week Kara is gone and that is the person he’s been working hardest with”
They both agree that too many players in the house are making decision based on their “teams”. He doesn’t care what team you are on this is their game they are playing for the team that will get them 1/2 a million dollars. Willie: “I got you till the end.. I won’t put you up.. when the time come sand I have to put you up I’ll come up to you and tell you the time is now”
Ashley: “I will protect you forever”
Willie: “that means we gotta get married”
Ashley asks him who Frank will put up if he wins HOH, Willie: “He told me Danielle.. cause he wants to take out Dan’s team”
AShley is worried that JoJO will find out that her and Willie are talking game and jojo is going to be pissed. Willie: “If this gets all hell will break out but I’ll tell her straight up the truth she won’t have a problem.. if you can work Ian I’ll work Joe”
Willie: “We gotta build our alliance but nobody can find out about us”

Willie reiterate that Janelle is really upset about Kara leaving.

They think that Ian will be with them becuase he wants to be win the fame

Willie: “lets keep Joe and Ian and then cut them loose… maybe we’ll take Jojo to final 3.. but i would MUCH rather be in this hose with you than with JoJo”
Ashley: “jojo is loyal”

Willie reiterates that Ashley is his final 2 for about 20 minutes,..

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7:30pm Game talk marathon over people getting ready for dinner

Dan and Boogie were talking in the living room Boogie asks him in light of what happened if he could redo things would he have picked his players differently. Feeds switch (DAMN)
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7:32pm Backyard Willie and Janelle Willie is asking her if they are still good. Janelle tells him everything is cool, “what makes you think I was upset?” Willie says she hasn’t been herself around him.
Willie: “Whatever you guys want to do if you win HOH then i’m 100% behind you, I’m looking out for the team”
Janelle doesn’t know what her players will do if they win HOH.. Ian maybe Danielle she says that each of her players will likely target a different person.
JoJO joins them
Willie: “We’re winning this HOH”
Janelle: “Who do you want to leave next week?”
Willie: “Frank.. whatever yall want to do.. whatever you want to do i’m cool”
Janelle: “If we eliminate Kara this week than Danielle next we get rid of Dan before he can sway our players” Janelle is worried that Frank and Wille are forming a guys alliance.
Willie tells her he swear to god he’s never gone up to Frank to start a all guys alliances..
Janelle: “but that is what Joe was saying Frank said”
Willie: “I want to do whatever you want to do.. whatever is best for the team… you want Frank gone I’m done with that.. you want Ian or Danielle I’m on-board”
Janelle says if Willie and Shane are taken out than then are screwed against frank in physical competitions. Willie agrees he points out that JoJO will be deadly at endurance. Janelle adds that Kara will be strong as well.
Willie tells them it doesn’t matter, one of them is going to win HOH on Thursday. Janelle: “We need to worry about Frank because he has these leadership qualities”
Willie: “That’s what i’m saying you put up Frank whoever you want”
Shane and Joe join them and talk moves to general game mechanics, HOH competitions, POV’s what Janelle’s seasons were like.

8:12pm Arcade Room Janelle and Joe They are talkign about Willie not being very smart.

Joe and Janelle both think taking Kara out is a bad idea.

Joe is saying that Willie is starting to

Janelle says she knew this was going to happen, “It’s so frustrating people and their studiity”
Joe: “I know I had to go to my room I was so distraught”
Janelle: “You did tell him again about Frank’s all guys alliance”

Joe:”ig Boogie pulls this off and gets Willie I’m goign to be pissed”
janelle: “that doesn’t make sense”
Joe: “Boogie likes having the strongest men in the house”
Janelle keeps saying over and over again that she’s played this game twice before she’s not stupid she knows hoe to play this gamre.
Janelle: “He’s stupid.. he only graduated the 8th grade.. that’s probably why Boogie can manipulate him”
Joe: “you ever find out how long he was in prison.. feeds cut”
Janelle asks him if he thinks Ian would vote for Frank
Joe is sure that Ian will be a independent thinker but for right now he’s a with Boogie 100%
(Janelle impersonates Willie)

8:23pm – Joe asks her if all the information floating around true in her season. Janelle explains that it really depended on the source.
Janelle says they should have a conversation with Dan and Danielle.
Joe: “what would that conversation be”
Janelle: “We’ll try to get the votes for him.. but it’s not going to happen..ugh”
Joe: “That’s a really smart idea.. we need Dan’s help”
Janelle: “I don’t 100% trust Dan but if his back is against the wall”
Joe thinks that they can grab JoJO if they really start pushing the whole guys alliance.
Wil joins them, Joe tells him that Kara is going home and Willie’s side thinks that Wil has an alliance with Kara. Wil gets mad says he’s disgusted, “Bullshit i’m pissed off.. .he should be on the block next Thursday for getting rid of nice… feeds cut”
Wil gets up say”that redneck piece of shit” and walks out

(Crazy Crazy feeds)
8:40pm Storage Room Willie and Wil Feeds cut in and out all we can really hear is that Willie wants what is best for the team and he’s down with whatever they do if they win HOH.

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I know everyone has had it with Rachel, but having Rachel, Dani Donato, and Janelle compete against each other would have been amazing.

Red Lampshade

This season has already been so awesome. Things will really start to get going on Thursday though when they finally have to evict someone and the power shifts. It’ll be interesting to see what everybody does then.


I started watching BB season 9 so I never saw any of Janelle’s seasons but I remember Rachel and Porche and others talk about her like she was their Queen and her shit didnt smell. I mean they held her in such high regard it was sickening so I expected a lot from her. So far I don’t see what the hype is all about. She is actually annoying in many ways and hasn’t done anything to warrant all the hype.


I have seen all of 6 and have to finish 7, she was good at the comps. I think you will see what Jedi Jani can do before this season is over. What her game does lack is the solid strategies needed to win. But her skill at comps take her a long ways.


janelles done alot
like she is a good promo for the reall housewives of oc
or the real housewives of big brother
I mean all she does is talk about her husband and baby (when shes not trying to prove how smart she is)
janelle said 1 + 1 was 11
come on jan even chrissy on 3s company knew it was too 🙂


While I love reading your daily summaries, I really have a hard time keeping up with it all on some days.
You should make a summary page each night with key events that happened in the house for that day…
Just noteworthy things…like Ashley and Willie talking or even Ian’s date nights.
This would be much appreciated. Keep up the great work though.


LOL! i love janelles team! I like britneys to but willie sadly has to go….


“I will protect you forever” lollll I can already picture Ashley how she said it…


ashleigh already said she was on muscle relaxers ( 3 a day) so what she says and what she will remember saying are 2 different things. a spacer she is.


Is it just me or has tonight been a GOOD BBAD due to the fact its finally spreading the feed time throughout the house. Lots of convo, stories, etc. Its been nice. As for Willie and Ashley…that alliance isn’t going to last, Utopia (Ashley) has been trying to get feelers from as many people as possible. It would not surprise me if she is gone soon for getting caught up in deals. Poor Ian, wanted those two kids to have a nice showmance.


if you go back to the seasons she was in like all stars, she depended on others strategies and used her ability to win comps to go a long way in the game. she isnt good at strategy. and willie is killing me he is basically trying to go final 2 with everybody in the house . i predict he is gone next week if he doesnt win veto


Someone else brought it up but it bears repeating: Janelle was never a master strategist for those newer to watching BB. Her strength was winning comps. It was amazing to watch and she should be commended for it but strategy-wise, she left a bit to be desired.


Yeah Janelle is probably jealous of Rachel have more strength comps and winning total of 6 HoH wins. That match her accomplishment! She probably be jealous!


I hope that Willie get caught making deals with everyone. People needs to start talking about Willie so this blows up in his face.


It’ll come out as soon as he’s not in power. He’s going to have a rude awakening!