Ika Wong Interviews the Cast of Big Brother 19! “No time for any victims in the house”

Big Brother 19 premieres in just 1 week and we’re already forming our first impressions of the 16 house guests that are set to move into the house later this week. Photos and a Julie Chen tour of the newly redesigned house will be released tomorrow (Wednesday, June 21st), so make sure you check back to see what this seasons theme is going to be. Julie will also be revealing this seasons twist tomorrow so stay tuned for that breaking news.

Big Brother 19 schedule:

  • Monday, June 19 – Cast reveal with Jeff Schroeder at 8am PST 
  • Wednesday, June 21 – House Tour with Julie Chen
  • Wednesday, June 28 – 8pm – Two-hour premiere
  • Thursday, June 29 – 9pm – One-hour episode
  • Thursday, June 29 – LIVE FEEDS launch at 10pm PT
  • Sunday, July 2 – 8pm – One-hour episode

Big Brother Canada’s Ika Wong interviews this seasons cast:

Jason Dent hopes to bring qualities of his job to the “Big Brother” house, but first, he has to explain what exactly his job is.

CHRISTMAS ABBOTT – Christmas Comes Early
Christmas Abbott plans to apply her real-life skills inside the “Big Brother” house, especially if her fellow house guests underestimate her.

Personal trainer Mark Jansen says he plans to be shirtless at least 90 per cent of the time.

JESSICA GRAF – Will Jessica Graf’s Good Looks Make Her A Target?
Jessica Graf is ready to show off her summer body in the “Big Brother” backyard, but reveals that some of the bikinis she packed were deemed too small! “I’m not going to be there for the drama”

ELENA DAVIES – “If I can win the money and find a man, dreams are coming true”
Texas native Elena Davies tells “Big Brother Canada” alum Ika Wong she wants the best of both worlds inside the “Big Brother” house, which in this case means “money and a man!”

CAMERON HEARD – Plans To Channel Demika
Ika Wong and Demetres Giannitsos were a power duo on “Big Brother Canada”, and Cameron Heard hopes to be a hybrid of them both on “Big Brother”.

RAMSES SOTO – Is Ramses Soto On #TeamPetty?
“Big Brother Canada” fans know Ika Wong is petty, but will Ramses Soto be bringing out his own pettiness on “Big Brother”?

JOSH MARTINEZ – Josh Martinez Bows To Queen Ika. Ika hopes he goes into the house and slays!
Ika Wong was ready to give Josh Martinez advice for his season of “Big Brother”, but it looks like he was already taking notes during her seasons on “Big Brother Canada”!

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Nooooo !! Get Ika away from BBUS. She’s going to ruin it like she did BBCAN!!
i dont want BB US cancelled too!


Where to watch big brother after dark?

Botox Pelosi

I think I saw on another post here that BBAD will be carried by POP this season.


All access cbs

Club H.O.H

After watching Ika’s interviews Josh has moved up to my Top 5. He’s definitely a character and watches BB.

Botox Pelosi

I think the guys are going to like Jessica.


I already hate more than half them; that’s why I cannot be in the BB house.