Ian’s Date and Willie big head “I can beat everyone in the HOH competitions”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe

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8:45pm Hammock Boogie and Ian Boogie is giving Ian tips for tonight. He says that 20-25 minutes into the date Ian needs to start sneaking in game talk. “Obviously you want to pave the way for next week but also think about frank”. Boogie likes the bowtie but thinks that the glasses are too much. Ian agrees says he plan on taking them off. Boogie says that there is going to be one girl that Ashley won’t like, Ian needs to find out who that is. Boogie knows it might be hard with Ashley because she’s nice to everyone but it’s important. Ian tells him it is going to be 85% fun and 15% game. Boogie agrees.

8:53pm HOH Willie and Britney Willie is getting sick and tired of everyone interrupting them. He feels that Janelle is C**k blocking them. Janelle start to come up to the HOH room before she comes in Willie says, “Oh F*** she’s coming up hopefully she leaves” Janelle brings up beet says that no one is really into drinking tonight but they are any ways. Willie asks her why they don’t save them for another day. janelle: “But they’ll take them away from us”. Janelle sites down and Wille tells her he’s getting sick of all the game talk he feels exhausted. Janelle says they’re 2 groups MUST stick together it’s their best chance. Willie really wants their entire group to get together once a day and hash everything out so nobody thinks they are sneaking around. They start going back and forth of the pros and cons of keeping Frank in the house.

Janelle says that she just saw Frank do some wild exercises in the backyard. Willie: “I’m telling you if I stay in this competition I can beat everyone in HOH competitions”
Willie tells Janelle that he’s looking to protect brintey’s players and Janelle’s players. Janelle says the same with her and her players.

9:17pm Ian and Ashley on their Date Flash back this on the feeds it’s pretty funny. Flashback Sign up 3 days Free They start general chit chat. Ashley asks a bunch of questions about science and chemistry. (She acts like she has no clue about it I suspect it’s for show) They get their drinks from there waiters Wil and Kara and toast to staying in the Big Brother game.
Ashley says that he believes in the physical world and she’s more into the spiritual she believes that diseases like cancer are caused by stress. Ian says he’s been trying to calm down because he thinks it’s been creeping people out. Ashley says she’s noticed. Ian brings up that he’s been kinda stressed about next week. Ashley says things could get sticky. Ian asks her if anyone talks game to her because no one talks game to him. Ashley says no one talks game to her.

Ian: “if they are not talking with us they are talking about us to get rid of us”
Ian says that out of the guys he’s the least threatening, unless they have a quiz about thermodynamics his educations is useless. Ashley thinks that maybe he’ll do well in the quizzes because of his photographic memory. Ian tells her that those types of quizzes are few and far between. Ashley says that her vote will follow who her team is voting for. Ian reminds her that it’s not a team game. Ashley: “We’ll for now it it”
Ian: “sooner or later we’re going to have to make a decision that our coaches don’t like.. I like boogie but at the end of the day decisions will have to be made”
Ian tells her he’s kinda messed up in the game, he has no alliance, no plans, he’s just taking it one step at a time. Ian would like to go to the end with Ashley because he thinks she’s pretty cool. He trusts her as much as you can trust in the game. Ashley isn’t thinking about that far in the future yet. She asks him if he trusts Frank. Ian asks her what is going to happen. Ashley doesn’t know she says that no on talks game with her and to be honest she’s doesn’t really want to vote it’s too stressful.

Ashley asks him if he thinks there are side alliances. Ian tells her of course there is this is Big Brother, “There could be an alliance right now plotting our demise”
Ashley: “Ohh I have to me observant” Ian is sure he’s next on the hit list because no one has approached him about deals.

Ian thinks that Boogie should have given the immunity to Frank because Frank is a lot stronger. Ashley tells him not to underestimate himself.
Ashley: “are you working with Kara”
Ian: “no… I have no deal with her but I really like her.. I really like Frank.. this is a tough nominations”
They both agree that the game is a lot of fun. Ian is really happy to be here he says that more people have been in space than have been in the Big Brother house. Ashley: “One of my goals in life is to go to the moon”

Right before the date ends Ian says that they have a 10% chance to 500k and a 20% chance at 50K.

9:57pm Talk in the HOH house Willie, Brit and Wil same back to back vote out Frank keep Frank that they have been talking about for the past 12 hours.

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Ok, I seriously think the switchboard at Showtime has a sticky button, it keeps switching through multiple cameras for a 10th of a second. Anywho. Watching Utopioa and Janelle talk is getting sickening. I wish there would be more of Boogie and others.


I know, I’m about to have a seizure. If they point a camera at the wall in the have not room, I probably will.


“Date” and “head” should always be in the same headline as one another.


What the hell is Britney’s deal with Dan? She makes him out to be some evil master manipulator when it’s only WEEK ONE! Like she’s a little cray this season. And Janelle is so bitter. She’s still holding on the ill feelings for Boogie from years ago. Like get over it. I liked Janelle in the past, but she’s too jaded now.

I don’t care who goes anymore. I just hope someone from Boogie or Dan’s team wins HoH just to shut Britney, Janelle, and their teams up.


I HATE BRITNEY!!! She is saying how Dan can brainwash people but Britney is brainwashing everyone into thinking Dan and his players are weak!!! I mean the HG are stupid…IT’S A PLOY TO HELP THE MENTORS’ GAME!

I dislike Janelle right now because she is with Brit. Janelle said Boogie is nice outside the house but a jerk inside.


Srry I meant Britney was brainwashing people that Dan’s team and Dan are such threats….As far as we know Dan’s team is weak…he can’t win the comps for them they do….


Exactly! Also, she keeps saying that Dan is lying about putting up Boogie’s team, but Dan is not playing the game. All he can do is coach Kara and Danielle. And if they’re so afraid of Dan, then WHY would they get rid Frank? Her logic makes no sense to me. I feel like she has a beef with him the way she speaks about him. And Dan is so cool too. Even when they’re hanging out, she seems real standoffish.


Dan and Boogie need to team up,and take the biggest trash talkers down(Britney&Janelle).I understand if Dan,is reluctant of the idea of working with Boogie because he’s shady.But that’s the only way that I can see them taking out Britney and Janelle’s team.After they evict the two trash talkers,then Dan can cut Boogie loose.Britney and Janelle keep trying to turn people against Dan,because they know he’s on a much higher level then them,and they’re scared.I think Janelle doesn’t like Boogie because of the way Dr.Will and him made her look like a complete fool.And I’m aware that she finally open her eyes and evicted Dr.Will.But she still didn’t win All-Stars,Boogie did.I really think as long as production doesn’t help Janelle or Britney in anyway.Then,If Dan and Boogie team up,they’ll evict every one of Janelle&Britney’s players,that includes the two trash talkers.


Ian a pimp.

Beyonce fan

Willie thinks about himself not his team

Big Brother's Big Brother

What team? Is there a Duo twist this year? It’s an individual game B.


Someone needs to tell Ian when it comes to making out, “Whenever possible, put on side 1 of Led Zepplin IV”


Which side of the CD is side one?


Hey Simon, not BB related, but was that landslide anywhere near where you guys are?


Yes, I’m speaking about the one in Johnson’s Landing. As long as you guys are really safe, then I’m allright


What are the others players doing, I only see the same people talking game.

Big Brother 14 fan

Yes, Ian is no the cutetis guy in the Big Brother house but I will say he seems nice and a dork in a good way though. My favorites are Ashley,Shane, and Kara and in my own opinion I think Ashley is going to go far I hope she does. But that story about her Ex boyfriend YUCK that seems really bad for her to get sued. But TEAM ASHLEY!! :))


jojo wants to b the center of attention she wont shut the fuck up and always cutting ppl off.
As much as I dont like boogie I hope his team wins hoh just to see the shoe on
the. other foot.


Holy crap, Willie’s got a huge ego, like it’s just a given that he’ll win every competition he competes in. Hey douche, you haven’t won shit yet. You didn’t even win HOH, it was a team event and given to you.


Also, watching Ashley run down her “date” with Ian with Janelle. She’s definitely smarter than she lets on. She plays the dopey chick role very well. Seems like she’s good at getting people to let their guard down and tell her things, all the while she doesn’t let anything out and nobody suspects anything because she comes off like she just doesn’t have any thoughts, totally non-threatening. This chick’s going to go pretty far I think.

Karen S

Willie is gonna screw himself by thinking he’s all that. Brit and Janelle need to do, what they need to do. Which is coddle Willie right now. Frank will go home, duh! Kara will be safe another week. The date between Ian and Ashley was stupid. Might be good game play to get Ian to talk to someone and help socialize him… I couldn’t even watch it. I look the other way when I see people in pain. That’s me. lol Dawg, Simon… Love you guys.. back for a 3rd year here. winks~


Thanks for coming back! 🙂


i really hope Frank goes home i dont like him. Team Janelle for the win 🙂

Amy N

So far it’s not enough to make stay up for BBAD on Showtime. I’ll get my updates here. Tried recording and watching but ugg! I like Janelle so I hope her team goes far. I liked Willie until he started getting full of himself. I haven’t formed too many opinions yet, still too early…but glad to be back on this board!


Amy – we feel the same way. I’ll record it but we end up deleting it without watching. I’m hoping that with a new HOH it will get better. Props to Simon & Dawg for their hard work. I couldn’t stand to listen to some of these people all the time. 🙂