Ian gets ready for his date “I look like a sexy version of the Ragan Big Brother 12 sock puppet. “

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe

6:54pm backyard Joe and Janelle most people are lingering around chatting, Joe and Janelle are walking in the backyard talking about their alliance and how they have to stick together. They briefly talk about Danielle and the crazy ring she has. Janelle tells him it’s real and Joe IS SHOCKED. Janelle explains that Danielle use to work at K’s jewelry and she got a 75% discount. Kara and Britney joins them on their walk.

7:04pm Ashley and Willie Willie is tellign her she knows where he stands he’s serious about the group going to the end. Willie asks her who she would put up if she wins HOH. Ashley says she would nominate Kara and a pawn. Willie says that it’s a great idea.

7:30pm HOH Room Britney, Janelle and Willie Willie is apologizing to them for his freak out in the HOH he didn’t want to put them in a tough spot. Britney tells him it’s OK They’ll get through it she knows this is a hard week. Dan comes up and tells them it’s time for them to exercise.

7:55pm Frank, Jenn, Wil running laps

7:45pm Backyard couch Joe and Danielle Talking about 30 being a good age to have kids.

8:08pm have Nots Room Ian Ian is getting ready for his date with Ashely. Ian does say I look like a sexy version of the Ragan Big Brother 12 sock puppet.

8:15pm JOJO and Danielle playing pool

8:18pm Balcony.. Ian all ready for his Date with Ashley. Saying to himself that all eyes will be on him and that he cannot beleive he’s doing this shit on Big BRother. He’s mumbling things to himself.. “In the big brother house”

Ian goes down to the kitchen to talk to Janelle he briefly mentions the last date he was on where the girl had just broken up with a guy. Janelle says he looks great. Ian thanks her says that Boogie gave him the bow tie. Britney walks in tells him he looks great says she loves the bowtie, asks him if he wants some bronzer on his face. Ian says no.

They go into asking him about where he meets women. Ian says mostly school but the last one was a girl from work. The girls keep asking him questions about New Orleans and mardi gras. Ian says he usually dresses up in ridiculous costumes gets drunk and screams. Joe walks in asks Ian if he’s going to kiss Ashley on the first date Ian laughs and says no. Janelle wonders where Ashley is. Ian says she’s in the have nots sleeping, “she still has 45 minutes”

Brintey tells Janelle they shouldn’t do ladies night because there is a “Lady that shouldn’t have too many drinks” (jojo ?)

Ian’s date starts at 9:00pm.

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Red Lampshade

Awwww. This Ian and Ashley stuff is adorable!


Yea, hopefully BADD will decide to give the Janelle/Brittany show a break and show the date…


Awww Ian is so cute, I feel bad that everyone messes with him.


Ashley is so beautiful!!! My favorite by far.

If I was on the show, I would of taken her somewhere really special. The diary room!


Ian do your thing dawg!!!

Alexander the Great

I like how Ian is sneaking game talk into this date.


Thank you BBAD for not showing the end of the date to stay on the three wise “men” upstairs repeating the same thing over…and over…and over. Though, I hate to admit, I’m not sure if Utpoia (my name for Ashley) was just trying to get info from Ian or what. And Ian was REALLY REALLY nervous.


Ok, officially not a fan of Utopia…go Ian go…hope this some how gets back to him.


I don’t get how they say that they will continue to stick together even if the teams switch. For example, if someone from Janelle’s team switched to Boogies team then Janelle would want that person out so she can take out Boogie to win the cach’s comp. And that player also wants to win the game and is now on Boogies team so if he/she were to help Janelle or vice versa they would be screwing themselves. So how are they supposed to stick together?




lets just call it Jani and Brit After Dark


As much as he has made the house nervous at times, I really like Ian, he has the most personality in the house and looks to be trying to have fun. Hopefully it doesnt bite him in the bum by putting an early target on him. I hope Boogie, as his coach, warns him


Ian (Carl)…….Quick MM just urge you to find Agent P! Ring Ring Ring Ring! Hello, Agent P! Here your assignment Dr. Drooz taking over at bb house!