Big Brother 14 – Ashley take on the date “I actually had a good time” and Jojos “Magic” with men

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe

10:15pm have nots Ashley and Janelle Ashley tells Janelle about EVERYTHING that Ian said during the date. Janelle Brings up Willie’s outburst earlier in the day up in the head of household. Ashley says that Willie is this year Russell, he’s gotta chill out because his paranoia is getting out of control. Ashley says she felt extremely awkward in the room and doesn’t want to be in that position again. Janelle reminds her that hey need to stick with Willie for now. Talk goes back to the date with Ian, Ashley stresses that Ian kept telling her that the game is not a team sport. Janelle laughs says that Boogie and Dan’s people are going to be saying that for the next 3 weeks because they are on a sinking ship.

They start talking about Willie paranoia again. Ashley doesn’t want to upset Willie but he’ snot the target next week Shane is.

Ian joins them and Janelle and him start talking about the Big Brother game. Ian says Dan is the best our of the double digits player hands down but he thinks Will is the better player. Ian says that Jack was the player he wanted to emulate this year. He really likes Jack. Janelle goes on and on about her decisions in Big Brother 6 to keep chill town.

Ian says that he remembers at the end of big Brother 8 Dick once said that he would rather go after a person that he doesn’t know where they stand than a player that he knows is coming after him. Ian: “I just don’t understand it from a game theory perspective it doesn’t make sense” Janelle agrees. They start talking about season 6. Janelle explains that during Big Brother 6 the nerd herd didn’t know anything about Big Brother unlike now everyone seems to be a expert.

Ian says that his intelligence is being overestimated in the house. Janelle laughs tells him to try and convince her that he’s not smart. Ian mentions that he cannot drive and he got a D in a class recently, “A D that’s not good.. I’m just book smart not game smart”. Janelle: “you’re game smart” She goes on about how he knows all the mistakes that were made in every Big Brother. Ian mentions that Brian from dan’s season was really smart and he was evicted first week. You hear that Willie gets called in the Diary Room.

Janelle asks him who he’s going to put up if he wins HOH, Ian doesn’t know he tells them that he can guarantee Ashley will be safe and so will Janelle’s other players. Ian says that he feels very unsure about his future in the game, he’s thinking he’s the target. ian says he feels like a boy in a man’s game.

The girls comment that Ian has been acting more normal lately… talk drifts to possible twists, Janelle is thinking someone will be coming back into the house. Ian jokes he thinks Jodi is in a back room playing pranks on them.

They get up and head into the kitchen, Ian stays int he have nots. Kara whose doing the dishes asks Ashley how the date was and if she’s going on another one. Ashley says they’re will only be one, “I ACTUALITY had a really good time”

11:02pm Backyard Movie charades 1/2 the house is playing games in the backyard the other 1/2 is in the kitchen chatting.

11:26pm HOH Jojo, Ashley, Willie, Janelle, Shane Ashley is telling them everything about the date. Jojo keeps butting in saying that “He’s got not game” and “He Got no street skills”..This game is all about street smarts.. he’s got no street smarts”. AShley points out that she was shocked he wanted to talk game, she saw a whole other side of Ian during her date he was mature and wasn’t weird. Ashley mentions that Ian talked about going on a date with Jojo. Willie says that JoJO should go on the next dates. JoJO says that Ian isn’t use to hanging out with Cool and goof looking people. Janelle reminds them that Ian is with Boogie and Boogie is dangerous. She able to squeeze in a comment about Dan’s mind powers before Willie tells them his take. Willie thinks that Dan and Boogie are in a very tough situation so they are willing to make the big moves to get ahead. Willie and Shane both agree that the coaches want to take out all the strong players physically that is why they are in so much danger.

Willie tells them that if they can win the next HOH they are all golden. Shane says if Ian wins HOH Ashley is safe. Ashley doesn’t know. All of a sudden Jojo wants to have a date with Ian, “Should I have a date with him next week and get information from him?” None of them really know what to talk about with Ian. Ashley says all she did was ask him questions about his school. Jojo is all over going on the date with Ian to get information. Willie warns her not to come on too strong. Jojo now says that Ian is going to get lots of sex because he’s been on a television. show.. She goes on and on about “her magic” with men..

11:45pm Mobie charades in the backyard

11:50om Ian in the Havenots Ian talking to himself saying that he’s screwed unless he can win something this week. He’s figuring out who he should try and get deals with.
He’s thinking Ashley, Joe and Shane. Ian wishes that Frank could stay because he likes him. Ian wants Willie in on his alliance. Ian: “Danielle isn’t going to win shit.. I like her but she pouts too much”. Ian is unsure about Ashley and Janelle. He thinks he can trust them.. Ian: “Jojo is pretty cool to but she pisses too many people off.. I like all these people they are all very nice”

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WTF! Britney and Janelle’s team are talking about Danielle is going to be a floater, and someone will drag her along to final two. WTF!? It’s WEEK 1!!! Like they are thinking way ahead of themselves and I think it’s going to hurt their game.

Like I really can’t stand Willie and JoJo. They’re cocky so early in the game. Reminds me a lot of Jeff and Jordan last year. They don’t know what anyone can do until weeks on down the line. And Willie thinking he can destroy everyone in comps…I’d like to see it first. Actions speak louder than words.


I like how Ian talks to himself, which is a good thing for feed watchers because we can hear is thought process instead of having to wait for the show & diary room clips! This season is off to a good start. Hoping the Janelle/Britney alliance can keep it together for the next couple weeks. THANK YOU SIMON SOOOO MUCH FOR DOING THESE!!!


Apparently, JoJo went and sat herself between Shane and Kara after they had been talking and he was giving her attention, she is so jealous that he gives anyone else attention.


JoJo is just crazy.


So far he’s 3/3. Daniele is almost begging, Kara is acting like she doesn’t but its obvious, and JoJo brings her jealously out at times like these.


I hate thisJan and Brit “Connection”…If I was a HG i would cause drama and crack the alliance


I don’t know about this Slice chanel. All this talk about Shane and JoJo and its a hour and a half into BBAD and all they have shown is the date and Ashely and Janelle in the have not room. Havent seen anyone else. Last years BBAD on the Reality chanel they would always move the cameras around to eveyone. Brutal. Think I’m gonna give up on BBAD…


Ashley just told half the damn house that “he started” the game talk, from what i saw she mentioned it first.


Ian is not too swift with the ladies, i don’t know how many times Ashely has said “really, I had a great time with you tonight”, and Ian just ignores her. lol. I think Ian could get in there with Ashely if he had any clue what so ever…


Yeah, Jojo looks like she wants him to make a move on her.


JoJo is all up in Willie’s bed. Maybe she wants to go Big Willie Style.


Poor Ian. I think Ashley is so mean for telling people what Ian said on the date. Ian did not tell anyone and I think he was being sincere with Ashley. I like Ian…I hope he makes it far!!


JoJo is one catty broad. By the way she talks, you would have thought Danielle stole her lunch money on the first day. Danielle never talks about her, unless it’s strategy.


I feel this talk of keeping Frank between Willie and Ashley is just to keep hope alive for all of us watching. Like they seriously keep switching and I don’t know what to think. If they do keep Frank, but don’t tell Janelle and Brit…they will be pissed Thursday night.


jojo is so in love with herself blah.. shes ok but its not like shes CRAZYY hot, shes always saying how confident she is everytime she says something cocky, its pretty unattractive


haha Simon you get the most hilarious screen captures of Ian! Poor thing seems nice, but everyone thinks he’s wierd lol


JoJo is delusional, yo.


Ian said he likes Jack.Who is Jack?