Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Willie Hantz ARRESTED For DUI!

Just days after Willie Hantz was expelled from the Big Brother house for attempting to head butt fellow house guest Joe Arvin, he was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Lafayette Parish in Louisiana. After he was expelled from the house a video was released where he did a phone interview
with his family where he told his side of the story about what he says really happened. During the altercation Willie threw pork rinds at Janelle which Ian plans to sell on ebay. As of right now, Willie is still being held in custody.

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“Big Brother” villain Willie Hantz was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving this morning … just DAYS after he was kicked out of the “BB” house for attacking one of his co-stars.

According to law enforcement, Hantz was arrested in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana at 2:07 AM for OWI — operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Hantz is from Louisiana.

Hantz was kicked out of the BB house on July 20 after attempting to headbutt Joe during a heated exchange.

In his mug shot, 34-year-old Hantz is still sporting the mohawk haircut he gave himself while inside the “Big Brother” house.

Hantz is the younger brother of “Survivor” villain Russell Hantz.

Hantz is still in custody.


11:17 AM PT — The Lafayette City Police Department tells TMZ .. cops initially received a call about a fight in a parking lot near a bunch of bars.

When cops arrived, there was no fight … but there WAS a big crowd. Cops tried to clear the scene … when they noticed a yellow 2012 Camaro driving toward the back of the parking lot when everybody else was exiting.

Cops say they approached the vehicle … but before they could get there, Willie swung open the door and started to run. After a “very short pursuit” … Hantz was apprehended and arrested for OWI.

We’re told Hantz refused a breathalyzer and a blood test to determine if he was over the legal limit.

Source: TMZ.com

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Not surprised.


Unreal this guy is a headcase

Dark Horse

I bet he was trying to show off for being on BB and getting kicked out for fighting..then he just gets arrested in the end.

He should have calmed his ass down, played for POV and he wouldn’t have an OWI on his record.

Eric CA

Wow, I could care less. Just grateful he did not hurt or kill someone driving drunk.


So you could care less?


thats what he just said.


Point he’s trying to make is it’s “couldn’t have cared less”, if you could care less, then that means you care about it some.


That’s a shame…


Congrats on Big Brother Most wanted list. From Janelle, Mike Boogie, and list on and on.

Dark Horse

Yup DUIs sure follow a houseguest but…

Let’s not forget the classic Adam (BB9) using his winnings for a drug ring…and including Matty!

I’m still so disgusted by that season.

Godless Monkey

Why am I not surprised. Have a feeling this won’t be the last time. The dude needs therapy.

BB King

The entire Hantz family are losers as Dick stated on twitter and on YouTube. They can’t win sh*t yet show all this macho attitude. At least back up your alleged manliness by winning something.


Seriously dick? as in evel dick? the guy that got carried through the game by production while playing with a weak cast? He`s arguably the worst winner in the history of big brother…

Head of Household

I didn’t really watch Dick’s season…was he really? I always hear he’s a fantastic player.


I so agree .. funny tho how him pouring ice tea on Jenns head was ok… and their little doll Jorden chest butting Russell .. that was ok … and funny how those two people win .. one thing i have learned watching this show … THEY KNOW HOW AND LIKE DESTROYING CERTAIN PEOPLE AND YET PUT OTHERS ON A TROPHY SHELF … JENNELLE AND BOOGER… EVEIL DICK … DANIELLE AND JORDEN AND JEFF … GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH ….


Worse than Adam and Jordan?? I don’t think so. He got a whole house that hated him to vote out their friend Dustin. That alone is more than those wo ever did.

Study somore

Really @Marianne can someone ” chest butt ” another? How does that play out? Is it even PG stuff? What is that?


wow way to blow it even further


I just had a random thought- Dick on Survivor! That would be awesome. Like I said, random.


Evil dick would never do it. He is way to old an out of shape. Are they aloud to take smokes to the island?


Has anyone watched DIck@nite this year?


I haven’t, no. Mostly because you have to pay this year to watch it, and I’m too damned poor for that!

Dark Horse

What! we have to pay now?! unreal

I can imagine the charge


I have.


how is it? worth the money.. I was a big fan last year haven’t hear much about it since he went subscription.


I thought it was really funny last year too. Not as much this year but maybe b/c I find this season less compelling. The production values are kind of lacking for a paid site too. Still, I look forward to it. I think when he’s on with Jun, it’s the best.


Yes Simon I bought it early so it was $10 but well worth the $15. Dr. Will is supposed to do a show in the next week or two. Just as good as last year IMO


I haven’t watched it yet as I have not paid for the subscription. It’s not free this year but he has had some vey good guest on so far. Someone tried to post his show on YouTube and Dick made them take it down.


I can’t realy stand him anymore. I watched some of his shows last year but, not this year. I loved him on BB but he thinks he is to good for everyone now. All he does is talk crap on everyone! How hard is that! My kid does it all day sick of it. Everyone needs to stop watching anything dick does!!!


U all are hypocrites, how many times have we all got in a car after a few beers, give the guy a break. U all hate him bc he mocked a gay guy that turned everyone against him. I’m glad Willie wasn’t voted out, just wish he woulda got a punch in on the gay guy, the chef, or the unemployed free-loader

Godless Monkey

Obviously you are of the same ilk as Willie if you believe it is okay to drive drunk, possibly killing and/or maiming someone, or that it’s okay to punch someone when they piss you off. Great conflict resolution skills you have there. Perhaps you should get some help yourself.

Head of Household

Uhm, no. Drunk Driving should not be taken lightly, it kills people. And its usually not the drunk one that dies. Don’t put a label on people. “We all’ don’t drink and drive and those who do have really poor judgement. kthx

Those people all have names, and I agree that the whole Wil (the gay guy) situation was blown out of proportion. Willie did nothing wrong with that, that was all Frank being a typical douche.




id love for more big brother/survivor crossover, I think thats far more interesting than returning these vets. then they wouldnt have vets, they would have 4 survivor former cast members mixed in, why not, if they must have “reality star power”

this is pretty bad though, as if he didnt and cbs didnt need more fuel thrown on this fire.


*head on desk* Oh, Willie, Willie, Willie, Willie…

It sounds like someone is in the middle of a BIG downward spiral in Life. Hopefully this will be a bit of a wakeup call to him that he needs to start taking a closer look at how he’s living his life and that some changes need to be made. Anger management would definitely be of some help to him…maybe even some counselling.

As Erica CA said, it’s a good thing he didn’t hurt or kill someone.

Duuuuude! Pull it together, man. 🙁


I think he’s just realized that he should of kept his cool and been evicted on Thursday because there is a good chance he would be coming back into the house via some “Twist”


the man had two easy ways back in

1. win a pov that would have been designed more towards his strengths or what he was willing to give up etc

2. a teammate wins HoH the following week, giving him another week to lay low, make alliances again. in all stars boogie and wil tried to get someone out then used them later as a vote, it happens.

3. a twist

4. much like a twist I guess, having a HG return, facing the likes of kara to get back in the house.

just stupid.


I actually think kara would have had a better chance at coming in. She is physically fit, works out a lot, and doesn’t smoke a pack of cigarettes every day.
Just because she’s pretty doesn’t mean she’s weak. She did good at the first challenge but, I uess she has bad aim (the pov).


ana. as always, this turns into some sort of a sexist thing. no. that is NOT it, kara being male or female is actually irrelevant.

they would put out a contest that has willie with the BEST CHANCE of winning

why? because if they took a vote on what people wanted to watch, willie, or kara, willie wins out in a landslide, especially when it comes to big brother producers. but now thats hes crazy and gone, that cant happen, and kara will have to wait for BB to go with someone else who gets evicted early

im sorry, but kara’s social game sucked. she very much earned her way home


I agree with you Simon there was still a possibility that he could come back via some twist. He was becoming a fan favorite. He also could have won the POV and possibly the next HOH. There was so much potential there. He didn’t even allow homself to get nominated. I doubt if CBS will work with him again. There’s The Amazing Race and Survivor and other possibilities. He needs to learn how to get control of that hot temper and defeatish attitude.


or this could be just another CBS “things” to pull attentions and keep up the ratings…

i am like 98% sure Willie is a good actor


On another note, check out this Fatal Attraction pic from a user on hamsterwatch lol!


Head of Household

haha thats too epic!


HAHAHAHA, she does seem she could get attached to shane, wait til he fucks her…


Willie is an idiot and he acted as if he was some major player, he didn’t WIN shit, he was HANDED the HOH, and whats with hoho campaigning and saying shes a strong player??? lol wtf she came 3rd in a pov comp and now shes a physical threat lol. She’s a jersey shore reject and should go back there.


Team Willie..lol


Dayum…what a bummer for him.

The Rose

I think you are right, Simon…bad move on his part and bad coaching from Britney.


From the penthouse to the jailhouse yo.


Now do those team Willie fans see he is dangerous?
He deserved to be removed.


not a fan of willie or anybody in the house, but just because you drive drunk don;t make you dangerous, I know a few older dudes that can drive drunk…. it’s called SKILLS lol


Unnm, yes driving drunk does make u dangerous!!!! ( coming from someone whose father was killed by a drunk driver)….I am truly shocked at some of the comments here. “not a big deal”, “who doesn’t” etc. In high school I was a proponent of SADD & I don’t know what it is now, but several years ago there was an alcohol related accident in us every 22 minutes. There were over 10k deaths that year & perhaps the most significant with regard to this case is back then, the average 1st time offender has already DROVE DRUNK 80 TIMES!!! Look it up.
I don’t mean to give a statistic lesson but there is NOTHING okay about driving after drinking. NOTHING. 1 beer, 3 beers, 20. NOTHING.


Where I live there is a drinking and driving law that essentially rules out anything over one drink for average sized people. Hit the restaurants hard or so the media reported but I think everyone is dealing with it.


I agree with you both, Simon and TeamBoogie. He definitely should have kept his cool…he still had options to save his bacon in the game! (Somewhere, Adam from BB13 just yelled, “Baaaaacoooooon!!!!!” Lol) 😉

He gave up way too soon, let his anger get the better of him…and, now look where it’s gotten him. I’m conflicted, because driving drunk is just SUCH a stupid and careless thing to do…but I feel for the guy. I still think he’s got a good heart and isn’t the bad guy some are making him out to be. (But then, I always have tried to see the good in people…I’m a bit naive that way, I guess.)

You’re probably right Simon…he started to realize just how badly he screwed up and tried to drink his troubles away. Too bad he didn’t call a cab, though. 🙁

Study somore

He is sort of hot too, so just sayin’ .


Let’s all bow our heads and take a moment of silence for the biggest loser ever.


Man these are some hateful comments, he is human, people make mistakes. I dont condone D&D, but the majority of the people on here with there hatred are no better than Willie, Janelle, Wil, Joe, and Boogie. Myself included. And everything Chloe has stated I agree 100%.

Godless Monkey

No kidding! What was he thinking? Drunk problem solving is never a good idea. I wonder if evading will be added to the charges. The dude really does need some counseling, what with anger/impulse control/judgment issues. Hope he gets that through this process.

Carol & Steve

could be, Dawg, could be – LOL!! I don’t drink but believe that here in Florida if you refuse to take the breathalyzer test your license is automatically suspended – wonder what Louisianna does? Poor Willie – he just can’t catch a break, but then again wish I was driving a 2012 Camaro.

Madonna Says:

I loved Him

Study somore

I know, right? He was the hillbilly Russell of this season.

Lord Tubbington


Beyonce Fan

Lol he don’t even have the money to get out of jail.




This just hasn’t been a good month for Willie.

The Rose

Dawg, do you really think he thought that far ahead?


I think every “Hantz” did Jail time… it’s a right of passage LOL

Study somore

You mean ” rite ” right?


Poor, poor guy. UNBELIEVABLE!! This is reality…. LoL.


When is the court date?


Lets hope he gets the help he needs..




online big brother is the BOMB!!! after a long day at work i enjoy reading about whats happened in the BB house. thank you simon for having a great site year after year!!! i will be donating soon!!!


You are very welcome glad you like the site YO!

It’s going to be awesome on the feeds tonight.. Shane wins HOH puts Frank and Wil up lots of fun 😉


“but before they could get there, Willie swung open the door and started to run”

run willie!!!


RUN WILLIE! back into the BB house

Jedi Jani

Just wanted to take a moment to say how very much I CAN’T STAND JOE! He is a horrible person. Trouble making Pot Stirring LIAR……..Too bad Frank doesn’t know that his main subject of conversation when Frank isn’t around is how he is going to take Frank out! He is probably the most ANNOYING person I have watched on BB in a very long time. Whaaaaaaaa AMber being a close second tying only with Nasty Nat……UGH….Does anyone think they will ever figure out that Joe is the Cancer in the house?


I think a lot of people feel that way about Joe. I can’t imagine him having 1 fan. Haven’t hated a houseguest like I hate him in all the seasons I’ve seen.


IMO, There are way to many coaches.

First Dan got screwed and lost his first player in four hours and only had two players left making him a obvious choice to go after.

Then Britt got screwed when a uncontrolable lunatic self-evicted himself and put targets on the entire rest of the team.

So after two weeks we have Boog/Jan (6) vs Dan/Britt (2). Not playing favorites, but that’s not fair.

I think two coahes would have been plenty. Dan vs Boogie would be my choice since they are the two that have WON this game.

Jus my 2cent


yeah obviously the house is a bit too big for 4 coaches. Id have been fine with any combo that excludes brit


The DUI is Frank and Joe’s fault.

The Rose

Armando, I would add Britney to that group. He did a bad thing by the DUI, but in the show said it earlier, what kind of coach sends a pissed player to the other side. Joe put up his “dukes” after telling the people in the HOH room he was going to provoke him. He could have handled the “town meeting” better. He was HOH for a long time, Frank said he was mocking Wil and in my opinion he was at the most imitating him. He didn’t lose it until Britney to Shane and JoJo to distant themselves and Jannelle put his team members on HaveNot. Britney should have been coaching him in how he can still win POV and redeem himself instead she turned on him while she had her own pity party for herself.

Study somore

Very well said!

Raymond j

More interesting than anything inside the house…. Maybe one of the cameras should have left with him


Maybe he fled because he was holding and had to ditch something? Or he is simply an idiot!


Willie’s had a rough week. Guess it’s a good thing that he’s out of jail, his fans won’t have to start a “Free Willie” campaign.

Study somore



Somehow I doubt this is a first for Willie. Even if he has had no priors on record (does anyone know if he has a record?), it is surely not the first time he has gotten drunk and decided to drive anyway.
To those who think this arrest was just Willie acting out b/c he was depressed about what happened on Big Brother, I would suggest you think again. The Hantz boys are good at dishing it out, but they have no tolerance for opposing viewpoints. After seeing Russell in action on “Survivor,” I was hoping Willie would be better at holding it together. But both of them show the same sense of entiltlement and grandiosity; and when in the company of other alpha personalities, they just don’t know how to cope in a mature way. Somewhere along the line, somebody taught them that they are the center of the universe and they don’t know how to act when someone suggests otherwise.


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