Big Brother 14 – Britney and Janelle’s Team agree to a final 6 Pact

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe

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5:05pm Bedroom Kara, Danielle and Jenn They are joking around about some of the houseguests. They think Frank kinda reminds them of Carrot top. All three of them Love Ashley and how peaceful and happy she is. Danielle: “I don’t know where she puts the marry jane in this house but she’s the type of person that allways seems high”. Jenn and Kara laugh..

5:07 Arcade room Shane, Jojo, Janelle Janelle explains to Shane about what Frank said to Joe. Janelle says that Willie must of told frank that he’s safe this week because Frank is feeling pretty confident. Janelle says that Frank and Jenn went up to Joe and told him they wanted to take Shane out this week and Willie out the following week. Janelle says that Willie is furious with Frank. Shane is shocked says he doesn’t trust Frank at all. Shane is getting really worked up. Shane: “Your ass isn’t on the line it’s Me and Wilie.. You (jojo) are in a really safe place right now”

Janelle keeps reiterating that Joe is so trustworthy and thank god they still have Joe, Shane believes it and agrees that Joe is a solid guy. Janelle says they are going to make Frank feel safe and Kara feel like she’s going home then they will blindside Frank. Shane thinks it’s a great idea he’s scared if they leave Frank, “If boogie wins the next coaches competition Frank is safe for another week and now he’s coming for me”

Janelle tells him the plan is to have Joe vote for Kara to save because they all think Joe is with Boogie/Dan when he’s really with Britney/janelle. If they keep up the illusion that Joe is with Dan’s group they will continue giving them information.
Jojo jumps in “they gots their spies so do we”

Janelle tells them to just play it cool with Kara don’t tell her where she stands. Shane is worried that he’s the biggest target now, Janelle tells him not to worry he has people that wil protect him.
Janelle: “If we win the next 2 HOH’s we are set”
Shane: “Ya then we are all in jury and we can go our own ways”
Janelle: “umm ya”
Janelle goes on and on about how strong Dan is and how he can brain wash people and if he makes it to the middle of the game he will win.
Shane says he’s really hurt his back sleeping in the have nots bed. he claims to have taken 9 Advil pills yesterday. Shane adds that he’s lost 12 pounds since he’s been on slop, he thinks people will crumble on it.

5:31pm HOH Britney, Janelle, Wil, Joe, Willie, JoJO, Shane, AShely
Joe retells what Frank told him.. Frank and Jenn were building an alliance against Shane and Willie and they are breaking away from Boogie. Everyone talking a mile a minute, at one point Britney says that Kara is coming for them. Willie gets up and leaves “I don’t want to be part of this conversation this is stupid I don’t know what is going on”
Everyone is shocked
Wil explains that maybe Willie is upset because everyone in the HOH room is flip flopping saying that Kara is coming after him and then Frank is.
Janellle: “I don’t give a shit”
JOJO leaves to talk to Willie
They’re all speculating why Willie stormed out. Shane thinks it’s becuase it’s a nervous week for him because he’s the first HOH and so much has been going on.
Willie and Jojo Come back, Willie says that something is going on and someone in the room is not being honest with him when all he’s ever been was honest to “Y’all”
Everyone in the room saying how honest they have been to Willie. Janelle, wil and Shane being the most vocal
Willie:”it’s a combination of a bunch of little things. I feel like people are making side alliances.”
Janelle is getting defensive tells him to point out one time when people have been dishonest to him , Willie asks Britney if she feels like there is any shady business going on. Britney says she’s felt out of the loop today, Britney starts to cry says she’s felt a little alone today.

Willie says there is something shady going on in the group, “I’m not saying people are going against the group… I think we’re all sticking with each other but you are all planning on who to take out 4 weeks down the road”
Janelle and Wil again start in on how honest they are…

Willie and Joe say they want to make a pact that not one person in the room will be nominated until everyone on the other teams are wiped out. Everyone Agrees to the pact.

6:00pm HOH Shane, Brintey and Ashley Britney says she’s sick of people asking her about Lane and Rachel. Britney says she loves Rachel she’s not going to talk bad about her she’s a great person. Britney adds her and Lane have been nothing more than just friends and when people keep asking her questions and trying to bait her in talking bad about Rachel. Britney thinks it’s disrespectful to her, Lane and her husband. Britney says that Dan and Danielle are the 2 that keep talking about it.

5:40pm backyard Boogie, Frank and Ian While the Head of Household crew plot the destruction of Booger and Dan. Boogie tells his 2 teammates that they need to start chipping players away from Britney and Janelle because right now they don’t have the numbers and that is a dangerous spot to be if you don’t win Competitions.

6:25pm Bedroom Dan and Jenn Jenn is talking about her Djing. seems like her and Dan are getting along great.

6:40pm Dinner

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Omfg i wasin shock when britney said Rachel is a good person. I was expecting something more like “f*** dat ho”


lol Brit said she was shocked how nice Rachel was to her considering their drama…apparently they are on good terms. Its really Brittany who was catty….Brittany admitted how bad she felt being mean to Rachel since Rachel was nice out the house.


when rachel was on the amazing race she had problems with the other teams especially one of the girls who was like 38. she hated rachel and she told rachel to get her nose fixed instead of boobs. it was soooo funny. they called rachel rainbow brite because she wore neon green and glitter disco clothes. also rachel wined and cried that whole show just like on BB claiming everyone was out to get her and and what a wimp brenden was. so Id say she really is like that in real life. you cant fake that behaviour for 2 different shows so if that is a really good person then britknee needs to check herself before she wrecks herself 🙂

Big Brother's Big Brother

So your exapmle of real life is another t.v. show? I’m confused, you know the amazing race is another reality show right?


Simon and Dawg, just want to let you guys know that I really enjoy the OBB App for Droid. Thanks a lot


lol Dan was drinking when he said Britney and Lane wouldve made a good couple…and its not really an insult…she is taking it way too hard!!! But Britney later goes and says that she knew Dan was drinking and when Dan sees Britney uncomfortable he would change the subject…Dan is really a good guy!!!


I guarantee all of them will not make it to final six. Julie will add some type of twist that’s going to mess their numbers up or give them a disadvantage.

Beyonce fan

I like brit this year because I’m a big janelle fan and she working with her lol I think shane is going to turn on his team.


Brit is more SENSITIVE AND more CATTY this year!!!


Final 6 is definitely not working. Beside, some of the alliance turn against each other. However, think of other ways of having other team made final 6! Like, Danielle, Jenn or even Kara! Speaking which! Where’s Ian aka Carl of Phineas and Ferb! He needs to hook up with Ashley aka Porsche 2.0!


Ashley is not Porsche 2.0. I think Kara fits that description more.


Willie was scared there for a bit when they all came up to HOH. Then he turned it on them an started to accuse everyone else of what he is guilty of. He is a smart and devious player. Time will tell if he is going to be true to this final 6 agreement with no side alliances, but I doubt it.


Janelle’s nose scares me! They need to take Frank out


Carl! MM Just Call! You have to go to Headquarters!


And the very first time the other side wins HOH (most likely next week) this final 6 is done.


Can’t stand a sneak, Boogie is a snake as well as a sneak. Just look who he teamed with, Dr. Will who let boogie do all the mouth work. Give Willie a chance. He is not his brother. Wil, put on some clothes, your wee wee is smaller than the girls in their bikinis. UGH!