HOH IRON FIST Helen approves of the new alliance name “The Knockouts”

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


3:45pm – 4:10pm Backyard lock down continues – On the backyard couch – Amanda comments that she only has 1 pack of cigarettes left. Aaryn asks what are you going to do? Amanda says I’ve got the nicotine patch, that and I’ll bum cigs off McCrae. Aaryn asks why didn’t you bring enough in here? Amanda says that she wasn’t even going to smoke in here but that its so stressful she has to. Someone asks McCrae about something from his diary room session. McCrae says he can’t talk about his diary room session. Amanda says okay diary room Nazi. They should just hire you, no one would be able to get one word out. Aaryn asks McCrae if he found the condom under his bed. McCrae looks at her and smiles that was you, you fu*ker! Aaryn says it wasn’t her it was Judd. Amanda says if she wins HOH she just wants a basket of smokes and hair dye. Amanada and McCrae argue over whether dye for roots is the same for white hairs. Amanda says this isn’t harp on Amanda the one how takes care of your skeletal self! Next time make your own slop! the conversation turns to talking about HOH letters. They wonder if they can get bad news in it. Gina says like your dog got run over by three trucks. Andy laughs. Big Brother opens up the backyard door and some of the house guests head inside. McCrae, Judd, Amanda talk on the backyard couch. McCrae talks to Amanda on the couch how he is having a slop freak out and just doesn’t want to hear about her white hairs any more. Howard comes out and tells McCrae that he looks like Johnny Depp, or like a mobster that is ready to cut someone’s throat. Amanda comments that the Ginamarie/ Nick thing is annoying but it’s also entertaining. Judd says he is just tired of it. I am in a grouchy mood. They talk about this week HOH and about wanting to eat.

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4:15pm – 4:55pm Up in the HOH room – Andy talks to Elissa about seeing each other after the show is over and about Rachel. Andy asks Elissa how often her and Rachel hangout with her being in LA and Rachel in Vegas. Elissa says that they talk on the phone and skype a lot to talk about their website Adventures4pets. Elissa says I love my sister so much. Elissa says that she is very thankful for the brenchel army. Candice joins them. Elissa asks him how he is doing. Andy says that he is great and feels that he hasn’t double crossed many people other than people like Aaryn but I don’t give a sh*t about her. Elissa and Andy talk about how they need an alliance name. Andy asks Amanda what she thinks. Amanda says what about the “knockouts”. (Andy, Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Helen, Judd) McCrae joins them. The agree they like the name the “knockouts”. Helen comes up and Elissa tells her their new alliance name. Helen loves it. The conversation turns to talking about what the HOH competition will be. McCrae says it could be a crap shoot. Elissa asks what’s a crap shoot? They talk about how Aaryn has stopped her drama. Helen says the house is so much nicer. Judd joins them. They tell him about the alliance name. He likes it and then fist bumps all of them. They talk about how Jessie isn’t part of it but that they will try and protect her. Amanda suggests that they all keep close to other members of the house. The conversation turn to talking about Ginamarie. Elissa says that Gina’s new target is Aaryn. Judd tells them that if they get to pick havenots – they have to pick GinaMarie. I can’t stand her! Judd says if I hear any more about Nick I am going to have a havenot melt down. McCrae suggests that even if Elissa gets MVP another one of them should say they got it just so the others think they could get it. He says that him saying he got it took the heat off Elissa. Amanda says that if it wasn’t for McCrae I would be gone because I interfered with the Moving Truck. She says I refuse to say their real name. Amanda says well we are going to help them move. Amanda and Nick comment on how Nick thought they were all so dumb that they couldn’t figure him out. Andy comments that he could talk to Nick for an hour and a half and still feel no personal connection to him. The talk turns to Ivy League schools.


5pm Howard and Spencer play a game of chess outside the HOH room. In the HOH room – Amanda wonders why Howard went out of his way to train Aaryn last night after the things she’s said. Elissa agrees and says that she couldn’t even look at her after that. Amanda says and she made me out to look bad for bringing it to her attention that the things she was saying were racist. Gina joins them. Judd gets up and says he’s going to take a power nap and leaves.

In the downstairs bathroom – Jeremy tells Kaitlin that her hair looks super jewishly curly. Jeremy gets called to the diary room. Kaitlin comments that her shorts are making her look fat. Aaryn says she thinks its the food we’re eating in here. Andy joins them. Andy tells Aaryn and Kaitlin this is a different game each week. Andy says Helen is on a power trip up in the HOH and will be brought back down to earth next week. Aaryn says that she heard that Howard and Spencer aren’t targets any more. Andy says that’s not true Helen would never say that.

5:15pm – 5:30pm Aaryn tells Kaitlin we need to stick together. Aaryn says can I tell you a secret – Helen told me the exact same thing before the veto to keep me safe if I used it. (FALSE) Kaitlin says well you should have taken it. Aaryn says we need to stick together. We need to turn the house around. Kaitlin says that she doesn’t think that is going to happen. We just need to get Helen out first. Kaitlin leaves the bedroom. Jeremy comes in. Aaryn tells him that she thinks they are trying to turn us against each other. Jeremy says they will, you just need to stick together and communicate. Aaryn tells Jeremy that Helen offered her the exact same deal. Aayrn tells Kaitlin I just don’t think they are smart. Kaitlin says that she doesn’t trust anyone in the house. Kaitlin says that Judd even came up to me and told me he heard I was going to be around for a while. Aaryn says that Judd told her the same thing. Kaitlin says I really trust Andy. Aaryn says I do too, I just think you are going to turn against me. Jeremy asks Kaitlin on a scale of 1 – 10 what am I? Kaitlin says a 7. Jeremy calls her a trick! Jeremy asks Aaryn? Aaryn says a 3. Jeremy says I was going to say the same thing for you. Jeremy starts calling Aaryn – Air hole (which she hates) He asks her to tell a traumatic story – She says my alliance being evicted.


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ILLWILL That A$$hole

Helen is getting my nerves worst than Jeremy and Aaryn put together…. She needs slop and a seat on the block to be humble again, the HOH has gone to her head…


Agreed. She definitely likes to hear herself talk and finish other people’s sentences. I can’t stand when people do that sh!t. Andy is also really starting to get on my nerves too along with Gina. With those three in the room, its like nails on a chaulk board. It would so sweet if Helen gets put on the block after her “iron hand” HOH and the deals she made with the whole house, JUDD FTW!!!!!


I agree. She’s definitely worst than the racist and misogynist put together. I like the way you think.


This season is really shaping up to be awful!!! If the “knockouts” come even close to final six I will not continue to watch!!!


I am getting so sick of all the people on here saying if something happens or if something doesn’t happen then you’re going to quit watching. Just quit watching, quit making comments on here, and quit boring us with your constant dribble!


What is dribble? Or do you mean drivel?

Ted Marie

Lol! Reading all of the comments on how everybody is going to stop watching and then the next day they are the first ones posting comments on how over this season they are. I get it, it is frustrating, but come on its not really to the point that u r going to stop watching because people are obviously still tuning in and posting your opinions. Simon, appreciate u and Dawg and I’m in it for the long haul regardless of how frustrating I get. Thanks again for your awesome work!!


they are all two faced i the house, their true colors show through. I at least respect helen ad elissa,at least they are

not fake!the racist remarks made by miss priss, aaryn, and gina. the remarks made by those women were uncalled for other tha that its a game,expect the unexpected remember?..so if you dont like the game..shit or get off the pot!..i other words..stop watching..especially if you are not watching big brother after dark or the live feed! then you know


The Knockouts are the new Friendship Alliance.


Lol knockouts is a horrible alliance name but naming alliances is hard. Dan who is a mastermind even had a crappy name with the renegades I’ve always wanted to be on bb but I wouldn’t want to name an alliance. Moving crew is a really good name to bad it wasn’t a good alliance though I also like chilltown and legion of doom they were good names.


What’s the deal with Helen’s shorts??? I’d almost rather see sequined Rachel outfits!


i LOVE this website but I dont understand how anyone can actually say their favorite player is Elissa.. Please tell me what she has done to deserve to be at the top of that poll… She has already ruined the show & the mystery of ” who got MVP” would be so much better.. After Jeremy leaves the show will so boring

Just wondering?

I agree. Elissa, Judd, Candace, and Jessie are some of the biggest floaters of all time. Elissa has not earned a thing in this game. this season is the year of the FLOATER!!!!!

Just wondering?

Why does everyone hate Nick? What did he do? Please help me with this. The venom that has been spewed, especially from Judd and Ron Weasley, has been uncalled for. Everyone is trying to win the game. Someone please explain this to me.


I feel like Amanda is in everyone’s alliance. I love her personality, but I hope Her and McCrae are the first to go out of the “Knockouts”

Ted Marie

If Mccrae keeps eating his fingernails he will be the first one “knocked out” due to his appendix rupturing from that crap sitting in his belly festering. Yuck! Watching him eat his nails is getting intolerable!

7 Seven 7

Please make the house a better place by getting rid of Amanda.


I guess they have to talk about Ivy League Schools because none of these idiots could ever get accepted to one.


You’re right, none of these people are trust-fund babies that make up the majority of ivy leagues’ student body. Romanticizing over ivy leagues is so 1995.


Ugh I am tired of Andy talking about how stupid the MC was because he knew they existed…is that why you cried when Spencer and Howard revealed everything? I get it that he knew Nick was shady but don’t act like you knew he was in this five guys alliance you’re not that smart.


Andy needs a wake up call, he plays a very good ‘floater’ game yet he thinks he is so smart. I was really annoyed with how he takes credit for the ouster of Nick but the only thing that he did was vote him out. Apart from his vote it was Amanda, Candice, Elissa and Helen who pretty much did the thinking and work.


Curious, what work did Elissa do to get Nick out?


Hmm.. putting him on a fucking block?


In the poll Amanda is closing in on Elissa

7 Seven 7

Oh no that can not be right, Dawg should be first followed by “Simons soda can”


They both blow!


Finally, seriously! Overall Elissa is not leading a great game!


That’s rad. Amanda is the most entertaining.


I voted for her due to the creative use of bandaids.


I think judd and andy talk about how much they hate nick more the gm talks about how much sbe misses him


Season 14 cast absolutely dominates this cast. Terrible twist this year too. Kinda dissapointing.


You must be kidding. Do you seriously think that Joe, Danielle, Jenn and Ashley are far better than any of this cast???


I think I’d trade them for Aaryn, Jeremy, Spencer, and Elissa.


They both are beyond horrible and slowly killing the BB franchise.

Hell, the only thing saving it is being on the summer schedule with no competition and Les Moonves is obsesed with having shows for his talentless wife…


You mean…his Golddigger wife

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Airhole –

Usually done in prison with a sharp object, to kill someone by puncturing them with many holes.
Airhole: Tommy went into protective custody in prison after he snitched, he would’ve gotten airholed in gen pop within five minutes otherwise.

Airhole –

Euphemism for asshole

Just when you think Jeremy said it all, he surprises you again.

Dr. Jesse

Not to diminish your creativity, but for my near 60 years it has always meant…a waste of air. Southern term for talking and not impressing.


Is this still Illwill, the original? I’ve always enjoyed your posts, but this is classic.


Two people I really am hating on right now are power hungry Helen and that worm Andy. Andy has a hard time listening to anyone. He just talks and talks and talks. I still hate Jessie though the most with her distended protruding stomach the most so I hope she gets eliminated next week followed by the other two. Speaking of Jessie I see a shomance developing between her and Spencer now that Judd has rejected her advances. Judd’s rejection of her has changed my opinion of him. He may not be able to talk so anyone can understand him but he has more intelligence that others give him credit for.

Also What is Jewish curley hair?


i feel sorry for you and i hope you can get the help you need

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Lets hope Helen and Andy get “knocked out” and lets throw Elissa in too !!

Jeez as much as I hate Kaitlyn, Aryan, and GM we need one of them to win the next HOH because if I hear another I want this to be the “Peoples HOH and I will find out who voted out and smear their names” I may join JUDD in flipping the FU** out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have to root for a quick succession of evictions: Helen, Elissa, Andy, if only so the rest of the season isn’t as painfully boring as the last few days.

Superfriends = The Nerd Herd 2.0


Ron Weasley Andy is so sneaky it’s amusing. He’s talks about other people but he is so untrustworthy. I hope he doesn’t fly underneath the radar. I always get the sense that even if he’s asking questions in general conversation he has some ulterior motive.


Love the Ron Weasley, edged out Howdy Doody with that one! – and you’re right, he’s sneaky+++ We really have to get some memes for these guys. I’m drawing a blank, but maybe that big bull dog in Bugs Bunny for Jeremy.


Im also hoping that BB does not resupply anyones nicotine habit when the cigarettes run out. Let’s see how all these people deal with nicotine withdrawal. Or another twist to the show could be giving us the right to vote a nicotine MVP who would get a weeks supply of smokes for the entire house. Would anyone trade their loyalty and votes for a few smokes?

ILLWILL That A$$hole

I don’t think they resupply cigarettes, the supply is what HGs bring with them.


Well, okay, but seems like you want to see some prison action. I can just see it now…LOL!


A person’s addiction, if that’s what it is for Amanda, shouldn’t be paraded around on television for the masses to gawk at..


I’m waiting for the Nick Memorial – might be entertaining – anything would be better than what’s happening now – I’ll say it again – bring Dan in to lead Nick’s final goodbye! Like Dan or not, that would be great CBS footage.


bringing back dan for any reason is a great idea


That would be so hilarious, and I LOVED DAN!!! This whole cast is so boring! Like watching paint dry.


Who are the members of the knockouts alliance


Listening to Amanda badmouth Howard to Elissa for being the better man and refusing to treat somebody as badly as they treat him (basically following the example of Gandhi and MLK)…while she (and everybody else) make deals with the racist offenders to protect them while plotting to evict their victims…then acting like she wasn’t just covering her ass in her speech to Aaryn, which incidentally was presented as though she was fine with Aaryn’s jokes, but it’s those whiny minorities that are taking it wrong, is just too much.

Every time Amanda does something that makes me want to root for her, she does cheap stuff like this and I can only hope McCrea wakes up.

I go back to Nicholson’s great line in As Good As It Gets, when asked how he creates female characters: “I think of a man, then I take away reason and accountability.”


Simon What’s the vote sitting at now for eviction? And is Jeremy even tryin to make deals or get votes!?


Jeremy is going home


I like how we think Jeremy is going home but last week it was like 90% Nick was staying


The difference is Production !! ……Last week, production didn’t wanted Elissa to leave and they changed Jessie vote….this week…they dont care who is going home


thumbs up if you wanna see arian nation and the germbag out the door


Rest in peace Nick


It never continues to amaze me how hypocritical the people in the house are. Why does it seem that when a non white houseguest lies in the house, they are immediately called lairs and can’t be trusted. However, when a white houseguest is telling lies, it’s called good game play. Everyone in that house has lied. Some to protect their real alliances and other because they can. Amanda and her man are constantly lying. Helen has also lied. I guess if you are not white you have to be transparent. Spencer was part of the same lie that Howard told, why is he forgiven. It’s all bull! I hope Candace, Spencer or Howard win HOH so all those plotting to get rid of them can be “honest” and tell them how they were going to evict them if they had not hv won HOH.


This is going to be so boring. No matter if Aaryn or Kaitlyn win HOH, the MVPs vote will still send the 3rd person home. The next 2-3 eviction weeks are gonna suck. Won’t be worth anything until these guys are forced to turn on each other


fast forward to August


Exactly why I was so annoyed that they just continue keeping Elissa around. Snore.


Andy is so annoying with his fakeness…tbh