Candice asks Andy what about Howie? You don’t want the BLACK THUNDER?

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


1:35pm – 1:50pm Spencer offers to massage Jessie’s back. Over by the pool – Aaryn asks does anyone see how jacked and tanned I am?! Meanwhile in the bathroom – Candice tells Gina that Nick’s funeral is tonight at 7pm at the pool table. Howie will be the pastor. We will all dress in black. Candice says we will all say something nice. You get to keep one item. Gina says we will see about that, I am hiding all of it. She leaves the room. Candice says we will all say goodbye to the shaddy fu*k. Why couldn’t he even talk about relationships and $ex? Maybe he was really married? Elissa says I doubt he was even 28. Andy and Elissa head into the bedroom and talk about how Helen is doing her blog right now and that they will get the HOH camera soon. Elissa heads out to the backyard and asks if Howard is ready to be the pastor to Nick’s funeral tonight. Elissa says that she will say how Nick tried to move her out of the bb house but it didn’t work. Howard tells Spencer that him and Judd can be the pallbearers.


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1:50pm – 2pm In the kitchen – Andy tells Candice which of the house guests he would fu*k first – He says Nick, David, Judd, Jeremy… Andy says it’s tough with Jeremy because he really isn’t my type. Spencer says but Judd is? Candice asks what about Howie? You don’t want the black thunder? Andy says that he isn’t really attracted to black guys, same thing with Asians… I just don’t know. Spencer says hey Andy remember you are live on the internet right now. Andy says nothing against them I am just not attracted to them. Candice says there’s nothing wrong with that.


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2:15pm – 2:25pm Out in the backyard – Aaryn talks to Candice about how when they get bored they could do like a crazy hair show where they make their hair into sculptures. Candice says we could do that and the dance. Candice says we could do that tonight and Nick’s funeral. Aaryn says that Gina doesn’t want to do that. She’s not in a good mood. Candice talks about how she wiped her phone clean before she came in here. Andy asks why, you didn’t want them going through it. Did you send out a bunch of txt about coming in here. Candice says no she just had a ton of pics on there and wants to start over when she gets out. Andy asks what about all your contacts? Candice says she can just use Verizon wireless backup. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Judd and Aaryn talk about Gina. Aaryn is annoyed that she keeps trying to involve Gina in fun tasks to take her mind off Nick but that Gina keeps shutting her down and being pissed off. Aaryn says that she is mad because she isn’t a social person but that she is trying to be social and help Gina. Judd says that he is tired of it. He says it’s been almost a week now since Nick left. Aaryn leaves the bathroom and Judd shaves.

Meanwhile out in the backyard – Candice, Spencer, Howard and Andy talk about past seasons of Big Brother.

2:30pm – 2:55pm Helen comes out of the HOH room with the HOH camera and starts taking photos. Andy, Spencer, Candice and Howard talk about as soon as the camera comes out she turns on. The house guests start taking photos. Spencer lies to Gina and tells her that her nipple is hanging out. Meanwhile in the havenot room – Amanda wakes up at 2:30pm and finds the BBQ condom – “EWW.. WHAT IS THIS?! WHO DID THIS? McCrae says it was Judd. Amanda heads into the kitchen and shows Jeremy the used condom and dental dam. Out in the backyard – Gina, Candice, Elissa and Howard talk about the memorial tonight for Nick. Gina says that she isn’t ready yet. Give me a week. Candice asks another week? Gina says at least give me till Friday so that it’s been a week. I am still mourning. Judd asks what are we talking about? They tell him Nick’s funeral. Judd says oh fu*k I am so tired of hearing about him. Big Brother tells them they are on an indoor lock down.


3pm – 3:40pmJudd gets a picture taken of him in his bear shirt beside Nicks Memory Wall photo. Big Brother then tells them they are on an outdoor lock down. All the house guests head out into the backyard. Helen, Andy, Spencer, Jessie, Aaryn, Judd, Amanda and McCrae are sitting on the backyard couch. Elissa and Candice on the hammock talking about kids. Amanda asks Judd what the hell was in condom? Judd says I don’t know what you are talking about. Amanda asks what the dental dam was for? Andy says to eat out a girl or rim a butt hole. Aaryn says or $ex. The conversation turns to talking about how annoyed everyone is with Gina talking about Nick 24/7. Amanda says it’s harmless. Aaryn says she is sick of it. Meanwhile in the pool – Helen, Gina, Kaitlin and Jeremy talk about Nick. They say Nick had been engaged 4 times already by the age of 28.

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Finally…..GinaMarie needs to get over it!!!! Nick gone!!!!


Nick might want to reconsider that date with GinaMarie after the show. It’s getting a /little/ creepy. It’s also unfortunate that they both live in New York. Oh dear.


i wonder if they live close enough to each other they’re covered by the same police precinct? that’ll make investigating the stalking report by staten island pd a lot easier for nick, just a thought…


I’m praying to the BB Gods right now that nothing changes from now to Thursday and that douche Jeremy gets evicted! Amanda (even though I like her) better not start anything up because she’s the only one that can cause a domino effect in that house when it comes to voting! EVICT JERM.

VA Vet

They should have a funeral tonight for Jeremy as well.


I’m sure they will have one


I’m so glad to see Amanda going up on these polls and Helen going down….I loved Helen until she has gotten into the HOH…OH.MY.WORD….power trip……if Elissa ever leaves, Helen will not get my votes for MVP that’s for darn sure!!!!


I hope not!!! Helen will never turn on Elissa as long as she stick together they will be find

Hiel Helen

Supreme Leader has already talked about dumping Elissa when shes done getting pov. What are friends for. 6 ft is deep enough Helen


I don’t see how Elissa is on the top of the list here. Obviously there are a lot of Rachel fans here too. Every single thing about Rachel was annoying, you people are crazy.


GM makes me think of that guy in Beach that get his leg or legs eat by a shark and everybody in the “house” had to ntransfer him the woods because everybody was going nuts over his cries!… And he lost his legs, just saying.


I’m excited to see this “funeral” if it really happens. Will GM have a breakdown like a real widow would? Will she have to be carried to be and be sedated by one of Judd’s Xanax’s? It’s like a soap opera up in there….”As The BB House Turns”…. or quite literally, “The Young and the Restless.”


As The Stomach Turns, The Bleak & The Brain-dead, Racists Of Our Lives, Grodner’s Hope


Andy is such a rodent – I can’t wait until people start turning on him for being the biggest fake in the house.


Yup, Andy is such a 2-faced liar. He just floats to the power.


He floats to the conversation: any time people are talking, he weasels his way in and makes it seem inoccuous by pretending to be polite. “I didn’t mean to interrupt”. He gets away with listening to everybody’s strategies and saying he’s on the same page. Such a rat.


Perfect word to describe Andy..RODENT…Cant wait to see the little bitch on the block


VOTES!!! Really? They (PRODUCTION) doesn’t count the votes!!! They just decide who THEY want to have as the MVP! Whatever will sell viewers and ratings! and cause the most drama will win the MVP. I wish I knew who was making all this money on the general public each time they vote because its a scam!! lol and its has been this way from the beginning…BUT the viewers still vote like it counts or something.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

After I saw a Homophobic Douche bag win Coup d’état, and then America’s Player twice, that’s when I stopped taking America’s Vote seriously.

If this racial thing wasn’t do bad in the media, people like Aaryn or Jeremy would be getting MVP, just to switch the power up like it should be. Jeff’s homophobic outbursts wasn’t nearly as bad.

Only votes that are counted are the Have Not food, which doesn’t effect the game in any way.

Let the sheeple believe their votes count, makes them believe that they matter.


if you don’t think america voted for jeff your a moron america loved jeff he is probablly one of the most popular players ever cbs never aired any of his bad stuff and majority of the people don’t pay for live feeds. I didn’t find out about jeffs homophob stuff till I found this website during season 12 and I thought his dr sessions and jokes were hilarious during the cbs shows he got the best edit ever so if anything that’s how cbs rigged it because I’m sure he really won any popularity poll by a landslide both seasons he was on

Hiel Helen

Just let Supreme Leader Helen dictate who gets the POV

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Big Brother is all about the ratings… If a HG brings the ratings, and popular enough that people are always talking about them, you will see them around longer. The people that are hardly talked about goes fast.


As much as i hate amanda i hope she lasts longer then mccrae now because shes talking all this trash about gm and i bet shell talk abput mccrae a million times more then gm does nick

ILLWILL That A$$hole

When McVagina leaves, Amanda will be trying to get with Howard, and gunning to get Candice out


I have a feeling Gina will NEVER be ready for that funeral


It is good to see so many people from Canada here. I’ve gone to 8 states so far and want to see them all. Maybe Canada can be # 9


You Moron!!
Canada isnt a state. Canada is just a puppet country of the US.


Ne nice tightwad, afterall Canada is ABOVE America. 😛 LOL



Aaryn should be renamed KKKaren

Canada is actually in America. So is the United States… And Mexico.. And Brazil… And Columbia etc… America is both continents. Not the US.


Ya not really tho.


I thought it was a county just outside Detroit.

billy bob

here comes pandaras box to save jeremy, lol

ILLWILL That A$$hole

It’s been known to happen before, when you just know a popular player is down and out the door, boom, Pandora’s Box to hand out a power or protection.

But Matt’s D-POV was wasted, I couldn’t believe he used it on Kathy…. I hope they bring it back so it can be used to get out a big threat


And you’ve come to the decision that Jeremy is a popular BB15 player, exactly how???? His own showmance told him Sunday that he’s not getting evicted (as he tried to say about himself) because he played a good BB game, he’s getting evicted because he is an a*shole! In what dictionary does a*shole = popularity? Not mine.There is a zero % chance AG throws Jeremy an 11th-hour life raft – Jeremy is a BB dead man walking……


Exactly, Jeremy ain’t been anything but a d-bad since he’s been in there, he bullys the women & won’t say s**t to the men cause he’s such a wuss, says he’s “going out a champ” HA! going out a chump is more like it, He’s not the type of guy people “love to hate” on here. He’s an asshat.

STFU Donnie

I have no dog in this fight, but am I the only one who finds the irony in Helen constantly talking about her side being all the good people and how she just wants to play a fun and clean game…but then her HOH plan from day 1 was to keep Jeremy off the block and out of the POV in order to pull a 100% scumbag and make sure whoever won POV would use it to get Jeremy up and get him out, depriving him of any chance to play the game and save himself.

Like I said, in my mind that’s just the game and I’ve never held anybody morally accountable for how they strategize and play it…except when they try to present a scenario of good vs evil.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Helen’s HOH reminded me of Jeremy and Aaryn last week minus the racial slurs.

Hopefully the tides turn again, Kaitlin or Aaryn wins HOH and we seen her on slop and on the block..


Agree. I wish she would just play the game and STFU with the other stuff. If you think you are a good , fair person and all the rest than be that. I couldn’t believe how she went on and on and on.


I wouldn’t be SURPRISED in the food Have Not is a scam too!! But the viewers still vote and spend their money doing it lol

The Fist of Goodness

Anyone else getting sick of Helen? I liked her at the start of the season. But, she is so full of herself since winning HoH. Seriously getting sick of her bossy attitude.


I think everyone is sick of Helen.

I know HOH can ask for 1 week protection of they don’t put them up, but this women was demanding compensation like she was going to be HOH for the next few weeks. Hopefully if Elissa ever wins HOH, she could think and make decisions on her own, because at the moment the Hgs and production is making her nom decisions. Last 2 evictees the house wanted out, and this week production wanted Howard not to be put up(due to the racial thing), both Elissa and Helen said production told them not to put him up.


But…Eliissa and Howie are tight too, she doesn’t want to put him up. It’s not all Production (if the theory holds water at all). Whether you like the MVP thing or not, it’s Eliissa’s to use as she chooses and she’s done what she wanted, good for her.


Good Lord, I ain’t even in that house & I’m tired of hearing about Nick.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Damn, I though Amanda and McVagina would never get up. The slop must be really getting to them.

over it

Honestly I am sick of all of it. The racial thing has been overplayed even though the one comment that I thought was horrible was GM using the N word and CBS seems to have no problem with that so why should I any longer, didn’t like the homophobic slurs but did not seem to bother anyone or CBS when Amanda, Spencer and the others used them so guess no big deal, terribly offended by Spencer’s comments about women but wow Julie and CBS find it perfectly acceptable, amazed how Dan was hung out to dry last year for swearing but wow Howard is almost commended by some, Helen and Elissa have made horrible comments about some but wow they are getting a great edit, and wow Andy the little weasel is horrid but wow even Jessie last night when he basically called her a whore made excuses for him. The entire cast is sick.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

It’s the “good” type of bad publicity, more people are watching to see what Aaryn Nation is going to say next that will cause a blow up…. If it brings in the ratings, production loves it…


And it’s a good bad publicity because it’s good public debate, it’s good that people are talking about these issues, no matter their opinion.


They are the laziest pair, that’s for sure, and spend a lot of couple time, which seems to be working for them. Are they eating a lot? No ones mentioned – y’all need to stay fit, Amancrae!


It’s a little early for Pandora’s box I think Jeremy could be saved tho by that stupid twist where one the first couple people compete to come back ugh! I am so sick of Gina talking about Nick get over it u have no chance anyway dummy!


P.s if Gina or Jessie win this game I am gonna scream they are so annoying!


OK, I’m not even past the headlines and I have to comment on the newest (how many is this now?) alliance names: The Knockouts and Black Thunder? Obviously, everybody is pumping themselves up – very entertaining. Now, live up to them!


I don’t think ‘Black Thunder’ refers to an alliance. 🙂


And the Howie shot, with his white man dancing overbite…? DaaaayAmmn!


I dont get why people in the house are still dwelling on the fact that Nick never talked about sex and relationships. Either he didnt wanna air his dirty laundry on tv or he’s got nothing to tell. Lol get over it. Not kissing Gina when she’s practically begging for it was a little odd tho… even if he wasn’t into her, what’s the big deal kiss the poor girl.


O!M!G! Candice called Howard Black Thunder! She’s such a brigtis rakialilitic!

O!M!G! Andy said he wouldn’t let a black guy split his anus! He is such a afrobic rashickt!