Big Brother Spoilers Aaryn “Kaitlin is turning on me” Amanda “there you go you have a target

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


5:34pm Bathroom Jeremey, Aaryn and KAitlin
Jeremy is telling them a story about when he ripped his junk up. Jeremy says when he was young he was at this party and he had a gin and juice. The cops came and everyone ran out the back. There was a fence and he didn’t think he was going to make it over without spilling his drink “So I just picked up speed lowered my shoulder and ran through that motherf*****”
Aaryn: ‘You’re a idiot”
Aaryn tells them a story when she was a “Little Tot” she was roller blading.
Aaryn: “When you are little you are flexible.. “ She adds that one of her feet got out from under her and her legs split open “Ripped my V@g!na.. and I had to go get stitches in it.. I sat in the tub because I was bleeding out “
Jeremy: ‘Ohh V!g!na rippage that it’s fun”


5:43pm Aaryn and Kaitlin Bathroom
Aaryn says she was talking to Kaitlin and the other players think they are stupid and will turn on each other. Aaryn is trying to find a way for that not to happen.
Jeremy: ‘Win win win.. you have to.. you can’t win them all but you can trade off”
Jeremy thinks Kaitlin and Aaryn are the strongest ones left they can beat the people left in the house.. Jeremy: “you have endurance.. athletics.. you’re stretchy.. er flexible.. you’re good at memory you’re the total package. “
Jeremy points out that the superfriends will have to go after each other eventually they just have to last until then.

Aaryn is scared that they are all going to turn on each other. She thinks the house will try and get Kaitlin and Gina against her.
Jeremy: “you have to maintain communication.. if there is ever a problem you go in the bathroom and read Triangle of Thrust and know that I am watching”
Jeremy: Triangle of Thrusts, Triangle of Thrusts theres nothing that can come between that” (LOL)

CBS Interactive Inc.


Jeremy says he’s the straightest shooter in the house and Helen, Amanda, McCrea know that.
Aaryn wonders if McCrea got MVP why do they need Elissa.
Jeremy: “Cause Elissa is this week he got it the week before” Aaryn cannot understand why they are siding with Elissa. She says if McCrea and Amanda join with them they will have Gina, KAitlin, Jeremy, McCrea, Aaryn, and Amanda, ‘That controls the house.. why are they so f**** stupid Helen hates Amanda Helen will take her out first”
Jeremy: ‘Why don’t you tell Helen that”
Aaryn: “Huh Tell Helen what?”
Jeremy says they need to tell Helen that he will be a soldier for him and take out people she doesn’t like. Aaryn mentions that Helen did tell her she wanted to keep Jeremy and use him to get out the other people. Aaryn: “Full on she said I need Jeremy in the storage room on veto day”
Jeremy adds that Spencer can’t do sh!t for them plus he tried to get them all to vote her out”
Aaryn: “Spencer makes me sick I want to throw up”
Jeremy: “I will be 100% shocked if I don’t leave”
Aaryn: ‘Why would Amanda and McCrea not want to work with us we are stronger than the other players“
Jeremy says he already told them that he dressed up as a baby so didn’t look threatening.
Aaryn is pretty sure that Amanda and McCrea have thought about it but they are afraid they don’t have the votes. They count the votes and realize they need 2 people. Aaryn thinks Judd is a possibility. They both know Jess will never vote for Jeremy.


6:14pm Cam 1-2 Couch Amanda, Aaryn and McCrea

Aaryn: “Can you remind me the reason why you said you had MVP”
Amanda says that someone else was suppose to go up and at the last minute it was changed.
Aaryn: “I thought we trusted each other”
Amanda: “I told you already” she explains they were going to put someone up and Elissa didn’t want that person to be nominated because she was afraid to be targeted next week by that person. The plan was to have McCrea say he had MVP and nominated them but in the end Elissa did her own thing.
Aaryn: “do you think she (Elissa) is ever going to come after y’all “
Amanda: “no.. maybe later she’s got bigger fish to fry “
Aaryn: “like me “:
Amanda: “my little fishy “
Aaryn: “You’re talking about me i’m her target”
Amanda: “You are one of her targets.. she really doesn’t like to talk about it”
McCrea: “it’s weird and scary”
Aaryn: “So why do you want to keep her”
Amanda: “because she’s not after us at this point”
Aaryn: “makes sense”
Amanda: “just because she wants you out doesn’t mean she has the votes to get you out”
McCrea points out that the more Aaryn talks to Elissa the better because elissa is easily won over”
They tell her just because someone is nice for four days doesn’t mean we forget the first 3 weeks.
Aaryn: “I just wish there was someone to work with my and Jeremey”
Amanda: “not going to happen .. I’m threaten by Jeremy.. getting rid of him is next to impossible later in the game”

Aaryn says that Kaitlin is turning on her.. Aaryn’s alone in the game.
McCrea says that is a good position to be in.
McCrea warns her the more you are trying to keep Jeremy the more on peoples radar you become. MCrea adds that She needs to stop talking about MVP it’;s done and over nobody cares. (McCrea tells her this mulitple times throughout the conversation..)
Aaryn is worried that kaitlin will turn on her she’s freaked out about it
Amanda: “there you go you have a target ..”
Aaryn brings up what if Elissa gets a coup d’etat they all know that whatever power is available will be given to Elissa.
Amanda agrees mentions that it doesn’t matter if Elissa is on their side.
McCrea says it doesn’t matter they have the votes.
Aaryn says she hates Howard and Candace if she won HOH she would put them up. She adds that she’s done with visibly being mad at people just in case the house flips and they (Howard/Cadence) are in power they can’t know she’s targeting them.

Amanda gives her some pointer, Aaryn wants to go after people that are targeting her that is how you play the game.

Aaryn thinks a lot of people are lying about who their real targets are. Aaryn brings up the deal Helen, Andy, Elissa and Kaitlin made in the storage room.
Amanda thinks nothing of it says that Helen will protect Kaitlin for a week maybe “people make deals aaryn.. 99% of this sh!t doesn’t matter”
Aaryn says she enjoys the talks with them. Amanda says she feels the same.
Aaryn leaves..
Amanda: ‘She can do a lot of dirty work for us”
McCrea is pissed says that she is using them for information he doesn’t trust her one bit.
McCrea: ‘She f**** worries me so much”
Amanda: “Don’t worry she’s going soon.. we have no allegiance to her”
McCrea is convinced she is coming after them. Amanda doesn’t think so.
Amanda reminds him that nobody listens to her or trusts her.

Andy joins them. Amanda fills him in on Aaryn being annoying digging for information.
Andy brings up his conversation with Jeremy how he’s saying he has Amanda, McCrea and Judd’s vote.
they all laugh.
Andy thinks Jeremy is a nice guy but after the 3 weeks of abuse it was nice to she Jeremy grovel for a while.
Andy says that elissa is a loose cannon he’s worried about her.


6:42pm Hammock Aaryn and Gina

Aaryn I think KAitlin is turning against us. Aaryn says she’s in a final four with Helen, Andy and Elissa. Gina: “I thought someone said Elissa isn’t staying long..”
Aaryn explains the conversation Kaitlin had, “I asked Kaitlin if she was turning on me and she wouldn’t look at me in the eyes”
Aaryn says they need to keep the three of them together. Aaryn says they only need 6 votes. Gina: ‘It’s not going to work.. I tried it with Nick”
Aaryn: ‘I knoiw it’s not going to work”
Gina: “They will just lie to your face… ” Gina bring sup Andy and Judd lied straight to their faces. Gina adds that she hasn’t made any deals but she isnt’ putting McCrea and Helen up becuyase they never put her up. Gina wouldn’t wast a nominee on Elissa because she not going home.
Gina says Jeremy leaving is in stone they can only think about winning the next HOH, they have no power, no numbers nothing until they can win HOH.
Aaryn brings up Elissa will probably get a power via America vote. Gina knows but the house doesn’t see that they tired for two weeks to get her out.

Gina says MVP F***ed everything for them she wishes she was in another season. Gina says she’s wasting her breath campaigning to keep Jeremy.


6:47pm HOH McCrea, Helen and Andy

They plan on listening to Jeremy’s campaigning but not lead him on because when he goes on Thursday they don’t want Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina to be mad thinking Jeremy was safe. They want Kaitlin, Jeremy and Gina to target Howard and Candace.

McCrea is worried that Spencer and howard are going to swing to the other side if they find out the numbers are flipping. MCrea is certain Howard doesn’t care about Candace he’s just using her.
They agree that Spencer and Howard are public enemy number one and Howard is hands down the most dangerous player in the game once Jeremy goes. McCrea worries that Howard is going to win the HOH and target them. Helen it’s worried because they will always have the MVP to use to put up who they want and the numbers to get that person out (Gotta love the predictable MVP)

Helen says Howard has to go before Aaryn. Andy seems sure that Howard will not put them up he thinks Aaryn and Gina are the targets.

McCrea is stressed about the MVP he thinks Spencer and Howard Know he lied to them. McCrea mentions how Aaryn knows and she’s probably going to tell them.

Helen tells McCrea to stop stressing Howard and Spencer are not gunning for them they owe her one for not backdooring them.
Helen: ‘I told Spencer and Howard you better not bring up Amanda’s name again.”
McCrea reminds helen that she has no power next week, “Few bargaining chips”

Helen tells them Spencer and Howard are going to get Aaryn out next week. McCrea doesn’t seem as convinced feels that Howard and Spencer will count the numbers and join with Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina. Helen says she close enough with Candace if Howard wins HOH she will get Aaryn put up and they can vote her out.

(I missed the conversation with Jeremy campaigning to Andy.. the house isn’t flipping)

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ILLWILL That A$$hole

Helen’s head is about to explode.


Hope it does! Love that McCrae remind her that she mean nothing starting Thursday! Even Jeremy told her that he understand she just want to be friend with EVERYBODY but at the end of the day this is a GAME!

7 Seven 7

So Jeremy are you saying you are more of a “straight shooter” than Sally

7 Seven 7

*edit* lol I meant shelly the former big brother player

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Nah, he’s definitely not in Shelly’s league when it come to the “Straight Shooting”, even she wasn’t that good, one stray bullet shot her straight out the house.


Iam starting to really dislike Helen


Random question….how did everybody (except for McCrae) know the answer to the first tie breaker question in the last HOH?


I don’t remember the numbers myself but they were cases of cans and everyone knew how many cases there were…times that by 24.


Why is Howard such a huge threat? I know they are fixated in him lying and swearing on the bible, but what else would make his such a huge threat and make him target #1 to get out of the house?

I’m glad someone finally told Helen that she won’t have much power next week after her HOH reign is over.


You would think that would have been obvious to Yap Mouth Helen. smh.

I think the bible things is just something easy to go to because it’s obvious. It seem to be more of they can’t trust him to be on their side. His only loyalty seemed to be with the moving company. He lays in the bed and has fun with Candace but than sort of has a distance with her in the game. Maybe that comes off sort cold and calculating?? He throws comps so they aren’t sure what his abilities are like he may be a possible secret superhero and maybe even knows Superman himself by the way they talk about him. I guess he’s sort of a wildcard and is viewed as a sleeping giant. ??

Karen S

LOL Sasha! I have been thinking the same thing. And the way they all talk to and about each other, you’d think none of them care very much
about the bible.. so why crucify Howard for being loyal to the guys and not spilling his guts to Helen? What happened to someone standing up
for themselves and not telling everyone everything? These young people!!! Keep your mouths shut! geeeze! And it doesn’t surprise me a bit
that Aaryn hates Howard and Candace so much.


Howard is target #1 because he lied and flipped to both sides of the house, he hasn’t showed loyalty except for the moving company which is obsolete right now. His word is nothing but trash and no one except Spencer and perhaps Candice trust him. He also made the wrong move of voting Elissa out last week and tried to blame it on Jessie which only sealed his faith. Had he not only voted Elissa and admitted to Helen that he was part of MC, he may have a chance to at least make it to jury. Unless production makes an action to help Howard or continuously win HOH and Veto, he will walk the door during the next two or three weeks.


All due respect, but you’re as dumb and short sighted as Helen. He was the last guy to rat on the group he was loyal to from day 1…a group that no longer exists. If McCrae, Jeremy, and Spencer all flipped first, what would they do when Helen is no longer in power. If Aaryn wins HOH and MVP day comes and Elissa is empty handed, how fast does she think McCrea, Amanda, Judd, and Andy will go running to Aaryn trying to make sure that they they’re safe, even if they have to flip on Helen and Elissa. They all lie to everybody…but Howard is the villain for lying. That makes sense…

Just a little advice for the rest of your life: If you find yourself in a competitive situation and there are 4 people in the group opposed to you. The first one who talks is a rat and his story will be self-serving and least true, the second on will be as well, the third one likely sees the writing on the wall and jumps ship, so he will give more truth figuring you already know a lot, and the last guy will only give in when all hope is lost and if you question him, instead of crying, the truth is right there to be learned. If you plan to bring any of those people into your group, it should be the last one. He won’t jump at the first sign of trouble and once he commits to you (providing you embrace him and not threaten him and try to guilt him), he will be there until the end.

If Helen were just a little street smart or a fraction of as book smart as she thinks she is, a little bit a questioning (and here’s some more advice: when questioning somebody, you are allowed to lie as well, in order to elicit more truth…so you tell Howard that McCrae said he was the leader and tell McCrea that Spencer suspected Amanda was in on it the whole time and tell Spencer Jeremy said he put him up to bullying people. That’s how you get to the whole story) and she would see that as far as the MC mastermind, Howard was not the one and that McCrae was as invested as anybody. Christ, how is Helen not curious about the timing of McCrae’s confession and the fact Amanda is not the least bit upset? She’s just dumb.


Well said Didier. I wish they would choose people with a little mores street smarts for this show. Howard is untrustworthy because he didn’t rat out his crew? REALLY!


He made himself a big threat by bragging to everyone that he’s so good, but that he’s been throwing the comps on purpose. He hasn’t proven to anyone that he is this great physical powerhouse and in my opinion he’s a mental midget, so no threat to win a mental comp. So in reality he might not be much of a threat to any of the guys except for Spencer. The girls would feel better without him around, plus you can’t trust him, he lies and worse, he gets caught at it.

Bob Saben

The only reason that Howard is a threat is because he has figured McManda out…Elissa has also started to figure her out but they need her for MVP. God, i cant stan most of these people.


What happened to the memorial service?


Gina needed more time, gag!


Can we give Elissa a Diamond power of Hoffman real quick and get Gina put up and voted out on Thursday. That would be a useful case of production tampering:)

ILLWILL That A$$hole

hasn’t happened yet


supposed to be postponed til Friday night, GM said that would make it a week but that’s just GMs way of it never happening…she likes tormenting everyone… especially Judd…


GM begged for another week, but settled, I think, for them to give her until Friday– at least a week. 😀


Who cares! I know I’d rather go to the dentist than watch that crap.


“Aaryn says she hates Howard and Candace if she won HOH she would put them up.”

Of course you will, racist skank.


Did you realize that when she was HoH, the last two people she gave the key to were Candice and Howard?

ILLWILL That A$$hole

I wish production would switch up who gets MVP for a few weeks, this s**t is way too predictable, everyone being able to think ahead because they already know who’s going to get it, and they can control who goes up.

A few weeks of Elissa NOT getting MVP will turn that house upside down, because for once this season they won’t be able to think 2 weeks ahead.


Helen’s got the game figured out up until top 9 or 10. Beyond that she’s oblivious that she’s on the bottom of the totem pole on Friendship 2.0, she may be the ‘best friend’ of the house yet people inside her alliance have already made deals that are against her. Unless she sticks with Candice and Elissa and they dominate the challenges come top 9, I can see her walking the door. I’m still rooting for her yet I just want her to get her game together, she needs to cut Amanda and Mc Crae as soon as possible or else Amanda will clearly be this season’s winner.

This Season Blows

“Helen tells McCrea to stop stressing Howard and Spencer are not gunning for them they owe her one for not backdooring them.”

Seriously, Helen? They don’t owe you shit. Stop talking already!


Its official…Entitled Helen has become the biggest C-word in the house.


C U Next Tuesday…


biggest C is a tie – manda or kuntlyn


Gina is at 0% in the poll! LOL Hate that Elissa is still the favorite, love that Amanda is gaining votes!


I agree on all counts. IdSpoonAmanda too.


Big Brother is rigged!!! I refuse to watch this season. Rachel’s little sister is gonna be given this season just like Rachel was..

Charlie Hustle

So you refuse to watch, but you check out BB blogs to talk about how much you hate it? There is a better use of your time.


Then please leave this blog-PLEASE!!!


Rachel was absolutely not *given* her win. She fought for it with everything she had. I hated Rachel in her first season, but in BB13, she won me over with her determination and ability to win comps and win players over. She was a BB MONSTER! …in a good way… As for Elissa, I think that she is downplaying her game as much as possible. She came in with a HUGE target on her back, and she probably wants to lay low and not attract more attention to keep the targets moving elsewhere. Elissa’s competitive side will emerge when she needs it to. If not for Aaryn & Jeremy cheating during the BBQ HOH comp, Elissa & Andy would have won it. Elissa has the ability to win. Team Elissa FTW!


wow, I wish Aaryn could hear Jeremy throwing her under the bus right now to Helen & Elissa, her hero…Jeremy=asshat…


He should have been doing that at the start. Going after Spencer was transparently protecting the mean girls. He should be making the case that they should dump Aaryn and him and Kaitlin will be loyal and go after Howard and Spencer. He doesn’t know how to sell.


MVP has ruined this season for me. I’m still going to watch, but its going to be a predictable season. I like only 2 nominees with more people playing the veto. Something is wrong when the MVP has more power than the traditional HOH. The game is more enjoyable to watch when there are major power shifts in the house, and the MVP is preventing just that.


Please don’t say that. Everyone needs to stop saying that.
Any prediction you make will be wrong.
Post your prediction from now to the rest of the season and I guarantee 150% (miss you Topaz!) that you will be wrong.
Not just you Butterscotch but anyone who says the season will be predictable

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Not predictable for us, predictable for the house, boring as hell for us.

Majority of the House weekly thoughts: “We’ll always have MVP on our side, we can get this person out this week, this person out next week”

How is it entertaining that the entire house can plan out 2 weeks because they know who’s going to be MVP?

If they didn’t have that knowledge, they would be completely lost, and scrambling every week.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

I know, the lab rats are using the pretty(debatable) mouse to get the cheese ahead of schedule. Remove that mouse, and the rats are lost.


If BB is fixed like everybody claims, the HOH will be very physical, favoring the most fit HG, and the MVP will go to a certain strong silent type who has been abused and targeted by the house.

It will be a disaster if after Sunday’s episode, we see the house now going after Howard and Candace. As it is,I can’t imagine this show will sell to advertisers next year and if Howard and Candace remain the targets and are evicted, I think this will be BB’s last season…at least on CBS. Maybe Viacom will pick it up and put it on Showtime.

Michael Jackson

Why does Elissa keep winning MVP? This is so rigged, Big Brother just wants her to stay in the game.


She is winning because people are voting for her. She’s the most popular in most of the polls i’ve seen. So although i would like to see someone else win it, i don’t think they are rigging it because they don’t have too. People like her enough that they are gonna keep voting.



Charlie Hustle

Her getting MVP has nothing to do with her staying in the house. Week one, if the MC doesn’t seize the opportunity to get out David, a perceived threat, then she’s gone. Week two, if the MC doesn’t split, they have the votes to evict her again. Tell me production is rigging the game by influencing peoples actual VOTES, but the MVP just gives people a third option to evict…it doesn’t in itself determine who in fact is VOTED out.

The problem is the Brenchel fans. Their loyal despite the fact that she’s entirely boring and not a great competitior.


If MVP is rigged then why does the polls states that Elissa is the favorite? So the polls is rigged too? Seriously, just because things doesn’t go your way you blame it on production? Elissa hasn’t done anything to keep winning the MVP yet it is clear that people are supporting her.


ya…and they clearly also rig the obb poll???….if that were the case dawg wouldnt be 8th


. Do you benefit in any way if I book a cruise through the ad on this site?

Helen's Alliance Member

Kim Jong Helen is really on a power trip. I know she keeps bringing up being attacked by Jeremy but I don’t recall anything. If she is referring to the wine thing, that was not bullying, he was not directing anything to her. I would like to see Helen grovel for a bit now, she has a big head and thinks shes King Shiit.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

LMFAO @ Kim Jong Helen….. She’s been a little dictator this week.


I was a fan, and really liked Helen. But after watching her behavior this week as HOH, I find her very annoying. Why is Howard and Spencer the #1 target just because they were associated with the “Moving Company”, why has everyone forgotten about McCrae being a member of the same alliance? Why is it so important to keep a spoiled little racist brat over Howard and Spencer? I am really sick of Helen, Andy, Amanda and McCrae, I hope the house turns and they get wise to Amanda, McCrae and Helen.

Amanda thinks she has all of the answers and thinks she is running the house, when are they going to expose her and all of the side deals she has with everyone. I also feel Amanda is just using McCrae, I do not think she is really that into him. I for one am really getting tired of “Helen, Amanda, Helen and Floater Andy”, they are just using Elissa always assuming she will be MVP. America needs to give MVP to Howard and hopefully Howard will also win HOH. I want Howard, Spencer, Elissa, Candice and Judd to make it farther than Amanda, Helen, Andy and McCreep!!!


Because Spencer and Howard are wildcards. They say one thing and do another thing, at least with Arryn they know that they are against them. Friendship 2.0 is actually doing what MC has planned on doing and they are much better at it than MC.


@ AZMDW0219 My sentiments exactly! I want Howard, Spencer, Elissa, Candice and Judd to make it farther than Amanda, Helen, Andy and McCreep!!! I cannot understand why the house guests don’t seem to wise up to Amanda. She does not seem to be on their radar and yet that showmance is dangerous for their game! I am voting for Howard for MVP.

bumbling bee

does everyone of these jokers think they are the stronget, smartest, sneakest player ever!?


Helen think she already have this game beat!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Oh yea, that would put a wrench in their plans.


im all for this! judd is my current favourite…but judd doesnt need to win hoh at all he can just keep coasting the only person throwing out his name really is GM. but HOWARD….i think it would be a great HOH time for him, it would also be the most interesting AND a chance for him to rebuild some trust!!!!!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Howie has to stop throwing comps, he needs to win something so he can have some power in that house.


I really don’t get the why the people like Howard, he says that he is feeling discriminated yet he refuses to stand up to himself because it may put a target on his back, he prevents Candice from standing up to herself because it will hurt HIS own game, he uses religion and race to control people, he constantly lie and does not have the guts to admit that he lied, and he is willing to throw a competition and let his team suffer just because he was ‘victimized’. Seriously, had he only stand up to himself the first time that racist remarks have been thrown around then it would’ve potential stop the harassment. He is tolerating the abuse which is why it continues. Arryn and Ginamarie are assholes but Howard is no saint either.

Charlie Hustle

Has anyone not watch season 14s Wil doing the 15 parody?

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Wil is hilarious.. he got everyone spot on


Really Aaryn………..I can’t wait to see your face that you feel the hard question by Julie Chen


I LOVE that no one remembers that McCrae swept the comps week 1 and no one views him or Amanda a threat. Power couple, yo.


everyone thinks showmances are a threat so they will be targeted

howard for hoh – go beast mode put up andy and amanda, and possibly back door mccrae, or just split the showmance by sending home amanda


Amanda is not buying Aaryn’s BS because I think the DR told her so much about how A. Is being portrayed on the show that she doesn’t want her and McCrae anywhere near that and I think it’s beautiful because when they all bullied Elissa for 2 weeks and she was all alone, the 4 of them were laughing and saying she deserved it when she did NOTHING to any of them. Aaryn is the loner now and it’s perfect and I HOPE KAITLIN TURNS ON HER!!!! GM is irrelevant!


If Aaryn or Jeremy goes! Let the drama begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I absolutely cannot stand Aaryn whatsoever. I want her gone so bad. I think she’s a racist homophobic bit¢h. That said, she’s 100% ignorant for trying to get Gina & herself to turn on Kaitlyn & vice versa. She needs to realize that Kaitlin & GM are the only 2 ppl she could put 100% trust in. If she thinks those other ppl(Andy, Helen, McCrae, Amanda, etc) are trustworthy to her, she’s a bigger idiot than I thought. She’ll make it a lot further with Kaitlin & GM than without them. IMO!