Helen tells Jeremy and Aaryn that she is ready to go up on the block.

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy

FYI you can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Big Brother Live

2:45pm Nick comes up to the HOH room. They ask him who they should put up with Elissa. Nick says I thought you had it all figured out. Jeremy says we are asking everyone what they want and we are asking you because we don’t want anyone to think we aren’t talking to you. Aaryn says that what scares her is that he won’t throw out any names. Nick tells them to put up a pawn. Nick then asks to talk to Aaryn alone. Jeremy leaves the HOH room. Nick tells Aaryn that he watched everyone the first week to see who he could trust. He says that he put his trust in a few people and those people are the only ones he is talking game with. Jeremy comes back in. Nick says that he thinks there is enough guilt in the house to send her home. Jeremy asks so you are voting her out? Nick says yes. Nick asks who else would go up with her. Jeremy says anyone but MC. Jeremy says that Candice is the target next week. They talk about putting up Helen and talking to her about after the nominations.
3pm Helen comes in next. Jeremy her who she thinks should go up. Helen says that I know you want Elissa out, if you put me up I will win the Veto and take myself off. She says and that will put more blood on your hands. Helen says that I am a mom and want to set a good example for my kids. I was honest with you about voting David out and that’s why I put my hand up. Helen says that I know that you are thinking of putting me up because I know if you put up Candice she has no way of beating Elissa in the POV. Jeremy says that he is blown away by how honest she is being with them. Jeremy says that you are both physically and mentally one of the strongest players here. Aaryn and Jeremy say that they want to work with her. Aaryn says I don’t want you to think that just because Elissa goes home, it doesn’t mean we are coming after you next. Helen says that she is ready to go up on the block. Jeremy tells Helen that he wants to really move forward with her and that he believes what she says because she has an image to uphold. Helen says put me up, I am not a revengeful person. She says then next week we can talk and move forward.


3:10pm Gina comes into talk next. Gina says okay where is the hot seat. Jeremy says oh no we don’t need to talk to you like that. Gina asks do you want me to do or say anything to anyone. Jeremy asks Aaryn what Nick said when he was out of the room. Aaryn says I don’t know why he didn’t say it in front of you because all he said was that he only trusts a few people in the house and those are the only ones he will talk game with. Jeremy asks why couldn’t he say that in front of me? Aaryn says that she thinks he is trying to build trust with me after last week. Gina says that she knows Nick is here for himself but there is something not right. Jessie tries to come in and they tell her they’re just doing one on ones right now. She leaves. Jeremy says that is the 3 time she has tried to come in here. They agree that Jessie is feeling guilty about something and that’s why she keeps trying to come up here. Gina tells them to talk to Jessie and look her in the eye when she talks because if she looks up you know she is lying. Gina leaves and they tell her to grab Elissa. Jeremy and Aaryn agree that Amanda is lying to them. They talk about how they know she voted David out and is lying to them.CBS Interactive Inc. Jeremy says that he knows and that he talked to McCrae about it last night. Aaryn says that you know if you put her up she is going to tell everyone that we made a final four deal with her.


3:20pm Jessie comes up to the HOH and they tell her that she already knows what they are doing so she is just up here to show everyone that we are talking to everyone. Jeremy and Aaryn tell her that they are pretty sure they are putting up Helen and Elissa. Jessie asks if Helen threw anyone under the bus. Jeremy says yes kind of but not really. He says that she was basically saying we need to take out Amanda. Jessie heads down to tell Spencer to come up.


CBS Interactive Inc.

3:25pm – 3:40pm Spencer comes up to the HOH room. They ask him who he thinks should go up on the block with Elissa. Spencer says H. Just because she is not the type to retaliate and she will try for the POV. They talk about how Elissa is having stomach problems because of the slop. Jeremy says that is why it is so awesome how we put her on slop again. Aaryn says that the only reason Elissa doesn’t go home is if she wins veto. I just need to pull good players and win it. Aaryn says that they only thing she is worried about is if the competition is the one were you have to guess how much time has gone by. She says that she did it in the hotel room and was within a few minutes. Spencer comments on how Elissa is saying that she would be offended if she didn’t go on the block again. Spencer leaves to go tell Elissa she is next. Kaitlin comes up to get her makeup. Jeremy whispers to Aaryn if they should tell her about Helen. Aaryn says no because we don’t want it getting back to Helen. Kaitlin leaves. Jeremy comments that Kaitlin is a wrecking ball right now I don’t even want to talk to her.


3:45pm – 3:50pm Elissa comes up to the HOH room to ask if she can use the bathroom. She says that she is in so much pain. When she goes into the bathroom. Aaryn comments that she feels bad for her. Aaryn and Jeremy talk about Amanda and how she can lie so easily.

3:50pm – 4:10pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When the feeds come back – Aaryn is down in the kitchen talking about how the liver is going to make her throw up if she has to look at it any more. Gina calls something a puerto rican shower. Judd says they call it a wh*re bath. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Aaryn and Kaitlin talk about how Elissa was crying that she was in too much pain. Aaryn says that she thinks Elissa will self evict because she doesn’t want to be sent home by me. Kaitlin says that Elissa is embarrassed about being constipated on national tv. Aaryn gets called to the diary room.


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Big Jim

Looks like the slop is getting to Elissa. Hopefully she will get the MVP and put up someone the house deems a bigger threat than herself (Jeremy)


helen – are you crazy?!? ready to go on the block?!? if you only knew how many times those were famous last words of a pawn.

and, aaryn, you feel bad for elissa?!? please, tell me, when did this start, in the past 5 minutes? this crazy crew blows my mind sometimes.


I’m starting to think Helen is a really smart dumb person. You know the type of person who could read a book, take a test, and get an A…but if you made her read a book, then argue with it critically or build upon the argument in the book and take it 10 steps further, she would give a blank stare. She sees the chess board and understand where most of the pieces are moving, but lacks the foresight and guile to counter or redirect the moves and get back out ahead.


Bobsky! We missed you during BB Canada!

I hear what you’re saying about Helen. But I think it’s something totally different that has her so “out or sorts ” at times. The environment of this particular BB house. To me, it’s quite different so far, even from past BB houses. She’s a superfan. She knows the usual BB deal. What she wasn’t expecting is that her and Nick apparently possess 95% of the total brainpower in the entire BB15 house! Strategy. Is there any so far? Solid alliances. Are there any? Reasonable discussions? Are there any? I’m sure that’s what Helen was hoping for her BB experience. That’s what she’s good at. And Helen’s perceptive. You don’t think she’s heard at least one of GM’s many “I’ll have Helen do my nails” jokes? “WHAT???? It’s true! (cackle cackle)” Really? Bobsky, there’s nowhere for Helen to go. She’s stuck in there. If that were you, how you you feel? That may be the first time that Helen’s ever had to actually deal with that level of ignorance, first-hand…..

There were always at least a *couple* of sem-normal human beings among the HGs, each season. But not in BB15. Death before floaters!!!!!! Now the guys are bad enough. To boot, we’ve got five girls, all with 100% raging hormones, Candice (who’s always in her self-proclaimed “Candyland”), Helen and Elissa, her fellow mom, and only real friend. Who’s been under non-stop house attack, as Rachel 2.0, since Day 1. In real life, Helen has a great job. Surrounded by other smart people. Professional work environment. Manners. Civility. How does that match up with the BB15 house? With all due respect, she may as well have been sent to live a psych ward, with all the crazies Kassting picked this season! Home life? Helen has a loving husband, and wants to set an example for her kids. How does that jive with the other 15 HGs? When she just told that to Jeremy, it was like the dude was gonna pass out, from being overwhelmed by such real-world honesty! But that was just normal Helen. But, in the BB15 house, her words are viewed as if she were a Martian. I just think she’s in total shock over the whole experience so far!


The sad part: I completely forgot about BB Canada, but thankfully I was able to watch it online this past week and what sucks is that I enjoyed it more than any US BB since All Stars and it would have been fun to discuss and debate.

I hear you about Helen…and you may well be right, it’s still too early for me to argue to hard one way or the other..


Who were your favorites on BBCAN?


Peter, Alec, and Emmett all played a fantastic game…and AJ and Andrew made me laugh a lot. On a personal level I really enjoyed Jill and the screw up at the end was brilliantly horrible and Gary showed he was all class how he handled it. Tom was the only real player whose game I thought was absurd and I felt like Liza got a raw deal. Her strategy was very smart, she just never got the chance to let it play out.

I think what I loved most about the show is that everybody understood it was a game and even though they all wanted to win, the personal conflict was very restrained, and they kept everything in perspective. I hate to be judgmental, but the Big Brother Canada cast was classy…and in recent years Big Brother US seems like more than half the cast is culled from recently released psychiatric patients…rather than fans of the game, who get it, and have an idea of how to win it and aren’t there to become famous or have a showmance or are just there for the experience.


This Aaryn b*tch really thinks Elissa stressing about her and everything she does huh? OMG, delusional much? This girl will go down as the most despicable, self absorbed, dirty minded, malicious person in BB history and her dirty attitude has nothing to do with the game which makes it worse! People in past have been ruthless about game but not personally like this douchebag and Jeremy is just as bad as her! (They’re perfect for each other)


100% agreed! Couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!!!!

Roisin Dubh

Aaryn is putting a huge target on her back and she’s just too dumb to see it. Next week is gonna be a bad one for her.


HOH’s who try to strong arm and threaten people, followed by marching up individuals by appointment, are overplaying their hand an overestimating their power. Nick is her “ally” and not remotely a target and rather than gathering him in, since he can be HOH next week and she can’t, Aaryn is prodding and poking him. And the worst part is she’s taking Kaitlin’s spot as Jeremy’s proxy target by treating him as co-HOH in front of the rest of the house and being so aggressive like a single HOH in week 2 puts her in control of the game for “her side”. I know they were partners, but she’s attaching herself to the volatile, house bully who just childishly wiped his a** with a woman’s hat.

It will be interesting to see what happens this week. Evicting Elissa is the easy, kick the can down the road move (I think if she gets MVP and Nick, Howard, Spencer find out that could save her as I think it would tell the guys she has it locked down and it’s more useful to have her than to put the power back up for grabs). Helen could be in play for simply showing her brain without any plan, and then there’s MVP and veto. I would not be shocked to see Elissa, Helen, Candace, Amanda, Kaitlin, or Jeremy go home this week.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Yo Simon/Dawg/ others is the MC alliance still in tact because McCray and Jeremy seem to be playing their own games, albeit stupid, it seems the MC is losing its consistency by each report.


I still think the MC is solid but if there is a break Jeremy or McCrae will be the breaking point. I really don’t think the MC will stay as one for too long.

billy bob

aaryn has to be related to dani danato,they way she hates eliisa ,is the way dani hated rachel,aaryn sure gots a hard on for elissa its like an obsession,


well dani invited Rachel to her wedding, so there is that. oh and they attended.(while evel dick did not, so its not like it was open invite)

Gator Girl

Who did Dani Danato marry?


Dom from season 13 🙂


She did not invite her father to her wedding. She did however, accept all of his presents. I read his interview.


I actually hope if BB cheats, they cheat to keep Elisa in the house. I actually cannot stand this cast of characters. CBS must of a sent out a notice this year, Do not apply If you are intelligent, can put a sentence together, know other words besides swear words, However, if you are a bigot, racist, paranoid, filthy mouth, conceited , have no shame schmuck, please apply at once.


I thought Britney’s disdain was much worse for Rachel than Dani. And let’s face it Rachel had plenty of flasws in the house to say the least so it probably wasn’t hard to dislike her in the house. But Britney took it to a different level. lol


Aaryn looks like a young Tara Reid in that pic. Sadly, I’m sensing a similar career path may be in her future…


Aaryn, Jeremy, and Kaitlin are showing TRUE ignorance by acting like they are the Kings and Queens of the house and holding court in the HoH room. Taking out Elissa is dumb when Aaryn is going to be the next big target.


1) I truly thought CBS would take away this HOH due to the cheating.
I thought with all the social media going hardcore about it that they could NOT ignore it.
Sadly, I was wrong.

2) Really had a chance to watch feed the last few hours. WTF!?
I am about to OD on the Hitler Youth, enough already BB.
Aryans voice just grates on me, and watching Jeremy and Kaitlin tongue each other is making me queasy.
Literally I am having a physical reaction. Mostly because of him, he repulses me so deeply.

OK, I know it is NOM day and they have to show them and what is going on, I am praying that for the
aftermath we get way more of the other HG’s and their reactions.

BTW- The racism is not easing up much is it? Still hearing those comments tossed out,
pretty much on the reg. (Quoting Kenny Powers, NOT FRANK!)
It almost is starting to seem like BB WANTS it to keep up.
AG is probably squealing into her bag of Cheetos over all this controversy.

Canadian Jules

Drama queens and douchebags =BB15


I think its really funny how people think elisa=Rachel. so far, we haven’t seen a competition beast, we haven’t seen someone who is going to intimidate other people. she is not Rachel. and I have yet to hear her say all these things aaryn claims


these things are only happening in Jerm face and Aryen minded heads … funny thing is they have told themselves this enough times they now believe it … lol


Ok. Are there no quality players in this house? Is Helen a moron? Do they know that winning POV is a 1 in 6 chance? Why are they all so sure they can win it? If I were on BB there is no way I would ever say I was ready to be on the block or to use me as a pawn. And I would never outright say I was winning anything but would try my hardest to get every single thing. These people are all idiots! I can’t wait til half of them are gone. I would love to see Kaitlin on the block.


The funniest part is that she works in POLITICS!!!

Whenever somebody brings up the notion of using you as a pawn (which they didn’t even have to ask her…she just said put me up) you always put up resistance for 3 simple reasons. First you don’t want to look weak and malleable as you leave open the potential for a perceived stronger player to make the case that you’re just a floater, thereby creating the impetus to evict. Second, you don’t want to look meek, so meek that it makes evicting you easy because you’re so mature and classy and won’t hound and fight them every step of the way. Every HG talks tough but maybe 1 person a season actually enjoys confrontation “Evil Dick” style and there’s a reason people are always quick to make up even if they still hate each other…and you want to make the house see you as somebody who will stand your ground, but is also reasonable. And finally, if you resist and you still get put up anyway, THEN you play nice like it’s all good and get to work securing your spot and once you survive, the HG and his/her group “owe” you one.

I have a degree in political science and how Helen doesn’t have even an elementary understanding of political gamesmanship, makes me think she’s a secretary or assistant and only works in politics in the most peripheral sense.


Not only does she work in politics but from my understanding CHICAGO politics. As a resident of Chicago both the city and the state are a model for political corruption. She should have a few tricks up her sleeve! Like someone else said, book smart not common sense smart. Offering to go up on the block for your enemies is not smart on any level.


would like to make a comment on Aaren … so close to the spelling and meaning of the word Aryan .. the german version … her pic she be there in the dictionary .. that girl is a sickening person .. My grandson posted today that a kid got kicked off a soccer league because of his racial slurs .. so many thumbs up for that .. and yet these so called people have not as much as got a slap on the wrist for their filth .. something is wrong in America when that is allowed to happen over and over and over again .. I am so glad to be Canadian . 🙂


POETIC JUSTICE if Jeremy is the MVP choice this week; Elissa wins Veto; and that a$$hole bully Jeremy goes home….PLEEEZE LET THIS HAPPEN ! I now wanna see Elissa last at least a few more weeks; David Duke’s daughter go next and then the skank from Staten Island or better yet..let Kaitlyn go in a double eviction with Jessie !


Just heard that the HG’s are getting smart and are thinking that whoever has the mvp should put Jeremy up and they realized that they HAVE the votes to get him out. Finally they are playing the game 🙂


What??? Finally. I didn’t hear that which hg idea was that?


It was Andy talking to mcc, Howard, Amanda and Judd and they were agreeing (mcc was a little reluctant but Amanda was on board). They figure they have 7 votes with Elissa and Helen up. 🙂 I hope that’s how it plays out and based on how they’re handling being HoH I don’t think its that far fetched.




totally agree!


If Jer goes on the block, I already predict the tattooed d-bag to go nutso…

He is someone I would love to be in the house with, his buttons will be so easily pressed and he would go berserk…


Lol did anyone see when Aaryn wondered why production gave her Oreos when she didn’t even request them? Love it!


Yo yo yo. Glad Aaryn got HoH. Dislike this post as much as possible but I like Jeremy. I couldn’t care less what others like to say or think. I don’t like Elissa reason being she won MVP week 1 and hasn’t done anything and she will probably win it again. And again, for not doing anything. Kinda random but Elissa looks like she’s doing the “duck face” at all times. Lol


Kait: “If its a numbers comp for HOH, she’ll (Helen) will win because she is asian”

sweet merciful crap… *face palm


What the heck Helen…… why would you- oh my gosh just no. NO.


Jesse saying Jeremy looks like Taylor Lautner with his greasy hair is an insult, more like a broke down Taylor Lautner. He is a bully and I can’t wait for him to go home! This season’s HG are really bad at playing this game with the exception of Nick, Andy, Judd, Elissa, McCrae and possibly Amanda and Candice (on the fence) Warning…..Soap Box Moment: Jeremy and Aaryn are this year’s villains. Gina Marie isn’t far behind. Now she is talking about a Puerto Rican shower? Really? Can you try & not offend EVERY race? How ignorant can these HG really be? The facts are, they have made all of those slurs on national TV. It just goes to show they are forgetting the cameras are rolling & that is who they truly are. It’s really sad this is what our future looks like….just like our past. Just when we think progress has been made for equality in general….we take two steps back.


Does anyone else find it curious that BB found it necessary to require J-Jag to proffer an apology for potential ass remnants left on a hat, but not for tiny baby hitler or the others to apologize their on going racist commentary? Seems odd to me that they would be uber concerned about that hat and not about the integrity of BB as whole, especially given the uproar it is causing on social media.


The reason he had to confess and apologize about the hat is because it was unsanitary and could have maybe passed pink eye or some infection to Elissa when she put it on. That was a health hazard to someone where the ignorant comments made by Aryan and a her “brotherhood” are only showing them to be total idiots!
And BTW, this is Big Brother! Since when is integrity a concern!
Let Aryan and the “brotherhood” keep digging their own graves, they’ll get exactly what they deserve!