Amanda “A woman is not made of mans rib.. I’m not going to do whatever you tell me ”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


4:26pm Cam 3-4 Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn
Jeremy and Kaitlin cuddling on the bed and Aaryn is doing some cleaning up around the Head of Household bedroom.
Aaryn telling them that Elissa is saying that she wants to go home. Kaitlin thinks it’s because Elissa has too much pride and doesn’t want to be voted out because of Aaryn.
Jeremy about Elissa self evicting “That would be awesome right.. then guess who we could put up.. “
Kaitlin: ‘Candace”
Jer: “Amanda”
K: “McCrae will freak out and come after you guys”
Jeremy brings up his conversation with Helen where she said that she will win the veto and the blood will be on “Their” hands (Jer, KAitlin, Aaryn) if they put her up.
Aaryn and Jeremy both are not taking Helen serious.

Jeremy: “DUDE that will be freaking awesome if Elissa leaves.. If she leaves .. I’ll do a double back flip.. “
k: “helen has to realize that she doesn’t have this army if Elissa goes home.. “
(Sounds like Helen is saying that the “brenchel army” is on her side and wil help her win the MVP)

Jessie comes in


4:36pm HOH Jessie and Aaryn
They are going over Aaryn’s nomination speech. Sounds like she’s putting up Elissa and Helen

Aaryn practicing what she will say

Some of Aaryn’s talking points
“Elissa you are going on the block because you’ve lied to me 3 times”
“All that drama in the house is because of you”
“I want to make this game a level playing field”
“you put my best friend in the house up on the block I will put you up with your friend so you can feel what is is like “
“Helen you are a pawn”
“MVP vote isn’t fair that you are here”
“Sorry Helen you are getting the brunt of Elissa’s crazy sh!t.. no you are getting the brunt of Elissa’s mistakes”
“Elissa you sent someone home that didn’t deserve to leave” (Honestly David had first boot written all over him)
Aaryn: “I am sorry for putting up Helen but not Elissa.. “

Aaryn: “All the chaos in this house has started with you and when you leave this week it’ll leave with you and since you’ve sent my best friend home i’ll put you best friend up on the block with you .. “

Aaryn: “As much as I want to say all this stuff I don’t know if I’m going to.. I just want to make it short and sweet”

Elissa comes in asks if she can use the bathroom.
The girls leave. Elissa in bathroom feeling sick


4:45pm BAckyard couch Amanda and McCrae
If we stray they will all be coming after us and they have the numbers

Amanda thinks that Jeremy is going to keep winning HOH they will have a major problem. She thinks that Jeremy is a HUGE threat.
McCrea tells her not to worry about it.

Amanda: “I don’t like that you are straying from the plan.. “
MC: “Just wait.. Just wait.. trust me“

Amanda: ‘I’m smart.. “
MC: “You are too smart for your own good” McCrae tells her they need to chill this week and lay low they are not in danger and nobody close to them is in danger.
Mc:”You have to promise me you’ll vote with me this week”
A: “I’m not going to do whatever you tell me a women is not made of mans rib”

Amanda really doesn’t want Jeremy in the house for too much longer. MC tells her that JEremy is a huge talker they both think Jeremy will be taken out well before Final 4

They Start talking about getting in on the Kaitlin, Jeremy, Nick Alliance and push out Gina. Mc points out that if there is a mole they are f*/***ed.
McCrea: “Everyone is going to vote out Elissa.. it’s too early to make big alliances just chill”
Amanda: “Agreed make everyone think you are there best friend”

McCrae says that everyone should want to be taking them out because they are so good. Amanda thinks they are good. McCrea adds that they are int he best spot in the game and he thinks they are the best players.

McCrea warns her that she talks too much and too fast she buffets them with so much Sh1t she needs to keep it to the point. Amanda agrees says that is something she is working on.

Amanda says she has only taken 1/2 her Adderall and she’s glittery.

Amanda: “Howard was right everyone is jumping the gun.. ”
MC: “He’s right you and I should lay in bed all day tomorrow.. look at Andy how paranoid he’s getting”
A: ‘I don’t trust..”
MC: “No one”
A: “No One.. there are so many sub allainces.. ”
MC: “And who knows what side the sub alliances are on”
Amanda: ‘I’m pretty confident that spencer is using Candice to throw me under the bus”
Mc tells her to keep being nice they

MC: “You and me are like Hayden and Kristen”
Amanda: “She went quick.. ”


Judd is saying that his stomach has been off lately he thinks it’
s from all the weird stuff he’s been eating..
Judd: “My Xanax is going to wear off before nominations.. I take them everyday”
Andy: “Has anyone ever self evicted”
Judd: “HMMhhmhmhmhmhmm hmhmhm m mh mh mhm mh mhm mmm mmhm mh m ” (translated = No.. they will still do the nominations/eviciton but will probably take out the double eviction later in the season)
Judd thinks that Elissa has “Gas in her Chest”


5:37pm Backyard Spencer and McCrae

Spencer joking about Amanda telling them that nominations “Never take this long”
Spencer: “This is only number two.. ”
McCrae points out that Andy is getting very paranoid.. we have to figure out how we are going to sway his vote “or are we going to leave him outr to dry”
Spencer: ‘The best way to do it is to use the Veto on Helen” (Really hard to hear them I heard Spencer mention Jeremy’s name.. really wish I heard this conversation)

5:51pm Nominations are coming up houseguests loitering around the house chit chat.. lots of fish as Jeremy tells a story about a friend getting into a bar fight.

The next post will be post nominations ceremony.. it’s a given that Helen and Elissa are going up

7:23pm feeds still on trivia

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Big Brother Live Feeds Take it from someone that has watched a lot of feeds CBS has done a fantastic job HUGE improvement over last year

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Big Jim

Don’t know why everyone is overplaying so early didn’t they learn from Dan sigh..


You mean Brian? Dan won season 10 and came in 2nd place season 14.

Big Jim

You’re right Brian overplayed and went home 1st. I was referring to Dan laying back not winning anything early and staying out of all the drama..


Jeremy needs to shut up about putting Amanda up, does he not realize that Aaryn and Kaitlin made an alliance with Amanda? He doesn’t realize he’s going after his own alliance.


This is the same Jeremy that voted for David to stay when the Moving Company(his main alliance???) said that they need David to go. Jeremy is only loyal to himself. He needs to go ASAP hopefully on Thursday!!


MC needed the vote to come out a certain way to cause confusion, hence why Jeremy voted for Elissa.


Amanda is used to wearing the pants in the relationship…


So Aaryn Nation is going to send Elissa home this week?

Damn could she not wait a few weeks, so the MC + Amanda use Elissa’s MVP nom for all it’s worth, then drop her?

Now they’ll have no clue who gets MVP, at least with Elissa it was obvious who got it….

Aaryn Nation is this weeks Dee,Dee,Dee


The Moving Company should officially add Elissa as the only girl to their alliance and kick Jeremy out! Her MVP wins will make them have almost all the power especially ’cause Mccrae has Amanda on the side and Spencer has Helen! They would be unstoppable if they wise up and do that. I can see Nick orchestrating it all and even bringing over GinaMarie to their side! I would love to see this happen! But, who knows? BB is packed with idiots this year.


I agree. If Jeremy goes up on the block they should: 1) Tell him that he’s good, we’re working the angles to keep you safe. You don’t even need to campaign. 2) Get Elissa on board and tell her to keep up appearances with Helen, but be ready to evict her at any moment. 3) Evict Jeremy. 4) Start destroying both Bieber Fever and Blowmance and keep informed on all the alliances.

All of this is contingent on Elissa winning MVP. She doesn’t win MVP, she will have greatly diminished influence on the people who can help her.


I think Howard is playing the best so far. He is laying low and not starting up
Any trouble.He has the mc alliance and is liked by almost everyone. It’s early but hopefully he keeps it up.


I’d agree, except Aaryn caught him lying while swearing on the Bible. if she gets to jury, she’ll assure he never takes home the cash. It’ll be Dan season 14 all over again.


She ain’t makin’ Jury! She’s a bitch who’ll be easy to evict. I also highly doubt she has that good of a memory, she isn’t smart at all.

Charlie Hustle

He swore on the bible that he voted the way the house wanted him to. Without his vote it was six to five. He voted with the house, final tally – seven to five. That’s not lying, while it isn’t forthrightness either.


Simon, do I have to pay you extra for your “Judd translation services?” (Hmmmhmm Mhhh Hmmmm = translation!) Best laugh I’ve had all season!!!!! 🙂


Amanda, women were made from man’s rib, Adam sacrificed that rib, because he wanted to see some titles, he had no idea what he was in for afterwords.

1st case in history of man thinking with their dick, and we still haven’t learned from it.




i find it hilarious that Elissa is the topic of EVERY single conversation, yet she could care less about any of them


I’m beginning to think that Amanda has the best game sense and realizes that Jeremy is the most dangerous and would be in everyone’s best interest to boot him…..she realizes that Elissa’s possible MVP power could only enhance their game….and above all; get rid of ” The Children of the Corn” group. That leaves the MC which can fight it out to the end. I’ll puke if Hitler’s Children continue any further in this game aka ” Skanks’R’Us”


Agreed. He chills her out…. I like her, she uses her sales skills to read people… she can read personalities well and morphs hers to match theirs.


The problem is that she is cheating on her boyfriend with McCrae and the only reason her abrasive personality isn’t at the forefront is because Jeremy is still in the house.


Speaking of cheating…”BB15 July 5, 5:49pm (Cam 1) – Amanda & McCrae are on the hammock. McC looks at A’s belly and she says “Your baby brewing”. McC was caugh of guard”

So I guess they have sex in HoH? Couldn’t wait til jury house, eh?


LOL…I can’t believe it! Thanks for posting.


It could have been a joke, I feel like the live feeders would have known if Amanda and McCrae got THAT cozy 😉


one takes Aderall and another zanex….no wonder there is a bunch of crazies in the house…..


Judd should share his xanex with Aaryn Nation, but that wouldn’t stop the way she acts.


Pretty sure Amanda and Aryan both take adderall.


I love how Aaryn is so quick to tell Elissa she is such a drama starter when she hasn’t liked her from the second she found out she was Rachels sister and has been the one starting all the trouble with her!!! I think their best bet is getting Jeremy nominated and voting him out miss Aaryn nation only thinks she’s big and bad because she has him there plus his and Kaitlins show showmance is making me sick to watch yuck!!


I can’t help but wonder if Aaryn is egotistical (and delusional) enough to believe that with Elissa eliminated from the BB house, she would be a favorite candidate for getting MVP. I’m curious as to why Elissa didn’t make it clear to Aaryn that the only reason she nominated David was because of McCrae’s urging. It probably wouldn’t make a difference to Aaryn, however, considering she had a personal vendetta against Elissa from the very beginning and wanted her out simply because she is Rachel’s sister.

If Big Brother intends to keep it’s current viewers this season, they need to clean house quickly of the pond scum (Aaryn and Jeremy). Of course, letting fan favorites like Elissa or Helen get voted out is another sure fire way to lose viewers.


It’s a shame the mean girls and dopey guy can’t follow that 1st conversation in this thread to more than just being excited. Their determination to evict Elissa is all personal and zero game and she’s weak and vulnerable right now, both physically and mentally, which means she can be played. Jeremy could orchestrate this and it would be good for him and MC as it keeps options open, but he’s not the brightest. You have Arryn and Kaitlin call up Elissa and tell her they have a proposal. Now the first thing they say is that 1) this has to stay between them and if it gets out then the deal is off and 2) it’s all contingent on Elissa coming to them with the MVP, which they play to her ego that she is sure to win. From there Kaitlin and Aaryn do a spiel about somebody being responsible for all their fighting by instigation. Amanda, who they also call the ringleader of David’s eviction, and house mastermind. They tell Elissa they want a fresh start with both her and Helen (but she can’t know until after eviction). They tell Elissa that the plan is to nominate Elissa and Helen like Amanda and McCrae think and when she gets MVP, Amanda goes up and they have the votes to evict.

Now maybe they go through with the deal (it would make sense for them as nobody would suspect the mean girls/Elissa alliance and it keeps control of the MVP, which the mean girls have to know from the boos on Thursday that they won’t get) or maybe they don’t, but if it works they ensure another target is on the block with ZERO blood on their hands and they ensure Jeremy and Kaitlin don’t get put on the block and veto won’t matter as much.

Like I said, that would be keeping options open and playing the game strategically, rather than being emotional and settling imagined grudges.

Suzy Sunshyne

I have to say I feel so proud seeing everyone using Aryan Nation…lol But if the shoe fits…wear it and she wears it well! lol


Aaryn is hot


Aaryn may be pretty on the outside (I don’t think her looks are all that, average chick) but, she is DIRTY, DIRTY, DIRTY on the inside and that’s what makes her UGLY all together! She won’t be winning BB!

Suzy Sunshyne

Aryan nation is hot if your a racist! Other than that those chompers would scare me. Now those are some veneers!!


Someone slap some sense into Aaryn nation, Elissa probably won;t win shit but MVP, why isn’t everyone using her to their advantage???

Getting someone out, that’s not even playing the game, is a idiot move… Elissa is there for exposure, she knows she can’t win under the circumstances of who her sister is. if you’re going to take a useless HG out, take out Helen, she has nothing to offer.


Elissa is the biggest idiot in that house, why isn’t she pleading her case of almost guaranteed MVPs due to Rachel fans… WTF, tell Aaryn Nation “look you racist bitch, I’m the one with the power for the 3rd nom every week, let’s settle our differences and work together and get the real threats out the house”


It’s the same nonsense every season…I used to blame it on Rachel’s influence, but it’s clear that women simply eat each other alive in this game. The ones smart enough not to do so wind up paying for the others’ emotional and irrational gameplay. In this specific circumstance, I feel like Aaryn wants to destroy any girl that’s perceived as robbing her of camera time.

If only she knew she’s already been fired from two jobs, and any career in the public eye is long lost to her.


Helen and Elissa are nominated…
In other unshocking news, Helen is crying.



Howard and Candice were the last two keys pulled because according to Aaryn “She trusts them the least” ie: White is Right.


I hate to say it, because I really don’t like anyone this season…but Amanda is probably my favorite as far as game play goes. Judd; however, as a person, is really growing on me. He is so polite to everyone and just a genuinely nice human being. It’s too bad that he probably won’t go anywhere in this game because he doesn’t have any game…but I like him nonetheless.

Day Yum Yum

Just like in real life woman eat other woman alive, it’s a fact! There has never been a strong female alliance in this house since the Nerd Herd. That was a long time ago, folks! These woman are horrible. Aaryn is the devil incarnate I swear! That woman has some serious issues! WOW! Anyone who talks that much shit and is that mean to others has NO SELF-ESTEEM! And I mean ZERO! So insecure! This bunch can take maximum doses of Thorazine and it still wouldn’t matter. Stupid is forever as there is no cure! Same with psycho! All these chics, minus, Elissa, and Helen fit the bill! I just cannot stand listening to them. Spencer and Jeremy are equally sickening and stupid! Don’t fret, production will see that Elissa wins POV! Guaranteed! GO TEAM ELISSA!


I love these girls in Big Brother 15. These are hot women with low self esteem. Let us recap, no sooner did they enter the BB house, the girls were already deciding who to hookup with. Apparently, it only takes a smile and these girls fall in love with the guy. Most of the men are playing game and the women are apparently looking for soul mates. When Candice tries to help Aaryn figure out the truth of how they got played, Aaryn kills the messenger and calls her a liar….wow. These girls are ready to fight each other over guys that they have known less then a week. Oh great drama is coming up. They are pretty much united in getting Elissa out the house this week. However, hate is double bladed. These other girls hear all these personal attacks and hate on Elissa and say nothing. Keeping silent empowers these hateful women and it will be your turn next. Oh Jessie, apparently you are considered a very loose woman by Aaryn, you are being falsely accused of sleeping with their boyfriends. Helen, they are coming for you because you are Asian. Candice, well you are Black, that’s enough of an excuse in their eyes. You three don’t want your game affected by bring friends with Elissa this week, Well Bravo to you! Because the same hate that they have shown to Elissa will be worst for you. They are going to shift that hate after this week towards you three. Yep, this is going to be good. Expect a lot of cat fights and girls crying to come. Wow, where can I find women like this!