Helen says the fish aren’t segregated, they’re all integrated. I guess Aaryn sees what she wants to see.

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots


9:10am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen to wake up the house guests. When the feeds return, Judd and Jessie are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Judd talks about how he wants to go outside real bad. He says that’s my morning thing. Elissa joins them and talks about how she had the best sleep in the BB house last night as she has been in the havenot room before last night. Meanwhile Helen is awake in her HOH room. Elissa joins Helen in the HOH room. Helen tells Elissa that she can sleep up here whenever she wants. Helen says that she loves feeding the fish in the HOH room. All white fish and dark fish. They are all equal! Helen looks and that fish and says she doesn’t know what Aaryn was talking about all the fish being segregated, they are all integrated. I guess she (Aaryn) see’s what she wants to see. Helen and Elissa talk about how happy they are that she won HOH. This is for all the people that have been mistreated. Helen says we can trust – Andy, McCrae, Judd, Amanda. And Candice you and I can trust her. Helen tells Elissa about how Howard and Spencer came up here last night. Helen says that she wants to question everyone to find out what kind of deals were made. Helen says that she would like to backdoor Jeremy but if that doesn’t work then we will get rid of Aaryn. Helen says that she wants to get rid of the people that are being disrespectful. Helen talks about how she is pretty sure it was Spencer that voted you out (Elissa) to save himself from that side of the house. Helen says might get Spencer to be a pawn to repay them for what he did. Helen says that we need to get as much information from Jeremy and Aaryn before we get them out. Helen talks about what a strong player McCrae is and how valuable he is. Helen says that Spencer and Howard were trying to throw Amanda under to bus to remove the target from them. Helen says that she is going to let Spencer be as honest as he can and if his story doesn’t match I will call everyone up here to get to the bottom of it. Elissa and Helen talk about how they trust Judd more and more each day. They talk about how impressed they are with Judd and how he doesn’t let the other side get to him. Helen and Elissa head downstairs.


CBS Interactive Inc.

9:50mm – 10am In the bathroom – Elissa talks to Howard and Andy about there being a havenot competition today. Elissa says that they can’t be havenots again. She says that she really hopes they (Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Gina) are havenots this week as payback. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Helen tells Jessie that Spencer and Howard are trying to throw her under the bus but that we are here to protect you. Howard joins then in the HOH room. Helen changes the subject and asks Jessie about the bed situation. Jessie talks about what happened with the beds last night. Helen tells Jessie that she can sleep up here any time she wants. Howard leaves. Helen says he just came up here because he saw you come up here and didn’t want us to talk. Helen tells Jessie that she took a lot of flack last night but that everyone is here to protect her. Helen talks to Jessie about the things that Spencer and Howard have done. Jessie says I am the biggest thorn in Spencer’s side. Helen says that she doesn’t want Howard or Spencer to know that we are on to them. I have bigger fish to fry. Helen tells Jessie that Jeremy helped her the other day and told her how people on her side were throwing her under the bus. Helen says that Jeremy is a source of information so don’t be alarmed if you see me talking to him. Andy joins them.

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10:10am Andy, Helen and Jessie talk in the HOH room. Helen asks Andy if Gina was trying to keep me off the block. Jessie tells Helen that she always knew she was the pawn. Helen says that if Gina did stick up for me then I would appreciate that. Elissa joins them. They discuss how Gina and Nick’s relationship wasn’t reciprocated. Helen brings up how Nick was spending his last few hours trying to get safety for next week. Andy says that he almost felt insulted by Nick. Elissa says that he felt like he was so smart.

Meanwhile in the havenot room – Howard prays to god for forgiveness and for strength.


10:20am – 10:30am In the HOH room – Helen and Andy are talking. Andy tells Helen about his conversation with Kaitlin. Andy talks about Kaitlin felt really bad and talked about not wanting to be on that side. Andy says that he think he can get Kaitlin to work with us. Helen says that is fine but she is going on the block. Helen says that depending on if Jeremy wins the POV, then Aaryn will go home. Helen says that she doesn’t want to put up Gina to repay her for trying to keep me off the block. Helen talks about what she told Spencer he has 24 hours to be honest with her. She says that when comes to talk to her she will say she forgives him so that he forgets about all this and then when he isn’t looking he will be blind sided when we take him out. Andy says that will be great! Helen says so we put up Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina and then back door Jeremy. Helen says that she sees value in keeping Aaryn but that she needs to lay low. I want Spencer gone before her. Helen and Andy discuss the possibility of keeping Kaitlin around. They end their conversation and Helen heads downstairs.

In the kitchen – Howard asks Elissa if he can talk to her. She says yup. They head into the lounge room. Howard questions why he is questioned so much when he has been on board with voting who they want out. Helen comes down from the HOH room and Howard asks if its okay for her to join the conversation. Howard says that he 100% voted with them. Howard says that he told the other side that he voted with them to stir up confusion. Helen says that’s not a smart move because it causes more drama on both sides. Howard says that he is just being honest with them. Helen talks about how she wants to find out who the mole was and if they own up to it they can move on. Helen leaves the room. Elssia stands up and says well this was fun, thanks for being honest with us. Howards says that’s what you’ve been with me. Elissa leaves the room.


10:40am Jessie is getting ready in the bathroom. Her and Elissa talk about how they don’t want to be havenots. Helen is doing laps in the living room, kitchen and bathroom because they are on an indoor lock down as they wait for the havenot competition to start.

CBS Interactive Inc.

CBS Interactive Inc.

10:40am – 11:15am Up in the HOH room – Candice is talking to Andy about how she feels bad for Gina. Candice brings up how Aaryn was making fun of black people and saying “whachew gonna do gurl?!” Candice says that Howard was trying not to get involved because of how bad it would look for a black man to be going after 3 white girls. Andy agrees that wouldn’t be good. Candice says that Howard explained how if they slept in there he would be going home. She says that Howard wanted us to walk away and sleep in the havenot room. Candice says that she asked Howard what if I am havenot tomorrow. She says that Howard said then I will sleep in here with you. Elissa joins them. Candice says that she just wanted Aaryn to admit that she was being racist but she wouldn’t. Candice says all I said was that I was going to bang pots and pans all night like Evel Dick. Candice says that all those motherfu*kers need to be up on the block – Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Gina. Candice says that even Kaitlin was in there making fun of black people. Candice says that Jeremy is a Neanderthal and Aaryn is a beautiful young girl… where is all the anger coming from? I don’t know where that comes from, like dude are you unhappy. She just needs to get it together. She needs to get it together, its just ugly. Andy says that it makes him so angry how they treated Candice and Jessie. Andy says that he really doesn’t want to go off on people. Candice says that she has been up in the HOH several times and those fish have never been segregated on the top and bottom. I don’t understand how Aaryn sees things like that. Candice says that she is tried of Aaryn apologizing to her. She has apologized to me 4 times now. Candice says that it has all been racial things, it has to do with nothing else. She has made remarks about Asian, Blacks and gays. They talk about how either Aaryn or Jeremy will be back doored this week. Candice says that it horrible, horrible that in a day and age with a black president someone can make racial remarks and use the excuse that she is sheltered. Elissa says that she has no class, she is a horrible person. I think someone who does that should be punished. Andy says that Jeremy should have been punished for wiping his a$$ with Elissa’s hat. That is destruction of personal property. Andy says there needs to be a discussion about the sleeping arrangements. Candice says that there needs to be a discussion about people respecting others in this house about all of the comments about race and sexual preferences. Andy says that the comments that have been made using the word “queer” and “gay” affect him too, he says that he can tell when it is said maliciously so he tries not to let it affect him, but it still bothers him.


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“All white fish and dark fish. They are all equal!”

Yet, they’re being held captive in a tank….. Equality, Good Times

Hope they survive the season, i think we lose one every season


Agreed, all fish are equals. Aaryn, you should learn the lesson of white & dark fish are more equals. No more back in the bus.

Charlie Hustle

I have a dream….


Well atleast Helen has FINALLY caught on to those two and now know that they’re threats and for them to get out Jeremy will make this week perfect


Feeds were awesome last night, well worth the lost sleep


My gf and I went to sleep at 7am Eastern, lol. (not working today)


wanted to post this and wanted to see if anyone agrees.

I think BB kind of had a good idea with Elissa (being a sibling to a past BB houseguest) BUT I am thinking they should have had a season (maybe next season) where everyone is a past houseguest’s sibling?

It just isn’t fair for her either way to be the only one related to a past houseguest. I am thinking there is no way she can last much longer. She is hated by so many as soon as they found out who she was and it is just weird.

Baked Fresh

Agreed, everything would be fair and balanced.


You’re delusional. Poor Elissa has it so rough, you know, the way she’s had a special power gifted to her each week. Woe is her.


You better watch how you talk, these BRENCHEL fans are clearly rabid.


LOL. that’s right sheep. Thumb me down because you hate that it’s true.


I think the MVP twist should have been reserved for a season in which everyone was new and had no connections to past guests (or celebs, for that matter). Yes, it would still have become a popularity contest instead of the reward for gameplay CBS wanted it to be, but at least it wouldn’t be a guarantee for one person to win MVP their entire stay. I agree with having a season of all siblings (or some variation of relative) of past contestants, so it’s new people but with the old connections, but fair. NO MVP that season.

I have never been frustrated about anything in BB more than Jeremy having that Never-Not Pass. He deserves to feel the physical and mental anguish of that position at least once. Such a waste he got it. Would have rather David got it and took it home with him. Anyhow.

Hoping Jeremy goes next, then Aaryn, Howard, Spencer, GM, Kaitlyn, then may the best man or woman win. I think Jeremy is the biggest challenge threat so dump his butt first. Then Aaryn NEEDS to go so we can see Julie’s exit interview. The other two girls will be lost without those two, so take some time to get out the biggest threats in the game, Howard and Spencer. Howard first because he’s shadier. He lies while using the bible as a shield. “Do you mind if I pray for you real quick?” Gimme a break.


if you have not noticed, Elissa could be predator, see now is stiring and letting other people do the getting into trouble for her sake.


let the boredom begin.

all “good” people are voting out the “bad” people. backdoor jeremy this week. spencer or aaryn after that. nearly useless to watch the next 2-3 weeks. sure there will be some action between aaryn/kaitlin and candice or amanda. but thats all.


Yep. CBS caught a bunch of flack for racist comments in the house, so they’ve tilted the game towards the “good guys”…it’s not Big Brother, it’s a giant morality play now.

Wake Up People

Herb – this was set up as a morality play. Big Brother vets their houseguests very carefully. They knew exactly who they were putting in there. I think they were trying to make a statement on racism this year with over the top racists, homophobes, etc and underdog targets.


You made me laugh because all the house guest had equal opportunity to win HoH last night. Helen wanted it more. Are you saying it was tilted because Jer, Kaitlyn and Gina are not smart enough to remember the conveyor belt?? That I agree with!! lol


No, it was tilted because they stuck exactly one person in the house with a built-in following and a new special, magic power that basically invalidated the HOH which used to be a way for 2 opposing sides of the house to eliminate each other. Now, with this fantastic new power, it doesn’t matter if the “mean” people win HOH, POV, or anything else. They still go home one by one. Not dramatic at all…lame.

VA Vet

Everyone knew the rules on day one. The objective of BB it to out smart and out play your opponents.

Everyone in the house had equal opportunity to align themselves with the “special magic power”. The arrogant and obnoxious chose to try and evict her and now are paying the price for making the wrong choices. You reap what you sow.


“Everyone knew the rules on day one” ?? — I must’ve missed the part where Julie told them that they were sticking Rachel Reilly’s sister in the house so they could gift her the power to cowboy the game. They didn’t tell the house that, the house figured it out. The twist in and of itself isn’t that bad, the fact that it was tailor made for one houseguest and her cronies exclusively…that part is. Oh guess what, we’re bringing back the duos twist…ta-da!!

VA Vet

Your points are well taken. However, you seem to understand the game of BB and therefore should realize that America votes for who they like, not the most deserving. (I refer you to Mr. Jeff the bully being voted Americas favorite).

This years house guests figured out RR2 on day one and had plenty of opportunity to use her to their advantage. If everyone knows the twist will benefit one player, the task becomes—whats the best way to take advantage of the situation. Helen made the right choice and is now reaping the fruits of her insight. (An opportunity that was available to everyone on day one).

Furthermore, the moving company had the chance to evict Elissa the first week and decided to pass. If the MVP was such a disadvantage, that decision has to be the dumbest in BB history which is the premise of my point.


You wont hear me defending the moving company. They screwed up week one, no question. All the comments I read week 1 on this site were about how boring the show would be if the moving company wasnt broken up. To me, this is much more boring. Production essentially put a coup d’eJeff in the game with Elissa’s name on it. They give it out as they see fit, with no transparency. I honestly dont have a houseguest I particularly like…just want the players to play, and production to meddle less.


I have to agree. I think they are making this into more of a racial thing than it really is. They treated Jessie worse than anyone. I think they want Candice to run around saying the fish remark really hurt her. CBS is loving this. The racial comments have not been anywhere near as bad as the sexist disgusting remarks made about the women. But they don’t seem to think there is anything wrong with that. They just keep on with the racial stuff. I can’t stand how Howard is using the racial stuff to manipulate Candice. Candice is one of my favorite HG and Howard has admitted he plans to use Candice to further his game even though he does not like her. Please Candice, you are smart, I hope you catch on to Howard and realize he doesn’t want to argue with Jeremy’s side because he is still playing on Jeremy’s side. As a christian black woman, I am so offended by Howard. Aaryn is a complete idiot who cannot keep her mouth shut to save her life, but Howard using race to gain Candice’s trust is disgusting. Please vote Candice MVP so she can get rid of Aaryn and Helen is on to Howard so she can get rid of him. Then get rid of Jeremy, Spencer, GM and Katlin. Yes, I felt bad for GM but she is the only one that actually used the N word and she is also the one that started the Shaniqua name.


i know they want aaryn out as a replacement, but honestly that isn’t the best situation for Helen and her game.
as the superfan, she has to know her biggest threat is amanda – and knows the importance of splitting those two up eventually.
the obvious choice is jeremy, and her blindside target would be amanda and not aaryn! regardless of what happened, she has to keep reminding herself that this is her game to win. my nominations would be jeremy and howard (once she realizes it was him and not spencer) and then put a wildcard mvp or aaryn/amanda assuming the nominations stay the same. cmon helen put it together you know this!


I agree with you: put up Jeremy and Howard. (I really want to see Howard compete). I think Helen should get out Howard first and see if she could make a deal with Jeremy. I think Howard is very dangerous because he’s a master manipulator (the bible and praying stance helps also).

I like to see Amanda stay, but, yeah, having her in is not good for anyone’s gameplay (except McCrae).

Charlie Hustle

Getting out Howard at this point will be a tough sell to Candice who has drank the Howie Koolaid. That is if you believe they consider themselves allies.


I agree with you. But it is way to early to make that play there would be backlash for sure. Helen is doing the right thing. there are 13 weeks left. Get rid of Jeremy and Aaryn and the house is going to calm down a whole bunch it. Then you can start making big moves and forming new alliances. If you have the numbers get rid of these two first.


wow helen has such a good handle on things. good for her for winning. i hope aaryn goes this week. i can’t believe she wasn’t in trouble last night after what happened… she came out of the DR after the bed thing with candice and even said she didn’t really get in trouble… like why aren’t Big Brother warning her that racist statements aren’t allowed, her and gina marie?


In trouble to Aaryn would be to take away her hair extensions and make up. Giving her a verbal warning will not faze her.


Helen, do us a favor and put up Aaryn & GinaMarie while Elissa will put up Kaitlyn or Backdoored Jeremy please.


I hope Helen’s plan works and Jeremy leaves on Thursday! lol
As much as I dislike Aryan and would like to see her take her walk of shame, I want to see girls dominate the BB house, for once! :))))

Charlie Hustle

Alls well in the BB house this morning!


Been watching the feeds randomly a bit this morning, and Helen’s game is really intriguing – she is taking full advantage of the power she has right now and not hiding it… demanding honesty, wanting to find the mole… Howard is shaking in his boots, its hilarious. I only hope that she isn’t putting too much of a mark on herself as a threat/powerhouse that she becomes the target for not only spencer and howard, and Jerm/arryn/kaitlin but also the fringe members of her alliance (amanda, mccrea…). I think she is smart enough to make it work long term though… would love to see her integrity rewarded.

Also – gotta say I like Elissa’s gamplay too. It’s understated, sort of aloof, but you can tell she is very measured, cautious, and makes the right decisions at the right times – both in conversations with people and in the larger game itself. I think she is underestimated.

This Season Blows

Rachelissa’s “gameplay”? What gameplay? She literally sits back and waits for production to bail her out with a rigged MVP every week. She can’t even win competitions!


Um… do you watch the feeds? Are you able to pick up on subtle social cues and interactions? Or are you only capable of perceiving gameplay as competition wins and openly stated intent?


I have the feeds.

I agree with, “This Season Blows”

What up?


lets see, she was the main targets since the start,,,,,,she is still there and the ones who really know how to play are gone. hmmmmm

la la la

Did anyone notice that when Helen won HOH and she was jumping she almost fell? lol Go Helen!

Big Sister

No, because of a thunderstorm, my damn cable (Aarrgh!) went blank before the last question, showed @3-4 minutes of stupid commercials, and didn’t come back on until we heard Julie say something about wondering whom Helen would put up! Lots of screaming and jumping up and down in our group.

Janelle pov queen

Wow Hellen is a very very very smart women people like her should win the game


I don’t like how people think they can trust McCrae. Amanda got her pussy juices in that man head….He needs to go!!!

I hope Howard can turn this game around…


I hope Helen realizes that Jeremy is a still a douche who cant’ be trusted because he could be giving false information.


Howard is smart but his muscles are going to be his demise


Yap JJ I used to like Howard but noy ANYMORE. He is a hypocrite christian and lying lying who voted Elissa and keep denying it. Pray for forgiveness and committed more sins. Hoping he get exposed real soon. At least with Spencer he voted to keep Elissa.


Typo error not ANYMORE on liking Howard. He needs to go after the mean/bullies go.


Of course you do understand that Howard was doing one final MC move in voting Elissa out, already knowing Nick was finished and that is was just insurance in case Jeremy and the mean girls won HOH, so then Howard, Spencer and McCrae could all claim the vote and create enough confusion to remain safe, right? He wasn’t voting Elissa out at all. Him, Spencer, and McCrae all agreed to turn on Nick and the MC and go to Helen and Elissa’s side. He was just making an insurance vote, one that McCrae and Spencer all agreed to.


If that’s true, he needs to let Helen et al know this rather than setting up Jessie (which they’re not buying anyway). It’s not that I’m so against lying (impossible not to with some gameplay) but that he *should* want to look good to this side. Fortunately, he’s in with Candace and Candace is fiirnly with Helen and Elissa, etc.


The problem is he is lying to Helen and Elissa that he voted with them but he did not. I also not liking him for already plotting to backdoor Helen later. D not know what he got against her. I have no problem whoever wins in their alliance but just want him to be exposed very soon.


As a Christian myself, I don’t ind a little lieing game play, BUT Howard needs to come clean and let the house knows her voted to keep her. His plan backfired and he will be found out because he is nervous and keeps talking about it. Spencer is more aloft and looks like he is telling the truth. This may be Howards demise.


Yeah Helen, punished the Mean Girls who disrespectful including Aaryn, GinaMarie & Kaitlyn. Sorry Jeremy, your showmance Kaitlyn will be Havenots.


I heard Aaryn got fired last night..is that true?


Aaryn got dropped from 2 modeling agencies and Gina got fired. Spencer may have gotten canned too for his remarks. You can google it!!


I actually like Jessie now.
I’m not liking ANY of the boys except Andy and McCrae.
I hope Candice or Jessie win MVP just for the sole reason that I want Aaryn to realize that America is against her! She’s clueless! She genuinely believes American doesn’t see her as a bigot. Amanda was right about what she said to her face last night.
Team Candice, Elissa, Helen, Andy, Amanda, McCrae and Jessie!


Jess was my favourite from the start, and i think she will do well in comps, either endurance or mental, and seems like a really nice girl who has had to overcome alot of people being mean to her either behind her back or to her face – amanda, mccrae, aaryn, nick, gina, kaitlyn and jeremy…even elissa…and now spencer and even howard are trying to blame her for voting out elissa when she actually voted out nick…howard reads the bible with jess, then he tries to throw her under the bus…come on howie you are better than that man…go jessie!


Spencer and Howard are the two dumbest players in BB history for turning on their 5 person + spares, rock-solid alliance in week 2 when they had the numbers.

Obviously production had a heavy hand in getting them to turn, but no amount of meddling should be enough for that idiocy. This is not a matter of whether you’re an Elissa or Nick supporter…. Spencer and Howard effectively destroyed their game.

If you punched out your boss at work, gathered all your money and possessions in the yard; burned them and your home to the ground just because you thought you might go into debt temporarily: You would have pulled a Spencer and Howard.

The only reason why I will continue to watch is to see Spencer and Howard get evicted, and realize they made terrible mistakes. (I don’t count this against McCrae, he only switched because Spencer and Howard got cold feet)


I have to respectfully disagree, maybe you know more than me if you actually have the feeds but based on OBB I thought McCrae was the one that turned and who other the mastermind Amanda herself that devised that turn. I could go on and on about McCrae because I kept making excuses for him saying he was his own person and that Amanda really was controlling him even after he voted out Nick but after watching him unravel in the midst of Amanda and then Amanda no more. McCrae needs to stop thinking with the wrong head, who in the world shacks up with a person within days after claiming to have a significant other at home? Either that person is lying or their manipulating the mess out whoever they’re shacked up with. Well it’s to late now ‘cuz McCrae is in to deep not like he pull out know (well not until the babies come). And considering how long he kept the MC a secret I’m sure he’ll cave with the right amount of persuasion to past MC members of his revelation.


*wasn’t controlling


McCrae also flipped and is the blame just as much as the other two. Howard did vote Elissa out lastnight but Spencer didnt. So ya all is to blame but Im glad they did turn on their so called side cause it was epic lastnight PRICELESS


Don’t agree with your thinking here. As I see it the swing vote was McCrae! Arryn and Nick couldn’t vote. GinaMarie, Kaitlyn and Jerremy were Elisa votes so even with both voting Ellisa they could lose 6-5 if McCrae flipped. Spenser was correct in thinking McCrae was flipping. He scrambled to get on the winning side. The stupid play was Howard’s! Voting for Elissa has ruined both their games.

I’m not sure they could have gotten close to top 3 anyway but now they’ll both go likely before all of the “wicked 4”! You can see it in the overnights and this mornings spoilers. As usual the talk other than Helen’s straight forward, eye on the prize approach, is turning to who to keep around longer than the next 4 evictions. It happens when alliance split all the time.

I saw someone point out something I’m seeing becoming obvious. Helen is going out before top 4 IMHO. She is likeable and smart. Threat to win it all. I’ll pick Candace to backstab her personally. She is the most dangerous person in the house for all the remaining HG’s. Candace reminds me a little bit of Dan frankly. I think she is pure ruthless and that will take you a long way in BB. Cudos to Andy as well! He’s manipulating the game effectively without being a target.

Final 3 prediction early on…. Candace, Andy and Jessie! Jessie because she’ll float, be a pawn and seen as a pawn anyone can beat. Unless she shows comp success she’ll be carried to the end. I’m picking Candace BB15 winner for now. My predictions are usually way off. LOL For clarity I’m a huge Helen fan at this point.


Wow! So much drama! I think Helen talks too much. Focus on getting rid of Howard before Jeremy. He’s palying all sides. Put up Jeremy and Howard. If their side gets MVP, put up Kaitlin. I want to see who wins between Jeremy and Howard. If someone else wins veto, Aryn goes up. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Helen: Stop talking so much! Helen will be gone in a few weeks. Real or not, she’s been too nice. No one wants her in the final three. No one’s saying it right now (I don’t think) but Helen is definitely a target.


After hearing Jermy and Kaitlin talk last night about being ‘found’ for the show, I think the open call went something like this: “Hey, are you between 21 and 37 years old? Do you want to make $1000 a week for the summer AND be on TV? Do you have a dead-end or NO job? Well —- here’s your chance to make a half a million bucks.”
I think half of the cast was found like this and Elissa may have been approached, and the other half really are fans and wanted to be a contestant. Judd said he tried out 5 times, yet Kaitlin was found in a bar?
🙂 Peace.



are nominations later today?

Charlie Hustle

I talked to her after and cleared the air about the racist stuff and about the mattress. Aaryn says that she said if you have taken anything I say in a derogatory way, then you are mistaken because I don’t talk like that. And she goes okay I accept your apology. Aaryn says but the bit*h would still put me up at the drop of a hat, and still vote me out at the drop of a hat so I don’t think it helped anything. Jeremy says that Aaryn is the bigger person for apologizing and you did what you could. Jeremy says it probably shouldn’t have happened in the first place though. Aaryn asks what the mattress thing, oh it totally should have happened. Aaryn laughs.

You’re the bigger person Aaryn. You’re a bigot and a bully and if they don’t accept your fake apology, screw em.

Amandas Vagina

Thanks for the Jessie nipple shot again Simon.

Just play the ga,e

TMZ just did a report om last night’s feed. Alot of people are now aware of Aaryn and GinaMarie’s aggression. Hopefully more people will realize how bad the hatred in in the big brother house. I feel so bad for candance 🙁 hope she wins MVP . She has total class and respect .


I like Howard. I wish he would just come clean to Helen and move on with that side of the house.


Enjoy hooking up with a surfer dude when you are out at Big brother house. Too bad your psychology skills ain’t working out honey.


I am curious who everyone is voting for MVP this week. I am thinking Helen or Candice. What do you all think?

VA Vet

Been voting for Helen since the first night.


Was it Spencer or Howard that voted for Elissa? I can’t remember…… The one time I wish production would interfere, and put Gina, Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlan on slop.

Zingbot Fan

Howard voted for Elissa.


It was Howard that voted for Elissa to go.


howard voted to evict Elissa

yoga stretch

Spencer voted Nick out; Howard voted Elissa out.
Jeremy won the slop pass first week.




Helen is a very smart strategist in trying to find moles, keeping notes on favors done for her, and backdooring backstabbers. Arryn as HOH was way out her league using stupid vengeful high school tactics and negating any alliances that were brought to her: putting Helen on the block. Aaryn is the Bernie Madoff of strategic alliances.


I’m sorry people but we cannot have links to videos of the live feeds on this site.


What ever happened to gifs we’re not doing that anymore?


I am not a fan of Jeremy. I think he is an arrogant thug. However unless you want to see the Moms systematically eliminate the remnants of the MC and enjoy a walk in the park to the final 3, America has got to vote for a different MVP. An MVP win by Kaitlin, Spencer, Howard, or even that Eddie Munster look alike would be far more interesting.

Charlie Hustle

Ha! You said “MC.” Bane Capital has already acquired the Moving Company, fired its employees and all assets have been sold off. Only McCrae has been able to find a new job.


Keep Jessie on! Here nipples are gold!


Just some thoughts I had this morning…

Wonder when it will occur to people to keep Aaryn around? It’s obvious she won’t have any votes if she gets taken to final 2. In fact, I don’t think she’d should make it to final 2 & get $50K so maybe keep her until there’s just 4 or 5 left. She won’t be able to win enough to keep herself from going home or making it to final 2/3. She certainly won’t win America’s Favorite as that obviously will go to Elissa.

I think Helen needs to think about doing how far she wants to keep Amanda, Howard & Spencer. All of them are probably better targets for somebody’s game and since they have the larger group they can afford to lose one this week. Just like with Elissa – they’ll say Jeremy, etc is the target but by they end of the week someone else will look worse.

Isn’t it Amanda that’s on the Adderall & Xanax- cause I can certainly see when she’s on it – she thinks more clearly & gets real talkative 7 makes sense but when it wears off & the crash hits then it’s a lot harder to get a complete thought out. I’m pretty sure that BB can’t let any take meds more often than what was prescribed – no matter who gets what.


Helen has to stay on her game at least this week because of the help she had!!! If she swayed she would go home next week.


Helen is smart enough to not make it personal. She knows GM, Aaryn, and Kaitlyn are pawns and are practically all by themselves on an island. No one is going to align with them. When the time is right they’ll be gone. Right now Helen is definitely concentrating on getting out Spencer, Howard, and Jeremy who will say anything to save their moving company necks.


I appreciate Helen wants to play the “honest” game…but she’s walking into traps, no different than her honest predecessors like Kesar and Jeff. If she goes into straight interrogation mode, she will run the risk of appearing heavy-handed, leaving openings on her own side to sow seeds of betrayal and is likely to create more strife and confusion the more people who talk. She’s being arrogant in thinking she can read every lie and force people into a confession. With no evidence, all she can do is guess and the more people talking increases the likelihood that she could miss the mark or more importantly, the big picture and whole story.

She needs to use guile based on her suspicions. I think she is of the mind that Spencer is the villain, and once she gets him, Howard will be free of his influence and indebted to her. She has also suspected there was a secret group of guys operating in the shadows which Jeremy and Nick were a part of, with people now “pretending” to be her allies. This latter part is important. She needs to move forward under the assumption that Elissa (and maybe Candace) is the only person she can trust. With that in mind, her first move is to talk to Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GM individually. She needs to go full mom mode and in the course of the conversation, once they’ve relaxed, she has to ask how many votes they were expecting to evict Nick and try to get them to name names. Whoever makes this list should be free of suspicion. It will put the spotlight on those who were offering assurances to the mean girls and playing both sides. It will be a list of suspects. With those names in her mind, she goes to Jeremy still in mom mode and ask’s him how many votes he expected to keep Nick. Any name from the girls list of allies, who Jeremy leaves off (potentially protecting) are the prime candidates, but if Jeremy’s list matches, then all those names are suspicious. And Helen has to appreciate that there may be more than one rat, more than two, more than 3, etc, that it’s not just guys, and that some of the votes were simply votes AGAINST Nick and not necessarily FOR her and Elissa

Basically Helen can’t fall to the trappings of power. She needs to be smart and crafty, operating under the reality that she will only be HOH/leader for one week and the assumption that BB could end the MVP at any time or somebody else could win it. If she looks at week 1 and 2 analytically, then she sees that HOH is not a power, it’s just safety If she plays the search for the rat smart, she won’t ever be certain (but she’s only looking to confirm Spencer, so it doesn’t matter anyway) because evidence is hearsay…but she can figure out who she needs to be wary of and careful around on her “side” and plot strategies to contain them.


I agree especially with your last paragraph.


Not sure about this post. Helen certainly doesn’t need to talk to the 3 “nit wits”! First Helen knows about the whole moving company from McCrae. She can count every vote last night except McCrae, Howard and Spencer. She rightly trusts McCrae so the 1 rogue vote was Spencer or Howard. We know it was Howard. The 3 girls cannot tell her a single useful thing.

So far Helen looks great as HOH. But this has happened before in day 1 of an HOH. I think she’ll stay focused and nom 2 of the 3 girls. Hope Ellisa MVP and noms a 3rd girl, then backdoor Jeremy. Great strategy but will Candace follow through? Or go after Spencer to get a “boy out” if Jeremy has POV for example.

The moms thing isn’t everything some think it is. The core 5 are Judd, Andy, Helen Ellise and Candace. Everyone else is a convenience. I predict Candace turns on Helen no later than F6. Candace is the most dangerous person in the game ATM.

STFU Donnie

If Helen is smart McCrae’s MC revelation should put all the scrutiny on him. Why did he reveal this AFTER the vote and not before, unless he was playing both sides? What did Amanda know about this last week? What was Amanda’s talk last night of lying to everybody and making deals? Was McCrea and Amanda’s deal with Jeremy and Kaitlin legit, then they changed their mind, split their vote, and are trying to blame Howard and Spencer? Like I said if Helen is smart, McCrae’s confession makes him and Amanda as suspicious as Howard and Spencer…if not more. She knows the other side practices vote manipulation, trying to blame other people for certain votes. Helen would be dumb to assume there is just one mole. It could even be four as far as she knows…since they wanted Nick out, 3 voted that way, and one went the other as a diversion.

As for as finding a turncoat, your best source of information will be the other side, as they can be tricked into revealing inconsistencies, which reveals the Benedict Arnold. If she just goes straight interrogation and actually instigates conflict, she still won’t know unless somebody is as dumb as McCrae and confesses. This idea bets everything on confessions and ignores the fact that by bringing confrontation to a head, she’s inviting the common dynamic (especially among men) that after two people fight and vent, they usually make amends afterward…especially if the sides are trapped in a house and can’t walk away. And in those instances, both sides will come to blame Helen for instigating the fight. It’s simple psychology: when you say or do something and feel guilty, you will look for an external source to blame for “making” you do those things. Say she brings Andy and Spencer up for their different stories of events, then they both stand their ground and fight, then make up a few hours later apologizing for the mean things they said…then they use Helen as the cause for bringing them in and pitting them against each other. She draws other people closer and pushes them away from her.

And you’re underestimating Helen’s regard for Candace. Candace came to her right after nominations and said they had to get the boys and never wavered in her commitment to Helen and Elissa. All the others had to be sold on it, wavering that maybe it was best to dump Elissa and appease Jeremy, and jumped AFTER Candace at various stages. Helen has said over and over again that she remembers who came first. I’m not saying she doesn’t trust Andy, Amanda, Judd, etc…but she trusts Elissa absolutely and Candace is second.


Bobsky, What are you talking about?

Helen’s side has been on life support all season. Today is the *first* time all season that she can fact gather from a reasonable position. Helen knows a Nick vote went astray last night. She knows it was either Spencer or Howard. To her, that matters this week. Helen is trying to reward loyal behavior, and punish un-loyal behavior. That is smart. (Regardless of whether or not Howard’s Elissa vote was a pre-conceived MC group strategy or not. That’s irrelevant, for Helen’s purposes. And it backfired. And Howard will never admit he voted Elissa out. But Helen will find out, because Spencer will convince Helen of the voting truth, in his own best BB15 interests. Spencer *needs* that “Helen edge over Howard”, short-term.) So, here comes Bobsky, on his white horse, hanging the “Helen’s being heavy-handed” tag on her. I call BS on that!!!! Her wanting ONE question answered doesn’t equal “over-thre-top interrogation mode”, any more than a driver asking a pedestrian where the local Wal-Mart is would be guilty og interrogating. Helen hasn’t walked into a *single* trap yet, all season. She’s successfully balanced, on a very thin tightrope, and with almost no margin for error, and managed to both keep her alliance intact, and now growing, by leaps and bounds! (with an assist from AG, of course.)

There is NO reason Helen that should soon talk with Aaryn, Kaitlin and GM individually. Bobsky, which one is it? One the one hand, you say Helen’s heavy-handed. But now you’re advising that Helen haulin the other side’s girls, for one-on-ones? Bobsky, your two statements totally contradict each other. And now you also want Helen to prepare a “History Of The MC” thesis? To find out all about its mission statement/inner workings. Why? The MC is over. Even Jeremy and Kaitlin are treating Aaryn like she’s been exposed to radiation. Yeah, Jeremy is an ongoing concern, but only because of his comp prowess. He is Helen’s #1 target this week. But she knows it has to be a backdoor, or Jeremy will win POV. Which is the perfect Helen strategy for this week. No “blonde-tourage plus Kaitlin”, status report, or death-rattle of the MC nonsense, matters to Helen in the least. The MC disintegration is all happening on its own. Like Helen said. “I have other fish to fry.” She 1000% correct.

You’re entitled to your opinions, Bobsky. But I’m SO glad she can’t read your comments. All season, you given Helen bad advice here on OBB. She’s done the exact opposite of what you’ve said, since Day 1, and thrived. I view this post of yours as just more of the same nonsense. If I were Helen, I wouldn’t do any of what you just recommended. She’s trying to win, not lose!

Bobsky, please find some OTHER BB15 HG to “help”. (Like Spencer.) Because Helen, the one HG you’re always fixating on, is kickin’ butt, takin’ names, and is now HOH. Helen ain’t broke. STOP trying to fix her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be reading. In past seasons, I’ve always especially enjoyed reading your thoughtful, rational posts. But you just haven’t been “yourself” so far in BB15. You’re way off your game. Stop making me type so much. I’m a one-finger typist! I miss the old Bobsky! 🙂


I like Howard but this praying thing asking to be forgiven when you are in a BB game (GAME about lying and back stabbing). Not sure.lol


I wonder if David or Nick are reading this now.

David you suck!! Nick you were my man crush. HAHA


2nd this. David, you’re lame.

Nick, my boyfriend and I are going to miss watching you this season, lol.


so sick of Andy on the feeds…

“I need to start a fight! I need more DR time!”

Please don’t give him more air time.

Flip This House

Helen needs to bring the bible out on Howie and make him swear. wonder if he’ll still lie……I see Jerm or Spencer going home this coming week unless fall out between Howard & Spencer with Spencer ratting out his buddy……the house may tend to believe Howard over Spencer I think..the Candace connection is too deep now with Howard


Amanda and Helen are the smartest game players in the house. Amanda is good at convincing people to do what she wants without getting her hands dirty and Helen seems to read people very well. I think Howard sucks at the game and so does the 3 idiots Kaitlyn, Aaryn and Jeremy. Spencer is dangerous and needs to go asap he seems to be in everyones ear.


I must be getting old but when Andy said he doesn’t like when people use the word “gay”. When did the word “gay” become vulgar as I missed that one?

Jessie's Bodacious Booty

Jessie is a Stage 5 clinger for sure, but that booty is nice. It’s unfortunate that all of the attractive girls this season have issues:

Kaitlin: Cheap bar whore
Aaryn: Raging racist bit*h
Jessie: Fatal attraction clingeritis

Notice GinaMarie was not included as I find her hideous. Elissa probably used to be cute pre-plastic surgery, but now her boobs look like shoulder pads and her lips account for 83% of her face.


The Aryans of the world just dont get it. When you are hateful, and get called on it, you may appologize. You may even mean it. (not that she does). But, no one has to accept your pitiful appology. And no one has to forgive you. Especially, because the whole point of an appology is remorse. She is like a child being made to appologize. She wont change, she doesnt think she did anything wrong.
However, as others have pointed out, she isnt the only one who needs to have a “come to Jesus” moment. GM and Kaitlyn are just as bad. Although their excuse is probably, “we just went along, we didnt really mean it!”
Spencer and Jerkamy are horrible sexists. The comments the make about women are sickening. I feel very sorry for most of the women trapped in that house with them.


I like Helen. I’m glad she won HOH. She deserves it. But have you noticed that she’s been coming down with HOH Syndrome? She wants to hold court (“talk to everyone”) and ask them all what kind of deals they have going. Since when does the HOH get to be privy to all the secrets in the house? We’ve all seen power corrupt HG’s in the past. I hope I’m wrong. I’d hate to see the power go to her head especially since the HOH isn’t the all powerful it once was before the Elissa-gets-to-stay-another-week twist.


I don’t know how I would feel about Spencer, GM, Jeremy, Kaitlin or Aaryn winning big brother. Especially Aaryn and GM because then getting fired from their job would be all for not. CBS should really consider expelling these bigots out of the game.


Did I miss something but I thought Julie said on the last live episode the viewers would be picking a MVP. So why is everyone stating Elissa still has it?


@ Charlie Hustle, I agree they scouted who they wanted because my nephew tried out for it and they had him there for a week under sequester. He couldn’t call anyone while he was in Cali. I haven’t found out all the details yet but they sent him a letter telling him they would keep him in mind in the future but after looking at this cast I see most of them are on some kind of prescription drug and my nephew doesn’t fit that profile.


I am a guy from Africa, I studied in russia where I was the only foreigner in the class….so I understand racism at its peak. to be straight with this case I feel that what you are not scared of will not hurt you; when you are focused on the job, anything else becomes the lesser….and as I was thought “the lesser is always included in the greater”. so I would advice the guys that” feel” like the are from a different race should stop paying attention to the lesser…

And Candice also should stop the “Black Girl, Black Man, Black..Black”…..crying comments; it makes me feel like she is the person that the racist because if they were more of her so called “Black people” in the house she could actually have really been a bully.

the only thing that made us dark and “not black” is “geography”! I dnt like people feeling inferior or blaming someone else for their insecurities.

I really love the TV show…Don’t make me hate it..