Candice says I am not a home-wrecker Howie! Howard says girl I ain’t got no home to be wrecked.

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HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
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Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots

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1:40am – 2am Andy is in the lounge room talking to McCrae and Amanda. Kaitlin knock on the door and asks if she can talk to him. Andy and Kaitlin head into the bathroom to talk. Kaitlin says that she wants to apologize again. Andy says okay, I would be pissed if I was in your shoes too. Kaitlin says that she isn’t mad, I am just heart broken. I would have rather you told me the truth. I have stood up for way too many people and I have stood up for the wrong people. I have way too big of a heart to be in this house. I have stuck up for you, Elissa, and Candice, awhile ago. It’s just hard because I give people way too much benefit of the doubt. I yelled at Judd and Jessie and I have apologized to both of them. Jessie wouldn’t accept it, that is her own issue to work out. Andy says that he really wavered with the decision and really started to like them this week but no one was giving me a guarantee. Andy says he likes Elissa and says with her here as MVP I would never go up. Kaitlin says that she gets it. Kaitlin says that she didn’t want to be a part of some of the other actions. Andy tells her that he knows she isn’t a bully but she has aligned with people that are. Kaitlin says that she felt like Andy came up there to get information from us. Andy says that he was up getting information to make an informed decision. Andy tells Kaitlin that she isn’t going to be going home this week. Andy says that Helen has nothing against you. Kaitlin says that she wishes she didn’t align with Aaryn but that I am a super loyal person I don’t know what to do. Kaitlin says that Aaryn tried to get Jeremy and I turn against us this week. Andy tells Katilin that you aren’t Helen’s target. Kaitlin says there is still Elissa. Andy tells her to talk to Elissa. Andy tells Kaitlin that she is guilty by association. You can thank me for Elissa putting up Nick and not you. Kaitlin asks Andy to be truthful to her face from now on no matter how much the truth hurts. Kaitlin says she knows she was being a snotty a$$ bit*h. Andy tells her he knows that’s not her. You have a friend in me. Kaitlin says that she has been fighting with Aaryn because she put up Helen and I didn’t want that. Kaitlin says that she will think about things but can’t drop them just like that. Andy and Kaitlin finish their conversation and leave the bathroom.

2am In the lounge room – Andy heads back into the lounge room and tells McCrae and Amanda that he actually had a good conversation with Kaitlin. Andy says that he and Kaitlin even on night one bonded. Andy reiterates his conversation with Kaitlin. McCrae says that he is sorry about being a part of the guys alliance. He says that he felt like they were just bullies and didn’t want to be with them. Andy and McCrae leave and Judd join them. Judd tells Amanda that Elissa kept getting mad at me earlier. Judd asks if Elissa is sleeping with Jessie. Amanda says yeah.

2am – 2:30am Up in the HOH room – Spencer and Howard are talking to Helen. Howard says that he knows how Gina feels about losing someone and how her emotions got the best of her and she let her anger get the best of her. Helen says that it makes me so sad for her. Helen starts talking about her kids. Howard says that he just because Helen is up here he isn’t changing who he is. Helen says that there is a vote out there and I want to figure out who it was. Helen says that she wants to figure it out, just not tonight. Helen says that Elissa doesn’t cause drama like Aaryn does. This isn’t high school, this is big brother. Howard comments how the three girls (Aaryn, Kaitlin, Gina) figured they could rid Jeremy’s coat tails. Howard says that he was worried about the guys being voted out. Helen says only 1 guy left before today. Helen says that her HOH won’t be like Aaryn’s, there won’t be any blindsides this week. Spencer says that he wants to talk to her later. He says that he feels like she trusts him. Helen says that she want’s loyalty and honesty. Spencer says that he can give her both loyalty and honesty. They talk about how their season is different, no one would have thought two strong players would go out by week two. Helen says that our chances of winning go way up. They talk about the competition and then head down stairs.


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2:30am Jeremy and Aaryn are talking. Jeremy tells Aaryn that Howard wants to be here with competitors. Howard walks by and Jeremy says goodnight to him. Howard tells Aaryn that he has nothing against her. Aaryn says she appreciates it. Aaryn tells Howard that she respects him more than he could imagine. Howard says okay. Aaryn says I can’t believe you are sleeping in there (havenot room). Jeremy says good night bro. Howard says alright. Aaryn says that she has been made to look like the biggest a$$hole. Aaryn says I don’t know how many times I have to explain the Elissa thing to people. I have explained myself so many times. Jeremy tells Aaryn you don’t have to explain yourself, you know who you are and your people know who you are. Jeremy says look at Howard, he is not a fakea$$, Howard is a true black man and he does not think you are a racist. Aaryn says na, I wasn’t talking about that. I was talking about the Elissa thing. Jeremy says oh. Aaryn says that she has been with Elissa since the beginning. Jeremy says he didn’t even know that (Elissa) existed, she is a fake a$$ b*tch. Jeremy says that it will catch up to her one day. Aaryn says that is one thing she knows that things you do in life catch up to you, it might not be in the big brother house but one day it will catch up to you. That’s just how life works. The energy that you put out definitely returns. And I know I put out a negative attitude sometimes but its so difficult in this house. Howard walks by to go into the Havenot room. Aaryn tells Jeremy that Howard was in there rocking back and forth balling his eyes out clutching his suit case and Kaitlin went in there and he told her to GET OUT! I think he was losing it because when were in there with Candice we told her that Howard talks sh*t about her. I think he heard that and is upset about losing a friend. I talked to her after and cleared the air about the racist stuff and about the mattress. Aaryn says that she said if you have taken anything I say in a derogatory way, then you are mistaken because I don’t talk like that. And she goes okay I accept your apology. Aaryn says but the bit*h would still put me up at the drop of a hat, and still vote me out at the drop of a hat so I don’t think it helped anything. Jeremy says that Aaryn is the bigger person for apologizing and you did what you could. Jeremy says it probably shouldn’t have happened in the first place though. Aaryn asks what the mattress thing, oh it totally should have happened. Aaryn laughs. Aaryn says luckily I am the baby of the house and I can do stuff like that. Aaryn laughs. Jeremy says the tv is going to love her. And maybe they will invite you back if you don’t make it all the way. Aaryn says I have no more meanness left in me. I have it but I drained it, it’s all used up. Jeremy says that he has been bottling his all up and feels like he could bust through a wall. Aaryn and Jeremy talk about the votes. Kaitlin joins them.


2:50am McCrae and Amanda head up to the HOH room. Helen tells them you voted Nick out, this room is equally yours. Helen heads down stairs. McCrae and Amanda start making out on the HOH bed. Amanda asks McCrae about what happened after the vote with the moving company. McCrae talks about how Spencer came up to him and said we’re good. McCrae says no, no we’re not, which one of you flipped? McCrae says that Spencer does this thing where he tries to cut me off. McCrae talks about how Spencer then tried to blame it all on Jessie. McCrae says that Jeremy came up to me next and was all mad. McCrae talks about how Jeremy asked if there was any moving company left. McCrae says that to be honest it wasn’t just me that voted, it was obviously someone else too. McCrae says that Jeremy and Spencer can fight it out now. They continue to talk about the past events of the house. McCrae says that he told them that he would get rid of her (Amanda) when really I was keeping you till I was ready to get rid of the Moving Company. McCrae says that he never trusted the MC. Amanda tells McCrae that she is crazy about him. I don’t want any secrets. McCrae says that he’s wanted to tell her. I was always plotting against them. Amanda says that she really despises Spencer. McCrae says that Howard and Spencer are paranoid motherfu*kers, they always run around scared.

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3am – 3:10am Meanwhile – Howard and Candice go to bed in the havenot room. (Even though they aren’t havenots) Howard tells Candice we are on the same team. Candice says you should not have given up our bed. Howard says no come on, please. It’s hard enough, don’t keep kicking me. Don’t bring it up no more. Candice says that she apologized to Gina. They talk about Gina and Nick. Candice says that she feels bad for Gina as a girl. Candice says she could tell that Gina liked him a lot, but I don’t think he even liked girls. Something was strange about him, either he is married or has a boo at home but he would never touch her. Candice tells Howard okay .. go to bed in your airplane seat. Howard asks what is your momma gonna say when she see you spooning with the only black man in the house. Candice says she is gonna say you’re sexy, cute and Christian. Howard says damn right she will. Candice asks what would your moma, your church folk say. Howard says nothing I hope, as long as we aint doing nothing. Howard says his ex might say something. Candice asks your ex, what does your ex have say about anything. Howard says um good night. Candice asks no this is a question, since you have me sleeping in an airplane seat. Howard says that he is sleepy and will answer it tomorrow. Candice says you didn’t say you have a girlfriend. Howard says she is my ex, I don’t know if we might get back together. Candice says oh lord Jesus. Howard tells Candice she is digging too deep. Candice says okay well we will respect your ex-girlfriend from now on. Candice says that she isn’t trying to have someone come at her at the finale show. Candice says I am not a home-wrecker Howie! Howard says girl I ain’t got no home to be wrecked. Candice says alright, if you say so. Sorry boo, whoever you are out there in the world. Howard says good night. Howard and Candice continue to talk. They decide to make a bed on the floor and curl up next each other.


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3:20am – 4am In the bathroom – Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy are talking. Jeremy tells Kaitin that his feelings are hurt and that he is let down. Jeremy says that Nick should be here. Jeremy says that she feels bad for telling Kaitlin and her to trust him. Jeremy says that he let them down. Kaitlin says that he shouldn’t have bullied people. Jeremy says that he didn’t. Aaryn says she didn’t either. Aaryn says you guys saw how I talked to people, I didn’t bully anybody. Aaryn says I swear you guys! Aaryn says I think they’re trying to make America hate us so we never get MVP. Kaitlin says that is not it, they just dont have a chance at MVP with Elissa still here. Aaryn says that she thinks that it’s all strategery. Aaryn pauses and says it is a George W. Bush word. Aaryn heads to bed. Katilin talks to Jeremy about her conversation with Andy earlier. Kaitlin says that they need to break away from Aaryn. She is bringing us down. Kaitlin says that she would rather see Aaryn go. Kaitlin tells Jeremy that they could make a deal with Helen but says that it wouldn’t work if they were still with Aaryn. Judd comes into the bathroom and Kaitlin apologizes for yelling at him. Judd says he is sorry for calling her trash. They laugh about it and talk about how they don’t want to fight. Judd leaves. Kaitlin says that she wants Jeremy to be put up so he can win veto. She says if she is up against Aaryn, she could beat her. They continue to talk about scenarios for the week and then head to bed.


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“Candice says I am not a home-wrecker Howie! Howard says girl I ain’t got no home to be wrecked.”

Ummm, OK


Yeah Aaryn has no feeling at all. She only cares about yourself. Good luck getting evicted next week.


It truly breaks my heart to see that Howard and Candice are sleeping in the have not room. No one deserves to feel that way in a place that they are calling their home. It’s truly disrespectful of Aarryn and GM to say things like “are going to act black now?” I’m not sure how any of the minorities in the house are putting up with this. I’m happy that for the most part they have risen above the hatred and disrespect. I really love watching big brother but I’m not sure I can watch Aarryn and other houseguests act with such hatred. It makes me cringe.

Meat Lovers Pizza

I am a BB junkie and am obsessed with reading the feeds however reading and actually viewing the events that are going on are way different. I googled the Aaryn/GM confrontation with Candice and the one between the Aaryn and Amanda. I didn’t care for Aaryn or GM very much but when I saw the video I can say that they both DISGUST me. My heart is breaking for Candice and Howard as they do not deserve the treatment they are receiving.

I understand why Howard doesn’t want to confront Aaryn because he’s afraid of what he might do and he explains it beautifully on the video however he should just avoid her instead of telling her that it’s okay, because IT. IS. NOT.

That being said, I am liking Amanda more and more. She going in and tells Aaryn the way it is and defends Jessie from them gang up on her was awesome.

Jeremy Looks Like Shrek

Where did you find that? I am dying to watch it!

Meat Lovers Pizza

I just did a google video search for Aaryn and Gina argue with Candice and one for Amanda arguing with Aaryn and they popped up easily. Worth the search but hard to watch imo.

Meat Lovers Pizza

I just did a google video search for Aaryn and Gina argue with Candice and one for Amanda and Aaryn arguing and they popped right up. Worth the search but hard to watch imo.


i LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED Amanda telling aaryn off! it’s frigging hilarious because everything she said WAS true, and aaryn doesn’t believe it! like boo, sorry, America DOES hate u and view u as a racist and bigot. cya ur going home in the next few weeks either by expulsion or eviction- either way, the sooner the better.


I’m starting to become an Amanda fan. I like her no-nonsense attitude. Better to call someone out to their face than set back in a group and bash others.


I agree. Amanda is one of the most entertaining HG to watch. I also like her showmance partner. McCrae.


I’ve been a McCreAmanda fan since it started. McCrea showed how strong he really was in the first two challenges. He literally wasn’t even TRYING to win the first Veto competion and had the best word, but I would say he has been lacking, but they haven’t a challenge except for the HoH comp. that he was involved and I thought he had that too. Amanda is a very smart player and has sees things for what they really are. If they can keep the power on their side, I see them going pretty far in this game this season.

For me, this is also the very first showmance that I have ever rooted for. Brenchel nor Je/Jo did anything for me, nor the others in the house this season.

Keri Helen

And I am a fan of the name/title McCreAmanda. Hah!


Jessie calling out Aaryn was far more impressive than Amandas fake dont bully jess lecture to aaryn, as amanda has bullied jess even more than jeremys girls have


Amanda is the only reason I am still watching, she is a great player and a strong person.

That, and I can’t wait to hear everyone flip when Elissa is finally, rightfully, evicted.

This may be the first season I don’t finish, but I’ll hang on until Elissa and Amanda are both gone.


cant wait for amanda to be gone


Amanda for MVP and McRae lew me away last night I really thought he was just sticking with his idiotic alliance but turned out he was ahead of th guys all along. Amanda for mvp !!!


everyone needs to start thinking game

put up the showmance of mccrae and amanda


I see Amanda as very smart strategically…but tactically, I have doubts. While telling Aaryn a damn good dose of truth, she also made light of the fact that she double deals, making agreements with everybody, lying, and then deciding which is the best deal to choose from. Again, strategically smart, but tactically a stupid admission. That was not her fight, but she needlessly interjected herself, and while hurt feeling continue, apologies have been offered…but not to her. When Helen talks to Jeremy and the mean girls, last night will be discussed ad nauseum and Amanda’s words will be recounted.

Now you throw in McCrea’s stupid MC admission. He had to tell Amanda, absolutely (although it is a test of her intelligence if she wonders about the timeline of his admission), but telling Andy served no purpose. Another panicked move of playing too hard and too fast, thinking the MC revelation is a bigger danger than it is and totally misreading Helen and Elissa’s relationship with Candace (she was with them from day 1 this week, unquestioned) and their affection, trust, and dependence on Howard. Andy has no mind for this game or feel for the players and rather than keep MC to himself to potentially use later, he will run to Helen today and use it to further his “rat quest” against Howard and Spencer, not realizing that while Howard is a threat to him, he’s not a threat to Helen and Elissa.

Helen is not stupid. She will talk to Elissa and the first or second thought in their talk will be timeline. Helen is determined to find the rat and seems likely to settle on Spencer. But with McCrae’s admission and the fact that he made it to Amanda and Andy alone, rather than together with Helen and Elissa, will be circumspect. Why wouldn’t they immediately ask the following: Why McCrae made this revelation hours after the vote, rather than during this whole week when he was supposedly on their side working for Nick’s eviction? Could it be because he was playing both sides and expected Nick to stay and is now scurrying for cover? Isn’t it odd that he wouldn’t be the one to tell us and instead we’re hearing it secondhand? Is he jumping the Nick/Jeremy ship and trying to build a new one with Amanda and Andy? McCrea and Amanda are joined at the hip, so what did she know of the MC and when did she know it? She was just bragging to Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jessie, GM, and Jeremy how she makes deals with everybody and picks the best one at the moment, so is the best one now to find shelter with us and then co-opt Andy to eliminate Howard and Candace, before they come at us?

Maybe McCrae and Amanda can escape scrutiny for now, but down the road, I think their sloppy play will bite them.


gotta put mc manda on the block asap and break up the showmance


when did Howie and Candice become a showmance


Since the racism has forced them to lean on each other.


Aryan needs a punch in the face after the show is over.
Her parents did an awesome job raising her..they should be so proud.
Candace is my new favourite


I am sure her parents are really getting hammered! Or if they are like her.. they dont care!

It was so funny when Julie asked her is she was aware of the cameras and she was like ” this is who I am and america gets to see” – or something to that effect.. and then Julie saying.. yea we do.. her tone was hilarious! lol

Karen S

To think of how Julie Chen must have felt to talk to Aaryn as well.. after the “I have never met an asian who can’t do nails” or the “go make some rice” comments. The fact that the stupid racist crap keeps coming out of Aaryn’s mouth as being similar to blond jokes, shows her ignorance. But I refuse to excuse it either way. It’s a big world and I can’t believe she is that unaware.


The racist remarks by the airhead are a disgrace to all us normal southerners who do not think that way!!

BB15 letdown

Her parents don’t care. Odds are they are the same as she is. Someone raised her to think all of those things. Not to mention the whole mean girl thing. A classic example of a snotty, spoiled, entitled, self righteous and delusional brat.

kickkin Chicken

Aaryn needs to be punched in the face BEFORE she leaves the BB house! Lord knows, she will be looking over her shoulders for many years to come. What a JEALOUS SKANK……She’s jealous of Jessie’s cute bottom, Amanda’s boobs, Elissa’s classy look, and BTW, she needs to spit up that ‘gravel in her throat’, and talk like an adult, or is that the “baby of the house” technique she is using, with her baby voice? SICKENING to the max.


Oh, and just for the sake of argument, how ’bout you HOWIERD….You have an ol’ lady at home, a girlfriend and you are lying about her, just like you are lying about voting out Elissa…..keep your hands off the Bible when you spew the devil from your lips. You HOWIE have lost more respect with America, than you realize. Get it straight with us, or LIMP OUT, oops, WHIMP out….but don’t take Candice down with you!!


It is sooo funny listening to what Aaryn says knowing the moment she leaves the house she’ll find out her talent agency and Petite magazine dropped her and she has no future.


The right move is to aim for Jeremy he’s the biggest threat out of the 3 of them. Aaryn is a a jerk but not as big a threat as Jeremy and Kaitlyn isn’t either and if Jeremy leaves she is even less of a threat. They should just put Kaitlyn and Aaryn up now then put Jeremy up with the MVP(because Elissa or Helen is getting it or backdoor him. If he by some miracle wins Veto bye bye Kaitlyn this will get rid of his closest allie.


Candace is smart. lol I too feel like Nick was strange around girls. He isn’t straight that is for sure 🙂 He was my fav and was sad to see him go, but seeing the bullies and bitches crying is all worth it. 🙂


I think he’s straight. I’d be scared as f*** of a girl with the personality of GM. Plus, I think Nick was more about the game than a showmance, because they make one a target. But, so did being sketchy


nick was an excellent player but G.A.Y… not even butch GAY… i doubt even a TOP! but cute and a great player… he may have been able to win if he had stayed


P.S.-Jeremy and Aaryn ruined there game by being ego manics and mean to everyone. To me Jeremy is one of the stupidest players I truly believe the moving company would have at least made it to jury if he wasn’t so mean to people. All he had to do was keep his mouth shut and it would have gone forward now he finally is but it’s too late!

Janelle pov queen

Ginamarie weave look like cheap ass extensions you could buy at party city Jeremy think America live Aaryn? Lol


how old is gm, really? no 32yo has a turket neck lick that. maybe it’s her over-tan? she looks very dried up.


Lmao..that raggedy ass donkey hair weave..she look Hit too..


Aaryn should be on beyond scared straight on A&E! She will look good in prison jump suit. Would love see her cry.


Helen is set to find out who voted Elissa out. Hoping that scumbag Howard be exposed as soon as possible. II am Helen I would speak to both Spencer and Howard same time and asked who and use the bible as Howard has done and bingo Howard is exposed. Howard also wants to backdoor Helen, do not know what this guy has against Helen. I am worry about Candice believing on Howard aso much. Howard needs to go after the bullies.


wow…howard sounds sketch…


Well aaryn foreshadowed what’s waiting for her without even knowing. Kaitlin is right. She and Jeremy can survive thus week if they ditch aaryn.

Austin Chow

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL i honestly think Aaryn is in like SUPER huge denial or something, and will probably continue to be after shes evicted


She is ignorant. She was obviously raised with that hate filled racism and she cannot see it for what it is because she is surrounded by like minded hatred of people who are different from her. She is a narcissist as well!

Zingbot Fan

Big Brother After Dark was awesome last night. Aaryn turning over the bed Candice uses was so bogus. Production loves all the drama but they need to be held responsible for letting all the racist crap go on and the hostile enviroment of the house.

Congrats to Howard and Candice for taking the high road. Aaryn and GM will see what their words mean when they find out about losing their jobs.

I also want to say how impressed I was by Jessie standing up for herself when she was getting bullied by Aaryn, Kaitlyn, and GinaMarie in her bedroom.


I agree.
Howard was being a man and rose above it.
Jessie got some balls. She did not back down from those 4 bitches (inc Jeremy)


I think Howard was doing this so he could stay in Jeremy’s good graces. Howard is trying to play both sides and it is disgusting that he swears on the Bible and lies. I am so afraid Howard is going to bring Candice down. She trusts him and he has straight out said he is just using her. He said she is not his type at all but he will play her to get through the game. I hope Candice figures out that Howard can’t be trusted!


jess was amazing!


In dramatic fashion it could be considered a hate crime.


Aaryn talking to Jeremry: ” I talked to her after and cleared the air about the racist stuff and about the mattress. Aaryn says that she said if you have taken anything I say in a derogatory way, then you are mistaken because I don’t talk like that. And she goes okay I accept your apology. Aaryn says but the bit*h would still put me up at the drop of a hat, and still vote me out at the drop of a hat so I don’t think it helped anything. Jeremy says that Aaryn is the bigger person for apologizing and you did what you could. Jeremy says it probably shouldn’t have happened in the first place though. Aaryn asks what the mattress thing, oh it totally should have happened. Aaryn laughs. Aaryn says luckily I am the baby of the house and I can do stuff like that. Aaryn laughs. Jeremy says the tv is going to love her. And maybe they will invite you back if you don’t make it all the way”

She doesn’t talk like that? Really? There are many examples of her talking like a racist! Her apology was fake and hollow just like Aaryn!


seriously thinking that she is in need of some parenting….because apparently she never had any. If her parents aren’t embarrassed, then that proves my point. She obviously was raised to never have consequences for her actions. she will probably get out of the house and claim that the house changed her….waaaa….and she never acts like that……ha…..the house just AMPLIFIES true personality. If my son behaved that way I would kick his ASS then let my husband kick his ass….


Aaryn show absolutely no remorse…that means she is a sociopath.
Aaryn thinks “strategery” is a real word because freaking George W. Bush said it……god help us if this is our future.


Every time I hear or read that word “STRATEGERY” it makes me laugh.


Me too. Lol


Her face on the live feeds when she was talking with Kaitlin said it all. GM comes in bawling over losing Nick, and she just looks annoyed…no compassion for anyone, just agitation that the spot light had been taken off of her. She is really a pathetic human being.

2% of the population are sociopaths…thankfully not all of them are blessed with intelligence, so the harm they can do is minimal.


FYI we cannot have links to BBUS live feed clips on this site. Sorry but it’s out of our control.


does aaryan not remember all the things she says? its one thing to be consiouslly bigoted, another to have it so deeply ingrained that you dont even know you are. its kinda pitiful and sad. because we all know she is about to get kicked in the face. and you just know she wont understand why.


hellen best move is to put up aaryn and katlin even though i think jeremy may still be pick for POV … if he wins he will take katlin off with AARYN LEAVING … BOSSIP . COM HAVE THE POST up with jeremy jessie and aaryn talking wreckless and katlin in the back ground telling candice bring the black out of her smh damn …..


its a sad day when social media has to talk about the racist on big brother TMZ AND BOSSIP.COM VERY SAD DAY


They need to put up Spencer and Howard. Tell them they are going up to win the vito and if they win it and don’t use it they will be voted out.


Watcher, you are a smart one. Get rid of Jeremy, Howard and Spencer first. Then there is nothing Katlin, GM and Aayrn can do. Great advice, I just wish we could tell Helen. Hopefully she figures it out on her own.


I think Howard came into the house wanting to play a game without emotions and maybe with they guys. And due to the dynamics in the house (to say the least) it’s completely thrown him off. It will be interesting to see if he will be able to survive and adapt. I think the way Candace wanted him to handle it and the way he ha chosen to handle everything kind of messed with his head. Sometimes it’s just as hard to remove emotions temporarily out of a situation as it is to act or give someone what they technically deserve. But I can actually see him wanting to go forward with a coupled of the guys again if he can.

Hopefully Helen will make the right moves. By not watching the feeds she’s hard for to be read sometimes she really lays it on. I appreciate that she wants to be respectful and not treat the other side like she and the others were treated. But to say you aren’t going to be sneaky this week is a big statement. At the end of the day it is a game you just don’t need to be nasty and hateful to people.


Helen would be smartest to target Spencer. He is sneaky and too dangerous to keep in the house.


let me say this after last nights episode …

i know helen is on a mission, and shes going to find out who did the dirty work to stay on jeremy’s good side and cause havoc.
honestly, i was very surprised kaitlin did as well as she did in the HoH competition and hope she can really drop the loser and focus on her game.
you know when spencers mom made a statement that he doesn’t really act like he does “IRL” – i do think it’s true about kaitlin … you get caught up in a showmance and then almost stuck with people who you know are bad people. how many times did the feeds say something like “kaitlin: that’s just rude – or that’s mean” – i saw at least a few times that happen, which makes me really think she does have a conscious, and then i get taken back when she just goes in to woman rage and attack jessie for no good damn reason. i want to like kaitlin as a competitor, but she really has to lose the baggage for her game to get right. i think helen sees that and wants to see the good in every player that she can trust, but it could eventually lead to her downfall. people get burned in this game, but you can’t win BB without lying and manipulation and if she is the superfan she claims to be then i expect her to make a REALLY big move this week and boot out amanda, so she becomes the biggest female threat and align with jeremy. talk about a blindside!! haha, if only 🙂


This season is shaping out to be an all girl season which blows! If this is the case this could end up being the worst Big Brother season of all time. McRae and Andy are the biggest girls of them all!


First night of feeds for me, and it was a fun night. I was surprised that McCrae and Spencer voted Nick out, but it sure does change the game. The Moving Company didn’t last long! A few days ago Spencer and Jeremy threatened McCrae about staying tight with Amanda, and I think this is what sent Nick home. The bullying. McCrae is a nice guy and I applaud him, even though it should have been Jeremy out the door.

I hope someone other than Elissa gets the MVP this week, like Andy or Judd, or even Candace. I am really liking Judd and I had no idea how hard Andy is playing until I got to watch the feeds. And about Aaryn, it’s one thing to watch the episodes and read about it, but when you watch her on the feeds, she is hands down one of the most unlikable people ever in that house, right up there with April the liar in BB6. I also got to know Howard a bit last night. I missed the fight and the bed flipping, but I did see him trying to reason with Candace, and that man has the patience of a saint. He was saying we are better than that, let them have the bed, if you sleep in that room they are going to disrespect you and I am going to go off and get sent home. Please let it go, let them look bad. Then Candace says, I understand, but waaa waaa I want my bed. Round and round in circles. Poor Howard. Spencer played too hard too fast and now he is in a bad spot. Last night’s eviction and HOH really shifted the power, this week should be fun!


Again, I am hoping Aaryn gets to be a have-not this week. That would make my day! Let her sleep in the have-not room and let Howard and Candace have their beds back! I can’t stand the bullies and am hoping that they get voted out soon. I like Helen, but her reaction to winning HOH was too much. She should have been a bit more calm and a better sport about it. You can’t complain about Jeremy’s celebration when he won POV and then do almost the same thing when you win HOH. Amanda is my favorite though. I love her “no-nonsense” attitude!


please do some proper research on amandas actions and comments in the house before declaring she is your favourite


I love to see GinaMarie cry.. she is a racist biatch too.


I am loving the Howard and Candice Shomance!!


Why am I getting a ugly vibe from Howard? Because he bonds with you by praying with you and go back and relay the info he’s been able to obtain. He’s a great manipulator and he’s able to read people so well. This wouldn’t be as effective without the outward praying. Twice when Aryn brought up her so-called jokes, Howard made it a nonissue. Hence, Aryn’s way of thinking: Howard knew it was a joke and he’s blak, therefore, Candice knows it’s a joke because she’s black.


Read Aryans BB Bio- question is “what are you afraid of?” Her answer– people who deceive or hurts others”. How ironic! What a self absorbed girl. Can’t wait for her tearful, scriped, false apology after she gets evicted and learns what EVERYONE thinks about her.


Scripted- not scriped


I hope Aaryn leaves this week and outside the house instead of Julie interviewing Aaryn she shows her this is your big brother life video replaying every racist comment.


Aaryn knows she’s not going anywhere soon, if nothing else she’s the goat. I guess I’m too jaded for this show, if the people that screen the contestants did’nt identify her as problematic (Adderall, Xanax notwithstanding); then I think she may be a plant. Anyhoo, glad to see CAPTAIN WEDGIE still alive! But where are the lists?!!!


Yep Aaryn is going home. She is finish, done. No more racist like Aaryn.


Candice did a great job this week discovering the Moving Company alliance. She really impressed me this week, and I would urge others to vote for her as the MVP. Plus it would just be sweet justice for her to get it, seeing as she was being insulted with racism last night from the mean girls crew.


Thanks! I did’t know if I was going to bother this season but I do like Helen.


Even though BBAD is no longer uncensored , it’s been terrible for the past 2 weeks, but last night, DRAMA Gold. Keeping Elissa in the house for another week, was a good choice.

Candice and Howie are good examples of not letting bigots get to you, I don’t know if I could stand what Aaryn, Gina and Kaitlin were saying to them, as a black man, I would’ve let them have it(non violent), and explain to them what minorities have gone through and still go through this day(like you would to a child) and make them feel so bad they cry hysterically and possibly change their ways or self evict.

Only bad part about this week, is, I think Jeremy will be picked for this POV whether he’s put on the block or not. I think they should get rid of one of the mean girls 1st.

Flip This House

Not feeding into GM bullsh*t, what a hypocrite she is ! One minute she’s preaching to everyone how honorable she is and then she’s the first one in Candace’s face( when Aryan and Candace were going back and forth) and gets in her face saying ” What , you gonna go all black on me ?” She’s racist every bit as Aryan is….both Aryan/GM project the blame on the other person(s)…that bullying session was very uncomfortable to watch….immediately brought me back to middle school…..


Its ridiculous because she isn’t the only racist one andnevryone is onnthe elissa bandwagon its fixed for her and once shes out they will have an americas vote to get someone back in the house she will be voted in its so fixed


Would anyone be able to tell me why Howard and Candice are sleeping in the have not room if they are not required to? Thanks!


All I am hoping now is that Howard be exposed. If he is not and a romance is brewing with Candice It is not good with the girls alliance.


I have a feeling that Jeremy, Kaitlin, and Aaryn all might not go home this week because of Spencer. He’s gotten himself into quite a hole and if say Jeremy wins POV when he’s not on the block, he’ll take off Kaitlin and they are going to have to think about evicting Aaryn, who is less of a threat than one of the guys.


Candice please don’t fall for Howard looks are deceiving he isn’t a leader I mean even Spencer broke and did his own thing
He gave uP the bed to sleep on the floor . How do you endure racism and then sleep on the floor. it’s never a good sign if he having you settle for the floor. I hope she doesn’t develop romantic feelings for him. I am not a Howard fan he is acting like a sheep


spencer needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think Howard is sincere about his faith. But in the BBH, honesty is not always the best policy with everyone. And on top of all of that, dealing with the racist and prejudice attitudes of some of the idiots in there. I think he prays alot because of the things he has to say and do, goes against his Christian beliefs. It’s kind of like going somewhere you totally don’t want to be, but you have to do it to deal with something you need or want in life. This game is definitely getting to him. Candice will be his down fall if he has to keep babysitting and calming her down. She need to show “Araryn-nation”, ” Dingle Bat Kaitlin” and “Fake wanna-be need a man GinaMarie”, what a strong woman she is by laughing in their face and sending their a@# out the door. Jeremy is just as bad because he sits around laughing and making excuses for their racist, filthy attitudes and has the nerve to wear a tatoo of a Cheerokee Chief. Being part Native American, that truly makes me sick seeing him be a part of the hate crew!! jmo….


GM crying over nick is annoying
but for Aryn to give those arrogant looks is just rude
she did that when david left?
like am i missing something
shes is in for a rude awakeing
bye bye aryn!!

also howard you disgust me as much as aryn
swearing on the bible and lying?
that disgust me to a point where i cringe when i see these people faces


I think helen is being just a bit too much or is it just me. I hope she puts up Howard and then Spencer and the MVP puts up aaryn I want aaryn to stay I forgive her and Jeremy back doored