Spoilers Amanda and McCrae “The entire game is in our hands.. We need to cut the dead weight”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


2:50pm Kaitlin and Aayrn

A: “I don’t trust Amanda I trust Jeremy “
A: “I don’t trust Candace “
A: “I trust spencer, Nick and Gina”
Kaitlin: “MCCrae.. Judd”
Aaryn: ”I’m trying to figure out if I can trust Helen”
KAitlin: “No”
Aaryn: “I trust Andy I don’t trust Helen”
A: “I need to figure out if I trust Judd”
K: “Judd says he has my back since day 2”
A: “I trust Judd”
K: “Spencer is questionable”
Aaryn says that even if Andy and Spencer are sketchy they still have the votes.


Amanda and Elissa
Elissa made muffins for everyone saying how much fun the competition was she wishes they played every day. She keeps laughing about something funny she noticed about Jeremy. Amanda keeps asking her what it is but she won’t tell her. Elissa: ‘It’s funny it’s probably nothing you Haven’t noticed.. he should be flattered” Amanda: ‘Does it have to do with his manhood” Elissa: “NO”


3:12pm Lounge Amanda and McCrae

Mcrae told her they need to vote Elissa out this week. Amanda doesn’t think it’s a good idea because the game is all about numbers and they control the numbers if they keep Elissa.
MC: “No we don’t.. it’s not going to work out like that.. She’ll get MVP every week”
MC: “Us two are the majority whichever side we go on has the numbers.”

Mc points out that there is no way the other side is going to get MVP.

Amanda proposes they take out Helen this week and leave Elissa around to battle the other side.
Mc doesn’t think it’s a good idea says Jeremy will be gunning for them if they don’t vote Elissa because they were the two that promised him they would.
Amanda: “He’s bullying people”
MC: “Thats fine let him bully people it’s just making a bigger target on his back”

MC says he thinks Helen will win the MVP because she has all the mom votes. Amanda doesn’t understand why they just don’t keep Elissa then.
MC: “He’s going to be gunning after us no matter what.. I think we should play it safe”

Amanda: ‘We have the numbers”
MC: ‘He’s going to keep winning”
A: ‘I could have one that on today”
MC: “I know but we didn’t want you to”

Mc says that Helen and Elissa came up to him last night and asked him who Elissa should put up. Mc told them Gina so that Elissa had a good chance of winning.

Amanda says America won’t vote them the MVP because “We are the a$$ holes that voted out Elissa”


3:23pm CAm 1-2 Andy joins them

Andy says Amanda freaked them out with what she said (HOH crew was freaked out because Amanda suggested they keep Elissa)
Andy saying how awesome their crew is and he laughs when he’s in the HOH and the other side thinks they know what is happening, “Me and my Crew have figured this game out.. It’s Awesome”
Andy adds that they told him if they flipped their vote they will be on bieber fevers radar. Right now Spencer and Howard are on their radar they want to keep it that way. They don’t want enemies next week. McCrae says it was a mistake to put up Jeremy should have been Gina.
Andy: “I think Elissa is putting up Kaitlin”
Amanda: ”F*** i wanted that F**** as$$hole out of here”
Andy saying how strong their group of 7 is., “Really really really strong” he thinks as long as they stay loyal to each other they are fine this week.
Amanda: ‘If just one person strays we lose the numbers”
Andy mentions that the other side hasn’t suspected a thing between them.

Andy runs through some scenarios. If they vote out Kaitlin they won’t have to be bullied as much anymore and but they have to be ready to go to war.
If they Vote Elissa out and the other side won’t suspect anything
MC agrees to this because after Elissa goes the other group will go after Candice then maybe Jessie.
Amanda says they won’t go after Jessie. She mentions to Andy is Elissa goes they may get the MVP. Andy is worried that America will hate them if they vote out Elissa.

Andy: “We can all collectively throw Nick under the bus.. all lie our a$$es off and get them to want him out”
Amanda: “Thats too risking.. with Elissa left in the game we will always know who is MVP with her gone it’s unknown”

Andy and Amanda are both worried about the fact Elisa kept her winning the MVP from them, Andy: “She lied to me”. Andy mentions that maybe CBS is giving Jeremy a really good edit and he’ll win MVP. McCrae says there is no way they can make Jeremy look good on TV.
Andy: “I want Nick out of here ASAP” but is worried that Nick might have some “Crazy back story” which will give him the MVP every week. This is the reason Amanda wants to keep Elissa.


3:50pm Amanda and McCrae
MC telling her to get closer to Nick in case he wins the HOH or MVP. He tells her that getting rid of Elissa is the best thing for their game.
Amanda questions why
McCrea: “I don’t trust our team.. weird sh!t going on”
Amanda: ‘Yeah and it’s too big”
McCrae: “way too big”
Amanda: “So lets get rid of Elissa.. this is crazy this is the game.. the entire game is in our hands”
MC: “We are both good at this game”
Amanda: “Can you truly 100% trust Jeremy”
MC: “For next week ya”

McCrae says he thinks that Elissa doesn’t want to be in the game he feels she was thrown into the game. It sucks because he likes her but they need to cut the dead weight


Amanda is still worried about Jeremy. McCrae tells they’ll be fine.
McCrae saying how Gina remind him of a Girl on Big Brother 9 called Natlie (Chatty NAtty)
(Sounds like they are 100% onboard to getting Elissa out)

Gina crying.. She feels lonely in life and wishes should would find the “Right” man. All this time being in the house has made it her feelings for a guy back home stronger. Gina brings up that Nick looks at Kaitlin sometimes in a dtrange manner.
Aaryn says He’s jealous of Kaitlin because she’s a gorgeous vixen fox that is being protected by Jeremy a gay man would fee threaten by that. Aaryn: “A straight man would not have said the things he said about David”


4:16pm Storage room Andy and Spencer

Andy going through the scenarios Keeping Kaitlin or Elissa.
Spencer: ‘I would rather vote Elissa out”
Andy feels that America is obsessed with Elissa this is a good time for them to all vote her out. Spencer says he “Hated” rachel and he Hates Elissa even more.

Andy mentions the cheers he heard when he voted David out and Aaryn heard boos when she voted Elissa out.

Spencer says part of the deal with Elissa was that she was going to tell them she won MVP and she never did. Andy agrees.
Andy proposes a option for next week when the group comes together and starts spreading lies about Nick to get the other side to want him out.
Andy points out that the other side has no clue they are working together so it’ll work.
Spencer: “ya ya thats not a bad idea.. we’re all in pretty good shape if we get Elissa out and they win next week they’ll go after Candice they hate candace”


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billy bob

the next hoh comp, big brother should dress them all in white sheets and see who can burn a cross the fastest,

just me

But Billy Bob, that wouldn’t be a fair competition. Aaryn has had a lot more practice than the others.


I don’t care who you are, THAT is funny!


I have tried not to over react and be too PC but these people are too much, way over the line of decency. What was the screening process for these people? Do they ask any red flag questions that would reveal indications of their beliefs and morals? I have no problem with deceptive gameplay, nasty hookups by sleaze balls like Jeremy and Kaitlin, or some typical guy “locker room” talk, that is all part of the game. But the shocking racist talk from Aaryn and Gina, the blatant hatred directed at Andy, and degradation of women by Spencer and Jeremy are disgusting and ruining this season for me and I am beyond shocked that CBS has not put a stop to it. Guess my point is, I really enjoy this show as a distraction from life and great summer entertainment and I’m afraid there may not be a BB 16 if this keeps going like it is and that would be a shame. Ok, I’m off the soapbox now, not like Ms. Grodner is listening to anything I say.. : )


So, to try and find some strategic talk from this steaming sewer of a season. The Moving Co should vote to keep Elissa this week. She is going to keep winning MVP, even this crew of knuckle dragging Neanderthals has figured that out. As MVP she is going to target the Mean Girl crew, aka Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jessie and Amanda because they are the ones torturing her and she is playing a purely emotional game. Targeting these people takes the heat off the Moving Co and assures they will not be on the block by themselves until Elissa runs out of targets. Once all the girls are gone they can get rid of Elissa any time they want, they will control the vote count and she is apparently no threat to win any kind of comp besides MVP. That by itself can’t save her from their votes.


Well said Billy Bob….I giggled a bit at the visual!


That would be the most entertaining completion in BB history, but it would also get them canceled.

I’m African American, but I see the humor in that comp, based on the way some of the HGs acts in that house….

Brenchel's Baby

Ugh . . . okay its not that I dont want Elissa to go, I could care less she is NO RACHEL, but I don’t want Aaryn and Jeremy to get their way. Keep Elissa and Helen and VOTE OUT THE THIRD!


I totally agree. I just want Aaryn and Jeremy to get their way because their bullies and it’s quite painful to watch. Once these two (plus Gina and maybe Kaitlin are gone), I can enjoy watching this season. I won’t even next week’s show because I cannot bear seeing these two. They are horrible people.


I mean, not to get their way.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Simon, should this be a fairly uneventful week?


I don’t think any week is going to be uneventful with this crew of dirtbags running their nasty mouthes.


Do these idiots know that when Elissa’s gone that their enemies in the house will mostly likely get MVP and they will have no way of knowing who it was. No negotiation no blame, just an anonymous vote. Seems like a dumb play. Not trying to be bias but why not just be in an alliance with the person you know will get it?


Because Elissa hasn’t wanted to seriously be in an alliance. She has done her own thing with Helen, and then makes an extremely aggressive move to take out Jeremy without checking in with anyone. I understand the logic, but if Elissa isn’t willing to share her control of the MVP she is going to be cut. Plus she then goes up and threatens Nick, the biggest threat in the house, which essentially kills any chance she has working with the MC.

I really like Elissa as a person but she has made some major missteps that have put her in this very, very tough spot.


Spot on


Who has offered her an alliance outright that she has then turned down? McCrae is the only one and you and I both know how that turned out. Helen is the only person that have offered her loyalty and stuck by it. As for going after jeremy, I believe she asked a good amount of people. Including McCrae and Amanda.
Strong arming Nick was her first big game move and to be honest, she thinks he’s a floater so it makes sense. Offering him another chance to use here would be the same crap she’s been doing since day one.


she Elissa may have lied about getting MVP but she did ask everyone of them who they would put up .. are they that dumb not to be able to figure out who got it … geeesh .. where did they get these people …


The sewer!!


wow! As bad as it is for us having Elissa “winning” mvp every week,if i was in there i would be thinking like Amanda, she has really good reasons for keeping her,knowing she’s gonna win it,knowing they won’t,knowing who she’s gonna put up,getting jeremy OUT…i just can’t stand him,i really believe if one of the girls wanted to put up one of his boys he would be all for it,not having their backs at all…


Well we know Andy and Amanda have not got on to MC. The poor guys keep talking about how they have such a strong 7, while McCrae is right there. Only if they knew. McCrae is doing a good job of convincing Amanda.


It’s amazing how Amanda thinks she has the game in the bag when she is next on the hit list..


crap,that’s right,i forget about that…



moving company target list:

1 elissa
2 aMANda


Nick is going to breeze to F4 probably. Who knows how long it will be until they get Germ out. F4 could be something like: Nick, Germ, Spencer, Jessie lol


Idk, it looks like he might be the replacement nom.


I know this won’t fly well in this forum but… Elissa… has a little bit of douchebaggery in her as well. Don’t get me wrong she has been the victim of unwarranted attacks from the other girls but, her stuck up attitude does show a lot and I can see how it could rub people the wrong way. SO I’m not too keen on the people posting that she’s been a good person because that wouldn’t totally be the truth. And again, its not the same level of wrecthedness as Arayan Nation has displayed, but its enough for someone to be like… oooookkkay calm down Elissa.


I am so sick of the We Hate Elissa Show. I honestly feel so bad for this woman that she is constantly being villified on this show. These people are absolutely sick. So what if she is Rachel’s sister. These idiots don’t seem to realize that THEY are the reason she gets the MVP. It’s been like two weeks. We can’t judge her game entirely, but people are voting for her because of this witch hunt these people seem to have against her. They are making her the underdog and people always root for the underdog. She is way less annoying than Rachel was from what I’ve seen so far. She seems to be very kind and respectable. She definitely doesn’t deserve all this hate. I mean they can dislike her. I have no problem with that. But calling her a c*nt, saying she’s a bad mother, how her husband better have a woman on the side and all this disgusting gossip is just awful. She doesn’t deserve this abuse especially from people who have only known her for like two weeks.
So sick of Jeremy, the enormous douche bag and his Hitler loving Spencer. I seriously laugh everytime he talks about how she insulted his mom? THIS GUY IS F***** IDIOT DOUCHEBAG!! She said his mother would probably be disappointed with the way he’s been acting and how he has been bullying. He really doesn’t have a brain up there. And I don’t even want to get started on Aryan. That girl is an embarrassment to the human race. I can’t wait to see her eviction interview with Julie. And its way too funny when any of them hope that him or the white Devil woman think they will ever get MVP. If that ever happens it would be a true addition to the ongoing list of suspicions that this show is rigged.
Amanda is the only one thinking clearly at this moment. She’s the only one who seems to be seeing the asset that Elissa’s continued presence would be. Stupid McCrae. While I haven’t decided who I want to win the show, one thing’s for sure I want Elissa to outlast Jeremy, Aryan, Gina, Spencer, Kaitlin and see the look on their faces as that happens/


McCrea and the MC aren’t being stupid. An asset you do not control really isn’t an asset. Elissa nominating Jeremy without consulting anyone but Helen proved to them Elissa being the MVP will work against their interests. They’d rather have the MVP up in the air, with a chance one of them will win it, then guaranteed working against them. McCrea is already spinning this fairly compelling argument to Amanda.


Just to add to this: The MC have the whole house wired and quite honestly anybody else winning it is no different than Elissa. When she got it the 2nd time, she told Helen and they kept it secret and decided what they were going to do, then they selected a handful of people to “test” (they clearly weren’t looking for input, they were doing the HOH interrogation), and finally Elissa’s misguided attempt to threaten Nick. The truth is that she killed her chance to stay right there because with the MC having their tentacles everywhere, suddenly everybody seems a more controllable MVP than Elissa.


I guess maybe I should have said it better. She “could” be an asset. All Elissa has is Helen. Everyone is pretty much against her for their own petty reason. Elissa wants to align herself with people and get them to use her to their advantage but when she tries it doesn’t work out. (e.g., McCrae week 1, Nick yesterday, etc). Why would she tell anyone that she has MVP again? Sure it may be obvious to some of the players but still all that proves is that she is trying to do what is best for her because nobody other than Helen is actually willing to help her out and make and alliance with her. Amanda knows that Elissa could be a huge advantage for them but McCrae is too scared of Jeremy saying he’s going after the people who didn’t vote her out. Even if that were true, I am positively sure they will still continue to nominate Elissa or try to backdoor her despite that threat. They are too petty and immature to give up their vendetta. If Amanda tried to put aside the pettines and allied herself with Elissa they could actually work together and be a team and maybe Elissa won’t receive the MVP again. Maybe Amanda would. She can realize that McCrae doesn’t have her best interests and that he’s two timing her with the MC.
My point is that they don’t control her, but at this point in the game with her position, both being nominated many times and as the underdog, they should at least entertain they idea further of how they could use Elissa to their advantage and not dismiss it.


if it were me, I would have worked much harder to influence her, to me its the same as making your appeal to the HOH, this is a game, people have to work harder, some of them are and some of them arent


wait, didn’t elissa reveal to Amanda that she was mvp? so was Amanda lying to Andy about elissa not telling her?


I couldn’t of said it better, A….Elissa has “class” and these other folks are so effen immature! Shame-On You Big Brother!!!


For the record, McCrae isn’t talking about what’s best for “their game” he’s talking about what the moving company(including Jeremy) wants. Amanda is making some very good points and I think if Crae isn’t careful, he’s going to expose his crap to her.


yep! they really need to pick off Arayn & her hateful followers & that includes jeremy! i like how the MC is operating(except for the c*** part,yuk!) but it won’t hurt em to replace jermey with amanda! they can always take her out later,it’s gonna be harder & harder to get jeremy out…


They will never replace Jeremy with her. If Jeremy gets evicted next week, the original 4 will simply continue to work the house per their plan, but letting Amanda in on the secret makes no sense for Nick, Spencer, or Howard. If anything, McCrae trying this will only put a target on her back. Watch BB Canada and watch how Alec and Emmett reacted to Tom’s relationship with Liza…and Liza was just as smart and far more tactful. McCrae needs to do a much better job of downplaying Amanda and she needs to step back a bit or she will be gone shortly. All he does is give the other MC reason to be very uneasy about their relationship and if I were any of them, just based off of him being attached at the hip to her and her gameplay, I would want her gone ASAP and as soon as I could work her up as a “pawn”, she’d be gone.


simon, when is the veto ceremony? i know it’s not live but i can’t remember when it is, also,you say to click onto this site to get the live feeds,right? i’ve never been able to get em before but this time i just have to, i’ll still be stalking your page,i love reading it! so funny…


Except she thinks she’s in control and working him as the nerdy, pizza boy who has no friends and never touched a boob, when it’s the other way around. She’s smart…but will end up kicking herself at home


Haha. McCrea doing work. It’s smart of him to point out that the alliance is too big and will start to crumble, which sealed the deal for Amanda to evict Elissa.

I can really understand the argument to keep Elissa, she’ll win MVP for as long as she’s around, which means you’ll know who the MVP is and can strategize around/for her and if you get her on your side, you’ll always have an enemy on the block. However, Elissa hasn’t been willing to play ball with anyone other than Helen, which is understandable due to the way she has been treated, but does not make for good gameplay early in a season. What has made it worse for her is that she unknowingly attacked a member of the Moving Company (Jeremy) and then threatened another (Nick); she let her small amount of power go to her head and it is going to bite her, most likely with her eviction.

She does have one play to make: the Evil Dick strategy. Create a target on her back so absolutely massive other HGs have no choice but to keep you. Become the bitch Aaryn makes you out to be, but also begin to communicate with several other players that you’re willing to let them decide who the replacement for Jeremy is. It is important to do this behind Helen’s back, because at the same time you should also be pushing for her eviction. MVP is a power that in and of itself is useless without an alliance, especially when everyone knows who the MVP is. She has to exploit this near-guaranteed advantage into an alliance that is solidly with her, but people will only be willing if she inflates the target on her back even more. It is counter-intuitive and very difficult to pull off from her position, but I believe this is her only option because she has handled the MVP extremely poorly thus far. The beauty of this strategy is that it won’t matter if people are intimidated by Jeremy, they’ll have an even bigger target protecting them.

Personally, I believe she has too much working against her, namely Friends pt. 2 (Bieber Fever) and The MC (Moving Company) that even if she forms a last minute alliance, they’ll find out.

just me

I agree, Nohousefordumbmen. Just think what a really strategic player could have done with the MVP power, even with (or maybe especially if) everyone knowing they had it. I feel bad for Elissa, but between the unfounded hatred of her by these dumb asses and not using the MVP to the best advantage, she most likely has missed her chance and will be out this week.


Amanda and Andy are getting played by McCrae and Spencer. Aren’t the group of 7 ever curious why they’re always being told how one of the MC’s going up or going home is a bad idea?


Except their not…

When Andy brought up lying to blame Nick, Spencer says yeah that’s an interesting idea
When Kaitlin or Aaryn says Nick is sketchy, Jeremy says yeah he’s talking to everybody.
When Amanda says she wants Jeremy out, McCrae says yeah absolutely

And every time they wind their way back to the issue at hand and what they want done.


sometimes you gotta lie to conceal an alliance – if you stick up for someone every time it could look dodgy


Andy wants his group to spread lies about Nick? Get him in the same spot as Elissa is now?! I thought Andy was best buds with Nick. What did I miss?? Nick better watch his back now because there’s an army of people with knives to stab him in the back


It isn’t too bad for him because three of the members in his secret alliance are in Andy’s group, with Amanda strongly being influenced by McCrea.


Amanda seems like the smartest player right now because… She’s thinking LONG TERM!!! These people are so freaking stupid it’s almost UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Elissa can be a BIG asset in any alliance with her winning MVP all the time! Big Brother 15 cast = Dumbest, most ignorant cast in BB history!


amanda is making herself a target, so not smart actually






Cool! Wait, what happen to gifs?



Michael Marsh

I got to say this…..This Season while the overall ratings are down from previous years, BB15 is probably one of the most controversial seasons EVER in the 14 year history of the program.


o_0 Honestly tired of all the people commenting only mean thoughts and negative opinions on the cast. This cast this is a OK cast yes. But it is filled with people from all walk of the US (somewhat). Besides that The show is called (BIG BROTHER) NOT ((wish their was a cast that was that i as an individual viewer wants them to be as both a player and a person) Brother) this cast was chosen for a reason yeah their are a bunch of haters and mean people in this house that hate others for no real reason but what can you do nothing. If you don’t like the show don’t watch and if you do keep your unnecessary comments to your self. Because id like to see you try to live out a portion of your life with nothing but strangers and camera surrounding you for three or four months yeah they signed up for it but at least they had the (BOULES!!!) to do so. keep your mean hater comments to yourself. Thanks!!!

Ps. If you haven’t been doing any of this than i wasn’t talking about you and i actually want to read your comments because you comment on the game and not the people that play it even if the people aren’t the best to watch.

Pss. Mcrea’s relationship with Amanda can help(its an extra vote) and hurt(he may choose her over them) the MC.

DrWho (OUT)


I think these scared excuse for a cast is going to get picked off one by one by Aaryian Nation!
I know some have said that Elissa isn’t playing the game but she has more balls than any of these
cast members. They are all afraid to make a move! Elissa didn’t put up a weak
girl so she had a better shot, she went balls to the wall! She rejected the idea of GM
bec it would be a waste of a vote. Jeremy only thinks with one body part and
It’s def not his head! He will try to keep Kaitlin as long as possible
even if it means getting out an MC. If any of these racists pigs makes it to jury
they will never got for anyone who isn’t white. This season is a wash. Because
If Howard makes it to the end or Helen or Andy, they won’t vote based on game
play. How can Howard even be associated with that crew with Jeremy being
So racist! Stand up for yourselves in that house! Make it known you won’t
tolerate this crap and vote the pigs out!


Put up Kaitlin n rattle the bully. All that brawn in the house n u taking all that from germy?

Join TheFun

Greek Tragedy in the making with BB15. Sometimes bad guys win or evil triumphs over good. The more I see of Elissa, the more I realize she is a weak player and doesn’t know how to play the game. Its great Elissa wins MVP, but its in the wrong hands and she doesn’t know how to use it for her benefit. Candice is like Casandra in the Greek Myth, where she can see the future tragedy but can’t make anyone believe her. Candice is telling Helen and Elissa there is an all boy’s alliance with Nick at its head. What is Elissa response, run to Nick. Elissa tells Nick. I know that you have lied to me twice, but I want to work with you. Elissa, a guy that has shown to be untrustworthy is the one you are putting your faith in…wow. Elissa then tells Nick, we have the numbers. First Elissa, you only think you have the numbers, have you ever seen BB before. News flash Elissa, people lie and are in 2 or 3 alliances. Why would you rat out your questionable alliance to Nick. It only made him wary that there might be a rival alliance to Moving Company. Second point, Elissa gets the MVP, Elissa you have to think what’s best for your game first. You needed to win POV in order to stay another week. You choose one of the strongest players in the house to put on the block in Jeremy. Was it a surprise to you that Jeremy then wins the POV? Third point, some of the stuff Elissa says doesn’t make sense. There is a lot of other reasons to justify why Helen shouldn’t have been a have not; however Elissa, when you say Helen is married and mother and that’s why she shouldn’t be a have not. You make me think you are very irrational. What does being a mother have to do with being a have not. Helen and you chose to be on the show. There should be no special consideration for those that are mothers. Everyone in theory goes into that house with an equal chance to win. Elissa are you saying mothers should have a more favorable opportunity to win? I am off the Elissa band wagon, let chaos reign and see who comes out on top.




I don’t care who goes this week, as long as Jeremy an Aaryn somehow get evicted before jury. Right now I’m rooting for Amanda and Helen, and it doesn’t look that good for either of them.


ok lets say elissa goes home … when the mc find out that HELLEN is the next MVP they will want her out next ……. I am just sick of these people … ALOT of light weight in the bbh … … cowards scared to stand up to this bully


yep once elissa, helen are gone, then mvp is up for grabs to the ACTUAL best player each week


ginamarie talking but she miss her boyfriend crying and shit this bitch crying for nick dick ,,because he wont dick her down pathetic


Honestly, this season is good drama however this cast is terrible. Such a young crowd. I feel like I am watching a high school drama. This cast is so young and the girls are just constantly picking on each other. There is never an all girl alliance, if these girls would just stop bickering about who is prettier then they could take out MC. MC will make it far. Candice is picking up on it but no one will listen to her. I do feel like production rigs things in peoples favors. Everyone has been saying that Aaryn and Jeremy cheated, which is probably true. Elissa is not Rachel. She may be her sister, but she certainly is not her. The girl cannot win competitions and her social game is bad. They just want to get rid of her because they want MVP. Big mistake on Elissa telling people she is MVP. It only puts and even bigger target on your back. Aaryn and Jeremy are very disrespectful. They must not think people are watching them. They are too full of themselves and they really are young and immature. I don’t want this show canceled but I think the cast is very bad. I do like certain people but I don’t think those people will get a chance to go far. I think the top 4 people that have the best chance to win this (in my eyes) are McCrae, Spencer, Andy, or Judd. I want to see some real stirring of the pot. Aaryn’s man (David) gets evicted and instead of going after the people in charge she goes after someone who is weak (does not have a true alliance and cant win competitions). She is being a “bully” and doesnt have the guts to take out a guy or even attempt to. If people would believe Candice that she voted Elissa out and they realized there was an all guy alliance (MC) then the girls MIGHT have a chance. But instead the guys planned this perfectly and they have the girls hating each other. I can’t wait for these fools to go home and watch this season and realize how stupid the all look. BB does promote some houseguests more than others but America decides who they dont like, sorry Aaryn and Jeremy. You both look bad by America because of your egotistical attitudes.

BB15 letdown

Someone give me a good reason that Spencer HATES Elissa??? Cause from what I have seen she has done nothing to him. And from what I have heard she has said nothing bad about him. How ’bout they vote out Spencer cause he is a disgusting pig with a disgusting attitude toward women?!?! He grosses me out almost as much as Jeremy and Aaryn.

Also why doesn’t anyone listen to logic. It is in everyone’s best interest (aside from Bieber) to get rid of Kaitlin and keep Elissa. You know where MVP is going so you have a chance at controlling it. Quite frankly I would be shocked that she use it to nominate anyone other than Bieber. So let her do the dirty work and you all just vote them out! It is who you are against anyway. Then MC can casually vote out Judd, Candice and Elissa with virtually no blood on their hands. The Biebers don’t even make it to jury this way! SO STUPID!!!!!!


Its silly that Candice is actually one of the smarter players and they keep referring to her as dumb, yet she’s the only one who’s really figured out the MC. Helen and the others seem to not want to believe her though which is stunting her game.

Aside from the obvious reasons (race) I don’t get why people have an issue with Candice. Every time I’ve seen her she seems to be cool and not disrespecting anyone so I don’t get the blatant hate for her (again aside from the obvious) but it seems to be beyond that.

If she can hold on for another week or two she can really go far in this game.


both Candace and Jess get alot of negativity/hate from the other girls which is unwarranted – they both seem mostly chill and fun girls

Poon Hammer

This season is horrible so far hopefully something interesting happens soon or Im out.


I liked TMC at first but Jeremy went against them to vote out Elissa so why are they staying loyal to him now? They should really take the power away from him by splitting up that showmance and vote out Kaitlin. Then take out Aaryn & Jeremy. Pizza boy I’m so bummed by your gameplay!


The MC wanted Jeremy to vote out Elissa because 1) it kept their alliance hidden and allowed Aaryn, Kaitlyn, GM, to believe he was still with them and that it was the rest of the house that screwed them. 2) they needed controversy with the votes so that they could created blame and pin it on Candace so that it would put a target on her and some other houseguests and take the heat off of them.


I know Amanda talks a lot but I don’t see why the moving company are so concerned about getting her out and away from McCrea but they are no hurry to evict Kaitlin? At least when Amanda is talking game it is with most members of the moving company, but Kaitlin’s loyalties lay with the opposite side of the house and she is very suspicious of Howard, Spencer and Nick! Jeremey might lose his mind if they get rid of Kaitlin but if anyone in the moving company will turn I think it’s Jeremey. He is extremely close with Kaitlin, Aaryn and GM. Plus he has already proved he doesn’t have control of his emotions, or he wouldn’t be screaming at the house over wine.


amanda is alot more influential and dangerous player than kaitlyn so thats why the other 4 members of moving company want her out soon, plus she wants elissa to stay which puts a target on her and mcraes backs which threatens moving company

so elissa, helen and amanda will be targets of moving company upcoming…then moving company could well get quite a few mvp’s if the public vote with their heads and give the mvp to the person most deserving who has shown quality gameplay


At the beginning I really liked some of the people. Now I am beyond disappointed ….. Karma is coming on them……. Arryn, Gina Marie, now Spencer …… TMZ is reporting Union Pacific put out comment about is actions……. Sounds like his days are numbered ……


Killer K

Looks like it’s GAME ON in the house finally! SWEET! BTW, is anyone else SICK of these showmances? And…is Andy kinda getting on anyone elses nerves at this point? LOL….he seems like drama waiting to happen…Just a reminder to the hardcore BB fans, my online radio show THE KILL is on tonight at 10pm est! BB15 segment around 10:45pm…click my name for show page, hit 7-6-13 for tonights LIVE episode….as always OBB ALWAYS gets a shout out!


andy scuttles around like a cockroache – pops up when you least expect it cunningly looking for info


Didn’t Elissa tell Amanda she was MVP? Was Amanda just lying to Andy about not knowing??