Spence tells Judd I bet Jessie’s p***y tastes like butterscotch, I hope you at least get to f!nger b*ng her.

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots ? Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda ?

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12:30am Jeremy and Kaitlin are in the backyard hammock talking about the veto. Kaitlin talks about how she had to win it. Jeremy tells her to never doubt yourself. He calls her a beast. Kaitlin tells Jeremy that Helen said she would be protected by her, Elissa and Andy. Jeremy asks what about Candice? Kaitlin says she can’t tell with her. They think she is safe with Amanda and McCrae too. Kaitlin and Jeremy head into their bedroom. They start making out. Meanwhile in the lounge room – Amanda, McCrae and Andy are hanging out in the lounge room. They are talking and joking around. Amanda jokes that she was the Yoko Ono of the moving company alliance. The others laugh. Amanda wonders why Elissa and Helen didn’t nominate Howard. Andy tells Amanda that she can trust Helen. Amanda says that she thinks Howard is more dangerous than Jeremy is because he has Elissa and Candice. Amanda says that Jeremy only has Kaitlin and maybe Gina. Jessie joins them. Andy tells Jessie that Amanda thought it may be worth keeping Jeremy but says that he changed her mind. Jessie says Wwhew, crisis averted. Andy says that he doesn’t think Helen will put up Howard. Amanda says that Helen should have put up Howard in the beginning. Andy says that Jeremy is more of a threat. They all don’t want him to win HOH next week. Andy tells Amanda about his emotional night with Kaitlin and says that he feels connected to her. Amanda says but she is a fu*king b!t*h. Amanda and Andy agree that they trust Spencer over Howard. Amanda tells Andy to watch Howard before nominations because he will get into Helen’s ear. Andy talks about how he has his things in each room so that he has a reason to go into a room. Amanda talks about the attitude she gets from Howard. Andy tells them that if everyone goes up to the HOH and tells Helen they want Howard out this week, then she will do it. Amanda says then Jeremy would go next week. They talk about what they will tell Candice next week when Howard goes up but telling her she is aligned with someone that is untrustworthy.

1:30am Helen joins Howard and Candice in the hammock. Howard tells Helen that he hopes Kaitlin is using the POV on herself. Helen says that Kaitlin told her that she but says if she doesn’t then Kaitin will go home. Helen says that Howard that they (Spencer/Howard) aren’t going home this week. She says also that Kaitlin is using the POV and so she is owed a few weeks of safety. Spencer tells them about how Aaryn thinks Jeremy is telling Kaitlin that he loves her so that she doesn’t use the veto. Helen says that Jeremy is nasty. Howard says that he wants to ask Kaitlin if she honestly thinks Jeremy would use the veto on her. Spencer tells Helen she will need to talk to Kaitlin right before the veto ceremony to ensure she uses it. Helen doesn’t understand how a beautiful girl like Kaitlin would want to be with an a$$hole like Jeremy. Howard and Spencer go to play a game of pool. Howard asks Spence about making an alliance – just us four (Howard, Spencer, Amanda and McCrae) and Helen/Andy. Spencer says that he likes the idea and says they can talk later.

In the backyard hammock – Helen, McCrae and Amanda are talking. Amanda asks Helen if Elissa won HOH and got MVP would she still not nominate Howard? Helen says that she doesn’t know. Helen says that she heard that Elissa might not trust Howard anymore. Amanda wonders what caused that. McCrae says that it doesn’t matter because Jeremy is going home this week. Helen agrees. Helen heads into the HOH room. Judd joins Amanda and McCrae. Judd says that if Kaitlin doesn’t use veto then he will vote out Aaryn. McCrae and Amanda tell him he should vote out Kaitlin or Spencer in that case. Judd thinks America might like Jeremy. Amanda and McCrae both disagree.

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2:20am Jeremy, Aaryn and Gina are talking. They tell Jeremy that Spencer told them that they are disposable. Jeremy tells that they Spencer is just trying to break them up. Jeremy tells Aaryn that his last ex-girlfriend got pregnant a few months after they broke up. Aaryn asks if she kept the baby? Jeremy says yeah. Meanwhile out in the backyard. Howard tells the others that Aaryn is inside talking about how sad it is that Nick went home. Andy says that everyone but the former Moving Company members should be happy he is gone because he was after all of us. Spencer says that he wonders if Aaryn even knows that Jeremy was the one that wanted David out. Andy asks why? Spence tells Andy that Jeremy wanted to be the leader of that group. They talk about how Gine is still all about Nick. Andy says that he just can’t listen to it anymore.

2:45am Out in the backyard the house guests are talking. Spence comments that he bets Jessie’s pu$$y tastes like butterscotch. He tells Judd that he hopes he at least gets to f!nger b*ng her. The others comment on how Jessie is a nice girl and good that she can stand up for herself when she is backed into a corner.

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They start talking about how Jeremy could have done well in the game if he wasn’t so co*ky and if he didn’t bully of threaten people. Meanwhile in the bedroom – Jeremy tells the girls that he wouldn’t change anything but says that he wouldn’t have aligned with cowards. He says that he would have aligned with the girls. Aaryn says that she would have been mad if David had been in an alliance and not told her. Jeremy says this has been a great experience. Aaryn brings up a comment that she says McCrae made where he said play smarter, not harder. Aaryn says that this game literally challenges every single part of being a human. She says that it changes your entire personality. Aaryn says that the house is a cyclone of psychology. Jeremy tells Aaryn that she is a pawn. Jeremy says that the only way to evict me is to backdoor me. He says that they can’t beat me. Jeremy says that Kaitlin is going to take herself off the block. I’ll make sure of that! Aaryn says that she is going to miss the triangle of thrust alliance. Jeremy says he had every intention of bringing you all with me.

3:30am In the bathroom – Howard and Spencer are talking. Spencer tells Howard how they are like wounded dogs and says we need to turn into champion fighters. Howard says that he will just throw out ideas to McCrae and let him mull it over with Amanda. Spence says we need to let McCrae and Amanda come to us. Spence says that he thinks Helen would get scared they might reform the Moving Company. Howard and Spencer head to bed.
3:40am All the house guests are now sleeping.

9:25am The house guests are still sleeping..
10:20am – 10:50am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen to wake up the house guests.

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108 thoughts on “Spence tells Judd I bet Jessie’s p***y tastes like butterscotch, I hope you at least get to f!nger b*ng her.

      1. Hey! Spencer here; chatting from a phone I’ve hidden in my beard since I was 12 which was when I first grew a full beard. I also have some other used electronics in my beard if anyone is interested in buying them; Anyways, I like to say that I’m not disgusting, i just really love butterscotch and i love vagina; you put them together and its almost as good as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. yummm pb&j… I’m gonna go make myself a sandwich! bye and one more thing; don’t talk about me behind my back or I’ll eat you! I’m not kidding! right Mr beard hehehe He says right…. ok bye!

      1. Spence’s momma says he is a good boy. Just make sure you are not alone with him.
        Spence can fart, sneeze, and lick his fingers all at the same time.

      2. why does he say such rude and vile things when he knows he is being recorded…….now mind you I am sure that will get edited out for the show…does he get much air time……

    1. As disgusting as all the racist and homophobic comments are, Spencer’s remarks actually scare me. He has said very explicit things about both the women in the house and women in general. His words have a casual sexual violence to them. There are rumors he is abusive outside the house. I would be terrified living with him.

      1. MJ you are exactly RIGHT!!! Yes the others are disgusting, but this man is just sick in the head. It amazes me that BB shows everything that Aaryn says but nothing about this man who actually said when a woman says no she actually means yes, and sorry but that is the same as saying he is advocating rape. When a WOMAN SAYS NO, IT MEANS NO! This man is talking about raping women and yet why does BB not air what he says. I mean I have a little hope that the racist will perhaps change when they see themselves on television and how they are perceived, but Spencer is advocating a crime and talks about women like they are property and yet Julie Chen has no problem with what he is saying, but Julie Chen had no problem with Frank saying what he said last year. Sorry, Ms. Chen but you having no problem with this is sick! Sorry, but people need to write CBS about Spencer because what he is saying is a crime and scary!!!!

      2. “Casual sexual violence to them” (his statements) – SO TRUE. He is someone I would not want to run into in a dark alley. Also, didn’t he talk about giving “roofies” to a girl? He is vile and gross and I would bet he is capable of all kinds of abuse. Helen is smart- surely she gets this vibe from him. CREEPY AND SCARY!

    2. agree. he’s crude, vile and ugly as sin with zero class. hope his girlfriend burns his crap and the few women he may work with ostracize him.

    3. After watching BBAD last night all of the house guests are liars, bigots, racists, bullies, sexist and just all around jerks. I mean they were sitting there and ragging on Nick because he went to Yale and either did or did not graduate. Sorry, but do any of these jerks have any idea what it even takes to get admitted to Yale, and after watching them last night it is readily apparent that none of these house guests have the brains to even get in a technical school. I mean maybe he had to leave because of financial reasons, but to even get admitted to Yale is a gigantic accomplishment. I was really routing for Andy but he is just like a little rat that is scurrying from one to the other that happen to have the power, and Howard and Spencer are such liars and creeps that it makes my skin crawl. This whole season is just full of a bunch of sick individuals.

  1. I Think amanda is still over playing her hand. Next week it will bite her in the ass. I hope Candice or Elissa get hoh. And get amanda scared

    1. Seriously? ….. your kidding right? Candace or Elissa have to win something! Well not in Ellisa’s case you just need a twist and a popular BB alum as family! Candace is trying to play the “puppeteer” pulling the strings anonymously. She is winnintg nothing at this point. And she isn’t the only one tanking either.

  2. I like Judd but am I the only one who has to turn on the closed captioning when he is speaking?

    i also wonder if the kid in the AT&T infinity commercial who says ten is the biggest number he can think of reminds anyone else of David.

  3. Aaryn or Jeremy will definitely going home. Good riddance that racist prick Aaryn or Cocky mouth Jeremy is going home.

    1. Really, you are 100% sure that either Aaryn or Jeremy will be going home. 100% sure? Were you so sure the 1st week that Elissa was going home and not David? Were you so sure the 2nd week that Elissa was going home and not Nick? There is a lot of time before the eviction vote takes place and Amanda is campaigning for Howard to go up. Additionally, I wouldn’t be surprised if no one goes home next week. I can easily see where Big Brother intervenes and keeps Jeremy this week. This is great TV, good vs evil. If Jeremy leaves the Mean Girls have no one to rally around. Helen has some super majority alliance that will vote out anyone they choose the next 3 weeks, that’s boring. I can easily see BB keeping Jeremy and that would be great TV. Can you imagine the stress the Good Girl Alliance would be under to win HOH again next week. The HOH comp will be a mental challenge again, but Helen won’t participate. Kaitlin and Jeremy could easily win it. Yes the more I think about it, the better I like it. So much turmoil, so much chaos will result, but great TV.

      1. Are you sure Kaitlyn will win HoH? I don’t think so. Mean Girls should realize the rude awakening. If Aaryn or Jeremy, that’s a wake up call that good prevails over evil.

      2. It will never happen, Jeremy or Kaitlyn will never HoH. We don’t care about the ratings, the ratings is Elissa. She will easily win HoH.

    2. nothing is for sure in the bb house until after it happens, especially when it comes to evictions. i hope this week is a good as last week, and that’s a high bar.

  4. Yum, I love butterscotch.

    I don’t understand those who think this season is a waste. There is so much game to be played by AmanCrae and Howncer. Helen is smart, but she didn’t really make Nicks eviction happen. She wanted it, but without AmanCrae and the MC implosion…it wouldn’t have happened.

    1. Yah, every season people say it’s a waste, the cast is terrible, production is terrible, Alison Grodner is terrible……..blah blah blah. Every season.
      I don’t take that seriously anymore coz believe me the day Big Brother is cancelled people will cry no one will be saying ” all the seasons were crap anyways..”

      This season so far I like it. We have our heroes and villains which keeps the game interesting, minus the racism that’s not acceptable. I always hear people say this or that person ruins the show coz they’re the bad guy. No…they make it interesting because now you tune in hoping to see their demise.

      So it’s not a waste I agree with you Charlie. We should be happy that we got some drama in the very first week. Some seasons it’s usually dead abd boring. Again, the racism is not the drama I wanna see, that’s wrong. I’m talking about the schemming, lying, deception, an occasional arrogant jerk here and there.

      Yes….bring it on.

    1. Jeremy appears to be the one going this week true! But everything I see on BBAD and read here in the forum suggests Arryn will be around awhile. Even to the jury perhaps. The mean girls don’t appear to be targets this week or the next 2 at minimum. They’re keeping the racist around so get use to it folks. The hypocrites all talked a good story but now Arryn likely gets no votes on Thursday. None of this trash is worth cow dung if the don’t back up their words with actions on bigotry.

      1. Don’t be so sure because Aaryn will get evicted or Jeremy. I’m promise you for that. That racist need to go or cocky mouth Jeremy as well.

    1. Hey IllWill, are you schizo? Why do you have to laugh at your own poor attempts at jokes???

  5. Spencer is such a pig. I don’t know how any self respecting woman would ever date him. I hope his girlfriend (if she exists) dumps his fat ass ASAP.

    1. Spencer is an asshole. I loved the way Jessie stood up for herself when she was being bullied by Aaryn, Kaitlyn. Ginamarie, and Jeremy in the bedroom. I can’t believe that Spencer made the butterscotch comment in front of the other house guests and nobody called him out on it. The only way he would ever get close to a nice girl like Jessie is to take a page out of Chicken Chokin Joe’s playbook from last year. Attention houseguests do not pick up any socks in Spencer’s room.

      1. Notice how all the women on here are saying Spencer is pig. Yall do realize that is how most men talk (butterscotch comment). I mean Jesus, its almost like u cant say anything anymore without someone getting pissed off. Why should he get called out, I was thinking the same thing about Jessie. Have yall seen some of the pics? Muy caliente. #BringBackBBAD2Sho2

  6. Why the hell are Jeremy and co giving up. They could tell Helen to evict Aaryn and they can be the ones to target Howard so Helen and co don’t get and blood on their hands. Plus Helen would still be appreciated for getting rid of aryan. Not mad about Jeremy going home but I just don’t want a boring week.

    1. You are kidding right? The reason everyone wants to get rid of Jeremy is that everyone hates Jeremy. When Jeremy was on top he threw it in their faces. He bullied and humiliated them at every chance he got. They finally have an opportunity to get him out now. Next week it could be him or Kaitlin that win the HOH and they would feel his retribution.

      1. Not going to happen! Jeremy is pretty dumb and stupid, his IQ is off the charts. That’s why Jeremy or Kaitlyn can’t win. PERIOD!

      2. Jeremy will be a beast next HoH and will go after the weaker players and not Spencer and Howard. It is a shame to see Candice fall for Howard because she seems like a really sweet gal and Howard is not a nice guy.

        1. Jeremy is a beast really. He can’t even spell the word beast. He will get evicted or Aaryn. Quote from James Storm: “Sorry about your dam luck”

    1. Do you just copy/paste your comments on here? It’s the same thing over and over, year after year…and when it’s all said and done by the end of the season you are wrong again!!! OMG, simon can we vote this guy off of here????

      1. It’s a joke. It’s means I was kidding or not kidding. I’m not voting off. I can do whatever I want. Beside, I already send the stats so you all have to read it.

      2. Agreed, this guy has by far the most annoying comments, but hey he enjoys the game and likes to be vocal about it, I’m not gonna knock him for it, especially when there are plenty of other offenders that do the same.

  7. Since when, does using the POV on yourself deserve a reward of protection for 2 weeks. Am I missing something here? This is upside-down world.

  8. Oh Howard, you are putting your trust in Amanda and McCrae. The same Amanda that keeps trying to get you out this week. Each time Helen thinks she has it settled that Jeremy is going out this week, Amanda brings your name back up and says we need to get you out this week. Amanda see’s you as a bigger threat then Jeremy. Why is that, I don’t know. Now you are telling Spencer we need to run some strategy by Amanda and McCrae. You don’t understand how to lay low and see how everything shakes out.

    Here is the scenario that I think is going to happen. You confide in Amanda and she then runs to Helen and says Howard is still scheming. Hurrah! Howard you would have successfully saved Jeremy and placed yourself on the block. I really wanted you to stay, but you are your own worst enemy. If you are not gone this week, then you will definitely screw things up by next week and be gone.

  9. Spencer is a disgusting human being. And who else was there..can ANYONE just stand up to these people and tell them they are disgusting. It said “the others” say Jessie doesn’t stand up for herself. Who are the others?? And real Dawg you couldn’t find a better headline? I am so sick of this.

    1. So I have a sales/advisory job where the product I’m selling has a 90 day window to be selected or the prospective client gets auto-enrolled in another product. The single most frustrating people I deal with -and they are the vast majority- are people who I have a meeting with and they listen to my spiel and don’t engage at all, then when I ask if they have made a choice, they demure and say call me in a week. Some even have me come back for a 2nd and 3rd sit down meeting, but the process is always the same. They take up a ton of time and then as their deadline for a decision approaches or passes, after a dozen phone calls and 2-3 meetings, that’s when they come up with some excuse as to why they’ve decided not to do business with me.

      Now I know full well that they likely made their decision well before our first phone call or meeting, but for whatever reason, they were afraid to just tell me no. Instead, they string me along, waste both of our time, and then come up with the lamest and most transparent excuse (“My wife/husband thinks I need to do this” or “Oh I forgot to send in the form and my deadline passed”). Since it’s my job, I have to do what they ask and continue following up, even though I know I maybe will get 1 out of every 20 people to go against the norm and actually sign up with me, but I continually ask myself: “Why don’t you just tell me no and you’re not interested?”

      I think that’s the dynamic at play in BB. It’s that people fear confrontation or don’t want to upset or anger or disappoint anybody, and rather than just make it clear you no longer want to here something (which is so easy to do in a very nice way), they just avoid and allow it to continue. I don’t want to go so far as to say it’s cowardice as that is awfully strong, but it’s just human nature for many to just want to go along to get along and don’t want to ever make any waves. It’s sad…but unfortunately pretty widespread phenomenon.

      1. Bobsky, I agree with you analysis of your own job. But they’re isn’t an *iota* of “Kum-Ba-Ya” in this BB15 house. It’s the total opposite! The “Beautiful People” are always used to getting whatever they want in life. (Aaryn, Gina, Jeremy) They’re at the bottom right now. Totally new experience for them. Aaryn: “I’m gonna have to be super nice this week. That’s gonna KILL me!” Aaryn is 100% b*tch – to the core!!!!!!!i Jeremy’s complimentary self-assessment: “I played my game, and I can go out with my head held high.” Kaitlin (his girlfriend no less) has to set Jeremy straight: “You’re not going home because you were excellent at BB. You’re going home because you are an a*shole!” Bobsky, that’s not passive. Or just “going along.” It’s “the world isn’t kissing our a*ses today. That sucks. Now what?”

        And Amanda. Just going along? She hasn’t won squat. But every sentence out of her, every day, is “Evict Howard This Week!” That’s passive? Howard and Spencer. “We can’t stay on the bottom like this. We gotta get back to being strong, and on top!” That’s passive? Helen saying that Elissa does her own thing, no matter what anyone says to her. She’s right about that Passive? Jessie correctly telling Jeremy to knock off the bullying. Passive?

        Yeah, maybe I’ll give you McCrae. And Judd. But I still can’t even tell what he’s saying 90% of the time…..

  10. A cyclone of psychology indeed, that’s probably the most semi-articulate thing Aaryn has said to date. Spencer is a vile person and I wonder what Judd’s reaction to the comment was. I really hope Helen pulls back on the throttle some, sheesh. She’s going to be a HUGE target if she or someone she trusts 100% doesn’t get HOH next week. The best plan is still to evict Jeremy, Kaitlyn will then align with Helen I think.

    1. McCrae has been spreading word that he won MVP last week and this week. Not sure to who, or if anyone believes him, but…

  11. I was just watching last nights BBAD…………..who the heck does that ugly Helen think she is……..she’s got the show all planned out…….yeah, right ! ! ! And that Howdy Doody lookin Andy is such a big mouth who knows it all ……..and that stupid mush mouth Judd…..who no one can even understand……the 3 of them think they have it in the bag……………………Can’t wait till all 3 are thrown out the door ! ! ! ! He might be cocky…..but those 2 buffoons can’t hold a candle to Jeremy ! ! ! Neither can that old red bearded yellow toothed Spencer…………….nasty mouth creep !

  12. I thought Jeremy and Aaryn has the BB15 Ahole of the Year award locked up but it looks like Spencer is making a run at the title.

  13. Is it just me that has a feeling about Spencer?? He is like the uncle in some families who no one is suppose to talk about!
    I remember the first airing of BB15 when he was lying in bed chatting with that whorina Gina that he had his hand down his pants pullin on something.

  14. JC:HOUSEGUEST, we have a tie, Spencer, your have 0 votes. We have 5 to 5 of Aaryn & Jeremy. Helen your cast decision votes so cast your votes now.
    HK: I’m sorry it’s personal but Aaryn (Jeremy) I have to evict you.
    JC: It’s a official Aaryn (Jeremy) your evicted from big brother house.

  15. I cannot wait to see Jeremy evicted. Any of the three would be good, but I couldn’t stand Jeremy from the beginning. His attitude is worse than Franks last season.

  16. Something in the back of my mind is just telling me Spencer is going home. It seems way too early to evict Jeremy. Don’t get me wrong I’d love nothing more than to see a double eviction with Aaryn and Jeremy on the receiving end, but these HG are, in my humble opinion, ridiculously awful at this. First chance Jeremy gets he’s gonna turn on them all. That’s his personality and all those girls are gonna follow.

    1. Totally respectfully disagree Spencer 1st, Jeremy, Howard and I would keep Aaryn just because up against her in final two you win!

  17. I have to question how anybody could talk to Howard for 10 minutes and come away thinking he has all these mystical powers that the HG’s are conferring upon him?

    For all their talk and demand of truth and justice, the Superfriends are an odd mix of gullibility and lack of street smarts/common sense. If you’re in a house/game where everybody slants the truth/lies for their own purpose and you suspect or know a handful of people are/were aligned against you, then it’s the ones who put you the most at ease who are the most dangerous, as they will infiltrate your group and stab you in the back at the first opportunity, when you least expect it.. The safe enemies are the ones who can’t put you at ease. They lack guile to stab you in the back and are the easiest to read. They just suck at lying, which is why you need to embrace them, put them at ease, and if they can’t return the sentiment after your complete embrace, then you know they’re beyond rehabilitation and have to go.

    I get why McCrea has no interest in letting people know they’re over-inflating Howard, but I would hope he has at least noticed that Howard was not a MC ringleader and that he’s actually (aside from his athleticism) not much of a threat, especially since Helen thinks she knows the full MC story and has stopped the inquisition. If he doesn’t pull Amanda aside and give her some real insight into the MC’s true inner workings and helping her to understand Howard is likely the manageable threat (if Amanda really starts working him), while Spencer is the one, who if given any breathing room, can scheme and manipulate. Sure Howard may be a comp threat, while Spencer is not…but as Jeremy is learning, BB isn’t about winning comps.

  18. Helen is making a strategic mistake at this point of the game. Her trust and reliance on Ellissa will be her undoing. She needs to form a super alliance with Amanda, McCrea, Andy, and Judd. She is totally clueless regarding Howard and is playing a very poor game in this regard. Elissa is pulling her down because of Howard. I hope she gets a clue because Howard the weasel and Spencer the rat will blindside her. She should be BBFs with Amanda, her best ally in the house.

    1. I agree with others that Howard is not a threat at the mo. I’d like him to stick around just to see him step it up in comps, it would be interesting to see who he might put up. My hope would be Amanda or Spencer if he’s still around (although I kinda like Amanda, she’s one of the best of the worst) and surely, Howard can see that Spencer is not helping his game, unless somebody wants a guaranteed win in the final 2, that’s his sole value.

    1. I have nominated Jeremy’s (Eddie Munster Widow’s Peak) for eviction.
      Sorry bro! I have a diamond power of veto.

      1. Did you say you have doo-doo & poo-poo in you nappies? Son, sounds to me like your not old enough to vote; let mammy take care of adult business!

        1. Cap Wedge Arch Numbskull is two and a half and he doesn’t wear diapers, his mom let’s him just do it on the living room floor.

          1. And come to think of it, all this time I thought Captain Wedgie was finger painting with brown paint!

            1. CaptainWedgieArchNemesis is very talented, he once peed on a frozen street lamp pole and when he pulled away after finishing, he got a free circumcision.

              1. I totally agreed with you, you said that:

                WestVirginia says:
                July 14, 2013 at 12:32 pm
                Jeremy’s (Eddie Munster Widow’s Peak) is very talented, he once peed on a frozen street lamp pole and when he pulled away after finishing, he got a free circumcision.
                I know right, how embarrassing! Good Luck

                  1. I totally agree with you:
                    You said that:

                    Jeremy’s (Eddie Munster Widow’s Peak) says:
                    July 14, 2013 at 1:04 pm
                    Nick is not making any sense, did you take your Xanax?
                    I know right, he should take Xanax!

              2. That’s why his mom always serves the neighborhood kids yellow popscicles, (and some are yellow with red dots).

                1. I totally agree with you! You said that

                  Jeremy’s (Eddie Munster Widow’s Peak) says:
                  July 14, 2013 at 12:49 pm
                  That’s why Nick mom always serves the neighborhood kids yellow popscicles, (and some are yellow with red dots).
                  Are you now talking about his mom!

                  1. I totally agree with you!
                    You said that:

                    Nick says:
                    July 14, 2013 at 1:11 pm
                    Jeremy’s (Eddie Munster Widow’s Peak) was first in line for one of those.
                    I know right.

                  2. Besides finger painting, Captain Wedgie likes to play with his copy and paste feature on his computer, “look Mammy, I can copy and paste!”

                    1. I know right:

                      Jeremy’s (Eddie Munster Widow’s Peak) says:
                      July 14, 2013 at 1:27 pm
                      Besides finger painting, Nick likes to play with his copy and paste feature on his computer, “look Mammy, I can copy and paste!”
                      That’s funny! Thanks Jeremy’s (Eddie Munster Widow’s Peak)

            2. I totally agreed! You said that
              Jeremy’s (Eddie Munster Widow’s Peak) says:
              July 14, 2013 at 12:16 pm
              And come to think of it, all this time I thought Nick was finger painting with brown paint!
              Geez, you need to relax bro with all these nonsense.

          2. Agreed, you said that:
            Nick says:
            July 14, 2013 at 12:09 pm
            Jeremy’s (Eddie Munster Widow’s Peak) is two and a half and he doesn’t wear diapers, his mom let’s him just do it on the living room floor.
            Wow! That’s a nice insult for Jeremy’s (Eddie Munster Widow’s Peak)! If I were you, don’t get into bad side.

        2. I totally agreed with you. You said that:

          Jeremy’s (Eddie Munster Widow’s Peak) says:
          July 14, 2013 at 12:05 pm
          Did you say you have doo-doo & poo-poo in you nappies? Son, sounds to me like your not old enough to vote; let mammy take care of adult business!
          Are you referring to Nick? Wow, nice insults. Nick, this one is from Eddie Munster Widow’s Peak

  19. Spencer is just gross. This is a show based on being watched and they know people are watching them. So to not be mindful of that and just continue to say anything shows a lack of intelligence on some level. I think some of these people live in a very fish bowl type of world outside the house. That stuff he and some of the others ones are said comes way too natural and that’s why they think it’s okay and don’t question maybe not saying things whehter it’s the racist stuff, mean stuff, or misogynist stuff.

    Howard -doesn’t owe Helen are any of them the truth it is a game. He has to live or go by his own game choices. But at least wait until after the POV ceremony to start talking about an alliance so that you don’t possibly get nominated. He’s going to be his own worse enemy in there due to perception. He’s laying low act isn’t going to wash and he needs to switch up his social game. But I think he has it in him. He better hope he isn’t nominated instead of Jeremy.

  20. If Howard tries to form an alliance with Amanda and McCrae, he needs to go home. He needs to realize that nobody trusts him and chill out.

    1. So whats is he supposed to do sit there and get evicted? Just becausr you dont like him doesnt mean he should give up

      1. I do like Howard. That is why I do not want him to align with Amanda and McCrae. He should align with Helen. She has extended an olive branch and he needs to take it.

  21. If Jessie tastes like butterscotch according to Spencer what flavors do you think Spencer thinks the other women in the house taste like?

  22. I’m rooting for the nasty mean side because I’m not dumb enough to actually believe the show isn’t planned out already.

  23. Jessie is so DESPERATE!!! to have a man. That she is going off on Jeremy just because he won’t be friends with her outside of the house! She is trying to c**kblock Kaitlin because they live in the same town. lol And Jeremy want’s NOTHING to do with her.

    1. jess doesnt give a shit about jeremy, and has no desire to be friends with him after bb, as he is disrespectful and immature

      he will leave the show looking like an idiot and bully to america…jess will leave with her head held high

  24. Wow! Just realized that Kaitlin eyes look so much like Olivia Wilde and Megan Fox and even Angelina Jolie very sexy and mysteryous!

  25. If Amanda & her GIGANTIC mouth ruin this week. I am going to be SUPER PIS$ED! And by ruin I mean sway the house into keeping Jeremy’s dumbas$!

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