Gina asks how can you not kiss me. Nick says the slower the better, cement doesn’t dry in a day, it takes months for it to dry correctly!

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


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2am In the lounge room Nick is still talking to Spencer. Nick says that if he were to win HOH he would put up a small and a large target because then neither of them would win POV. Spencer talks about how Amanda is poison and will be the death of the moving company. Spencer says that Amanda is getting off the reservation. He says that the girls would drop them like that if they got wind of the moving company. Spencer says that they reason they need to get out Elissa this week is because she is going to go after Kaitlin and then Jeremy will be alone. She is not going to stop going after ya’ll. Spencer says that Kaitlin is fine as long as Jeremy doesn’t do something stupid and piss her off.

The camera view switches to the backyard where Andy, Howard, McCrae, Judd, Amanda, Candice and Helen are talking about the derogatory comments said in the house. Candice is going off about Gina saying her middle name was Shaniqua. Howard says that when you add the element of dislike to it, its not joking anymore. Amanda brings up she doesn’t like how some others have commented that they got Jewed out of something. She says that they weren’t saying it in a funny way, it was in a derogatory way. Andy says that he’s heard queer and stuff like that. Judd tells Amanda that he would say that (Jewed) because he didn’t know what it meant. I didn’t know it meant jewish people. Howard says you’ve heard the fish story right, about how the white fish stay at the top while all the dark fish, the black fish stay at the bottom because they are sheltered, they’re segregated.

2:10am Aaryn is up in the HOH room with Gina. Aaryn says that she is picturing David in the sun with his hair like, looking sexual with his muscles glistening, rolling around on top of me. Gina says awe, that’s kind of hot. Gina says that Nick told her he likes her. Aaryn asks Nick? Well maybe then he was putting on a show for other people. Gina says he doesn’t want people to think that like, a fucking showmance thing because people don’t like that shit. Aaryn says you’re right because look at all the targets on these a$$holes. Gina says and he’s smart, I don’t want to fuck up his game. Aaryn and Gina head downstairs to check on the cookies. The head into the lounge with Nick. Aaryn asks how it went with Spencer. Nick says that he can never get a good read on him, he sends me in circles. Aaryn asks so he didn’t tell you? Nick says that Spencer didn’t tell him anything. Aaryn asks he didn’t tell you anything? Nick says he just talks in circles. Aaryn leaves. Gina and Nick continue to talk. Gina tells Nick that Howard said that he is voting Elissa out and wants you to stay. Jeremy joins them. Aaryn comes in and tells Gina to come up and talk to her. Jeremy tells her that he is going to sleep, how are you going to talk when I am trying to sleep. Aaryn leaves. Jeremy says I wish I could just sleep with every girl wanted to, I would totally try and sleep with every girl in this house. Gina says I am taken. Jeremy asks are you sure. I wish girls were like dudes, I would totally share. Jeremy heads up to the HOH.


Up in the HOH room. Jeremy is joking around with Aaryn asking her if she wants a DILF and how he wants a MILF. Aaryn asks Jeremy what Kaitlin’s problem is? Jeremy says that Kaitlin thinks Aaryn doesn’t like her very much right now. Aaryn says she’s annoyed. Jeremy says that Kaitlin wants to quit the negative energy. Aaryn says that she is done talking about it with Kaitlin. Aaryn says that she thinks that Amanda and McCrae really want to be with them so she doesn’t want to get rid of Amanda just yet. Jeremy says that Amanda is too smart for her own good but says that they can take them out like week six. They talk about who to get out next. Jeremy says he wants Elissa, Candice, Andy, and Helen out. Aaryn says that she wants Spencer out. Aaryn asks why they would kick out Andy and Helen when they would be willing to make a deal with them. Jeremy says that Andy goes around making deals with everyone. Aaryn wonders who Andy is making deals with? Jeremy says that Howard and Spencer told him that Andy is trying to cut deals to keep Elissa for the MVP vote. They talk about how they think Judd will vote with them. Aaryn says it will be the best day ever to see Elissa go, only 2 more days! Jeremy says that it will be sad to start sending out their own people. Aaryn jokes that it will be sad to see Jeremy go home. Jeremy says he will be leaving with the money. Aaryn jokes that she will be the last one standing with Helen. They both laugh. Aaryn comments that she can’t wait for Pandora’s Box. She says that she think Rachel Reilly will pop out of it. Aaryn watches Elissa on the spy screen and asks why does she walk like that? Jeremy says because she can’t sh*t. He says I hate that ugly a$$ girl! Aaryn says that she and Amanda are starting to see eye to eye. Jeremy tells not to fall too much into that. Aaryn says she doesn’t have one person to fall to in this game. Jeremy talks about how Amanda control McCrae. Jeremy tells Aaryn to use Amanda. The triangle of thrust still stands strong. Jeremy talk about how McCrae said he liked to be dominated by girls, and then the next day Amanda was up in the HOH room dominating him. Aaryn says that she like to be dominated. Jeremy says well David was the complete opposite match for you then? Aaryn says yup. They decide to go to sleep.

3am In the kitchen – Judd tells Nick that he saw he got to talk to people in the house. Nick says he will talk to the other house guests tomorrow. Judd says it is better to be safe than sorry. Nick says that he will talk to McCrae, Amanda and Candice tomorrow and says Candice is kind of a wildcard. Judd tells Nick that he think he is good and tells him not to stress out. Judd tells Nick he should focus on talking to the wild cards about the vote. Judd tells Nick that he is on his good side and he will have his back down the road.


3:40am – 4am Gina and Nick are out in the hammock together talking. Nick comments that he can’t believe he was nominated today. He says that Thursday morning will be important for him to make he has the votes. Gina tells him how angry she was when he went up on the block. She says that she couldn’t even look at him because she was going to cry. Nick says that he knew it was coming. Nick then says its better me than Jeremy. Gina tells Nick that she wants him safe. Gina says that Aaryn told her that if she won MVP she would put up Kaitlin. Nick says that he is surprised. Gina says that Aaryn thinks Kaitlin could screw up her game because if it comes down to it Jeremy would vote out Aaryn over Kaitlin. Gina says Aaryn said Kaitlin doesn’t do anything but walk around in her booty shorts and high heels. Gina says that Kaitlin just wants to prance around here like she is queen sh*t. Nick tells Gina that they can’t make waves right now. Gina tells Nick that Aaryn is crazy, I love her! Nick says that Candice is a throw away. Gina says that Candice is a Debbie downer. Gina asks Nick how can you stare at me, and look at me and not want to kiss me. Nick says what makes you think I don’t want to? Gina says me. Nick says you know we can’t because we will turn out like McCrae and Amanda, and then it will get ugly as sh*t. Gina says I know. Nick says the slower the better, cement doesn’t dry in a day! Gina asks it doesn’t? Nick says it takes months for it to dry correctly. Nick says okay. Gina says okay. The decide to head to bed.

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5am – 5:50am Jessie gets up and heads to the kitchen. She stares at the memory wall and then heads into the bathrooom. She then heads back to bed. All the house guests are now sleeping..

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oh Nick, just kiss the poor girl already. You can wash your mouth afterward.


SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: GM’s saliva is toxic to your health.

Nick, you’d be an STD-infected fool to kiss her…just keep letting her eat out of the palm of your hand. (Can you wear rubber gloves?) In fact, here’s a better scenario…

Nick: Oh Gina, you know what really turns me on? A girl that will let me pi$$ on her.

GM: OK Nick 😮


In walks Kaitlyn

K: Hey, I’ll do that! But I have to charge you first…credit cards will do…


GM is so stupid and gullible. Really, Nick must have to hold his nose every time he is near her because that Staten Island stench doesn’t just wash off in a week. He doesn’t kiss you because he doesn’t like you, you dumb ass. You are nothing but a vote to him. Besides, he is using HIS BROTHER DAN’s BB playbook which says: Don’t hook up in the house, it will ultimately ruin your game. Just play the most gullible…(like Dan did to Danielle.)

GM makes me ill. She is not attractive or smart, and the racist crap she says puts her squarely in the dump that her borough was built over.


I’m no fan of GM, and I’m not an American but you may not want to offend the entire long island community in such a way. That would almost be hypocritical. Just saying.

I hate GM though, take a hint. If I didn’t hate nick as well, I’d compliment him on


thank you jo. like GM I am from brooklyn and live in staten island, it’s actually a nice place to live, but I am nothing at all like her, I am educated (at an ivy league university), don’t have that accent, and am a big defender of anti-bigotry. most of all I don’t smell:( that’s not a fair assessement of staten island or its residents in the least and on par with the bigotry expressed by the houseguests. do you not see that?


Im from Long Island, and we do not consider SI to be a part of the “Long Island” community. As evidenced by GM and other prominent shows, this is where we send our garbage. Don’t do it Nick!


Seriously? First someone says he’s Adam Levine’s brother now he’s Dan Gheesling’s brother. Can you guys just stop? It’s really annoying. Do your research please before you start mouthing off your predictions. One’s hometown is Michigan and the other’s from New York. They both have different last names! He may have a similar strategy to that of Dan’s and there may be some similarities, but they’re not related!


Also, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the rumour that he was Dan’s brother was just started by Helen to stir up the house.


Yo Simon,

You guys need to put avatars up for each house guest.


I bet Aaryn probably be evicted next week so everyone will booed her heavily. Let see how Aaryn nation react. CBS will give a good message says “HOUSEGUEST, DUE TO CONTROVERSAL COMMENTS, AARYN IS BEING EVICTED AND WE DON’T EXCEPT RACISM. THE SHOW WILL GO ON.”




I highly doubt they will ever evict her just for her comments because if they did that to her, they’d have to do the same to Spencer, Jeremy, Ginamarie, Amanda, etc. for making derogatory marks as well. What they should’ve done, or hopefully will do, is invalidate her entire HOH reign this week for cheating in the HOH competition.

Charlie Hustle

I am sad for GM. She doesn’t even know she’s been rejected, that or she’s super used to it.

Can you imagine the final pitch if Aaryn reaches the final two with Helen?


What is wrong with you? She is a totally racist. No job will not accept her because of racist remark. That’s karma for GM. Aaryn will be unemployment line with no job but nothing. Face it, Aaryn Nation is done.


I bet every single Asian-American holding the sign in Chinese: Aaryn????????????????means Aaryn is the racist in Asain American community. They will wait her in the parking lot. Another Asian American holding a sign in Korean: Aaryn? ???? ??????? ????. Means Aaryn does not like Asian American. If I was her, she will making public apologize for making fun of Asian American. Also in Filipino: Aaryn ay karima-rimarim ng Asyano Amerikano means Aaryn is disgusting Asian American.


i honestly feel bad for nick. He must be embarrassed that this thirsty girl will not let up


I truly can not even believe how thirsty most of the chicks in the house are this season. It’s really sad. Seems like they’d much rather find a showmance than win the money. I am so sorry BB but casting sucked for this season. Not only are some of these people racist, but they are just not good people. The game has never been like this. I have enjoyed BB so many other seasons before and there was not any racist remarks being said. I also really hope that these houseguests are confronted on livetv about their remarks. It’s just ridiculous now.


Anyone know what is on Howard’s biceps? Are they vericose veins or what?

i'm tall

they are called keloids.


…and the Oscar goes to Nick for his performance in The Stalker.


Gina really thinks she is something – that weird thing on top of her head (Jersey Shoreish hair ponytail-pouf) plus her huge legs and mannish walk. How could you not want to kiss her? At least you could try to look a little less trashy while asking this.


Have you read this article about Spencer in the New York Post this morning?

just me

And then there’s this about Spencer.
His mom is saying he’s not a bigot. Said, of course, by the same c*nt who taught him to be so respectful of women.

(Disclaimer: I hate the C word and only used it here to make a point)


saying something and doing it are two different things, I bet spencer doesn’t think he is a bigot either, but he is. guess it helps his mom sleep at night to lie to herself.


if we were to use characters or avatars elissa would have to be the joker that mouth when she smiles is sooo wide her mouth curves funny it looks painted on. ALSO would like depp as tonto I mean germy Judd the mumbler open your mouth when you speak dude geez


I bet GLAAD, Organization of Asian Descents in North America (including:Chinese historical society of America, Cultural society of Filipino America & Korean American cultural society), Organization of Black American culture, Rainbow coalition, and even Humane society protest of get rid of Aaryn Gries for racist remarks.

POOP (People offended by offended people)

Handing you a very tall ladder so you don’t fall to your death off that extremely high soap box you preach from.
People like you are why we started the POOP organization. Having nothing better to do but bitch, be offended, judge everyone and never look in the mirror. Enjoy that upbeat happy life of yours.


Obviously, you’re offended by offended people. So how are you different? Seems you have a soapbox, too.


OOooooo I like this game! Ye’ ol’ “offended soapbox” paradox.

POOP (People offended by offended people)

I would like to see people let somethings go and just move on. POOP is a joke. It started because all day long on the talk shows and news shows all you hear is people bitching and complaining. If people can open their minds and try to place themselves in others shoes, and try to be understanding rather than so judgmental, I feel everyday life would be a little happier for most people. It may be me, but I see American’s becoming angry complainers. It bums me out. I love big brother. It’s a tough game. Yes these people made HUGE verbal mistakes and they will be crucified by the holy than thou public. But the double standards expressed in most of the comments I read are hypocritical. Come on, give me a hug!


Hugs to POOP! Gee, that is the first time I’ve gotten affectionate with POOP. LOL I was just trying to point out that, although agree with you about enough is enough, you can’t complain about complaining. You can’t judge people and say they are judgmental. I just move on, like whoever doesn’t like my comment can. 🙂 Huggies POOP!. 🙂


Agreed, While the majority of us have moved on and are actually trying to concentrate on the gameplay and strategy, some people will. not. let. go. We get it! your offended! Most of us are.


I will be offended until they are evicted because as a society if we get use to it and stop talking about it bigotry and racist win. We should never turn the other cheek it it and ignore it!! I am a white 53 year old woman with all races in my family through marriage and adoption.

Mary Ann

Excuse me my daughter lives on Staten Island and shes not like Gina she wasnt born in NYC


Let’s be honest, I really can’t say I’m that sad to see Elissa go. I was definitely rooting for her in the beginning as an underdog, but her gameplay sucks. She’s had two weeks to prove herself and she hasn’t yet. I’d much rather have Nick stay a couple more weeks to see a good strategic gameplayer evolve his strategy, than see Elissa putting up whoever she’s told to, or whoever doesn’t make a deal with her. If she leaves maybe the other side will stop bitching about how they MUST get her out the house & have a real conversation for once. No I’m not rooting for the other side, I probably dislike then more than you, but I’d like to see someone else have a chance at the MVP & maybe they won’t waste it. Someone like Nick or Howard
side note: to the freakin’ house, if Nick was Dan’s cousin he would have gotten MVP the FIRST week! Dan is way more popular than Rachel especially after the funeral he had last season. Maybe, just maybe he’s in the DR all the time because he’s playing the best game compared to all you dumbasses! The production is probably asking him how he’s playing all y’all idiots, & all that commentary is aired on tv. Like how the last week & a1/2 have been.


agree 100%

ellissas gameplay sucks big time. no need for her to stay. and with the MVP thing turning into a most likeable player or support a weak player thing, its ok. maybe candice is able to figure some things out when she gets MVP. or cut some deals. and if not. its like always. after 2-3 floaters (andy, jessie) leave the real game begins, because the others will start the fights within their alliances.


Do all these fans speculating on Nick’s identity online not know the internet is a great tool and unless Nick went to the trouble of creating an entire fake life, including a name and career, then it’s very easy to learn almost everything about him, including the fact that he’s nobody’s brother and if he’s a cousin, who gives a s**t. If Nick was to be Elissa’s doppelganger as the two legacies then we would have seen Nick’s relative on the very 1st show, just like we saw Rachel, and his relative would be out front rallying fans for Nick to win MVP, just like Rachel.


This show always consumes my time. LOL. I really don’t want Nick to go. I think he is playing a great game so far. I like the underdog usually which is why I originally liked Elissa but she hasn’t done anything. Howard is a cool dude and he is also playing well. I usually always have a female favorite but I don’t this year. I hope Elissa goes and Helen can start playing the game. Helen needs to align with a strong physical player and keep it on the down low.


For starters, I DO NOT condone the nasty things that Aaryn has said and done. With that being written, it pisses me off that CBS is only targeting a 22 year old girl. She’s not the only one who has said and done nasty things. They need a scapegoat, and decided to make it her. Why? Is it because she made remarks about Asians and offended Julie Chen? (Who I love!) What about all the nasty comments the men have been making about women? That’s ok? Has Julie forgotten she’s a woman, too? Who has not done something stupid at 22? Did you pay as high a price as she? (which is deserving) Again, I’m not condoning it, but we all know Aaryn is and will continue to pay dearly for her remarks, along with her family. What about the guys, who some are much older and should know better? I was sooo on board *and still am) with getting her out of the house, but I am getting so upset that she is being targeted by CBS as the only one. The guys need to be “outed”, too, for their views on women.

i'm tall

who else agrees that andy looks like the mitchell character from “modern family” minus the beard! and also his game play is the worse. he is sorry obvious with his back and forth on both sides and the fact that he is so paranoid is hilarious to me. players like that automatically put the target on their backs by their behavior.


Candice or Helen for HOH & backdoor Jeremy! I don’t want Amanda to go simply cause she gets on Spencer & Jeremy & Howard’s nerves so bad, I mean how dare her or Helen have an original thought in their heads, I mean they’re supposed to sit there & wait to be told what to do…Candice, Helen, Judd, Andy, Amanda, & McLoki have the numbers(throw Arayn in there even though i can’t stand her) if they would just quit being so scared of that dang Jeremy & Spencer! btw dang=me trying to be nice…too early in the day for me to have my panties in a wad, 10 minutes of feeds should take care of that though…


Aryan seems the most vicious…..she has that stone cold stare with the voice that makes me think of the woman from ” Fatal Attraction” and the line: ” I will NOT be ignored” It’s almost sad sometimes when I hear her talk abt ” her fans ” lol…more like a lynch mob waiting for her …GM’s sad pathetic longing for Nick is probably something she has done most of her adult life……drunken s*x.. and one night stands…no long term r/s…..I could go on and on with the women in this house……..the only one’s that have appear to have their sh*t together in the real world are Helen & Candace