Big Brother Spoilers Howard about Amanda “Keep her in here another 2 weeks bedlam will start”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


11:41pm Cockpit Jeremy, Aaryn, McCrea and Amanda

Amanda: “We need to sort out the kinks“
Jeremy: “Elissa goes home and we wait to see who wins the HOH”
“Just lay low until one of us wins it and take it from there.. you really can’t jump too far ahead it’ll f*** sh!t up”
Amanda: “Do you seem concerned about loyalty with me and her” (Aaryn)
Jeremy: ‘I want us to stand together and stand strong..” he warns them that the other side planting seeds.
McCrea: “We have to keep this four together because four is really strong in the game.. we have a solid four we can walk through this game”
Amanda tells him this is her “F*** real” alliance the four of them.
Andy joins them. Jeremy: “Are you kidding me”

Jeremy asks Andy if he’s still with them to vote out Elissa. Andy says yes. McCrea points out that there will only be one vote to keep Elissia.
Jeremy says he wants to give other people the chance to win the MVP.

Andy wants to know who is next after Candace. Jeremy says he doesn’t like to think that far ahead. Andy wants to know if he is next. Jeremy says no.
Jeremy says Candace is on his radar, Jessie is sketchy, Helen worries him because she’s a f*** genius, “you know there are plenty of people on the totem poll and until you prove me wrong you’re not on my list” .

Jeremy says Elissa’s Speech today was just to put him down.
Aaryn: “I’m so not looking forward to her shitty speech on Eviction”
Jeremy mention how they have no idea how they are being portrayed on the TV show so they shouldn’t think if they vote to keep Elissa they’ll get the votes. Jeremy says he might be portrayed as the sweetest dude that’s not cocky and is kicking ass. Amanda interrupts says that’s not the case, “No no they don’t edit that great”

Jeremy doesn’t like Elissa game she says the rudest comments and is fake, “I can’t be around this chick she’s poison .. she plays horribly… and it bums me out when she talks about my mom and sh!t.. she makes personal attacks against my mom.. I’m a super momma’s boy
Jeremey: “I just want to spit in her face.. that is so disrespectful”
Aaryn: “Shes so trashy.,., “
Jeremy leaves: “Pimpin ain’t easy but it is.. “

The rest clear out the room.


12:16am HOH Aaryn and Gina

Basically what is happening is Kaitlin and Aaryn are fighting over Jeremy. Aaryn is tossing around threats if she wins MVP she’s putting Kaitlin up. (Which we all know isn’t going to happen)

12:22am In the kitchen Nick, Kaitlin and Elissa.. Elissa asks Kaitlin if she’s ever dated a guy like Jeremy before. Kaitlin says she’s not dating Jeremy and she’s never been involved with a guy like Jeremy before. Kaitlin leaves Nick just sits there with Elissa.. silence Nick has a huge grin on his face.

12:29am Cam 1-2 Elissa and Jessie
Jessie: “thank you so much for not putting me up ”
Elissa: “are you glad that nick is up”
J: “yes”
E: “obviously he has to go as some point”


New best buds Aaryn, Amanda and McCrea


12:37pm cam 1-2 Nick and Kaitlin playing pool
Nick is telling her a story of him being a bartender at toshi’s .
Memorable quote from Kaitlin about her job as a bartender “I don’t put up with a sh!t ton of bullsh!t”

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12:50AM Hammock McCrae, Amanda, Jeremy and Aaryn impersonating each one of the house guests Orgasms. The picture above is Amanda doing the Elissa face.


12:43AM Jessie and JUDD
(I’m kinda nervous about thursday I think everybody kinda is)
Judd: “I’m not nervous for me but.. “
Jessie: “I want one of us to win HOH next week”
Judd: “I’m going to try… I hope it’s not something where we have to run”
Judd: “I got pretty good aim”
(I hope Judd wins HOH and Jessie controls it would be hilarious)


1:05AM Cam 1-2 Nick and Howard
nick: “What’s going on?”
Howard give him the rundown it’s the five MC and the four girls, Kaitlin, Amanda, Gina and Aaryn.
Howard says McCrae wants Amanda to stay in the house even though she is running around saying there is a guys alliance. Howard is stressed because MCrae cannot control Amanda.
Howard: “He claims he has his thumb on it but he doesn’t”
H: “What me and Jeremy really think is McCrae has interests with us and he wants the protection later on”
Howard is getting worried that it’s only week two and Amanda is already starting to piece it together. Howard told MCCrae that Amanda is just using him.
Nick: “I HATE the fact that she’s so buddy buddy with aaryn”
Howard says there is a real risk of Amanda rallying the girls that is why she’s gotta go.
H: “Either we got to convince him or we got to help him either way”
H: “No matter what we tell him she’s got to go up no matter up.. If she stays she’s going to figure it out”
Howard isn’t confident that the 9 alliance that is being proposed is going to result in the MC being exposed because the 4 girls are soon going to figure out that there are 5 guys, “This isn’t smart they are all thinking too far down the road”

Nick tells him he’s playing a real game and a fake game. the fake game he’s campaigning (I guess in the fake game h’e up on the block). He went to Andy Nick got the feeling that Andy is going to wherever the power is. Howard: “You know he’s going to vote to keep Elissa here”
Nick: “you think so”
Howard: ‘Hell Ya”
Nick: “REALLY.. he told me tonight that he was for sure going to vote Elissa out”
Howard: “there are 7 people that are going to vote for you.. us four Kaitlin, Jessie and Gina its a wrap.. “

Howard says Judd is playing both side. Nick thinks Judd is cool.

Nick says his maybes in terms of trust are Kaitlin, Andy, Candace and Aaryn, “Amanda is in her ear”
Howard:”We gotta get her out next week”
nick: “Dude I wanted her out day one”
Howard: “Keep her in here another 2 weeks bedlam will start”



Howard saying that Helen and Candace trust him enough to tell him game information. Howard is certain Helen will be easily controlled after Elissa gets sent home.
They both agree if they win HOH they would put up Amanda. Howard would rather the other side win the comp though, “To keep the peace” with McCrea.
Howard suggests that Nick make sure he has his Gina and Kaitlin votes. Nick knows those votes are on lock but he’s worried about Amanda “Infecting them”
Howard wants him to not worry about this week it’s all cool the votes are coming from Jeremy’s side plus Howard and spence.
Nick is still worried that the girls will get spooked and think they have a guys alliance and vote him out.
Howard says Jeremy is already on it he’s working Kaitlin. (Biam )
Howards famous last words “We’re good for at least another week or two”

Howard wants Nick to talk to McCrea and knock some sense into him. Nick will ask Gina to get him next.

Nick brings up his conversation with Helen where she asked him if Elissa goes home what is she going to do. Nick thinks this tells him that all her and Andy care about is to be safe because they want to be near the POWER. Nick adds that he’s trying to make it look like the “blondetourage” has power to give keep her safe.


1:23Am Cockpit Nick and Spencer

Nick brings up how Howard got him up to speed about the Moving Company where there’s going to be nine but it’s really just an Amanda thing.
Spencer brings up that Amanda threatened him this morning say if he doesn’t vote Nick out they are coming after him.
Spencer: “I was like you mother f***”
Nick: “Who are they”
Spencer: “it’s judd, Andy, Amanda, McCrea, Howard, Helen. “
Spencer tells him there is no chance he’s going home this week. Nick knows but he’s still going to work for all the votes.

Spencer says that Andy what’s Elissa to stay. Nick still thinks he’s a flip vote. Nick knows that Andy only wants to follow the power and if they can make Andy think the blondes have the power Andy will flip. Nick wants Spencer to work on Andy.

Nick is a bit iffy about his side because Amanda might get into Aaryn and Kaitlin’s ear. Spencer: “Aryan’s not stupid she doesn’t want to lose another strong male”

Spencer brings up Amanda, “She’s putting the poison out there so they turn on Jeremy”
Spencer thinks that McCrea might be emotionally tied to Amanda. Spencer: “He was like Oh OH i’m sharpening up the sword I’m ready to cut her.. Dude if she is on to us.. you gotta cut her quick and F*** her outside the house”
They both agree Amanda hates their guts. Spencer brings up his conversation with Helen where they figured out getting rid of Amanda would mean McCrea would be recentered and more useful for their team. At that Point Spencer suggested to Helen that Elissa puts Amanda up instead of Nick.. Spencer: “Helen went and told Amanda i said that”
Nick shakes his head.
Spencer says he’s not going to throw his game away for McCrea and if Amanda finds out about the MC it’s over.

Spencer says Helen trust Howard fully.
Nick says that Gina is very close to Aaryn so he doesn’t think Aaryn would vote him out.
Nick is noticing Kaitlin drift away a bit.
Spencer brings up that Jeremy and him were thinking that Aaryn has to go.
Nick: ‘It needs to be Amanda Aaryn”
Spencer: ‘That’s the 2 I want out.. Amanda is smart and she’s a c***t I want her out ”

Spencer is confused that McCrea is messing up his game with Amanda: ‘McCrea is a smart player he’s kept up with the f*** blogs.. ”
Spencer: “I’m not attracted to her.. her looks attract me but she’s so vulgar.. always talking about pu$$y and vag!na”
Nick says he’s 100% not attracted to Amanda.
Spencer: ‘She just F**** groses me out”
Nick: “I can’t stand her voice, her character, everything about her annoys the shi!t out of me”
Spencer: “Trash.. total trash.. McCrea got into power now he has this power Wh*** on his c**k.. she told him all these sad stories like she was molested as a little girl”

They start talking about the jury. Spencer wants to put Sensible people in the jury like Helen. Nick knows if Gina goes into the Jury it’s a non vote for him once she finds out how he played her.

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i’d love it if nick goes, as he’s the early favorite of many to win the game. sadly it wont happen and elissa will go instead. :/


I agree 100%. Nick has played a great game. The only things i don’t love about nick are his attempts ro be the new dr will Kirby (which to me comes off more like boogie wishing he was dr. Will) and I don’t love a closet case especially in 2013 – but game play has been great. The problem with nick staying is how boring the show could become this early in the season. MC is no brigade and to watch them just dominate week after week is going to get old quick. Nick going home this week would make for a great live show, would shake the house up, would break up the MC and kind of start the game over in a way – all new teams and alliances would be formed. Lastly – I really like the Amanda and McRae showmance – so unexpected – however if Amanda pretended that she was going to go along with mcraes wish for her to vote out Elissa and instead be instrumental in getting nick out she would earn a LOT of respect. As we all know so much can change in just a few days. I have to admit it would be great to see nicks cocky face be shocked as he walked out the front door to see Julie!!!

The Doctor

I don’t think Nick knows who Will Kirby is since he said that Frank was his all time favorite player.


Agreed 🙂


MANda has got to go


Jeremy: I just want to spit in her face.. that is so disrespectful
Spitting in someone’s face definitely isn’t disrespectful at all :/


I’m fairly confident that all Elissa said about Jeremy’s mom is would his mom be happy with how he’s acting, bullying girls and such…that’s not really personally attacking his mom. They’ve been way more personal with her!


well i know my boobs arent going anywhere, these sexless guys are so desperate


MANda is enemy #1 for moving company – she will soon be toast

Trick or treat

Wish they would get rid of him but they r too dumb to do it. That would be two strong guys out early and would give the girls a better chance. If they would play with their heads instead if their vaginas they would probably see that. All they r worried about is having a boyfriend in the house.


your observation sums this season up. the girls have wasted two weeks wondering who’s gonna sleep with who, and who likes who more, while the guys plot which girl is the next to be evicted. sad statement, but true.


Does anyone else hate the MC as much as I do! I really can’t stand Spencer and Germmy! I hope they do not make it to Jury.. although they most likely will.
On a side note, what do you think the returning houseguest is being brought for? It will be interesting to see what happens!


What do you mean by “the returning houseguest” being brought in for? Did I miss something? Thanks


According to my calculations……..jokes, according to @TulaneTerry (Ian Terry bb14), Mike Lubinski from bb5 is the returning HG. Not sure on what news, though.


I wonder if it is David because he hasn’t returned to Twitter yet!!!!

Lennon's Ghost

David’s already back in San Diego and was interviewed yesterday by some magazine and he spent the entire time defending Aaryn and saying how America is being too hard on her.

Unbelievable interview.


Elissa needs to wake up and start playing strategically and forget her grudge on arnyn damnn..elissa needs to hav girl talk w/aryn kaitlen, gina for their votes. Aryn cant vote unless thers a tie, but she has influence on the othr two (k and g). Elissa needs to show tat she is not targetting thm and is goin after a GUY! Which is true cuz both her mvp she put up david n nick so tat speaks volumes in terms of elissa not goin aftrr da girls. This should b elissas last ditch offer or she a gonner…elissa is jus getting too comfyyyyy


Word up, but I would hate to see Aaryn, GM and Kaitlyn in and egotistical power position for the next two months. I think I would destroy myself.


*an egotistical power position*


Oh well I hope they make a Pandora’s Box later on, if you open it you unleash ellisa and get her back in. Anyway back to reality I would love to see nick go, but ellisa is a sure go in my opinion. I hope they figure it out, at least ellisa is going home with a job opposed to you know the bitches. I think nick is going to get mvp after ellisa is gone.


GM is so thirsty for Nick… So awesome to watch.. I’m just waiting for the ‘you’re like a sister to me’ conversation lol

Charlie Hustle

Its sad, but she’s going to leave him no option but to embarrass her.


LMAO – you know that is going to happen at some point if she stays around long enough.


Has anyone thought, with Nick spending so much time in the dr, that the twim twist could have been brought back?


so simon, I know it first was get rid of Jeremy, then pov and get rid of elissa, then get rid of nick then elissa so on and so forth…as of now who do you think is going to be going? (I know it will keep changing lol)


twin. sorry


Actually, keeping with the season’s “twist,” I think Nick is Dan’s brother…but is also getting fed info like Elissa is.


You know… Amanda looks a bit like Danni, and Jesse looks a bit like Danielle…Think about it…and Nick and Dan

kickkin Chicken

Can’t anyone see that NICK is a spiting image of the famous Judge on ‘THE VOICE”…..Mr. ADAM LAVENE!!!! It is his brother ffs….open your eyes. and also, Dani Donato is related (first cousin) to Aaryn… doubt in my mind!!


Actually…that would be a pretty good reason why he hasn’t allowed any showmance action occur with Jessie, or Gina. He’d/They’d have to stay pretty neutral in the romance department in order to secure jury votes later on. Doubt they’d bring back a “twist” they’ve already done before though. That would be muy lame.


Just an observation… but it seems to me that Spencer is the biggest C*NT in the house.


he is correct to say amanda is a cunt though, because she actually is, with alot of her actions and comments…imagine how her boyfriend feels watching this at home

April in July

Really, they think the game is rigged for Elissa? They cheated and still have power, now thats rigged. Come on BB do something about it


CHEATING SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED (Except for whatever Amanda is doing with McCrea)


Wouldn’t it be great if CBS has them all go through the voting process and then announced that cheating happened in the HOH competition and no one will be eliminated for the house. Everything is re-set and two have to be eliminated next week. That would be a way to address the cheating.


I think I missed something. Who cheated and how????


MANda is a disgrace


I don’t want Aaryn Nation to feel like she has any say in this game at all…This is starting to really piss me off.

Ok, Elissa, Helen and Nick are on the block…(Still wondering what Elissa was thinking with nominating Nick and not Kaitlyn) I HOPE that she has some kind of secret agreement with some of the players to get Nick out…I liked Nick from the beginning because he has been playing a great game, but I think HE IS DAN’S BROTHER and we’ll be hearing about that next.

Also, from an unbiased point of view, if I was a houseguest, I would take this opportunity to GET NICK OUT. WTF, they may not get a chance like this later where he can’t work to take himself off the block. He doesn’t even see it coming, so this is their chance. If not, he is probably going to win the game. He is savvy enough to make it past the jury evictions…and he has not overtly pissed anybody off. Everyone admits he has a good game. He knows it, and went in playing the game before the door of the house was even opened.

I do not want a predictable season, but that is the way it is going to go, if they don’t get Nick out now.

I want Elissa to stay. Anybody that votes Elissa off is doing Aaryn Nation and Jerm’s dirty work and giving them what they want, and I don’t want them getting what they want. Again, think of their arrogant faces surprised and aghast that the vote does not go their way AGAIN. That they have no power and influence…when they thought they did. That’d make my week.

I am hoping that they are just pretending to give Aaryn Nation and Jerm the time of day right now to make the smack in the face hurt more when they don’t get what they want.

Let Nick get evicted (and I like him,) but it looks like that is what has to happen because this week they need any of Helen’s allies to vote against Nick. The BIGGEST argument is that he will win the game if they do not take this opportunity NOW. Production is calling him in the DR so much because he is Dan’s brother and is also getting fed information for a twist later on…

Helen can be used for votes later when needed. She swings with the wind and does not pose much of a threat in my mind.

Get rid of Nick this week. WGAF about GM, Jerm and Aaryn Nation? REALLY? That’s really it on that end. Kaitlyn is even starting to turn b/c of Aaryn Nation, but even with her that’s 4 votes. The rest of them vote Nick out. Spencer, Howard and the rest of the MC should see that takes out someone in their “Alliance” they won’t be able to beat in the end anyway. Howard said on the last show that he knows of racial slurs being said by Aaryn Nation, et al…Don’t do them any favors dude.

Then just methodically take out every one of them, whoever’s easiest take out first…and “so forth and so on”-Aaryn Nation, Jerm, GM, Kailyn…


You can Google Nick Uhas….he is not related to Dan. There are no indications online that he is. He is actually a quite accomplished young man. Very smart and very business savvy. But if you find a link to Dan that I missed, please let me know. I very well could have missed something. I loved Dan and would be fine with him being related, if it were true. I’m Team Nick all the way. At least he’s playing the game, unlike most of the houseguests.


nick, howard, spencer, jeremy and jess all want amanda gone

it will be good to see her evicted


Spencer is threatened by strong women.. All women not in his control become cunts..he makes me so sad and sick! He is a creepy perv to boot! His true colors are starting to come through and it will be his undoing. I’ll be sick if he makes it to jury. He is a gross abusive bully who admits to bruising his ex-GF and brags about “no” means try harder not stop. PERVERT and scary!

Charlie Hustle

Public comments are admissable in legal proceedings. This is tantamount to an admission.


I agree, Kitty. It is amazing to me that so much discussion is being had over racist and homophobic comments, but almost no one is talking about all the misogynistic crap that continues to take place on BB. I mean seriously, it is 2013 and people act like it’s ok to talk about and treat women this way?? Is this type of behavior truly acceptable? I’m not just talking about all the times they call the ladies “b’s”, or “c’s” either. There has been some outright sick crap tossed out there like it was nothing…and everyone continues to stay focused on the other “important” issues. wow


THANK YOU. I was going to write the same thing. I can’t believe they are making such a big deal about race/sexual orientation but barely make a sound about the sexist comments degrading women. I am half black and half white. I am not even offended by Aaryn saying things about blacks. She is just ignorant and spoiled–trying to be liked by the “cool people”. My cousin (adopted) is half Asian and she is really not that offended by the eye thing. (I personally think Asians have beautiful eyes like Julie Chen) and my cousin even laughed about the nail thing. What we are furious about is the guys always calling the women b*cths and c*nts. I can’t believe they are making this mostly about Aaryn saying stupid things about stereotypes. She has not used the N word, she said you can’t see Candice in the dark (you can’t see my dad in the dark either) and she quoted some things from a comic about Asians in nail salons. Yes, she is a brat and she needs to grow up but Spencer has said WAY worse things. Jeremy is the biggest bully on the show and his way of referring to women is sick. Maybe because I have so much diversity in my family is why I am not offended by Aaryn. My family teases each other about: my mom’s brother has no rhythm (he doesn’t) or my dad is a great basketball player, my aunt is loud- and on and on. I just think so much focus is on the racist stuff and the misogynist comments are barely being addressed.

Charlie Hustle

Am I missing something? Why don’t you ever summarize all of the horrible things Elissa is saying about the other HGs? Seriously, she’s so disrespectful someone needs to spit in her face! Keep it classy Jer Bear.


For real, Spencer looks like the clansman, who at some point during the late 80’s punched Geraldo Riviera in the face on his show. Don’t the KKK give out, like, letterman jackets for their honorary members? Someone should look into that. Seriously though, the person I’m most surprised at is Howard. I would imagine that as a person of color, whom I am sure in his lifetime has experienced his fair share of discrimination and in all probability, flat-out-in-your-face-racism, he would be a bit more perceptive to or at least COGNIZANT of the whole vibe or mood that has settled in the house due to some HG’s attitudes on the politics of race. I mean really; you may not be capable of reading a persons mind or making assumptions about someones personal beliefs, but PLEASE…Hostility (especially when racially motivated) can be felt from SPACE! Right? And this seemingly intelligent man who is living in a sequestered house, rooming with at least 4 unabashed bigots, has yet to mention to ANY HG’s or even the CAMERAS that he can’t really feel the love? WOW. He’s either dense, playing a game of pretend with his conscience, or worst of all -and I hope that this isn’t true- is just so greedy that he’d rather bite his tongue in spite of speaking his truth for the chance to further his game and not be the”sensitive-angry-black-man” he may be labeled as by one of the mental giants sharing his quarters. Either way, it’s pathetic and a little sad. If all my words would add up to just unproven conjecture, I’d feel a sense of relief but the only way to make it so would be for the youth counselor to speak up on something other than the ass of that weird girl who thinks all the guys want her because she’s so F-ing hot…L-O-Freaking-L by the way…And as a sideline, I’m so sure; that girl is either seriously delusional or she’s never owned a mirror. Someone should tell her that EVERYbody’s mom thinks their kid is gorgeous…thank’s for listening.


I am sure that Howard is well aware of the comments being made. He even commented on it a time or two within his alliance. He has spoken about having to bite his tongue. However, he is smart enough to know that he is stuck in this house with these people. Confronting them is not going to change them. What they are are what they are. No amount of calling them on it will change a thing, only make it more uncomfortable for him, and he can’t get away from them at the moment. He is showing Class….plain and simple. Why should he lower himself to their level? Besides, he knows the kids he counsels are watching him. He is trying to stick with his beliefs and set an example. It makes him better than they are, not weak.


I agree wholeheartedly with you Kitty…..Spencer is disgusting…..a perv on a grand scale…….he’s the type to say lude comments to a young girl walking past him …..the women he has f’d must have been something along the lines of someone you’d see in Honey Boo Boo….. he probably calls Elissa a c**t because he knows he’ll never have someone like that or he has been shunned by hot women before in the past so he lashes his anger out at them…….I love Helen’s plan to BD him when she gets a chance……..I’m all for Nick lvg this week so the house will implode…lose focus …then Helen or Candace wins HOH !


I like Candice she playing a great game she is clever and she is figuring things out . I think Howard is a fool be is allowing him self to be used. He is helping the bullies in the house. Team Elissa she hardly gets tv air time I don’t have feeds so I’m not sure if she gets feed. I think she deserves a chance to play not not be targeted because she’s a sister of a previous contestant. Without the MVP she wouldn’t have even got a chance and that’s not fair esp when people like
GM and Aaryn in the house how know they are on camera and say such nasty things please keep voting Elissa MVP switch it up a bit give it to Candice and Hellen.