GiGi says we’re like brothers. Jeremy says you’re not my blood, I’ll li*k that cou*hie!

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen

12:20am Aaryn says that David’s paranoia bothers her. She says that he is so worried about what everyone thinks. Aaryn says that she hoped he would cheer her on in the Have / Havenot competition. Aaryn says that she feels like the guy in the relationship with David. She says that she doesn’t want to feel that way. Aaryn says that Elissa is trying to stir sh*t up. She says that Elissa asked her if David was proposing during their long talk. Howard asks Aaryn if Candice’s voice annoys her? Aaryn says that she threw something on the floor not to hear her voice. Howard says that Candice is not his type. Howard tells Aaryn that he liked her since day one. Aaryn says that she likes him too.

CBS Interactive Inc.
1am McCrae, Amanda and Andy are up in the HOH room talking. Andy tells them that he is going for the HOH this week. He says that if it is down to him and Helen at the end he would give it to her. McCrae says that usually in Big Brother whoever you really don’t want to win HOH ends up winning. They worry that Aaryn would win it. McCrae and Amanda say that they think they’ll be the ones that will end up being nominated. Andy hopes Candice keeps talking because she will shot herself in the foot. Amanda says she’s so annoying! Amanda says that she thinks the sh*t is going to hit the fan on Wednesday. Andy says that it will work out. He says that he thinks we will all be ok. He says that he thinks that one from their group is going to get MVP this week. Andy talks about Aaryn and says that he thinks Big Brother is molding her as the bad guy. Andy heads back down stairs.


Jessie and Elissa are sitting on the backyard couch talking. Elissa asks Jessie if she thought she was coming down off the block instead of Candice? Jessie says McCrae told her he was taking Candice down. Elissa asks if the goal was to get me out? Jessie says yeah. Jessie tells Elissa that she didn’t really want to talk to her because she feels like Elissa has had a big target on her back since the beginning and she didn’t want a target on her back because she was hanging out with Elissa. Elissa asks Jessie if she likes Jeremy a lot? Jessie says that she doesn’t dislike him. Elissa asks her if they hooked up? Jessie says no. Elissa tells her that she thought the two of them did hook the first couple of days. Jessie is surprised and asks if that is what is going around the house? Elissa says she just thought the two of them liked each other. Elissa asks Jessie if Jeremy is hooking up with Kaitlin? Jessie says she’s doesn’t know. Elissa asks her if she wanted a showmance? Jessie says yes. Elissa asks her why? Jessie says because she’s single and she wanted someone in the house that she could talk to and trust. She says like Jeff and Jordan / Brendon and Rachel.


2am By the hot tub – Jeremy and Jessie are talking. Jeremy is grilling Jessie asking her why she never hangs out with them. He says she never talks to them. I tried last night to include you by offering you wine. Jessie says that she just doesn’t know. She says that part of her wants to just go straight to the source and talk to Elissa. Jeremy tells her to just go talk to her then. Candice and Andy join them. Andy says that everyone needs to stick to the plan and get Elissa out. She is poison! She is going! Jeremy says I guarantee that if Elissa makes it to week 2, week 3, week 4 .. she is getting something like $25,000.
CBS Interactive Inc.2:15am Meanwhile in the storage room – Kaitlin and Nick are talking about wanting to work together. Kaitlin says that she made an alliance with Aaryn and Jessie. Kaitlin says that Jessie is an emotional bomb though. Kaitlin says that after the sh*t that Jeremy pulled last night I am done with him. Kaitlin says that she isn’t stupid she can tell that Jeremy tries to manipulate me, he is a communication major. Kaitlin says that Aaryn feels the same way about David. Kaitlin says that if Elissa goes home, I think Andy will get MVP. He is hilarious, he is a floater and everyone likes him.

2:30am – 3am Out in the backyard – Spencer Judd and Howard are setting up a game of pool. Spencer brings up how Ginamarie is freaking the fu*k out! She is talking about missing her life at home. He says that he thinks she has the hots for Nick. Spencer and Howard agree that the girls are going to start losing it because of boredom. Spencer says that’s why I like you guys because you guys can handle the boredom. Howard says that he gets bored too but handles it. Kaitlin joins them in a game of pool. They finish their games and hang out on the couch. They talk about random things. Jeremy heads to bed. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Andy, Nick and Jeremy talk about the casting process. They discuss how they saw each other during finals.


3:15am Out in the backyard – Nick, Andy, Judd, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice and McCrae are talking and joking around about random things. Andy tells Kaitlin that he loves her dress. Spencer says Andy that is the gayest thing you could have said. The conversation turns to talking about drugs, what they’ve done and how they make you feel.


3:35am Gina and Jeremy are in the lounge talking. She is crying again about not wanting to be in the house any more. She is crying. Jeremy tells her that she is beautiful and it doesn’t matter what she wears. Jeremy tells her to stick it out a bit longer. You will regret it if you go. Jeremy says that he would be crushed if she left. We need you. Gina says that she feels like a scrub. Jeremy says that he is honoured that she came to talk to him. Gina says that she feels like he is like her brother. Gina says that she just wants to be with her family and friends. Jeremy tells her that she is a hottie. He says you don’t think all us guys picked out the hotties and notties!? Any guy would be lucky to be with you. Gina says that she has just been single for so long. Jeremy says that he’ll come see. Gina says we’re like brothers. Jeremy says you’re not my blood, I’ll lick that couchie! Gina laughs. Jeremy says I’d wrap you up in bacon and eat you everyday! Jeremy says just wait until that bit*h leaves she is the one causing all the drama. Some times I just want to slap a b*tch. I can’t wait till that door handle goes up her a$$. They finish talking and hug. He tells her any time she wants to snuggle just come find him.. or nick.


3:40am – 4am Amanda is called into the diary room. When she comes out she came out to the backyard and waited at the sliding door for McCrae to come talk to her. They head up to the HOH room – Amanda is crying while talking to McCrae. She is up set and pissed that McCrae talked about them (Amanda & McCrae) in the diary room. Amanda is upset because they had both agreed not to talk about their showmance. Apparently she was asked questions in her diary room and learned that McCrae has been talking about her. Amanda says that she thinks she is fu*ked with her boyfriend back home now. Amanda says she just doesn’t want to hurt her boyfriend and says that all of his family will see it. Amanda says she is doing it on national TV to him. She says that her boyfriend has naked photos and videos. She says that he is spiteful. She says I kissed a pizza boy. McCrae tells Amanda that he feels like an a$$hole. Amanda tells him not to. She says that it’s not his problem. McCrae and Amanda both decide to go to sleep together in the HOH room bed.


4:30am They house guests in the backyard laugh about the awkward drama between Amanda and McCrae and how whipped she has him. Jeremy says that he thinks it’s the most different showmance ever. Kaitlin says it’s a blowmance. Spencer and Jeremy comment that they hope he is at least getting blow j*bs. Spencer says hell, I would like to watch. Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen.

4:45am – 4:50am Amanda and McCrae get under the covers and start making out. Amanda says you’re packing some heat! They come out from under the covers and curl up together. McCrae asks what’s wrong? Amanda says nothing? McCrae asks you still hot and bothered? Amanda says yeah. My pizza delivery boy!

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ashli rae

You know what Gina Marie? You need to get the f*ck out and take your BFF Aaryn with you. So sick of the crying and whining. These girls suck! Way to go Robin from Kassting. You did such a great job finding these hg’s. Not! You’re fired! Lol

Killer K

I agree Ashli! There’s WAY too many people who would rather be in the house then someone who falls apart cuz she doesn’t have her wardrobe! With the 1.7 share Sundays episode posted and the lackluster debut? The do need to fire Kassting and find another formula cuz hers SUCKS! Has for a few now….It’s like the 1st week and I have like 2 people I can tolerate in the house! Casting people who are more interested in showmancing than playing? Is ridiculous…I mean how many times is AG gonna go back to that well? I love the show and will continue to watch but so far? LAME CITY!


Fire BB casting and hire survivor casting crew, they do a much better job.


Robyn the views have spoke…you have been evicted from Big Brother Kassting!


I don’t have the live feeds, but am I missing something? Almost everyone seems to be ready to have Elissa gone b/c she is causing all the drama, when it seems she is the only girl who isn’t. Gina is in the middle of a mental breakdown over clothes and make-up, Aaryn freaks out if David doesn’t tell her what he is doing, Kaitlyn doesn’t like Jeremy, but is sleeping in bed with him and kissing him, Amanda has a boyfriend but has been all over McCrae in the HOH since day one, Candice was involved in an episode surrounding a hat, and Helen has had a couple of crying jags. So what has Elissa done exactly other than look like Rachel and have her for a sister?


Amanda pisses me off with her “Pizza Delivery Boy” talk…. what a snob! She’s embarrassed by this guys job??? WHAT??? She’s the skank trying to keep it quiet that she’s cheating on her boyfriend at home… yes, she’s brilliant… having a “showmance” and thinking the only reason she’ll be labeled a skank ho is because “Pizza Delivery Boy” said something in the DR. Not only does she insult this man’s job, she insults my intelligence and that of her boyfriend, his family, and EVERYONE out here in TVLAND!

Can’t keep up w/ who’s who yet this year… they all look and sound alike to me other than the Uppity Biotch and her “Pizza Delivery Boy”. Hope he drops her like a hot pizza!

King Silva

Yes please get self-evict on say Wednesday night/Thursday morning Gina Maria..

I mean let’s be real there is no way she is going to go far so she might as well just leave now if she is sad.


So as of right now, whose going home? Elissa or David? Hopefully the latter. He literally said in one episode “I came here more for the showmance than for the money”


Wow, GinaMarie wants to self evict after she lost her clothes? Wait till her and Aaryn find out Elissa is going to stay.


Typical male, thinks with his d*ck instead of his brain. That has been the downfall of many a male.


Howard…so typical…can’t say I’m surprised though.


So much for Aayrn’s racial comment on “blacks sticking together”…Howard might be instrumental in getting Candace out the house because he is so focused on getting with one of the 2 racist blonde girls…lol…everyone saying he’s an “honest guy” right now..but when that “buck’s” strength is of no use to a group and Candace, Helen (and maybe Elissa) are out the house..he has a big black target on his back…


I hate to be all racial about it but this a very racial bb house…lol…huffington post articles and all..


uncleollie says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
July 2, 2013 at 8:48 am
Typical male, thinks with his d*ck instead of his brain. That has been the downfall of many a male.

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This has to be the fastest set of women on the show in the while. They paired off and became possessive within the first 20 seconds. Why the women always race to pick each other off until they are the lone woman and kicked off…its like they don’t even try to compete…


Oh Amanda is sooo worried what her bf and his family thinks and then decides to sleep in the HOH anyway…too funny!


Is Amanda dumb, does she not think her BF goes on BB blogs or has the feeds to watch her? I’m sure her BF is deep in some p***y by now, he’s not thinking about her.

Chill town fan 2

Man. I must say the Amanda/MC showmance is interesting and I love it. Who would’ve thought? It’s like watching Beauty and the Frog. I think that’s a movie.haha out of all the showmancing going on who would’ve thought MC would get laid first. Haha Only on Big Brother right!

Chilltown Fan

McCrae was in the best position of the house going into next week, but Amanda is a huge albatross around his neck. He was cool with the rest of the house due to his nominations, he had the MC, and had deals with almost everyone. Now people are looking for others to make deals with because they see how close McCrae is with Amanda. Spencer is already talking about cutting McCrae loose from the MC.


Who’s the beauty? and Who’s the frog? lmaooo

IMO McCrae could do better. Especially when he’s well groomed. However, they’re fascinating to watch.
Amanda talks soo much trash, she probably can’t back it up. I bet McCrae’s got a nice bread stick for dat ass lol


Amanda is crying about cheating on her boyfriend…and MC talking about it. So what does she do to make herself feel better…jump under the sheets with McCrea. SMH!

Gina is mad that no one wants to make out with her, funny how she’s crying wanting to go home one minute…the gets attention from a male and is suddenly fine.

I hope David leaves tomorrow night…let’s shock the $hit out of these HGs!


This cast is nuts. Rachel’s sister seems like the most normal one out of them all. How crazy is that? 🙂


The girls on this season are so basic. Everything that comes out of their mouth is in relation to male in the house. Can we please get some strong, independent females on the show?

Also, I’d like the cast to not be racist, homophobic, and misogynistic. Thanks, BB!


It’s hard to like any of these people. I think so far, Howard and Nick are the only ones that I don’t dislike. I was liking McRae but the showmance thing with Amanda is gross. He is making the number one HOH mistake, hanging out in HOH with one person. He should be down with the rest of them, getting to know them. In a couple of days his reign is over and then he will have to hang with them downstairs unless Amanda wins HOH. Amanda is going to be his downfall.

I thought I would hate Elissa, but really she hasn’t done or said anything to deserve it. Sisters can be very different, and it’s obvious that even though they look alike, Rachel is trashy, while Elissa is more composed and has a little class. I wouldn’t mind Helen if she wasn’t crying all the time. I guess it’s too early to have a favorite, but I already know who I hate: Aaryn, David, Kaitlin, Jeremy and GM. I want to see how Aaryn melts down when her little airhead BF leaves the house and Elissa stays. I also hope someone else gets MVP. Unfortunately for Elissa, she is in a position where if she doesn’t get MVP again, she will either go up and probably go home, or they will put someone else up, like Aaryn and everyone will think it was Elissa. Great drama if that happens. Elissa will be the scapegoat, not a great position to be in.

There are so many alliances right now that I can’t keep them straight, but I think Howard and Nick will go far if they can keep out of the drama. Jeremy needs to go too, he has psycho written all over him, I don’t know what the girls see in him!


Howard liking Aaryn makes me dislike him.There’s no way he hasn’t caught wind of the racist things that come out of these people’s mouths. Especially if production had to warn them about it. I wonder if that’s part of the reason they’re holding GiGi’s clothes hostage. Serves her right.


Sometimes the penis has a mind of its own.


Amanda and McCrae are my favorite showmance…followed by Nick and Gigi…Aaryn & David and Kaitlin & Jeremy are disgusting


I really think Nick is in the closest. GiGi doesn’t have a clue lol



Great minds think alike! He’s so hot … I hope he is. 🙂


Good news for you. Bad news for me and GIGI 🙁 lmao


I actually don’t think so. I think he’s simply a smart player who’s in a pretty good spot right now and knows targeting himself by getting involved in a dumb showmance is a bad idea.


Yeah, I think he’s the Shane of last season…

Gigi’s not insane Danielle though; that’s Jessie.


Yeah, not so sold on Nick being gay. I just think he’s a modern day guy who’s secure with himself and his sexuality. In a house brimming with ignorance, racism, homophobia, etc., I think he simply sticks out more than he would in any other season. He’s clearly one of the only tolerable players in the house.

Chilltown Fan

Amanda and McCrae is the most awkward showmance since Jessica/Eric from Season 8, and even Jessica/Eric wasn’t weird if you seen some of the guys she has dated. Amanda went from a global entertainment lawyer to a Pizza boy lol.


Amanda busts out of the diary room bitching and moaning about how her and her boyfriend might be over when she gets home. Then jumps back in the bed with McCrae later on. Good god…


Am I the only person who thinks that they have put together the most “bound to create drama and fights” cast of all time?? I mean… Think about how much we hate all of them, I know I am gonna for sure tune in to watch the couple of cool People there are try to take down these awful people. AmIright? I have watched BB since it’s first season and never witnessed a first week such as this! Three showmances, one of them a trio if you ask me…. Very controlling women with very controlable men


I would not be surprised if the BBproduction staff saw all of this coming before the first episode ever aired. Frankly, I’m fine with that, but now that it’s out there, they have a duty to show who these contestants really are to their viewing audiences. Not just the blow-ups and the melt downs, but the offensive behavior and language that led up to them.


I swear some of these up and coming bitches aint have no morals i guess they left them at the big brother front door along with their integrity …….. jeremy swag is a lie …..I have to smile through all this bullshit in the house …. I wish gigi would hurry up walk out the door followed by amanda , Aaryn , katlin ….. these girls are basic whores that came on the show looking for men …… I just wish jessie would stop being so thirsty to hook up with anyone desperate whores…. i hate most of these people i trying hard to find someone i like that was HOWARD and nick .. Now i see nick into gigi and howard likes Aaryn … . lawd take the wheel


Don’t get me wrong I cannot STAND Jeremy but you have to admit his line “you’re not my blood, I’ll lick that couchie!” is pretty damn funny lol vulgar but funny nonetheless


Am I the ONLY one who thinks that CBS did a rock awesome job of pulling together a cast that will most definitely deliver the drama? I mean… the past couple of seasons have been pretty boring as far as non eventful days in the house go, but these people are totally coniving and will for sure make for a rollercoaster ride in the house. I mean, I have watched BB since the beginning and never have I ever seen a first week like this. There have been several serious fights, THREE showmances (one of them being a tri-pod if you ask me) cheating on boyfriends, super controlling women controlling super controllable men, and soooo much racial and orientation tension that its ridiculous. I mean… I totally predict a walk out or two in this season! I am with you guys in that, I hate most of them soooo much. Isn’t that the point though? We are sure talking about them. I expect Big Brother to make me angry in order to make me happy sometimes and that is the way it should be! I know I will be tuning in to see if the couple good guys end up taking out the trash, but if we are talking another nerd herd ending season, I can probably see myself tuning out. DAWG and SIMON are machines! We thank you for bringing the drama right to our Iphones!!


Thanks GlassBOX, I to see the potential for a nerd herd type season but it’s still early. IMO this is the best cast since BB11/12 because it’s all new players.


Ok I have a few things to say:

1. Ginamarie…grow the F**K up!!!! how many more days do we have to endure of you crying and crying about one thing after another? You are actually crying more that Rachel did I am sure. If you dont want to be there then leave….pack….go…see ya!!!

2. I think no matter what happens in the house Elissa is going to get blamed for it, blamed for trying to cause crap even when she has said nothing.

3. I have never seen a group of houseguests since I began watching BB that are so sexually active or so it seems. Is it just me or are they jumping from partner to partner?

4. And finally it seems Amanda is going to be the BB slut. Sleeping with whomever is in the HOH room……I am not saying McCrae is fugly but isnt that attractive either and she moved right in on him and he is so gullible to be in a showmance he falls for it.

I have a feeling this BB15 will definately be the worst season ever







spot on


I hear that Elissa and Helen have complained about the racist and vulgar comments


Gotta remind myself that it’s only week on first week is almost always like this there’s one alliance that seems unstoppable…

I think the MVP twist may save us from a nerd herd type season


In hearing the vulgar, racist, homophobic comments from Aaryn, Gina, & Kaitlin….CAN YOU BELIEVE that Aaryn thinks she’s gonna get MVP and that America loves her!!!! Good thing she doesn’t get paid for thinking!!!!


Every time Jeremy’s face and/or body is shown on the screen, I need to go jump in the shower – he is one ugly dude. By association, Kaitlin has turned into the ugliest woman in the house (to me). Amanda is packing a dick (I just know it).


I’m pretty disgusted with Kaitlin myself, though when it first started she was my clear cut favorite. Girl has no brains and no class.

Get Serious

Why did Gina loose her clothes and makeup? So confused someone fill me in please?

Suzy Sunshyne

NOOOO!!! Howard please say you are lying just for game sake!! He won’t get no play from Aaryn nation!

Suzy Sunshyne

By the way Jeremy sure has a way with words! How could you not drop your panties for that smooth talker…wow this is almost like a bad skit on SNL


I feel like Elissa stired shit up before the feeds came on…I don’t not like her I just don’t care for her…I kind of hope she stays though so we can see her real personality cuz this is fake


It Doesn’t Matter To Me But Ive Been Saying That Nick Seems Gay. Andy And GM Have Made Comments


Yeah, but Gina Marie has already shown has self-focused she is. She’s likely assuming that for a couple very superficial reasons:

1. He takes care of his body and appearance.
2. He’s not interested in her.

Sorry ladies of the house, if a guy in there isn’t interested in you it doesn’t necessarily make him gay, it just means he’s not as easy as you…and he also likely detests your personality.


And as a gay man myself, I think Andy is just doing some wishful thinking…understandably. 😉


Holy! Was the casting director high? These people are insane! Well, mostly the girls are. They definitely chose idiots who will bring the drama and the showmances, but never before has it been this blatantly obvious in a cast. I wanna smack every single one of those girls, except Elissa. They all go in there catty with each other instead of teaming up, keeping their mind off the guys, and trying to win this thing. I wish they would all stop doing that..picking each other off due to jealousy and need for attention and then have the guys backfire on them at the very end. It’s soooo stupid! Have they watched before?! Team Elissa all the way this year! As for the guys, I have no favorites yet. All I know is that I do not want to be watching a different version of The Real World. Casting better get their act together next year and have some normal, everyday looking and acting people in the house.


The cast my be mainly idiots with big egos, but I rather that then people whondo nothing like shelly and adam

Day Yum Yum

What am I missing? How and when has Elissa caused all the drama and problems in the house? That’s all these idiots keep saying and I just do not see it! If you ask me it is Aaryn, Jessie, Kaitlin, GiGi and Jeremy causing all of the trouble! Jealousy is a terrible vice! They all need to go, followed by know it all Spencer, then pizza delivery boy and his GF Amanda! Love how Amanda complains about her showmance ruining her relationship with her boyfriend then she turns around and hops right back in bed with that little dweeb! WTF?? Who does that? If that goofball MC wasn’t HOH she wouldn’t give him the time of day!