GiGi says she doesn’t like it when people call her stupid. Andy ask wait what? Who called you stupid?

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


CBS Interactive Inc.

3:20pm Out on the backyard couch – Judd, Amanda, Jessie, Spencer, Kaitlin, Andy and Aaryn are talking about reality tv villains. The bring up Omarosa Manigault from the apprentice and how she was mean to a girl with one leg. Judd says that he knew a girl with one leg and his friend licked it. Jessie made celery and peanut butter sticks and offered them to everyone. Aaryn eats one and licks her fingers. Aaryn says she can’t wait for next season when the new cast talks sh*t about us. The conversation turns to talking about being nude on tv. Aaryn says that in sex scenes they use tape on their privates. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Nick and David are making French fries. Nick is explain how to cut the potatoes.


3:40pm Howard, Aaryn, McCrae and Kaitlin talk about how Candice said that Aaryn would never reach her goals in life. Kaitlin says that is insanely disrespectful! I don’t like that she said that, you can’t say that to people. Judd comes out and they ask him what he is eating. Judd says peanut butter and turkey sandwich. They all think its gross. He offers some to Kaitlin and she says hell no I don’t want that! Candice sits down on the couch between them and then gets called to the diary room. She leaves and the others comment on how Candice is going to crack.


3:45pm Helen and Jeremy are talking by the pool. Helen asks him if he has ever had his heart broken. He says no. He says hopefully I won’t either. He says hopefully I will find the right one and be with her forever. Helen asks her if he has broken a girls heart before. He says yeah I think so. The first girl I was with… Big Brother cuts the feeds. The conversation turns to talking about Helen telling Jeremy to not have any more blow ups like the other one. Jeremy thanks her for being forgiving and says that he doesn’t want that to happen again. He says look at Elissa she is going home for it. He says that he thinks he will make it far in the game.

3:55pm Spencer and Jessie are laying in the hammock talking about random things and doing impressions of cartoon characters. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – McCrae and Amanda are talking about him outting their showmance in the diary room. She says there’s no sense worrying about it. I am over it. She says we just need to not talk about it any more. McCrae head downstairs to go outside to smoke before the lock down. Down in the kitchen – Andy is talking to GiGi. She says that she doesn’t like it when people call her stupid. Andy ask wait what? Who called you stupid? GiGi says that Elissa called me out right in front of Nick asking if I ever went to college. Like she was saying that Nick would never date me because I’m stupid. Big Brother tells the house guests they are on an indoor lock down. (They will possibly be locked inside till after the show tomorrow as BB some times takes a day to set up the HOH competition in the backyard.)

In the storage room – Spencer and Nick have a quick conversation about how they need to sit down and figure out how the votes are going to go down. McCrae joins them and Spencer fill him in on how they need to talk. They leave. McCrae goes to the havenot room with Judd. Judd tells him that he talked with Elissa and she is annoyed with Nick because he is being all co*ky. He says that she said if she gets MVP again she might use it on him. They talk about how Elissa needs to act like she isn’t staying because she is acting to comfortable.

4:10pm – 4:15pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen.

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Chilltown Fan

They really just need 6 votes now instead of 7, McCrae said last night if it’s a tie, he’ll vote out David, but prefers to get the 7. That was a change from about 3-4 days ago.


Gm is really annoying, damn why didn’t nick show her to the door yesterday. She can even take spencer, aaryn, and Jeremy with her. David can stay.. I hope elissa wins hoh tomorrow and shove’s it their faces, now that would be the funniest thing ever.

Chilltown Fan

I want a non-MC member to win HOH tomorrow to shake up the game. Imagine a Jeremy HOH next week?! After the David eviction aftermath, we will be graced with Jeremy/Kaitlin make out sessions(maybe sex in the HOH), Aaryn/GM up in the HOH room 24/7, and more bromancing between the MC members–no dice on that.


I agree Jeremy winning HOH would give us LOTS of Drama..


No, Simon, I disagree. I want someone who is not in a real alliance to win HOH. Maybe Helen (unfortunately, the prospects are so dim) or Elisa, if she’s still there. That way we’ll see how the other HGs react.

Chilltown Fan

I meant my comment as that it would suck if Jeremy was HOH, it would be very predictable and boring. Jer. would have the worst case of HOHitus of all time. Last person I want to see as HOH is Jeremy at this point. At least with Nick and Spencer we get schemers and gamers.


Isn’t Jer part of the moving company?


yup he is

STFU Donnie

I think you might think you’re more clairvoyant than you actually are. Say Jeremy is HOH. Now they are manipulating the votes this week, so who knows how the ensuing fallout ensues. Who gets blamed? Who gets called a liar? I know the MC think they have everything locked down…but they don’t. There are too many people, too many variables, and everybody has talked way too much. Who knows who can lie well and who ultimately is suspected of lying. This is the 1st real game play, so who knows how everybody responds. What if when Aaryn flips out, Amanda goes after her, and then then a huge fight starts and McCrae gets involved, then Jeremy. I get that many people think they have the whole season mapped out after less than a week, but NOTHING has happened yet, just s**tloads of talking.

So who does Jeremy put up? How does the fallout from his fake alliance force his hand with nominations? What if the MC are pushing for Candace and Helen, but the fake alliance wants Amanda and Elissa or want him to go big and go after Howard? What if Elissa gets MVP again and starts feeling emboldened and puts Nick up and suddenly the sentiment in the (Judd, Helen, Elissa, Andy, Candace) house is to follow up getting David out with getting out another strong guy in Nick, rather than wasting time on one of the girls who aren’t a threat?

I just think people saying things are boring and predictable are putting FAR too much stock in one week out of a dozen to come.


Not trying to be mean, but if you are so bothered by Aaryn being on BB maybe stop watching until she is evicted? I’m not taking up for the shitty behavior of some of the people on here, but people have to realize that when you put 16 people in a house someone is bound to say something that you won’t agree with. It’s life, people need to chill and try to enjoy the game at least.


Unfortunately Megan, I find your comment very disturbing on so many levels. Being on BB does not excuse Aryn’s behavior. Not at all. No way. How many times has she uttered homophobic and racist comments? Multiple times and to me, it is a reflection of her character. Indeed BB is a game, but just because it is a game, we should just accept the prejudices that these contestants show? I feel bad for you.


I don’t need you to feel bad for me. I am just making a point for people to realize that people say stupid shit. NOONE is perfect and everyone is worthy of forgiveness. Is she my favorite person NO. Do I support/agree with her comments? NO! She expresses herself the way she does for a reason and I hope she gets help one day for her attitude. I just am not for her to be kicked off because I want a raw look at how some of the people on here really are so I can decide my favorite. I don’t need big brother editing stuff up even more. Do I believe everyone’s true character should be shown on TV. Yes of course! but kicked off no. Do you honestly want big brother going to the feeds EVERY time someone says something that might be seen as offensive? I sure as hell don’t. You think these people when they are interviewed are going to say offensive things? Some people interview well and know what not to say, but when around them 24/7 their true colors come out. People really need to stop blaming BB for all this as well.


There seems to be a misunderstanding between us. I reacted to what you have written withoutg checking that it’s your reaction to the other poster’s commect on Aaryn being expelled for her racist and homophobic comments, My apologies. I am with you that CBS shouldn’t censor anything. The contestants should be shown as they are. I do not blame BB at all. In fact, I salute BB for showing these people’s true colors. With that said, I still do not agree that these contestants have succumbed to saying nasty things due to the fact that they have to live together 24/7. No, no, no. What comes out of their mouth is a true reflection of the person that they are. Let’s talk about forgiveness when they apologize.


It’s all good! And “Let’s talk about forgiveness when they apologize” -what you said. I agree 100%.


With the public having to vote for MVP you would think that all houseguests would be on their best behavior. Is this Aaryn’s best behavior? If it is I feel sorry for her


IMO CBS picks the MVP we get to vote to feel included.




I just thought it was an interesting petition. I didn’t tell anyone to sign it or not sign it. I just thought other BB fans would like to see that its out there. So I posted it.


I agree with Megan. As much as I would love to sign this petition, and make it clear that I stand against people like Aaryn, we are doing a disservice to the racial and sexual minorities she expresses prejudice towards in evicting her this way.

What needs to be done, what has to be done for CBS/Big Brother to maintain the respect of their viewing audience, is to show Aaryn’s prejudice, for all the world to see, raw and unedited. Too many people in the world believe racism and homophobia are minor issues that have lessened in the face of a more liberal society. This is simply not the case, and several members of this cast are the proof.

Expose her, shame her (if such a thing is possible for an ego so large), but let the house guests have a chance to prove themselves her better-by evicting her themselves. I know for sure the people responsible for her eviction will go down as some of my favorites this season, and will earn lots of MVP votes from me.

Frankly, I’m a little surprised there isn’t more talk of this among the houseguests….voting out that hateful girl is only going to build you up in the public’s eyes, and isn’t that more important this season than any other?


In season 2, CBS showed Kents blatant homophobia. It was a huge storyline of the whole season. Kent eventually changed his ways and him and Bunky became friends. Now, with all of the twists and elaborate comps, they don’t have time to show anyone’s real personalities. It’s just diary room one-liners and showmances. The only way to really see the game is through the live feeds and reading sites like this.


Season two was excellent because they were real people with honest flaws and talents. They weren’t matching sets of specialty Barbie and Ken dolls like we get these days, and this season is the worst! Trashier than season 9, I never thought that would be possible. Seriously I am finding it hard to like most of them.


let me guess megan ur white?


IMO everyone has the right to feel what they feel and think what they think, even if it is racist and misogynist, but if you do have these sentiments, you should learn to express them only when in like company to not offend. Especially when you know the cameras are on you. I am not defending racism, but I am defending the right of every individual to have an opinion, no matter how much I might disagree with it. They have as much right as I do to have an opinion. However, these kids should have the brains and some respect for production, the viewer, each other and themselves to not be putting that kind of stuff on the feeds. I don’t think they should fire anyone for racist comments, the fallout in the real world when they leave the house will follow them and they will have to deal with that. I remember Colton from Survivor said some of the most disgusting things about racial minorities, and when he saw himself on TV, he was ashamed and it made him a better person. At least that’s what he says.


has anyone noticed the lack of campaigning by the hg on the block? it’s been really strange – i guess they all think they’re safe, but that would mean two are wrong – someone needs to wake up and learn this game.


If Candice really said them words about Aaryn not reaching her goals in life that is just rude and uncalled for period but is it really that fair for Aaryn and some of them to say uncalled words to Candice and them?? But yet they don’t want Candice to say uncalled words to them I think the whole thing is different but like I said I love this casting is it the best casting of all seasons no but it is sooooo good with Aaryn and David in it just love it:)) Good luck to all contestants

Chilltown Fan

Aaryn did the same thing to David last night, saying he had no goals and will never accomplish anything. She just verbal beats up David all the time.


To become a life guard at the San Diego BEACHES takes lots of training and mental determination. Those guys train all year long, take many drug test, don’t drink that much during summer seasons to stay fit! I would say David does have direction and it is age appropriate for this time in his life. So Aaryn should just be quiet. She said earlier that her GPA was very low and her parents were going to be mad when they found out. She does not take college seriously and when you pooint a finger at someone else, there are 3 pointing back..


That’s because Aaryn has NO life goals, she wants to quit school and become an actress…with zero talent and no theater work. Meanwhile, her ugly personality will almost guarantee that she will never make it into showbizz. Not just due to her bigotry, which is enough in of itself, but her delusion of worth above everyone else around her with unabashed arrogance.


She should hang out with Farrah from Teen Mom when she gets out. They are very similar!!!!


Been hearing this on twitter .. unofficial right now “CBS is moving BB next week back to regular schedule. Sunday, Wed & Thursday.”

Julie Chen

Is nick trying to make the votes a tie that way Mccrae gets blood on his hands voting out David? That’d be smart.


Candice never said that she specifically said “if you plan on getting your own show playing the villain role it’s not gonna work” Aaryn has a way of twisting words


Simon, I actually like Big Brother on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday better than Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday because im use to having BB on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday and seems like Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday isn’t that busy I hope they change it back to normal but I don’t care what they do because im still going to watch BB im still a BB fan don’t matter what they do just have it on schedule and DO NOT CANCEL I love BB


CBS page said it is changing next week for sure!!


Judd gets all xanaxed out and then scarfs down a turkey and peanut butter sandwich. classic.


You the man Dawg !


usually this strategy would be a case of too early too soon to rock the boat this much removing david. but it will just ignite the war between the women even more. I don’t see them coming together at this point. moving company may do fine as long as they stop questioning mcrae. I mean really, he just has HOH syndrome. once he gets out of that room, life will change, including his “Relationship” being the “rock” for Amanda. she will be finding a new rock.


Does anyone else get the feeling that these buffoons are going to get the voting wrong.

Chilltown Fan

I’ve thought that several times. They should do a straight up vote out David, and not worry about manipulating the vote.


Well, the votes for getting rid of David are:


For Elissa:


And Candice and vote wherever…
As long as Jer and Nick stick the to the plan… or Judd… all is good…… right?


Yup David is gone unless we go through a willie level blowup


I agree I kinda want to see how McRae and Amanda act like when they are put up then once they are put up they will know how its like being up on the spot then they will be like it sucks being on the block im going to laugh my butt off if/when they are on and every single person in that house is a target so every little person is going to talk this talk that I am a fan of Spencer I really don’t want him on the block but I want him there because I want to see what he does on the block and make him feel whats like on the block for talking about Aaryn and David and I kinda want him gone but I don’t but he should go because he is a floater and I myself don’t like floaters I would be like a Danielle the nurse that was like the final 4 or 3 because she was on that endurance comp for awhile and won that comp so she wasn’t really a floater and also was a competitor at the same time if Spencer votes out David man man man im going to be so mad I love ya Aaryn


Helen to Candice: We’re keeping Elissa, more on the plan later…


Candice will blab this.


There is an article on TMZ with BB acknowledging the offensive remarks


Also Aaryn did make a great point last night on TVGN she asked David what his dreams are and blah blah blah and saying he don’t believe in himself I mean I don’t get why people are saying Aaryn has no life goals because she does WAY MORE things than David does I mean come on David does surfing and a lifeguard Aaryn does WAY more than him Surfing and a lifeguard really?? There’s more things in life than being a lifeguard and surfing and what does Aaryn do for her job? ( I don’t even know) but im sure she does way more than him weird?

STFU Donnie

“GiGi says that Elissa called me out right in front of Nick asking if I ever went to college. Like she was saying that Nick would never date me because I’m stupid.”

Crazy says what…

So all the times that I’ve been asked in a casual conversation if I went to college and where, the person asking was actually calling me stupid and suggesting some girl in the vicinity would never date me unless I could name my school and date of graduation (University of Cincinnati 2003)…


The intro to tonight’s show seemed so 6 months ago.


ROLMFAO Potroasts? Elissa isn’t quite as sharp as her big sister is.

I’m actually disappointed, I thought Rachel would’ve trained her well.

Well? so much for the “Reilly Tradition” assumption.

Chilltown Fan

Well CBS gave Aaryn another good edit, made her look like the victim when David got nominated. Allison Groner sure loves her showmances. Jeremy got an accurate edit of being dic*head when they showed him bullying Elissa up in the HOH room. I’m holding out hope that Wednesday will be the night that Aaryn gets the nasty edit. Last season also had a big disconnect from what was happening on the feeds and what they edited for the CBS show.


Ok so I spent most of today getting caught up on all the posts here (work is sooo slow lol) but I haven’t read the comments.

Am I just too old for this season of BB??? I am 40 and normally I look forward to my summer of BB and have watched every season but for some reason this year, I am so put off watching these dipsticks! Probably not the best word but it really suits these kids! There are a couple cast members who I see as players (Amanda, Nick, Howard, Helen and MAYBE McRae) but I think everyone else thought they were actually auditioning for Real World or Jersey Shore!

Maybe it’s because there are so many of them running around the house this season but I find myself wanting to wash their mouths out with soap and smack them up side the head for their ignorant and disrespectful antics!

Hopefully as the show settles in to a routine and we get rid of some of these bozo’s I will feel differently…….maybe.


I can’t stand any of these people….