GiGi says I just want to tell all you guys, it’s period time! Jeremy says good! Leak that bl***!

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


12pm Kaitlin, Judd and Jessie are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Jeremy joins them to brush his teeth. Candice is now up too. Jeremy laughs that McCrae is probably in lock down in his room because he’s in trouble. Kaitlin comments how last night it was the funniest thing to see Amanda mad at him and ordering him around. Jeremy says that he wishes he had seen that. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Jessie and Helen are talking. Helen explains that in the real world at a work environment you don’t get to pick the people you work with. Just like in here cast picked different personalities that they know are going to clash with the others just to create drama. We just have to figure out ways to not let them affect us.



CBS Interactive Inc.

In the kitchen – Jeremy tells David about the drama last night with McCrae and Amanda. David laughs and says that’s some weird sh*t! David says and she is still up there sleeping in the bed with him. Jeremy says that he is going to grow his hair like a pirate. Long hair, don’t care! Andy comes in from the backyard and says it’s hot out there. Judd says no it ain’t, supposed to snow tonight! They all laugh. Kaitlin and Andy re-enact the McCrae / Amanda drama last night. Andy is Amanada and Kaitlin is McCrae. Jeremy says this is so confusing why is Andy – Amanda? It should be the other way around. Kaitlin comments that it felt like her parents were fighting.


12:40pm Amanda comes down and explains what happened between her and McCrae. She says that she specifically told McCrae that she didn’t want their relationship to be part of the storyline and for him to not talk about it and he did. Kaitlin agrees why and says it because you have a boyfriend. Amanda says yeah. Andy says McCrae just wants some of that good pu$$y. Amanda laughs and says yeah. Aayrn just woke up and she is having chocolate ice cream for breakfast.

12:45pm – 12:55pm Out in the backyard – Jeremy, Spencer, Judd, David and Helen are relaxing talking about random things. Helen wonders if they will be locked down tonight for the HOH competition set up. Jeremy says he doesn’t think so as he thinks it will be a question competition. Gina comes out into the backyard and says I just want to tell all you guys, it’s period time! Jeremy says good! Leak that blood! Davie and Jeremy toss the bean bag across the yard trying to get it into a can.



CBS Interactive Inc.

1am In the bedroom – Aaryn, Jeremy and Judd are in the bed room. They are talking about swearing and cussing. Jeremy tells Aaryn that he loves it when a girl talks dirty to him. He tells Aaryn to talk dirty to him. Aaryn brings up how in the kitchen Elissa was talking about Ragan Fox and Aaryn questioned why she liked him. Aaryn says that Elissa told her that you don’t know me. Aaryn wonders how Elissa could like Ragan after the things he said to Rachel during her season.
1:15pm Jessie and Kaitlin are out by the pool talking. Kaitlin tells Jessie that she would have a motive to nominate Candice if you won HOH because you were on the block with her and McCrae took her off. Kaitlin and Jessie talk about how annoying Candice is being and how she is complaining about loosing her bed. They agree that they hate girls. They discuss how they think the votes will go this week. They are worried that Andy and the others will vote to keep Elissa. Kaitlin says if they do we will find out.


Elissa and Amanda are talking in the bedroom. Amanda comments on what happened with McCrae and her last night. She says that McCrae feels really bad about it and I can’t be too mad at him, it’s my own fault. Amanda tells Elissa that she is good for the votes. She says that they aren’t going to tell Candice until right before because she is so emotional. Amanda tells Elissa that after Wednesday she can do what she wants because we have the numbers. Amanda says that thing that happened with Jeremy is perfect because that solidifies that he won’t get MVP. Elissa tells Amanda that Jessie actually came up to her and asked since you’re going home can you share the secrets that Rachel told you. Elissa says that she can’t believe she said that to me. Amanda says that this Wednesday is going to be great tv! Elissa says that Aaryn will be saying I am going home in her diary room and then find out I’m not. Amanda says that Aaryn has to be the next one gone. She is such a sh*t disturber.


1:35pm – 1:55pm Up in the HOH room – Judd and McCrae have a quick conversation about how pissed Aaryn is going to be when she finds out Elissa is staying. McCrae says that she is going to blow up! They agree they will have to do some damage control. Judd heads back down stairs. Meanwhile out by the pool – Helen, Jeremy, Spencer, Andy, Kaitlin and GiGi are talking. Spencer grabs his junk and gets into the pool. Helen talks about wanting a letter if she can get one because of her kids and her dad isn’t doing too well. Jeremy says that if he gets the letter he would give it to her. He says if I had kids I wouldn’t but I don’t.



2pm – 2:10pm The pool gang talk about the audition finals. Jeremy brings up the huge guy covered in tattoos with a big back tattoo. Kaitlin says yeah he was hot. Nick says yeah he was hot! The conversation turns to talking about movies and who the best actors/actresses are.



2:20pm – 2:35pm Elissa in the backyard doing yoga. Elissa finishes up and heads back inside.

2:53pm – 3:05pm Elissa asks Nick if he knows what he is going to do tomorrow. Nick says Um..yeah! Elissa asks what? Nick says Ah.. just going with the flow. Elissa asks Nick in the bathroom if he is voting her out. Nick says just voting for whatever the house wants. Nick walks out of the room.


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awesome sc of jeremy diggin’ for gold, dawg! hope it’s forwarded to him when he gets home.


You rule, Dawg!!!


ugggh…these feeds make me want to fight someone…something interesting NEEDS to happen ASAP!!!!!!


p.s. good job simon for the coverage lol


Jeremy sure can think of some nasty things to say haha, I mean we all do at some point but dang is he vulgar thing!


** A vulgar


As usual Simon you and Dawg make Big Brother a whole different much more comprehensive experience. Thank you so much for your hard work. I will definitely be donating. You guys are so great I don’t need to see the actual show but since I do not have cable if you or any other OBB fans know of a streaming website I would greatly appreciate a link. Thanks again!!!


Jeremy makes me want to vomit!

pretty trickster

wow these girls are GROSS.


Agree. We have not had a cast this gross since BB9!!


“Entire cast”, or individually? We’ve had disgusting men and women on each season since BB9

Personally for me, the most Disgusting thing I’ve heard or seen was Rachel’s story of “Once drinking a bottle of tequila in a bikini contest woke up shirtless with vomit all over her and a death grip on a wad of 100?s”, this is of amongst the dozens of disgusting things she did in the house, which included leaving Brendon’s man juice stained sheets for another HG(Jeff and Jordon) to find when they won HOH for that week, but that 1st one was by far was worst.

In in the BB house, as long as you’re not breaking “official BB rules”, there is no boundaries they wouldn’t cross.

IMHO the Official Rules, needs to be upgraded to include some of the n things HGs can get away with.


I think Aaryn has the psycho gene in her.


Geez I would have thought this whole time Aaryn was on her period! What a b!tch!


I can imagine now that Elissa wins HoH with MVP and POV. Everyone will force to like her or not and that would be suck.


MVP is chosen AFTER HOH, so if she wins HOH, she couldn’t get MVP too. Giving any HG the option of choosing all 3 noms would be stupid.


I want this to happen, however all the convos with her/without her will be impossible to watch.


That comment is absolutely the most vulger thing I have ever heard….anywhere!!!! and is it Jeremy sitting there picking his nose? Yeah I think he is the grossest of all BB houseguests. Even Joe last year was gross but knew where to draw the line

Janelle pov queen

Can Aaryn have a conversation without bringing Elissa name up? And if she knew anything she would know that Rachel and ragan made up and are friends so Aaryn mind your ducking business bitch.


Aaryn is quite the airhead – BB followers know that Rachel and Ragan became good friends after their season – and oh, to be a fly on the wall when the airhead reads Ragan’s open letter to CBS…


Did anyone else find it funny when aaryn said she was gonna win MVP multiple times? Haha she won’t win once. Her and Jeremy are the most hated houseguests right now #TeamElissaHowardHelen


Aaryn isgonna flip tomorrow and I can’t wait to see it… though I could have gone without that picture of Spencer. o.O


This is the most disgusting cast ever especially with Aaryn, Spencer, Jeremy, and Gina. These guys are all racists and they deserve to be screwed over. Jeremy and Gina are literally gross with the nose picking and talking about periods. Also from what I seen, Elissa seems really nice and being judged for no reason by these jack@sses.


I agree 100%, and Elissa is getting a bad rap, it’s more than possible that she nothing like Rachel, which for her game would be an excellent thing.

Who knows, whether she’ll be great or terrible in comps? Assumptions about Elissa, is on the rise.


Just wanted to make a huge shout out to you Simon and Dawg for making Big Brother such a different and more comprehensive experience than watching the CBC edit. I will definitely be donating and everyone else should too. You provide hours and hours of class A entertainment. You guys do such a great job I don’t feel I need to see Sun or Tues broadcast but it you guys or any other OBB fans know of any streaming links I would greatly appreciate if you could post it since I do not have cable. Again great job guys and I am so glad this season is all new faces….I think that adds to the game as they try to figure out their asses from holes in the ground. Unfortunately this cast isn’t and I believe will NOT be very successful at doing so!!!! LOL!!

Chilltown Fan

The game will really begin when David leaves. Several people are on the verge of a huge explosion of drama/rage, I can’t wait to see it :)…


I love how elissa just threw out that comment to David about she can’t wait to see peoples faces. I really like David but he just got with the wrong alliance. Also I am really starting to dislike spencer, he’s a two face jerk….

Chilltown Fan

Does anyone else think the MC(Brigade 2.0) has overestimated themselves? They keep talking about they are set after this week, I think they are way too overconfident. The MVP is a wild card, to me they are miscalculating that Elissa will be MVP week in and week out. I’m also skeptical on how they will handle the blow up in the house once David is evicted, maybe they will handle it will, maybe they wont. Also the Brigade never tried to control the vote the way MC is doing. The Brigade were fortunate enough to always be in the majority with the house consensus, no need for voting manipuation. The only alliance to manipulate the vote at a high success rate was Dr. Will and Boogie in season 7, it’s very hard to pull off voting manipulation with out exposing yourself.


Yup, they’re assuming the same person can win MVP every week, which would clearly be Elissa, her having Brenchel Fans support, but the same person can’t win every week or they would have too much power. MC alliance, is going to scramble when they find out she can’t win every week.


I’m still confused about the alliances and whether Elissa will stay or be evicted. Can someone please brief me on it?


As of right now Elissa safe David is going home it’s old but give you an idea.. Helen is part of the blowmance now.
IMO the MC is loyal to each other right now.. they are pretty much running the house.


Thanks Simon!

VA Vet

Please explain your comment about Helen!


Love how these morons know nothing but what they saw on the edited shows. The comment about how Elissa can like Ragan after what Ragan said to Rachel is proof positive that they are clueless. If these boneheads had bothered to actually learn about previous players, they would know that more often than not, once out of the house, most of them are fine with one another. As for Ragan and Rachel – they are friends, as are Rachel and Dani D and Dom and Britney, etc.

Dr. Jesse

#1. Is someone in production on a big booty trail?
#2. Can anyone make sense of BBAD with the bleeps?
#3. How did the crew choose these particular folk? Is there any real player?
#4. Nick. Gay or straight? Or both? Just trying to figure the David bed deal?

Nim Sohl

This is my prediction…..(this was brought up and thought it was good idea) Elissa wins HOH and gets Pandora’s box – of course she opens – what happens……. Rachel comes out and gets to stay with all of the house guests…….Elissa gets a day with her hubby…..


My word, Jessie has a bootyful butt.