Big Brother Spoilers Elissa To Amanda: “I can’t believe you’re 28 you’re just Miss mature”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


9:10am Have Nots Room

Judd is telling Elissa to put up Kaitlin. (I actually think this is the better plan as of right now there is a chance MC would vote out Kaitlin but zero chance MC will vote out Nick)
Elissa says it’s too risky she’s going to put up Nick
Judd thinks something is up with Nick because he gets pulled into the Diary room all the time yet he does nothing in the house.

Elissa gets called into the Diary room
Elissa tells them they’ll have to bare with her as her life in the Big Brother house sucks. (She’s putting on makeup)

9:30am Have nots Helen and Elissa

Elissa and Helen practicing Elissa’s nominations speech.
Elissa: “Jeremy I couldn’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to use the veto on me.. so lets make that snap decision together today“
Helen tells her it’s great.., they keep practicing different combinations. Elissa shows Helen her Michael Kors top. (I think Helen is wearing it)

They keep reiterating different snide remarks they can make to Jeremy and Aaryn during the Nominations.


9:40am Backyard Jessie and Howard

Jessie: “I’m not going to lie i’m not use to living with so many people because it’s so messy”
Howard: ‘It’s usually the same 6 people cooking and cleaning.” Howard says that he like cleaning because it gives them something to do but he doesn’t like that they have to clean other people’s mess. Howard adds that he’s been thinking about keeping one cup and one plate and just using that so he doesn’t have to always clean dishes.

Howards says there are 10 people that don’t really clean or cook because they know someone else will.

Howard: “I’m a man .. I like Order.. I don’t like that mess especially where you eat”
Jessie: “F*** gross.. I keep a clean house”
Howard: “I know.. me to My momma taught me that”
Jessie: ‘I get it from my momma”
Howard: ‘Absolutely that’s home training”


9:50am Bathroom Amanda, Elissa and Helen Amanda rolls out of bed looking like death. She says she was up all night fighting to keep Elissa in the house. Amanda asks who is going up and they tell her Nick because he’s Dan’s cousin and he’s shady. Amanda says Candace has been throwing her under the bus by telling the other side that she masterminded getting David out. Elissa is surprised about Candace saying this. Elissa: “I can’t believe you’re 28 Amanda you’re just miss mature” (Remember Amanda walked around topless for an hour last night). Elissa leaves

Helen starts telling Amanda that Spencer cannot be trusted. Amanda agrees. Helen goes through Spencer telling her to get Elissa to put up Amanda, “If he wanted you up he could want me up.. he’s got to go”. Helen says they are going to BD Spencer next week but until then they are going to act like Spencer is one of their own. Helen wants it to be a blindside.

Amanda asks if they need Spencer’s vote. Helen says no they have Howard.
Amanda asks about Candace and why is she spreading lies about her. Helen doesn’t know why that happened she suspects it was Spencer spreading lies. Helen: “Candace Hates Spencer because of what he did last week”
Helen: “You and I are friends.. McCrea is my friend we will not target you” Helen tells her to talk to Candace about what happened with her vote last week and she’ll explain.
Helen says that Candace is on board to get Spencer out
Amanda: ‘She has to be”

(Helen is working damn hard it’s awesome to see.)


10:19AM HOH Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin
Kaitlin is telling Jeremy to not wear his outfit because it’s embarrassing.
Jeremy: “I’m going to wear it unbuttoned with a bandanna.. this is a joke ceremony i’m going to wear joke clothes.”
Jeremy leaves
Kaitlin: “I can never bring him around my family.. ”
A: “Why”
K: “Right now my mother is like UGH”
A: “Why”
K: “Because that is the way she is.. She’s not going to like him just on the clothes he wears”
A: ‘I think it’s kinda funny”

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Elissa, Helen, Amanda and Candace.. Hmm.. I see potential in this being our first All-girl super alliance.


add andy and youve just listed the next 5 evicted


I don’t get why in the past seasons the guys have done this…but the girls never banned together to get the guys out….OR at least stuck with it!!!

STFU Donnie

My opinion. BB has a casting model that is heavy on needy girls who will cling to guys and at most only one or two slots are for smart, strong, independent, and intelligent women. The producers don’t want girls who will band together, they want meltdowns and showmances.

STFU Donnie

Except, of course, Elissa will be gone in two days (sealed the moment she nominates Nick) and Amanda believes Candace is betraying her to the other side and Helen is running around like a chicken with her head cut off, talking to EVERYBODY and painting the biggest target on her back.

Other than that, they could be a great alliance…


chicken with head cut off

thats pretty much it


Donnie, I agree. Elissa has played a very poor overall BB game so far. Her putting Nick up now should surely clinch her eviction.

BUT – Elissa has a *very* powerful ally in this game. Allison Grodner. And I just don’t think AG is gonna sign off on allowing Elissa to be voted out this week.

I think something quite unusual is gonna go down on Wednesday. I don’t exactly what. Something to do with the bigotry? They can’t kick out Aryan now, as reigning HOH, right? Or can they? How ’bout Gina? Spencer? AG is going through that BB rulebook, with a fine tooth comb! If she wants it bad enough, she’ll come up with *some* way to save Elissa.

AG’s motive? To boost her sagging ratings. And the show’s rep, which has taken a tremendous negative hit, with all this hate language. How to fix all this quick? Which “controversial” HG leaving will get AG the biggest ratings spike in Week 3? Aaryn. By a mile!

Simon is right. BB15 is *very* close to having a strong, 4 girl, core alliance. With serious growth potential. AG wants it – bad. It takes the focus off of the bigots, and put it where AG wants it – back on the BB game. AG will somehow pull Elissa through, again this week. Helen and Amanda are smart. If they can start synching-up on strategy, they already have Elissa and Candice. Howard is just too sharp to stay with the MC. It’s a sham, at this point. Howard’s *far* more compatible with the non-blonde girls in this game. I think he’ll unofficially bail from the MC, and start working on a show-mance with Jessie (which both brings her in, and calms her down.) Amanda, Candice and Jessie can simply flash Judd – then he’ll be in. Amanda can then present McCrae with this new, “majority group.” MC will then clue Nick in. And if Nick’s half as smart as I think he is, he’ll see that the *true* short-timers in this house have now changed, Evolved. Nick’s not blind to house events. Soon to leave are now Aaryn, Spencer, Gina, paranoid Kaitlin, and, eventually Jeremy (who won’t ever win a mental comp – and BB15 is due for one….)

I see a theme developing in BB15. “Bigots grab a life vest!” I always look at the BB game through AG’s eyes. “Cause she’s the boss…. We’ll see!


I wish Elissa would realize what’s going on with these guys. Kaitlyn was freaking out & threatening people when she thought she was going to be nominated. She would implode if she actually was nominated especially since she is so “close” with Jeremy after last night. Ironic that Aaryn was mad that Kaitlyn threatened people and that is exactly what Jeremy did to everyone in the house (except the MC) but she was OK with that. These girls are so pathetic. Aaryn is the worst. For someone who knows so much about BB she should realize there is a boys alliance & that is why Jeremy is so cocky about the vote. Can’t wait to see her face when she realizes it was Candice (the black girl) and Helen (the Asian girl) who figure it out. Priceless!!!


If Elissa puts up Nick then I’m over feeling bad for her…mostly because she will 100% be going home. But also because she proves she doesn’t belong since she just keeps wasting the MVP with stupid choices.


She will put up Nick (I luv him) because she was told to do so.


Howard and McCrae are playing the other side well. I mean, Helen and Candice talk about the all-boys alliance all the time and have never brought up McCrae’s name.


Well actually when Candace FIRST realized there was something fishy going on she basically named everyone off but then said something to the effect of “but then there’s McRae…how does he fit in?”

but you’re right i haven’t heard anything about him since then.


thank you simon & dawg for this site,i came on here to catch up & wow! I missed the party last night,lol,i’m on the east coast,anyway i went back & watched the feeds & OMG,TOO funny! when amanda came out with the twin towers those shanks couldn’t cover up fast enough,hahaha,arayn with that huge robe, gm at that pathetic attempt to what? dance/pretend strip? jessie didn’t know what to do miss “all the girls are soooo jealous of meeee, riiight, I am glad that amanda ain’t scared of germey & i do wish elissa would put up spencer or katlin, that would be too funny, elissa can always go next week, bring on the cat fights!!!


amanda is scared though – thats why she is slutting it up and embarassing herself to try to save herself in the coming weeks, with male votes in her favor when she soon goes on the block, and to con america to give her the mvp by desperately showing tits and pretending to be elissas best friend(same as andy) to steal elissa/rachel fanbase votes once elissa is gone – its all fake, amanda and andy dont care about elissa and they are simply using her


cannot agree more — these are all the same people pushing and pressuring McCrae to put Elissa up in the first week to try to backdoor her. If anything, McCrae was the only person at that time who was genuinely standing up for Elissa (and also Helen).

I am hoping Elissa leaves and America becomes flexible with the MVP, where it actually changes every week — and some players keep it as a secret and use it to leverage their personal game rather than it being used as an entire vehicle for an alliance, (ex. a secret way for the MC to actually turn on itself — that would make good TV).


yeah with mvp i would prefer it not be in play like normal rules with 2 noms, but if it is in play then it would be great to see a variety of winners to provide uncertainty and unpredictability, but always i want to see it go to deserving players

A$$hole #1

I hope Nick doesn’t go, but If they’re dumb to enough to believe that utter bullshit about him being Dan’s cousin, which he doesn’t even look like him, maybe they deserve another week in the house, you know to be put up next week, because we all know they’re not winning shit…


has the mc really thought through their vote this week? is getting elissa out of the house really worth exposing their alliance? let’s face it, if they go through with their plan, helen, candice and amanda will have them figured out.

on another note, bb14’s wil has released part 2 of the bb15 saga, with the vote for mbp – most bigoted player:

and there’s a 12 minute supercut of the bigoted comments in the house here:

Charlie Hustle

I don’t have the feeds and hadn’t really understood the scope of the bigotry in the house. They are relentless with it. It’s too much.


Would it /really/ matter? Most secret alliances are destined to be discovered sooner or later. I’d just blame it on Jessie, Spencer, and Amanda (the votes that Howard, Spencer, and McCrae really cast). Jessie’s floating, they already think Spencer’s working both sides, and people think Amanda’s sketchy.


i have a strong feeling this vote will be too lopsided to blame on anyone else, and the few that vote for elissa will know instantly they’ve been screwed – i’m thinking 8-3, not 7-5 like with david. sure, every alliance is eventually discovered, but with this many hg and only 4(1/2) in the mc, the later, the better.


Julie directly confronting Aaryn on the derogatory Asian remarks would be gold. Nothing she has said is justifiable in any way and she won’t be able to talk herself out of it, especially with a live audience that has seen it all. I feel bad for the family and friends who have been trying to defend her because they’re defending a lost cause.

STFU Donnie

That’s the key for me. As long as the MC doesn’t make another artificially close vote, and should actually be up front with their votes, then they’re just fine. Helen is acting like she’s running her side and Spencer, Howard, and McCrae can recruit Judd and Jessie to make her understand that Helen can either get with the program or be alone. They can even let her follow through on her threat to “join the other side” because it won’t change anything and the other side won’t trust her anyway after her heavy handed gameplay for Elissa this week.

Her post-David conversation with Aaryn on CBS last night, was hilarious in both it’s heavy handed and transparent attempt to save herself. For somebody from politics, Helen has no tact, manipulation skills, or sense of political gamesmanship. And if her and Elissa give snarky speeches to Aaryn and Jeremy today, Helen is just setting herself up to be isolated after Elissa is gone.


good post!


I don’t watch the live feeds or know what’s happening other than what’s from this site but my god after watching that video, I had not realized the scope of the bigotry, racism, and homophobia in that house. I’m glad CBS addressed some of Aryan’s and Gina’s comments but I hope they don’t completely ignore Spencer and Jeremy. Amanda is also very two-faced. When Aryan’s racism is brought up to her, she agrees it’s wrong, but I hadn’t realized how bad she actually is as well. She would be against something and then make fun of it.
And seriously what is with the wishing of death against Elissa and other people. In the clip, they showed Spencer and Jeremy talking about how they wish they could stab her and Amanda made comments about slitting someone’s throats. These people are f***in’ sick!


Too Funny!! I love Wil


I just watched the bigotry supercut…..WOW!….I have no other words right now.


So now Aaryn is suspicious that Jeremy is making side deals and will be looking out for his own interests, and not necessarily Aaryn’s. What gave it away? Could it had been the vote count for David, nope. Could it had been Candice telling you that Jeremy and Nick are working together, nope, you thought Candice was a liar. Could it had been Kaitlin telling you that Jeremy might be untrustworthy, nope, you absolved Jeremy of any wrong. Its only after your HOH reign is now almost over. An HOH that you won with Jeremy, and probably never will win again, that Jeremy now shows his true colors and its obvious he is making side deals that doesn’t include you. Yes its easy to feel comfortable when you are HOH. Aaryn, you made a lot enemies during your brief HOH reign. Elissa didn’t hatch the scheme to get rid of David. Candice and Amanda explained to you it had to have been Nick. Instead of going for Nick, you lashed out at Elissa. This great move of yours only showed how petty you are. You don’t have a clue how to play this game. Aha, you are now suspicious of Jeremy, but you are unknowingly turning towards his alliance in Spencer and Howard for help…good luck with that. You also are telling Jessie that Candice, Howard and Spencer should be next one’s out. Aaryn, what alliance are you in that’s going to make that happen, you won’t be HOH. You have been a front woman for Moving Company and if your next decision is not in their best interest, you are gone.

In Big Brother, your first step is to identify the rival alliance. This vote to evict Elissa should help Helen, Judd, Andy and Amanda identify those members of the other alliance. Elissa is will be voted out, that’s a lost cause. However, through that vote you should be able to identify rival members. Helen, Andy, Judd or Amanda need this next HOH. If they win then Moving Company is going to be very nervous and I think Helen will nominate strategically. That means at least one of the MC members will be on the block and depending who is the MVP, maybe 2 members of the MC. If Helen’s group doesn’t win HOH, then it would mean another member of their side will be gone and harder for them to stem the tide. Good luck Helen!

Oh one last comment, Helen please feed the black fish as well. It seems Aaryn hates anything black even fish.


I agree with this assessment. Elissa’s game is over, they need to pick up the pieces and work on their own game. Worse possible case for the MC is if Andy, Candice or Helen wins HOH (Amanda has mentioned throwing HOH), anyone else they can manipulate to target Amanda and one of those three. Best case for the MC is Jeremy winning again, it will make the target on his back even larger, and they will likely target two of the Smart Girl trio (Candice, Helen, Amanda).

Next week is going to be a big week.


ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ON… U have gave the perfect insight of what is and will happen for a fact (99.9%). for now on im scrolling down just to read ur post, along with chilltown, dawg and simon… THANKS!!!!!!!
Now im hoping after Elissa is gone :(( that Helen and Candace can form a strong alliance with Judd Amanda and Andy.

STFU Donnie

Yeah…you’re still giving Aaryn too much credit. Aaryn has the hots for Jeremy and she’s looking for reasons to be mad at him, just like she looks for reasons to hate Elissa. Aaryn is just emotionally immature. That’s why she’s sort of turning on Kaitlin and trying to turn Kaitlin on Jeremy. This isn’t gameplay this is personal…and the three will still work as one under Jeremy. Plus she’s panicking now that her HOH is coming to an end…a common hangover.

Elissa’ s eviction will only reveal something if the MC tries to be too cute. I suspect by Wednesday, Spencer and Howard will have locked up Andy, Judd, and Jessie, then McCrae will present Amanda with a fait accompli, and all 7 will go to Helen and Candace, explaining that Elissa is just too big a problem. (She’s too unpopular, she’s made MVP moves in secret or semi-secret, and is making side deals with the other side trying to protect just herself with Nick) It’s an easy case to make. At the end of the day, even if you believe in the alliance, it’s so big that it will be easy for Spencer, Howard, and McCrae to say that keeping Elissa makes sense for Helen and Candace…but it’s not the best move for everybody else’s game in the alliance, who all have a shot at MVP with Elissa gone. They’ll be tacitly admitting that they all ultimately see Helen and Candace as expendable along with Elissa and that’s the play their making with Jeremy, Nick, and the mean girls…but it doesn’t expose the MC, it just isolates Helen and Candace from the rest of the house and allows them to make the decision that they can either hang on with them or go it alone.

STFU Donnie

And what makes this play perfect is that Helen and Candace would be smart to see their not in control and drop far into the background, but even if Helen and Candace respond emotionally and decide to go it alone, they will be far more angry with Amanda and Andy for flipping against Elissa than they will be mad at Spencer, Howard, and McCrae, who they already had suspicions and who were operating on strategy. But all the talking Amanda and Andy have done will make Helen and Candace see Benedict Arnolds…and the MC stays under the radar, controlling everybody else.

Suzy Sunshyne

You guys thumbed me down the other day for saying Aryan Nation and Germy were going to hook up, it is just a matter of time.


Aryan has about 6 fans floating around this board. I’m assuming they are part of her Nazi Sisterhood.


I said that a week ago too. That’s probably why aaryn is tryin to get Kaitlin out now. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it happened before she left lol


Matt Hoffman just tweeted this .Oh the bigotry

A$$hole #1

This entire cast is shitty in every way possible…. It’s like CBS is trying desperately to get Big Brother canceled.


Now that’s a keeper – hopefully CBS won’t have it removed (It’s happened before with cheating scandals)… There isn’t any excuse for these idiots – for goodness sake – they have microphones on and cameras everywhere…. What bloody fools!


why wont any of the dudes bang Jessie? She doesnt look bad, someone needs to get with that. the girls is fiending for a lil attention


Howard/Jess could be on

see how it goes


Howard thinks Jessie is “fine”.
Get your flirt on Howie.


u mean the pov ceremony?


anyone confirmed having sex on the cams yet this this year? anything good?


I hope karma comes to Aaryn that next week, she will be evicted and everyone will booed her heavily. Aaryn, “PAYBACK IS A B$TCH”!


WOW I think…nope…I’m sure this is the first time we have agreed!


Has Helen or Candice ever talked about their suspicion of a boys alliance with Elissa? I think they should, it would possibly prevent nick from going on the block, do the fact that if he goes up , Elissa will most likely go home.


GEEEZZ Petty disgusting imature, self centered, low IQ I am appalled at most of the houseguests who the hell picked this group Helen Candice i dont think youll make it past the garbage around you but if you do Im rooting for you and howard perhaps dumb ass Mc too Amanda well not a fan but nice fake boobies imagine boyfreind at home gone by now. I would be. not enough a fan a fake boobies to stick around for extremely sloppy seconds. Nick fairly smart but own worst enemy. This whole cast started seperating partnering way too early geez again


Julia is talking about the hg on The Talk right now!


julie and the TALK talking about racist comments they play AARYn comments


simon and dawg

julie said she take the racist comments personal


AARYN IS THE MOST HATED CHILD IN AMERICA but sarah had me laughing when she said and i quote ”” i take the black comments personal”’ lol


julie said more to come so i think she will air out ginamarie and spencer comments also


Thanks for the updates Spicy, keep them coming….


amanda and kaitlyn have also been racist so i hope they air that too


The Moving Company wont make it I dont think I truly believe for those guys to go far they have to cut jeremy and spencer… Jeremy is just to much of a loose cannon and hes the kind of guy that you have to cut before he cuts you. Spencer is just too sloppy hes the guy who is going to get caught and squeal like one of his beloved razorbacks to save his own behind.

Nick, Howard, McCrae, Amanda and Helen should align they still control the MVP. (MVP will be one of those people every week as long as they are in the house.)


moving company want amanda gone asap


Amanda is the MC’s Yoko.


ha ha

STFU Donnie

But that would make McCrae John, when he’s clearly Ringo. Nick is John, Jeremy is Paul, and Spencer/Howard are George….


wrong! the whole MVP thing turns out to be a vote for most likeable player. or a production vote. nobody votes really whos the best player. if so, elissa never would have gotten it! her gameplay is awful.

so if BB lets her go the MVP will always go to a likeable person who is not in a strong position. because outside the house everbody wants to support outsiders and people in a weak position.

so if those allign, candice is a sure bet for MVP every week.


Nah, not Candice. Most likeable overall would probably be Howard right now. Maybe Helen.

BB15 letdown

I think Helen gets MVP the rest of the time based on these facts;
1) She is aligned with and friends with Elissa.
2) She is an outsider.
3) She has been a target of racial comments that have now been aired on CBS (sympathy factor).
4) She has had okay game play so far but has done a really good job the past couple of days.

Candice’s edit makes her not as likeable as Helen.

STFU Donnie

And her overplaying (I disagree that she’s done well…I see her painting a target), coupled with the MVP will see her gone within a week or two. Because of Elissa’s HORRIBLE gameplay, especially with the MVP, The MVP is now an albatross. Helen hasn’t learned this yet as she is selling it like a co-HOH. Everybody who is not MVP will be threatened by the MVP as evidenced by Elissa’s eviction. I suspect if it’s still around after Helen goes, the next person might be able to do something with it, but it has to be a hidden power at this point and Helen will be suspected of being MVP…even if she isn’t.

BB15 letdown

True. After watching everything back I think she has overplayed a bit. If Elissa ends up staying Helen is a master, if not she hung her neck out for no reason. And your right about the MVP, it will only work if it is a secret. I do think that it can be a useful tool and Helen is a pretty smart chick so maybe she can use it to her advantage. But I really think she will be next to get it.


Julie Chen always says for mvp vote, to vote on the player who you think is playing the best game each week

being an outsider or liked is never discussed

so obviously the system is not a good one

therefore scrap mvp and go back to regular rules of 2 noms and no mvp

if i was a house guest i would want to be rewarded with mvp only if i deserved it

and if i played a really good game and it went to someone clearly undeserving, then i would think the rule is ridiculous and it should be scrapped

STFU Donnie

But every single HG thinks they’re playing a great game and better than everybody else…


i dont agree – eg elissa knows deep down she is undeserving of mvp 2 weeks in a row based on her gameplay, she knows it for sure


loose canons have won this game before, many times. Evil dick was a loose canon, so was Dr Will. Will used to yell at house guests and tell them to vote him out, would beg to go home. Boogie was same way. Jeremy could easily win this game

STFU Donnie

Will and Dick were contrived loose cannons. Everything they did was measured with a specific goal. Jeremy is just immature and emotional, flying off the handle without a thought. He can get somewhat far, but won’t win.


Julie, here’s your chance to confront her. Give her a consequence, let her suffer what she did.


has mcrae officially banged Amanda? what about jeremy and kaitlin?


i heard that jeremy/kaitlin did the deed in the hoh room this morning…and aaryn nation is looking for a new place to sleep, outside the hoh room.


I absolutely CANNOT wait for the day Aaryn gets evicted! I know Julie’s a very classy lady but I’m really hoping she put that disgusting girl in her place and makes her cry on live television… sorry not sorry!


I know right, next week I would love to hear Julie Chen would say “Aaryn, your evicted from Big Brother House”


been watching The Talk & it sounds like Julie is going to air some more of the hateful things they said on BB? all of them,not just aaryn,at least that’s the way i took it,i hope so, show cbs watchers what ALL of them have been saying, those girls are so stupid, i can’t wait to see what julie says to them on exit interviews.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

Junie needs to sneak in the house in a ninja costume and slap the shit out of of Aaryn Nation,GiGi,Amanda, Jeremy,Katlin and Spencer, and then make a competition out of it….

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It


Frank's Fart

Hey Simon, Can you remind us who won “No Slop for the season” by dropping off first challenge and picking correct box. Was it Jeremy?


yes Jeremy


Looks like Nick has been put up by Elissa . . . Bye, Elissa!


I hate to say this but it really looks like Elissa’s going home.. If productions gonna fix the week in Elissa’s favour(like many of u expect) .. this week would be the best to do so and they would ultimately be praised for it(for once) .. if they pull a 360 and evict Aaryn as a shock factor… I understand they cant control what the house guests say as it is their prerogative.. But If Willie Hantz can get expelled for “Bullying” so can Aaryn.. I realize Aaryn hasn’t actually assaulted anybody physically but in my books, bullying is bullying regardless of whether it was a physical punch or an inner shot.


Amanda is hideous looking. She needs that rack of hers.


Julie Chen interview Aaryn who just got evicted!
JC:Aaryn, how does it feel of being evicted from big brother house.
AG:I feel terrible and everyone against me, I don’t know what is going on.
JC:I got something to say to you.
AG:Yeah, what that! “You will make me some rice”


If wishes were horses–Elissa will put Kaitlin up to replace Jeremy {which would solidify Elissa staying in the house}. On Wednesday or Thursday’s show, Aaryn’s HOH will be nullified for whatever reason production can bring up {i.e. them cheating during the HOH competition} thereby resetting the game in its entirety. Then Aaryn/Jeremy have a Chima-meltdown {aka Willi Hantz meltdown} thereby self evicting…

As much as I like specific people in the MC alliance, I can’t wait for them to completely implode-drama gold!!

As always, thanks Simon and Dawg!

BB15 letdown

Elissa PLEASE nominate Kaitlin! That would be her saving grace. I can see those people who are “committed” to voting out Nick also voting out Kaitlin. In reality this vote would be one that McCrae might actually make. They use the breaking up of Kaitlin and Jeremy and it keeps the 100% MVP in the house. The MC guys should go with this (aside from Jeremy) and the rest of the house (aside from Gina) should be on board too. Its win win. It would be a miracle if she actually did nominate Kaitlin but it is by far her best move.

Also, the way Elissa is handling Nick is really bad. She is doing a terrible job. As far as game play goes she really is not very good. On the other hand Helen is really starting to get it. She could go far if she can build a group around her.


those racists get to stay in the house, so very wrong!!!!! and they get to play for what??? ratings??? they had to go against some type of violations, really big brother?????????? u r letting them stay? unreal


Based on those video clips, they are all guilty. If they are not making racist/homophobic/anti Semitic remarks they are certainly laughing. honestly I am done with these people and I am pissed at CBS for allowing it to continue unchecked. They should sit EVERYONE in one room and play that tape! It is bad enough that people like this even exist without giving them a platform. They would have to evict a lot of people before I would watch this show again.

How horrible for Helen, Howard, Candice and Andy to have to live in this situation just to play the game.


I know right, CBS should play the tapes and do something about that. CBS good job for being a totally ignorant and would not allow any Anti racial comments. You do this for ratings. How dumb is that? You need to play the tapes and expelled Aaryn immediately.


The houseguests would know if Nick was really Dan’s relative, America would be giving him the MVP over Brenchalites.

Brad B

I feel the BB favorite who’s coming in on wednesday’s show will drop a bombshell

Just wondering?

I am confused. I see people in the house saying that Nick is Dan’s cousin. Is this True?

Just wondering?

Thanks Simon. I did not think it was true, but I thought I might have missed something. Wouldn’t it be great if Dan showed up. That would send tougues wagging.


I like Elissa and all since she is genuine to me, but I don’t think she’s going to stay this week 🙁 Which saddens me.