Big Brother Spoilers POV Ceremony Results “Take a minute compose ourselves then get to work”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


10:41am HOH Kaitlin, Howard and Aaryn
Howard sneaks in says he’s just going to act like he’s using the restroom. He tells them that Elissa is trying to get Jessie’s vote she was really working her yesterday.

10:42AM Cam 3-4 Howard and Helen Chess board

Howard says he talked to Jeremy and he wants to use Helen on the other side, “He owes you two favours.. he’s coming after you and he’s going to make sure they’re not coming after you”
Helen: ‘Do you think he can be helpful to us at some point”
Howard: “No.. because he’s too friggin braggadocious.. he’s going to win everything which is fine with us as long as we’re not the target”
Helen: “OK”


11:40AM Feeds come back.. Nick is nominated.


Nick: ‘Take a minute compose ourselves than get to work.. we have 2 full days 48 hours… ”
Gina: “Do I look like a Barbie doll”
Nick: “mmm hmm”
Gina: “Thanks.. why Nick.. ”
Nick: ‘We were a target from the beginning.. ”
Gina: “It’s my fault”
Nick: “We’re strong”
Gina: “I don’t want to compete against weak people I want the best people.. just like in pageants I don;’t want to compete against ugly people just the best”
Nick asks her to wake him in 30 minutes he’s going to take a nap.

Jessie comes in says that Gina looks like a Barbie.. they start chatting about nonsense.


11:50am working out in the backyard Spencer and Jeremy

Spencer: ‘McCrae.. Any grip he says he has on Amanda is non existent.. “
Jeremy: “I know.. I heard about everything Howard told me this morning ”
Spencer: “Did you hear that she threatened me today”
Jeremy: “Today”
Spencer: “here I’ll tell you”

*** Feeds flip to the HOH WTF***

HOH Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina

Gina thinks they have Judd and Andy this week.
Kaitlin: “I don’t know about Andy but we have Judd”
Aaryn: ‘For sure we have Andy”
Andy comes in


12:03pm Backyard pool McCrea and Spencer
(It’s hard to understand this conversation because they are out in the pool, whispering and planes are flying overhead.. some lines might make less sense than usual)
Basically spencer is telling McCrae how nervous the MC is about Amanda he wants McCrae to offer Amanda a 4 person alliance (Jeremy, Spencer and McCrea) this way Amanda is part of their larger group.

Spencer: “Tell her she can trade Judd and Andy for Jeremy and Nick”
Spencer is saying that Amanda hates him and he’s getting worried about her loyalty. McCrae still thinks he can influence her.
Spencer: “You are in a good position you know the truth”
Spencer: “I’m being serious with I I trust you completely from the outside looking it it doesn’t look too great that’s just me talking to you like a dude”
(Planes flying over head can’t hear everything)
S: “As far as the MC goes everyone is worried about her the most.. I know you will cut her off but if we can’t bring her into a larger group it’s a liability”
S: “I’m loyal to you and i’m loyal to her out of respect to you”
Spencer: “I always have your back and I have MC’s back .. having a parachute is a good idea but not if it’s full of sand”

Spencer says if they can get Amanda they can pick off Andy, Judd, Jessie and Helen. McCrae says it’s tough to push that on Amanda because it might arise suspicions plus she really trusts Helen and Andy. Spencer suggests he brings it up in passing say you’re just brainstorming different possibilities.

Spencer: “This is how Nick, Howard, Jeremy and myself feel.. if she is to stay she has to have the same goals”

Jeremy and Howard join them.
Spencer: “This is something Howard and I figured out last night” They tell Amanda that their 4 (Howard, McCrea, Spencer and Amanda) team up with Jeremy’s five (Nick, Gina, kaitlin, Jeremy, Aaryn) to take all the “Scrubs” out (Andy, Jessie, Candace, Helen, Judd)
Jeremy thinks it’s risky it’ll expose the Moving Company
Howard is nervous about that plan he ;oles the numbers early later in the game but early on it’s risky. Either way he’ll stick by the MC decision


Jeremy says that Amanda needs to stop stirring the sh!t up in the house.. Jeremy: “Candace is throwing my under the bus to everybody”
Spencer says that ?Amanda? (hard to hear who this was 12:21pm Cam 3 I suspect Amanda since Spencer has been talking this morning that she threatened him) came up to him said she knows he’s shady and if doesn’t vote with the group he’s gone next week. Spencer: “Don’t worry i’m straight

Spencer says to them that one fear he has is someone will put Amanda and McCrae up to break up a group and She’ll stay because she is such a big target.


12:36pm Bikini time @ the pool

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156 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers POV Ceremony Results “Take a minute compose ourselves then get to work”

  1. If Gina hadn’t lost her job before that “competing with ugly girls” comment sure would have caused some waves.

      1. That comment would hurt Gina in her job because she is looked up and all of the gals are pretty!! In the pageant world the coordinators should never make a comenat like that!!!

  2. I see a twist in the near future, which will involve America voting for a veto to save *cough elissa cough*

      1. hey the comments made by thos houseguest will enlighten them to realize after the show who they really are and hopefully cause them to change who they are. Its one thing to think it ok, humans are made to have their thoughts we all pre judge someone in our head but most decide to keep it to themesleves others say it. At the end of the day they have to live with them selves ad actions, but gives them an opportunity to change for the good.its more of a eye opener. if only nick and Amanda were in an alliance those two are the stronget people in the house right. The worse thing someone does in the game is think personal not strategic aaryn ruin her hoh by doing this. the mc alliance will be shown come Thursday and i see one of them leaving next Thursday and coming weeks

    1. You don’t get it, here my comments from previous one:
      Captainwedgiearchnemesis says:
      July 8, 2013 at 8:45 am
      Yeah Aaryn, your the most hated houseguest in big brother house. First, you hate Asian people; second, you hate black people; third, you hate gay people; and now, you hate Animals. What is wrong with you? You know racism is wrong. Here is the quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Quote:”I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” Aaryn should listen to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Advice. Also, here is the other quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:” I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
      CBS should listen to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advice and apply it to Aaryn. I would love to see Aaryn being evicted so everyone will booed heavily at her so she will cry like a little b$tch.
      Aaryn is just a racist. Period! She doesn’t like African-American, Asian-American, or even gays. You want her to win, I’m sure I don’t. She deserve to be evicted next week.

      1. I’m not disagreeing with you at all. what im saying is hopefully once they leave this house and see all this media and watch the show they notice what kind of person they are the actions they’ve done have hurt others personally and change who they are. I’m glad cbs didn’t hide this because it would be condoning racism, better to show it so people understand it and are not ignorant to other cultures. Its just sad that our generation acts like this and people with an education it just baffles me. I’m just glad those who are being targeted aren’t putting themselves to that level. At the end of the day those persons have to live with themselves and action and know they have hurt someone to me that the worse punishment.

        1. I agree I am glad they show it and hopefully once they watch themselves they will be horrified and want to change, but CBS needs to show it all and not just the 22 year old idiot. Show Spencer’s racial and hateful remarks, Jeremy’s, Gina Marie’s, Amanda’s, McCrae’s, Kaitlin’s, Elissa, and even Howard and Helen using the GD word and Howard swearing on his religion. I mean Dan got demonized last year for “swearing” on the bible but those two skate free. Show all of the houseguests the way they are not just a select few. At this point the only people I can stand are Nick and Judd!

    2. Ahhhhhh damn. You hustling Charlie, you hustling lol.

      But seriously, do you read what you type or were you just trying to be ironic.

      1. wow lol I can’t type today sorry about that but, I just hope when they leave the house they look in the mirror and say wow do I really wanna be this racist person and change who they are. Im just glad the persons being attacked with these comments haven’t come down to their level. Like I say Karma is a bitch. and Karma in the big brother house is a bigger bitch :) team AMANDA

      1. omg really What I said was we all everyone in this world we all pre judge someone. its nature, But what doesn’t make it right is to say those things out loud and those houseguest and will live with themselves. That what Ive been saying

  3. Elissa, what are you doing! Now you will evicted, I lost all the respect you. I told you get Kaitlyn or Candace. Thanks for destroying your sister legacy. When are you going to learn that get a Kaitlyn or Candace as replacement nominee.

    1. Only thing worse than her week one game play is her week two game play. At least she didn’t put up Andy or Candice…it could have been worse still.

  4. Not pointing any fingers, but someone is a dumbass for putting Nick up. Kaitlin was a solid chance of getting out this week.

    Jeremy’s bullying is working I see..

  5. I think the MC should vote out Helen. She is the Smartest one that can keep together Elissa, Candice, and Amanda. With Helen gone there will be less heat on the MC getting exposed.

      1. I think Nick will get more votes than Helen. Nick and Helen will both be safe.

        Elissa has what most people want…MVP. She is gone after this week, unless they can convince someone to switch over.

          1. The only possible way for MC to get Nick out without getting any blood on their hands would be to split their votes:

            Spencer, Howard, McCrae casting votes for Helen
            Jeremy, Kaitlin, Gina casting votes for Elissa
            Andy, Amanda, Judd, Candace, and Jessie casting votes for Nick

            This would be nearly impossible, but I still have my fingers crossed.

  6. Can I just say how Dan it was of Nick to go take a nap after his nomination. I don’t think he is related, but I do think he read his books.

      1. BS….Nick went to get under the blankie and CRY and try to regroup his EGO….he is embarrassed and needs to hide!!!

  7. Spencer: ‘McCrae.. Any grip he says he has on Amanda is non existent.. “
    Jeremy: “I know.. I heard about everything Howard told me this morning ”
    Spencer: “Did you hear that she threatened me today”
    Jeremy: “Today”
    Spencer: “here I’ll tell you”

    *** Feeds flip to the HOH WTF***

    WHAT???!!! Dying to hear rest of this conversation…..

  8. Just read that Spencer’s job is “under review” because of his online live comments. Of course, he’s railroad union… not much they can do to him. Anyone else hear this?

    1. He could only get fired if he has a fight with another union brother or he didn’t get enough time off for his BB stay.
      Nothing he has done will lead to his unemployment.

    2. Not sure if I missed something, but I heard the racist comments by Aryan, Ginemarie and Kaitlin, all cackling after they say such things, but all I heard from Spencer was extreme derogatory remarks about woman, but nothing racist. Did he join in making fun of people for their race?

        1. Spencer has also called women c*nts and every other vile thing he can come up with. He is not a very nice guy.

    3. Did anyone else read the post where Spencer said he used cocaine on the job. I did not hear this but if it is true Spencer will lose his job because if something would happen the railroad would be held liable with it on television where he stated that he did. Anyone else hear this?

  9. I think part of being a good player in this game is sucking it up and communicating with your enemies. As much as I want Elissa to stay, I wish she would’ve gone to Aaryn or Jeremy to find out what they were thinking as far as a replacement nominee. Maybe then she would’ve been steered in another direction.

    1. Totally! I had been thinking the same thing. She should have gone to Aaryn before she got MVP and said “I want to stay, I will put up anyone you want out and get all the blame for it, so long as I stay in the game.” Even after the POV changed nominations she had many opportunities to do something. As much as I despise Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin, Elissa’s game play is just straight up BAD. Maybe production put the MVP twist in the game just to get her some screen time. Awful game. Not sad to see her go but sad to see them “win” this week.

      1. and you really think elissa could have trusted aaryn to follow through? didn’t see that deal ever happening, not with the venom being spewed back and forth between those two.

        1. It’s worth a shot. At this point Aaryn is so emotionally driven she might have told Elissa to put up Kaitlin!

  10. Thanks CBS for letting Miss Racist to stay in big brother house. If I was a producer or executive, I will expelled her and will never return in big brother house.

    1. I think that CBS would have expelled her if she were the only 1, b ut it like 5 or 6 of them making comments. They would have to redo the whole season

    2. They are getting so much attention from this they love her in the house. Any publicity is good publicity.

      1. Well, Aaryn nation needs a reality check. She is going home next week and that’s karma for her. CBS needs a reality check that Aaryn is not a America sweetheart. If America pick the favorite houseguest, it will be Elissa.

  11. Honestly after seeing all the bigotry going on in the house I’m almost at the point where I don’t want to watch anymore. Elissa is one of the good ones, she is hated on because of who she is related to, nothing to do with who she is or anything. Aaryn blames her for evicting David but truth is she had no vote. Only a nomination. There were two other people on the block that could have left besides him after all. She is truly blind and ignorant. Its a shame Elissa is going home because I want half of them gone, I can’t stand listening to the shit that comes out of their mouths anymore.

    Its a shame the executives have to air them and put up with it. I hope they show everyone’s comments soon, its beyond disgraceful for them all and the show itself. Do Jeremy, Aaryn or any of them who spew that garbage truly expect to win MVP at all this year? Sorry folks but it won’t be going your way unless you make it til the end, and if that happens in a few weeks I will stop watching. I’m not going to continue to support such a racist bunch.

  12. so,she put up nick after all, what a stupid move…what’s next? the pandoras box?…BIG RED herself? plane flying over dropping a brick on helens head sending her home?

    1. I think he should be kicked out for the comments, shown on national tv to let everyone know how he is and be prevented from going on anymore reality shows but I do not believe anyone should lose a job over their ignorance on a reality show. One has nothing to do with the other unless he worked for CBS. I wonder just how many people out there wishing these people lose their jobs have skeletons in their closets that should cause them to lose their jobs as well. How many out there call others Hill Billies, Rednecks, Di**s, bit**es and so forth.

    2. We keep seeing more and more of Spencer’s issues with women….my guess is that it comes from a lot of rejection….that deep anger at women. I’m sure he doesn’t do well with them so as a defense he turned his lack of self esteem into anger.

    3. No you can’t it’s his right to call them cunts. It’s not smart on his part by any means but many men and women have fought and died so that he could call them whatever in the hell he wants.

        1. He is a total douche for calling women what he is but hey we didn’t all have a good upbringing. To say that he needs to lose his way to make a living over it is asinine to say the least.

      1. First amendment doesn’t just apply to the things we want to hear. He has every right to say it, but I assume he will stay single and pathetic all his life. But forcing people to lose their jobs based on everything they say is not something I would like, otherwise, most people who post comments will be in that same position. Speaking out of the other side of my mouth, employers have every right to let someone go because they don’t “represent” their company. Union Pacific will not fire Spencer because he is a woman hating jerk. Most of corp America would be fired if that was the case.

    1. Thanks for the link – Julie said CBS aired the comments because ‘they’ were driving the houseguests game – I do not get the feeds – but it doesn’t seem to me that these statements were driving the game – rather the comments were live and lit up the blogosphere which brought pressure on CBS to do the right thing – or am I missing something – if they are driving the game – that must be happening in the Diary Room. But I’m thankful that they have been aired and apparently there’s more to follow….

    2. Another free plug for BB I bet CBS is laughing all the way to the bank. The whole house will be full of em next year.

    1. also Kaitlin is pretty much useless as anything but an ally (and vote for) Jeremy and the house desperately needs to weaken Jeremy by taking out his strongest allies if they are ever going to get him out….agreed Kaitlin would have been the best choice and probably the only person that elissa’s side could muster enough votes to evict

  13. It’s not a stupid choice if Helen, Candace, Amanda or Elissa can expose the boy band and have the girls to band together as a group.

  14. Jeremy is the closest we have seen to Will since Dr. Will himself. Jeremy is more thug agressive but many similarities. Jeremy seems to actually bang the girls, Will always seemed boyishly scared

    1. Uhm Jeremy is just about the worst player this season. He has nothing on Dr. Will, he has a horrible social and strategic game, and Dr. Will never even won competitions, which is the only thing that Jeremy can do. What similarities?

    2. You either have to change your name or rewatch Will’s seasons. Will was NEVER aggressive. He was a charming shit-stirrer whose psychological game was that he really didn’t care if he won or lost, but could spin people to see things the way he wanted. Will would love to play this season with a guy like Jeremy because he would spin his emotions into one big knot, then have Aaryn and Kaitlin vote him out.

  15. She nominated Nick…SMH. If I were Elissa I would have used Aaron’s attraction to Jeremy to my advantage. I would play on Aaron’s vanity and tell her how they would make an attractive and powerful couple. I would offer to nominate Katlin and rally the house guests to evict her. If they did, Jeremy would be mad at me, not her. Her competition would be gone without a single drop of blood on her hands. Or, depending on the vibes, I could present it in another light. Getting rid of Kaitlin would rattle Jeremy so he’d flip out putting an even bigger target on his back. My Daddy taught me Manipulation 101 when I was a kid….it’s not rocket science LOL

    1. But you’re basing this on what we know, not what Elissa knows…and you’re misreading that. Elissa has no play with Jeremy, Nick, and the mean girls. Plus she thinks she has votes because she’s taking everybody at face value and has ZERO read on other people to play to their motivations. She’s letting Helen do all the work (which ensures Helen will be following her out the door) and just assumes everybody wants Nick out because he’s Dan’s cousin (hilarious). I don’t really see a play at this point, other than let Helen scheme and go full out Evil Dick/Rachel and antagonize Jeremy, Nick and the mean girls into making a mistake and show the other HG’s that she’s might risk her MVP being such a bitch and being an even bigger target so the other HG’s know that Jeremy, Nick, and the mean girls will have no interest in evicting anybody else until Elissa is gone.

      But she thinks she’s safe, when she’s in deep danger…and when you’re in deep danger all you can do is survive that week, the future and everybody else be damned. So if Helen has to go instead of her, then she has to be willing to go for it…and if she’s not, then she doesn’t deserve to be there.

      1. this was a bad decision not based on we the viewers know but what elissa knows or should know. if she were playing a better game, she would know that what some of the house guests are telling her (i.e. face value) regarding who they are voting for is a lie. nick is a mystery and what people think about him is just as clouded in mystery. it is easier to convince people of what they do know which is that Kaitlin being aligned with Jeremy can only hurt their game. It would have been easier to get rid of Amanda too, but I can completely understand why she didn’t nominate her, and I wouldn’t have either in her situation.

        1. This was a terrible decision! I know it’s easy for us on the outside to see what’s going down but you can decipher a lot by people watching and human nature. Helen was on the right track about an alliance…hope they follow thru with that theory. I like Elissa…was hoping she’d play a better game than this :(

  16. elissa made a bad choice in nominating nick bc she doesn’t have the votes to stay and won’t get them either, she is just not great at this fame. but the house is making a bad decision in taking out elissa over nick — they are not going to get many opportunities to get out stronger male players as the weeks go on. to me, this is so obvious, elissa is no threat whatsoever, in fact the HGs dislike her so much, why wouldn’t they want to take her to final two!! only Amanda and Helen seem to realize this. but idk something must happen to people’s brains when they get inside that house bc they seem to play emotionally and lose perspective of pretty much everything.

  17. Gina really isn’t smart. You’re playing to win a half a million dollars. Why would you say you want to play with the best? The best that could eventually beat you to that money. People should not be allowed on this show if they aren’t in it to win. David probably sealed his fate in the viewers’ eyes the minute he said he came on the show only to have a showmance. And Elissa said she doesn’t want to win, just wants to have fun? Why? While I’m happy you’re still there to piss off Aryan and Jeremy, why on Earth would you do this show in the first place if you don’t want to win? These two people took spots away from more people who are eager and would be grateful to have the opportunity to compete,

    1. You have to appreciate that there is a glossary full of BB cliches that HG’s every single year dip into without any self-awareness and often any knowledge of what these cliches really mean. This particular one “I just want to play with the best players” is simply a pure ego stroke both for the person saying it and the one they say it to. It also plays into the idea that for the person saying it, both herself and her allies are by osmosis the best players simply because she wants to play with them and she only wants to play with the best.

      At the end of the day, Elissa and David, I believe said they just wanted to meet a girl and have fun to play to HG and audience alike to be non-threatening and likable. It’s the Dr. Will tactic of I don’t really care if I win…except he meant it and took risks that proved it. For David and Elissa, it’s just a cliche.

  18. ok,candice wins HOH puts up ayayn & germey, judd wins mvp HA! keeps it a secret & puts up spencer, lets see how tight the boys are then…yeah,sounds like a plan…oh & andy wins pov,keeps noms the same…

    1. there was no physical violence, and there were multiple offenders

      if you evicted one you would have to evict all the offenders

      not gonna happen

      1. yeah but can you see CBS actually giving this girl the $500K if she wins – or to Spencer or GinaMarie for that matter. I saw the Talk this morning and Julie Chen is pissed and more than that, deeply hurt and offended. Her husband basically owns CBS so do you really think they are getting the money. Aside from personal insult, imagine the backlash from sponsors and the public and what it would do to CBS reputation? It would be seen as rewarding bigotry/racism/homophobia/misogyny. It sends the message that you can say what you want in the House under the viewers’ purview bc at the end of the day you might win 500K. Not good. They should get them out sooner rather than later so they can’t offend anyone else. I also think Kaitlin should be included for her racist comments – and whoever else made them at this point.

        1. its a tough scenario – thats the risk of producing a live show which is meant to show people from many walks of life 24/7 – at least cbs addressed it when many thought they would not

      1. f*ck jeff/jordan and britney. Would love to see Boogie or Will but we wont and it better not be that wrestler douche Jessie. I’m thinking it might be Frank

      2. Nah, it won’t be Rachel, they wouldn’t do that to the HGs, because if Elissa stays, they’re going to be on her even worst.
        Jeff and Jordan is a good guess though.. I’d rather it be Evel Dick though for the LULZ

        1. I am thinking it’s going to be Jeff because he has a new show with CBS where he will be interviewing the evicted house guest..Just a guess I could be wrong

      3. I think that it’s Jeff. Jessie will probably show up in a Pandora’s Box a little later in the season

  19. Amanda looks like Sylvester Stallones late son Sage. I’ve lost any attraction to her after picking that up.

  20. only person I like more than Elissa is Nick…and he is nominated. Well F$cX this sucks!!

    I think Elissa will go

    BUT come back in a couple weeks.


  21. I think I figured out what the BB15 twist is this year. Elissa is Rachel’s sister, Gina Marie said she is related to Bill Clinton, Nick said is older brother is Adam, and another poster said he is Adam Levine”s brother, then perhaps some or all of the players are related to someone famous.

      1. Would someone please feed her hungry starving lonely beaver. this girl is going to explode. shes kinda hot too, whats wrong with these guys?

        1. Howard is gonna be all up in there soon… and Aaryn Nation is going to have something else to talk about..

  22. It was said earlier, but I think Elissa leaving is actually better for her in the long run – get the hell out of hell while she still has her wings….

  23. Nick wont be a dummy like David, and just assume that because he has the MC that he wont need to campaign. Time to put in the work.

  24. I think I figured out the twist, Elisa is Rachel’s sister, Gina Marie said she is related to Bill Clinton, Nick said his brother is Adam {in fact he emphasis his brother name was Adam {Adam Levine, according to another poster} which explains why he thinks with Elisa gone he will get MVP} Perhaps all or most of the players are related to someone famous.

  25. Did you guys see “The Talk” today with Julie Chen? She says that her Twitter has been going crazy concerning the comments racists comments ffrom the houseguests. She says she has not responded, but will respond now! She showed the audience clips of the show last night a bout the racists comments. Julie says “When I first found out that Aaryn, who is a 22 yr old girl made anti gay, anti black, and anti asian comments, I have to be honest, you know the Asian ones hit me the most. It stung and I took it personally, I’m a human being and the sad part was that it took me back to the 70’s when I was growing up in Queens and being called Chink, but it took me back so many years and I haven’t heard comments like that. The year is 2013 and there are still people in this country who feel that way. Afterwards, it made me sad because she’s 22 and college educated “. All of the other panelists made statements of how they took it personally. They said that they were glad CBS aired the comments so that people can see how they really are. Julie Chen went on to say that the reason thatCbs aired this is because it shows how this is affecting how the other players want to see her gone and it’s driving the story. I think that had the whole segment.

    1. Why do you think that CBS only aired Aarny’s nasty comments and not the rest of the houseguests? I mean Gina Marie has said nastier things as has Jeremy, Spencer, Amanda, and others? Strange that they just are blaming Aaryn and not showing the nasty sides of the others as well. What does college educated have to do with not being a racist. Racist are college educated as well as not. Think Aaryn learned how to be a racist at home or probably at college. Education, money or fame have nothing to do with not being a racist! I mean look at Alec Baldwin, and yet he is being defended because some people say but he is such a great actor. Sorry, but racism is racism and exist in every aspect of America just as being a disgusting human is who insults women does too like the example of Spencer!

  26. People are just hating on Aaryn because of her good looks. You all wish you were as beautiful as her. So what if she said a few things. We all have said racist things before. I think that the people hating on Aaryn is just a very vocal minority. When she comes out people will see how much support she has. Team Aaryn all the way!

    1. Aaryn is very beautiful on the outside, but her insides are so dark and ugly. Her looks can open the door, but her mouth and heart will shut it

    2. “People are just hating on Aaryn because of her good looks.” – False.
      “You all wish you were as beautiful as her.” – Again, false. She’s the ugliest person on the inside.
      “So what if she said a few things.” – It hasn’t been “a few.” You’ve sure been tuning yourself out.
      “We all have said racist things before.” – False. And even most racist people would know not to spit out racial slurs like it’s nothing when cameras are on you 24/7. That’s incredibly stupid.
      “I think that the people hating on Aaryn is just a very vocal minority.” – If you consider 99% of America a “minority.”
      “When she comes out people will see how much support she has.” – …..which is none. Zero. No support whatsoever.

    3. She is a very pretty girl, especially when she doesn’t speak. As soon as she opens her mouth and spills all that vitriol out, she becomes hideous. It’s too bad her bad behavior will only be condoned by those close to her, that’s obviously how she has grown up. Having all of her bad behavior excused, see how well that worked out now the country hates her!! Don’t make excuses for her, make apologizes.

    4. How many supporter will receive when her racial comment huh! Exactly, she has no supporter and losing her job because of racist comment. How dumb and stupid are you? In America, we treat others with respect and understood their culture; however, for Aaryn, she is a totally a racist b$tch. She doesn’t deserve to win it and she will be evicted next week. So, Aaryn is got to go. Team MC alliance all the way.

  27. So far I have liked Elissa & I would like for her to stay. That said, thinking as a BB fan, her game play has sucked. I just don’t feel like she has even tried to stay in the house. She’s not like her sister at all. Rachel(or any other real BB player) would’ve went to the HOH regardless of how much they despise them & tried to make a deal with them. Think back to when Rachel hated Danielle, but still tried to make a deal to keep her & Brendon off the block, or last season when Dan AKA the best BB player EVER, went & made a deal with Frank. That’s what BB is all about. Pretending to be friends with your enemies, then stabbing them in the back the second they turn around. And if u don’t wanna do that then u definitely have to campaign to the house(u know the ppl that are voting)) to keep u & make 1 wk deals with them. Elissa really hasn’t done anything to try to save herself. If anything Helen has been campaigning for her more than she has for herself.
    All that said, I do like Elissa, mainly bc I dislike the other side of the house so much. So I’d like for her to stay. But from a strategic standpoint she really kinda sucks at the game. I also think she’s given up. The 2wks of slop & the non-stop judgement has done her in. She just wants to be home with her family & eat.
    ***** I just really really want Aaryn, Jeremy, Kkkaitlin, & Spencer to leave. I know that’s not gonna happen though. I don’t even have a favorite this season. Bc I think the whole cast sucks.

    Sidenote: Who does everyone think will get MVP when Elissa leaves??? I think it’ll be Nick or maybe Helen.

  28. I have a feeling there will be a vote to let one of the for evicted house guest back in a few weeks from now

  29. I agree with with you to some extent Willow….I can’t watch the Elissa abuse much longer….they treat her badly….I always see her cleaning up their messes in the kitchen…and listening to Aryan and KKKaitlyn continually ridicule her makes me sick. it’s like watching Cinderella be abused by the evil stepsisters…..I’m voting for Helen for MVP….I cannot get on the Nick bandwagon…..there is something abt him that irks the hell out of me…..I want Germy, Aryan, and Spencer out more than anything…I’m hoping for an 11th hour superpower that helps Helen, Candace, & Andy….used to like the MC but their vile and vitriol is sickening

  30. I agree with everyone about the comments these house guests are making are horrible. But don’t you remember when Evel Dick was on the show? He said horrible things about women and others and no one said much about it. BB didn’t learn anything from that season either.

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