Candice says Aaryn was being racist to the fish. She tries to not feed the black fish at the bottom.

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


12:40am Candice, Elissa and Helen are talking about past house guests like Evel Dick. Elissa says that she thought Evel Dick was really smart. Candice tells Helen that Aaryn was being racist to the fish. She says that the black fish are at bottom of the tank and the white fish at the top. Candice says that Aaryn tries not to feed the black fish. Elissa tells them about derogatory comments that Aaryn has made. Elissa says that Aaryn called McCrae – McGay and says that it would suck to be named Gay.


CBS Interactive Inc.

1am Elissa is talking to Nick. She tells him that she doesn’t trust him and says they had two opportunities. Nick tells her that he honoured her deal. Elissa says that she feels like he betrayed her. Nick asks Elissa to make a deal to keep him off the block. Elissa tells Nick that she is going with the house. Nick asks Elissa if she is going to answer his question about why she would nominate him in Jeremy’s place on the block? Elissa leaves the room. Nick motions to the camera that he is done with Elissa. He leaves the room and asks Elissa why she didn’t answer his question. She tells him that she did.

1:20am Judd talks to Elissa in the havenot room. He tells her that he was scared. He says that the people he thinks he is with aren’t talking to him. Judd says that he needs a backup plan. Judd asks if Elissa was putting him up and Elissa tells him no. Elissa tells Judd that he is goofy. Elissa says that Nick is sketchy. Judd says that Jeremy is coming so they end their conversation. Judd goes into the storage room with Jeremy. Judd tells Jeremy that Elissa didn’t tell him who she was nominating. He says that she just told him that it was not him. Judd says that no one talks to him other than Jeremy, Aaryn, Gina. Judd says that other people don’t talk to him so it tells him he’s the low man on their totem pole. Judd says that he didn’t know how other people are voting but that he would vote out Elissa. Judd says that he still wants a Final four deal they talked about with Jeremy. Jeremy says that he has looked out for Judd since the beginning and there are more numbers and people are stronger on Jeremy’s side. Jeremy says we have six, they have four, and there are two floaters. Judd asks who the floaters are? Jeremy tells him Spencer and Howard who he kind of has but he doesn’t have a team deal with Spencer and Howard. Judd says you have a team deal with me. Jeremy tells Judd that he would take him far in the game.

1:50am Out in the backyard – Judd is talking to Howard. Howard tells Judd he has stayed away from him so that they don’t put Howard, Spencer, and Judd together. Judd says that he understands and says that he doesn’t want to play for jury. He says that he is playing to win stuff and that he is not here to be fourteenth either. Judd says that he is going to get all the heat again on Wednesday. Howard asks why? Judd says because they think I’m voting with them. Howard says that last time Judd admitted his vote but says this time don’t admit it. Judd says that he selfishly wishes that Elissa would put someone other than Nick up so that he could pin the vote on Nick. Judd says that he also wants to get Nick out because he feels Nick is a twist and Nick that has a lot of diary room sessions. Judd said he is still 100%, so don’t doubt me. Judd says that he just doesn’t want people not trusting me.

2:20am In the storage room – McCrae, Amanda and Andy are talking. Andy says that Candice will do whatever Helen wants in terms of the votes. He says that he thinks Candice could be the swing vote they need this week to keep Elissa. Andy says that there are benefits to getting rid of Elissa but he also things there are a lot of dangers to getting rid of her. He says there is something is up with Nick. Andy says that Elissa has a 100% chance of getting MVP and it would be crazy to get rid of her when it’s a sure thing she will get MVP. Amanda says that she wants Andy to confront Spencer tomorrow and tell him he knows he is behind trying to get Amanda up on the block. Andy says that he thinks they have taken the MVP twist and used it to it’s full potential. They end their conversation and leave the room.
CBS Interactive Inc.

Up in the HOH room – Aaryn is complaining to Gina that she wishes she could sleep in the HOH room without Jeremy and Kaitlin. Gina tells her that she thinks she should just ask them and tell them there is enough room in the rest of the house for them to sleep. She tells Aaryn to tell Jeremy and Kaitling to ask them on Tuesday if she could have the room to herself on the last night before her HOH is over. Aaryn says that she thinks Kaitlin might think that she is moving in on Jeremy. Aaryn says that she doesn’t give a sh*t about Jeremy. Aaryn says that she cares about her game. Aaryn says that she thinks that Kaitlin is more of a distraction for Jeremy in the game. Aaryn comments on how Kaitlin was picked up by casting in a bar. Gina says yeah, more like a strip club.

2:45am In the storage room – Howard and Amanda are talking. Amanda tells him that Helen told her Spencer was trying to get the MVP to put Amanda up on the block. Howard says that he doesn’t think Elissa as the MVP will put her up. Howard tells Amanda that Candice has it out for her says that she is expendable. Amanda says why the fu*k would we get rid of Elissa? Amanda says tells Howard how important it is to keep Elissa because she’s going to keep getting MVP. They talk about Nick going up and going home. Howard says that he thinks Nick and Jeremy have some deal. Amanda says that she thinks Spencer and Jeremy have a deal. Howard tells Amanda that he has been noticing Helen talking to Aaryn. Howard tells her that they will get Nick up and then they will vote him out and keep Elissa. Amanda says that we control the votes as long as Elissa is here. She tells Howard that if Elissa is gone then it makes sense that whoever gets MVP would put Howard up. Amanda warns Howard that people know how strong he is and think he is throwing competitions so they would nominate him as MVP. Amanda tells Howard she trusts him. They hug and Amanda leaves the room. Howard laughs to himself.

3am Out in the backyard – Spencer, Howard and Amanda are talking. Howard tells Spencer what Amanda told him. Spence is annoyed and says that Amanda must have some kind of dislike for him because has is explained this to her multiple times. Amanda tells him that she heard from Helen’s mouth that Spencer asked if Helen would vote out Amanda if she was the MVP nominee. Spencer says even if he had issues with her, he would never go after her because of his respect for McCrae. Howard says that they all would have trusted Helen’s word up until she ran up to Aaryn’s HOH and started talking to her a privately. Amanda and Spencer agree. Amanda talks about why its better to keep Elissa as she keeps getting MVP every week and says that she will always be a bigger target. Spencer says that it may not be the smartest game move but it’s most likely that one of us will get MVP. Spencer says that Elissa lied to him about winning MVP this week. Amanda says that Elissa still nominated who they wanted, despite who she wants to tell. Spencer tells Amanda that he likes her and McCrae and wants to work with them. Amanda talks about wanting Elissa to stay. She says that she is worried that Nick will get MVP and put up someone from their side. Amanda says that Jeremy is a huge fu*king target anyway so whoever aligns with him is retarded because he will get nominated and win the POV. Amanda says that Nick is a shady motherfu*ker and a huge player for the other side. Howard agrees that he is shady but not that he is big player. Amanda leaves and Howard and Spencer talk. They talk about who to pin the votes on to evict Elissa so that Amanda trusts them. They consider pinning it on Andy, Judd or Candice.

3:40am In the bedroom – Amanda tells McCrae that she is keeping Elissa and tells McCrae that he can vote however he wants. She tells him she is going to see how the house falls the next couple of days but that she isn’t going to vote out a sure thing with Elissa getting MVP each week. Amanda says that she doesn’t understand why everyone is falling for what Jeremy wants. Spencer joins them to go to bed. McCrae and Amanda leave the room and head out to the backyard hammock. Amanda tells McCrae that they need to show their loyalty to Elissa and Rachel’s fans. Amanda says that even if Elissa is going they need to vote to keep her. Amanda says that Nick is a shady fu*k and says that he needs to go. Judd joins them on the hammock.

4:45am – 5:20am Judd tells McCrae that Elissa has been nothing but nice to me since the beginning. I am not going to vote her out, even if people change their minds. She has even cooked me food when she was a havenot and couldn’t even eat it. Amanda says its not fair that they have a mega beast warrior and we have Elissa. Judd says that Jeremy knew he would be safe when he gave the HOH to Aaryn and that he could compete next week. Judd says that his heart stopped when Jeremy won the veto. Judd says that he isn’t scared of anyone in the house, let someone hit me and they’ll get expelled. Judd comments on how McCrae has been quiet. McCrae says that he is just tired. McCrae says that he is worried that Spencer isn’t voting out Elissa and that they won’t have the votes to vote out Elissa. McCrae says that he doesn’t want to be a marked man. We still have time to see where Spencer’s vote lies. Judd heads inside. Amanda and McCrae talk about random things. Amanda tells McCrae the she is falling for him. McCrae says baloney. Amanda and McCrae get up with the blanket over them and make out. They then head inside to bed.


6:35am All the house guests are still sleeping..


9:00AM Everyone up getting ready nominations are coming soon

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Beaver Lips

Get your freak on Pizza Boy!


I do wonder if McCrea never won the 1st HOH…would Amanda still be all over him. Me thinks NOT!


Amanda tells Howard she trusts him. They hug and Amanda leaves the room. Howard laughs to himself.

too funny


Amanda is making the target on her chewbacca back so large by constantly trying to save elissa, and annoying all members of moving company…she will very soon be gone…first elissa will be gone for threatening nick, then amanda will be out of there in the blink of an eye for being annoying, and aggressively overplaying and possibly going against mccrae and moving company

by the way one of the biggest reasons why amanda keeps trying to save elissa is to get mvp votes down the line so she is being super fake, same with andy…its all an act America – amanda and andy are trying to con you so they can get mvp votes, dont fall for it…the vote is for best player anyway, so vote for best player, not who you like most for mvp


I notice last night during the nom ceremony, Aaryn made Candice and Howard the last 2 people safe from being put on the block. I can’t wait for her to get out of the house to see how much she is really hated by a lot of people. I’m pretty sure her parents are quite proud od how they raised her. Racism and bigotry are learned behaviors probably taught by her parents. This is the worst cast to me in BB History. I paid for the live feeds and only watched for less than a minute because I couldn’t stand the venom that comes out of these people’s mouths


I see some of the Aryan Sisterhood must be coming in and giving thumbs down to comments against the Nazi.

Beaver Lips

So she is racist because of her ceremony order lmao. Man some of you people kill me with this crap.


I work nights, so I just got to watch last night’s CBS show. I was shocked that they showed any of the racist comments that were made, and I give them kudos for doing so. And believe me when I say, this is not a defense for the racist barbie. But they definitely singled her out, considering many others made racist comments. Though, Aaryn has been by far and away the biggest offender. All and all, I was pleasantly surprised that CBS showed any of it.

I definitely enjoyed last nights show and watching the Racist Barbie cry over David’s eviction was TV gold. Of course, those tears will be nothing compared to all the tears she will shed when she gets out of the house and realizes what her time in the house has done to her real life and how the BB fans feel about her.


I was totally surprised that CBS did this. Maybe Julie Chen and her husband were so offended by these comments that they decided to put them on blast to make sure that they don’t get MVP or America’s favorite HG in the end


they dont need to do that regarding them not getting mvp as elissa has that guarenteed to her anyway

lol what

aaryns even racist to the innocent black fish lmfao she is getting out of hand but anyways elissa just needs to put up Kaitlin just make it easy for this week bc idk if she can beat nick although it will be close


How exactly do you not feed some fish but feed the others when they are all in one tank?

Charlie Hustle

In an Ayn Randian fantastical Utopia lazy black fish would only eat by their individual talents and efforts. None of this socialist, come one come all feeding. Unless of course the black fish are Jews, then they loaded and have it made.


She’s fucking evil. 🙂


I’m confused. Is the Moving Company voting out Elissa? cuz I’m confused about Howard, Spencer and McCrae…


yes they are


Anyone think CBS will kick aaryn off the show for all these racist comments?


Considering they didn’t bother to call her out for cheating…I doubt they will do anything about her comments.

Amandas Vagina

All of you are just jealous that I’m on BB and you are stuck at home in the same ole routine. My two friends upstairs made their BB debut last night but my turn is coming soon.

Sweeties EX

Hi loosie goosie. Remember me? I “was” your boyfriend from about a few months before silicon up until about the second day of BB15.

Just love your chutzpah thinking I might be jealous about you being on the show flashing your ugly rack for the whole world to see. Truth be known, that gives me up to 90 days to get as far away from you as possible.

BTW, on a scale of one to ten you were about a *2* before silicon (and that’s being generous) and about the same after.

Enjoy your pizza while it lasts—–sweetie!


Wow, Aaryn doesn’t want to feed a poor fish because it’s black! What is wrong with this girl? I mean, everyone knows their are racist people in this world but, I’ve never heard of somebody being racist towards an animal! Their are NO WORDS for this girl and her dirty mind! I’m praying to the BB Gods that some miracle happens so that Elissa stays and sticks it to her and Jeremy! I would LOVE it!

Charlie Hustle

Aryan is making a caricature of white priviledge. This will not contribute to a larger discussion on race.


oh man, last nights episode was brutal.
gigi is soooo annoying. can that woman not keep her mouth shut for 2 seconds! she is a dog that has never been trained, her family must be sooooo proud. Im so sick of aaron and jeremy. this show is just so hard to watch now, i don’t even know what to make of it!


too many alliances and wayyyy too many lies being told for week 2….MC is going to fall apart/be exposed big time!! They think no one is on to them….meanwhile if Howard and spencer try to pin the votes on candice, andy and/or judd that is most likely going to backfire on them….theyre getting a bit too cocky considering they have so many potential fractures…

Bring back the GLASS BOX

I LOVE AMANDA AND MCRAE. to hell with the moving company… that ship has sailed. I like Howard too… cant wait for him to go beast mode and get Jeremy the hell out of there!


i like amanda not mcrea reason why he will do what ever jermmy tells him even vote out amanda if jermmy wants that why would you do that to a person who with you 100 percent if he tell jermmy to let kiklan go jermmy will say no way mcrea is a dumb dude in the house he dont do what he wants he do what they want then when they trun on him he say mean i should listen to amanda who was your friend in could of been more but now i will go home in will never see moving company agian wake up they using you if david would won he would of been in the moving company not you on reason you in cause you won hoh so you want nom them you are dumb i hope you be the first to go out of the group in what you did to elissa is wrong she truts you do you like men or womn mcree by the way go wipe jerrmmy asss


“Amanda says that she doesn’t understand why everyone is falling for what Jeremy wants.”
Yea, that’s because they are all working with Jeremy. I give Amanda 48 hours to figure out what her boyfriend is up to, then her time is up.
I just hope they split up and both end up in Jury. Please let this happen.

As for the rest, Spencer and Howard are losing their grip on their puppets. Can’t blame them Jeremy and Aaryn have made every one’s lives miserable.
Also, there is on way Spence will be able to pin the votes on the floaters….not when they are that unified in their beliefs.

I for one wouldn’t mind if E stays or goes, she’d probably be happier out of the house. Plus there would be alot of “I told you so” next week when it comes to mvp time. They’ll be begging for elissa.


Spencer is fucking crazybover CANDICE ..I swear..

And howard and spencer are so fucking stupid!!
They are most likely gonna blame the vote to evict
Elissa on candice?????

And they both along with helen are trying to keep ELISSA

If they blame candice IT WILL BACK FIRE..
Spencer ALWAYS have It out for CANDICE smh.


Charlie Hustle

Which Candice? Black Candice?


I am beginning to like judd a lot




Does anyone think that there could possibly be no elimination this week or is that too unlikely even for Big Brother? Production could acknowledge that Jeremy and Aaryn cheated and remove Aaryn as HOH. This would keep Elissa in the house for another week and keep the drama going for them.


no elissa is undeserving of further rigging

if she is evicted she has to go, simple as that


If they rigged for Suzette, they can rig for Elissa.


they can do it, but it would be utterly ridiculous if they did – it would make the show look so false and fake and further make the other house guests feel that production are favoring her over them

Charlie Hustle

I hate heavy handed interference by BB. I don’t think Jeremy and Aaryn cheated by rule, however, did violate the spirit of the rule. The transfering of the spillage on their hands should have been dealt with immediately, or not at all. With all of that said, they could still find some way to stall eliminations or insert a twist that would change the HG’s votes.

The suprise past HG might offer some perk or punishment. Anything is possible…expect the unexpected…even major BS.


alot of fans would lose respect for the game as it should be played if they played favorites to that extent so early

if it happened it would be blatant staged rigging on a level similar to wrestling


on this big brother 15 i will never ever give jermy or kiklan or spencer or howard or mcree or nick mvp i will give it to helen, andy ,candice , but my first chocie after elssia will be helen let vote for her then but now its elssia who got the vote


in terms of your mvp vote…

think for a while, and consider who is the best game player with quality strategy, social game etc

i really hope all bb fans do this rather than vote for the person they like the most

if you dont do this you are not respecting what the mvp power is supposed to reward


Let’s be honest – MVP was put in place to make sure fan-faves don’t leave the game. Last year it was Frank. Perhaps they lost a lot of viewers after Frank got out and they want to avoid that this year. MVP is a popularity contest (much like most of this show).


so you are saying Julie Chen is not being truthful to the audience when she says, “vote for the player you think is playing the best game”?

and she should instead be saying, “vote for the player you like the most no matter how poor their game play has been”?

if i was a player in the game i would appreciate viewers voting on good game play, then players actually earn the mvp, and are rewarded for their efforts

A$$hole #1

*sarcasm* OMG I had no Idea black people were fish also, I’m so ashamed, I flushed my own people down the toilet *sarcasm*

Fuck You Aaryn Nation, America hates you with a passion… Enjoy Unemployment BITCH


Aryan keeps digging a bigger and bigger hole…she’s gonna need it to crawl into after she’s booted……she finds every opportunity to ridicule something……..McGay ? really…….to be fair though, CBS needs to show Spencer and Jerm saying all the wonderful things they say abt women(cough) …….Helen realizes that she can’t trust Spencer and needs to get rid of him and soon……rooting for her alliance if they can get it together….Jerm the worm makes me wanna puke…..this guy is vile……does anyone get the vibe that he is flirting with Aryan? Aryan already setting up KKKaitlyn….. me thinks she wants to replace Jerm’s queen with herself as well…… things are gonna get real interesting in the house because of all the side deals …something or someone is gonna blow up….won’t b surprised if the girls go wiggy on each other because of jealousy with their “men”……..the guys are playing most of these girls and they don’t even know it……or care, can u say KKKaitlyn ? If the girls were smart they would secretly band together..but won’t happen……


My top 5

1. McCrae
2. Spencer
3. Candace
4. Howard
5. Helen

Bottom 2

Jeremy and Aaryn…..I will stop watching if either of these scumbags wins show


Thousands of applicants for BB and this is the best cast they (Kassting) could come up with? Really?

Ditzy Bitch

Seems BB selected bimbos with long hair!! Let’s hope there is a competition that forces the ‘losers’ to shave their heads.


Well shaved heads in the house would by Aryan nation’s dream come true.

i say

i want mc and amanda to stay and go far, without them i quit watching, the racists should have been terminated and sent packing, not too good for cbs or bb15, they had to of violated rules here, rethink big brother, that is just not right to keep them in the house or on tv…..violation of rules…terms of policy, pack them up and get rid of them racists

Charlie Hustle

Everyone needs to calm down with the “Racist” talk. It is White History Month afterall. Aaryn is just embracing her priviledged heritage. CBS airing it is a positive…everyone, er, a lot of people celebrate it.


Aside from the racist comments, this season has the potential to be very interesting.
I like the Moving Company alliance so I have to tolerate Jeremy for now.
Am I the only one that cannot stand Andy. He is so annoying and will not STFU. Aaaaagh he is ruining the feeds for me.


yep andy is so fake and annoying – fake crying and false hugs are his favorite when someone is a bit down, he pretends to genuinely console people, to get on their good side

and he scuttles from room to room like a cockroache and pops up when someone least expects it

watching his act is hard to watch, whilst he sucks up to america/elissa fans/rachel fans in DR pretending to be elissas best friend so he can steal mvp votes once she is gone, the same thing amanda is doing


Yeah Aaryn, your the most hated houseguest in big brother house. First, you hate Asian people; second, you hate black people; third, you hate gay people; and now, you hate Animals. What is wrong with you? You know racism is wrong. Here is the quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Quote:”I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” Aaryn should listen to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Advice. Also, here is the other quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:” I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
CBS should listen to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advice and apply it to Aaryn. I would love to see Aaryn being evicted so everyone will booed heavily at her so she will cry like a little b$tch.


I think Aaryns comments are way overboard and she should be evicted from the game, but honestly the fish thing is total bs. How can she possibly be blamed for not feeding the black fish? It is not like she hand feeds these fish, she drops food in the tank like everyone else and the fish either come up to get it or it floats to the bottom to get it.


Maybe she’s throwing just a little bit of food to the fish she likes, right by their mouth.


She is putting food in the top of the tank where the white fish are, hoping they will eat it all before the black fish gets there.Apparently the black fish hangs out around the bottom of the tank. She is STUPID!! She doesn’t get it. She was talking about this and hoping that the fish would die. She even said maybe she would take it upon herself to kill a fish every time someone is evicted ! SHE IS CRUEL AND DUMB!! Yes she does think that she can prevent the black fish from getting food. Just because it doesn’t make any since to us thinking people over 10, does not mean it didn’t happen.


Thanks….. I was wondering. lol


It is not how she was feeding the fish it is what come out of her mouth.


Personally I want all this racism stuff to be done with.
CBS addressed it in last nights episode so enough already with the petitions. Some people are bigots…SHOCKER.
Big Brother is my favorite show so all this negativity is not good for the future.


yeah its unfortunate the focus on house guest comments are taking alot of attention away from some quality gameplay this season


I found this picture of MC and Janelle scroll halfway down page and you will see it…….


That link doesn’t show a picture of McCrae

Get Serious

Yes it does… look on the left in the profile pics. That is most certainly Janelle and McCrae!


Ohh.. I wasn’t looking at the profile pics Yeah I see it now


Janelle also tweeted that he was her favorite to win this season!


candice said AARYN being racist towards the black fish I WEAK lol just say AARYN put THE TWO BLACK KEYS LAST …… so much sub alliances so much lies so much drama ….


Is it just me… or was this season supposed to be “no floaters” and yet I feel that Elissa IS basically a floater. I like Elissa (WAY more than Rachel) but other than winning MVP (which she did nothing to deserve) she hasn’t done much. She doesn’t even think for herself when using the MVP. It seems the smartest thing would have been to put up the injured GM and win the Veto for herself. She sucks at competitions and hasn’t done much to win anyone over in the house (even the ppl that seem to like her). It just seems like she isn’t trying very hard and not to get on Aaryn’s bandwagon or anything but I’ve heard a few comments from Elissa that weren’t all that “sporting” either. She does seem just a tad stuck up. More than once, she’s commented that she would NEVER hang out with these ppl outside of the game and she didn’t even know Jessie’s name. Come on… you’ve been stuck in this house with these ppl for weeks already. Maybe trying to “fit” in just a bit might take some of the pressure off. Maybe a few would actually like you and not just try to use you as a weapon. Just a thought…

Get Serious

I have to disagree with you. Ellissa and Andy were neck and neck with Jerm & Aryan this last HOH, and not to mention the 1st HOH when she lasted way longer than most. As for asking for advice on who to nominate with her MVP.. I don’t blame her. She has been target #1 since day 1 she doesn’t want to rock the boat any further, might as well ask for input in hopes to secure she remains in the house. JMO.


Amen to every thing Cher.

Elissa is getting MVP just because of Rachel not for being a good player.
She sucks socially and at challenges, so I cant wait to see her leave.


Ironic, isn’t it. Rachel hated ” floaters” and her sister is a big floater that depends on Rachel’s fans to keep her in the game. Even with the power, she messes up, tells everyone she has it and puts up a player that can beat her in POV, when she is already on the block with her only real ally. I would have respected Elissa if she used the MVP wisely, but she hasn’t done that. RIght off the bat, she shouldn’t have told anyone she had it. Everyone knew Rachel’s fanbase would give it to her, she should have reminded people that Rachel and Brendan also have haters, even pointed out that Rachel and her have very little in common besides genes, and then tried to make it look like it was Jessie by putting up Aaryn first week and Kaitlin or Gina second week. Everyone knows that Jessie wants a showmance, and Nick and Jeremy were her first picks. If she played it right, it could have worked out and kept the target off her back, but she is so clueless she didn’t know what to do with the wizard power so she blabbed and asked everyone what she should do, and now she must know that virtually everyone that wants to keep her are using her as a weapon that can be discarded later on. I hated the idea of production bringing in another sibling, but next to the other girls, she wasn’t so unlikeable, I actually felt sorry for her last week, but now I realize that in a room full of normal people she is a stuck up airhead. How can you take a power and waste it like that? She deserves to go. Imagine her threatening Nick. LOL!! When Nick has McCrae, Howard, Spencer, Jeremy, Gina and Kaitlin’s votes. That’s all he needs, he doesn’t even need Jessie, Candace, Judd, Amanda or Andy. It will be hilarious when Elissa walks out the door.

Frank's Fart

Judd just telling Ellisa to put up Kaitlyn but she said it’s too risky. Smart of Judd. She actually may be the only one who could keep Elissa in the house.


Elissa and her husbandcomment image


“She has even cooked me food when she was a havenot and couldn’t even eat it.” …. That’s the thing with Elissa! many people do things like this as a social strategy or whatever.. but the girl is genuinely nice and harmless… I feel sorry for some of these houseguests I have no doubt that Elissa’s come out in the next couple weeks and just start tearing shit apart out of frustration… Haters better grab a life-vest.


Elissa is not harmless, she will get MVP every week for doing nothing. So why should the other HG not try to get her out.


I definitely get where you’re coming from but Elissa sharing blood with Rachel is one thing.. At the end of the day, the only reason why shes getting these MVP’s is because of the predicament she’s in. Rachel’s influence on Twitter is not the only reason why shes winning.. I realize BB isn’t fair, but this poor girl has been a target since Day 1 not because she’s a strong competitor, not because she has an amazing social, not because she is straight up shady, but merely because she’s Rachel’s sister.. They need to quit playing personally and open their eyes to the realization that there are major threats in the house and quit wasting their HOH power on Elissa and people like Candace, Helen and Jessie.. That may be acceptable the first week but second week, people need to start playing the game and getting the serious people out…

I realize there are other people in the house who SEEM to be more deserving of the MVP title.. but at this point it’s too soon to be giving it out to anyone because the whole house is either taking orders from the HOH or just going with the majority… I honestly don’t think that down the line(a few weeks in) Elissa will still be consecutively getting these MVPS. She’s only getting them because she’s the underdog right now.


I wish AG would let them all vote Thursday and read those votes off to the viewers. Telling whoever is suppose to be evicted that they have been voted off but due to some other issues they get to stay because they are eliminating aaryn. Talk about a big move on a reality show if they did that they would get their viewers back.

Charlie Hustle

I don’t think you could single Aryan out. Jeremy, Spencer, GM all have done or said as much as Aryan to warrant being removed. Finding any reason or any way just to let Elissa stay is weak. As weak as letting Rachel or Brendan back into the house just because.


exactly – if elissa is evicted then cbs should respect that the house wanted her out – 2nd chances in week 2 for a crap player would be insanity, as a big fan of the game i would think its such a gimmick if it happened

and no vote back in of the first 4 evicted either after the first month, just leave it alone

Charlie Hustle

The obvious twist from the mystery HG is that one or more HG (other than Elissa) have an association with a former cast member. Don’t know if that will change this weeks voting, but it if Elissa being related to RR is enough to throw the house into chaos, then a hidden connection should drive them nuts…though it probably shouldn’t.


Make Howard swear on the bible. If he lies, than he is a hypocrite and what is preaches in an act.


The MC has the opportunity to really solidify what they’re doing and while doing so entails some risk, it is manageable. First thing they need to do is NOT manipulate a close vote. Elissa and Helen have been almost as ham handed as Jeremy in their dealings with others and that provides them justification. After telling Jeremy he needs to insulate his side from Amanda, treating her like he does Elissa, Spencer and Howard go to Judd today and draw him in close (after Nick offers a deal to be each others mole, which he immediately reveals to Jeremy and the mean girls as cover), explaining that while Elissa has been an ally to Helen, Candace, and Andy, the rest of us have been put on the sidelines and expected to do as they say. The MVP is a good power but with Elissa it’s an unpredictable power. They get Judd to vote Elissa and tell him to keep it to himself until Wednesday afternoon.

McCrae sees the brewing threat to Amanda and he really needs to head it off. He needs to tell her to do what she thinks is the smart play, but tell her he’s voting Elissa. On Tuesday night McCrae reveals his Elissa vote to Judd in secret. Judd will bite and talk, most likely revealing Spencer and Howard, which is important as this provides the separation between the 3 MC and puts Judd out there as the facilitator of their consensus. Afterwards, McCrae tells Amanda it’s over and she can’t be seen on the wrong side of the vote. He tells her how Judd spoke to Spencer and Howard, then to him, painting Judd as the facilitator (and Judd will go along as he is dying to play).

Then on Wednesday, McCrae, Spencer, and Judd go to Andy, with Judd on point (they get him out as the frontman) and tell him they need him on board (even though he will see the deal is done without him once he confers with Howard). They ask him to let Candace and Helen know late in the day. Andy tells them it’s over and leaves it up to them if they want to tell Elissa. The MC shouldn’t blindside again this week because it will only put more heat on them. If both sides have been scumbagged, they become more likely to talk.

While Andy is telling Helen and Candace, Spencer, Howard, and Judd then go to the mean girls and Jeremy, putting them at ease and letting them know Elissa is kaput, while making very clear whoever follows is jumping on the winning team late, Then before the vote they go downstairs with McCrae and calmly explain to Helen that Elissa has just been too all over the place, making nominations with no consultation means she doesn’t trust them so how can they trust her. Howard can say Nick told him about Elissa’s deal offer, which makes them think she’s offering the other side to serve up him, Spencer, and Judd, since they’ve been out of her loop.

For Spencer and Howard, they shift the 7’s current dynamic. While getting Judd out front (remember how Joe responded last year to a little bit of power…Judd will put a target on himself, while the MC feed him lines), they also marginalize Helen and Candace (who are MC targets anyway) and give Amanda a very big test from Tuesday night to Wednesday afternoon, which if she fails, can be used to convince McCrae he has to be willing to let her go. At the end of the day, the mean girls will see Helen, Candace…and Andy and Amanda as threats. Howard and Spencer, through Judd, take control of the 7. With Elissa gone, Helen and Candace will either rock the boat or smartly realize their not in charge of the numbers and follow McCrae’s lead alongside Andy, which is to coalesce around Judd. So even if Helen gets MVP it will be from a humble position, rather than the hubris of Elissa and since the mean girls will have no doubt that Helen is after them, she will have no choice by to go to Judd and the boys, lest her MVP nomination be completely useless.

kickkin Chicken

You all have to admit that AARYN has a beautiful face, & cute little body, but she is using that 100 percent, to try to win BB. She has to realize, this is NOT a beauty contest for Miss Colorado, this is BB, and she is a spoiled little JEALOUS brat. She is so insecure of the other girls in the house, she just thinks her beauty will outshine all of them. She needs to grow up and face the reality of what she has done in the BB house. I personally think she is starting to WIG OUT and her mind is going crazy because she is starting to realize that everything she has said is NATIONAL NEWS and probably on every news feed/channel, and her Facebook page (by the way) is being trashed….Not to mention, she has been FIRED by both of her modeling contracts…and could stand to lose her past Teen title of Miss Colorado, as I’m sure America does not want their young daughters to look up to Aaryn as a roll model….

Helen and Elissa must be very embarrassed to be sharing space under the same roof as these trashy bimbos.

Andy, I like you, but you need to STFU, you talk too much and WAY TOO FAST, you are messing up the feeds….relax girl.

Jeremy has RINGWORM ~ ewwww

Amanda, you need to at least win a $ comp, so you can attempt to buy your self some dignity…

CBS ~ Do the right thing!! Take out the racist trash & ship them home.


Judd made it to my favorite houseguest so far. 😛 And I thought I was going to hate him

kickkin Chicken

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