Elissa says I think something is wrong with Aaryn, like mentally she isn’t all there.

POV Holder: ? Next POV June 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


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8am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Elissa and Helen are in the have not room complaining about how loud Big Brother blasts that music in the morning. Big Brother stop talking about production. Helen comments on how neat Andy is. She questions if Judd even sleeps in the have not room because she never sees him in there. Meanwhile in the lounge room – Howard gets into the photo booth and does a morning prayer.


8:15am – 840am Up in the HOH room – Judd tells McCrae that Spencer and Nick were out in the backyard talking for another hour and half last night. McCrae says yeah I don’t know. Amanda comes in and Judd starts telling her. Amanda says I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to hear it. It’s just paranoia! We’re fine Judd, we’re fine! Don’t start that shit. Judd says yeah I know, I don’t want too. I just wanted to get it off my chest that’s all. Judd leaves.

Amanda tells McCrae that she doesn’t know about that guy. McCrae says I know. Meanwhile in the havenot room – Elissa and Helen talk about Elissa’s conflict with Aaryn. Elissa says that she was worried about Aaryn attacking her all over the place. It was literally wherever I would go she would be talking about me. Helen says instead think that she isn’t talking about you. Don’t let it get to you, don’t let it mess up your game. Elissa says yeah. Helen says relates it to bullying and tells her if a bully isn’t given any attention they will move. Not that she is bullying, but that she is bothering you. Elissa and Helen talk about making alliances early in the game and scooting out who you could work with. Elissa thinks something is wrong with Aaryn, like mentally she isn’t all there. Helen says don’t focus on her. Elissa says Aaryn even mentioned watching the Brenchal Wedding.. I am sure you did, I bet you have nothing better to do. Elissa says that she knows McCrae is putting her up on the block. Helen ask do you know that for sure. Elissa says yeah. Helen says just don’t flip out. Helen wonders why David threw the competition. Elissa says maybe he wanted to see if his alliance would vote with him. Helen says I don’t think he would risk it that early. Elissa says if you thought you were that confident that you were not the target, why would you try?


8:50am Judd, David and Aaryn go back to bed.



9am – 9:20am Howard and Andy are sitting at the kitchen table talking. Andy wonders if the veto meeting will be today. Howard thinks it will be. Andy wonders if the havenots will get to eat or if we have to wait until the end of the week. Howard laughs about no one caring about the veto meeting. Yo this is a serious moment.. Hell yeah it’s a serious moment I am sleepy, I’m going back to bed. Howard and Andy laugh. Andy comments on how it is day 9 for them in the house which make it so they are 1/10 of the way there. Andy says that he loves how this season is an all new cast but says he doesn’t like the MVP twist. My heart dropped when I heard that. Jessie comes through the kitchen and says veto ceremony this morning. Andy asks how do you know. Jessie says because I am all knowing. Spencer, Jeremy and David getup and walk through the kitchen.


9:25am Jeremy, Jessie and Judd are sitting on the backyard couch talking about their morning routines outside of the house. Andy and Spencer join them.


9:45am McCrae and Amanda are up in the HOH room. Jessie comes up and asks what McCrae is going to do with the veto. McCrae says that he is going to use it on Candice. Candice asks why? McCrae says because Candice is going to freak out and pull crazy votes. Amanda says you’re fine! You’re not going not going home. Candice says okay, I trust you. Candice leaves. McCrae tells Amanda that he took his glasses off to look Jessie in the eyes. I’m telling the truth when I take off my glasses. Amanda brings up how it pissed her off that Judd came up here with all that paranoia this morning. The only way this will work is if everyone is on the same page. He is going to fu*k this up, he is so annoying. What does he think he is going to be back doored? McCrae says he has been worried all week. Amanda asks why would we back door you?! McCrae says just relax! Amanda says act like you are paranoid and shaddy and you are going to get yourself kicked out of the bit*h. Amanda says I can’t believe you keep telling me to be nicer. Am I that mean. McCrae says you are a bit abrasive. They talk about the eviction. Amanda says that Kaitlin and Jeremy are going to make such a scene! McCrae and Amanda joke about their “fo-mance, no-mance – showmance”


9:50am Helen and Spencer are talking in the backyard. Helen is wondering what to say to Elissa. Spencer tells Helen that she needs to tell Elissa that you will do whatever it takes to try and save her. Helen says yeah that’s what I have been telling her.


10am – 10:10am McCrae and Amanda discuss the veto. McCrae is worried about messing it up. Amanda tells him to just go slow. McCrae says after the veto ..it’ll be 4 days of scramble time. They talk about how Judd is going to fu*k things up and that they will just use him time they don’t need him any more and then get rid of him. McCrae says yeah no one talks about you .. you haven’t been to the diary room in two days. Amanda asks what are you going to say if some asks about us? McCrae says what like Julie .. I’ll say that you’re a stupid bit*h. McCrae asks what are you going to say. Amanda says I’ll say what I have been saying that I like you and trust you in a house full of craziness. Amanda says I wonder if they will air the footage of us kissing last night. McCrae says I HOPE NOT! Amanda says HEY! McCrae says what you don’t want them to air that either. McCrae comments about people not believing he’s a pizza boy. Amanda says you’re smart and it’s like you aren’t fulfilling your full potential.


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Team Elissa thanks 4 the updates Simon


And dawg

Chilltown Fan

In some of these pictures of Elissa, it’s like Rachel never left the BB house or is playing for a 3rd time. Weird that I never found Rachel attractive in the face, but think Elissa is good looking.


I know right? Rachel was only attractive to me at some points, you know, when she had makeup on and didn’t cake it on.

Elissa’s beauty is growing on me.


I think that Aaryn just sign a death wish that Rachel 2.0 will screw her all over. Good Luck Aaryn, I hope you not be replacement.

Janele pov queen

Amanda your not the hoh!!!! Ugh if she become hoh I will not watch that week

not this again

hey Simon. Any chance you can put the names of the houseguests in their image so us folks with short memory spans don’t have to flip back and forth to see who you are talking about? …at least just for a bit until we get to know them all.

just sayin’


Half of me wants Elissa gone so they can all stop saying ‘Elissa, Elissa’ and start playing the game with new targets. The other half wants Elissa to stay, win HOH and kick their asses.


I go with the latter :)


I wanted to like Aaryn, but i dont see it happening , Team Elissa :)


I agree with Tori about the liking of Aaryn. When I first saw her, she kind of reminded me of a smarter version of Jordan, and I love Jordan because she so sweet. But now, I think that Aaryn is basically the mean version of Jordan and I hope her butt goes up on the block next week and goes home.


Btw thank you so much Simon and Dawg


Simon/Dawg any chance you guys can post the Canadian Slice version of after dark on youtube?

apparantly its uncensored without all the annoying muting of swearing

if possible that would be great, but if not then no problem


I wonder how production is going to save Elissa.


Same way they tried and succeeded in saving Rachel, “Pandora’s Box”, I guarantee sometime during this season when it seems like Elissa is heading out the door, Production will entice the HOH with another PB that will intentionally protect Elissa in some way.

Why waste the time of placing her on the show, if not at least making it for good TV? Not like she got picked in the same way the rest of them got picked, her being Rachel’s sister guaranteed her a spot on the show, same with Russel Hantz family being given a spot on CBS shows.

I just hope she doesn’t go too soon, eventually of course, but not anytime soon.

Cabbage Head

Dawg For MVP, in addition Howard seems to be staying out of the line of fire no one mentions his name. He is an obvious a physical threat.

King Silva

Wait, when did Amanda and McCrae kiss?


Whoa wait. Amanda and McCrae hooked up last night? And has Amanda left the HOH room since McCrae became HOH?