Andy asks Gina – What did you wake up on the wrong side of the cl!* piercing today?

POV Holder: ? Next POV June 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen

10:15am In the kitchen – Candice is making omelets for a bunch of the house guests. Jessie is doing the dishes. (Both trying to suck up before the veto ceremony.) Meanwhile in the living room – McCrae, David, Amanda, Andy and Spencer are talking and joking around. Big Brother tells Jessie to stop singing again. The living room group talk about Big Brother getting after them. McCrae says that he wishes people would get punished for breaking the rules. Gina joins them. Andy asks her how she’s doing? Gina groans. Andy jokes that she is out this week, I’ve been working all week to get you out. Andy asks did you wake up on the wrong side of the cl!t piercing today? David tells the others that he accidently
farted when a girl was giving him a blow job. He says that she thought it got in her eye.


10:30am – 10:50am In the havenot room Howard and Judd are talking. Howard tells Judd that he needs to watch what he is doing.. Just to give you the heads up, people think you are going around the house talking to different people and snitching. You’re all right, you just need to watch it. Judd says okay, thanks. Judd asks do you think Nick said something? Howard says no, it’s more the girls. It’s not a problem, I am just letting you know. Judd says the girls that are the problem are Aaryn and Kaitlin. Judd says after it happens (veto/eviction) there might be a war. Howard agrees. They break up their conversation and leave the room. Judd passes Spencer while he is taking his empty plate back to the kitchen and says what you aren’t going to give me your crumbs? They all laugh. The living room crew are still talking and joking around. Spencer says that if he saw Howard walking down the street with a pit bull he would turn around and run the other way. Spencer and Jeremy talk about joking around and putting saran wrap on the HOH toilet “for when Amanda takes a big’ol man dump.” They all laugh.



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10:50am Out on the backyard couch – Andy, Helen, Amanda Judd, Jessie and McCrae are talking about random things. McCrae heads up to play chess. Andy, Jeremy, Jessie and Judd are talking about the veto. Jessie tells them that McCrae told her he was taking off Candice. Jeremy says he better put up Elissa. And if I get HOH next week I am going to put her up again. I want to be here with competitors not people just floating around. Jessie says you fu*kers better not put me up again next week. Andy tells her that if he got HOH he wouldn’t put Jessie up. Jessie says yeah and I believe you because you’ve been honest with me. Jeremy leaves. Jessie says that if she won HOH she would just be honest with whoever she was putting up. They agree that if Jeremy was nominated he woulg go crazy. Jessie says that she would be too scared to put him up. Jessie and Andy comment how Nick scares them because they have no idea what he is thinking.

11:05am Spencer and Amanda have a talk in the storage room. Amanda tells Spencer that Judd is paranoid about him and Nick. They agree that Judd is the one in their group that is going to mess things up. He is too paranoid and shaddy. Spencer brings up how he was talking to Nick last night and Judd was peering out the window. Spencer says that he waved at him to come out but he didn’t. Amanda tells Spencer to reassure Judd. They break up the conversation and leave the storage room. Amanda heads out to the backyard. The couch crew start talking game with her and she tells them she doesn’t want to talk any game. She tells Jessie that she is fine, she has nothing to worry about. Amanda goes to get in the pool. Judd tells Jessie that if he hears her name he will tell her. Jessie says yeah same.


11:15am McCrae, Helen and Howard play chess outside the HOH room.


11:20am Amanda and Elissa are laying on the hammock talking. Amanda asks Elissa if she could use the MVP power (each week if she got it) to put up HG’s outside the ones that vote to keep her. Elissa says I don’t know. Amanda tells Elissa we’re saving you, can you do what we ask? Do you not want to stay? Elissa says I don’t know, I am just tired of it all. (Elissa doesn’t want to work with McCrae and Amanda because McCrae promised her he wouldn’t put her up and now he is saying he is going to. She’s told him that she won’t work with him or trust him if he does that.) Elissa is silent. Amanda asks her wants wrong, are you okay? Elissa doesn’t say anything gets up and leaves. Jeremy comes over and Amanda says I think she is bi-polar. Jeremy asks is she campaigning? Amanda says no she’s not even saying anything. Amanda heads upstairs.


11:25am Jeremy and David are working out in the backyard. They talk about how weird Elissa is being. Jeremy says I think she is bi-polar. Jeremy says you should have seen Elissa last night. I could have made the bit*h cry. Jeremy tells David that he shouldn’t be sleeping all the time because late at night is when all the sh*t talking goes down. David asks like when. Jeremy says every night dude. I was up there in the HOH at 3am last night just listening to all the sh*t talking. Jessie asks Jeremy so what are you not taking your girlfriend to the end? Jeremy says I don’t have a girlfriend. Jessie says yeah you do you have a girl that’s a friend in the house. Jessie says well you better not be talking game with her. Jeremy says what make you think I haven’t already. Jessie comments that all the guys in the house are hot. Jessie says even you’re hot McCrae, I wish you would deliver to my house. McCrae says yeah I wish I would have some stories to tell ..that’s why I got into that. Jeremy says the night before he got here he slept with his friends mom. Jessie asks why?! Jeremy says because she was hot. Jeremy says when I was 13 I slept with a 48 year old. Jessie asks what?! WHY?! Jeremy says because I wanted to, it was fun. Jessie says you know all old ladies have herpes


11:40am – 11:50amMcCrae and Jessie talk on the backyard couch. He tells her that she is fine, she has nothing to worry about .. there is no way you will go home. Jessie tells McCrae that he is making a great move getting Rachel’s sister out. kaitlin joins them and they talk about music.


11:55am Kaitlin, David and Jeremy are in the pool talking about the veto ceremony. Kaitlin comments that its smart of McCrae to tell Jessie that she is safe. Jeremy says this is how it could be just us. Kaitlin laughs and says and Judd… Just kidding.

12pm Amanda and McCrae are up in the HOH room talking. They talk about how they think David and Aaryn will be coming after them. Amanda asks do you think they would put us both up? McCrae says yeah. They are fu*king dumb and irrational. To be honest it would be a good idea to put me up. Amanda and McCrae talk about how Jessie called him hot. Big Brother calls McCrae to the diary room. McCrae says uh oh ..this could be it! (Veto Ceremony).


12:25pm Amanda comes out into the backyard and comments to Jeremy, David and Kaitlin that Jessie was hitting on McCrae. Amanda says why would you drive a toyota when you could drive a Porsche. Fu*king bit*h is acting like a wh*re! Kaitlin tells Jeremy that he better not go near Jessie again. Jeremy says he is staying away from her. Amanda heads inside and talks to Elissa alone in the storage room. Amanda explains to Elissa that they need her and want her to work with them. She reassures her that she is safe. Elissa says that she doesn’t know about McCrae. Elissa says that McCrae just gets nervous. Amanda says I swear on all things that are holy that this is the plan. I wouldn’t do that to you, America and all of Rachel’s fans. Elissa says that it’s just hard for me to believe its real because McCrae has lied to me so many times. Amanda says just think of it this way when we all make it to Jury we will be making like 13g’s because we are getting paid a $1000 a week. Amanda says this is the plan we will protect you because we need you! You are a very valuable person. We want everyone to be surprised when it happens. Amanda says that we will show you we can be a team by saving you. It will be us against those 5 and the floaters. Think of it, this can be fun. Elissa says yeah, yeah okay. Elissa leaves. Amanda says to herself I hope I can trust her.




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Why are they calling it ‘blowmance’?


Because they want to romance the other HGS then blow them up(evict) or they love the romance between lips and a penis? who knows, HGs on BB are always weird LOL

Canada Girl

Love it!!

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Hey Simon and Dawg can we all get some things cleared up.
Does Jeremy know he is in the MC alliance?
It seems that Nick is running this entire game from a distance ala Dan/Dr. Will. Is he?
Is Amanda gonna run to the HOH every week ala Sheely and Janelle from last year?
Where do Spencer and Howie really stand?
Are McCray and Nick the only 2 people really playing the game and everyone else is floating but thinking they are playing (Helen, Spencer, Howard, Judd, Amanda, Aaryn, and Kaitlyn?
In your opinion which players look like they are in the best position?
BONUS QUESTION? We know Jeremy and KAitlyn hooked up, but what about Aaryn and Dave/ Amanda and McCray?


Not Simon or Dawg but I just have to say this because it annoys me when houseguests and fans say it but even the people not in power like kaitlyn and aaryn aren’t floaters. They vote together and are in an alliance together. Floaters are people with no alliances who “float” to people in power. Spencer and howard are in the mc alliance so they aren’t floaters. Besides the first eviction hasn’t even happened it’s okay to be a floater for now. People making too many moves will be evicted soon. Nick might pull a brian from season 10 if he isn’t too careful.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

I agree but hear me out. Being a floater does not mean you are not in an alliance in my opinion. It means that the odds you are going to win a challenge are extremely slim and you are relying on others while praying lying gets you somewhere. Aaryn and Kaitlynn truly believe they can rely on Jeremy and Dave while Nick helps them further themselves. On the other hand you have Jeremy going around saying I can hook up with this bit** and I kick her out whenever. The majority of these people are clueless or playing way to hard. I truly believe the first HOH is never beneficial unless you were a target to leave if you don’t win. For that reason McCray needs to distance himself from Amanda a little bit so he can play a more balanced game. I really believe Nick is playing a mix of Enzo and Hayden and when push comes to shove he can win whenever he wants.

**Floaters has a more in depth meaning then you described it.


1. From what I’ve heard Jeremy is in the MC alliance, but is more of a fringe member who is only kinda in the loop. From what I’ve heard he seems to be in favor of voting out David.
2. Nick is playing the game pretty hard and has definitely given off a Dr. Will/Dan “master-at-work” sorta feel, but he has to watch it because playing the game this hard, this early, will get you in trouble.
3. I don’t know, but I will after the next HOH.
4. Spencer is playing the game as hard as Nick right now, but is more personable and relatable. Howard is probably the safest person in the House, no one talks bad about him, and he is a tremendous physical threat.
5. No, the only two floaters who aren’t really playing are Helen and Candace. Helen seems to have a solid connection with Elissa so far, which makes Candace is the only true floater.
6. As I said Howard is in the best position, but the best alliance is clearly the Moving Crew, if only by the fact no one knows they are an alliance. The Blowmance is going to explode even if David isn’t evicted and Bieber Fever and Boats ‘n Hoes are mainly dumbasses who play by emotion.
7. Aaryn and David are not as close as they were a few days ago, but apparently Amanda and McCrae hooked up last night in the HOH room.

Janelle pov queen

So Amanda and McRae kissing yuck


If I was David, I would convince McCrae to use the veto so there would be replacement nominee. David, good luck of being the dumbest houseguest ever.


This season is unravelling to be awesome! Hopefully everything stays exactly the same after the veto ceremony until Wednesday and everything goes as planned so the house is in shock!


I cant believe my favourites are the red necks and Howard


Why did they remove who the mvp is and 3rd nominee from the chart?


a mistake.. we’ll fix it in a sec thanks for pointing it out


in the chart to avoid confusion, it would be helpful if you included hoh noms before and after veto, and mvp noms before and after veto

also list whether the mvp is secret or known, and if known to the house – all the house or only certain people, and if so list the people…i know elissa has revealed to all the house she is mvp, but in future weeks this may not necessarily be the case


Could Jeremy possibly be worse?!?!


if the rule is correct that the mvp chooses the replacement nom if the mvp original nom is saved with veto:

at final 5, if the mvp is the one not nominated, and the veto is used, then the mvp will have to be nominated, and if the mvp’s nom is the one saved, the mvp will have no choice other than to nominate themselves to step into the replacement nom position


The MVP twist will probably end before then


i am not sure, but i had a feeling mvp was supposed to be every week


I was thinking that since normal twists end about week 3 or 4 that have more of an impact on the game, this one will make it farther but probably not past final 7.


Jeremy is a super douchebag.