Elissa asks GinaMarie if she could you ask Aaryn to stop attacking her personally.

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


12pm Elissa and Gina are in the lounge room talking.
Gina starts talking about how she and Nick have chemistry and that he doesn’t want to hook up in the house.
She says that she likes a guy back in New York and doesn’t want to ruin it with him. Gina then starts talking about the votes.
She says that she wants to compete with the best. Elissa says okay wait why are you talking about Nick.
Did someone say I said something about it? Gina says no, I just want people to know I like this guy at home and I know Nick isn’t here to hook up.
Gina says I don’t cheat on tests, I don’t lie, etc… Elissa says I have to be honest with you, when I first met you, you are an energetic fun girl.
It disappointed me that you made a connection with the mean girl Aaryn and I didn’t like that.
You are 33 years old.
Gina says that Aaryn reminds her of a girl back home that she helps out.
Elissa says when you said that my voice is like nails on a chalk board when I haven’t even talked with you.
Gina says that to be honest the people at home would be disgusted with that because I like to be positive about everything.
If I make fun of someone it’s just to bust someone’s balls. Gina says that she is sorry for the things she said.
They hug and leave the room.
Elissa says one more thing, could you ask Aaryn to stop attacking me personally.
Gina says yeah I will talk to her.


CBS Interactive Inc.

12:15pm Up in the HOH room – Andy, Kaitlin and Aaryn are talking. Andy talks about how last week he felt all alone. He says that no one talked to him and says that it was just like when he started college. Aaryn and Kaitlin are talking to Andy about how they think Nick is gay. Aaryn says that Andy should be able to figure out Nick because they’re both gay. Andy says that he doesn’t see it and if he was he would be jumping my bones. Andy heads down stairs. Kaitlin asks Aaryn if we put up Candice and Elissa, what if people send Candice home and we are stuck with Elissa again. Candice joins them. She talks about how hot it is up there. She sits there awkwardly and then leaves.
CBS Interactive Inc.

12:30pm – 1:10pm Aaryn says you know who of the past house guests will be my all time fan. Jerry (Jerry MacDonald from big brother 10 who called hated Dan Geesling and called him Judas all season.) I would let him grab my boob but I don’t have anything. Maybe when I win I win get implants and he can grab them. kaitlin laughs. Aaryn says what he likes to do that. Kaitlin says all week we need to look insanely hot. Aaryn and Kaitlin talk about how when they nominate Candice she is going to freak out. Aaryn says that she is going to take her HOH key everywhere she goes because I just don’t want her up here. Kaitlin says that he needs to stop being so comfortable. Jeremy comes up to join them. Kaitlin says that she thinks we should put up Candice up with Elissa. Jeremy says no she can’t compete. Kaitlin says that she is worried about going home. Jeremy tells her to look him in the eyes – he tells her that she is not going home. Aaryn tells Kaitlin that we need to act like we trust Nick or else we won’t get the votes. They agree that they need to stop telling Ginamarie that they don’t trust Nick. Kaitlin calls for Gina to come up. They talk to her and tell her that they can’t tell Nick that they don’t trust Nick. Gina says that she told Nick – I know you don’t like me that way but don’t play me dude! Aaryn tells them that she knew as soon as she saw Nick she knew he was there to manipulate. Aaryn says I know psychology like the back of her hand and knows something is up because she can read people. Aaryn comments that as soon as Nick gets home he is going to be a model, just like that. Gina says yeah he is amazing. Jeremy comes up and says that he got bit by a spider last night. Aaryn says maybe Rachel came in on a lease and bit you. Aaryn tells Jeremy – Texas state is proud right now, me and you! Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn head down to the pool.

1:15pm Spencer, Kaitlin, Judd, Gina, Jessie, Candice, Aaryn, Spencer and Andy are hanging out in the and by the pool talking about movies/Disney movies.


1:40pm Andy tells McCrae that they (Kaitlin and Aaryn) are getting super skeptical of Nick. So I am planting that seed hardcore. In the havenot room – Helen and Elissa are talking about the votes and the MVP. They talk about how they can’t let Candice in on anything. We can protect her but we cant tell her anything. Helen says that if we get the MVP – IF we put up Jeremy but he could win the POV. If we put up Kaitlin or Jessie they could win the POV and then they could use it and we put up Jeremy up. Hopefully the twist works in our favor. Helen says if we get MVP we can’t let Aaryn know we got it. McCrae is on our side. We will talk to Spencer and McCrae about what the best strategy is. If its Kaitlin on up on the block we should throw it and her and so that she takes herself off and then we put up Jeremy.


2pm – 2:25pm Up in the HOH room – Amanda comes up to tells Kaitlin and Jeremy that Elissa is throwing Jeremy’s name out there to put him up on the block if she get MVP again. Jeremy says that’s fine, I will win the POV and take myself off the block .. No actually I won’t use it and they we will vote her ass out. Amanda tells them that she thinks she can convince Elissa who to nominate as the MVP (if she gets it). They tell her to try and get her to nominate Nick. Jeremy tells Amanda that Elissa is throwing you under the bus. Amanda asks why are you going to put me up. Aaryn says we are putting you up, no one has said that. We have bigger targets. Amanda says that she thinking that if they nominate Nick using the MVP vote. He will win the veto and the either you or her (Jeremy/Kaitlin) will be back doored. Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. Amanda says me and McCrae will 100% vote on how you want us to vote. Aaryn says you, me, McCrae, Ginamarie and Jeremy were the 5 that voted for Elissa to go. Amanda says yes, I swear on everything that is holy. Aaryn says I believe you but we have to have each others backs. Amanda says that now I don’t even know if I have any influence with her if she is throwing my under the bus. Gina comes up and Jeremy and Amanda leave. Gina then heads back down stairs. Aaryn complains about her stomach hurting. She says it’s because of being stressed. Kaitlin tells Aaryn that you know Elissa isn’t going to put up Jeremy .. she is going to try and back door him. That’s the thing with this MVP. Big Brother blocks the feeds.


2:30pm When they come back – Gina, Kaitlin and Aaryn are up in the HOH room. They talk about how they found David’s tag. Gina is crying. Aaryn tells Gina that Nick is playing the fu*k out of you! Aaryn says us girls don’t get played like that. Gina says fu*k no! Gina starts talking about the guy back home having a perfect body. Jeremy joins them. He says that he just scared the shit out of some people. He says that he was talking to McCrae and that he said we are going to try and get Elissa out one more time and if it doesn’t work we will start coming after you motherfu*kers. Kaitlin says you are so smart. Gina asks what am I supposed to do with Nick. They tell her to not do anything, to just act natural. We will get him out next week. Gina says if I just had a picture of Matt (The guy she likes at home) I would be fine. Big Brother cuts the feeds again.

2:45pm – 3:10pm Out in the backyard – Spencer, Howard, Andy and Jeremy are talking on the backyard couch. Jeremy comments that he is here to win the money. Andy says that he is spending all his savings $3500 just being here. Jeremy tells them that she (Elissa) is calling you guys her Brenchel army. I can’t believe it went down like that and she is still here! Spencer comments that Elissa’s eviction speech was a c**ty thing to say. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Amanda is painting a flag on McCrae’s face with makeup. Amanda tells McCrae I don’t think we should get rid of Elissa. McCrae says that Jeremy is going to win HOH next. Amanda asks him if he thinks its going to be another enduance. McCrae says it doesn’t matter. Andy comes in and tells them to push for Candice and Nick to go up on the block. Amanda asks what about Elissa? Andy says well yeah but them too. They have no idea we are all working together. Andy leaves. McCrae tells Amanda not to do what Andy says. Amanda says I know. McCrae says don’t even push for Nick because it will get back to us. Andy comes back and says worst case it is two of us up against Elissa and we get her out. Amanda tells McCrae that she’ll make burgers with Aaryn later to bond with her. Amanda says they must know that if the put me up, then you’re going to be gunning for them. McCrae says yup. Amanda says that she wants to be like a Janelle or Rachel and win everything. She says and they aren’t even that fit. McCrae says that they work all they time. McCrae tells her to quiet it down a bit. Amanda says I know.
CBS Interactive Inc.


3:25pm – 3:45pm Jeremy, Kaitlin and Gina are in the pool while Judd suntans beside the pool. Kaitlin and Gina tell Judd that he messed up by not voting Elissa out. They tell him they would have flashed him their boobs. Jeremy says I voted her out can I see? Kaitlin says yeah but not right now. Gina then grabs her boobs and pushes them up. She says you like these jugs Judd?! Jeremy moves over to the couch and tells Candice and Howard about how if the house doesn’t vote Elissa out this week he is going to stop trying and start going after other people. Jeremy says I like you guys I don’t want to come after you. Jeremy says that Elissa is rich with a big house and a rich mad at home. Her son who’s 5 years old even has an ipad – fu*k that kid! Jeremy says he wants this game to be fair, I want Elissa gone. They are going to put her on the block and I am going to vote her out. I just hope I’m not on the block. Jeremy says that Elissa has help she has a sister that’s been on two seasons and I saw someone in the back door, I couldn’t see who it was .. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back – Jeremy continues to talk about why everyone needs to vote Elissa out. Jeremy asks Candice if she concurs? Candice says yes, I voted her out. Candice says that floaters are pu$$ie$ that won’t pick a side. Jeremy asks you do want to be on the strong side right? Candice says yeah. Jeremy tells Candice that she isn’t going to be up this week. And when you don’t go up, you can trust what I tell you. Jeremy says I didn’t even think you should be a havenot this week. Candice says that she is in the room with Elissa a lot and if your name comes up I will let you know. Jeremy continues to talk about why Elissa shouldn’t be here.

4pm – 4:15pm In the bathroom – Amanda continues to paint McCrae’s face. Amanda talks about how she just needs to convince herself of the lie and once she does that it all comes out naturally. Kaitlin comes into the bathroom. Amanda asks her what they are thinking of doing. Kaitlin says that it doesn’t have anything to do with me, Jeremy and Aaryn are making the decision together. Amanda asks you don’t have any say in it? Kaitlin says no. They talk about the HOH competition last night. McCrae says that he wishes he could have done it too. Kaitlin says yeah you would have won it. Kaitlin says that Jeremy doesn’t want to put Candice up. Kaitlin says but like you said she is probably going to put up a strong player. She says that Jeremy doesn’t even want to put Elissa up – He wants to put up the people that didn’t vote her out. They talk about how they think nominations will be tomorrow. Kaitlin says she doesn’t think Elissa will even put up Jeremy as MVP, I think she is trying to throw us off. Amanda says yup. Amanda finishes the face paint. McCrae heads outside and says God bless America!

CBS Interactive Inc.


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Aaryn, you’ve got BB fans signing petitions to get you out of the house and what do you do?
You win HOH and give them the middle finger. Your new name is “Aawesome Aaryn.”
Hopefully after this is all over, losing your job doesn’t affect you and you get a new job as President of the united states!!


Can we all just agree that this week HOH should stand for Hood of Household given who is occupying it


Looks like Aryan has begun to initiate her on little “Die Endlösung”, Final Solution, ethnic cleansing of Die Haus. First up for the Grand Wizard, Candice, the colored girl from New Orleans…

Next the Gay Queer Faggot Andy(not my words but certainly hers). Can’t get rid of the Coloreds back to back weeks.

Then Elissa, just because…

Next, the Mandingo of Mississippi Howard, the reason is obvious, can’t see him in the dark.

Then the rice maker, not considered valuable in her eyes, speaking of eyes, the rice eyes aren’t straight enough.

And finally, Jeremy “Chief Sitting Bull, more like full of bull…he almost passes for white but his tattoos will bring the best in her.

Then and only then can there be a harmonious existence in Die Haus of Aryan!

What a freaking embarrassment to all of southwest young hotties.


yeah ok Dave, get off the internet and go hang ten.


Yeah Aaryn, your such an idiot right now. First you cheat yourself of winning HoH, how stupid was that? I hope you look for another modeling job because they don’t except racial slur comments. They except real leaders and good role models, not like you.


Change.org says: ” Homophobia shouldn’t be allowed while competing in a TV show that streams live 24 hours a day.” Lol wtf is this world coming to? More like ” Homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to compete in a TV show that streams live 24 hours a day.”

Chilltown Fan

I didn’t know Michele Bachmann was a BB fan? Anyways, Aaryn has free speech, but she shouldn’t have freedom from the consequences. If this had been BBUK she would’ve been removed ASAP, along with GM.


Aaryn’s mouth is disgusting and reality will hit her once she leaves the house. She only won HOH because they CHEATED which I wouldn’t expect any less from her. Disgusted CBS has not removed her and still allowed her HOH.

Chilltown Fan

LOL!!! at Aaryn thinking that Old man Jerry would be her biggest fan, more like David Duke would be her biggest fan. Texas State is a party school with extremely low requirements, it’s for the folks who can’t get into one the big schools in Texas. I’ve been to San Marcos many times, it’s nothing special.


I don’t understand how CBS could have selected this cast. Shallow. Classless. Gone are the days when you could listen to an interesting conversation about things other than the BS that goes on in that house.


I REALLY cant take no more of her being HOH . … SHE IS SO ANNOYING EVERYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF HER MOUTH is RACHEL RACHEL RACHEL ELISSA RACHEL ELISSA …. ATLEAST even if its fake ginamarie talk to elissa … elissa is such a class act could you please tell AARYN STOP ATTACK ME PERSONALLY … … Days like these i wish EVIL DICK was in this season

Captain Spam

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why everyone is so open about being a couple. On the flip side I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why the others aren’t concerned by the couples that are forming. These players are some of the worst that I have seen play this game. I know it’s still early but there is hardly any strategy going on other than who’s going to hook up with who. Very disappointing cast this year. CBS needs to do something to shake up the house ASAP.

Eric CA

Who ever is the MVP.. Please nominate Kaitlin or Jeremy. The MC need to see by now their boy is not with them

Aryan Out

Oh! Texas State is so proud of her and Jeremy. No, Aryan go a little further, say that the Country is proud of you. Only if you knew you have a petition on change. Org to get your nast azzz out of there… Idiot!


Aaryn is secretly obsessed with Elisa, she can’t have a conversation without metioning her name.


LOL, you took the words right out of my mouth. I’m sure it’s a kind of mental disorder (as in, I hope there is an excuse for her unearthly obsession)

billy bob

im really getting sick of all this Elissa bashing, big brother is now big bully,i dont know how much more i can take of this elissa hunt,and im a crazy mofo,lol


The only two I have seen clean is the married ones….Helen and Elissa.

Just watched evil dicks comments on TMZ and he is right….if they are saying this stuff in the house they say worse outside. I am not a Rachel fan but I don’t see why they keep commenting about Elissa saying/doing things to them…..sorry I just don’t see it on the feeds.


Sorry, but Elissa is not clean anymore since she called Kaitlin a whore. She is sinking to their level now and with Howard swearing on his religion the only two I can stomach are Helen and Candice.

Go Elissa!

QUOTING “Aaryn tells Jeremy – Texas state is proud right now, me and you! Jeremy,”

I am FROM Texas and Texas is NOT proud of either of you. You make people think we’re all as racist as you two are or as stupid and that is NOT the case!
I don’t think either one of you will even make it to the jury house .


Amen! Texas is NOT proud! I am so embarrassed for her family…


Her family raised her. Do not be embarrassed for them!!!!


finally! we have the beginnings of the master strategy from aaryn and kaitlin…look extremely hot! then, with all of your magical beauty, you can hypnotize all of the straight guys in the house like sirens from greek mythology, and they will vote your will, unable to resist your charms, even as they approach their own doom – NOT!

a+ for originality, f- for effectiveness, but about what i expected from both.


Aaryn is more annoying than Danielle from last year and I didn’t think that was possible! She’s an all time low when it comes to annoying, stupid, disgusting, rude Big Brother houseguests! The girl is just unbearable to watch or listen to! If BB is really rigged, can they please rig it to get her out of that house hopefully at the hands of ELISSA!!!!


Danielle was super annoying and not very smart but at least she isn’t a malicious person like aaryn. She is the worst!!!! If she’s not evicted soon I don’t know if I can watch this season. Really wish CBS would take away her HoH for cheating.


only nick could of told ginamarie to humble herself to elissa incase she gets MVP again so she wont be nominated … nick is playing a great game …


I now know what is worse than Aaryn, the fact that Aaryn actually has fans, I know there always has been fans of house guests that I have not agreed with, but to root for someone who racist, and homophobic as well as an awful person just makes me sick to my stomach.


There is actually something wrong with being homophobic these days? LMAO!! 2 Men can’t make a baby, it’s a disgusting gross perversion & most men are gay because they cant get girls. Look at Andy for example.


wait so is cbs going to just completely ignore the fact that aaryn and jeremy cheated in the hoh competition? ugh.


Conno, this is not BB Canada where HGs actually got DQ’d (and even punished) for cheating, lol.
Besides, I think production wants to keep her as HOH in order to keep people talking about the show ( should result in a boost in the show’s ratings)


I am a female and I have to admit Kaitlin is so pretty so I’m not hating on her looks or her for that matter but the B!tch is so fucking annoying she keeps saying I’m going to be up and I’m going home like serious stfu. Just us a favor and self evict then or stfu and see what happens. I swear all these females this year is annoying with the exception if Helen and she needs to stop crying so much. I like Elissa as well but she needs to play it cool. I like Candice but she needs to stop being stupid and start playing the game. Why do they cast ppl you are weak why embarrass your self on national TV if you know you suck at physical things why waste our time? On the otherhand it’s funny to see them fail but after a while they become floaters. Anyways don’t really like this cast this season only rooting for a select few. Also jessie is a conceited dumbass who thinks she’s god gift to earth like girl get a grip you ain’t that pretty and nobody’s jealous of you so do us all a favor and stfu. Lol


Kaitlin comes off as not likeable bc she is associated with Jeremy and aaryn who are not nice, just plain awful, I think outside the house, one on one, she wouldn’t be that bad – just not too bright and makes her fair share of ignorant/racist comments too which largely has to do with her being not too bright, at first I couldn’t see why everyone thought she was pretty, she just didn’t stand out to me, but I see it more now, she has a nice body and nice eyes and skin and hai or, but I stand by the fact that in certain lights she looks like a man in drag wearing a wig, her features are weird or something

Jessie is conceited (and delusional) but at least she is quiet and doesn’t go out of her way to hurt or be mean to anyone, so what, she think thinks she is prettier than she is, good for her, at least she isn’t calling anyone else ugly or making ugly comments


Kaitlin is not nice at all. She is a drunken party gal and some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth make me blush. The other night she said I wish I was snorting Aderall….druggy

Suzy Sunshyne

Aryan Nation makes you long for the days of Danielle and Rachel. This girl is one of the most hated personalities on reality TV and believes she is Americas sweet heart. Sad


I wouldn’t go that far LOL

Suzy Sunshyne

By the way does anyone remember the other show Kaitlyn was on? I swear she was on another reality show


At first she reminded me of Darlene from the Bad Girls club season can’t remember, but it’s not her.


funny, I thought the same thing about nick, I could swear I have seen him before on some show, then again I live in ny and I think he does too…


I remember Jerry grabbing April’s Boob….. It was April right??

When he fell in the pool, that was hilarious


Great way for Nick to be trusted again:
Since Nick is likely to be MVP, he should put up Kaitlin and act surprised so everyone thinks MVP was Elissa or something. Then get the house to vote out Kaitlin while Jeremy, Nick, Gina and Jesse vote to keep Kaitlin. Kaitlin will be voted out.
It would be a win win for him because he will be trusted again because he voted to keep her and at the same time, one of the “Bieber Fever” members is out.


i used all my votes for nick, and would like to see him win mvp. but let’s face it, elissa probably has mvp wrapped up for at least another week (based on online comments and thursday’s live audience reaction).

when anyone besides elissa wins, it will throw the entire house into a tailspin, especially if it’s kept secret – and may very well be the beginning of the end for elissa’s game.


Every time somebody says something unnecessarily mean about Elissa, they guarantee her 10 more votes for MVP. I don’t see anybody taking it from her very soon. But if people do admire Nick’s game and he’s able to snag MVP, nominating Kaitlin makes 100% sense…but evicting her makes ZERO sense. The plan is to play everybody not in MC against each other. They just took somebody from Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Gigi, so the smart move is to take somebody from the other side whether it’s Amanda, Candace, Andy, Judd, or even Elissa. With Nick and Jeremy in the fake alliance with the mean girls, it makes no sense to deplete the ranks even more and makes even less sense to upset Aaryn. The smart play is to reassure the mean girls and orchestrate saving Elissa. The MC should want to get out Candace (because she is a loose end) or possibly Amanda (because she has too much power over McCrae) this week. Next week they will try to get whomever they didn’t get this week and then they will look at Andy and Judd, with Aaryn as a fallback option.

George Zimmerman

Looking at the last picture on this page, I can see that Katlin is sleeping with the enemy.


Why are there no voting polls lately? i like to see who the public likes and who’s most popular among the viewers, especially now that we choose who’s BB MVP. Can you please add that back to the site?


Ummmmm. Why does Andy assume if Nick IS gay that Nick would be jumping his (Andys) bones?

WOW that is one huge ego. Andy should consider not everyone is into Howdy Doody.

Also, just because someone is gay does not mean they say “Oh, he/she is gay, time to F***”.
Last I checked people don’t jump on anyone they meet of the same sexual orientation.

BTW, I am not gay. Just seems like logic to me.
Anyone who is can set me straight (HA!) if I am way off base.


i was thinking exactly the same when i heard andy – why would nick automatically jump your bones if he was gay or bi? if nick goes that way, there aren’t many options (i have my suspicions!), but nick has made it clear that a showmance for him is out of the question, and i took that to mean gay or straight.

i think it’s great that nick has no problem flirting with andy, though – great strategy for nick.

Chilltown Fan

Nick ain’t gay, in my opinion. Shane was definitely in the closet last season, he was from Vermont and said he had a conservative family. Nick is 28, successful in the real world, and lives in Manhattan, if he was gay he would be full on out.

Sir Peanut

I didn’t see that part of the feed only read it. I think Andy was playing into the stereotype. You know they have Gaydar???


I’m starting to hate Andy. Not because he’s gay, but because he has a huge ego. Not on the level of Jeremy or Aaryn or even Gina, but I would never describe Andy as humble.

If Aaryn actually believe Amanda, she’ll probably go down as the dumbest House Guest in the last couple seasons. She is basically a worse Danielle in every way, except she has a pretty face, which doesn’t count for much imo.


Simon & Dawg- Great job as usual. I know some probably don’t like it, but keep up with putting your own remarks in the spoilers. Funny stuff!

I’m all for drama, so I thought Aryan Nation winning HOH would be fun, but it’s just embarassing. She’s so rotten inside that giving her power just lets that bubble to the outside more than usual. She makes it hard to watch. It’s also a damn shame the guys have an alliance, as it really stops any good animosity between someone and Jeremy. He’s such a douche and screaming to have someone that’s a grown ass man to put him in his place, but they’re all on his side, so he can get away with saying anything.

I want to like Elissa, and I do a little only because she’s being picked on so much, but she’s so boring.


Someone should get Aaryn Nation all liquored up and tattoo a swastika on her forehead.


Hmm, Elissa looks good in that pic…


She has fake duck lips. I bet Ian would let her join the quack pack!


LMAO @ these people. Literally 7 people voted for
Elissa to stay and Aaryn wants to go after Elissa as if she
voted for herself to stay. Why aren’t they going after the group of 7. Like if they get Elissa
out this week they will still have those 7 people who they can’t trust idk maybe it’s just me but Elissa isn’t a
threat imo.


Just curious because I do not watch the live feeds…but BBCAN had a younger cast as well and I’ve been hearing comments that all the homophobia and racism is a generational thing…so can somebody who watched the BBCAN live feeds tell me if they were also racist and homophobic but just did not garner as much attention because of less media scrutiny?


The Canadian BB cast did some crazy, ridiculous stuff but generally speaking the majority of them were very tolerant. I don’t think the racist, misogynistic, homophobic attitudes has anything to do with their being young. That’s just a ridiculous excuse so many put out there. Get real…there aren’t any teenagers on the show. THEY ARE ALL ADULTS! As far as I’m concerned, it is simply by chance that so many in this cast share these antiquated attitudes that most of western society wants to wipe out as much as is humanly possible. These people are just plain mean, spiteful and nasty by nature in my view. How ironic that at a time that we are focussing so heavily on anti-bullying in our schools, we have this gang of bigoted bullies in the house. Disgusting!


not at all…i will also mention that in Canada things are different and those things could have been seen as ‘hate speech’ and our laws are more strict when it comes to what people say and I would think if that had happened (which it didn’t, at most maybe a few misogynistic comments but nothing blatent in general they were just drunken fools not hateful drunken fools).


Thanks for the input! And yes, being a 25 year old myself I was a little bit annoyed by the accusation that age had anything to do with it!

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Its just slamming Elissa and a person who did not even deserve to be HOH ** stupid 2 person comp. Who believes this will be one of the worst weeks in recent BB history?

Huge Fan of Aaryn

Aaryn is not a racist, she has an open mind and speaks it. I am from Texas and am proud that Aaryn is from there also. She should be given the keys to the city that she’s from as she’s a sterling example of what a citizen of Texas should be. When Aaryn has kids, I think that she will be a wonderful mother and raise them appropriately. Next child that I have I will name Aaryn in her honor, I will do this in fact whether its a boy or girl, as the name Aaryn is gender neutral, I don’t understand why everyone is harping on Aaryn, there is a lot of jealous people in this world.

Aaryn is a very pretty girl and has a heart of gold, the other house guests should take note and follow her example. Not only is Aaryn beautiful but she is very intelligent. I can see why people posting on here are intimidated by her; a beautiful strong woman can be very intimidating!!!

Go Aaryn, ignore the haters and keep playing your game. Can’t wait to see you collect that check for half a million dollars, no one deserves it more than you.

Best wishes, and don’t change a thing, your game play is working for you.


Sarcasm, or Serious???

Chilltown Fan

Thanks, I needed a joke for the day. Aaryn is a spoiled little brat, who says mean $hit on a daily basis. Her racist comments just takes her meanness to another level. David was a bore on the show, and a very satisfying first eviction, but he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. I’m glad in life that he as able to get away from Aaryn very quickly. Men everywhere should be weary of women like Aaryn, she was saying the other night that her mom has been divorced 3 times. Men get ready for the pre-nuptial agreement if the Aaryn’s of the world come your way.

Texas woman

You can’t be serious!! I am ashamed she is from my home state! In fact I’m ashamed and embarrass that any of those 3 are on national tv saying they are from Texas! It makes us look stupid ! Your either joking or you came from the same garbage dump she came from. I say we just boot her right on out of our state. Go find a new home Aaryn!!


LMFAO ! Either this is pure parody or you’re delusional just like Hitler’s spawn !

Big Jim

Aaryn is a very pretty girl

Only part that is true of the whole statement


Am I the only person who likes Amanda? I don’t have the live feeds so I could be confused by editing 🙂


OMFG Aaryn Nation is so stupid….. This week is building to be sooo fucking goood, whoever goes home…


This Aryan girl makes me look like an angel. Nick for MVP, yo.


Does the MVP get to put up another player if the HOH decides to take down the MVP’s player?
Does that make sense?….kind of hard to explain.
Andy seems to be thinking the MVP has the power to backdoor someone.
I thought the MVP puts someone up and that is all.

Charlie Hustle

Thats the way I heard JC put it. If the MVP’s nom wins POV, the MVP names the replacement. I was wondering how it would be done on the couch during the live eviction show since it is apparently anonymous. Maybe they have to name the replacement at the same time.


The POV ceremony isn’t live. The MVP would probably just say who they would nominate as a replacement during the day of the veto ceremony to the DR, if the winner were to remove their previous nominee.


This Is How It Will Go!!

NOM: Elissa & Candice:( ..But JEREMY is still Messing with KKKAaryn head and is telling her to nominate HELEN INSTEAD OF CANDICE…: it will be ELISSA & CADINCE OR HELEN





And I find it soooo funny that EVERYONE wants to call CANDICE..STUPID, CLUELESS OR USELESS..
WHEN REALLY…SHE IS THE ONLY!! Houseguest who figured out The MC ALLIANCE..



tell a friend to tell a friend

agreed… candice may be one the best thinkers, but unfortunately she not a good game player. My guess is most of her actions are out of fear… she would probably be a strong player if she has another strong player in her corner.


I hope that when everyone of these racist F**kers gets evicted that Julie asks them in front of everyone why they are racist ??? They need to be called out on it publicly. Listening to Aaryn go on and on about Elissa is like listening to a cat dying. PATHETIC. What’s wrong with these girls that they think Jeremy is hot. Definition of desperate. And Spencer doesn’t deserve an ounce of attention. Sad excuse for a man.


I miss Dick!!!

Chilltown Fan

ED wouldn’t put up with the “Mean Girls”. Chima or Libra would’ve put fear into little Aaryn too.


If you are a model or pageant coordinator who makes a racial remarks and want a job. They don’t except racial comments and discrimination. Good luck on a new job GinaMarie & Aaryn. I hope they will ask you, do you like Blacks, Asians or even Sexual orient. They will reject you in fast in the speed of light.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Who does Nick want out? I am asking because if it is not Elissa then what the hell is Jeremy doing? Yes, he may be strong, but he is as dumb as a bag of door nails and super arrogant for someone “floating” between two sides. I know its crazy early but if anyone could tell me where each person/alliance stands I would greatly appreciate it :D.


A few days ago I read that Kaitlin, (I think), said that saying you were on the BB Show looks good on a resume. Well, people hiring you can check with BB to see what kind of a person you were on the show, if they hadn’t already heard, seen or read about you, and I’m positive you will not get that job.


Please…media outlets…I wanna see Aaryn & Ginamarie’s face when they are out of the house and learn that they were fired from their jobs…and oh yeah, someone tell the Hitler girl that angels don’t fly over her….she just cheated and got lucky..shame on BB for not calling them out ! Jeremy is the biggest douche on the show….would love for Evel Dick to be let loose in the house for about an hour



did anyone see this? ginamarie must have just entered since its this year’s competition – 105 pounds!!! not to be mean but 105 – is she kidding?

Big Jim

Thunder Legs and thighs may be 105


i’m not even trying to say she’s fat, she’s not, but 105 is just too unbelievable, but I was more surprised she entered this competition the year she auditioned for big brother, it’s like she’s making her push for stardom at 32 (which is the same exact age as me) I personally would think people would do this in their 20s – 30s isn’t old but in the beauty industry it makes more sense to do this stuff when your face and body is more youthful


Damn, she looks like Christina A in that 3rd pic….. I’d Smash

billy bob

can u guys believe there still talking about elissa, lol this is craaazy, there going make production give elissa the pov,do your job production rigg pov for elissa,lol

billy bob

let’s play a drinking game everytime they say Elissa,, drink, lol good luck


Tryna kill us with Alcohol Poisoning?? LMAO

billy bob

let’s play a drinking game everytime someone says Elissa ,,drink,lol good luck,


It pisses me the fuck off how STUPID & CATTY Aaryn is..

Her ignorant ass is believing EVERYTHING that her klan in telling her..
When the first person who she doesnt like (CANDICE) came to her and told her the truth to her face..that spencer change his vote ..
But aaryn is just UHHHHH!!


Aaryn My Dear Racist Bombshell Btch..THOSE PEOPLE ARE LOOKIN OUT FOR #1 NOT FOR YOU!!


whats david’s tag??


so the couples forming are totally legit and not at all a threat to anyone

elisa, Rachel’s sister will win every MVP and must be taken out NOW for the sake of EVERYONE

why is no one working with her….smh.


Haha from aaryn’s twitter ‘Attractiveness comes from inside. What would you look like if your looks mirrored your words and actions?’ Oh the irony in that comment!!!

Phil Hernon

Do they hold these casting tryouts in swanky bars, dog fighting venues and cheer leading camp?

Aaryn's Hood

Does anyone think BB rigged the HOH to get Aaryn the HOH to create drama and then they’re going to give the MVP to Elissa who will put up Kaitlin and the house will vote Kaitlin out to make Aaryn’s HOH null and void and make her flip out? That would be classic. And then have Elissa win HOH. Now that would be great TV