Aaryn says I can’t wait to get death threats but once they see how Elissa has been they’ll take it back.

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


CBS Interactive Inc.

10am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When the feeds come back – McCrae, Judd Jessie and Aaryn are out in the backyard chatting. Jessie comments that she loves they played 5 songs this morning. Aaryn and Judd head inside. McCrae says to Jessie happy July 4th, what a bummer. Jessie asks what he means. McCrae says the they’re missing it.

Jessie heads up to the HOH room with Aaryn. Jessie asks if Aaryn is doing okay with David today. Aaryn says yeah, it’s just really hard to see David’s picture blacked out. Kaitlin joins them. Kaitlin says lets just let Jeremy do all the socializing this week. Kaitlin says I am upset with Howard. Jessie agrees and says that Howard was swearing on his religion. He said he wanted her (Elissa) gone. Aaryn says yeah but he could be just scared. Jessie says that Howard swears he voted for Elissa to leave. They talk about how they believe him, which the figure means that Spencer is lying. Kaitlin says that she wants to go down and yell at them because David threw the POV competition because he didn’t want any of you would be put up in his place. He is smarter than that. He could have easily spelled ceiling or something else. HHe had more letters than most of us. Aaryn says he did it to protect me. Kaitlin says yeah but they don’t know that.


CBS Interactive Inc.

10:40am – 11am Howard comes up to the HOH room – He says that he didn’t want to pressure her and didn’t want to or felt like he needed to talk to her yesterday. He says that he voted with the house and did what the house wanted. It was simple arithmetic to get her out of the house, why would you keep someone in the house that has an advantage. He says that it was poetic justice that David left and you won. I don’t want you to think that just because I hang out with them doesn’t mean I can’t hang out with you guys. Aaryn says that the ones that are lying are shaking the whole house and making people not trust anyone. Howard it was just as surprising to him as it was to them. Howard says that he voted for David to stay. Aaryn comments that it was smart to keep her because it is keeping a target off them and on her (Elissa). Aaryn says that the thing is, is that the people that were safe before are now targets like Andy. Jeremy joins them. Howard leaves. Kaitlin says okay that didn’t make any sense. Aaryn talks about how they can’t trust Nick. Aaryn asks what we should do. Jeremy says we just need to throw out false ducks to see what comes back to us. Jeremy says that he wants to make Elissa’s time miserable. Lets give her a week of slop and no sleep. I will go down there at night when she is sleeping and start slamming the doors. They talk about how they think the others came up with a plan to lie. They talk about how they don’t know who is lying and how Howard swore on his religion to Jessie but didn’t to Aaryn just now. Jeremy calls Elissa an UG-BOT. She is just jealous that you girls are hotter than she is. Aryn comments that she can’t even look at the memory wall, it makes me sad. Jessie says just wait until we send her (Elissa) out and then its justice served. Aaryn says I can’t wait to get death threats. Jessie asks people get death threats. Aaryn says oh yeah, but once they see how Elissa has been they’ll take it back. Jeremy says that he is going to write each one of the people that send him death threats. Aaryn says that the first week everyone just votes how ever they want. The first week is smacking everyone with a stick and seeing how they react.


11:15pm – 11:26am Outside in the backyard – Spencer, Amanda, Judd are talking about the HOH competition last night. Amanda says that she is glad she didn’t come in last … Candice.

11:30am Andy joins Kaitlin, Aaryn and Jeremy up in the HOH room. Jeremy comment to Andy – you look like a flaming boy! Kaitlin says I am going to go get my bathing suit, because I am going to rape death! Andy asks what? Kaitlin says I just say fu*ked up sh*t. Andy asks so did you figure out who the votes were? Aaryn says that Candice swore on America and god. Howard swore on his religion. Spencer didn’t swear on anything. Andy says so who is for sure me, Judd Helen. Aaryn says since you Helen and Judd came up here and admitted it to me you are off my radar. Why wouldn’t you want to do that.

11:40am – 11:55am Out in the backyard – Spencer tells Howard that Aaryn doesn’t trust Nick or Ginamarie. As long as she doesn’t trust all of us then we are good. Spencer says that Jeremy said he is going to be doing the nominations so we are good. Out in the backyard – Howard and Jeremy are working out.

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So this may be wrong but did it seem to anyone else that the BB production could be setting Aaryn up to be the villain this season? I would imagine they will have to because her attitude is so terrible and I can imagine her HOH is going to be nothing but drama. I got the feel on Sunday this is the direction they could be going with her “character”. Thoughts?


I’m thinking the same


There really isn’t any other direction production can take here character.


I agree I think CBS is doing that, and Aaryn is so young and dumb she does not even realize it. I mean when you are 22 you are stupid and open your mouth and do not think what you say, and am sure that she is just repeating what she has heard at home and trying to fit in. Do not condone her comments in anyway but being young and stupid they do not think about the consequences of their actions unfortunately. She will have a tough road when she gets out but perhaps when she watches herself on television she will be embarrassed and see what we see. However the comments Spencer has made actually have me more concerned because he is old enough where he should at least know better and he says he pretty much condones Hitler’s actions when torturing and killing millions of INNOCENT victims. He makes me SICK TO MY Stomach and should be sent packing immediately. I mean GM and Aaryn lost their jobs for their horrible comments and yet Spencer condones the murder of millions and he skates free. Sorry, but that is wrong. I just hope these women and that does include Aaryn, Kaitlin and GM come together and figure out the men alliance or they all are going to be sent packing one by one. They may not like one another but they best start working together if any of them want a chance to win! Also, I just read that Howard swore on his religious beliefs that he did not vote David out. Sorry, but last year remember the outrage for swearing on the bible, but what now people are okay with it when Howard does it. Howard was my favorite until he did that.


Spencer said that??? Whoa, there’s some straight up White Supremacist enthusiasts on Big Brother

Aaryn, Jeremy,Spencer, Gina, Kaitlyn…. I’m just waiting for them to yell “White Power,White Power'”


Howard did not swear he didn’t vote David out .. he swore he voted witht what the house wanted .. and he did … David..lol ..

Aryan Out

I agree, Spencer is one sick mofo. I can believe that by watching this circus we are helping those people get paid to behave like irratinal animals.

Sasha D

Aaryn is in her early 20s if I’m not mistaken. She’s not 12. As a matter of fact children and teenagers know how to act and what’s right and wrong. I get that she may have been raised a certain way or maybe she thinks she entitled to have such a bad personality. But some people her age are married, in the military, have graduated college or whatever. So she not that young. Maybe she’s simply not a good person and needs some type of rude awakening because she’s never had one. This girl has a bad attitude in general.


Production does not have to do that- Aaryn is already doing a mighty fine job of that, on her own


Maybe she’s just a horrible human being, actually there’s no maybe about it.


but she’s just generally not a good person, everything that comes out of the little girls mouth is negative


This may be very true, production controls what goes on each week. It’s a known fact yo.


They don’t have to edit things around to make her seem like the villain – she kind of made that bed for herself. Now if only CBS would depict her real persona more than just being catty over a bottle of wine.

Charlie Hustle

Bingo. There is no amount of “context” that could explain her conduct away.


Absolutely the villian.. IMO I would like to see GinaMarie get the boot before anyone else.. Im not a fan of her behavior and communication skills.

STFU Donnie

I guess I just enjoy the show differently as I’d prefer to see Candace, Helen, Judd, and Andy go next and in that order. I want a mix of volatile players and those who have an idea of what they’re doing and these four just seem to float to power or unwittingly follow the plans of others. Had the game not started so fast, maybe things would be different, but these four don’t add any fireworks or clever gameplay, so they need to go.

Incidentally, with the firings of Aaryn and Gigi for ignorance, whichever politicians employ Helen should absolutely fire her for her abject ignorance of politics. I don’t know what exactly she does in politics, but if it has anything to do with strategy, manipulation, vote counting (she uses her f*****g hands!!!!), or horse trading, then any politician who relies on her is a surefire loser.


Really? After what Aaryn, Spencer, Jeremy and others have said and done, Helen offends you?


Its not that hard. She’s a royal bitch. She is saying all of this herself, she’s not being fed lines. Shes so big and cocky in closed quarters, but just wait until she’s in the real world and the backlash for all of her hateful remarks comes back to haunt her. I understand its a game, and people lie, manipulate, etc…but to be so hateful is uncalled for. I can’t stand this girl. I was never a rachel fan, but I feel sorry for Elissa, and the way they have treated her. The entire house has been nothing but mean to her and out to get her.

Suzy Sunshyne

How can they make her the villain? No one is telling her to say racist comments, no one is telling her to act like a spoiled little entitled brat. That is all her, if anything they are trying to make her look better then she is. Her and her group are the mean girl in high school, only thing this isn’t high school and she just looks ignorant and arrogant….That’s her choice, it should be CBS’s choice to show her and all her true glory. Instead of editing it to look like she is anything else.


I doubt they intentionally set it up that, I think that they read these blogs and twitter and they know she can be standoffish and people are not taking to her, so they are going to go with it. the racism/homophobia doesn’t help. she could have been portrayed as Americas sweetheart or the bitch – well guess what was easier and more true. don’t forget Julie Chen’s husband owns CBS so if she wants aaryn to go down, she will!


I don’t think production is setting her up in any way. When she intentionally starts shit, its going to get shown.


lol this is just like Rachel’s seasons only this time America is on the right side.
And do these clowns actually think David threw that comp?

Chilltown Fan

I heard this as well last night. Aaryn was the one that told David to throw it, oh the irony.

Charlie Hustle

David said he was looking for the letters to spell C O M P E T I T I O N. He said he was short the M and the P, that leaves nine letters of which he could have only made seven letter words, and an eight letter word won it. As an aside, the seven letter words he could have spelled were: COONTIE, COITION, ENTOTIC, TONETIC. Something tells me he would never have gotten there. Maybe COITION, but probably not.


i find it amusing she sees herself as important enough to merit any attention, other than disgust with her behavior and attitude. no, aaryn, the world does not revolve around you!


Your lucky you can vote. It won’t allow me to vote, I put my information in and it said It was a incorrect password or a incorrect address. Strange, I have been using this same information since I’ve been on the computer, and I have no problems at other sites.


Hey I am ladybug not name!!


Simon, you should update the HOH and POV info on the top of the posts, it still says McCrae… Also, I put in my 10 votes for MVP yesterday and was trying again today but it said that I have to wait until ‘tomorrow’ to cast more votes. Well, today is ‘tomorrow’ and I should be able to vote again, no? Or does it go by 24 hours? Anyone else experienced this problem?


I am having the same issue. I will try again 24 hours from the time I voted lastnight.


Save your time – production selects the MVP


Since they might be making her the villian and getting everyone to “love to hate her”, and she seems like she’ll win competitions and fight to stay, do you think they’ll overuse her as much as Rachel? Or does she have no shot at coming back because of her comments?


Rachel was irritating, but she wasn’t hateful like Aaryn.


so elissa made paula deen 2 say all those things in self defense bullshit … paula deen number 2 thats who u really are no excuse …. julie is going to say questions house TRUE or FALSE

Did any house guest got fired from their agency or job in the bbh this season for racial slurs

A / Aaryn


B / Aaryn and ginamarie


or better yet zingbot Aaryn ,,, ginamarie // no mvp for u guys america cant stand racist or racist remarks zing …
these house guest needs a reality check where is ZINGBOT


OMG, if they do that, it would be EPIC


It would be great if zingbot showed up early this season!


Zing bot could say, “Who is a paid model, GM or Aaryn?” no one! you both got canned!!!!
\………that would be funny because they wou


There is no comparison between Paula Deen and any racist member of the Big Brother house. Whether Paula Deen actually RECENTLY made racist comments is yet to be proven. The attack on her is for admitting she said something racist nearly 50 years ago. She has admitted to being a different person today. The cast of Big Brother are making these comments now with no such repentance.


No, actually Aaryn Nation, Elissa is no where near as bad as Rachel was, unlike Rachel, Elissa has something almost thought non-existent in the Reilly Family after watching her for 2 seasons, DIGNITY, SELF-RESPECT, and SANITY. Elissa seems like a kind-hearted person caught up in the BS of Big Brother fame, and guilt by association.

Dr. Ron Pfizer

Elissa seems to have a much better doctor than Rachel — whatever drugs she’s taking is working pretty well. A little too well. She seems like she in slow-motion. And it’s pretty clear from everything that comes out of mouth that she’s an idiot.

Mcrae's vagina

Since her modeling agency dropped her, maybe Aaryn Nation can go to work for Hitler youth international.


That would mean she was working for SPENCER who is the Hitler fan along apparently with McCrae.

Bb fan

Jeremy is a mysoginistic jerk. I hope the house realizes this and votes him out

Mcrae's vagina

You said it right, the hairs on his back bristle whenever he stands up to a woman in the house and it makes him feel more macho, he should join the marines, wouldn’t last a day! After that he could try out for the girl scouts, they probably wouldn’t want him either because he is too much of a biatch.


I wonder what our American Indian tribes are saying about his rant last night abut him being Indian etc. I don’t remember the whole quote, but I thought it was offensive.


Wasn’t a fan of Aaryn (and do not condone her comments), but she’s slowly growing on me because of the public’s witch hunt against her.
Hopefully she wins to rub it in these crybaby’s faces for hating her for reasons that have nothing to do with her gameplay.
You want a houseguest out of the house? Then go to the UK, you can have that power there. It’s a popularity contest.
You want Aaryn out? Too bad. Someone in the house will have to use strategy and gameplay to do it.
Once again,
A HG making ignorant comments annoys me for 1 day > A million crybabies bringing it up every day annoys me the whole summer
And since my enemies are the ones constantly annoying me on an everyday basis, I will choose their enemy to be my favorite.
Cue the tears and thumbs down. lmao!


I don’t want Aaryn expelled via Chima, and I think you don’t give enough people on these boards credit if you think that’s what the majority of us are saying. The impression I’ve been getting from most anti-Aaryn posts (and what I’ve been stating in my own), is that if this is how she really chooses to conduct herself, SHOW IT. She’s more than a spoiled princess that downed a bottle of wine before midnight. She is a homophobic and racist bitch.


Shows over folks. The troll will return tomorrow between the hours of 9-5. Thank you.


So you’re saying being a crybaby is just as bad as being racist?


It’s called being educated, and not merely a contrarion

White privilege. heterosexual privilege. Educate yourself.


Ignorant comment = Does Mexico have running water?
Racist Comment = A lot that comes out of Aaryn’s mouth.

You can’t really blame someone for being ignorant or ill informed but you sure as hell can blame them for being racist.

Let the witch hunt continue. She is a miserable bigot.

Why do you have so many enemies? lol. Give peace a chance.


You’re right bbk – not her gameplay – it’s her ignorance and mean-spirit that I think bothers people – and happen to be one of them.


people didn’t like aaryn before the racist comments, she really isn’t that nice….


Aryan belongs to a group that is at the top of the food chain. With that said, she just stated what most Americans think if saying but do not announce.
She is hot as hell, and Howard should give her a nice hate “F^€k. But is what it is, doesn’t make it right, but she is from Texas, did anyone expect anything less from her.


but she is from Texas, did anyone expect anything less from her.

Wow really? So know everybody from Tx is just like her…Your doing the same thing she is doing by making that statement…I am native Texan and I know tons of Texans that do not act like Aaryn…Please don’t group us with her that was uncalled for!!


I agree with this. Can’t even enjoy the chat rooms cos of “racist” this and “racist” that. STFU all ready! Bunch of whiny babies who would probably like to imprison people for ‘thought crimes.’


So sorry hearing about people complaining about being victims of prejudice is disruptive to your life.

maybe consider what it’s like living it everyday.


OK….well her gameplay is terrible. All she did was isolate herself in a room with David, Jeremy, and Kaitlin and badmouth every other person in the house. Instead of being in-tune with what was going on around her, she just assumed that David would be safe. Even David had more foresight that he was in danger of leaving than Aaryn.

Her gameplay is horrible and her personality is even worse. She’s the most vile houseguest in the history of BBUS. She’s racist, homophobic, entitled, bitchy, you name it. Just a terrible, terrible human being.


Maybe us “crybabies” would stop talking about her crazy ass remarks if she stopped making crazy ass remarks. Seems to me that a day hasn’t gone by without something new to “cry” about.


Interesting, you don’t like crybabies however you like Aaryn. She has cried how many times over a man she knew for a few days??? LMAO Hipo


Her game play was getting David to protect her, she has not played yet!! Get out Elissa, really because she is pretty. What about Spencer, who you have figured out lied you. The chick has no game play!!!


I’ve been watching from the beginning and I can’t for the life of me think of anything so bad that has created such hatred towards Elissa. I was not a fan of her in the beginning just because she was Rachel’s sister and I saw it as a PR stunt by CBS. Now I’m rooting for her because of all this venom these people are spouting for no reason. I really feel for the girl. Aaryn & Jeremy are evil, spiteful, venomous people and I wish the edit showed America what they are really like.


I agree 100%, IMHO CBS set Elissa up for a loss. No way can she win because she’s Rachel’s sister.

I’m thinking CBS is thinking of a future BB that will have Elissa and Rachel be a team, because Elissa isn’t winning BB15. it’s literally impossible.


Howard, you should know it’s not good to swear on the bible in the BB House, yes it saved Dan, but it also set in stone him not winning BB….

Remember, God ain’t got shit to do with Big Brother, he’s watching for the DRAMA like the rest of us….


It saved Dan for a little bit until all the witch hunters came after him when in fact he never swore like it was reported, but as for Howard he did swear on his religion but wonder if the witch hunters will attack him like they did Dan. Seems as if there are two sides depending on who is doing the swearing, and Howard was my favorite before he did this.


But isn’t she? All on her own? They have the material to work with and SHE gave it them.. At least it is not the nice girl edit. Has anyone seen her be nice lol?


Oops! Above is in reference to the villain edit for Aaryn

The Butler

Can’t see Aaryn wasting the vote on Elissa, even as much as she hates her. I have a feeling she’s going to shock us all and put up a couple surprising names. Mcrae & Amanda perhaps.


Is that Jeremy’s Official Douchbag face?


His douche bag face is going to give me nightmares tonight!


Where does that bully Jeremy get off saying to Andy, you look like a flaming boy? Why did Andy not correct him?
So disappointed with BB this season.

Chilltown Fan

Production is probably pissed at Aaryn. Putting aside her racism. Btw did anyone catch her a few minutes ago comparing all the past black female houseguests as “all the same”? *face palm*. Aaryn has attacked production many times, and claims the game is rigged. Jeremy has gotten more of a villain edit by CBS than Aaryn has at this point.

Aaryn will be the type that wont really care that she’s hated outside the house. I’m from Texas, and trust me, some of her statements will be cheered by the population here. All this talk about her wanting to be a host, interior designer, etc. is nonsense. She is destined to be the trophy wife of a rich Dallas Republican. She said she liked Bush the other night, what a surprise(sarcasm).


I just figured out who Kaitlin reminds me of – Topaz.


I’m still thinking Aaryn is gonna get busted for cheating and get stripped of her HOH

Out Sider

Actually, if anyone is to blame for racism issues on BB is BB production team. They cut the feeds when HGs discuss movies or production but they allow feeds with racist comments. This is the very definition of mall intent.

Mcrae's vagina

That pic of Mcrae smoking a cigarette reminded me of a strip club in Puerto Rico, where strippers would smoke on stage. Never knew a woman could smoke with that part of her anatomy. AND BLOW SMOKE RINGS TO BOOT!

Mcrae's vagina

Mcrae will not participate in next week’s POV competition. Reason: his pu$$y hurts.


And to think CBS has been recycling houseguests these past seasons when a cast of all newbies can still bring on the drama all by themselves………..


I never figured out why they took Gina Marie’s make up & clothes away? Does anyone know why? BB After Dark is year is so lame. Only 2 hours, and they bleep everything. Geez put in back on Showtime already. Really not liking hardly anyone on this cast this year. Elissa & Helen, and maybe Nick. There’s no over 40 years old this year…


More than half of this season BB cast are disgusting people! I don’t think there has ever been such STUPID people on BB at the same time! It’s a STUPID PEOPLE overload in that house!

Sasha D

Garbage Pail Kids….What turns me off year after year the last maybe 2 years or more is the casting. It’s like they over think it or try to do things by some sort of demographic to such an extent it smothers what used to be the game’s mojo.Maybe they will have an All Star’s Season next year. I don’t know if I can endure another season of bizarro world casting and production bells and whistles that try cover up they want to leave some room to control or “influence” certain parts of the game.

Herpes Sore on Mcrae's vagina

I think that Marcelus, the gay black, should be let into the house with a diamond power of veto so that he can overturn Aaryn Nation’s nominations. Marcelus can sleep in the HOH bedroom with Aaryn nation.


LMAO……EPIC…though my dream former houseguest to come in and clean house would be Evel Dick !


Aaryn is my number one favorite houseguest this season. She has been since the interviews and she always will be til the end. I don’t condone her comments, but I am willing to get over that part of her and I will root for her til the day she leaves the house.

I almost pissed myself when I saw that she won HoH.

My Comment

So the homophobic racist is targeting a white girl? I would think a homophobic racist would would put up a homosexual or a person of ethnic descent.

Pubie on HPV sore on Mcrae's vagina

Bring in Jessie the body builder also, AND Rachel.


Ok I don’t get it…did I miss something?? I don’t have feeds but I keep up with Simons and dawgs posts everyday and I haven’t seen or read anything that would cause these guys to say such horrible stuff about Elissa! Did she do or say something? (Other then keep being Rachel’s sister a secret)


I just wish big brother would bring on ALLL new people NOT bring someone on that is related to someone who has been on like they did bring on Ellissa they shouldve never brought her on and i want her gone other wise rachels friends will all keep voting elissa for mvp every week and thats not right they shouldve had it sames as hoh saying you cant be mvp 2 wks in a row. I want better twist and a whole new cast and i dont want to watch someone who makes remarks like Aaryn they should kick her out just my opionon of things this season

Ohhh UH! UH!

Aaryn should not even be the HOH (since her and Jeremy cheated repeatedly during the HOH comp) it was PLAIN AS DAY when BB aired on CBS. The rules were TO POUR the BBQ sauce/liquid into each other’s cups. Aaryn would hand Jeremy the entire cup, they would switch off cups when everyone else was pouring their liquid from one cup to another. The producers/judges of this comp HAD to have seen this, heck it’s on video and Twitter was blowing up with how they had obviously cheated.

With that said, Aaryn / Jeremy were put into the “winning” the HOH comp – even though the TRU-E winners would have been Elissa and Andy. Come on people open up your eyes!! Seeing that Aaryn has now been placed (undeservedly) into the HOH position and with her side-kick Jeremy and his “Cherokee” bully techniques, it has made for interesting ratings.

I only wish we could watch Aaryn be told that her ass was fired from her position since she is an immature racist.


Aaryn, be careful what you wish for. If you put up Elissa on the block, she will come after you just like Rachel go after Danielle.


One company has already dropped Aaryn from their roster. The modeling agency Zephyr Talent announced, after seeing the live feed comments, they would no longer represent the blonde beauty. 
“We certainly find the statements made by Aaryn on the live Internet feed to be offensive,” the agency told TMZ. “Upon much consideration, we have decided to release Aaryn from her contract with Zephyr Talent.” Sweetie don’t fret, FOX NEWS is looking for Nazi barbies!