Aaryn: “I’m going to have death threats when I get home for going against Elissa”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


4:35pm HOH Cam 3-4 Jeremy and Aaryn

Jer: Tell me if you think this is a good idea again I want you to make the decision.. Amanda was the mastermind of David going home so i’m thinking Amanda and Elissa as the nominees”
A) they are both in the alliance
B) they both suck at competitions so I have a way better chance to win VETO
C) doesn’t matter which one goes they are both strong players (Amanda strong socially and Elissa strong because of MVP/CBS manipulation)

A: “You don’t think they would vote out Amanda”
J: “Doesn’t matter they are both dangerous”
A: “mcCrae and Amanda are playing everyone “
J: “I don’t know about McCrae but I’m sure Amanda is playing everyone “
A: “you don’t think we need McCrae and Amanda on our side.. they said noms are tomorrow.. we need to figure this out”
J: “who said that” (about the the nominations)
A: “Amanda “
Jer: “Amanda is such a good mastermind she’ll go crazy and can get Elissa out”
A: “She’s such a good master mind maybe she will get Elissa out.. plus McCrae will fight to keep Amanda” (Aaryn just repeated Jeremy)
Aaryn thinks that maybe they should tell Amanda
J: “lets not tell anybody.. they never told us about David”
A: “True.. I just thought it would cause less Chaos”
J: “no matter who you put up they are going to be pissed”
A: “What if Amanda did vote out to keep david”
J: “No way she didn’t”
A: “Who is the fifth person” (that voted to keep David)
J: “dunno.. I think it’s howard to be honest”
A: “ya or spencer.. do you think it’s best for everyone.. cause you are probably going up” (is Elissa and Amanda good for the house and Aaryn thinks Jeremy is going up when Elissa wins MVP)
J: “I want to go up cause I’ll win the POV”
A: “the only reason I would put up Candace and Elissa is less drama in the house”
Jeremy points out that people in the house have been telling him that they cannot stand Amanda .. Like spencer.
Jessie walks in, “Hey Interesting fact.. just walked in on Howard and Candace.. They were talking game trying to recruit him…for sure candace, Helen and Elissa are allied”
A: “Shady F****”
J: “That makes me want to go back to Helen and Elissa.. get them against each other”
A: “We’re trying one more time to get Elissa out and if this house doesn’t
evict her we’re going after the people that keep saving her”
Jeremy agrees says that it’s in everyone’s benefit to get rid of Elissa
Jeremy says that Helen has a good chance to win POV so if she puts helen and Elissa up and Helen saves herself they can put up another person they want to take out


Jer concludes Helen and Elissa nominated and the replacement nominee is Amanda.
A to J “Don’t repeat that”
J: “OK”
J: “Keeping Candace for another week really doesn’t hurt anybody..”
J look over at Jessie says he’s glad that she is back with them, “I think you are a good player and I really want you on our side
McCrae is at the door Jer: ‘Come in f*** dick”
J: “I just keep telling people obviously we’re putting up Elissa but we don’t know who the second nominee will be. Jer explain they are only going to try and get her out this one last time otherwise they are going after the people she’s allied with.
Andy comes in
Jeremy brings up how rich Elissa is how she really doesn’t deserve to be there. JEremy mentions Elissa has a mansion drives a lotus., “She told me money is not a object for her.. her man makes big money and she just has to treat him good and collect”
Andy tells them about all the travelling Elissa has done.
A: “every time she talks she talks to the camera… like she selling something”
J: “Our main objective is to get her to leave..it’s not fair dude.. we all went through sh!t to get on this show she was just let in because of her sister.. she got handed An invitation”
MC: “she says she didn’t even want to be here. “
Jeremy brings up the production door in the storage room being left open and Elisa walking out .. feeds cut.. (damn you CBS)
McCrae: “I can tell you 100% I’ll vote out Elissa”
Andy: “I feel very alone in this house so if I can get some safety I’ll vote”
J: “I do believe you McCrae.. I shouldn’t you fu*****”
J: “I know Helen and Elissa are in an alliance and Andy and Elissa are close”..
Kaitlin walks in
Jer brings up that the MVP should be going to the the most valuable player not the one with the most Rachel fans.
Aaryn: “Did I tell you that they boo’d me when I voted her out.. “
McCrae: “We have to get her out.. that MVP is only for her”
Kaitlin: “Exactly.. then why didn’t we just vote her out last week”
Andy doesn’t think Helen, Amanda and Elissa are together. Andy says he thinks HElen is an asset to Jeremy, “If Helen and Candace are allied it’s news to me”


Jeremy says why give a rich person the money give it to someone that is poor.. “she’s been handed sh!t her whole life”
A:”If she knows she is going up on the block she’ll put the weakest player up so she can beat them in veto” (They all assume that Elissa will win MVP which is probably going to happen”

J: “Helen is a great player she will beat Elissa in the veto”
A says she guarantees that Elissa will not tell anyone she has the MVP and she’ll put the weakest person that is why they need to put a strong player up with Elissa so the strong player wins the POV
K: “Then maybe we should put Nick up” (NOOO )
MC: “If they booed.. she will get MVP for sure”
K: “Well ya that is why we should have voted her out last week”
J wants to see who else can win MVP “Who does America like beside the b!tch” (Elissa)
Aaryn: “I’m going to have death threats when I get home for going against Elissa”
MC: “I’m scared to”
Gina joins them
A: “brendon and rachel are the 2 crazies that have ever been on this show.. BRendon has D1ck pics all over the interents”
Gina is injured and they are worried that Elissa will put her up with her MVP They agree that is a douche move
A: “Did you hear that she told us we’re running a whore house.. I didn’t even kiss David with my a tongue”
They all agree that Elissa is really insecure that is why she puts everyone down. MC: “I hate that sh!t she thinks she’s better than all of us”
A: “She said that I won because I take adderall and Jeremy is tall”
Aaryn thinks that Amanda may have voted to keep David because she was up in the HOH swear 25 times that she did.
Kaitlin points out that Howard swore on his bible so they can’t really believe what people are saying in the HOH. Aaryn: “Maybe he’s just not religious.. maybe it’s a act”


(The picture above.. THe HOH room is super hot so McCrae decides to fan it with a pillow)

Kaitlin tells them about seeing the medic because she was peeing blood. The medic told her she took too much advil last night when she had the migraine. Kaitlin says she took 4 yesterday which she didn’t think was too much.

Kaitlin mentions that she saw the door that production uses to access the house in the storage room open and Elissa coming out of it.. They are all wondering what it was about. Gina thinks they were giving Elissa inside information.
Aaryn: “She going to win and get more plastic surgery”
MC: “YA.. she on such a f*** high horse”


5:17pm Cam 1-2 Gina and Nick Gina saying everyone thinks Elissa is going to put her up because her hand is injured and she won’t be able to compete in the POV.

(REally hard to hear most of this conversation)
Gina telling Nick that Amanda and Howard are Swearing on their lives that they voted out Elissa.
Nick: “Someone is going down”
Nick says they have to keep people around them because they need to get Elissa out this week. Gina brings up the conversation in the HOH, “McCrae si flipping out.. he’s like she’s being so weird.. she’s got a F***** screw loose” (Elissa)
Gina thinks McCrae really wants Elissa out.

Nick: “You know what I think… we don’t need to talk game to everybody we just need to talk game to enough people to make sure Elissa goes home”
Gina: ‘I know.. you still need to talk but don’t give any answers back”
Gina doesn’t believe that Amanda voted to keep David. After the HOH was won Aaryn was allowed to assign the have nots for the week she said “Everyone who voted for David to leave put up you hand your going on slop” Amanda and McCrae immediately volunteered to go on slop.
Gina :’Judd and Andy admitted what they did because they are scared”
Gina is worried that the HOH group is thinking that Nick might be working with other people. She instructs him to not talk to people for a long time because it arises suspicions.


5:50pm Amanda and McCrae playing chess..

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These people in this house are a bunch of morons! Everything is Elissa, Elissa, Elissa (we don’t even know if she’s as good as RR at comps.) seriously their are bigger fish to fry, idiots! WAKE UP! Those guys in the MC are going to dominate if these girls worry about personal drama about some man they met a week ago! Nick might win this game if they don’t get him out soon. He’s almost like a mini Dan Gheesling.


You are so right these girls need to get their heads in the game and figure out that the guys are going to vote them out one by one. Geez come on girls and figure out this male alliance with Amanda and kick their butts to the curb!! I may not like some of these girls, but definitely dislike most of these guys, Jeremy, Spencer, Howard (was my favorite before he swore on his religion and was lying), and McCrae whose Facebook is a little creepy with the guys doing the HItler salute.

Chilltown Fan

Agreed, unfortunately on BB they only cast women that will go after other women. I suspect the few fans that Aaryn and Kaitlin have are the same folks that liked the Nerd Herd back in Season 6. It’s a total waste of an HOH to take out Candice or Elissa the second week. The MC will figure it out that Elissa will be their shield as long as she has MVP, I’m almost certain she will be MVP this week based on the crowd reaction. CBS is also giving Elissa good strong edits to the viewers. Keep nominating her, and she will keep getting MVP. Plus, the amount of personal abuse Elissa has taken has gone way over the line of “just playing the game”, Aaryn and Jeremy have especially gone over board in their attacks.


I agree. It’s not just the racist/disgusting remarks they’ve made, it’s also the way they talk in general. It is so rude and uncalled for. You don’t have to like everyone or agree with their views but it is seriously getting harder and harder to read the things they say. I think the rest of the house would be smart to team up with Elissa and Helen, get Jeremy out first, then Aaryn and then Kaitlin. I don’t understand why they are giving those 3 so much power! The cheating bothers me soooooooooo much! I hate cheaters!!


I would really like to know why this b*tch Aaryn is spewing all this hate towards Elissa, I haven’t seen her do or say anything that malicous about anyone for her to derserve this treatment and she wasn’t the one that voted out A’s boy toy and she wasn’t the one that wanted him up on the block! It’s all the people kissing her ass right now that told E. to do that! This girl is dumber than a bag of rocks weighing one million pounds! LOL.


The Cool kids are always threatened by other people who are liked and they will do anything to get rid of them.
BBAD will be so boring listening to the Cool kids talk game in the HOH room.
anybody else thinking that kaitlyn peeing blood has anything to do with having sex with jermy


Jeremy is by far in the best position in the house and he knows Elissa is his only threat because of the MVP nonsense. MC got his back, he’s allin with Aryan nation, and he’s intimidating the shit out of everyone else. He’s a super douche but he is playing a decent “in your face” with backup type game…who is putting him up in the near future? Judd? Andy? And to top it all off he is puppet master this week with the oh so clueless immature brat Aaryn parroting everything he says.


“Kaitlin mentions that she saw the door that production uses to access the house in the storage room open and Elissa coming out of it.. They are all wondering what it was about. Gina thinks they were giving Elissa inside information.”

Hmm, since I started watching BB back in BB10, I’ve never seen HG go into the door in the Storage room….. Maybe they’re giving her some Red Hair Dye so she can go all BIG RED on their asses?? Or she got a brand new power(AG just thought of) that allows her to nominate Aaryn Nation for eviction this week??


Or maybe they are spreading yet another lie about her. Did they show it on the feeds? Unless it is on the feeds, I will not believe ANYTHING they say about Elissa.


Good point – hadn’t thought about that possibility.


Could be right


Kaitlin went through the same door to see the medic. Chances are Elliissa went through to see the medic as well…….


Ok so I’m not a aaryn fan and I don’t agree with what she’s saying but I think all this petition to get her out of the house is insane. This is america where there’s freedom of speach (even if the speach is a bunch of ignorant nonsense) unfortunately there is a million other people in america who are more racist then aaryn and say much worse. Its not like the girl is in the kkk and burning crosses and wearing white sheets and making nooses she’s not threatning anyone physically in anyway why should she be kicked out because she’s ignorant the point of bb is to put a bunch of people with different views that will argue and cause drama


I completely agree I can’t remember a season where so many people played so hard so fast since all stars most of these houseguests really came to play and are scheming nonstop I think this season has been very exciting and that’s why I think people are overreacting about how horrible the cast is

VA Vet

I’m wondering if it’s strategy or aimless wandering. Really not sure who is working together or if everyone is only concerned with themselves making it through the next eviction. (Or into bed with someone).


I agree with being a lot of strategy. And I have to give it to Nick! He’s the root of that chaos going on right now. He should lay low for a week or two, have the other members of the MC work a bit and then come back with another chaotic move.


Its insane, not comprehensive and I am getting bored trying to figure it out. Today am not reading all of the comments because they don’t change. There is too much jealously in the house for good game play because they are trying to punish each other for being prettier, rather than though provoking game play!!!


I would just like it if CBS would air the down and dirty inner workings of the house. I just think of the basic idea of the show is to show what happens when you put these people together, to afraid of losing sponsors like what happened in the UK I assume. They are juggling a few tiny balls with this and the fact that the racist tones are kept to the feeds and not during the live show will keep them off of the radar of… (I’m not even sure who monitors Television Ethics in the States… it’s the CRTC in Canada. Anyone?).


I am not a Aaryn fan but I totally agree with you. She is just an ignorant young stupid young woman who just opens her mouth with no sense to the consequences, and is probably doing it just to stay in good with the cool kids who have said worse. Those other idiots are saying horrid things and they are old enough to be wiser and not act that way. I mean Jeremy, GM, Spencer (who is a fan of Hitler), Howard (swearing on his religion), should have some sense of common sense considering their age. Not making excuses for Aaryn but we have all done and said stupid things when we were young and then been horrified when we think back to our youth. BTW, what is that on McCrae’s Facebook with the bald guys giving the Hitler salute. If you want to talk about Aaryn Nation check out the pic on McCrae’s facebook. Might give you chills!


I would imagine part of it has to do with how everyone has vilified Paula Deen for something she said 30 years ago….this issue is in the front of everyone’s mind right now. It is not like Aaryn had a slip and said something controversial. She is a mean girl and repeatedly makes these sort of comments. In all my years of watching this show, I have never been as uncomfortable watching as I have this year….and I do not think that I am alone. The racist comments and the hateful comments regarding women are over the top. We have Big Brother in the real world monitoring what we do and say and we get punished if we say or do things that are socially unacceptable. One would expect “Big Brother” to at least do SOMETHING in response. At least they did make Jeremy apologize for rubbing Elissa’s baseball cap on his ass.


I agree I am very uncomfortable with this year, but it is just not Aaryn, but the sex game that Jeremy, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae played was disgusting, the way that these guys talk about women is just vile, the homophobic comments that were made by Amanda and Spencer is awful, and the conduct of Jeremy is just purely disgusting. Now also Elissa lowers herself to calling people whores and now Howard is swearing on his religion. Honestly can’t stand anyone in this house, and the language is disturbing. The comments about Hitler from Spencer praising Hitler are really disturbing. Everyone is coming down on Aaryn but some of these other houseguests are just as disgusting and perhaps even worse. McCrae’s Facebook with what looks like guys giving the Hitler salute is equally disturbing.


The reason why its getting out of hand is because cbs/ production hasn’t stepped up and intervened. I don’t think what was said was racist. I thonk it was horribly insensitive said by a bunch of morons. However those in charge are letting it snowball. I mean people are losing their jobs (hilarious yes) but its now outside the game.

As I said on twitter once cbs stands up and puts a stop to it the people will sit down.


When one HG says to another HG, watch it, your black side is showing… That is racist.
(Kkkaitlin to candice last week)


Agree to disagree..To me its the equivalent of saying a black person acts white or you’re the whitest black girl. Its ignorant and stereotypical and does nothing to unify.

Being called a nig*** to my face would be racist

Trayvon martin being stalked and murdered by george zimmerman was racial profling because he’s a racist.

Little miss texas is a dumb f*ck imo


what do you think racism is? when you look at the world through the lens of skin color and make judgments and decisions based on that, that is racism, and when you create oppressive structural hierarchies based on those judgments (i.e. I am better than you bc I am such and such (race), I don’t like you bc you are ______ (race), members of this race do ______) then that is racist. you don’t need to be using slurs or overtly condemning people to be racist. google microaggressions…..


oh and I am a blond blue eyed white female, I am not hating on white people or being bitter for the sake of being bitter, I am saying these things are wrong and very hurtful and indeed racist.


Its easy to define what racism is intellectually…but (imo) the experience of it is many shades of gray. I understand what you’re saying but sometimes I think we (as people) love to create solid definitions of what something or someone is (gay straight black white racist. But there are so many degrees of it all. Sometimes I feel we are quick to paint a wide brush as soon as someone utters the word black in a sentence. I think we have to take into consideration the context and intent into consideration.

I don’t agree with what those morons said but they will suffer the consequence of their words. I personally just feel the entire situation has been spiralling and it is cbs and productions fault.

I wish we could focus on the game but this has tainted the season for sure.

But I will say its nice to see people stand up and unify over something that is normally so divisive.


speaking of not looking at things too one-dimensionally, my “intellectual” definition of racism is academically-based, but also empirically. it’s what goes on in the world. and unless you have been victimized by bigotry firsthand, I would tread lightly before speaking about what one’s “experience” of it is or should be like, lest one be branded ignorant him or herself. and considering “shades of gray”, while some people encounter bigotry as pure happenstance, for many others, it is a routine, embedded facet of their lives.

Charlie Hustle

I don’t have a position on whether Aaryn should be removed from the game or not, but it really isn’t a constitutional issue. The First Amendment allows you to say what you like, within reason. It doesn’t protect you from the repercussions of your words. To the degree the HGs conduct reflects on CBS in any real way, CBS will make the necessary decisions. Getting caught up in what online petitioners are doing is a waste of time. This sort of controversy usually drives numbers up. I wouldn’t be surprised if CBS is loving it.


Free speech means you can say what you want. It don’t mean there aren’t consequences.


I think she’s gonna get death threats for her racial slurs… not coz she went against Elissa… I wonder how Julie Chen feels about this… being Asian herself… it’d be fun seeing her just go off on Aaryn on Live Eviction night, she should invite “The Talk” ladies too.


But am I the only one who’s concerned about the cheating? Just as much as the racial slurs…..


I am with you on the cheating. BBCAN DQ’d houseguests for cheating more than once this year. Besides the fact the set up for the HOH was unfair – HOH should NEVER be played in teams as it leaves HGs open to sabotage by their teammate, swapping cups gives that team a time advantage.


yeah, but production are kinda hooped now if another comp is won by cheating. BBC nipped it in the bud real quick due to social media picking up on it, from that point on the players knew they would be under a microscope and one cheat, even if it was a slip, your bounced from the game. Production is between a rock and hard place for not getting at it right away, DQ and look like it’s rigged for Elis. Don’t and now it looks rigged for the controversy getter’s. I say, dont worry ’bout it… this is the first two weeks, these house guests will make some new fodder real soon. So far as everyone saying the worst houseguests ever… ummm… I think not. Maybe some of the most ethically challenged people… but just like a bad car crash, you feel horrible about it and wish it didn’t happen, but you will slow down to look every time.

Ohhh UH! UH!

Exactly — that little girl Aaryn who talks a big game is a freaking CHEATER and her and Jeremy should not have won the HOH comp. Nobody seems to be addressing this. We are shaking our fists at the TV saying HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what on earth??


It would be even more funny if Julie revealed to Aryan on her eviction night interview that yeah you got fired for being an ignorant racist airhead. Please leave the stage that way >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


I can’t agree with you more. ALl the Big Brothers these girls go against each other while the guys have each others backs.

billy bob

how bout 4th july pandora box? to give elisssa diamond power of veto, haha


This is odd – never saw this happen (storage door) that is – and that production hasn’t hid it – any guesses – maybe using E to play with the houseguests game??

The Doctor

At this point I really like Nick and hope he wins but I’m finding it really hard for him to stay. Everybody seems to be on to him because he’s the only one that’s 100% concentrating on the game. Hopefully he gets MVP at least once because I think he’s the only one that deserves it.


This Entire Fucking group are disgusting & catty..

Every convo is ELISSA, ELISSA,ELISSA..


These idiots!(Aaryn, Kate,Jeremy,Andy,Spencer,gigi)
Dont kno how to play the game!! ”They should have
Taken notes from the BEST! Ex-dr.will,dan,dick – BUT NO!!
They all want to play catty and focuss on HOUSEGUESTS

Aaryn just uhhhhh she is on the wrong fucking show!!


AND IM SO DAMN TIRED OF THESE BTCHES SAYING ” She is a weak player,,they wont win anything”



yeah… Cause your comment isn’t catty or disgusting at all. At first I thought it was Aaryn writing it.


Agree but add Amanda to that list! UGH!

Confused Parent

It’s funny how they think Elissa is insecure because she “puts people down”. It’s like they don’t even listen to what they’re saying half the time. Delusional females!

Aaryn's Hood

Does anyone think BB rigged the HOH to get Aaryn the HOH to create drama and then they’re going to give the MVP to Elissa who will put up Kaitlin and the house will vote Kaitlin out to make Aaryn’s HOH null and void and make her flip out? That would be classic. And then have Elissa win HOH. Now that would be great TV


Jeremy is a piece of shit.
What kind of a grown man curses out an innocent 5 year old child? He said ‘f*** that kid’ referring to Elissa’s baby, and none of his heartless, idiot girlfriends called him out on his despicable behavior.


What does everyone think about the Elissa going in the door thing?




Wish these stupid women would start using their brains and see what is right in front of their eyes! OPEN YOUR EYES and vote these guys off quick or you are all going to be sent packing!!!!

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Its becoming quite sad that we now have reasons to dislike Aryan, Jeremy, and Spencer more than before. First off I dont feel anyone needs to know the reasons why the majority of BB fans dislike Aryan; but Jeremy clearly never has seen an episode and veered away from a solid alliance because power came his way. Spencer is just a racist fool.

Then for McCray, I am upset cause I really liked how his HOH went but his paranoia may ruin his game, same with Amanda.

When we look at it, the two best players are Nick and Howard just the people they are aligned with will be their downfall!!

F*** Aryan, Kaitlyn, Spencer, Jeremy, Jessie



racism doesnt matter only when the pundits say it does …….Yes people have a opinion this is america we all know Aaryn (paula deen 2) is entitled to her opinion blah blah … If its a matter of free speech then dont get mad when others have an opinion …It swings both ways … she cant stand the heat go hard or go home … All my seasons watching big brother from season one we never had to deal with all these rascist homoboic comments why does Aaryn deserve a free pass Did paula deen got one …I dont support your demology most human beings are silly people listening to them talking about ELISSA DOESNT need the money…. SERIOUSLY people will only celebrate u as long as u are break or u dont get to much success thats a slave mentality ….. AARYN is as transparent as glad wrap …. Her ego is her downfall ….IGNORANCE must be a disease some of u people are suffereing from …… ONLY when rascism reach to our front door we want to speak out when it involves other we could care less or we should give a free pass … WHEN a person like Aary shows us who she is ,,,believe her she has been showing us it over and over again all week some of us just refuse to accept it … IN our media driven world image is everything …. SO MUCH DEPENDS ON HOW WE TREAT OTHERS … Aaryn heart has become hardened so i refuse to make any excuses for her… aARYN wants us to believe its elissa fault this child needs to look within herself at her own fault because when there is no enemy within the enemy outside cannot hurt u .. WE NEED to have one collective voice when dealing with rascism homoboic comments … I am not going to beat a dead horse i dismount

Chilltown Fan

Yeah, I find the excuse that Elissa has money so she doesn’t deserve to play BB to be comical. Dr. Will ring a bell to these fools? He was a Dermatologist, and won BB2, and finished 4th on All-Stars. Had plenty of money form his day job. Boogie owns restaurants, and actually used his wealth to his advantage in the game, telling people he might give them possible jobs outside the house.


I just wanted to post this video for everyone of Aaryn and Jeremy cheating. It is hard to tell but if you notice from what i see Jeremy starts with the cup in his left hand and then the new cup is in his right hand. Its like they crossed arms to switch. I think they really did cheat. Something should be done about this! Here is the url:


Arryn, Kaitlyn and Jeremy are just a group of spoiled, selfish, entitled brats. when I watched them drink the last wine bottle right before midnight and the have-nots could have their first drink… what a douche move.. especially considering David (their friend) was on the block. If people where not on board to vote David out, they where after that.

As a gay man.. For gods sake I know a crap load of bad ass gay men that could be fierce competitors, great social game and are smart that want to be on Big Brother… why is it always a Bunky, Andy, William or even a Regan.. why?


if SIMON or DAWG doesnt see elissa coming out a door from the storage room i aint believing anything the kkk klan has to say



bily bob

you are not allowed to give away productions rigged secrets,


i will be so glad when the noms are over. watching this clueless crew try to make decisions based on playground social policy is painful to watch.


Take away her hoh and make her a nominee for eviction. Get rid of Jeremy for the hat incident. Come on cbs do the right thing.


This season is an exact replica of season 11, lots of players to hate ugh, I want a fun, friendly entertaining group like BBCAN


A few things I think I think

When will the fans get a good solid cast of BB players.
CBS needs to recruit and only allow superfans of the show.
Were on season 15 of BB and die hard fans of the show want to witness something more than this cast can deliver

Aaryn fans

No comment on racist comment
Second do u really think Elissa is the best threat to get out. So far she sucks at endurance comp and spelled potroasts as one word
Now Aaryn is so bent on Elissa I think its a wated HoH




Elissa put up David because McCrae told he too. Elissa is just another pawn in the guys alliance and if these girls do not get their heads in the game for this HOH, even if it is Aaryn that is the HOH, then they are all going to be evicted one by one by these guys. Elissa or Candice or Helen are not the problem girls; use your brains and fingers to count if that is the only way to figure it out. The guys need to go!!!!


its very upsetting to hear Jeremy say that elissa has had things handed to her for her whole life when he can not possibly ever know what it is like to be a single mother and how hard that is, especially at a young age like elissa was….at Jeremy’s age elissa had a child and was a single mother, can you imagine him in the same situation. I know he’s young and my not understand the world, but one thing I am grateful for in hindsight is that I got to be a fool in my twenties and live life and make mistakes so I can be normal now….but when you have a child, you give up everything and sacrifice and a single parent carries 100% of the burden of responsibility. very aggravating to hear, it is no small thing to raise a child and I feel for anyone who has to do it alone.


Thought Elissa was married so what do you mean single mother? That is what I mean we were all fools in our twenties and did and said stupid things but lucky for most of us social media was not what it is today.


I am more excited to see when they get out, these girls have no idea they are jobless and hated by millions, hmm who’s applying for unemployment now. So over CBS, someone throws a mic in the pool and they are removed but make endless racial comments stay in the house, cheat in HOH comp and get a key to the HOH room. CBS shouldn’t talk about Paula Deen or any other person dealing with this issue when they can’t even control their own shows. Have liked this show for years and can’t even stomach it now but CBS is loving this so changed the channel…