David sports his SPEEDO and Moons the other House Guests! Aaryn DIES of Embarrassment!

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


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11:50am – 12:20pm Aaryn heads out to the backyard and lays in the hammock with Jessie. Jessie brings him how what pissed her off about last night was when Kaitlin and Jeremy were having their fight Nick was just sitting in the back ground listening. Aaryn says yeah and what sucks is that the people like Nick who are floaters are going to stay longer. Aaryn says that she is annoyed that her and Jeremy are the only ones voicing themselves and we are the ones that will get targeted because of it. Jessie says that she understands but that she has to remain silent to gain information for our alliance. I have already collected a lot of information. I need you guys to trust me. Aaryn brings up how she can’t believe how Kaitlin and Jeremy say they aren’t in a relationship but that last night was some relationship sh*t. Aaryn says that she can’t believe how whipped Jeremy is .. if that were any of my ex-boyfriends they would have told me to fu*k off! David comes out into the backyard. He talks about having a speedo on under his swim shorts. Aaryn tells him that he better not take his shorts off. Please don’t let him take those off!! Aaryn gets up to head inside and tells Jeremy don’t let him wear the speedo.


12:20pm David joins Aaryn and Kaitlin by the pool. The others yell to Aary that its happening (David taking off his shorts). Aaryn tells him please don’t. David says tells the others that he doesn’t want to embarrass Aaryn. David then takes off his shorts and jumps in the pool. He does a lap, gets out and then does some pushups. He walks over to Aaryn and Kaitlin and moons the others on the couch. Aaryn and Kaitlin are by the pool talking about her conversation with Jessie. Kaitlin tells Aaryn that Jessie is just telling you that she is going to gather information from the other alliances because she is on the block. She is probably telling McCrae and the others the same thing too. Aaryn tells Kaitlin that she is only sleeping in the same bed with David because she doesn’t want anyone else to sleep with him. Aaryn brings up how Howard threw out a whole pizza last night. She says who does that, who wastes food like that! Kaitlin changes the subject to David again and tells Aaryn that we need to protect him. Aaryn says well he doesn’t need to be mooning people. Aaryn wants to erase it from her memory!



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12:30pm – 12:50pm Aaryn looks over at David doing push ups and asks when he needs to be working out like that. Kaitlin says because they have huge egos and need to feed them. Aaryn says yeah but we don’t need to be drawing attention to ourselves like that. Kaitlin tells Aaryn that Jeremy told her last night .. “This might be too early to tell you this, but I think we were meant to be in this house together.” Kaitlin laughs and makes the motion of jerking off someone. Aaryn and Kaitlin figure Jeremy and David are playing them. They are telling each other what to say to us. Aaryn says if this was the real world I would have peace’d out awhile ago. Aaryn gets into the pool for a dip and then gets back out to suntan.


12:55pm In the kitchen – Helen, Andy, McCrae, Amanda and Nick are talking about whether or not there will be a Pandora’s box. Helen says if there is, just open it. We are on Big Brother, you have to open it. They all agree they would open it. Helen wonders if Frank would come into the house because he was against floaters and this season is all about not having floaters. Amanda says that she just hopes Kalia doesn’t come back. She only won something because of her love handles. Meanwhile Kaitlin and Jessie continue to talk about Jeremy’s irrational actions and how he has a lot of growing up to do. Jessie tells her to just walk away if he does it again.


1:20pm – 1:30pm In the kitchen – Elissa and Helen talk about Jeremy and the way he acted last night. Helen warns Elissa about using the excuse that Jeremy’s actions were because he is young because that rubbed McCrae the wrong way as he is also young and doesn’t act like that. Elissa says she was just trying to give Jeremy an excuse for the way he acted. Helen says that Jeremy’s mom must be pissed because I am sure she didn’t raise him to be that way. Elissa and Helen head into the bathroom. Helen starts crying about being away from her kids. Helen says that she has mad respect for people who have played game. Elissa hugs her tells her to enjoy time in the house. Helen says that she just needs a letter from home. Andy comes through and tells her that if he gets an opportunity to give her a letter, then he will.



1:45pm – 1:55pm Out in the hammock – Spencer and Jessie are talking. Spencer is telling her all about his job / routine. Meanwhile on the backyard couch – Aaryn, Amanda, Judd and Kaitlin are talking about Jeremy. Amanada is talking about how she told him that he may not even get an opportunity to win the HOH if it is the type of competition where you can eliminate people .. because he would be the one people target to get out. McCrae comes out with a camera and starts taking photos of the house guests.
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2pm – 2:25pm Helen and Judd are talking by the pool about being stressed out in real life. Helen asked Judd what stresses him out in real life. Judd says what stresses him out are bills but that he tries not to. He says that he doesn’t get angry much. Meanwhile Spencer, GiGi and Jeremy are sitting on the backyard couch talking about what a kicka$$ backyard this is. Most of the house guests head inside to eat. Aaryn says that she is not going to go to the crazy side today. She says that she is going to stay sane. Nick, Spencer David and Jeremy talk about their high schools. Amanda and McCrae head up to the HOH room


2:30pm In the kitchen – Jeremy, GiGi, Kaitlin, Nick, Helen, Spencer, David, Andy and Judd stand around the kitchen bar and look at all the photos they took. Jeremy says “You look kinda chop suey there bro!”
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2:35pm Howard and Aaryn are sitting on the backyard couch. Aaryn is talking about how it hurts to hear negative things about her from people she cares about. She says that if she doesn’t know them, then it doesn’t affect her. McCrae joins them.



2:40pm Jeremy and Nick have a quick conversation in the bedroom where Nick tells him that he is all right after all the drama from last night.


2:45pm – 2:55pm Kaitlin walks through the kitchen and comments how its the afternoon and Candice is still sleeping. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Howard talks to Andy, Aaryn, Nick and Jeremy about a car accident he was in back in 2005. He says a lady talking on the phone tried to cut across a highway in front of an SUV and didn’t see him in the other lane and he hit her. They others then tell stories of car accident they’ve been in and other ways they’ve broken bones. Meanwhile, Helen and Amanda are laying out on a lounger talking about trying out for the show.


3pm – 3:10pm By the pool – Kaitlin, Helen and Jeremy talk about giving birth. Helen asks Jeremy how big he was when he was born. He says 11 pounds. Kaitlin says a guy she works with is the biggest guy she has seen in her life and he was 14 pounds when he was born.


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Aaryn throws around the term floater like she doesn’t even know what it means I hope she floats herself right out of the house


Yup…and I hope she take Kaitlin with her!


I’m surprised with Kaitlin. She can see what’s going on, it is visibly bothering her, she knows she is hurting her game by associating with Jeremy, and yet she keeps this silly “romance” going. She earlier talked about being in a relationship with a jerk for a year before she came here and now jumped right back into what seems like a similar situation. Earth to Kaitlin. Wake the hell up.


All these ladies are here to hook up…should Kailin & Aayrn be having these discussions about David & Jeremy right now! You would think they have been in a relationship for years….SMH!

I CANNOT WAIT for this 1st eviction!


Why is everyone playing so hard and so fast. Too many alliances in just a short period of time. Aaryn annoys me senseless, i think she watched ‘Mean Girls’ a little to many times ( she quoted the movie several times). Then you have Amanda who thinks she knows everything and and about everyone. My favourite houseguest at this point has to Candice just because she is not in any alliance.


after david, aaryn, jeremy, kaitlin, and ginamarie need to go!!! BB should just evict them all and get some new house guests…


Karma will get them and it will be fun to watch.


I agree, out with those conceits! I gave you a like for your input.


Spencer and Amanda need to go right along with them because of all slurs they have made also!!!!!!


Huffpost is talking bout the slurs.

Crazy. I haven’t seen thus much bad press for BB in forever.


The hammock clip with Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Gigi made me wonder: If that’s how they talk with a microphone and camera on them, how do they talk in private? The only thing I would say in Kaitlin’s defense is she’s just a coward, sitting and agreeing in her silence, since she didn’t join in with the femme KKK meeting, but the other two are unabashed bigots and Big Brother is proving even more cowardly than Kaitlin by trying to protect these two clowns they cast by not showing this clip on the CBS show.


Aaryn is forgetting that if a person is not talking game to you then they are talking game to someone else.


It will be weird if Elissa open the Pandora Box and Rachel comes in and make every houseguest more miserable. That would be sucked.


I am not a Rachael fan, but I can her her say, “No on messes with my sister!!!!” Bich…get a life vest!!!


I know right, it would be suck for them that they can’t live 24 hours of Rachel time than Mr. pectacular Jessie from Big Brother 10 & 11. Rachel will make Amanda, Helen, Aaryn or even Andy wet their pants off. Even Andy will get pissed off like Regan did, he just being pissed off but he cool off. I would love to see the Pandora’s Box.


A twist that I always thought would be cool is you ask the entire cast in their pre-interview to list their 5 favorite non-winning players of all time (this is tricky since everybody could have the same favorites and who knows which ones are available) and assign each a numerical value (#1 = 5 pts, #2 = 4 pts, etc), then once the house gets down to say 8-10 people, you take the top five point leaders and bring them into the house.

This way you give the new cast a good month to settle into alliances, friendships, etc AND then you bring back the veterans. Personally, aside from Nick, Howard, and Amanda this is a pretty thin cast and I like returning players


Amanda is one of the worst bigots on this show right along with Aaryn, GM, Spencer and Jeremy. They all need to be shown the door. Only decent ones on the show are Elissa, Howard, Helen and sort of like Nick as of now.


Aaryn looks and reminds me of Heather Chandler from the movie ‘Heathers.’ I hope she gets even bitchier! *fingers crossed*


It would be so funny if they had Rachel dye her hair like Elissa’s, and switch them and see how long it takes the houseguests to notice. Lol


They favor each other, but they do look different, Elissa is a little prettier than Rachel, they would instantly recognize her, but it would be funny as shit to see them feel miserable and annoyed having Rachel there, half of them would be on the edge of self evicting, the other half kissing her ass, thinking Elissa will come out with a power. Best TV ever.


Does anyone else think that Aaryn looks a lot like Danielle Donato?? Maybe evil dicks other daughter!?! Twist?????


I said the same thing tonite!!! She is just like her!


So…Amanda has a bf correct? And she hooking up with McRae?!! Used to like her…don’t now!


LOL at Jeremy – he’s soooooo sure he’s winning HOH on Wednesday, his cockiness is ridiculous.

It’s prob going to be questions, like “Which HG does America think is ______? A or B?” And he’s going against 14 other people. Almost a crapshoot.


Guys this whole racist thing is getting out of hand. It is entirely possible that Big Brother will not be renewed for another season after this because of the backlash. Paula Dean admitted to using racial slurs 30 YEARS AGO and her sponsors dropped her like a fly. Go to Bing and search Big Brother + Racism, or Homophobia and the results are staggering. I am a white male and it offends me, just imagine what other people of different race will feel. So far Ive heard racist comments from aaryn, Jeremy, kaityn, ginamarie, and spencer. It needs to stop. they should be kicked out of the house asap. Simon and Dawg thoughts?


I told my husband about this, as he doesn’t watch the show, and he says CBS will not stop them saying these things b/c it will bring on controversy. And said controversy will bring viewers and ratings, which in the end is what they want. He may have a point as I have yet to see anything being done by production about this. Maybe they just want them to look like idiots and be seen for who they really are. Having said that, I don’t use Facebook, My Space, or Twitter and don’t subscribe to CBS.com or anything so if they have said something on those social medias I don’t know about it. And lastly they could feel that what they’re saying is just people talking and as they won’t be airing those comments on the show or bleeping them out, then they feel they haven’t done anything wrong. Me personally, we have lived on or near military bases for the past 15 years where diversity is accepted and racist attitudes are given zero tolerance, so no matter how those things are spoken I just don’t like them and that extends to the people they came from.

Chilltown Fan

If Helen or Elissa win HOH, Jeremy has an 80% chance to go up on the block. Spencer would have to work his magic on Helen to keep Jeremy off the block. Aaryn has no clue what is going, neither does Jessie. The paranoia is going to be strong with these two when David is evicted. Kaitlin has even been dropping hints to Aaryn, and she refuses to recognize them.


Aaryn is such an idiot. Nick a floater? Pfff


I am a Rachel fan .. would love to see her come in later in the game .. just to cause some friction ect.. but one thing I can not seem to get out of my mind is the comment Aaryn made about how much America loves her … is she kidding .. liked her day one then she opened her mouth and became a major biatch , racest ect… get her out please ..


Every year house guest sign a contract stating they will not have racial slurs and will not sing in the house. Every year production says over the microphone so and so stop signing and this year house guest stop saying racial slurs. The house guest then will yell at production and mock who ever is on the micro phone like they are entitled to say or sing what they want. I propose when the house guest have to be reminded to stay within their contract and mock or refuse production, they immediately get a time out in the have nots room for a week, including Jeremy who has a pass. Come on BB, if the house guest are going to act like spoiled entitled children, then treat them as such.


We all know about beautiful Elissa being beautiful Rachel’s sister, but could there be other such relations in the big brother house that come up later as a twist? “Expect the Unexpected!”

Suzy Sunshyne

I heard Aaryn say she was acting like she was on The Bad girls club, and she is! I think she forgot that this isn’t just a reality show, but it is also a game. I like to call Aaryn, Aaryan Nation…lol


This season’s guests seem like they’re too self-absorbed and too much into themselves. Having one or two character in the big brother house is okay, but when much of the cast is made up of pompous a$$holes, that makes for some boring television.

Trayvon Martin

I agree!


Look at your screen names….keeps throwing my off!!! lol


You know, Amanda’s starting to remind me of a more voluptuous Dani, but maybe that’s just because she LOOKS like a more voluptuous Dani, and having any brains in this house makes her seem like Dani in comparison.


Did you know that Dani got married with Dominic? Never thought those two would click outside the house.


Yes they did!!! Search their wedding pics, they are awesome and fun!!!


Did anyone hear about all of Gina’s stuff being taken by production??

Chilltown Fan

Gina Marie had a breakdown earlier, she apparently had her clothes taken by BB. I remember Porsche had a similar problem in BB13, and wore sweats for a large portion of the time. She eventually got her clothes back 1/2 through the season.


Why would they take her clothes now unless she sneaked them into the house on Day 1? Interesting


Sign the petition for Aaryn’s removal from the house. Simply enter ” change.org Aaryn” into your search engine to go directly to the page to sign the petition.


EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! News Flash: the newest twist is that they’re evicting over half the houseguests and replacing them with people that have some modicum of a personality and intelligence. (wouldn’t it be nice?)


If they did evict the hg saying racial slurs then their 15 minutes of fame would be up!! They would not be able to ride the wave very long! This is a great idea

those dirty hoes got to go

So I guess Aaryn can kiss modeling hospital scrubs in for modeling swastika tee-shirts and headbands for the klan. GM can organize the fashion show. On another note, anyone else think Nick read Dan’s book before he came in here?


didnt know chicken legs were on the bb have not menu