Big Brother Bunnies Buy Judd’s allegiance “persuade him with some T******”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


3:04pm CAm 1-2 pool Helen, Spencer, Katlin, Jeremy, and Aaryn
Chatting about last names and marrying. .
Jeremy is planning on giving his mom some money when he wins Big Brother 15.
Jer: “She can do as she pleases whatever makes her happy that’s why I plan on taking some money home for her. .. Go Ball out”:
Spencer: “Ball out”
Jeremy: “Go Ball out.. like Momma you deserve it.. you raised three kids on your own /… here you go .. BOOM “
Spencer: “Boom”
Jer: “Here you go Momma”
Spec: “Count these bills count these bills”
Jer: “payoff that sh!t payoff that dh!t get that air conditioner fixed”
Jer: “I probably will give her cash.. “
Talk goes back to taking the man’s name when marrying.. Jeremy says he would be “Bummed out” if the woman he marries doesn’t take his last name. Helen thinks someone should start a company that helps women reclaim their last name when they divorce.


3:12 Cam 3-4 Bathroom Andy, Judd and Amanda
Amanda talking about having s$x with a gay man when she was in Theatre school. She explains that theatre school is only Gay men and women so they would get super H****y. Amanda says it didn’t really work out well for the guy he couldn’t get up, “Nothing Happened”
Andy says he’s never had any type of sexual encounter with a girl not even a kiss

Judd: “have you ever a8 a girl o*t”
Andy: “I haven’t even kissed a girl”
Amanda: “I have.. I’ve done everything.. listen I’m like a don’t bash it unless you tried it kinda person”
Andy tells them that he’s starting to get s$xually frusterated..
Amanda: “sweet baby jesus please give me a org*s!m in my sleep “
Anada: “I had a saltery dream last night. but never had a O in my sleep”


3:37PM Cam 1-2 GIGI and Aaryn couch
GIGI crying

Aaryn: “you can wear anything of mine any time.. I have cute jewelry.. cute makeup.. cute clothes..we’re the same size babe..and you would look hot in a sack.. you’re the token blonde with me.. BB bunnies cannot happen without you we’re going to take this SH!t down”

Gigi went to the Diary room and asked for clothes and they told her no.
GIGI: “I want a pair of pyjamas I feel like a dirtbag.. I have to wear shorts I never wear shorts”
GIGI: “I look like a dirtbag.. normally don’t walk around looking like this”

Aaryn: “I would do anything for you seriously anything..
GIGI: “Me to”
Aaryn: “Let go get you a outfit right now I have straps for all my bathing suits so your B**bies won’t come out.. no one would call you a dirt bag you are beautiful“
GIGI: “I don’t like my body I want to cover it up.. I never wear shorts in the summer I wear Capris and they took them all”
Aaryn: “we even have the same sized feet.. any time you want something of mine.. you know my drawer.. I got two pairs of black caprice.. they have your name on it”
GIGI: “Thanks you”
Aaryn: “What did they tell you” Feeds cut
Amanda joins them..
GIGI I don’t have my makeup, my curling irons.. I don’t feel good about myself.. “

Aaryn leaves GIGI sobs to Amanda..
(Big Brother didn’t let GIGI bring some of her clothes onto the show apparently she had a lot capris taken and now all she has left are shorts.. )
GIGI: “They (production) took the shirt off my back.. ”


3:56pm Cam 1-2 Nick and GIGI
GIGI crying..

GIGI: “I don’t like myself.. I want to cover up my legs.. i don’t like my legs”
Nick: “I think your legs are fine”
GIGI: “Thanks.. I don’t feel like me”
Nick: ‘We’ll be good.. you just need to chill”
(Feeds keep cutting in and out)
GIGI: “I have such a bad eating problem.. I have such a issue with my body .. I want to cover up with clothes.. I feel out of my element right now”

GIGI: “They took my sneakers.. F-**** Steve took my socks” (Steve must work for CBS)
Gigi says she doesn’t have the beauty elements that allow her to be her and let her personality come out. GIGI just keep reiterating that she feels like Sh1t.. Nick says very little.. tries to make her feel better but mostly just listened.
GIGI: “I have to shave my tw**t standing up”

GIGI mentions to Nick that everyone else had the same “Sh!t” as her why was her’s taken, “Like everyone has the same F*** sh** I have.. no one else f***ing sh!t got taken but mine.. It’s like they were supposed to take my sh*t” (Feeds cut out again)


4:14pm Cam 1-2 Kaitlin and GIGI

GIGI still crying now telling Kaitlin. Kaitlin thinks she would go to the Diary room right now while she’s emotional. GIGI calls staying in the Big Brother house “Being on survivor”

Feeds come back and their counting votes.. GIGI says they need 7 votes and they have them.
GIGI is worried that Spencer and Judd might change their vote. Kaitlin doesn’t think so says that she talked to Spencer last night and he told him everything was cool.
Kaitlin: ‘Babe go through my shi1t.. it’s not glittery for you it’s dark and morbid”
Aaryn joins them.

She says they have to take over the bedroom.. She was talking to Nick and David and operation Room raiders is in effect they have to get Jessie/Elissa? out of their room (Hard to understands)
Aaryn: “I think Howard is going to sleep with her”
GIGI: “what about Andy? Operation room raiders.. in full effect”
GIGI: “The prestigious world wide in effect”


4:26pm Cam 1-2 BAckyard

Kaitline and Aaryn saying David and Jeremy aren’t really their types.. GiGi is surprised… random chit chat.. Judd joins them. kaitlin to Judd: ‘You still going to stay on our team if I keep giving you b***b flashes”
Judd: “YA.. thats the only way”
GiGI: “you can cop a feel.. you can even pull my n!pple ring if you want a little bit”
Aaryn: “You can feel my flat ones ”
Judd: “I like this deal..
Kaitlin: “stay with us and you get b*/*bies ”
Judd: “Theres no staying with you. I mean everything is fine”
Judd: “I think that’s what it’s going to take at this point.. I think you’ve sealed the deal”
the three girls flirt with Judd telling him they are trying to “persuade him with some t!tt!es”
The four of them laugh at the conversation


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Chilltown Fan

Amanda is a horn dog, no wonder she is hooking up with McCrae. Judd said the other night that Jessie “was in heat.” I bet Gina Marie had a lot of name brand stuff, she is a model after all. I’ve heard previous houseguests say that they couldn’t wear a lot of white. What a bitc* Aaryn is, just when you think she couldn’t worse, she wants to kick JessieElissa out the bedroom so the 3 couples can have that room(shakes head). Little does she know that her bed partner is the one leaving that bedroom soon.


I like Amanda… she is the only tolerable gal on this show. Though, Jessi is fine when she is not with the Triple K alliance…


I hope CBS shows all the racist, misogynistic, and homophobic comment from Spencer, Ginamaie, Katlin, David and especially Aaryn.

Big Jim

Would be nice but 0% chance of that happening the machine won’t allow it

Chilltown Fan

I think CBS is going to give Aaryn a nasty edit on Tue./Wed. The racial stuff wont be brought up, but she will be portrayed as evil. Jeremy and Amanda are the typical BB villains to me, once you ignore Aaryn. Also lets not forget that Aaryn has openly attacked production, you can bet that Allison Groner will not take too kindly to that.


Amanda and McCrea hooked up already?


I can’t wait till David goes home. Aaryn and gm are in the pool talking so much smack, it’s going to be epic. ……


David is gone, right? I want to see the spoiled girlies who think they are queen shits get knocked down a peg..


I hope CBS shows the racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments from Spencer, Katlin, David, Ginamarie and especially Aaryn.


Why is it there is never any feed news about Howard?


He is the Andrew/Head Stooge of BBUS… minus the funny personality


I was thinking the same thing, but about Elissa.
I thought coming in she would be on the feeds 24/7, seeing as she is Reilly 2.0, but I barely see her.
If not for her being in the kitchen during the last update I would have thought she left the house.
Does she have a private room and they just bring her out for the big drama moments? (Like the fight last night!).

Maybe I am just checking the feeds at the wrong times.


Aww I feel bad for Gigi! I think she’s on her period lol cause when I’m on mine I sound just like her (puts self down/low self esteem)! but really, that does suck that production took all her shit!


I getting to like Howard, if I had a son, he’d look like Howard.

Trayvon Martin

Like me?


Haha wow ya’ll! Expect the unexpected in the comment section of onlinebigbrother I guess!


What appee to Gigi’s stuff? What was she cring about?


What happened to Gigi’s stuff? What did production take and why?


I would like to know as well!! I know you can’t wear logo and screen shirts. The make up and hair stuff confused me.

Janelle pov queen

If you thinking about it keeping Elissa is not good for McCray and spencer group because everyone will know who voted to keep her but I’m happy she staying this should be good.

Big Jim

I don’t blame GiGi for not liking those hamhock legs of hers


Poor Gigi I feel so bad for her:( I just don’t get why CBS took all her clothes?? But at the same time that is so nice of Aaryn to share with Gigi that is just so nice for her to do that:) That is why Aaryon is my favorite this season:) I can’t wait for Big Brother on TVGN tonight right now im watching the Bachelorette and there is sooo much drama but I love it lol grow up guys you all are acting like girls I love The Bachelorette go Zac:)) and go Aaryon on Big Brother wooohooo love reality shows lol

Chilltown Fan

GM is the most attractive female of this season, I know a lot will disagree with me, but different strokes for different folks. It’s unfortunate about some of her comments that she has said. However, in my opinion, GM is the type that will feel bad about her mistakes and is deep down a sweet girl. Aaryn on the other hand, just comes across as mean to the core. I’ve heard Britney comparisons being thrown around the net when it comes to Aaryn, Britney’s “mean girl” act was just an act. Some of the things Aaryn has said, has had some real force behind it with the intentions to be demeaning.


Yep, Titties is a excellent way of getting a man to do whatever you want, but SEX will get a man to hand you that 500k/50k… Just Sayin’ the “feminine wilds” have been known to make small miracles happen. The ladies play their cards right, all the men could go one after the other.


This would be interesting, no more rocking the hammock from last year.