Aaryn and Judd’s BBQ Sauce Condom PRANK left under Amanda’s bed..

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


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11am Helen finishes her run and heads up to the HOH room. Elissa asks what time it is? Helen says 10:30 – 11am. Elissa asks really?! Helen says everyone else is still asleep. Helen heads down to the kitchen. Jessie and Howard are also up now. Elissa puts ice cubes below her eyes. In the have not room the camera shows Amanda sleeping and then pans down to the floor to show a opened condom and a female condom left under McCrae bed. They were placed there by Aayrn and Judd as a prank. The put BBQ sauce on it.



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11:25am – 12:05pm Out in the backyard – Jessie and Judd are talking. Judd says that he thinks Kaitlin needs to go before Aaryn. Judd brings up how Helen tried to ask him to promise Kaitlin’s safety. That’s not right, make deals for yourself but not for me. Jessie agrees. Judd says I just want us to go to the final two, so bad! Jessie says me too. Judd says some of these people think we are floaters, but we made some of the biggest moves in this game. You know that right? Jessie says yeah. Jessie says that moving company would still be going if it wasn’t for us. Jessie says I know the next HOH is going to be endurance. Judd says McCrae and I are smaller, we might do good at that too. Judd says I think we need to get close to Amanda. I think us four could really do some damage. Jessie says yeah. Judd says later on, not now. Jessie comments that Elissa love McCrae. Judd says she loves me and you too. Jessie agrees. Judd tells Jessie that Spencer likes her a lot too.. I think he has a crush on you. Jessie asks really?! Judd and Jessie agree that Amanda has a great personality. Judd asks did you know that I was Nick’s target? Jessie says no. They talk about how everyone is suspicious of Howard and want him out because he lied on the bible. I don’t like that. They continue to talk about past competition. Jessie says that she thinks Aaryn would put us up in a heart beat. Jessie says that she wants to talk to Amanda but she is worried because she is really good at lying. I want to be like, look Helen has Elissa and Andy is close to them. We are second tier in this alliance and so we should look after each other. Judd says yeah you should do that, get close to them. We’ve got to stick together to get those three girls out before they start coming after us. Jessie tells Judd she wouldn’t want to have a final two deal with anyone else. Judd agrees. Jessie says we need a name, lets combine Tennessee and Texas – Tenexas? Judd says or Bonnie and Clyde 2013! NO that’s too long. Judd and Jessie head inside.

12:10pm Most of the house guests are now waking up and getting ready for the day.

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12:10pm In the kitchen – Helen, Candice and Elissa are talking about random things. They talk about Canada day being close to July 4th. Elissa thinks its the same day. Candice tells her its a few days before. Helen says that she knows nothing about Canada. Elissa tells Helen and Candice that she was told that in Canada they teach that Christopher Columbus wasn’t real. Helen says in 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Why would say its not real? Helen complains about how her neck has an allergic reaction to something. They wonder if ring-worm is going around the house. Candice talks about her area down there is super sensitive to everything.


12:15pm – 12:20pm Meanwhile in the storage room – Judd assures Aaryn that she isn’t a target right now. He says that he will let her know if her name comes up. Judd says that anyone that talks game to him, he tells them she isnt a big threat for a while. Aaryn says thank you. She says that she’s never heard his come up but that he will let him know if it does. Aaryn says Kaitlin is in an alliance with Helen, Andy and Elissa with a final 4 deal. Judd talks about how Helen is making people promise not to put up Kaitlin – I won’t promise that. Aaryn agrees and says its not right.


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12:25pm – 12:30pm In the kithcen – Judd talks about how he had 2000 people on his facebook page before he shut it down. He says that he doesn’t use it any more but likes twitter. Aaryn says that she needs to go through her facebook because she has some questionable people on there. Candice asks her shaddy fu*ks? Candice talks about being on a dating site and how she met a few okay people on there. Judd and Jessie head out to the pool.

12:35pm – 12:50pm Judd and Jessie are out by the pool talking about movies. Aaryn joins them. Judd says Triangle of Thrust.. I saw that in the bathroom. Aaryn says yeah Jeremy wrote that in there yesterday. Kind of sad, if you’re one of us I guess. Jeremy joins them in the pool. They talk about the triangle of thrust. Meanwhile on the backyard couch – Andy and Spencer are talking. They talk about how Jessie is taking eating slop the worst. Andy jokes that his curse is working. Jessie comes out to join them and complains that someone cleaned out the fridge and threw out an entire bag of fried slop for no reason. She says now I have nothing to eat. Andy tells her to cool her jets. It looks like you are about to have a mid-week slop melt down. Andy asks so is it just Amanda and McCrae that I haven’t seen today. Jessie says yeah. Andy says that McCrae and Amanda look like homeless people that climbed the fence to be in here. Andy says that he doesn’t think McCrae has showered in 4 days. Spencer says he saw him in the shower but he was just changing. Jessie says that Jeremy thinking he is on Dan or Ian Terry’s level is just insane to me. He is just pure douche bag. Jessie wonder who kaitlin we go to once Jeremy leaves. Andy says probably me. Jessie says she is scared of her. Andy reassures her that she has nothing to worry about. If she wins I will do whatever it takes to pursuade her not to put you up. Jessie says thanks – I just hope everyone sticks to the plan because if we do we will all make it to jury. Andy comments on how they are having a funeral for Nick today to get Gina to stop talking about him and move on.

1:20pm – 1:30pmJessie heads into the kitchen and appologizes to Helen, Candice and Elissa for freaking out on them when they threw out the fried slop. She says it was the slop talking. Helen hugs her and says she understands what it’s like to be on slop. Spencer, Gina, Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy (Has Never-Not Pass). They talk about how they need to be on team together so that they’re on slop this week. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Judd, Aaryn and Jeremy are in the pool. Kaitlin is suntanning beside the pool. Spencer, Andy and Jessie are talking on the backyard couch. Spencer is talking about when he realized he loved his girlfriend. He said that when she told him she did he thought to himself if I say it it will be like putting gasoline on the fire, and if I don’t say it – it will be like putting water on the fire. He said he searched himself and realized he really did love her.

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Charlie Hustle

Anyone else thinking there is going to be the first BB Death Sentence during the Helen regime?


Hopefully, Thursday!


In two more days till Aaryn or Jeremy getting evicted. Let the drama begins!!!!!!!


Probably last meal!


Prank would’ve been funnier of they put tomato sauce in the condom. BBQ is what would be in Judd’s condom


There’s a condiment that would have been funny…and it’s not tomato or BBQ sauce…


Jessie and Judd are so innocent, I’m starting to think people are going to start taking advantage of them in this game if they don’t start winning things SOON! Elissa, Judd, Jessie and Helen are such nice people, it makes me think that BB is the wrong place for them! They’re not EVIL like some people!


After what we saw this week, Helen can be taken off the “nice” list..


They seem like 2 floating liars to me.


Judd and Jessie are already being taken advantage of! They just aren’t smart enough to do anything about it! The biggest mistake they all made in this game is keeping Elissa. As long as she is still in the house no one has a chance of winning this game. I would love to see the voting results that prove she has the most votes for MVP every week!


She has to be well liked ’cause she’s winning the poll on this site too and I doubt Simon/Dawg would rig a poll! People like her and also Jerm, Kaitlin and Aaryn helped Elissa get the MVP the 1st weeks by bullying her making all the fans look at her as an underdog/victim. Everyone voted for her mostly because of that and the rest is Brenchal fans!




Jessie + Judd already have a nickname, it’s JEJU! I like them both more and more now.

Wow, I’m insulted by how little Elissa knows about Canada if she does live there… Of course we learn about Christopher Columbus, what the hell? And Canada Day is July 1st! Even Candace knows!! Then again, Elissa doesn’t even know her own husband’s nationality… I’m surprised Helen doesn’t know anything about Canada since she seems very educated, but I guess the american school system doesn’t learn about Canada, what a shame.


you’d be surprised by what certain schools actually teach. some decide to ignore parts of history. Agenda driven


lol youre dumb if you think thats true


So what if Howard supposedly swears on the bible. Dan did it last season and he made it to the final two.


its pathetic. that is what. and its hilarious to see the people who are religious support it. its a freaking joke. tells you what he and others think of religion. fine by me, I really don’t care, but I think if you are religious and spend time preaching the bible, you shouldn’t be using it in the game of big brother, or swearing on it AT ALL. but that’s just me, I grew up catholic, so I have some respect for religion, and if you are in it, you should understand that. some things are sacred. of course now I’m not even religious, I just find it to be ridiculous, as religion is a topic NO ONE can touch without sensitive BS, and yet you can use it in the game as a shield/tool? really?


You don’t care…but you rant about it?

Well, that makes sense…


In a lot of ways religion itself is a joke. so it’s not a surprise that people that don’t think of it as anything more then what it is.

Take it like this if Scientology was invented in the same time as other popular religions it wouldn’t be laughed at.

If Howard ends up winning and uses this money for a good cause, everything he did on the show was worth it..

Only idiots believe that just because someone if swearing on a bible on REALITY TV(which in and of itself isn’t real life at all) is serious.


Just like last season with Dan, people on here was losing their minds in a pathetic way calling him the devil ect. Dan is a good man..

Hiel Helen

If he had just lied, It wouldn’t be so bad, but since he brought religon into it magnifies the situation.
Keep in mind everyone is looking for any little thing to divert attention. As soon as someone says they will
swear on something it usually varifies their full of BS. The truth is simple


I could really go for Pandora’s Box right about now.


i would like too see where this game would go without amanda i do like her spunk but would like to see mcpizza play his own game dont like the fact amanda and helen have both used her for mvp status and its sad cause i like helen too im torn cause helen is a good person amanda has shown her true colors with arian and andy doesnt show loyalty to anyone he just runs back and forth so i would really like to see judd jessie and elissa team up and tear the house up the jury for me is still out on mcpizza i just have a feeling he may be hurt in the end high class realtor and a pizza boy?


I totally agree with you. But I’d like it to be Judd, Jesse, McCrae, Elissa & Amanda.


I can’t believe Amara has taken the 2nd position in the poll. Helen is slowly losing her fans to Amanda. Lol.


We’ve seen worst romances, Jeff/Jordan, Rachel/Brendon, Danielle/Shane

They’re all polar opposites in every way imaginable yet somehow they made it work.


Your comments make sense. However, it was a bit difficult to follow. Try a capital letter and maybe some punctuation. It would help to get your point across.

Hiel Helen

Mc Crea knows what he is doing, as a matter of fact he is probably the most BB knowledgable player n the house
It’s surely not Ellissa. She doesn’t even know half their names. freakin clueless. Why is she even there?


Now that’s a run-on sentence. My English professor would be proud.

Hiel Helen

Can u reid it? kan u undertand it? itz phine


“Aaryn says that she needs to go through her Facebook because she has some questionable people on there.”

She has no idea what is really taking place on Facebook. She might have to shut her page down.


not being on facebook is the one good thing going for her right now.


I still find it funny when you hear people talk about elissa like she is constantly this mastermind putting together alliances. so far all I see is a really weak player who seems to kind of want to go home pre jury.


@Gabby – It’s also possible that all the people on her facebook find Aaryn questionable, and have already deleted her 😉


Simon or Dawg, can someone plz tell me if Judd is serious about wanting a girl out this week? As in he will not be voting Jeremy out? Or is it just talk?? I’m just wondering bc it’s hard to tell who he’s truly 100% loyal too. Is it Helen, Elissa, & Superfriends? Or McCrae, Amanda, & Andy? Or like I said, all of them combined?!?!? I just don’t know. I am liking him more & more though. I’d like to see him team up with McCrae, Jessie, Amanda, & Elissa & seriously be loyal to each other. That would be nice. I have lost complete interest in Helen this week. That’s sad too, bc I was happy when she won. What a shame:(


I would say Judd is more with the goof troop but he’s a tough one to read. Like Andy he’s playing both side. A hell of a solid game, It’s the power of the bear shirt

I thought Helen was going to run the “Perfect HOH” I even said that in a post but man has she messed up with this crazy power trip. Everyone is scared of saying anything because of the MVP, More Friendship .. less drama (boring)

As long as Elissa keeps getting MVP and the superfriends stay superfriends they are all supersafe. Starting Thursday everything changes again.

Hiel Helen

How dare you speak about “Supreme Leader” like that!


Thanks Simon, I really appreciate you answering:) I also agree with you in the fact that the MVP insures less drama. People are scared to pi$$ other ppl off in fear they may get nominated by the MVP. I kind of liked the idea of the MVP in the beginning, but I’m not so much anymore. I think it should be completely anonymous, that way it creates more drama:) Ppl trying to figure out who nominated them, rumors floating around, and ppl being accused of having it. Now that sounds better. Also, it would be better if the same person couldn’t get it bk to bk. That’s not right. Basically, Elissa will sail right to the end of this thing, having that. Well….you know, until they cancel it.
*** I can’t wait to see how the tides turn on Thursday. It should be interesting.

*** Great site. I used to use Jokers, last year, but they’re spelling errors & lack of punctuation got annoying. I felt like it was being ran by 12 yr olds??? Who knows, maybe it was. Lol. I like your site a lot better. It’s more mature, better grammar, & u guys are just on top of it. As soon as the trivia stops, you let us know who won, or whatever it was that happened. And I like that. So, thank you for all the time & energy you put into this. I really appreciate it, as do many others:)


Columbus never actually reached the United States of America. He reached Cuba, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and many other Latin Islands, but never actually hit America. In addition, he went to his death thinking that all those places were China, and not a new world. So to many he is considered a fraud, and not the great traveler that many make him out to be. Maybe this is what Elissa is referring to when she says that Canadians teach that Columbus wasn’t real.


So you are saying he reached Latin AMERICA?


or, I should say Central AMERICA


Hahahaha yep that’s right in Canada not only do we live in igloos and have pet moose we also rewrite history. Our president is also named Tim Hortons.


And the queen of canada is Marsha the moose….respect


What you might not appreciate is that Canadian Bacon is to American kids of the 90’s what Red Dawn was to American kids of the 80’s….


Your President makes donuts?


Our prime minister makes doughnuts and delicious coffee.


So your prime minister is really Tim Horton? Now that’s cool!!


What red and green and moves really fast?
GM chained to his Nicks rear bumper and getting dragged across a grass field at 60 miles per hour!

Nick got a restraining order on GM. She is not allowed within 20 miles
GM thinks, Not a bad outcome: in order for me to comply, I must know where he is all the time.


ROLMFAO, I still think he should hit that at least once, restraining order can be drawn up the next morning.

Charlie Hustle

That would be a fatal (attraction) mistake. This is her level of obsession without so much as a kiss. If he were to sleep with her, the results in a combination of the following:

1. Nick, depressed, paranoid and lonely for the remainder of his life.
2. Nick, depressed, paranoid and his future girlfriend(s) in danger.
3. Nick in danger.
4. Nick in jail for killing GM.
5. GM in jail for killing Nick or his significant other.

Who would sign up for any of that?

Best bet is to change his name and abandon his previous existence. WitSec style.


In my opinion Amanda is over playing right now. She is safe, has strong aliances and is not threatened by any one. I think it would be in her best interest to not try and crumble her aliance right now. if she gets TOO agressive she will make a target of herself. Judd and Jessie are followers, the fact they think they are making big moves and came up with a name for themselves is a joke. Helen is talking to much but is still smart, and a much better HOH than Aaryn. Kaitlin is flakey and trying to jump ship cause its her only option. When last week she thought she was miss cool in the HOH room excluding and laughing at people. Gina is just straight up embarassing herself, it was obvious Nick wanted nothing to do with her. I think Judd and Andy and McCrae are playing the best came right now. They are laying low and staying likable. McCrae needs to make sure he doesn’t get sucked into Amanda’s fights and have to battle them with her, and he should be fine.


GM has told me she is very upset with my last post about her being a stalker.

GM says, I am not a stalker. I am an unpaid private investigator!


Often you don’t know whether you’re the hero of a romantic comedy or the villain on a Lifetime special until the restraining order arrives.


I wish that production would bring Dan into the house to lead Nick’s memorial service.


Judd and Jessie are 2 goofballs…………..even if they put their brains together………….they couldn’t win a thing ! ! ! They are worthless…..hopefully they will be gone bye-bye…………..the sooner the better…………………and take that jerk Helen with’em……………


I think your …. button seems to be stuck

Hiel Helen

Don’t underestimate Judd


judd and jessie are the stooges of this season, like andrew and talla in bb canada…i hope they do well


Hey, when Jeremy and Kaitlin were in the hammock lastnight did Kaitlin say that Elissa had signed a different contract than thesm? That apparently shes not staying the whole time, which would be awesome. Elissa is an airhead…and is clearly only riding her sister’s coattails.. If Jeremy leaves this week, this game will get very boring, there needs to be a villain, and I think Aaryn’s trying to change her ways a bit.


Glad to see there are a few fellow Canucks on this board! When are you from? I grew up in Winnipeg but live in the states now.




On a side note, I find it kinda funny that the house guests said they don’t know anything about Canada…we (Canadians) still learn a little about the US from the media or from school. I would say that most educated Canadian people could tell you the names of the states.

When I was vacationing in Florida (I love Florida), they would often ask where I was from. I would tell them the Province (not the actual place), and they had no idea that it was even in Canada. Just thought this was interesting… 🙂 Maybe it’s because several of our television stations are based in the states? Who knows.


I’m not surprised they no very little to nothing about Canada.
I live in Toronto, most of my history classes were based on american history and of course we have the overwhelming bombarding of American media. I know more than my share about America.
When Canada is spoken about on a tv show its always with humorous stereotypes.

It makes me laugh to hear them speak about Canada Day and not knowing anything about Canada, It makes them look poorly educated.


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