Big Brother Spoilers Veto Players picked “Town’s people let’s slay the dragon”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots ? Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda ?


8:20Am Have nots Amanda and McCrea
Amanda says she likes Aaryn and she wants to keep her around for awhile because she can help them. They agree that Helen and Elissa are acting strange right now they are certain that a deal was made.

McCrea says he had a talk with Helen and Helen thinks that Howard will not put them up because he owes her something

Amanda and MCrea agree that Helen and Elissa are being dumb and Howard has them wrapped around their fingers. Amanda: “He’s preying on the weak ones”

Amanda says that Howard knows he can’t manipulate her so that is why he’s pissed at her and gets personal. McCrea points out that last night Helen never spoke up when Howard was going off on them because they had a deal. Helen told McCrea that it’s because she was tired, “BullSh!t.. it’s because you didn’t want to get between your thing” McCrea is worried that Elissa will tell Howard that she won the MVP not him. McCrea: “She doesn’t have logic” Amanda: “She’s not a good liar”

Feeds go to fish

Elissa: ‘I wish Aaryn would go up instead of David.. she’s such a trouble maker” (FYI Elissa mixes up the house guest names all the time.. Amanda has given up correcting her )

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8:58am HOH Howard, Spencer, Candace, Elissa and Andy
Helen: “Town’s people let’s slay the dragon”
Helen is worried that Kaitlin will win the POV and not use it.
Candace: ‘I know Jeremy has to go but I want Aaryn out so bad.. I think if Aaryn wins HOH next week it will be 10 times worst than if Jeremy wins”
Helen: ‘What you .. want aaryn out now”
Candace says no she wants Jeremy gone first..
Spencer tells them all not to worry cause he’s going to win the POV.


9:00am Bedroom Gina and Aaryn
Gina: “I hope it’s not a smart game I suck at those” (Gina picked to play in POV)
Aaryn tell her to fight her heart out.. If Aaryn goes home because of “These Big Guns” she will be pissed.
Aaryn tells her that Howard was the target but now everything is messed up

Power of veto players
Spencer, Kaitlin, Helen, Aaryn, Veto Pick was Gina and Candace
judd is the host

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9:08am bedroom Kaitlin and Amanda Amanda saying she wants Jeremy in the game over Howard. Amanda says the HOH group wants Jeremy gone he’s the target.
Amanda tells her that the only way she was going home is if she wins the veto and doesn’t use it.


9:12am Aaryn and Kaitlin

Kaitlin says that Amanda just told her that they are going to backd**r Jeremy. They are not sending Aaryn home because she is alone. Kaitlin adds if she wins POV and doesn’t use it they are going to vote her out.
KAitlin takes Gina into the storage room.
Kaitlin: “If you win this veto you have to save it for yourself you have to keep the nominations the same otherwise Jeremy is going home”
Kaitlin: ‘They told me that Aaryn is the target.. if POV isn’t used Spencer goes home”
Gina: “you know i’m going to go hard’
Kaitlin: “Just go f*****ing hard and keep it for yourself.. they are not even giving Jeremy the chance to save himself”
Kaitlin mentions that everyone is freaking out because Howard was supposed to go up but didn’t because Candace has a deal with Helen.

9:24am bedroom Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin Jeremy says that he talked to Helen and she told him there are two targets and he’s one of them.

9:29Am Cockpit Andy and Jeremy

Andy: “I’m going to be honest with you it’s not looking good”
Jeremy says all he can promise is if he doesn’t go home this week he’ll put up whoever they want if he wins the next HOH.


9:32am Have Nots McCrea and Amanda
McCrea and Amanda talking that they want to keep Jeremy in the game. Amanda: ‘Howard is a much bigger threat to us than Jeremy”
McCrea: ‘Duh.. they have their 4 now”
Amanda: “no one knows where Howard lies”
McCrea: “Except for the 4 that are in power right now.. there is no way they will put Howard up NO WAY.. no matter what we say and do”

Andy joins them. McCrea says he’ super concerned asks Andy if he’s working with the “4 of them” (howard, candace, Elissa and Helen)
Andy says no. (Amanda and McCrea are freaking out. )
Andy about the prospects of Helen having a new 4 person alliance: “If that happens I’ve been the number one supporter of Elissa”
McCrea is freaking out saying they might lose the number advantage.
Amanda: “We don’t have to scramble until someone else has the power”
Amanda: “F***ing stepford wives are controlling the house right now”
McCrea thinks it’s because Howard was using religion that it why he was able to get a deal with Helen”
McCrea tells Andy that Spencer and Howard will throw anyone under the bus they don’t care. Andy says he’s getting red flags from Helen and Elissa.
Jessie has joined them
They start talking about HElen’s motives to not put Howard up. Andy is wondering why Howard is targeting him. McCrea thinks it’s because HWOard wants to take over Andy’s spot in Helen’s group.
Amanda and McCrea start talking about a split between them and Helen’s side. McCrea wants them to keep cool.

9:40am storage room Aaryn and Helen
Helen says she wants to “Pump” Aaryn up because they are on the same team now right now.. “we can do this.. pump it up”
Helen leaves Aaryn is worried now looks at the camera “thats the most obvious thing in the entire world.. now i’m looking like a traitor..

(It was hard to understand what all Helen was saying as they were jumping around and out of breath at the time)


9:58am Andy and Kaitlin
Talking about Howard being such a shady f***
Andy keeps telling her if she wins she has to save herself otherwise she is going home. KAitlin: ‘if I don’t win does that mean I still go home” Andy: “No no”

10:05am HOH Elissa, Amanda, Helen, McCrea and Andy

Helen is saying there is no way they are backdooring Howard if the POV is used Jeremy is going up.
McCrea says Jeremy going home would be the best. Amanda keeps going on about how they need to make sure that Gina needs to use the POV. Helen says she’s been working Gina for a couple of day.

10:50Am Judd comes in the bedroom where Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy are talking about the long wait for the veto. “Grab your umbrellas it’s time for the Veto competition”
He tells them he’s joking.. “I’m just practicing”

11:00AM Jessie going to town on the slop muffin batter. House guests are sitting around waiting for the POV comp to starts

11:02Am Bedroom Aaryn, Jeremy, Judd, Gina and KAitlin

Judd saying that he’s not going to take what people say in the DR to heart. Aaryn says of course not especially when it’s not really your words. (implying that Production tells them what to say in the DR)

11:26AM house guests just loitering around waiting for the POV. Jermey wonders why it’s taking so long they’ve been building the competition set for 2 days.

11:36Am Bedroom Kaitlin, Jeremy and Aaryn joking around
Jeremy : “I hope they have a cast.. most beautiful cast .. or best jaw line cast”
Aaryn says that Amanda scares the F*** out of her, the people that scare her are Elissa, Amanda and Howard.
They start talking about how either Howard is throwing every competition or is just plain horrible at comps.
11:38:49 Aaryn about their comp win “We won with a broken hand and someone throwing it and we still beat them.. what kinda queers are in this place”

12:08Am assorted pictures of the house guests lounging around waiting for the Power of veto competition to begin

12:27am Cockpit Amanda is worried about her now ex boyfriend because he had naked pictures and S$x tapes of her and him. She points out that he’s a spiteful person


12:44pm HOH Andy and Helen

Helen says she doesn’t blame ELissa for doing her own nomination for MVP. Helen explains what went down last night.
Andy says that Amanda and McCrea have been putting things in his head that Helen and Elissa, Candace have a deal
Helen swears she doesn’t have a secret deal with Candace and howard Her core is Andy, Judd and Elissa. Andy says that Helen is in her inner circle.
Helen: “There will be a point we have to take down Amanda”
Helen tells him that they will have to separate Amanda and McCrea at one point but not right now.
Andy: “Howard is super manipulative.. howard will use religion against Elissa.. if Howard is on your side thats cool I just don’t want him to sway Elissa away”
Helen: ‘He’s going out the door it’s just a matter of time
Andy: “we’re going to start the Veto soon Judd got called into the Diary room”
Helen: “There’s no deal with Candace or Howard”
Helen mentions that Candace really stuck up for Howard. Andy and Helen both think they have Kaitlin and Gina and once Jeremy leaves they’ll have them on their side. (Andy and Helen love big alliances.. Super Friends! )
Andy goes on and on about how dangerous Howard is says He’ll lie and do whatever that needs to be done to survive.
Andy believe Spencer more than Howard he feels that Howard will try to use Candace and Elissa against them.
Helen is shocked that Candace stick by Howard after everything he’s done to her.
Feeds go to fish..

1:00pm POV Comp begins..
3:40pm Trivia
4:50pm Trivia
6:00pm Trivia
The next post will have the Power of Veto winner

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297 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers Veto Players picked “Town’s people let’s slay the dragon”

  1. Production’s manipulation has royally screwed this season more then any other I’ve seen.

    That’s why I can say that, when the smokes clear Elissa will be the winner, because it’s so obvious.

    1. Best Elissa can ever do is second. No one will vote for her because of the significant advantage she was given. She is no Rachel. (I don’t like Rachel personally, but she played the game all-in hard). Elissa is a nice person but is boring. Even David played harder tan her.

      I think production had a good idea in theory but it backfired. Three in a row and this is losing credibility.

      1. It is not fair to say that Elissa hasn’t played the game — she has not had the opportunity. She has been target #1 for two weeks in a row and was immediately isolated because of some sort of made up inside info on how to win/play the game because she is Rachel’s sister.

        1. Elissa hasn’t gotten to play the game?

          both weeks her nominee has gone home.

          now from a social aspect, yeah she hasn’t played the game-but that’s her fault and no one else’s.

          from a competitive standpoint….she sucks. Enough said.

      2. Rachel fans are gonna vote for Elissa and to tell the trueth I don’t blame them … that girl Elissa had a target on her back the minute she walked in .. serves those bad kiddy minded people judging and condemning her without giving her a chance to play .. I can see Elissa getting MVP until the house numbers get a little lower … at least now people are getting to know who .. well most .. Aaren will never change .. Kaitlen there is a ray of hope .. Gina is down right up the back side of Aaren and I don’t want to get started on Amanda .. liked her at one point but she is now the female version of Jeremy a big Bully …

    2. Of course production tells them what to say and who to nominate. I mean beginning to think BB is no different than the rigged game shows of the 50’s.

      1. Yes! But if i recall correctly, those shows were exposed and smacked down pretty hard by the justice system.

        At the point, I wish the same would happen to Grodner and her puppeteers.

        1. the only reality in Reality TV is that the networks want money. They will manipulate for entertainment purposes. No secret there.

    3. Elissa will probably not win…But the DR influence of Jessie Nickvote and this stupid rig MVP twist made sure its is one of Elissa group that will win = Helen Elissa Andy Amanda Candace……We are up for a VaginaFest at the end

      1. You all, along with some of the people in the house are losing focus with, who the real threat is. And that’s Jeremy, Aaryn, & Kaitlin. Why in the hell would they even want to deal with the Spencer/Howard thing right now, when they have them on their side. That would just be flatout ignorance. & even putting them up could make them want to target them(Helen/Elissa). So why do that when you know for 100% certainty Jeremy & Co are coming after them. And they can deal with the Spencer/Howard situation later. As in, after Jeremy & Co are gone. See what I mean? Why put Howard up & vote him out when next week they’d have, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn, GM, Candice, & Spencer after them. Whereas, if they get Mcranda out of their damn heads & stay focused with their original plan. Next week they’d only have Kaitlyn & Aaryn coming after them. At best. Hell 1 or both of them may even make a deal with Helen & Elissa. So after sitting there calling Elissa stupid for her nomination, take a second and think of how stupid u are/were for saying that. Lets see…..would u want 6ppl targeting u or MAYBE 1or 2?????

        That said, Elissa was very wise in her decision in not doing what Mcranda wanted her to do. McCrae & Amanda are just trying to play EVERYBODY & it’s a very thin piece of ice they’re skating on. This way, someone wins the veto Jeremy goes up & home. If Howard was up there McCrae & Amanda would try to get votes to get him out. Therefore keeping Jeremy & Co intact with the addition of Spencer, Candice, & possibly McCrae & Amanda. Anld that happening would be bad news for Helen & Elissa. Enough said. If u don’t get it after reading this…….then you never will:(

    4. While the feeds are off I wouldn’t be surprised if the houseguests get a ‘talking to’ about what they can and can’t say regarding DR and what production says to them.

    1. True! Their alliance’s trust on her and Helen are going down the drain because of Elissa’s stupidity. Why did she just not put up Howard? In that way both camp are happy and it wouldn’t look like they were planning against their own alliance. Now the mean girls will be targeting them and even their own alliance will be targeting them. Instead of a free pass HOH, Elissa pretty much screw hers and Helen’s game. I was expecting that the people who voted nick out with the exemption of Spencer are the top players and jury but now everyone is in scrambles yet again.
      Elissa does not deserve the MVP and does not know how to play the game!

      1. I enjoy Eliisa’s unstable play.
        Am just wondering if she nominated the wrong person when she said Spencer.
        We all know now how she gets names wrong.
        Poor thang still thinks David is playing!!

      2. I enjoy Eliisa’s unstable play.
        Am just wondering if she nominated the wrong person when she said Spencer.
        We all know now how she gets names wrong.
        Poor thang still thinks David is playing!!

        1. hahahahaha! That’s so true! They should all worry when she goes in to give a name. Hopefully, they have pictures with name tags on them!

      3. There have been a couple of HG “DR sessions talk slip-ups”, since Helen won HOH, where they say it’s very clear that AG does *not* want Howard evicted just yet. After since AG (not “America”) has made Elissa MVP for 3 weeks in a row, exactly how long do you think it would take Elissa, once AG told her she wants Howard to stay, before Elissa asks, “Well, OK. Who do YOU want me to put up then? (That’s music to AG’s ears.) AG: “How ’bout this? I’ll let you at least make Howard unhappy. Put up Spencer, his #1 partner in crime. Do that with your MVP, Elissa, and you and I are still good. And for Pete’s sake, you guys! You are NOT allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HGs!!!!! There’s been WAY too many slip ups lately!!!!!! My talks must stay secret!!!!!!!

        Unfortunately, house dynamics (the stuff we all love to watch) usually takes a back seat to the whims of Allison Grodner. It’s always been that way. But in BB15, with her new MVP toy to play with, AG is now 3 times more powerful. OBB fans, when “crazy sh*t” happens (like Elissa not putting up Howard), always look to AG first. Don’t assume there’s now a rift between Helen and Elissa. There isn’t. And yes, you’re all correct, Elissa has played a terrible BB game, all season. But Helen knows that all Elissa did, by putting up Spencer instead, is to make AG happy. Because AG had already mentioned saving Howard to Helen, when Helen was in the DR – Helen said it herself. Elissa HAS to appease AG. She’d already be long gone, without her. If Elissa ever crosses AG, do you think “America” makes her MVP next week? Not on your life….

        Wouldn’t it be nice if AG didn’t always interfere? Wasn’t there an old song? “To dream…..the impossible dream!”

        And Simon, you’ll get my usual OBB donation Sunday. Please, fellow OBB’ers – help Simon and Dawg with their huge bandwidth OBB expenses! Thanks!

    2. No, Helen tried to make several side alliances, without her team knowing. They never brought Elissa into the discussions of who to nominate, which is why she chose on her own. Can’t blame her, even though she is a LONG cry from her sister, as far as game play. Helen wanted to keep her hands clean and have Elissa do the dirty work, and they all assumed they would pick the MVP for her. I bet that Helen will be upset that she didn’t get MVP, since she seems to think she deserved it, and that will make her want Elissa out, like the rest, for her chance to win. So now they are going to be right back where they started. If so, they deserve to go.

      1. Helen has been covering both elissa and her own tracks. Had Elissa followed the original nomination they would still get the graces of the mean girls and they would still target Howard and Spencer have they gotten the next HOH. Helen “made peace” with Howard and Spencer so in case the latter gets the next HOH, they would be gunning for the mean girls or Mc Crae and Amanda. And of course amanda and mc crae would not target them because they are in an alliance.

        However because of Elissa’s screw up and stupidity, every action that Helen executed is now exposed to amanda. Helen is now on the bottom of the totem pole in her alliance for suspicions of teaming up with Howard and Spencer (which did not happen but seems to look that way). The mean girls will now also put her o their radar for not ostracizing Howard and Spencer.

        Helen played it well yet Elissa’s brash decisions might cost her game.

    3. If that was what Helen wanted why did she not just nominate him herself? Or was she hiding behind the MVP so she didn’t have to take the heat.
      If anyone screwed Helen’s game it was herself!

  2. amanda acting like a dictator i want her gone …. she needs to start winning stuff so she can make her own nominations lets just work with what we have and take aaryn out ….. have a feeling aaryn is going to win hope not

    1. I do not believe CBS wll let Aaryn win. They are taking flack for letting her stay in the house after all her racist comments. If they allow her to win it would be like they are rewardig her racism.

    2. Aaryn will never win. The only people stupid enough to vote for her IF they made the jury would be Kaitlin, GM, and Jeremy. But at this point, she has lucked out in that she’s so hated so could be kept very far into the game based on her being easy to defeat in a final vote.

    3. I agree! I was starting to like Amanda BBB it she’s starting to annoy me a lil. When she wants something, she drives it sooooo hard sometimes. Her and McCrae should chill on the Howard bashing because clearly Helen isn’t trying to send him out this week…

  3. And just like that Amanda gains control of the house against Helen and Elissa, all because Elissa didn’t put Howard up.

  4. DUDE WTF! Amanda its okay for you to make deals but no one else can make side deals also? You are not on power. If you want to make descisions…win SOMETHING!!!

  5. Hopefully this is the last week of MVP, unless they change the rules (such as cant win two in a row). Would have made things much more interesting as well if they were forced to keep thus secret.

  6. PRODUCTION! PRODUCTION! PRODUCTION! They are AGAIN controlling this season. Ellissa already admitted that her whole family is completely dedicated to CBS and everyone that is associated with Big Brother for everything they have done for Rachel and her family. They are controlling who should be voted and not! When they don’t want US to know what they are trying to do they cut off all the feeds! The feeds were OFF! for long periods of time last night and early this morning because of the houseguests NOW questioning PRODUCTION about how the game is being manipulated>> We all heard that DR told Helen that they don’t feel that putting up Howard was good for the show! and that she should re-think about her decision so she changed it to Katlin. Then when Ellissa was questioned about her decision from Amanda she first lied about having MVP then she admited to it but she said very clearly that PRODUCTION kept asking her “Well if you don’t feel good about your decision that she should put up Spencer.” of which she did because she didn’t want to upset PRODUCTION and Big Brother/CBS. I really believe that they are pushing for Howard to be safe so they can have another SHOWMANCE for television (because this is a TV show and it’s all about RATINGS!) They have never had black couple in a showmance I don’t believe, and with Jeremy leaving another couple will be gone. So they need the RATINGS!! and Howard to stay. If Jeremy name gets picked for the veto (questionable) and wins (because it is suited for him like they did when Jeff competed a few yrs ago and loss!! Damn clown shoe!) then the house will get a rid of Aaryn and Big Brother will get the drama they were looking for. But only time will tell how far PRODUCTION! will interfere this year AGAIN!..

    1. Production wants Howard in as a character foil to Aryan. Aryan’s antics are bringing new viewers to BB. I think Howard praying in tears that we saw Thurs night on BB After Dark will make it to air Sunday.

      1. Howard in tears was such a bunch of production crap. Made me sick to watch this really bad actor who swears on his religion and loves dog fights just like Michael Vick. Howard is such a liar but guarantee CBS won’t air any of his faults. Gag this season is making me sick with CBS picking their favorites and production rigging it. If you are going to show the racist and bigots and sexist then don’t just pick and choose show them all for who they are and that includes Kaitlin, GM (remember she is the one that said the N word not Aaryn and started the rice comments), Amanda with her gay slurs, Spencer for the bigot and sexist and homophobic human he is, Howard for swearing on his religion, Elissa for calling girls whores, and even Helen for using GD word and Amanda for her homophobic comments and for her using the word retard when describing someone. Also amazes me that Julie Chen goes on a rant about how the anti asian comments affected her yet she says not one word about Spencer stating clearly that when women say no it actually means yes (which in effect means condoning rape) or last year when Frank talked about going to Dan’s house and raping his wife but when Frank got evicted Chen was swooning all over him. Apparently, those disgusting comments in relation to women do not bother her or Spencer praising Hitler who killed millions of Jews. Seems to me as if Julie Chen picks and chooses what she has a problem with and unless they are anti asian comments, which are horrible, nothing bothers her. Sorry, but as a woman a man pretty much thinking that the rape of women is okay BOTHERS ME!!

        1. WHAT????? How do you know he likes dog fights. If that is the case, I will LOATHE him. That is heartless and cruel and VERY UNCHRISTIAN. I think Howard is full of BS.

          1. The dog conversation starts at around 1:10:00 AM Thursday the 11th week 3. Everyone was freaking out in chat about it. He was talking about shock collars and about a drug dealer friend of his that fought dogs etc. Just flashback to watch.

          2. I read on some spoiler website that either Howard on the live feeds I suppose says he does them or goes to them or supports them or something like that but do not remember which spoiler website it was on. I cannot stand any of these bigots, bullies, racists, sexists, liars. The only ones that seem like even halfway decent persons that either have not called the other houseguests a whore or something worse, or swore on their religion, or used God’s name in vein or worse are Judd and Andy. The rest are all horrible and a shame CBS does not show them all for who they are instead of just using all of their resources to just show Aaryn and protect the others.

            1. Did frank really say that about dan’s wife last season though? I mean, I thought Frank was a heel, but an almost lovable one. If that’s true, he’s way worse than Jeremy. That’s a line you just don’t cross.

              1. No, he didn’t. It was actually Boogie who said it to Frank. And he said sex, not rape. And it was also obviously a joke.

                So yeah, billie is completely full of shit about multiple things in the post.

      2. So true, that’s y Aaryn needs to stay so she can be along, and reach out to the “geeks” and then hopefully she will realize her faults #socialgame

    2. Candice told howard that she is no home wrecker(spell wrong)which means no romance, but a black person has never made it to the top 3

      1. Production is once again rigging it this year and guarantee that Helen and either Howard or Candice will be in finale. It is all about the politics and not about the game. If these people were smart and production was not interfering you would keep Aaryn or Jeremy as one of final two because it guarantees that you win the $500,000. These house guests are not smart and are playing production’s game. GAG!

        1. Lol, are you that mad a black person may win? Why would you keep a serious threat like Jeremy around? You make no sense.

        2. I wouldn’t be so quick to assume production has their winner selected…ideally they of course want elissa, but she’s been adamant (at least on the feeds, God knows they’ll never air the comments) about wanting to leave before jury.

          But you are correct, several members of the house are simply following orders from production, all of them allied to some extent with-you guessed it-elissa.

          People will thumb me down for saying this, and that’s fine, you can ask the people who run this site, and check the feeds for yourself. They’ve been caught discussing it. Twice just today.

        1. seanpeyton, danielle made it to the final 3. That girl that boogie was in a showmance with voted her out over boogie only to later find out she had been played. boogie won. Not unless there is another african america danielle. She is consider by all BB players to be the greatest player to NEVER win. The wons who are fans and become players talk very highly of her and her game play. FYI: she WAS good. She just got kicked out by a dumb girl thinking boogie was in love with her.

    3. IMO….production did not want Howard on the block this week because it totally messes with their “story”. I believe that on Sunday a big chunk of that fight between Candace and Aaryn will be shown, as well as Howard consoling Candace. Then in the same episode they would have to show Howard going on the block. That would look totally messed up to the viewers because they are not seeing the back story. It would look like they are not only condoning the racism but also that the minorities are being targeted for eviction. Bad publicity for CBS. Bad story for BB.

    4. I wonder if It isn’t because of all the racial crap going on. They may think it would look bad to have Howard go before Aaryn.

  7. elissa is not messing up hellen hoh its amanda trying to cover all her bases so whoever wins her and macrea be safe .. I dont blame elissa to not nominate howard who left amanda in charge dictator much let the chips fall where they may .. the last mintue they told elissa what to do i dont blame her

  8. Lmao why would Amanda tell Kaitlin that? Just cuz Howard didn’t go on the block and the group didn’t want to do what she wanted? Some alliance member.

    1. Exactly Bling Bling! She is so stupid and I hope she gets caught later today!! She is so mad that Howard called her out and doesn’t want her she is enraged. It’s ok for her to lie but not him? It’s ok for her to go after whoever but not him?? What a hypocrite!!

  9. Am I the only one who can’t keep a favorite this year? It’s like just when I find someone I want to start pulling for, BOOM, they have to do something stupid. Can someone name one person in this house who has remained calm, cool, and collective othe entire time?

      1. Maybe I should have said, remained cool, calm and collective without the use of medication… LOL. I love Judd as a sweet country boy but bless his heart, he needs some game play to happen soon!!

    1. Judd and Andy to name just 2. But I agree with you totally it’s hard to stay/pick a favourite as the screw ups are numerous and frankly stupid.

      Loved Helen 2 days ago now can’t manage a 1 car funeral. The “wicked 4” on their way out starting this week now maybe non go plus Howard the liar stays and Spencer hits the door. He actually voted Nick out and Howard did not. LOL We’ll see how POV goes. Perhaps GM wins and does nothing… then what? One of these clowns actually told the wicked’s about back dooring Jeremy. What stupid game play everywhere.

      PS… Helen you had 9 SOLID to run the game and you had to make side deals. Incredibly stupid play when folks took less than 2 days to figure it out

  10. I like Howard but if he is dumb enough to believe McRae is the MVP without at least asking Elissa or Helen maybe he should go next week. Reminds me of the lie Kevin told Jeff about Russell in BB11

  11. LOOL at Amanda. Her crush on Howard that turned into a rejection has her so fired up to get him out the house that she’s gong to make one too many missteps and get either her or mcDumb evicted. They are starting to look cross-eyed at Helen and Elissa and that’s is not a good idea. Keep making alliances and pushing yourselves away from the newest and strongest house alliance….

    The Production Team.
    (Helen, Ellissa, Howard)

    1. Haha! Why does this whole thing remind me of To Kill a Mockingbird?
      Amanda is the Mayella Ewell of BB and Howard is Tom Robinson (bad analogy, I know, lol)
      Since Howard rebuffed Amanda’s advances, she mobilized the ‘big guns’ to get Howard out of the house

  12. does anyone else have issues with elissa winning mvp every week, while not being able to remember the names of the other hg after 3 weeks?

    1. Everyone who isn’t a Brenchel fan does, but this is not them or the votes, it’s Production, they want to be able to choose the winner from day 1 like they did with Rachel.

  13. JEREMY DIDN’T GET PICKED!!! He will now go home UNLESS Kaitlin self-evicts!! Hopefully she does and Jeremy stays to cause more DRAMA in the house because Kaitlin is gone!! It would be great for RATINGS!! and CBS if he stays! like Dan did last year.

  14. Howard’s semi break down in the have not room when he was alone after the bed situation will probably be a big part of the show and production could not have Howard up on the block because then it wold have to be explained about how he lied on the bible and manipulated people on both sides with Spencer. I am positive Howard will be shown in a positive light because of the way he handled the racism which he should be commended for, but he has also done some shady things game wise and I guess that wont be shown.

  15. So the reign of Helen begins. Helen proclaims there won’t be any tyranny during her HOH. Ah! Helen, HOH by its very definition is tyranny. You are judging others and possibly ending their BB game.

    Helen is also saying there won’t be any lying anymore. Is Helen talking about Big Brother or is she going on some BB spin off. I don’t have any problem with someone lying on Big Brother, its all part of the game. That’s the very challenge of being on BB and whether the contestant can sort out the truth from fiction. Helen being in a position of power is starting to over reach. Everyone must now bow before Helen and swear fealty. Elissa is confused in that Helen didn’t include her in the discussion about nominations. Elissa, here is a clue, you must do what Queen Helen and Amanda/McCrae say are you will be voted out. Helen didn’t feel she had to discuss anything with you.

    Ok, so Spencer and Howard are now public enemy. The Good Girl Alliance has all the votes and MVP. Unless something changes drastically, they didn’t have to win another HOH for the next 3 weeks and still would have evicted anyone they chose. So the initial plan is to put Howard on the block because they had the temerity to lie to Helen. However, you want to do it through the MVP nomination. An MVP nomination that you personally don’t control and was never discussed with Elissa. Elissa will get all the heat. If you want to say that they were double dealing, and should go up because of that, then that’s fine. However, this is BB. Your enemy this week could be your ally next week. So the reign of Helen which will have no tyranny, allows Amanda to go off on Howard. Amanda I am very glad you voted to keep Elissa, but you also voted in your best interests. You are not even HOH but felt you could be vindictive towards Howard. So in the reign of Helen, McCrae lies to Candice and says he has the MVP. So you are lying to an alliance member?

    So everyone just line up and Helen, Amanda and McCrae will determine the order you will be evicted. Hold the presses! My old love and new love is Elissa. Elissa rightfully felt slighted and didn’t go along with their choice for MVP nomination. Thank you!

    Ok, whose next up for favorite player? Because Helen is being very sanctimonious. Amanda and McCrae feel they rule this game. Can we get a new champion from the ashes of the Good Girl Alliance?

  16. The twist this season is that Rachels sisters is in the house and she is the HOH everyweek and has all the ultimate power.

    Horrible horrible season. Completely rigged from the get go.

    1. MVP is HOH without the room, the snacks, or the letter from home.

      Official HOH gets to choose 2 nominations MVP aka HOH 2.0 gets to choose 1 more nomination.

      1. Besides the frilly decorations and the snacks, who cares. It’s Elissa’s noms that keep going home. She has all the real power, and always has.

          1. Number of Nominations Made by Elissa that have been sent home: 2

            Number of Nominations Made by the HOH that have been sent home: 0

            Even if Spencer doesn’t….she’ll get another crack at it next week….3 out of 4 isn’t bad for having the entire game laid out for you.

  17. What the hell Amanda? I mean what in the literal hell? You couldn’t keep your blabbermouth shut could you? I really respected your game play and your ability to manipulate people especially McCrae who I can’t stand for falling for your charms but still you’ve been influence all of the HOH playing a pretty good game… All you really had to do was “lay low” in your words and let this play out but NOOOOOO!!!! You always have to be in control.. I bet your “boyfriend” probably like damn she’s used that line with me.
    Amanda, I hope this all works out for you, I really do.. ‘cuz if this thing heads south and Candace, Spencer, or Helen wins you’ll have taken yourself from the good graces of the most of the players in the house and open your ahole for penetration ‘cuz you’ll get fu*ked… so hard..sosososo hard…

  18. The number one thing I hate about Big Brother is when they heist the HOH power away from the HOH and completely fuck over their reign with a twist. Happened multiple times in BB Canada, and has already happened both times this year?

    What the fuck is the point? Win HOH and then completely watch your game go up in flames because production rigged it.

    1. Big Brother Canada was a very bad rip off of Big Brother. The twists you mention in Big Brother Canada were just out right unfair and game changers. Especially, when they demanded that Topaz tell them who her HOH eviction nominations are and why. While at the same time they have the rest of the House Guests listening to her comments. How was that a twist! LOL! You already have a target on your back when you become HOH but Big Brother Canada is going to tell the rest of the house your strategy and who you think are the weak players. If you consider that a twist, here is one, old yeller dies at the end of the movie. Opps! I told you the ending. That would be what Big Brother Canada considered a twist.

  19. The ONLY way for Jeremy to stay is to convince the HOUSE to backdoor Howard or Kaitlin wins and self-evicts!! lol Now we will see if PRODUCTION!! manipulates this or lets Jeremy leave!! and let Amanda self destruct!! lol

  20. Amanda is the biggest problem in the house. She’s messing up mcCrae’s game….trouble starter. I wish she would self evict.

  21. Of course production wants Howard to stay! Do you know how bad it would look if the only black guy in the house was voted out week 2 after all that racist bull crap that has gone on?

    1. Not true at all, it has nothing to do with him going home, because he’s black, Big Brother is getting the good type of bad attention because of the racial tension in the house, and they want to keep it going for as long as possible.

      1. Do you not get what I’m saying clown? That’s exactly why they don’t want him to go. Can you imagine the backlash CBS would get if they sent the only black guy home?

        1. And, that would be the same good bad attention that I was talking about clown, but by keeping Howard in the house, allows more chance of another big blow up between Aaryn GM and Howard and Candice.

        2. It would also make Elissa look like a total villain if she were linked to his eviction, at all.

          Dear sweet Elissa, ever the victim of Aaryn and Jeremy’s hateful behavior, and she nominates Super Christian Howard? Gee, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say Elissa weren’t playing with any principals at all. Can’t be showing that to the sheep at home.

          1. Dude, Elissa is not a villian. She never done anything wrong. Beside, the only Villian is Aaryn & Jeremy. They cause all these problem. Aaryn deserve to go home.

            1. If you were paying attention, I said it would make her look like a villain. No worries, production made sure Princess Elissa is still the fairest in the land.

              Now, frankly, I think anyone who is in the Big Brother house and says they desire to lose before jury IS a villain, because they violate the spirit of the game and don’t deserve to be there, but that’s a different conversation.

    2. So Howard can stay as some type of Affirmative Action or to prove that BB is not complicit in the racism? BB cast two black people in one season (only been watching for like four), that progress speaks for itself. Is the fact that black folks or other minorities haven’t won or gone very far evidence that BB has been complicit in racism in the past? No. Its just the sad reality that people who have similarities or perceived similarities tend to align with one another. Race is a huge impediment to social harmony and a major factor as to how people relate to one another. Howard frankly isn’t that great of a player or compelling a person…no one would care if he left.

  22. Hopefully, Kaitlin or GM don’t win POV. GM winning…yeah right but, if they want Jeremy to go home….Kaitlin can’t win or otherwise at least Aaryn will go home! As far as Amanda goes…she’s a bully! She needs to actually win something. People are dumb if they are istening to her b/c she’s a nobody. She’s good at manipulation which is working for her now but, it will catch up to her. I hope Candice or Howard win the next HOH for the rap they had to put up with from the Bigots. It just isn’t right!

  23. It’s still early, only 2 people are gone. I see 3-4 alliances: elissa / helen, MC/Amanda, howard/spencer, aaryn/jeremy/kaitlin…. rest are floaters and will probably cruise for a while. As I see it, the only alliance with 3 needs one gone and it looks like that’s happening this week. The most dangerous by far is MC/Amanda.

    1. So much game has gone on, it;s feels like we’re into 8 weeks of BB, and with productions manipulation, in the next few weeks, it;s going to feel like the last few weeks of the season

  24. HaHa Jeremy can’t help you now. I guess Aaryn or Jeremy goes home. Too bad for Aaryan nation or Jeremy fans will cry over nothing.

    1. SPENCER is the one that needs to go and then Howard. Their phony crying boo hoo session last night made me sick. Those two have been two of the worst in the house and that Production is rigging it for Howard to stay is disgusting. They both need to be booted and amazing how CBS does not put the blame on GM for actually being the one that used the N word which to me is the most racist and disgusting thing that has been said and she is the one that made the rice comment. Love how CBS does not call them all out.

  25. I think it’s odd that the big group (Helen, Elissa, Andy, Amanda, McCrae, Candace, Judd) can’t all just meet together to discuss what has happened. The lack of communication among them all is really going to break their group apart. I guess Helen is to blame since she is HOH and decided to speak to people individually to get “the truth.”

  26. I wish Helen /Elissa would find out that Amanda gave info to the “mean girls” and backdoor Amanda!!! That would be priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. this 100% – as much as i have admired amanda’s smarts and intuition, her game play leaves a lot to be desired. it’s about time for her to step up her game, or suffer the consequences.

    2. I was thinking the same – at this point Amanda is more dangerous than Jeremy & why not remove say Kaitlin & put up Amanda. Helen can tell Amanda it’s just to ensure that Aaryn goes home, but there would be enough to get rid of Amanda for sure. She’s coming off like she’s HOH & is very controlling of everyone….

  27. Everyone counted Dan out last year and he was in the same situation and he ROSE!! from the grave and ALMOST won it all!! AGAIN. Hopefully Helen will have the choice and backdoor Howard!! and the DRAMA will continue and Big Brother will get the ratings they need to stay.

    1. But Dan rising form the grave wasn’t entirely his doing, Production attempted to have Ian save him, but when he told them no, they had the extra veto comp that Jenn won, and they convinced her to save him.

      If production didn’t manipulate Jenn, Dan was going to be evicted. They did the same thing in season 13 with Rachel.

  28. “Amanda: “F***ing stepford wives are controlling the house right now””


    How ironic is that? Stepford wives were being controls by their husbands( or in this case Production)

  29. Simon and Dawg you both do a great job with this site and I have been coming to obb since season 9.
    I have never commented before.
    This season is very interesting and it’s really hard to pick someone to like and cheer on.
    I do believe production is playing a role in the game. I also think they are doing so more then ever with ever thing going on in the house.
    I don’t think anyone wants Howard on the block with Aaryn. I also believe America wants Aaryn out before Howard,Candice,Helen or Andy due to her mouth.
    Did no one catch the fact that Howard said ” he had to get his friends to lie about his temper outside of the house” ? He even has said he has to keep his cool or he gonna snap. Just my thoughts on why production does not want Howard on the block with Aaryn.

  30. So will this Veto competition FAVOR!!! the girls lol (like the balancing surf board one) I think production will make sure Aaryn or Kaitlin or Gina Marie or even Helen to WIN and force them to use the veto!! Good TV!! Also I have a feeling this will be a LONG VETO who can hold on the longest..we may be off feeds LIVE for hrs!! due to them starting so early..

  31. Somebody smarter than me should write a book about BB…not about gameplay, but about the psychosis created by being quarantined with a small group of people where the object is to eliminate everybody and be the last one standing.

    Amanda and McCrea are in the cat bird’s seat. They’ve managed to wire the house in the fallout of the MC collapse and be in position to move pieces as they see fit. But rather than take a small step back to try and anticipate potential fractures, so they can head them off or be prepared to respond, they allow the fear and loathing of BB to take hold, convincing themselves that Howard not on the block means him, Candace, Helen, and Elissa are now a unit and they’re on the outs. And in their unfounded panic, they are thinking out loud and over-estimating the prior success in locking the house down.

    The goal for Amanda and McCrea should be to keep Howard and Spencer ostracized, that’s it. And if the opportunity arises to evict Howard, THEN make the play. Spencer and Howard continue to gift wrap suspicion for them to deliver to the house, so as long as they make certain to keep stoking the flame of distrust, it will make Howard and Spencer perpetually suspect. Even if Helen and Elissa start asking more questions and start to believe Howard and Spencer, while suspecting Amanda and McCrae, as long as the rest of the house distrusts Howard and Spencer, Helen and Elissa will either be confused or too paralyzed to act against either side.

    But in their panic, they’ve left huge openings for others to exploit, which will bolster any attempts by Howard or Spencer to get the spotlight off of them. Andy is a floater. He seems like a heck of a nice guy…but his game has been to float to power or float to the majority. He is not somebody you think out loud with, and especially not somebody with whom you speculate on the loyalty of those who are both allies and in the two positions of power. And by being anything but confident with him, you scare him, and when he’s scared, he will talk. Helen and Elissa will hear about Amanda and McCrea’s speculation,

    Now it’s just as likely that Helen and Elissa will panic as well and simply run to reassure Amanda and McCrae…but even allowing the opening for them to wake up out of the trance, is an unnecessary risk born from the psychosis of the BB house. Sure, the perfect eviction for Amanda and McCrea is Howard…but given their spot, it’s one that doesn’t have to happen this week. And had they just stayed cool and been ready to respond to any angle Howard and Spencer could attempt, they would be safe as can be….but instead they give into baseless paranoia – the BB fear and loathing – and make needless mistakes.

    BB is more than a reality game show…it’s a psychological petri dish.

    1. i thought the same, thanks for putting it up there, simon. of course, jeremy has yet to win his own hoh… ;-)

  32. people can your PLEASE STOP VOTING FOR ELLISSA AS MVP. it is so lame that this person gets this power every single week for no reason other than because she is rachels sister. this twist this year is so lame

    1. Agreed! Didn’t vote for her and won’t. She has had it enough. Rachel’s fans should have let her earn it. At least the she could get respect instead of loathing! She seems much nicer than Rachel and should be given the chance to do this in her own right… not on Rachel’s coat tails! But as always – it’s all about Rachel! Sad!

    2. People aren’t voting for Elissa to win MVP… production is just giving it to her… it’s how they are controlling the game.

    3. I think Elissa is getting tired of getting this and having blood on her hands each week. Hopefully she will do a DR and ask America to let someone else have it.

  33. i was sad to see nick go but i for sure did not want helen or elissa to leave either. i wish aaryn could have left and i hope she leaves this time then jeremy. i hope andy, helen and elissa make it far or even win this game. i hope some of the cast will go home and watch themselves and then make changes in their lives. (we all have things we can work on) thank you to Simon and the rest of the people that keep this board running. im alittle old fashion is there an place where i could mail you an check for this amazing site?

  34. is anyone else having trouble with the feeds…only camera 1 working….the other three playing scenes from lat night.

        1. I’ve checked with other people and it’s not just us.. I have a couple machines running the feeds and all but one are working :( CBS knows about this and are working on a fix.. lucky for us it’s not very busy right now

          1. sinom, did you hear em call out amanda about not talking about her diary sessions? i’ve never heard em call em out by name before but then again this is my 1st year having live feeds, does that happen? callin em out by name like that or ya think maybe she is productions target?

              1. Funny, I don’t recall Elissa or Helen being called out for talking about DR telling them not to put up Howard, even though they’ve done it twice in one day. (which by the way was a great catch. Thanks for your ever vigilant reporting Simon and Dawg).

    1. I am, I came back here to see if anyone else was having the same problem, everything i click on goes to last night, I just heard them call “Amanda, you’re not allowed to talk about your diary sessions, since when do they call out someones name???????????

  35. I bet the production will tell Helen to use the veto on spencer and put up Jeremy instead as a replacement nominee. Geez Jeremy, are you scare of losing to a girl. How pathetic? You can’t win again a girl, you are a loser.

  36. If you guys have time I recommend watching Nick’s exit interview with Jeff, he clearly was the most engaging and most intelligent house guest as he breaks down what happened incredibly well.

    Its too bad he went home early but I think he was the best player and strategist but he is gone :(….

    Lets go _____ ? I dont know who to root for !!!

    1. What is too bad is that he didn’t wait to get a feel of the people in the house before forming an alliance, he jumped in pretty fast and that was his mistake.

  37. This week Spencer, goes home, I hope Howard or Candice wins HOH, because I wanna see another blow up in the house.. and I wanna see Candice naked.

    1. at this point whoever production wants him to, i heard him starting to talk about being pi$$ed at them but of course it went to fishes…i think he was talking to McCrae…

    2. I think it will depend entirely on who has the numbers…which means the odds favor Amanda/McCrea. Maybe I’m alone, but I think this week is huge. If Elissa and Helen don’t figure out that they’re not leading The SuperFriend Alliance real soon, rather Amanda and McCrae have rallied everybody in side deals not named Howard or Spencer, then I think they’re sealing their fate. They don’t have to evict Amanda or McCrea, they just need to figure out the house and try to neutralize them.

        1. It’s all yours to use as shorthand, my friend. Consider it a small repayment of what I owe you and Dawg for your tireless efforts.

  38. Jessie SLOW DOWN on the slop, you’re going to give yourself the bubble guts, and be constipated all week, ready to use Helen’s HOH to blow up the toilet.

    1. So funny you said that!
      Jesse gives off a total Porsche vibe to me, and this week I am noticing it more and more.
      Remember Porsche just kind of floating in the background for about the first month?
      She just ate, and hung around in conversations, never really adding much.
      Jesse has had a few moments, but the since the blow up on Thurs night all I have seen
      her do is eat and be wallpaper for other peoples drama….I would not be surprised to see
      her end up in the top 3 or 4….that would be hilarious and sad!

      PS- Come to think of it, if she stays tight with Judd that is very likely, as I think he will ride
      this thing out pretty well, maybe top 5 or so.

      1. she is actually the fittest girl there, and i think a very good swimmer, i think she could be good at hoh endurance, and did well in the hoh mental on thurs

  39. If Amanda and McCrae don’t vote to keep Elissa, Spencer never does and Elissa is out. Candice had been ostrasized by the Terrible Triumvirate and that makes her an natural ally to Elissa, but Howard voted her out. Stay loyal to Candice, but not by keeping someone who’s last vote was to evict her. Especially when that move makes it difficult for the two people most responsible for making it possible for her to stay.

    Team Amanda. She is the only HG with a big picture.

  40. I bet Jeremy is useless of competing in POV. Sorry Jeremy, Kaitlyn can’t win the POV and so as Aaryn & GinaMarie. Too bad, three mean girls can’t win the POV and let Jeremy being useless. I hope Elissa wins the America Favorite Houseguest so that Rachel will have America Favorite Houseguest sister to win it. Team SuperMOM all the way.

  41. Wait a minute……Jessie is POV host? Did Helen not say on thursday night that Judd could be host when he asked?

  42. I hope Zingbot makes an appearance and trashes them… I think he’s have more jokes since everyone in that house has done something stupid.

  43. Candace, Helen, Jessie and the fake looking Elissa are all soooooo JEALOUS of Aaryn and Kaitlin because they are “natural” beauties ! ! ! ! LOL

  44. Just to clarify a point from earlier, production will usually give a blanket warning when the rules are being broken, like someone talking about their DR sessions, but if the same person keeps breaking the rule after the generic warning, production will call the person out by name, like they did with Amanda then

  45. Okay so Amanda doesn’t wait until the Veto competition is over but goes and tells Kaitlin about a plan to backdoor Jeremy?? Lol. As for Helen, I’m on the fence about her. She seems to be wanting to play the game where she has the open door to more than one alliance is the sentiment I’ve gotten from her. Which is all fine but let’s not go overboard because someone didn’t want to tell her the truth i.e. Howard. They are all playing their own game with self-serving benefits in mind. But it’s was just as snake like to vote out Nick so he didn’t. Some use different tactics than others. I also found irony last week when I read comments about people losing respect for Howard because he didn’t stick up or confront the racial stuff like they thought he should. When you had Helen schmoozing Aarnyn knowing that girl had said some seedy racial stuff. I don’t know if it was fake or not but either way she looked passed the girl’s character and comments for the sake of possible game play not unlike what other people chose to do whether it’s a good move or not. As for Elissa not voting to up put Howard up it’s not like he still can’t go up if someone takes themselves off unless I’m missing something. Maybe production said something to Elissa or maybe it’s a major assumption either way it’s not the first or last time Production moves the game in a direction yet we still watch. I hope the race story dies down but I guess that’s going to depend on the comments made or not made. But I want to how the dynamics are going to shift depending on who wins and goes home. It will be interesting to see if anything will blow up in Amanda’s face. She didn’t help “save” Elissa because she liked her but because she thought it would further her game. So Elissa doesn’t have to do what she wants.

  46. I don’t understand why the house guests dwell on the past
    Why does it matter who voted out Elissa? At least she’s still here
    They should just move on and planning for the future
    Also, its so annoying how the house guests call out each other for voting differently.. Voting is secret for a reason! Its meant to be a mystery unless you choose to tell who you voted for.

  47. “Amanda is worried about her now ex boyfriend because he had naked pictures and S$x tapes of her and him. She points out that he’s a spiteful person”

    Too late now skank, you cheated on him with a f***ing pizza boy, it;’s a wrap for those tapes not getting put all over the internet, for us to watch.

    1. I dont like Amanda. She needs to get backdoored next week. McCrae needs to realize that the only reason Amanda ever alligned with him was because he was HOH week 1.

    2. I am almost sure none of the psuedo celebritys that have had a sex tape go public have regretted it later. Some built an entire career from it.

  48. production couldnt let elissa nominate howard they would lose the black people that watch big brother, controlling racisism is bigger than the game,they couldnt let howard go up,

    1. Yeah, black people only watch shows with black people in them. And if a black person gets voted off BB they’ll quit watching. Nonsense. Can you imagine someone saying that white people would turn off BB if a black person made it to the finals or that white people would only vote for another white person to win? Why would you have that opinion of black people? This tribal attitude you ascribe to blacks might be a view into your soul, but don’t project it onto an entire race.

      1. how many black people have been on big brother? and theyll stop watching because of all the racist shit,when the only black man goes up in the same week,thatll be the straw that broke the camels back, and my soul is high,dont get mad at me ,get mad at big brother for allowing racist comments,

        1. It is just a stretch too far for me. Every black person in America has experience racism is some fashion. Almost none of them have ascribed the racists attitudes and actions of a few for all white people or a broadcasting company or a television show. Who the BB racists are isn’t in question, and if Howard was to go home during their HOHs, then you have a point. But if he goes home during a week in which he betrayed the HOH, a minority herself and primary victim of the racist attacks…Black people are not going to be upset. At least this black person thinks that is absurd.

          1. you know on tmz, there saying that candice moms church is trying to get people to boycott big brother ,big brother gots to be very careful,thats why on the live feeds they put up a warning now,anyways i hope next season the put in 10 black people 4hispanics and 2 white people,lol that’ll never happen sorry to say,

  49. Why has there been relatively little in the general media about GM’s reference to welfare programs “n*****r insurance”? And why wasn’t this given just as much prominence as Aryan’s on the network shows?

    1. what about aaryn calling the other hg “queers” for losing the hhn comp? there’s been a lot of focus on racism and aaryn (deserved), but not much gm, spencer, or kaitlin, and the homopobia and mysogyny. go figure.

      1. Amazes me how in the past when some of the male people, Evil Dick, on the show have made racist comments and nothing was ever done about that? WHY the double standard now? I also do not understand why the others have never been mentioned and sorry but Gina Marie’s n***** insurance comment was the worst I have heard and the gay slurs by Spencer and Amanda have never been reported or Spencer’s comments in regard to women. Why?

    2. I’d say you need to be patient. They get three hours a week to tell a story that occurs over the course of 15-20 hours a day. The behavior of the guests was a story CBS had to address and the first time showed all the racism and homophobia, but then Aaryn won HOH which made her a star this week and the focus of the bad behavior. It’s not a conspiracy as all the clips are out there, it’s just if CBS makes it the total focus, then they have no time for anything else.

      All the HG’s are going to be dealing with the fallout no matter what and CBS not making it the whole focus of the show will not mitigate the consequences for the guilty parties.

      1. i hope you’re right. i’ve said the same many times, the hg are on camera 168 hours a week, and the show is limited to 3 hours to tell the narrative. i’ll keep my fingers crossed they will get it done.

  50. I still do not understand why they would break up the MC. I can understand mcrea is pussy whipped and chose Amanda over the group but I do not understand spencer. Those 5 guys working together could have went until the end and now they will be the biggest targets every week until they are all gone.

    1. Maybe the fact that both Nick and Spencer proved themselve to be untrustworthy and that Jeremy is toxic. Apart from the votes, that alliance was horrible. It might have been appealing on day two when Howard and Jeremy took their shirts off, but once they spoke and proved they were meatheads, what was the point. They made it so that Nick and Spencer had to do the heavy lifting and that McCrae would have to sacrifice.

  51. I think production also believes it will get worse for Candice. If Howard leaves now she really wouldn’t have anyone but maybe spencer because her alliance would be against her, which sadly it looks like they already are. I actually like production for doing that because I like Candice the most. Her own alliance barely respects her, because of the toxic waste Amanda. This is supposed to be the good team but they’re letting McRae and Amanda control them. And how can the HG know of Aaryns racism and still rather see her there over someone who’s just been playing a better game socially. That’s insane. These folks are just grand.

    1. So you like production helping players cheat their way through if you like those players personally?

      You must be a rachel reilly fan.

    1. Even though I hated Rachel, on reflection I could understand that the feelings her presence on the show including Hatred, were drivers of the seasons she was on. My hatred wasn’t personal, and only stemmed from the fact that BB would basically nullify the HG votes by bringing her or Brendon back for no other reason than to have her on the show. With that said, Elissa has only drawn the ire of a few HG (versus half of BB nation like her sister). She doesn’t drive the conversation. In fact, I would imagine every single one of her fans are her fans soley because of her sister. And they’re not even vociferous in their defense of her. She’ll never win. A few of the HG might vote against her for personal reason, but nobody would vote for her…why would they? That is why Helen or others might try to get her to the end.

  52. Is anyone else having problems with the feeds? Camera one and four work for me…2 and 3 show stuff from yesterday. When I went to the “HELP” section…there is a big banner saying that they know that there are problems and are working to resolve them. It’s such bullsh*t….I paid for these feeds…they should work properly.

    And while I’m ranting…why do they have to go to fishes when someone on one camera is talking about DR or singing? Why can’t they just go to another camera instead? It’s so frustrating!

  53. It’s going to be a long shot for Jeremy to survive this week so i’m going to assume he’s going home.

    Who do you all think will be the new villain? I’m thinking Amanda

    All this talk about production trying to keep Howard safe makes me think he’s coming in second on the MVP votes. I rarely watch the show so I take it they have not been airing all of Howard bible swearing and lying.

    1. the new villain will be anyone that looks at Elissa funny, and since no one in that house has an ounce of courage other than Amanda, I think your bet is a safe one.

      1. amanda has no courage, she seems to enjoy bullying people she thinks are weak, and she is fuelled by adderol

        and the overplaying is hurting, not helping her game

    2. Funny I’ve only watched the first episode & the 2 live evictions. Everything else has come from here with the exception of the horrible BBAD on TVGN, which means everything I know going on in the house came from here. I finally broke down Thur & got the feeds (thru here).
      I seriously doubt they’ve shown Howard in a bad light – I find it very funny that people will still try or fall for the whole “I swear on the Bible” thing. I was really surprised to hear Howard admit to having his friends lie about his temper. Amazing – so should we be a little worried about someone that would misrepresent/lie about his temper b/c he wanted so badly to get on the show?

      1. Thanks for getting the feeds through us! If Howard has a temper problem he has done an amazing job keeping his cool. For the longest time he was the most chill in the house. Since the fall of the MC he’s been on the hot seat.

    3. Not aired one thing in regard to Howard’s actions or the others. Sorry but that is just wrong CBS. Show all of these house guests “character” flaws for lack of a better word. Worst BB in history of the show.

  54. Helen is an idiot – just like so many others in there. She keeps talking to people and then assumes that they won’t just go and inform on her. Why would she tell Andy that she has Amanda in her targets? So dumb. She already told Aaryn something about who she is protecting and then Aaryn immediately goes and tells Amanda, She’s nearly as bad as Nick for overplaying.

      1. Seems like everyone who gets HOH overplays…. MCrea jumps on the MC wagon, Aaryn turns into a b-tch, Helen wants to eliminate lying by everyone which is half of the game. I think Andy & Judd are best positioned so far… they are the only ones playing like its week 3.

        1. Andy and Judd for sure are in the best position. Elissa, Helen and Amanda now seemingly can’t stop themselves saying or doing the wrong things to ruin their games. I’m starting to think that this is the season of IDIOTS.

    1. Helen talked too much. She made everyone tell the truth, exposed all the lies and that was fun. It shook the house. But I wonder what will happen when someone makes her drink the truth serum. She tells everyone everything. She made a deal with Jeremy and then realized Candace was in the bathroom listening to everything! Her crocodile tears were effective in making Spencer and Howard feel bad, but then she tells a bunch of people that her tears were mostly fake to make them feel bad. So in the future when her back is against the wall and she is crying and trying to make a deal, I wonder if people will remember this and question how genuine she is? If Elissa had just gone with the plan, she would be ok, but Elissa messed up her game by nominating Spencer, and pissed of McCrae, Amanda and Judd. I want to see a formalized alliance of those three and maybe Andy, who I feel Helen is using but really has no true loyalty to. Candace, Howard and Spencer are going to stick together, and suddenly Helen is no longer HOH, Elissa and her will be vulnerable and need to scramble for safety.

  55. Look at the sad clown! Omg don’t wear so much makeup looking like a raccoon and then cry a douchebag like Jeremy…looks so stupid.

  56. The whole house needs to separate this Amanda/McCrae thing next week. Im really hoping neither of them gets HOH. And there’s no way production is not giving this MVP to Alyssa. Her game is terrible. I thought MVP vote was for the houseguest playing the best game.

  57. I definitely think Amanda will be the new villain.. Aligning herself with Aaryn when the plan is to get Aaryn out ASAP is no good…plus she’s telling the other side everything that’s going on. I’m sure Helen is going to find out that she told them because Jeremy dumb ass totally thought he was safe until Amanda ratted.

  58. Wait til the lil flat chested b*/***ch gets back to Texas. All of her anti gay comments are going to cause this sorority reject some real problems.
    You can be sure she learned this from her red neck parents.
    She is making Paula Dean appear as a SAINT.

  59. I think Howard only swore in the Bible that he voted “with the house” when he voted for David. So technically he didn’t lie. The majority of the house schemed to get David out over Elissa. It was an MC maneuver that Nick orchestrated.

    1. I believe using it AT ALL in this game is shameful. using it in a “im going to swear on the bible” way, is even worse.

      Im not religious. at all. I grew up in it, chose a spiritual route. but I just cannot accept someone like howard sitting there thumping his bible and telling us he lives by these principles, then he uses his religion as a shield, uses it in a way to get further in the game. I think its really low if you are really a believer. makes you a hypocrite.

      1. I don’t think god mines, what about preacher that use collections to pay for their new luxury car?

        For all we know Howie could’ve prayed and told God he would use his name to win the money… God Forgives ALL remember

      2. You’re not religious but you revere religion? If your faith isn’t book based, what does it matter what is done in the name of religious book? This wouldn’t be a totally bad scheme. What if he wasn’t a Christian at all? Should non-Christians really oppose what he’s doing. He’s lying and if he’s lyiing about religion…does it make him a worse liar? In a non-religious persons views?

        1. I’m an atheist, but I absolutely respect people’s faith, whatever form it takes. I would not force my non-belief on others anymore than I want others to force their beliefs on me. And the one thing at the core of this belief is not judging other people’s faith or the form it takes. I absolutely do not question the sincerity of their faith.

          I said the same thing last year over the faux outrage when Dan used his faith. That’s between him and his God, and if he believes his faith allows it or God would understand, then that’s for him to decide. I don’t see Howard remotely coming close to using his faith as a weapon like Dan did, but either way, it’s not my place to judge him. If he’s right and there is a God, then that’s who gets to judge his faith…not us.

          1. God who? You’re supposed to be an atheist. You don’t believe that there are deities. But I get it. You respect peoples right to believe what they will. An atheist shouldn’t get involved in the discussion as to the rights or wrongs of something they believe doesn’t exist.

            1. Well, since you struggle with logic, I’ll talk to you like a child:

              The key word is BELIEVE. I don’t BELIEVE there is a God…I don’t KNOW there isn’t a God. Many people BELIEVE in God and I respect there right to BELIEVE and would never question their BELIEF…now if you BELIEVE in God and question other people’s BELIEF because it doesn’t match your BELIEF…well you’re just an a**hole…

  60. bbfan15: Elissa already received the MVP (For the third TIME!) and she went against the house for Howard and instead put up Spencer. But McCrae told the house that he is MVP!! to keep the blood off her hands and so he could form an alliance with Howard / Spencer / Judd and Amanda.. Unless she gets evicted she will WIN MVP every week! that is the twist that production wants to happen..

    1. nah, they will get rid of it before they give it to her every darn week

      this is just the twist like the past few years to get the returning player, or in this case, the known player, to jury

      1. There’s Pandora’s Box, extra POVs for 1 week, bribing HGs to switch votes, oh, there’s a few ways of saving Elisa, just look at Rachel, production “saved” her like 4 times during season 13.

          1. I heard if you go into the BB bathroom, shut off the lights, look in the mirror and say “Dan” three times, he will appear and either give you an inspirational speech or stab you in the back….I guess that’s the game of it…

  61. She won’t last that long she already threatened and (told the house) she will self-evict before going to the jury house.. Her family means more than sitting in a jury house for weeks!!

  62. All I have to say if the HG don’t vote Arryn out of the house they lose their credibility over the race issue. They will all be part of the problem not just Arryn.

    I don’t care about gameplay if they are so outraged they have no choice but to evict the girl.

  63. Charlie,
    Elissa told the house she is not staying in the jury house, she wants to be gone before then. Unless PRODUCTION/Big Brother/CBS convinces her to stay for MORE money than the regular houseguests are receiving!! lol even though SHE doesn’t need it.. We will see if her family is more important than FAME and all the TV exposure she is getting and ratings that CBS is hoping to raise.

  64. simon,

    why do you think the house has flipped on howard so much for lying when the whole house has lied? mcfly and amanda are the biggest hypocrites in the house. they are well she is so blood thirsty for power but yet she hasn’t won a thing other than mcfly. and what’s up with this dude being manipulated by her. she is making it a personal game btwn howard is this because he rejected her during the first week in the house? thoughts.

    1. I think Amanda see Howard as a threat plus she knows he was targeting her. As for his lies he hasn’t lied anymore than your average player this season the only difference is he clung onto those lies for a bit longer and it made him look a bit more douchey.

  65. If another guy gets voted out ths next eviction, then the guys are in trouble, because the girls are going to realize that they can band together and evict all the guys and increase the odds of a girl winning the mula.

    1. I agree Amanda needs to go & that Jeremy looks just like Eddie Munster when he slicks the hair back. I’d love to see him dressed up like E. Munster! LOL!

  66. Why does everyone keep saying Elissa doesn’t need the money? Did I miss where she was rich? Her job isnt that glamorous. Just because her sister won $500k (or more like 375k after taxes) why does that mean her and HER family don’t need it? 375k isn’t going to set the whole family up.

  67. I would suggest ‘Gigi’ and the other blond who’s mouth looks like a bulldog, wear disguises when they’re in line at the Unemployment/”Welfare office . They might be in for a beat-down if they don’t bring security after all the hateful things they’ve spewed out at America.

  68. Really??? This POV is still happening? I read this thread this morning, was out all day with the family, just got home and thought – lets see who won POV.. Maybe someone got injured or someone exploded and self-evicted?

      1. Nice, weather is beautiful here in Ottawa today. Hope the weather is great out west and you are enjoying your beer(s) on the patio.

  69. HAHA The POV is still going on???

    Simon are we sure the feeds may not be working or do you think they are still playing in the POV? If it is the ladder what kind of comp could it be?

    BTW enjoy that beer :)

    1. LOL Actually one year the feeds stopped working for me I had the audio off and thought trivia was on but it was frozen.. Dawg called me up was like WTF yo

  70. Remember when you tried newest comments first last year. It really was a brilliant idea. People wouldn’t need to scroll through all the old comments to get to the new ones, which are the comments most people want to read. IMO.

    1. Hey RJ, Last year I got more complaints about the new comments first hence the switch back. I could run a poll and see what people want and go with the majority

      1. If you did a poll – I’d just vote for Dawg! LOL!! doesn’t matter – but maybe it’s a way for Dawg to win one!

      2. Yes .. New ones first especially when nothin happens all day and I have to scroll to page 5 for the newests ! :)

  71. This game seems to be getting dramatic way earlier than in past years. Maybe something crazy happened in the house and that’s why the feeds are still down. Almost 5 hours in, it seems kinda early in the game for an endurance POV.

  72. I’m thinking an edurance comp…this is mighty long. I think kaitlyn and Aaryn would hold out the longest cause they know they need it for survival.

  73. My fave to win the POV is Helen.. but what type of comp would it have to be for Gina to win?

    LOl feeds come back and gina has a buzz cut

        1. seriously – it’s not like it’s going to be a secret & a lot of people watching the BBAD, feeds or visiting spoiler sites might not necessarily watch the shows b/c they’re not true to what’s actually happening in the house.

  74. Everyone saw me and they thought… Screw this.. I don’t want to compete. I’ll take you any day!!!! ggguurrrrgle..

  75. Am I buggin or did I just see a post that said feeds were back and GM had a buzzcut?

    If so, I’m about to die laughin

  76. 1:00pm POV Comp begins..
    3:40pm Trivia
    4:50pm Trivia
    6:00pm Trivia
    The next post will have the Power of Veto winner

    Simon – I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll ever see your next post! LOL!

  77. Kaitlin WON!!! Now Candice and Helen are going to threatened her to take herself off the block or she will go home instead of Jeremy!!!! Will will see if Big Brother lets her self-evict if she refuses to use the VETO!!

  78. Amanda is more racist than Aaryn! Aaryn is still immature (although that in no way excuses her) and has a lot to learn and grow. However, Amanda is a mature Lesbian who racist mindset is already indelibly marked in her personality and every racist remark she makes is done out of spite and hate and not for any other reason. Amanda needs to be evicted next nominations!!!

  79. Memory Game!!! They explained that they had to jump on a trampoline and look at how all the houseguests were placed on the board and then run around and place the correct pictures to match. If they were wrong they had to go back and do it again until they get it correct! Kaitlin had the FASTEST time out of everyone that competed..Now they (Kaitlin/Jeremy) will try and make a deal with Helen to backdoor someone else!

  80. man this week is not my favorite…. Aaryn is up and didn’t win POV and mabe is going home:(((( Not looking good for her. However I guess its better than Candace Helen or Spencer getting it they would not use the veto I myself is way glad that Kaitlyn got the POV I am HOPEING she uses it and Helen puts up Jeremy because he is a stronger threat than Aaryn and also is in (I call it a fake showmance) I love Jeremy he is great but I love Aaryn more and want her to stay in the game whereas Howard is also strong, smart and believes in GOD HOWEVER with that said even though he is stronger than Aaryn and has more alliances I think Aaryn would go home over Howard because like I said he has more alliances than Aaryn so with that said congrats to Kailyn winning the POV but dumb by putting up Howard because eather way Aaryn’s team doesn’t have the numbers so with Jeremy goes up and goes home over Aaryn that would be awesome to see to be honest because he would keep Kaitlyn over Aaryn and was probley going to backdoor/nominate Kaitlyn and Aaryn I love ya Jeremy but ya gotta go son you gotta go home over Aaryn soooo sorry but its the truth:))))))) Keep Aaryn and send home Spencer or Jeremy BUT NOT AARYN woooooohooooooo go Aaryn you can win girl send home McRae and Amanda ASAP cant STAND them 2 wooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo team Aaryn:)))

  81. No I believe it was 6 mins but everyone involved had to compete individually so with that and everything involved with filming and resetting the game X amount of times that is why it took so long!

  82. Why does Amanda and other HG’s feel like THEY should get to control Elissa’s MVP vote? WHY does Elissa have to listen to Amanda or anyone else? Wasn’t that power given to Elissa to put up someone she feels is a threat to her, not who is a threat to Amanda? Maybe if Amanda wasn’t acting the way she is, America would have given her the MVP to use the way SHE wanted? Also, can someone tell me what this ‘hat incident’ is? I asked on here before but I can’t even find my where I left my comment or if anyone responded. Thanks.

  83. I’m really disappointed in CBS this season. I’ve had trouble even putting a grasp to it. I feel somewhat cheated, as if CBS thinks I’m a complete idiot. Does CBS seriously think I’m going to watch this entire season and NOT feel like the producers are dictating the game? To implement a change in the game where there are 3 nominees instead of 2, a new, undeclared “MVP” role is elected by the viewers, and the fact that the 3rd nominee is selected unanimously by the “MVP” under these circumstances is insulting. If the producers had made these changes with an entirely new, unaffiliated from anyone cast that would be fine, but to do so where one player is related to possibly one of the most polarizing former house guests of all-time while the rest of the cast is completely unknown to the viewers is flat out deceitful. Personally, I found Rachel to be one of the most awful human beings to ever step inside the Big Brother house, but there are some people in America who love Rachel. Of course they are going to vote for her sister to be the MVP and have the power to make the 3rd nomination when given the chance. I have nothing against Elissa as a human being or as a player, but when she is given an unfair advantage towards a major aspect of the game it upsets me. Whoever she wants out of the game goes home now. That’s what this season has come to. The producers have made the role of Head of Household completely pointless. Elissa and her side of the house have not been in power (Head of Household speaking) yet in this game, yet in both weeks so far whoever she and her allies wanted out of the house that week has been evicted. In my opinion, what makes Big Brother so interesting to watch is at any moment the power in the house can change, and a member of the majority alliance can go home. What used to be a war of attrition inside the Big Brother house has been changed into a rigged popularity contest, where the most popular is given all the power. It’s like a bad high school memory. For CBS to think they can get away with this without it’s viewers noticing is flat out shameful. It is absolutely terrible the way CBS and the producers of the show have treated Big Brother’s loyal fan base this season.

  84. Chris,
    I completely AGREE with everything you said! PRODUCTION / Big Brother / CBS is running this game! They decide who stays and goes! The games are controlled and have been for YEARS by who is competing (leaning one way or another) for ratings! Everytime the houseguests question PRODUCTION then the feeds go out!! That is BS!!! We paid our hard earned money to see behind the scenes and the live feeds, the ONLY reason they shutdown and go to the fishes is because they control this game and its a TV show and they need ratings and if they don’t have DRAMA!! then they don’t have viewers and the ratings. The bottom line is to make a TV show supposedly REALITY!! very entertaining and enjoyable but it’s ALL amount making MONEY!! for CBS. If they lose their sponsorships! then CBS will be forced to CANCEL BIG BROTHER!!

  85. I don’t want Howard to go. I like the way he defended Candace, and how he kept a level head in the midst of such hateful diatribes from Aaryn and the others. I’m not bothered by the lying, that’s a major component of the game. I am far more bothered by the hate some people are demonstrating, and would like Jeremy, Aaryn, Gmail, Kaitlyn and Spencer out! Then we can worry about gameplay. Btw, I liked Amanda but find I’m liking her less and less by the minute! Too controlling ando vindictive.

  86. I truly believe production strongly implied to Elissa that if you put up Howard, the MVP vote will end immediately. CBS probably doesn’t want an African American evicted immediately following the press received regarding vintage racism in the house.

    With that said, I thought that Elissa would be a cool player. She was projected to be a “zen” Rachel. She’s more like zombie Rachel with crappier botox/plastic surgery. I was never a Rachel fan, but the Boy George look alike had a couple funny moments. I’m just shocked that there are so many fans of Rachel; they should at least had brought one or two other BB all-star siblings/close relatives (to make it more interesting). How could they overlook that Elissa’s play is some of the worst play in the her BB house history?

    Do you think that once Elissa loses her MVP vote twist that she will be booted? At that point, she be absolutely useless to everyone.

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