Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Amanda tells McCrae lets just let the rats eat each other this week.

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots ? Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda ?




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12:40am In the lounge room – McCrae is talking to Judd. Judd asks what is going on now? What did you tell him to cover it up? McCrae says I told him that it really hurt my feelings and I trusted you out of everyone else in the alliance. Judd asks why McCrae said he was MVP? You covering her a$$? McCrae says covering Elissa’s a$$ yeah. Judd says that Spencer came in there and said man McCrae is MVP and he’s putting me up. Judd says that he had to keep a straight face from laughing. McCrae says that he told him, if you keep me and Amanda safe – if you win HOH next week then I will not put you up for MVP. McCrae says he said the only way I would do that is if I was in a five person alliance. Judd asks in a what? McCrae says in a five person alliance – Me, Amanda, Spencer, Howard .. and then I could do, it’s like 5 or 6 so then I could pick the other 2 people.

Judd asks he is in another one? FU*K you Howard! McCrae says I said well the only way I can do it is if you take your bible and swear to me on it right now. Judd says he already did it once and lied didn’t he. MCrae says exactly, I wanted to see it with my eyes. Judd says I am not swearing on bibles. McCrae says but you cannot say nothing to no one! McCrae says I will tell him that you are in the alliance. Judd says if you want to do that. They agree to talk more later and leave the room.

Elissa asks McCrae if she can talk to him in the cockpit room. McCrae says yeah. The head into the room. Elissa says I am so sorry. Can we just all this an even draw when you said you wouldn’t put me up and then back doored me. McCrae says yeah that’s fine but you have a deal with him right? Elissa says I swear to god.

The cameras switch to Amanda up in the HOH room. Amanda is telling Helen that this is bullsh*t you just threw McCrae and I under the bus. And Elissa’s excuse was that she didn’t know what the rest of us wanted? She was up here for an hour with us! Helen says that she hasn’t been able to talk to her. Amanda says well he is obviously very persuasive because you didn’t put him on the block. Amanda says I get it, if Elissa was working with us and Elissa would put him up, but.. Helen says I guess I just thought she knew why I nominated who I nominated and how we were going to deal with the third nomination. We just started talking about it and then Howard came up. Amanda says yeah he has been up here kissing you’re a$$ all day and he did a successful job at it too because he didn’t get nominated. CBS Interactive Inc.


12:50am Cameras switch to Elissa and McCrae still talking in the lounge room. Elissa says that she feels like they are not telling her things, like you don’t trust me. McCrae asks so Amanda filled you in? Elissa says yeah she said you were going to make deals with them, just make deals with them. You can say you still have it, use it (MVP) to your advantage. I understand. Elissa says if Jeremy is the target, then he needs to be the target and you guys need to. McCrae says we will include you in on stuff, more stuff in the future. Elissa says if you want me to be a third nominee, I have to be included in that because that is not right, that all day no one talk to me and then an hour before they ask me ..oh put this person. Like I am a freaking idiot, I would rather be out of the game than be someone’s play toy. McCrae says he told Helen that of course we are putting up Howard, so she kind of fu*ked us all over. Elissa says yeah, so you guys should be mad at her not the person that wasn’t even included in it! McCrae says that he is mad at the situation. Just don’t say anything about me or Howard. Just if Spencer takes himself off the block then you and me need to figure this out because it makes me look bad. Elissa asks so then Jeremy would go up? McCrae says of course. Elissa says then he gets voted out right? McCrae says yeah. Elissa says he is the target right? McCrae says yeah I don’t care, I don’t have any power, I am fake power guy. I want Jeremy out. I really do. Now I have to tell Jeremy that I am MVP and he is going to go out and the blood is on my hands. Elissa asks are you working with Jeremy? McCrae says no, that hat incident really pissed me off. McCrae agrees it wasn’t right because then Helen has no blood on her hands. And if he doesn’t go home he will be coming after you. It’s going to work out. Elissa says I am so loyal to you, I just felt it wasn’t right. It was a low ball move. They end their conversation and leave the room.

1:20am – 1:30am Spencer and McCrae are in the lounge room talking. Spencer says that he isn’t very good at theatrics, you guys can do that. If you guys are working to take them out, then that is okay I just don’t want to be that last spot before jury. Lets just keep moving forward and talking. Spencer says so you, me and Howard will be solid. McCrae says that you going up on the block will be good for you taking one for the team. Spencer says that he will take his spanking, but just tell me if I am going out. I don’t want to be scum bagged like that. Why me? McCrae says it has to do with what happened, it is all them up there. McCrae says no matter what happens you are safe and I will campaign for you. Spencer I am fine with it. Howard took it really hard, he is a good dude. Spencer asks are you going to tell them you are going to put me up? McCrae says I don’t know. They wonder what happened outside of the house with McCrae getting MVP. Spencer says that he will compete hard so that Jeremy goes up on the block. Spencer says I know what you’re doing, this is great, I trust you. They shake hands and leave the room.

2am In the lounge room – Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn are talking. Amanda tells Aaryn that she wanted Elissa to put up Howard but Spencer’s going up. Amanda tells Aaryn that she thinks Howard and Elissa made a deal. Aaryn says that maybe they made a deal for Howard to throw the have/have-not competition because he obviously did, she was drowning in milk. Aaryn says literally, if King Kong splooged on me, that’s what it would look like. Amanda says that Elissa not putting up Howard made it more likely Aaryn might go if no one uses the veto. Aaryn asks if Elissa did that on purpose to get her out? Amanda says that she doesn’t think Elissa is that smart. Aaryn says that she doesn’t think anyone would vote Spencer out. McCrae says they might because Spencer fu*ked over people in his alliance. Aaryn says that she would do whatever they want her to do if she wins HoH. Aaryn says that Kaitlin might not take herself off if she wins veto and if that happens they should vote out Kaitlin. Amanda says that would move Aaryn down the target list. Aaryn says that she will try hard for the veto. Amanda said most people want either Jeremy or Howard to go this week. Amanda says all the votes have gone their way. Aaryn says she knows and that’s the only reason she feels semi safe.

2:30am In the lounge room – McCrae and Amanda are talking. McCrae is wondering why him (Howard) not bringing in a bible and swearing on it be the first red flag. McCrae wonders if he will be put up. McCrae says I just need to get through veto ceremony now. Amanda says you’ll be fine. McCrae says I know I will be fine. This is just going to be sh*tty though. McCrae says that he’s going to poop. Amanda asks you’re going to poop when you c*m? McCrae says oh yeah my favourite! McCrae comes back and they get ready for bed. Amanda says that Andy is going to freak out, he better freak out! McCrae says if he doesn’t we’ve got problems. Amanda says he wasn’t in the boys alliance, he doesn’t care. Amanda says that she feels like something is up. Fucking Elissa, but we still need her. McCrae agrees. Amanda tells McCrae to not bring anyone else into the devil deal. McCrae says that is going to end up biting me in the a$$. Amanda says lets just lay low, we have nothing else to do with this vote. Amanda jokingly gets mad to McCrae for taking so long to tell her about the boys alliance. Amanda says we are playing to hard right now, lets just lay low. Amanda says lets just let the rats eat each other this week. Amanda says but you did jump up and say you were MVP you know.

3am Amanda and McCrae talk about how Howard was dominating the conversation and how Helen didn`t step in. Amanda says we need to talk to Andy tomorrow, he will figure everything out. Amanda and McCrae start making out and then decide to head to bed.

5am All the house guests are still sleeping..


7:05pm Early wake up for the houseguests


7:09am Storage room Andy and Helen
Helen debriefs Andy of the nights events. Says that they were all working on Elissa to put Howard up and Elissa ended up putting Spencer. This is after McCrea already told Howard he was going up.
Helen says McCrea is going to say to everyone he’s MVP. Helen thinks it’s a really good play and moving forward they should all take a crack of being MVP. Andy: “Why didn’t see put Howard up”
Helen: “She said she did feel good putting Howard up”
Andy is shocked that she would still be protecting Howard after he voted to get her out and lied to her.
Helen says that McCrea made a deal with Howard that he wasn’t going to go up. Helen adds that McCrea is super worried that Howard and Spencer are now coming after him. Helen says they have to protect McCrea and Amanda because they have been loyal. They are going to talk to spencer and Howard and get them to not target Amanda and McCrea.

Helen says she told Aaryn and Kaitlin that they are both pawns. She needs to start building relationships with the two of them.

Andy and Helen both say Yikes about last night.

7:29pm McCrea and Judd Storage room
McCrea thinks Elissa and Helen have a deal with Howard. McCrea: “They have a 4 person alliance Candace, Howard, Elissa and Helen” Judd is agreeing says they have Jessie. Judd: “you working with aaryn now”
McCrea: “Ya but you know the whole deal about that”
Judd asks if they are still voting out Aaryn if Jeremy doesn’t get put up.
McCrea: “OH ya”
Judd says it’s a waste of a whole week if Aaryn goes home. MCrea agrees.

7:31AM Havenots Andy and Amanda

Amanda is telling him that Howard and Elissa have something going on and she suspects Helen and Candace are in on it as well.
Aayrn told Amanda that Helen told her the people she is protecting are Candace and Elissa.
Andy: “I don’t know Aaryn could be f****ing around”
Amanda is pissed that the nominees went down like that. Amanda: “You can’t f****ing change it at the last minute.. ”
Andy: “Helen said that Elissa did it without consulting her”
Amanda knows says that the original plan was to put up Howard so he would win the Veto and the could get JEremy out. Amanda adds that Howard was the second target now there is a chance their first and second target will not get put up on the block.
Judd comes in and they go over last night’s talk with Elissa where they made is clear to put Howard up, “She said she didn’t feel comfortable about putting Howard up”
Andy says he thought it was strange when Elissa and Helen were talking in the HOH and he wasn’t included. Amanda: “They royally f*****ed us.. McCrea and I you guys are OK”
Judd says that Elissa started pulling the bullsh!t taht she didn’t know. Amanda getting heated saying that they couldn’t have made it more clear to Elissa to put up Howard. Amanda is certain that a 4 person deal has been brokered between Helen, Candace, Elissa and Howard and it’s messed up her and McCrea’s game. Amanda: “We were sitting there for a good 45 minutes telling her how important it was to put up Howard.


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I think Elissa. Put Spencer up on purpose for Aaryn could home (IMO)


I think you give Elissa way to much credit. I honestly don’t think she thinks too much at all. She seems to understand this game less than anyone. How is it that someone that is Rachels sister couldn’t understand this game?


Elissa and Helen have been caught on the feeds by Simon himself whispering about production telling Elissa not to put Howard up.

Yet again, Elissa doesn’t play her own game. She’s just there so the sheep have someone to root for.


Ya we have two timestamps of them talking about it 🙁


and yet i’m thumbed down for pointing it out! LOL Gotta love those Reilly supporters, high quality blinders over their eyes and fingers in their ears.



I believe Elissa said that she wasn’t comfortable putting Howard up because it would not only piss him off, it would also piss off Candice. Spencer isn’t attached at the hip to anyone else in the house so she risks less. Bottom line that McManda need to realize is that it doesn’t matter who wins veto as long as it’s not Jeremy.


Opps sorry typo I ment go home


I see Amanda is now a mean girl. Helen needs to reign some of these chicks in. These people assume that because Elissa is MVP and they saved her then they get to decide whoever gets nominated. Last time I checked, Elissa is playing the game too. And I’m confused as to how is it more likely that Aaryn will be evicted now that Howard hasn’t been nominated? Does Amanda not trust the people that she’s aligned with to be loyal? LOL. She might rethink her relationship with McRae. He was ready to cut her ass next week with the moving company.


Finally a week were Elissa puts up someone she wants too. Good move or bad she can finally play her own game(and not mcAmada’s).
Good for her.

Can someone explain to me why those two want Howard up? I thought Jeremy was the target! What does putting howard up have to do with anything?


I see Amanda is a bully just like Jeremy – no difference


Who the hell died and made Amanda HOH and MVP? She thinks everyone should do what she says, which will piss people off and she’ll be out the door.


Amanda has always been a mean person. I mean she made homophobic comments, called someone a retard and has been a pretty nasty and disgusting person. She “slept” with McCrae the first night, but has a boyfriend back home. That girl is just NASTY!


youre only seeing that now?

amanda has been a mean girl from the start


I’m confused. Why did Elissa put up Spencer? Did she just not want Howard and Candace to gun for her if they win HOH next week?

Helen needs to make sure she’s in a stronger and smaller alliance if she wants to get to the end. That big alliance is going to crumble soon (as we are starting to see) and Helen will eventually be targeted. She sort of screwed herself with her closest ally (Elissa) in the house by not discussing game with her.

It’ll be interesting how the next few weeks ago. As much as I’d hate to see it happen, it would really be smart for people to consider forming an alliance with some of the “mean girls” especially since it would give them a better chance of winning in the end. I still want the “mean girls” to go home first though!


She didn’t put up Howard, because production told her not to. If she wants them to help her win like they did Rachel, she better do everything they say.

STFU Donnie

Well if you look at this from Elissa’s perspective, she’s not that upset with Howard. She may not trust him anymore and may be upset he didn’t stand up for her with Jeremy and the mean girls, but Helen (and her ridiculous crusade for half the truth) and Amanda and McCrea not only left her out of the HOH deliberations, but they left her out of Operation Kill Howie. They needed to make sure to trash Howard to her and they didn’t…or if we give Elissa more credit, maybe she could see that her allies were going to evict Howard and were just telling her what she wants to hear with Jeremy. Maybe Elissa knows that Howard is no threat to her. Now the question becomes if she actually will try to start playing and instead of expecting everybody to play for her and she starts looking at what’s going on. If she does then she should absolutely see the following:

Amanda and McCrae (with Andy unwittingly helping) are trying to manipulate and control Helen. They sequestered her while making HOH noms, then tried to corner Elissa and demand her MVP noms went how they said. I mean if she’s sensitive to bullying…I don’t know how she misses it in Amanda, unless only guys can be bullies…

Candace was really catching onto the strong argument that why isn’t Amanda more upset and why is McCrae free from scrutiny, yet Howard and Spencer are villains. If Elissa talks to Candace, she’s going to start wondering and asking questions and I don’t think Amanda will be able to bully her into silence.

Amanda and McCrea have a ton of balls in the air and Helen has a ton of balls in the air…if Elissa wakes up and snatches just one ball from each of them, I suspect there’s a good chance all the balls come crashing down. It’s sort of a shame McCrea is just such a wimp. First he does what MC tells him to do, then he does what Amanda tells him to do, and in just the start of week 3, he’s done so much scheming and conniving that I honestly don’t think he can win unless he takes Amanda, Jeremy, Aaryn, or Howard with him to the end at this point. And I really don’t know how he does not see Judd is just a floater…and if Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn, Howard, Spencer, or GM wins HOH next week, Judd will float to them and spill his guts. He’s is gossiping and talking way too much trash…foir absolutely no good reason. Nobody else is banking on Judd, so just talking game is enough to put him under your thumb


No, they didn’t leave her out of the conversation. They were talking to her about it for about an hour. She said she was uncomfortable admitting that she put Howard up, so McCrae offered to pretend he got it and take the heat. She accepted and thanked him, and then went straight down to the DR and nominated Spencer. By then McCrae already told Howard he had it and was putting him up. So Elissa comes back and tells the HOH crowd that her DR wasn’t about MVP, maybe someone else won it, They had to pressure her to get the truth, which is that Elissa ignored the whole last hour of discussion with the group that saved her ass twice and nominated the wrong person. I hope this is her game ending move and I hope McCrae doesn’t pay for it.


They left her out of HELEN’S nomination deliberations and that made her very uneasy, then they just tried to steamroll her into Howard…who doesn’t threaten her or Helen at all. The only game Elissa screwed up is Amanda and McCrae’s…and you know they plan on dumping Helen and Elissa very soon anyway.

Gotta work on those reading comprehension skills…


I am disappointed in both Helen and Andy for not consulting Elissa about the HOH and MVP. Having MVP is like having half a HOH so they should give her some respect for that. I am glad she didn’t follow them. They are only using her for the MVP and I bet they will get rid of her once someone else gets it. At this point I am only rooting for Candice. She is as loyal to Howard as Amanda is to McCrea (although Amanda may only be using Mcrea). Howard was loyal to his original alliance. And he was protecting Helen even though she doesn’t think he was. Candice is loyal to Howard because he is protecting her. (Amanda talks to Aaryn as if she has said nothing wrong. I use to like her but not anymore after saying Howard was playing the “race” card….. Oh and oh so many other reasons) Things are constantly changing, but as I said before, power is an enlightening thing. Would like to see what Elissa or Candice would do if they ever won HOH.

eli rules

Great comments. Amanda has been acting as if she’s the HOH since week one when she camped out in McCrae ‘s room. Her strong arm tactics are going to start rubbing people the wrong way eventually.

Just yesterday, aaryn was in the cockpit room saying that she wanted to talk to Helen to clear the air, and Amanda told her to give it time and talk to her in a couple of days. I couldn’t believe the balls on her. I was thinking if it was me, I would have told her “if I want to talk to her, I’ll talk to her…I don’t need your advice, and I’m certainly not going to wait a couple of days! !’

She thinks everyone will do whatever she says just like little McCrae does.


Are any of the alliances actually talking through all their plans? Trying to find the best and worst cast scenario? It just seems like all they do is talk AT each other.

Helen is all about the big fish but sometimes you have to consider the bait fish and the small fish too.

Amanda just needs to shut up and observe for a while.

This MVP thing is getting boring with it going to Elissa all the time! Plus it keeps the target on her back and the blood on her hands.


McCrey is over playing hand. Hope he gets evicted soon, that little rat bast&%$. Somehow the house or his alliance will find out about him being the fake MVP. Then it will blowup in his face.
Love how plays the victim when taking about be aligned with MC. Isn’t this the same dude that put E on the block week one? And they trust this guy?!?!

Mr. Amanda


I wish Howard was on the block. I wouldn’t trust him outside of the house. Also, that whole breaking down bit over racial slurs, it just didn’t ring true. It’s like someone crying but no tears coming out. That’s why he looks like he was turning in to Hulk. Now Howard has Candace and Spencer. Wow! All these couples:

Helen, you’re a fool. Stop crying already! And stop interrupting when people are talking. “I’m going to put up people who were disloyal.” Yeah, right. You are fake. Elissa should be mad at you. She got filthy doing your dirty work. Helen, now I couldn’t care less if you go next week 🙂

I hope Elissa makes it far. I’m really getting to root for her. People are not liking Amanda but I like her. She’s thinking for herself and she has the ability to talk.


The only way Elissa makes it far if Production leads her, just like they did with her sister. Every time the whole planet watching knew Rachel was out the door, it was magic time in the DR changed everything, and when they had no DR control, they brought in Pandora’s Box.

Production is going to attempt it again with Elissa.


Mark My Words


Get. Rid. Of. Aryan! Omg she has got to go, she doesn’t deserve to be there another day!!


Thats true. Helen hadn’t had time to talk game to Elissa. She was more concerned about getting truths from Moving Co. No one really filled her in. Helen told someone to fill her in, but it was too late


ha ha……Helen and team screwed up big time! They were so busy assuming that Elissa was in the bag, they didn’t bother to remember that Elissa could get her panties twisted. Shes not bright, but she WONT be ignored! bah ha ha! Way to cover your bases……HOH is starting to go to Helens head a tiny bit and it just bit her in the ass because she assumes that she has control.


Amanda needs to understand that she will eventually be targeted being in a showmance with McCrae and all. I really see her being the first from the big group to switch over (since she’s one of the smarter ones).


Helen let it slip several times yesterday PRODUCTION doesn’t want HOWARD on the block


Production wants Howard to stay because 1. There is a potential shomance with Candace and 2. Jeremy will be probably be backdoored and Aaryn will stay and cause more racial drama


Production wants Howard to stay because they know he will be more helpful to Elissa (and as a by-product Helen) than most of the other HG’s. They built and produce this game and they see the dynamics (even if the fans don’t). They can’t just tell Elissa and Helen that they need to be afraid of Amanda and McCrae, so they direct with their questions for Elissa and Helen to not target Howard, who is no threat, and instead get those who are.

CBS will be overjoyed if Aaryn goes home. I don’t think people understand the business of corporate TV. They don’t mind a little racism controversy to gin up ratings, but Aaryn’s continued presence is increasingly problematic with sponsors, none of whom will see the value in a show or company who generates worthlessly high ratings that alienate customers. The same motivations that caused employers to fire Arryn and GM and look into firing Jeremy are found in every company who publicly does business with CBS. If CBS began broadcasting public executions, the ratings would be SuperBowl numbers…and not a single advertiser would want a thing to do with them or the protests/boycotts of their products that would ensue for sponsoring the show. This is about money and demographics…not ratings.


Very well said “Name,” and very true. I think you may have clarified things for a lot of people.


Amanda needs to chill out before she is in the same position that Jeremy and aaryn are in.


I am not sure why Amanda is so mad that Spencer is up instead of Howard. The outcome will still be the same regardless which one of the guys go up. One person will be taken off the block hopefully and Jeremy goes up and gets booted out the door. What more does she want?

STFU Donnie

Pretty sure her and McCrae planned to move the votes to evict Howard and keep Jeremy. It makes sense for them to do it and they would have the numbers. Again, Amanda and McCrae are leaving GIANT F***ING clues that there is more than meets the eye and something is up, but for whatever reason so far Helen, Elissa, and Andy are all under their Jedi powers. I mean the shear fact that in less than 24 hours McCrea goes from revealing himself as MC to not really in it, barely heard of it, and hate it more than anybody else AND nobody bats an eye. That right there is Luke talking his way into Jabba the Hut’s lair and Obi Wan bull****ing his way past the imperial guards…

tell a friend to tell a friend

This right here… Amanda was setting up Howard for the eviction. PERIOD. There was going to be no backdooring of Jeremy at all. This is why every time Ellisa says “But Jeremy’s the target… Right?” Everyone is sort of “Yeah, Yeah” to her without being relatively serious. I’m not the biggest fan of Ellisa but I give her credit for wanting to see happen what she wants and that the eviction of Jeremy, who she feels makes her uncomfortable in the house.

I think its funny that Amanda is trying to strong arm the crusade to get Howard out the house when just a week ago she was OVERTLY LETTING MCCRAE KNOW that she was/would f^%K Howard, especially if McCrae left the house. We all saw at points last week whe she tough McCrae was weak and the kind of woman Amanda is, she like strong manly men. LOL, It was too funny to see Amanda’s inner smut show as she ogled his body and continuously tried flirting with him. The minute Howard slept with Candie… POOF!! Love turned to hate (there are also issues with jealousies/insecurities that the other women have with Candie as well)

Bottom line… I’m laughing with the rest of ya’ll at how Amanda’s rage and McCrae’s weaknesses and stupidity are going to be there demise. And its really because of Amanda’a secret desire for Howard



I don’t care who goes up as long as Jeremy or aaryn are going home


First of all, it is Elissa’s MVP and as long as she doesn’t do something that would directly hurt their alliance, the others should back off. She could have nominated Jeremy, but she didn’t and went along with the idea of possibly backdooring him.

Second, she has done the dirty work the last two weeks by nominating the person that was evicted.

Third, I do not think she trusts Amanda and her pushing so hard to nominate Howard. I think she wants him gone and would have campaigned to get rid of him this week. She needs to back off or else she will see herself sitting on that sofa as a nominee for being a bully and having too much control over another player – after all, one of the golden rules is to split up the couples.

Fourth, Spencer IS sketchy and he needs to prove his worth to the alliance.

If they wanted Howard up so much, they should have pushed to have him as one of the HOH nominees.

I am so tired of the bullying and intimidation. Amanda screeching at Elissa that they saved her the past two weeks – well, perhaps so, but she is the one that made the hard noms – not personal ones…the only reason they saved her was to use her. Amanda needs to get it through her inflated head that Elissa’s sole purpose in the game is NOT to serve her.


Agree with your last two remarks. If they wanted Howard out they should have put him up. But they all want Elissa to be the one to get her hands dirty. Even Helen. She told both Aaryn and Kaitlin they were pawns so Elissa would do the dirty work. And the group didn’t respect her enough to let her be a part of the conversation. I am glad she didn;t do what they wanted and that she told them it wasn’t right for them not to talk to her before making decisions. They are all using her and not giving her any credit for being able to think. I hope Elissa wises up and stops trusting them all except Candice. Maybe she and Candice can start over and bring Howard in.


Wow, and here I thought everyone was in that house was smart enough to realize that Elissa will be MVP as long as she’s in the house?? Goddamn Production got this season on LOCK, you can’t make a decision without their say-so..*feeds cut*

People are blind as a bat if they don’t realize what’s going on on Big Brother this season.


exactly. elissa = production. its not a game anymore. as long as she stays production calls the shots.

means right now, they will ride out the whole racial/minority against “evil” people thing. so no way howard will leave this week. they need him and his storyline.

as far as gameplay…if there is any left. helen should notice that amanda and mccrea are the real threads for her. jeremy and aaryn will not try to get helen out. helens HOH is wasted or in other words its amandas the way things developing.


Elissa having MVP only means that she is the one that can add an additional nominee. It is up to the HGs who they eliminate. The fact that they want to use the MVP to their advantage is their choice – they did not need to keep her. Until Helen this week, the HOH noms were all personal and not strategic. The MVP noms were strategic.


Helen is being personal by wanting Elissa to do her dirty work and put up Howard. She is pissed that she can’t trust them. Everybody has lost sight of the fact that Aaryn, Jeremy and to some extent Gina Marie have been insutling them and that the two were bullying people. Do they really think not voting with the group is worse than being treated badly by others. What is wrong with this group?


The thing is, there still is no clear established alliance between Andy, Helen, Amanda, Mc Crae and Elissa. They worked as if they are in an alliance yet they are paranoid at each other’s movement which is why they make decisions that seem to throw each other off. Helen’s finding the truth and not nominating Howard makes her suspicious, Amanda and Mc Crae’s side deals with everyone makes them suspicious and Elissa’s not following the groups decision to put up Howard makes her suspicious. They just need to sit down and clarify that they are working together and they can now control and cut one by one the other house guests. Scanning the day, there were no meetings that the five of them are present which is actually funny since they were supposed to be working together.

Somehow it seems that Amanda and Helen both knew that they will cut each other’s throat at one point so they are both doing steps to secure their place in the house. :))


So did Howard swear on the Bible with fake MVP McCrea?
It would have been a fake oath if he did, I hope he didn’t.
Although I am an Atheist I don’t like making light of anyone’s core beliefs.


And I thought this week would be simple…..get out Aaryn or Jeremy. Now who the hell knows who’s going home?

I luv J-U-double-D!

Anxious people starting to play too hard too fast, yes two strong guys- but nice, apparently nice does not cut it in the house even early on. Even churchy youth leader is lying, but still remains calm and nice to other’s faces. Even from the beginning I liked Judd the best, and Andy, and okay I am a sucker for pizza boy too. Their DR comments are great. Really not seeing a lot of good and funny comments on the televised shows. Actress Amanda thinks she is funny, ugh. Her best bit was imitating an airline attendant saying it was going to be a bumpy ride. Does she really think BB will look great on her resume at auditions?oh well I will watch as long as Judd is still on, I am kinda crushing on him.


I think CBS has won……………..go ahead and give Elissa the big check………….this is what they want to do anyway…………I think a bunch of them should just walk off the show and call it a day ! ! ! BB was such a real….fun….exciting show ……years ago…………….now it is totally manipulated…………no one wants a bunch of pansy acting crying people left…………….it’s all a bunch of bullcrap now and they will lose ratings by the number ! ! ! !


I don’t understand why any MVP would make it known that they won America’s vote to be MVP!!!!!!
Letting the house know takes the fun out of the MVP!!
NO MORE MVP for Elissa.


I see a Mcrea/Amanda and helen/Elissa falling out hopefully this week 🙂


I hate Elissa for fucking Helen’s game up. Instead of a smooth sailing HOH with Howard as MVP target and backdooring Jeremy, she now painted a target on both their backs because of her stupidity. Now their alliance thinks that they flipped to Spencer and Howard. I wouldn’t be surprised if Helen gets evicted next week because of Elissa.


Helen could have put up Howard her self is she wanted him on the block. They want Elissa to do all of the dirty work and get all of the blood on her hands. She knows that they are using her and she is tired of it.


Elissa’s playing it way too emotional. Very Reilly indeed. Haven’t she realized that Amanda more so Helen stuck out their necks for her? They got lucky because last week spencer just lately realize that Helen is a much better target than Elissa since people wanted to keep her in. If Spencer targeted Helen first, Helen will be most likely walking out the door and Moving Company would still intact. Now Amanda, Mc Crae, Judd and even Andy doubts Helen and Elissa, all because of Elissa’s stubbornness to put up Howard.


Production told them not to put up Howard, they want to keep the “racial tension” going in the house because it’s getting Big Brother good press.

STFU Donnie

I think Elissa could be saving Helen’s game…and I don’t quite get how picking Spencer over Howard blows anything up if the idea is to backdoor Jeremy or evict Aaryn, which is what Helen wants. And if Elissa stops be worried that Amanda and McCrea are mad at her and starts asking herself why are they so mad, the natural conclusion is that they wanted Howard up so they could either evict him straight up or have him over Aaryn as the back up plan. Otherwise it makes no sense. Helen said she wanted to scare Howard and make sure he competed for veto, but Spencer on the block is a shot at Howard too, so the scare message is still out there and Howard has the same chance of playing veto that Jeremy does. And either way with the numbers and MVP, Jeremy has to keep winning comps just to survive. He doesn’t have the votes to evict anybody. If Elissa just thinks for herself a little bit then she has to see that her immediate goals (eliminate Jeremy and Aaryn) don’t match Amanda and McCrea’s immediate goals and that’s why they’re mad and then all she has to do is try to figure out why.

Why is Howard so important to them? Why are they so afraid of him.

Elissa is in a really good position precisely because she’s spent the whole game as a target. She’s the only combat veteran in the platoon. She knows what the enemy looks like and how they attack. Her enemies went full blast on making her out to be the worst human being on earth…and now Howard is receiving the same treatment by others. If she thinks, just for a minute, she has to wonder why Howard is the new Elissa. And if she talks to somebody from politics (I have my doubts that Helen is anything more than an assistant…she’s not politically skilled at all), then Helen should see that Amanda and McCrea are campaigning as hard for Howard’s head as Jeremy and Aaryn were for Aaryn. Why? Does Amanda fear Howard because what he’s saying about her playing and poisoning all sides is true? What’s McCrae’s motivation? Why are Howard and Spencer not turning on him like he is them? Why does Jeremy rarely come up in McCrae’s game talk? When MC split, did it do so into two factions, Howard/Spencer and McCrae/Jeremy? At what point does Helen and Elissa realize they need the 3 MC in the room at the same time under cross examination, to watch their faces and see what they say? Then immediately talk to Amanda before she can talk to McCrae, question her, maybe toss in something McCrae said (that he didn’t) and when she backs it up, catch her in a lie.

I really believe the day Spencer flipped the MC, it killed all 5 guys. So far McCrae was thrown the one life jacket from Amanda (and he might be throwing Jeremy an inner tube to keep him breathing) and if Helen and Elissa don’t see that McCrae should be drowning with the others and lets him climb on board with Amanda then they’re just waiting for the chance to throw out Helen and Elissa and take control of the boat.

Helen is being outmaneuvered, too distracted with the nonsense of being mad at Howard for playing the game, to see that she’s not the leader of the great big alliance who are all just going to play nice and be happy going to jury. Helen needs Elissa now, just like Elissa needed Helen last week.


I can’t wait to see the POV players holy cow is today going to be exciting..


Whats the over/under on Jeremy’s name getting chosen LOL

I luv J-U-double-D!

Aaryn should really go because you don’t want her injury, I mean in jury hehehe.she would vote emotional, but I think Jeremy would vote game play, like Jessie Pectacular did in not giving final vote Nat his closest friend in the house when he voted for Jordan to win.


Why is HOH & MVP a group thing? I don’t understand what’s going on but how could I since nobody in the house does either.


I agree. When did it go from people voting out who they wanted to I’m voting with the house. Elissa really hasn’t put up anyone the group has wanted yet. I also don’t understand why everyone is scrambling to talk to and make “deals” with Aaryn, Kaitlyn, Jeremy or Gina Marie. I would just put a cone of silence around those four and not talk any game around them for this week.

Janelle pov queen

It should be Howard candice Helen and Elissa Amanda an McCray has deals with every one in the fucking house there downfall is coming soon


Amanda wants Aaryn to win the POV so that she can take herself off and so that she can put up Howard and get him out. These are her exact WORDS…

who died and made Amanda HOH? Helen wants her HOH reign to take out Jeremy, the douchebag. Not Howard, the bible guy. Liar, but still bible guy. I highly doubt she will put up Howard because she will then know that he is the true target, not Jeremy or Aaryn, and she doesn’t want that.

Amanda is going to become a target trying to get Howard out this week. She should just wait til next week when everyone is not all gung ho about getting Jeremy or aaryn out. She got attached to Aaryn too soon.


I swear this is bs with dr saying not to put up Howard….I’m getting so discouraged with this show again, I try to understand this is their show & they will “twist” things but when they get down right predictable it’s not entertaining anymore…this blows! Keeping him for the whole racial drama thing is sickening…& I wish they would get rid Elissa or the MVP, one of em need to go & soon…


I wish McCrae really did get MVP. Elissa is an idiot!! Judd, McCrae and Amanda saved her and the plan was to put up Howard. The plan was that Howard needed to go up and sweat a bit, try to win POV and they could backdoor Jeremy. When Elissa said she didn’t feel right about putting up Howard because he hadn’t done anything to her, McCrae told her that he would pretend he was MVP to take the heat off her, she said ok. Then she goes to the DR and puts up Spencer because she says she didn’t know what the plan was. She has really exposed McCrae and possibly messed up the game, when he saved her week one and helped save her week 2. The good thing is that now the rest of the house think that MVP is no longer just for Elissa, and if they think McCrae got more votes than she did, they will have to rethink things a bit and start kissing his ass a little. It also means that there is no reason to keep Elissa anymore, once Jeremy is gone. The problem is though, that Elissa is so dumb she will probably blab and out him as a liar and tell everyone she did get MVP. Helen really worked her truth serum yesterday. It exposed everything, it was fun viewing, but I think it might hurt her later on. She cried fake crocodile tears to make the boys feel good, but by admitting to the rest that she was faking it, they will remember later on when she turns on the tears and know she is a great actress. My liking Howard lasted one day, after watching the feeds for a couple of days, I like McCrae, Amanda and Judd.


You need to find the links where Simon and Dawg recount the events of Thursday, specifically Spencer’s conversation with Helen, then Howard, then McCrae.

If Helen does not go right at Spencer and say he alone will be blamed if Elissa goes home, then Spencer does not blow up the MC. McCrae had every intention of evicting Elissa. Amanda, Andy, Judd, and Jessie were going where they thought they votes were…nothing more, nothing less. Candace was the only vote to save Elissa and Helen from day 1.

It’s actually why I have no problem with McCrae burying Spencer and Howard…even if I wished he would be smarter and think for himself rather than let Amanda be so over the top. If Spencer doesn’t panic and present it to McCrae like Howard was all for it (he wasn’t…he just hoped McCrae would shoot it down), then the MC stays in tact, Nick is in the house, and Elissa is gone….so if you really want to credit the victory to anybody, it’s all Helen and if you want to find somebody who stuck their neck out to save Elissa, well that would go to Spencer, who blew up a strong spot and traded it for the worst spot in the house.


I can see why Amanda would be unhappy with Elissa. Amanda put a lot of hard work into keeping her. Even if it was in Amanda’s own best interest the fact remains Elissa would have gone home without those efforts. Now her first chance to repay that a little and she goes all rouge. Even with production protecting Howard it still shows more the a little in-gratitude.

Aaryn's Hood

Yes! Amanda is completely blowing it. Now if Howard had half a brain he would send Candice to talk to Elissa. Love how Candice called out Amanda for not being upset about Mccray being in MC either. That girl is smart, now if she can just learn to control Howard and get him good with Elissa they could flip the whole house again this week and create a whole new side by going after Amanda next week.


PRODUCTION! PRODUCTION! PRODUCTION! They are AGAIN controlling this season. Ellissa already admitted that her whole family is completely dedicated to CBS and everyone that is associated with Big Brother for everything they have done for Rachel and her family. They are controlling who should be voted and not! When they don’t want US to know what they are trying to do they cut off all the feeds! The feeds were OFF! for long periods of time last night and early this morning because of the houseguests NOW questioning PRODUCTION about how the game is being manipulated>> We all heard that DR told Helen that they don’t feel that putting up Howard was good for the show! and that she should re-think about her decision so she changed it to Katlin. Then when Ellissa was questioned about her decision from Amanda she first lied about having MVP then she admitted to it but she said very clearly that PRODUCTION kept asking her “Well if you don’t feel good about your decision that she should put up Spencer.” of which she did because she didn’t want to upset PRODUCTION and Big Brother/CBS. I really believe that they are pushing for Howard to be safe so they can have another SHOWMANCE for television (because this is a TV show and it’s all about RATINGS!) They have never had black couple in a showmance I don’t believe, and with Jeremy leaving another couple will be gone. So they need the RATINGS!! and Howard to stay. If Jeremy name gets picked for the veto (questionable) and wins (because it is suited for him like they did when Jeff competed a few yrs ago and loss!! Damn clown shoe!) then the house will get a rid of Aaryn and Big Brother will get the drama they were looking for. But only time will tell how far PRODUCTION! will interfere this year AGAIN!..


Amanda is all over the place, she needs to go next week, She’s trying to control everyone and she’s in every conversation and she’s smart. If they all were smart they would get her out next week!


Since when is Elissa playing Amanda’s game? && I have a question?!? Did it seem like Elissa put Spencer up to stir up the house or because she wanted to have a say in who was put up? Since I don’t have the live feeds I’m just curious if Elissa really wasn’t consulted in which three were to go up until the last minute? I understand they saved her twice but I think Elissa should have an opinion on who the MVP puts up, especially since she was chosen MVP.

&& I can’t believe I’m saying this but I have been really surprised by Jeremy! I really did think he was gunna have bit of a temper.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Amanda and McCray are doing the same thing that got Nick evicted and Howard and Spencer in deep trouble…. OVERPLAYING!! They had no targets on their backs and now after people figure out those two made deals with everyone they shoot up to the top of the hit lest.

Elissa clearly has no clue how to play the game LOL

I know its weird but Jeremy may be a dumb and arrogant person I kinda wanna see him win POV (if chosen) then HOH since he has tempered himself.

I want Aryan gone this week then either Amanda or Elissa… maybe its just me


I hope Katllynor Aaryn to win POV and Helen puts up Ellissa and they vote her ass out and start the real gaem.


Mccrae and Amanda are my least favorite people in the “big” group. I hope that once Jeremy leaves, Kaitlin becomes a more likable Hg, I personally think her and Elissa are the Prettiest in the house.


i think jess is better looking than elissa and kaitltn


This production intervening complaints are getting ridiculous. Every year the same complaint, yet those who complain continue watching and whining about it. If you think it is true, then just stop watching.


I’m still pi$$ed McCrae isn’t getting any heat for the MC,when he was just as much involved as Spencer & Howard. How Andy, Helen, Elissa, Judd, Candice, & even Jessie don’t see this, has me flabbergasted.

As far as Amanda goes, I am sickened by her and her demanding attitude. I actually liked her the 1st 2wks. When she was out to save Elissa. Now she’s really annoying, bc it’s ok for her & McCrae to make a deal with every person in the house(including: Jeremy, Aaryn, & Kaitlin) but the 2nd they think Helen or Elissa have a deal with Howard(which they don’t) she freaks out & goes psycho. She’s playing as if she won HOH & MVP. Newsflash Amanda, u haven’t won shit, & if u want power get your ass out there & win something. Until then, sit down, & shut that gigantic mouth of yours, and enjoy not being nominated. She’s only digging her & McCrae’s grave by her bullyish attitude towards everyone. And I personally think it’s hilarious. I hope Spencer & Howard remember how big of a threat they thought she was & they still go after her & convince Helen, Andy, & Elissa too. That would be great.

Elissa not putting up Howard was smart on her part. And Amanda & McCrae need to realize, no matter what happens she will be there next week & will get MVP again, so they need to simmer down or she may put them up:) That would be great. Lol.

I don’t understand why the”side” of the house with the power this week, is doing more scrambling than the ppl that are actually up a $hit creek without a paddle. LMAO. That always seems to happen. They should’ve just let the Spencer/Howard thing go this week & stay focused on their primary goal. Which was taking out Jeremy & Co. Why go after Spencer or Howard, when they are on their side & will vote with them & who are not targeting them. When they could deal with them later. And take out the ppl u know for 100% certainty are coming after you aka Jeremy & Co. They could keep Howard & Spencer in “in crowd” & make them think they trust them, until they get out Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin, & GM. Then take out Howard & Spencer. That would’ve been the best bet. But McCrae & Amanda got their pantries in a wad & screwed everything up by throwing Howard out there as a threat. That’s just stupid.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, get it together in there & take out Jeremy or Aaryn. That was the primary goal going into the HOH comp & that’s what needs to happen. Do not go after your own. Dammitt just keep it together for 4wks. (LOL like that’ll ever happen) Hears to me wishing though:)