OPERATION Knight in Shining Armor – Caleb “My queen on the block! Beast mode coming to save her!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 11
Original Nominations:
Final Nominations:
Have Nots
POV Players

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1:20am Caleb goes up to the HOH room after seeing Cody giving Amber a long back massage and tells Derrick and Frankie that he thinks that Amber and Cody will be first showmance of the season. Derrick and Frankie don’t see it. Derrick says that Cody has a dime girl back home. They comment on how Cody gives massages to all the girls. Caleb says that Amber won’t let me give her a massage. Derrick says that Cody is a flirt. Derrick tells Caleb if I looked like either you or Cody I would never wear a shirt and use my looks to my advantage. Caleb says that he is worried he is being made to look like a fool because Amber. Derrick tells him he’s not. Caleb and leaves the HOH room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 01-42-28-929
1:45am Derrick and Nicole talk on the HOH bed. Nicole comments on how no one would think that we we’re working together. Nicole brings up the alliance he was in. Derrick says it wasn’t an alliance, it was a group were we were dictated what to do. Nicole asks so you guys weren’t a group of 8 any more? Derrick asks are you kidding me? Nicole says I get that you would want to be in it to able to dictate the votes. Derrick says we didn’t meet collectively. Derrick says even Devin was a part of it and he didn’t dictate who went home. Derrick says I hope you see when he goes home that we aren’t working together. Nicole and Derrick decide to work together as a final 2 deal. Nicole says that Jocasta is going up for sure. If you don’t put her up I will. Derrick says I like that. Derrick says Jocasta and Amber are definite. Nicole asks what about Caleb. Derrick says we would have to get him to volunteer to go up. If we put Caleb up and he isn’t on board with it, we are done! If he goes up and comes off he will be coming after us. Derrick says you could put up Amber and then we get Caleb to volunteer to go up on my side to throw the Battle of the Block competition. They talk about how the main target is to get out is Devin but that if Devin wins wins veto then Caleb could be the second target. Nicole says she needs to think about who to put up with Amber. Either Donny, Victoria..

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Outside the HOH room – Cody and Caleb play a game of chess. Caleb questions Cody about what the deal is with Amber. Caleb says I really think you got something going on with Amber. Cody says that its not like that at all. Caleb says if you did I would just want one of you to tell me. Cody tells Caleb again that nothing is going on. Hayden joins them and the conversation ends.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 02-21-26-252

2pm Caleb goes into the HOH room to talk. Caleb tells Cody that what we talked about is squashed (Him thinking Cody and Amber have something going on). Derrick tells Caleb that Nicole is adamant about one of her noms. She wants to put up Amber because she put me up. Derrick says that Nicole and I are on board with that none of the 4 nominees that initially go up are going home. We are both in agreement that Devin is the target to go home. Derrick says you can think about it. You could either come out of it looking like a straight G, like Amber’s Knight in shining armour. Or you could look like a fool. Derrick says if you’re up there you’re not going to let Devin win that POV. Derrick says I am not putting you up unless it comes out of your mouth. It would be in my nomination speech too .. I would let the house know that Caleb is volunteering to go up. Caleb says what if you ask Nicole if you put up Amber aren’t you scared of Caleb coming after you. Derrick says yeah but I don’t want her to think that we are strong arming her and threatening her. She’s willing to work with us right now. Caleb says if I go up I will throw it (Battle of the Block.) Caleb says Julie Chen would have some questions about that .. I would be like got my queen on the block, beast mode coming to save her! Derrick says just for name sake she puts up Donny and Amber. I put up you and Jocasta. You lose the battle of the block. Caleb asks what if it is just me and Jocasta would people keep her over me. Derrick says the only way that would happen is if Devin got picked to play in the POV and won it. Everyone wants Devin out, no one would pick him for house guest choice. Caleb says I am thinking I want you to put me up if she puts up Amber. Derrick says I will let everyone know that you’ve volunteered. Caleb says I let Amber know in the beginning that I would protect her. Caleb says I am beast mode baby! Caleb says I will talk to Amber and if she tells me not to do it I won’t do it. At the end of the day I trust my alliance and I trust that if I am up there that I’ll have the votes. Caleb says is Amber goes home I am coming after her (Nicole). Caleb says I have 2 chances to save myself. Caleb leaves. Nicole and Derrick talk. Derrick tells her about his and Caleb’s conversation. Derrick tells Nicole that Caleb will only do it if Amber is okay with it.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 02-35-04-538

2:40pm – 3:10am In the hive room – Caleb talks to Amber. Caleb says that Devin is the target. You are one of her targets because you put her up. Caleb tells her I told Derrick that if you go up I would volunteer to go up and I would throw it. Caleb says I just want to know how you would feel if I do that. Amber says well thats okay. Caleb says if you tell me not to go up then I won’t do it. If you go up, I will go up and throw the Comp. It will be me and whoever else he nominates that will go home if Devin got picked to play and won it then there’s the risk that I could go. Caleb laughs at how no one has volunteered to go on the block. Amber says we just have to try and make it look like we’re not working together as much as we are. Caleb says but we are working together and everyone knows it. Caleb says they are waiting to hear what I say before they decide anything. Caleb says if I got house guest choice I would pick someone like Hayden to play for me in the POV.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 02-58-36-214

2:40am Derrick pulls Frankie into the storage room. We have been assigned a task as Team America:
“To keep the spotlight off of Team America, get three other Houseguests to spread a rumor that someone in the game is related to a past Big Brother contestant.”

Derrick says I have to tell you and then you have to go into the diary room to get the specific details. Derrick says I won’t wake up Donny right now, I’ll tell him tomorrow. We have a time limit that we need to complete it by Monday at 8 minutes past midnight. Deirrick says so for instance we convince 3 other house guests that Cody is a relative of Frank Eudy. Derrick says we can’t do it together, we each have to do it on our own. Frankie is excited about the task and thinks its going to be easy. Derrick tells Frankie to go to the diary room to get the details.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed FREE TRIAL – Use the FLASHBACK feature to watch everything you’ve missed!

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smd nicole

nicole gotta keep the target off of her! its stupid to make big moves this early the best move for herd is to put up amber and victoria and then let derrick become sole HoH


Best case for her and hopefully it comes to fruition is that Caleb and Jocasta loses BOB, Jocasta wins Veto, Devin is replaced, then Nicole, Hayden, Victoria, Brittany, Jocasta and Donny vote Caleb out. Next week (although he may be HOH again) Devin is still a target.

I Don't Like Derrick

Oh Please. You just want someone on Derrick’s side to win. That’s not the best case for her. The best case for her is that someone from Derrick’s side goes, instead of the non alliance members, including her get picked off one by one.


If that happened and Devin got HOH, the target could be Amber. They better hope this bOB isn’t the untangling the rope challenge.

Silence of the Calebs

Team America is a really stupid concept that serves no point other than getting more people to go to the CBS site. Any twist (Battle of the Block) that has people throwing the competition every week is completely pointless and ill conceived. Oh yeah and Caleb is nuts. Other than that it’s been fun to watch. Donny FTW!


Battle of the Block is NOT a bad twist!!!!! It adds a new dimension to a show that’s been going for 1&1/2 decades! Until this year, the most successful strategy was throwing competitions until all of the physical competitors left. Dr Will invented the strategy, and people have been sticking to it ever since. (His charisma also helped protect him. It wasn’t just losing comps.) I love strategic players, but I can’t stand watching people fake weakness to win. I’m happy that the people who actually try to make moves in the game get an advantage.

I do find Team America to be pretty pointless, though. Telling adults to start stupid rumors is lame. If I was a fan of adolescent behavior, I would have voted for Caleb.


This Twist does suck, they all do until they find one that the house guest cant manipulate. They need to bring the special vetos back. To stop this madness. I hope they get a better twist going on before this becomes a boring show.


Agree on both accounts…
About the BOTB being thrown: I remember at the London 2012 Olympics, there was a Badminton game where both ladies doubles teams (CHN vs KOR) wanted to lose to get a better draw afterwards, and the match was just as pathetic as you could imagine; they would each miss all their serves on purpose, so in the end it was virtually impossible for any of them to “succeed” in losing.
All 4 were disqualified from the Olympics for “not using one’s best efforts to win a match”, which won’t happen in BB since there’s no Olympic values or rulebook that says it’s forbidden to throw a BB comp.
Still, this pathetic attempt of BOTH TEAMS to lose made for (painfully) great TV, so I could see at some point, they might have a BOTB where both teams want to lose… Would create some great tension! 😉
Well, there’s also the possibility (!) that both teams will actually want to win soon…
I could even see a situation where a HOH puts up his/her 2 closest allies to give them a nice 50% chance of being safe this week, even if that means he/she therefore won’t be safe anymore.
The BOTB twist has a lot of potential. Unlike the Team America twist. And Frankie. :p


Nicole is smart… Why isn’t she thinking about what will happen if Amber flirts with Cody and Caleb decides to go for the win? Then it will be Amber, Victoria, and Nic competing in the POV. That gives Devin a good chance to win if he gets picked.
What if they put Cody/Caleb against Hayden/Zach? That means the POV will have at least 2 strong guys competing, no matter what. It ticks me off that they can use girls on the block as pawns, but heaven forbid that they do that to the guys.

Oh well,, I want Devin to stay this week, anyways.


Because no matter what Amber or Caleb is also a target for her. Putting Cody/Caleb against Zach/Hayden can be more problematic because if Devin got chosen and wins POV , chances are nominations will be the same and they will be losing someone whom they could trust. With Amber and Caleb on both sides of the block, whatever happens in the veto ceremony someone from the trio of those they don’t like (Caleb/Devin/Amber) will still be going home.


I’m hoping we’ll eventually have two HOHs that don’t coordinate. Having two HOHs that are working together defeats the purpose of the twist.


I was hoping Nicole would do what she wants. Maybe if she gets picked first she will mess up Derrick’s moms, but I doubt it because she really didn’t want to be HOH this week and wants to keep the blood off her hands.


There is a lot of potential for maneuvering that the HOH’s aren’t taking advantage of. You could really eff over the HOH that nominated first if you wanted to. Lets say Derrick goes ahead and nominates Caleb and Jocasta. Nicole could nominate Vicoria and Christine. Then Caleb will play his little heart out and possible dethrone Derrick, leaving Nicole to nominate whoever she wants if the POV is played (including Derrick). There are all kinds of scenarios where you can manipulate your way into being the HOH for the week. Its still early in the game, but if the twist continues, it may provide a lot of drama.

If the HOH’s don’t trust each other, it will be a lot more fun to watch. And maybe people will quit complaining about the twist.


Derrick is an A One TOOL!!!!!!Hope he and is pink rat buddy go packing soon!!!!!


It was Derrick who suggested Amber put up Nicole and Hayden. I know Amber and Caleb were in the room when this was said, who else was in the room? And why doesn’t Amber tell Nicole that she wanted to put up Derrick and Caleb volunteered but it was Derrick who suggested Nicole and Hayden.

I guess you can’t make this thing up – they just had Pow go home who was guaranteed safety and now you have Caleb volunteering?

I like that it was a fake final 2 with Derrick and that she told Hayden. I knew Hayden was very perceptive and now I know Nicole is a pretty darn good player.

smd nicole

derrick is smart…. he doesn’t tell people to do things he manipulates them into doing what he wants but he convinces hem that it is their idea to do it…. its just like what dan does


Caleb is stupid for volunteering to be a pawn especially for a girl that doesn’t even care about him and Amber is selfish for letting him volunteer but I guess if you see a scapegoat and all. Brittany needs to calm down, nobody made her not sleep the past couple of days so if the people in the room want to have a laugh before sleeping, she should get over it.


Volunteering to go up as a pawn is usually the kiss of death. Their focus, well Derrick’s, is to get out Devin, but what happens if he plays and wins POV?


I disagree. She’s on pretty much zero sleep – she’s lucky she’s not insane. And it isn’t as if she yelled at them or something; she just left and went to take a shower. I probably would have lost it with as little sleep as she’s had.

And to say “no one told her not to sleep” doesn’t really make sense. I’m sure she would love to get some sleep, it’s just been difficult for her. Insomnia sucks. I know firsthand.

Just Visiting

I genuinely feel bad for Amber. She didn’t ask Caleb to go on the block to save her, Derrick manipulated him into it. In fact Caleb has done nothing but make Amber’s game more difficult from day one. She never asked to be the focal point of his insane obsession. She never asked him to go around the house calling her his queen so that everyone in the house views them as an powerful alliance, thus making her an huge target.

In addition to making her highly visible due to their perceived connection he also forces her to navigate his fragile ego because they aren’t actually in an alliance! Their “alliance” is contingent on him continuing to believe that she will return his romantic feelings after the show, otherwise it is quite clear that he would be equally as committed to evicting her as he is to protecting her if this illusion is ever shattered. The house uses his delusions about Amber to manipulate him and somehow she becomes the bad guy in the situation. Honestly I think she would be thrilled if Caleb is evicted this week and I don’t blame her one bit.

Just commenting

I agree with Just visiting, Caleb zeroed in on Amber day one and that did put her in an awkward position. Showmance couples are always the target. Caleb should not be in stalker mode when it comes to amber. He should ignore her and stop making a fool of himself, she let him know she didn’t feel the same about him. He seems like a nice guy, not to mention that very nice body, but he shouldn’t continue going after someone that’s not interested.


The BotB is the worst twist production has ever come up with. Too many deals, comps thrown and no real surprises. Preferred BB when America chose who would be evicted.


I wish I could dislike your comment 100 times. Letting America vote would ruin the show.


I wish I could like your comment 100 times


If America had a say as they did originally, or at least a partial say, everyone would be fighting for survival. Right now people are throwing comps or remaining very low key and off the radar so they are not nominated. Not too exciting when the BotB outcome is known before it happens. I would just like to see the hgs “man-up” and play the game for themselves.


America doesn’t vote unbiased, they never vote for who’s playing the best game or whatever, so placing that kinda power in their hands will always be a bad idea… Let them continue to vote for what the Have Nots get to Eat..

Remember in the last seasons, you had America voting for the underdogs,popular, or because they’re a relative of a past HG, which in fact was ALWAYS a major borefest, and last season it gave one side of the house all the power…

Think about it if it wasn’t for the MVP twist, Amanda would have never had any power over any HGs instead of MC who’s D she was sucking, 1st week, and maybe the season could’ve gone differently…….

Frankie the Humper

Hump……Hump…..Hump…..I looking for someone to hump


I just want to say the past 2 weeks i have worked 70hrs between my 2 jobs so basically ive missed everything on the feeds but with this site i feel like i am caught up easily, its the best place for BB updates, im always using it. It goes back as far as you need with accurate FB times its great. Thanks whoever it is putting in the hard work. With that said… Caleb you never volunteer, so what a girl u think is pretty is nominated…idiots lol


At the end of the day…Caleb
you have been evicted.


Kmsl, I needed that loud AHAHA, not sure what the folks around me r saying.
But what u said is soo freakn true.DONT volunteer to be a pawn, bec U WILL GO HOME. & Its gonna take wks to get Devin out, W/ BOB & POV and as long as he don’t give up, he will be golden like Rachel, I love the underdog ALWAYS.

Mister E

I see another great week in the big brother house. Caleb thinks volunteering is a great move that’s never been done before? It’s the stupidest move ever and that’s why nobody does it. Trying to save his “Queen”. She ain’t even your queen buddy. I hate how he is trying to get everyone to go talk to Amber for him and try to get her to like him. It is junior high level. It’s really crazy. Looks like Devin is laying low at this moment. If he keeps it up and let’s others start to make mistakes than he might get lucky as a bigger target may appear.

smd nicole

enjoy this moment simon and dawg….. they might never all be asleep at the same time again


I hope this weeks different in terms of sleeping. last week was the craziest week 2 on record.


They could say Cody is related to Dan.

smd nicole

i don’t see that at all….


I wish Frank Eudy (or another favorite) would get put on the game just to mix things up. Frank was a favorite, right?


I’m hoping we have another week where the pawn goes home.. Some of these people are too outrageous to have leave early


Or Hayden and Hayden 🙂


Team America Challenge: Easy there are some Houseguest that would be easy to convince other houseguests.

Christine is Nacomos’s little sister and Cowboys other half sister.
Victoria is Amanda’s half sister
Cody is Evil Dr Wills son… his parents broke up after he was born
Caleb is Lanes baby brother… hell let’s make him a Challenge… Caleb is Nacomis and Cowboys baby brother (He did say his father went to war and that is what happened to Nakomis and Cowboy’s dad.)


if you was me the easiest would be to link Hayden to either Frank or David from last season. All 3 are from California and seem to be beach bums


I have to say that Nicole really looks a lot like Aaryn from BB15. I know their personalities are completely different, but the physical appearance is there.


Nicole also looks a lot like Brittany.


When I first saw Frankie and Zach’s bromance I thought they looked like a mini Dr. Will and Mike Boogie haha Not that Frankie would want a rumour started about him but thought I’d share.


As far as nominations…
Amber/Frankie (He is a dancer… dancers are more athletic than athletes. Their training is insane,)
Caleb/ Jocasta

Caleb may throw it to save Amber but bot Amber and Frankie are very athletic so this would make it look believable that Derricks team lost… just saying. Then backdoor Devin

Lady D

Yeah… A little surprised that Frankie has fallen under the radar as far as being a physical competitor- people talk about his “social” game, but seem to fail to see that he is a huge threat physically as well. Dancers’ training are insane- hours and hours of grueling rehersals… Once they are down to single HOHs Frankie will dominate at ANY endurance comp.


Nicole suggested she put up Frankie with Amber, and Derrick shut that down right away. It’s disappointing because I agree that F is one of Nicole’s best options… It won’t as obviously “appear” like Caleb is throwing the BOB competition.


well, derrick shut it down because he is protecting team America, which is another way for them to help Frankie stay in the game. they are controlling derrick and he doesn’t really know it.


I had the same thought about production having derrick protect frankie and donnie by putting them in a side alliance.

smd nicole

why do people like brittany? she knows nothing about this game…. complains a lot….. and is just floating


Finally some see my pain. thanks SMD NIcole

smd nicole


Michael LB

I don’t hold it against Brittany that she’s new to the game; if CBS/production came to me with an offer to potentially win $500k I’d hop on board – direct the anger at Casting for hiring types, not fans.
That said, I think she’s playing a decent game. She’s trying to form alliances (she has Nicole keeping her safe this week), she charmed herself off the block last week (granted, by a crazy man), and she’s willing to directly call people out (“Pow, I don’t trust you”). She’s playing harder than most of the girls and some of the guys; Donny’s great entertainment but really what game has he played?


Ambers going home next

Lady D

Simon and Dawg- thank you so much for all your hard work! Just donated for the first time- I spend so much time on here, figured it wouldn’t be right not to contribute!

Keep up the great work- you guys get me through the summer!


Thanks LadyD your donation is much appreciated.



My husband came back in this am and found me listening to the live feeds from last night and said, “I lose you every summer to Big Brother!” It’s true. Ever since I found your spoiler site, I’ve been addicted to BB!


LOL! happens to a lot of people BB takes us away.. it’s too much fun 🙂


BB should have made it so when you win HOH you automatically have to pick people on your team that you are thinking about putting up on the block. Then you have to go into seperate rooms chose your targets, this way it will piss people off and nobody will have time to sway the other nominations. The way it is done now sucks. They just plan out 4 people and get one side to throw it. Now back to my Derrick Bashing he doing the same crap that Devin did. Everyone hated Devin for it, but now Cheering for Derrick. SMH


I agree that Derrick is pulling the same crap. Playing too fast and too hard and making bad choices trying to cover up his involvements in the BS (still!). He’s talking too much and trying to control it all. He’s another house target and he has no clue.


@ D Dealer I like what you said but with change. Once HoH you have to go into sequester right away Once you Make your nominations you can return with the others. I personally think that would shake the foundations of alliances. He this was the case we would not need two HoH ‘s.


I agree but would prefer they be sequestered from each other too (no deal making) and nominate individually without knowing who the other has put up. Then, when the 2nd HOH needs to nominate, one of their picks might be taken so they have to be prepared for a Plan B.

I Don't Like Derrick

Caleb is fuckin stupid. If he trust he is safe on the block, then he should also trust that Amber is safe because of their so called alliance that are targeting both of them. Therefore, it defeats the purpose of him throwing the competition to save her. Supposedly, they should be safe either way. Obviously, he can’t see through that. Devin and Caleb really need to talk. If they did, they could rally all the other non alliance members, and have a shot at staying.

Mister E

Caleb wants to be the one to save amber. Because he thinks it will make her like him. He is not thinking about the game. If he really wants amber than win the money. I bet she would go on a date with him then. he is making way to easy for her in this game. She may make it a long ways just by Caleb always protecting her and she doesn’t even have to try.

Devin's Dealer

This season is getting better by the week. I like Nicole but she is very jealous of Amber. Victoria is even more jealous of Amber. This is why girls hardly ever win this game. They play with too much emotions. I think Devin is realizing that he cant play with emotions like the past 2 weeks and hopefully he can find a way back in cause I always root for the underdog.

Like: Donny, Hayden, Devin, Brittany, Nicole, and Frankie who is a snake but I like his gameplay. I have a gut feeling Frankie will win every endurance comp. Amber is also going to dominate endurance comps.

Don’t Like: THE REST esp Derrick, Cody, Zach & Victoria.

smd nicole

are they really all still asleep?


I just can’t with this crowd. Devin is sort of stupid and pathetic, along with his buddy Caleb. Jocasta with her trademark bow ties which look extra dumb. Also, I thought wearing the hats sideways (looking at you Zach and Frankie) was mercifully over. I also hate it when these people go on BB and start moaning and groaning about their families! WTF? Stay home then! Also, like Dan always said, “sometimes the pawn goes home!”. It would be a cold day in hell before I would volunteer for that, dumb Caleb must go home! On a more positive note, I am thoroughly enjoying reading Chloe’s comments.


Battle of the block is so freaking boring this season would have been better without it. Its really not much of a twist and really makes it harder for those power shifts in the house that made the show so fun. Jocasta/Devin is going home. BoB Twist=Snooze fest.


I added a new poll here http://www.onlinebigbrother.com/big-brother-compendium/big-brother-16-polls/

looks like Frankie’s popularity has collapsed even with the backwards edit CBS pumps out.


Devin is smart enough to know that if he’s not picked as one of the 4 nominees especially if they say Caleb volunteered that there’s a plan to back door him.