Shane tells Wil: Frank said if I kept him safe you’re his target. Wil: they told me the same about you.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO


1pm Big Brother ends the HOH lock down. All the house guests head down stairs. They talk about how the lock down was shorter than normal. Britney and Ashley are sitting on the bathroom couch talking about how Frank doesn’t like anyone to be talking to Janelle’s team. Britney says that he keeps walking back and forth in the kitchen looking in the mirror at them. Britney asks Ashley what if Frank stays today? What if someone lies to us? Ashley says that she will die.

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1:30pm – 1:55pm Wil, Danielle and Shane are in bed in the stereo room. Danielle says that she will stay up in the endurance and get frost bite if she has too. Shane says you go girl. Danielle and Wil talk about how pissed they are going to be at them. Wil says that he doesn’t care. Danielle says that Frank was cornering her this morning and talking sh*t about everyone. Shane tells Wil that Frank said if he kept him safe he would go after Wil next week. Wil says that they told me the same about you. They talk about how Ian needs to be the next one evicted. Danielle says that Boogie is going to be screaming at us. All the house guests are lounging around, eating and sleeping. Ashley tells Mike that no one from her circle talks shit about him. Mike says yeah everyone’s pretty nice right now. Ashley says yeah but that could change.
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Boogie and Ian are in the bathroom talking about what the endurance competition will be like. Boogie tells Ian that he thinks he will be really good at it.


2:10pm Danielle talks to Dan and tells him that Joe told then that he made a final 2 deal with him. Dan says that never happened, I didn’t make a final 2 deal with him. I told him that we could talk when he told me he wanted to work with me. Britney joins them. Dan says that it is unbelievable, why would I stab you in the back to work with eagle eye. Dan tells them that he was just misting Joe to get information out of him. Dan says that he wanted to know who Joe would go after. Dan says this is stupid. You can’t trust him or Janelle. Britney leaves. Dan tells Danielle that he was surprise during the team meeting with Janelle he was shock that Ashley said she going after Ian. He says that when he spoke with Janelle he wonder why she was brainwashing Ashley to gun for Ian. Britney comes back and says that Ashley is on the couch with Joe and just told Joe that we should have gotten out Frank in the first week, right in front of Jenn! RIGHT in front of Jenn! Britney then tells Dan that Joe told her that he (Dan) opened up the bible, handed it to him and pointed to a section that said something about choice of friends. Dan says that he did not do that. Dan says that he handed the bible to him but that he didn’t point to a section. These people can’t stop lying. Dan says that Joe is nuts! Dan says that his allegiance is to the final 4 deal he made with Danielle, Britney and Shane. Danielle says so we have a liar AND a liar on the block, which one do we get rid of? Britney says no way are we getting rid of Joe,this is entertaining.

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2:25pm Mike, Frank and Ian are in the bathroom talking. Mike is telling Frank that he is pissed that no one is telling them which way they are voting. He says it’s in like 3 hours why won’t they say anything.


2:35pm – 2:45pm Britney, Dan, and Danielle are in the arcade room. Dan says that it makes no sense what Joe said. Britney says that Joe is going home next week. She says that Wil even said if he gets HOH he is putting up Ian and Joe. Dan says that he now wants to go tell Joe something just to see if it makes its way around the house. Britney tells them that Boogie is freaking out right now. Britney tells them again about how Ashley told them they should have gotten rid of Frank week one, right in front of Jenn. Dan says we should just steam roll over all these people. Britney says all these people are stupid. Dan says that he likes Wil. Britney says that Wil told her he hates his team. Britney asks Dan what his diary room was all about? Dan says that it was about “I can’t believe it’s not butter” (Joe). He says that they were asking about all the lies.


2:45pm – 3:10pm In the kitchen, Mike tells Jenn in the kitchen that tonight it could be her night! Jenn says she knows. Jenn asks so will they tell us to dress for endurance? Mike says yeah. If there is some type of announcement like that think about if you would get cold or wet when deciding what to wear. Meanwhile in the arcade room Danielle is guessing the size of Britney’s ring. She says it is a solid 2 to 2 and a half carat diamond. Britney is grilling Danielle asking her if she is nurse or a doctor. Danielle says over and over again that she is a kindergarten teacher. Britney says that she is just working her theories. Danielle keeps denying it. She says that she pleads the fifth. Britney keeps grilling her. Danielle is so bad at lying.

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It will be so cool if Ashley and boogie are in secret alliance/shownance n she votes out Joe and everyone blames will or Danielle *wishful thinking*


If Mike Boogie,Ian,or Jenn wins HoH! Team Janelle would be screwed that evicted Frank is a dumbest move ever & it would be chaos. I’m still team Shanielle Yo! Good Luck Wil! I’ll be laughing if a 21 year old skinning, lightweight kid Ian beats all of you. If he wins, whose laughing now. I bet Janelle’s floaters will float another power. He will screw all of you for evicted Frank. Good Luck losing to 21 year old geek.


The only thing that could make tonights vote better would be if right after..Enzo shows up and shouts..”Grenade Yo!” …Man.. Boogie is gonna be pissed…I can’t wait!!


The stage is set, the lights are on, and the crowd is waiting in anticipation for one of the greatest blindsides in Big Brother history. Boogie may even be more shocked at Frank’s eviction than he was when Janelle evicted Dr. Will back in All Stars. It’s gonna be sweet!!!!


the first place Frank is going to after being evicted is to CVS to get some deodarant


knowing that Danielle was trying to get on a show to date men, explains alot about her in the house. She should flip with Frank and take all the flirting she can get until they boot her ASS right out of the house. she clearly has some issues…


I wish Shane would tell Danielle to ease off his nuts!


Was just thinking…
Can you imagine if Dick had been one of the coaches this year, and how he would have F’d with Danielle?
That woman would have a total breakdown if he ever decided to go after her.


No kidding. I would LOVE to see Evil Dick as coach and tear into Danielle. This season needs an Evil Dick!


I’ll be laughing right now if any houseguests loses to 21 year old nerd. Janelle’s floaters will jump from power to power. Good Luck, If any houseguests loses to a nerd. I will be laughing right now.


I like Ian. I am sure Bill Gates was called a nerd at some point. Look who is laughing now…..all the way to the bank. Ian is a sweet kid. If he weren’t on Boogie’s team, I’d root for him.


I like Ian too – I just hope he doesn’t get too upset over what’s about to happen. He is such a great fan and so sincere. Unfortunately, Boogie is going to partiallty blame Ian for Frank going back on the block. Boogie will no doubt go into the game now and will need Ian and Jenn to help him bulldoze everyone else.


I’ve notice that Britney has been making some of the house guests paranoid.Janelle has did it as well,but Britney does it more often than Janelle.Britney made Willie get worked up over the possibility of the coachs coming in the game.On last night show,Britney goes to Shane and said,something along the lines of,“Shane,are you nervous?Shane said no.Britney said,she is and he should be too(with this incident,I was kind of happy about,because it led to Shane putting Frank on the block).Not that long ago,Britney tells Dan that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to go through with the plan to evict Frank.Then Dan explains to her,that they’re good,and should stick with the plan.Now here she goes again,on the day of the live eviction,saying this,“Britney asks Ashley what if Frank stays today? What if someone lies to us? Ashley says that she will die.”Britney needs to relax.


I agree. She’s a little drama queen herself.




1. frank goes home
2. ashley is the first to go down in the HOH, then joe, then wil, then jenn, then jani
3. dan, brit or danielle win HOH
4. ian almost wins HOH, outlasting boogie
4. joe goes on the block for the last time, next to ashley
we’ll see later tonight how close i was…


!. Frank goes home
2.Danielle wins HoH
3. Shane says sweet nothings to Danielle so she doesnt put him on the block
4. Jenn and Joe go on the block
5. Joe goes home


Frank goes home
Danielle wins HOH
Britney back in the game Danielle is PISSED because she’s not the lightest “Player” now
Shane says sweet nothings to Danielle so she doesnt put him on the block

Carol & Steve

Too funny – poor Danielle! Guess all the more reason to get Britney out as soon as she can – LOL!!
Can’t wait till tonight! I just wish that they didn’t push AD to 1 am – it’s rough on us East Coasters, but hopefully it’ll be worth the watch tonight!

Kathie from Canada

Simon I just wanted to congratulate you and Dawg for the excellent work you do. I have been keeping track faithfully this season of every update and every comment made so far . What a decidedly pleasant group that have overtaken all of the ‘cat ladies’ from last year. I keep watching for Rock Star and BB Grandma too :) This group of houseguests has left my head spinning. At my age, I almost need a flow chart to keep track of the lies and wishy washy commitments!!! Keep doin’ what you do guys!! You are both the best!!!


Hey Kathie, Thanks! Glad you are still with us.

This is a much calmer season so far and I’m so happy to be rid of the cat people and all the fights that started surrounding them. It’s pretty tough to narrow in on what’s happening this year especially week 1 and 3. After tonight we’ll know what we’re up against for the season and can start going nuts! BBGrandma was here a bit during the beginning wish we could see more of her. Rockstar I haven’t seen in a LONG time I hope she’s alright.. WHERE ARE YOU ROCKSTAR!!!

She might be busy getting her app ready for Big Brother Canada.


one of the greatest blindsides? seriously? more like one of the dumbest. they have to deal with boogie now way early in the game when frank is obviously going to get a chance to get back in the house.

showing cards waaaay too early

if you think boogie wont then take every non vet and turn them you are crazy. game changes once coaches enter the game


yeah if frank gets evicted i bet he comes back, then him and boogie will knock them all out hopefully.


well at the LEAST, if the game switches like this, they have to throw boogie a bone, or else its going to be the most one sided stupid vet run show in the history of BB

I have NO desire to see brit anywhere near the finals, dont care about dan or janelle, that wouldnt bug me, but if this turns into vets vs newbies its just moronic.


Does Ashley even know where she’s at? Although, it’s probably pretty easy to forget Jenn is in the room. Sometimes I wonder if Jenn hides on purpose or does she have some weird ability like animal camouflage and one of these days someone’s going to sit on her, cos they mistook her for a chair.




Joe is so stupid, its like he cant keep his mouth shut for one day, on the block and still stirring shyte up, maybe he wants to go home.

Hope everthing goes well tonite. Team Shane son!!!


watching the feeds right now with brittney outing Danielle on being a nurse practitioner….I sometimes think that Brittany needs her own sitcom!


the rude and the irrelevant?


people on this website hate boogie so much that they blow this up to be the biggest backdoor ever. goodness, its week freaking 3, and boogie wont care other than that his shield goes away from his real 2 possible winners, ian and jenn

notice, will wasnt praising FRANK as boogie’s wildcard to win, he was saying ian. I think jenn has the shot. but frank? nope


Dan will win HOH tonight. I think it will be the moving, stand on a ledge type with water. It takes a slight build, small feet and reasonable arm strength for this comp.


I doubt he’s gonna try to win, Dan’s strat seems to be to coast along in the early game then really kick it into high gear towards the end.


Thanks for letting me know about Diana’s Diary Room. Like!


This is a perfect night for Julie to say :By a vote of 3/2….. JOE…. you are safe, Frank you’ve been evicted from the house… ~camera 1 on Boogie, ~camera 2 on Frank, ~camera 3 on Ian, ~camera 4 on Jenn. cue the oxygen masks – and they all drop down in the living room to help revive four house guests!!

Watch BB14 tonight!


i don’t think it will be as much of a shocker to Frank or Boogie as we suspect. The shocker may be what BB has up their sleeve.


I pictured all of that while I read it and I can’t atop laughing. Doubt it would happen but that would be perfect,


you do realize that if you dont ONLY watch cbs, you know that boogie and frnak have talked this out, and that they know its a very good possibility he goes home


Ian tried to tell them that it all seemed too easy, but they dismissed that. They discussed it as a remote possibility,but they’re too arogant to see it coming. This is a true blindside … so far.


ha! that was perfect!!! I can’t stop laughing!


Evil Dick would make Danielle leave the house. He would constantly tell her she was fat and ugly the poor girl would run out the door crying.


Jenn looks like Rufio from “Hook”.


Hey, My nickname is Rufio!


Rufio! Rufio! Rufio!


bye stinky frank! this will be so fun to watch mike “wiggie” (wigga) crumble!! Jenn wake up dude!!! you are on TV! stop wearing that same black vest jacket and animal print and do something.

I hope Ian wins HOH and screws with everyone while hopping around on his tip toes

Ian's Tip Toes

Too funny!


ian will win hoh tonight not dan, brit, or danielle (she couldn’t win anything) I am for team shane though


I commented earlier I thought Dan would win but I want to add Wil, Boogie and Janelle as my final 4. Ian IMO doesn’t have the incentive to hang in there with those 4. He still feels somewhat safe this week.


I can’t wait to see the faces of the players when the endurance rules are given. BB always gives incentive to stay on the contraption. Could it be eviction, have not or some new punishment? Love to see their faces during the rules.

Janelle's worn out lip

so here’s an idea for Simon and Dawg…

I like the new table format you have at the top of each post with all the HOH/POV info.

Since the votes seem to change on a daily basis (sometimes more frequently), how about adding a section to the table with your opinion on who it looks like each person will vote out based on their conversations…kind of like you do on the day of the vote?

I don’t aways have time to read all the threads and it would be nice to just take a look at the info table and get a general idea of what the house sentiments are at a given point in time.


Thanks for the suggestion we’re thinking about adding something like that to the site


I think it is a sad commentary that for this whole season of Big Brother, the only player I have consistently been cheering for is Dan. He’s not even in the game (yet?), but he is the only one whose safety is of concern for me. If it weren’t for Dan, I wouldn’t give Danielle a second thought. I feel sorry for her b/c of all her body issues, etc., but I’m not really invested in her winning or losing, except for the fact that she is attached to my favorite player, Dan.

Having said that, I think that having the coaches has, in general, distracted viewers from the actual players. You’re not so much rooting for a player/ newbie, as for whether or not you are a fan of the person coaching that player. Having the coaches has made it harder to really get to know the players the way you normally would.

Okay, Joe is the loud one who likes to stir the pot, especially when he feels vulnerable.
Ian is socially awkward.
Ashley may be high.
Wil has his head in the game and is frustrated by the ones who don’t.
Danielle is smart, but too needy and pre-occupied with interests (Shane) other than the game.
Jenn has been largely invisible (until last night on BBAD) on both the live show and BBAD.
Frank is the smelly one who aspires to be Dr. Will to Boogie’s Chilltown.
Shane is the house flipper (in the real world) who is living up to that job title in the BB house.

Viewers seem to have much stronger reactions to the coaches than to the players and it is because we are familiar with the former and they (the coaches) have dictated game play. It took three weeks for us to have a sense of what the newbies are doing/ not doing in the house. We missed all of the rooky mistakes that would have been made b/c, except for Willie, they were all on very short leashes. The game is picking up momentum because some of the newbies are finally starting to recall that they came into this game as individuals. Oh, and could someone please get that memo out to Danielle?

Ian's Tip Toes

I so agree with you. Going one step further, I hope CBS realized they made a big mistake by bringing in these coaches. It certainly has not been fair to the noobies nor the the viewers. If they want to recycle old players, then just stick with the All-Stars – don’t deny new players the ability to shine.


Allowing newbies the chance to shine would be a good thing – if the newbies were worthwhile watching! But for a few exceptions, the newbs are awful! Many of them have no idea how BB is even played – they were chosen then given a few seasons to watch while in sequester.


Once upon a time, when Big Brother was a new show, contestants entered the house and nobody knew how to play the game. They came in fresh from the real world and had to figure things out. And we loved watching them make mistakes and miscalculations about their fellow houseguests. I will grant you that after so many seasons of the show, it feels like an affront to long-term fans and players that someone has the audacity to not know how things are done. But that may be part of the problem: maybe we know too much about what has happened in the past.

As for giving players the ability to shine, we will never know who might have been a bright light earlier on, because the personalities of the coaches over-shadowed those of the players. They may seem “awful” to you and not worth watching for the very reasons I mentioned earlier: they have been part of the woodwork for the first weeks of the show. Their “character” development was stunted by the presence of the coaches.

Why is it an automatic thing that everyone flops in the HOH suite, at will? They used to have to get permission from the HOH and sometimes it was denied.

Does anyone remember when the HOH room was on the same floor as everything else? No stairway; no second story.

Why does the “house” generally agree to vote the way the HOH dictates? It was not always a sure thing how someone would vote, b/c the players were more self-reliant and didn’t even think in terms of protecting anyone but themselves. (This season is an anomaly b/c of the forced coach/team approach.)

Players used the POV with reckless abandon.

Perhaps boredom creeps in for you b/c you no longer enjoy the fresh perspective that comes from players who don’t know the show… But if Danielle complains one more time about being “back-doored,” I can only hope that someone will finally sit her down and explain to her that:

A. She has never been the target.
B. She would not still be in the house had she been back-doored.


“As for giving players the ability to shine, we will never know who might have been a bright light earlier on, because the personalities of the coaches over-shadowed those of the players. “

This is 100% correct


I just hope they have competition to kick out a coach if they enter the game as Im sick of Janelle. She is just as fake as her 50% prothetic body is.


Ugh I hate Joe. He is probably trying to be a master manipulator and lie to everyone like Dr. Will but, he doesn’t have the brains to do it.
The only people I hate are Joe, Jenn, and Boogie. (I may have to start going after Ashley if she keeps talking crap about Ian. If she’s annoyed with him, fine. I can understand it but, don’t target the guy because he annoys you!!! This is a game not the dating show you auditioned for. You get rid of players who could win not player who you aren’t interested in anymore.)
I wonder how BB will edit this… They were pushing the Ashley/ Ian and Shane/Danielle showmances even though they’re over before week 4.
I can’t believe they didn’t show the Ashley/Boogie kiss (probably to not steer away from the Asley/Ian showmance)! It was so disgusting I couldn’t stop watching.
Anyways… I can’t wait for the coaches to come back in the game. It’s different this year because the coaches aren’t going to gang up and take out the newbies. That would be boring but, this could be interesting. I hope Dan wins! bt, i’d settle for Ian or Britney.


“He is probably trying to be a master manipulator and lie to everyone like Dr. Will but, he doesn’t have the brains to do it.”

That’s what it looks like to me.

I sometimes also think he’s only there to promote himself and his funny (in his mind) screaming self to get a reality tv cooking show.


[b] Prediction

1. Franklin goes home.
2. Coaches come into the game.
3. HOH Comp, Ashley goes down in HOH comp first, Jenn is next, followed by Britney, Joe is next, than Janelle, Wil is down.
4. Dan, Boogie, or Ian win HOH
5. Shane, and Wil go up on the block.
6. Wil goes home.


Solid prediction


Ian is not even close to winning this comp and only if Boogie wins does Shane go on the block.


im still in shock regarding shane wearing brittany’s pink tank top


Eagle Eyes best defense at this point is to continue going to the bathroom without washing his hands and kill everyone with E Coli….then everyone dies and he wins…..lets face it…with the choices he makes, it is not far tetched to think he thought of this as a possibility


Booger is the classic kid that had no friends growing up (if his ears were pointed he would make a perfect evil gnome in a cartoon) and found someones coattails to ride to fame….Dr. Will got a life…..but all Booger really has is BB “fame”….and just like Janelles looks, it will fade. So he gets into businesses where he can be the “popular kid”….but I bet he is really lonely


aww, this kind of made me sad…….HAHAHAHAHA (waves arms all around)


What’s wrong with Ashley&Joe?It’s almost like they’re intentionally trying to screw up the plan of blind siding Boogie&his players.We have Ashley acting as if she’s forgotten that Jenn is apart of Boogie’s team.She needs to learn how to whisper.It’s not a good idea to tell Joe in front of Jenn(one of Boogie’s players)that they should’ve gotten rid of Frank(Jenn’s team member)earlier.Then we have Joe,telling Jenn that he has vital information to tell her.Huh?These people need to get it together.Oh,and why is Joe telling lies about Dan.He’s rocking the boat,for no reason.


BYE BYE FRANK (hopefully of joe doesn’t stfu)


team dan ftw!

Beyonce Fan

Frank smell like granddaday balls.


I know alot of people on here don’t think Ian or boogies team will win tonight but after the suprise eviction they will be out for a win…… I just dont see Danielle winning anything or Brit…… Dan might but I doubt it hes really not that kind of player but one who still sticks under the radar until a few more weeks pass by


Frank Tha Stank has about 35 minutes till he is evicted then is let back in the house when any coach enters the game.


UGHHHHH!!!!! Just read on the internet that no one was evicted and that the coaches (except Boogie) are playing the game now.

So, it sounds like we ended up with a DOUBLE of WHAT WE DON’T WANT!!! We wanted the eviction ceremony and we didn’t want the coaches entering the game (hugely unfair).

Ice Princess

Jenn, Joe, and Mike out already, wow! Can we now send Joe home?????

Ice Princess

Ashely just dropped!!!

Ice Princess

Dan just dropped!!!

Ice Princess

Dan dropped a few minutes after Ashley

Ice Princess

Frank just dropped!

m taylor

who won hoh